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In today's CMU Daily:
- Xfm star to move to Virgin
- Not so innocent your honour: Jacko trial update
- D'Arcy clarifies position on iPod tax
- Martin not interested in EMI's fortunes
- Kylie begins cancer treatment
- Nelly tells parents to stop kids drinking
- Single Review: New Order - Jetstream
- Five o'clock Heroes tour
- Deluxe sets up new label
- The Transplants join Carling line up
- Lovebox announce extra day
- New additions to Bestival line up
- Album Review: Johnny Panic - The Violent Dazzling
- New convention planned for UK music business
- Jay Z and Will Smith get beautiful
- Antony & The Johnsons On TV
- BRMC reunite with drummer
- Gallagher urges labels to speed up album delivery
- Elvis (officially) most successful act of all time
- Urban and Wilson win at Country Awards
- Twisted games
- Nine Black Alps cancel gigs after frontman gets mumps
- SonyBMG online video deadline passes
- Geri's new single snubbed by radio
- Hawkins signs darts deal
- Akon: music is like robbing



Kill All Hippies is back, bigger and better than ever with a brand new home - Scala near Kings Cross. This month live on stage we have Crimea, Infadels and Three Miles From plus Eddy TM, Jeff Automatic and DJ Syrinx will be taking to the decks. Meanwhile we have a brand new room 2 - the Fun House, hosted by Jagz Kooner & Richard Clouston, and this month with special guest Paul Epworth - aka Phones. All takes place 21 May from 8.30pm until very late. As always you need to guest list yourself at to get the special discounted £3 entry price. And don_t forget you can download live sets from Kill All Hippies the day after the event from new sets will be available for download from Sunday at 6pm.

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Scottish Media Group's Virgin Radio scored quite a coup yesterday by announcing they had poached Xfm's Christian O'Connell. He will take over the national station's breakfast show when Pete and Geoff leave the slot later this year. Coming so soon after O'Connell's triple win at the radio industry's Sony Awards, and given the critical acclaim his Xfm show has always enjoyed, Virgin bosses will be hoping their new recruit will help them gain ground in the competitive breakfast show domain, especially in London. Confirming his new job, O'Connell told reporters he reckoned both the national and London breakfast show market was "all for the taking", with the exception of Terry Wogan who, he admitted, was untouchable.

Commenting on his decision to leave Xfm, O'Connell says he is leaving with a "heavy heart", telling reporters: "I joined Xfm from a small station in Liverpool and they took a big risk on me. Four and a half years later, after saying I was leaving, it was quite sad. They've been brilliant to me, always supported me and let me do stuff on breakfast that's never been done before. It was a difficult decision but it's the right time for me to move to a national station. I've been chatting to a few different stations, and I was not going to move for the sake of it. I love the Xfm show, we've done difficult and ambitious things like Bounty Hunter and the listeners are brilliant - they have made it."

Speculation is now rife as to who will take over from O'Connell at Xfm. Six months ago it would have seemed obvious that Richard Bacon would be the only candidate - with some reckoning Bacon's fill in stints on Xfm's breakfast slot were better radio than that produced by O'Connell himself. However Bacon, of course, has taken on drive time at sister station Capital FM, delivering his a bigger audience though, arguably, less of the freedom he enjoyed at GCap's alternative station.

Assuming Bacon is out of the running, it will be interesting to see who Xfm now opt for. Fingers crossed it will be a new talent with a completely different approach to O'Connell, because Xfm is always at its best when it opts for the unconventional route.


Now, whether Michael Jackson's twelve year old cousin will be deemed a completely unbiased witness in the minds of the jury we might never know, but he nevertheless provided an interesting testimony as the Jacko trial continued yesterday. The Jacko defence are keen to dismiss suggestions that accuser Gavin Arvizo and his brother Star are the poor innocent kids that the prosecution in the case tried to portray.

A number of the defence's witnesses have described the Arvizo boys' raucous behaviour, while one security guard claimed earlier this week that he had once found the two brothers sneaking alcohol from Jackson's wine cellar. Defence lawyers are also keen to suggest the two boys, and especially Gavin, were not completely 'sexually innocent'. One Neverland maid has already claimed she had seen 'adult magazines' in one of the Arvizo's back packs, but yesterday twelve year Rijo Jackson got more graphic.

He claims to have walked into a bedroom at Neverland and found Gavin and brother Star watching a TV show featuring naked women while "touching themselves". Rijo: "I saw them go to the TV, turn to a channel that had naked girls, and they did nasty stuff". He said he had been frightened by what he saw so he quickly left the room. Rijo also testified that he had seen the brothers stealing money and drinking wine while alone at Neverland.

The case continues.


Former Chrysalis and Dedicated executive Doug D'Arcy has issued a statement to clarify his position on the idea of an iPod tax. As previously reported, the idea of the 'tax' is that a levy is added to the cost of MP3 players which would be passed on to the record labels to compensate them for lost royalties caused by the making of digital copies of their music. The topic has been discussed in various media in the last week following the news that such a system may well be about to the introduced in Holland.

The scheme is not supported by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry because they fear that telling consumers they are making a copyright contribution to the record labels when they buy their MP3 player essentially legitimises the illegal sharing of music online. In a report on the proposal in Scottish newspaper the Sunday Herald, D'Arcy was quoted as lending his support to the scheme. However in a subsequent statement he stresses that does not actually put him in opposition to the IFPI. The iPod tax, he says, would compensate labels for consumers who make multiple copies of a track for their own consumption. It would not cover, and therefore not legitimise, the sharing of that track with other people.

D'Arcy: "The growth of digital media has made it easy for people to copy music that they have bought and own. As a result music fans are increasingly making back-up copies of their music for home uses, such as for their computer, car stereo or for a friend. Strictly speaking, a home copying/fair use right does not actually exist in the UK. So a token levy on MP3 players would be a practical and sensible way of compensating for this kind of 'seepage' - similar to how blank tape levies work in various countries. Importantly, it could be used to support UK music at the grassroots as well as boosting UK music internationally. I certainly do not believe that such a levy should be introduced as a counterbalance to music piracy (which is illegal), as has been reported. I have also made no estimates as to how such a levy may be priced and have no idea what the figures reported are based on."

Of course charging an iPod tax on that basis is also controversial. There's a strong argument that if record labels are in the business of selling licences to allow consumers to listen to their content, which they seem to say they are, then it's hard to see why a customer shouldn't listen to that music in whatever form is most convenient to them, providing they do so for personal consumption. If that involves making copies of a track so it can be enjoyed on different players, then that's no business of the record label. Certainly that's what consumer rights groups would be sure to argue.

Of course that line of argument throws up another interesting question. If when I bought an album on vinyl back in the eighties I was actually buying a licence to listen to the music, shouldn't I get the cassette, CD, mini-disk and MP3 release of the same album at cost price, because I already own the licence? See, copyright discussions can be interesting.


Coldplay's Chris Martin aint too impressed with the idea that EMI's short term fortunes lie on the success of his band's upcoming album 'X&Y'. As previously reported, one of the excuses for a recent EMI profits warning was a delay in the release of the Coldplay album, and some EMI investors are said to be counting on the release to boost the major's financials. But Martin says he doesn't care about EMI or its shareholders.

Martin said, "I don't really care about EMI. I'm not really concerned about that," adding, "shareholders are the great evil of this modern world." Though presumably the shareholders who stumped up the band's advance aren't so evil.


Kylie Minogue has begun treatment for her breast cancer at a Melbourne hospital. The good news is that the cancer seems to be confined to Kylie's breast, confirming that doctors have caught the disease in its early stages.

Kylie issued a statement to fans from hospital. She said: "My heartfelt thanks to the incredible number of people who have sent messages of love and support over the last two days. I want to reassure you that I am being well taken care of. [Boyfriend] Olivier [Martinez] is by my side and I have a lot of family and friends around me. I would also like to extend my best wishes to all of the other women around Australia and around the world who are dealing with the same illness".

The singer urged any fans thinking of sending flowers or cards to make a donation to a cancer charity instead. In fact many Kylie fans are already doing that, with some people reportedly donating the money they have received from ticket refunds from Ms Minogue's cancelled tour to cancer research or treatment organisations, which is a good thing, even if it makes the cynic inside CMU ask 'why does a celebrity have to have an illness before people take any notice of it' (but who ever bothers to listen to the cynic?).

Elsewhere in Kylie news, the Premier of Aussie state Victoria has reportedly warned off the media, and especially the UK's tabloids, from delving too deeply into Kylie's condition, encouraging the press to leave the family alone while the singer goes through her treatment. Premier Steve Bracks said on ABC radio yesterday: "Privacy laws around medical records, about access to details about treatment, these are private matters between the clinician and the patient and they are enshrined in laws as private matters".

The editor of Aussie music website Undercover, Paul Cashmere, is particularly concerned about the way the British tabloids may choose to cover the story. He wrote yesterday: "It appears the English press will go to any length to get a story. Undercover was approached by London's Daily Mirror to acquire information about Kylie. When told the request was "in extremely poor taste", their reporter Michael Duffy told me "well, we are obviously not in the same business". Absolutely correct Mr Duffy, we aren't. Anything about Kylie is big news in the UK. Making up stories about her is a cottage industry. Creating fiction about a wedding or pregnancy is commonplace and worthy of front page regardless of the facts. Kylie was the lead story in the UK yesterday and as expected, good taste was not an issue. The Mirror went with "Kylie's Baby Fear, Breast tumour treatment may rob star of the kids she has always longed for".


Hip Hop star Nelly is appearing in a US commercial in which he urges parents to take responsibility for the prevention of underage drinking. The ad shows the rapper pretending to be a chef, a boxer, and a golfer before revealing his actual profession, and telling viewers "Your kids are your biggest fans, so talk with them about underage drinking."

The commercial, which was screened for the first time last night, is one in a series of 'responsibility ads' commissioned by Anheuser-Bush, the makers of Budweiser and Michelob beers. John Kaestner, vice president of Consumer Affairs said "We're very excited to work with a music star like Nelly to help focus attention on the power parents have in preventing teens from drinking. Responsibility matters, and we want to encourage parents to remind their teens that underage drinking is not only wrong, it's against the law."

Nelly said in a statement: "Underage drinking is a serious issue, and working with parents to address this problem is the responsible thing to do. It's very important for parents to talk with their children about everything, and underage-drinking prevention is definitely one of those things you need to jump on early."

So that's that cleared up. It's the parents fault. And there was me thinking it was massive corporations with enormous advertising budgets preying on young and impressionable minds with their message that drinking is cool. My mistake.


SINGLE REVIEW: New Order - Jetstream (London Records)
New Order's reputation couldn't be any better than it is now. Always an influential band, they are currently being hailed by the nth generation of new acts as an inspiration as well as being the recent recipient of a Godlike Genius Award from the NME. However their decision to work with Ana Mantronic from Scissor Sisters, on this the second single to be taken from their album 'Waiting For The Sirens' Call', looks like a self conscious attempt to be cool. New Order don't really need guest vocalists to make them look cool, their back catalogue speaks for itself. The song itself isn't as strong as the previous single 'Krafty' and is unlikely to repeat it's success in the top ten. All the familiar NO hallmarks are here, smooth sounding synths, dance floor friendly rhythms, daft lyrics, although Hook's bass is less prominent than usual and there's the added bonus of Ana as an icy space age air hostess. On the whole this is in the slipstream rather than trail blazing. JW
Release date: 16 May
Press contact: Press Counsel [CP, RP, NP] London IH [CR, RR, NR]


After supporting The Bravery in New York this week, Five O'Clock Heroes are heading out on a UK tour next week in support of new single 'Head Games' and forthcoming debut album 'Bend To The Breaks'.

25 May: London Club Luminaire
27 May: Leeds Pigs @ Hi-Fi Club (With Towers Of London)
28 May: London Frog @ Mean Fiddler
31 May: Manchester, Night & Day
1 Jun: Nottingham, Social
2 Jun: Sheffield Fez
3 Jun: London Barfly
5 Jun: York Fibbers
6 Jun: Carlisle The Brickyard
7 Jun: Glasgow Barfly
8 Jun: Newcastle Cluny
10 Jun: Bristol Louisiana
11 Jun: Hull Yo Yo Club @ The Welly


DJ / Producer Tim Deluxe is launching a new record label through which he will release his new album, due out later this year. The label will be called AT Records, and is a joint venture with his former Ice Cream Records partner Andy Lysandrou. The first release is Deluxe's new 12", which features two tracks, 'Reflections' and 'Roadrunner'. That is released on 20 Jun.


The Transplants have been confirmed as headliners on the Radio 1 Lock-Up Stage at this year's Carling Weekend. The punk rockers, who count Travis Barker from Blink 182 and Rancid's Tim Armstrong amongst their number, will play Reading on the Saturday and Leeds on the Sunday. Bands joining them on that bill include Bad Religion, Hatebreed, Anti Flag, Million Dead, Emanuel and The Explosion.

As frequently reported, The Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds Festivals take place from 26 - 28 Aug in, er, Reading and Leeds.


London festival Lovebox, formerly a one day thing, has announced that it is adding an extra day to the event, which will take now place from 23 - 24 Jul in Victoria Park. As well as sets from such acts as Mylo and The Bees, the Lovebox weekend will see two performances from festival organisers Groove Armada in their only live dates of 2005. GA's Andy Cato says: "This is about more than GA, we're trying to create a festival in town, not just dance music in the park. We've brought in the best festival organizers from around the country to create a genuine atmosphere - a real Glastonbury feel for Londoners. There's going to be so much to see and do here, this time we've got to end the days out there and in amongst it, watching the main stage at our own, independent festival."

The line up is as follows:

Saturday 23 Jul:

Main Stage
Mylo (Live), Groove Armada (Live), Plantlife (Live), DJ Cash Money, The Egg (Live), Lovebox Allstars, The Idjut Boys.

The Lovebox Arena
Todd Terry, Joey Negro, D.I.Y, Bugz In The Attic, Insignificant Others, Lovebox Allstars

The Block Party Arena
Unabombers, Breakin' Bread, Runaways, DJ Derek, Lovebox Allstars, Secret Sundaze Arena - James Priestley, Giles Smith, Plus Special Guests

Sunday 24 Jul:

Main Stage
The Bees, Groove Armada (live), Marky and Patife, Crazy Penis (live), Plantlife (live).

The Lovebox Arena
Ashley Beedle, Joey Negro, Gilles Peterson, Cosmo.

Norman Jay presents Good Times Arena featuring Femi Fem, Loud Minority, Bugz in The Attic.

Tickets are on sale from For more info and artist updates see


Bestival have announced a great long list of additions to this year's line up. The latest acts confirmed to appear include Saint Etienne, X-Press 2 and Nordic types Röyksopp. Festival organiser Rob da Bank told CMU "The line-up embraces all the styles I want Bestival to represent - the cream of Indie with the Super Furries, The Magic Numbers, British Sea Power and The Rakes, dance dons 2 Many DJs, X-Press 2, Fabio & Grooverider, Vitalic and Two Lone Swordsmen, off the wall artists like The Go! Team, Saint Etienne and Lee Scratch Perry and the jewel in the Saturday night crown Royksopp! Not to mention country & western, grime, ambient and reggae's finest too! Bring on the Besti!"

And here's the rest of that very long list of additions:
Bez (Happy Mondays)
Bugz in the Attic
Caged Baby
The Pipettes
Krafty Kuts
Kid Carpet
The Egg
Lauren Laverne
The Longcut
Trevor Fung
Pedro Winter
The Black Dog Punk Rock Sound System
Mistys Big Adventure
Fat Freddy's Drop
The Broken Family Band
Piney Gir
The Shia La Las
Mista Mushroom
Tayo's Tracksuit Party
Frank Tope
Michael Cook
Johnno (Bugged Out)
Son Of Dave
Mara Carlyle
Sombrero Sound System
Hot Off the Block feat. Cameo & the Afterschock camp
Bruzza, Triple Threat, El Rae, Menaz & the Lords

See, we said it was long. As previously reported, Bestival takes place on 9, 10 and 11 Sep at Robin Hill Country Park, Newport, Isle Of Wight - see for info.


ALBUM REVIEW: Johnny Panic - The Violent Dazzling (Barking Dog/Concept Music)
Without inflection or context, it's tricky to know what Johnny Panic's moniker is supposed to mean. Is it an imperative ("You'd better start worrying, Mr Marr") or perhaps there's a contraceptive shortage? Or is it just an arbitrary combination of a pseudo-American name with a pseudo-aggressive concept to provide the sense of pseudo-American aggression that a certain breed of young British bands feel obliged to lumber themselves with (see also: Hondo Maclean)? Which is a shame, because Johnny Panic have the makings of a credible rock act if they had shed the sequence of half-baked clichés. Full marks for tackling social commentary boys, but a little subtlety goes a long way (each particular injustice is helpfully demarcated in the liner notes by heartfelt quotes from Gandhi, Mother Theresa and (loftiest of all) The Punisher). But having said that, Johnny Panic seem determined to change every aspect of the world except music. Musically 'The Violent Dazzling' appears to strive only for competence, floating aimlessly in the centre of the pop-rock/nu-metal Venn diagram. The riffs are original but unexceptional, frontman Rob Solly is in reasonable voice but mostly notable for his ability to occasionally sound like Creed's Scott Stapp and the whole album chugs along at a mid-paced tempo determined not to offend. There have been worse debuts on greater promises but Johnny Panic, neither violently bad nor dazzlingly good on this occasion, could do better. NB
Release Date: 9 May
Press Contact: Southern PR [all]


A company called Invincible Media is planning on launching a new convention for the music industry which it hopes will become a 'British Midem'. British Music Week will take place in London in Nov, and aims to bring together writers, educators, trade organisations, labels and publishers for seminars, showcases and stuff. Keynote speakers already confirmed include Lesley Golding, Head of Content M2Y/Siemens; Barney Wragg, Vice President of Universal; John Ingham , Head of Content @ O2; and Simon Wheeler, Head of Marketing for the Beggars Group. Full details will go live at on 15 Jul.


Will Smith and Jay Z are amongst the celebs and music types queuing up to invest their cash in beauty products line, Carol's Daughter, a favourite with celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry and Erykah Badu. The store first opened its doors in Brooklyn in 1999, after owner Lisa Price created products out of her home for years, and now a flagship store is to open in Harlem with nine more shops expected to open across the US. Smith's wife Jada Pinkett Smith, also an investor, is to be the face of the range through a nationwide advertising campaign.


A quick heads up for all you Antony & The Johnsons fans out there (CMU team members amongst them). The group are to feature in tonight's instalment of The Culture Show on BBC2, so make sure you're home by 7pm.


Nick Jago has been reinstalled as the drummer of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club following that previously reported split in Sep of last year, and has recently been working with guitarist Peter Hayes and bassist Robert Turner on one of the songs from their new album.

Talking to, Turner said the split had been due to "too many drugs, too much drama, too much internal bullshit and burnout". He went on to describe the experience of working on the album without Jago: "That was one of the reasons why making this album wasn't the greatest time we could have had - it was the best of times and the worst of times. We had fun making the record and experimenting and going to a whole new place that was kind of an adventure, but it was bittersweet because Nick wasn't with us. We didn't know what the future was going to hold. He needed some time to do his own thing and we properly fell apart for a little while. We lost the meaning of why we were doing what we were doing."

He continued: "We had one song left to do on the record and we dragged Nick back into the band and got him to record on one of the songs - 'Promise'. He's back in the band full on and we've been rehearsing every single fucking day from sun up to sun down."


Sometimes, just sometimes, Noel Gallagher says something sensible. This is one of those occasions. The Oasis man has suggested that record labels should get new albums out quicker in a bid to beat the problem of internet piracy.

He was commenting on the news that a Polish radio station had got in trouble with the band's record company for playing Lyla ahead of an embargo. Noel says that he was just excited to hear the single was getting radio play, and can't understand why record labels present themselves with these kinds of problems.

Extending that logic to the internet, Gallagher continued: "I don't even know what the internet is. I don't have a computer, so it doesn't concern me. I don't understand the corporate record system anymore. You give them an album, and six months later you're still waiting for it to come out. When it's finished, get it out as soon as possible. Put it in the f**king shops within the week. It can be done that way."


Elvis Presley has been named the most successful music act of all time by Guinness World Records. The King has spent 2,463 weeks in the UK album and singles charts and retains his position at the top of the annual Guinness top 100 list. Elsewhere, Michael Jackson at number 8 has knocked David Bowie down to number 9, and Robbie Williams has entered the top 50 for the first time. The sad news is that Spandau Ballet have dropped out of the top 100.

The top ten is as follows:
1. Elvis Presley
2. Cliff Richard
3. The Beatles
4. Queen
5. Madonna
6. Elton John
7. The Shadows
8. Michael Jackson
9. David Bowie
10. U2


So, presumably you're all on the edge of your seats wanting to know who won at Tuesday night's Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas? Well, now you can sit back, because here's a round up. Keith Urban and Gretchen Wilson were the big winners. Urban was named Top Male Vocalist and took the Album Of The Year Award for 'Be Here'. Wilson took the awards for Top Female Vocalist and Top New Artist. Other winners included Kenny Chesney who won the prestigious Entertainer Of The Year gong; Tim McGraw's whose track 'Live Like You Were Dying' was named Single and Song Of The Year; Brooks & Dunn who were named vocal Duo Of The Year, and Rascal Flatts who won for Top Vocal Group. So, now you know.


This morning's Daily was produced while listening to the excellent new indie remixes album 'Twisted' (out last Monday on Vertigo). This morning's Daily was delayed ten minutes while playing the 'Twisted' flash game at Why not waste some of your time giving it a play?


Nine Black Alps have been forced to pull out of their forthcoming dates on the NME / Rizla New Music Tour because frontman Sam Forrest has been taken ill with the mumps. The illness will also affect some upcoming instores and a Germany tour with Maximo Park, and has forced their record label to move back the release of debut album 'Everything Is' to 13 Jun.
In a statement on their website, the band say: "Bad news I'm afriaid, Sam is still extremely ill. The diagnosis is Mumps, and following doctor's orders we are having to take three weeks off to allow him to recover. Therefore I'm sorry to say that we won't be on the NME Rizla Tour and all the planned instore gigs have been cancelled. The Germany tour with Maximo Park has also been cancelled. The next single, 'Not Everyone', will be released as planned on Monday 23rd, the album may be delayed. We hope to be back in action the week of 6th June in time for the Isle of Wight Festival and the Camden Barfly gig. Again, we're really sorry but it's a frustrating time and there's nothing we can do."

SonyBMG are stepping up the pressure on music websites to stop streaming their videos until they have signed a new 'pay-per-click' licence arrangement with the major. As previously reported, SonyBMG are following Universal Music's lead in turning the music video into a proper revenue stream by charging online on-demand video services a small fee every time one of their users watches a video, rather than a blanket royalty fee that is unaffected by how often a video is streamed. The move reinvents the music video as a revenue stream in its own right rather than just a marketing tool to promote the sale of audio releases.

SonyBMG labels started contacting websites who stream music video earlier this month. Yesterday was the deadline for those websites to take SonyBMG's catalogue off their video platforms while new licence arrangements are negotiated. In a final letter alerting websites to that demand, SonyBMG said earlier this week: "As our label marketing teams have been discussing with you, as of the close of business on May 18, third party online sites which are currently streaming Sony BMG's videos on an "at-will" basis will no longer be authorized to exhibit these music videos in accordance with past practices. Going-forward, we will be entering into more formalized written license agreements which authorize the streaming exhibition of our music videos on mutually acceptable commercial terms and conditions."

There is no word yet on how negotiations are going between SonyBMG and the major online music video providers - in particular AOL Music, MSN Music and Yahoo Music - although all are expected to reach an agreement with the major under the new system.


Bosses at Radio 1 and Capital have apparently vetoed the addition of Geri Halliwell's new single 'Desire' to their playlists. According to, a spokesman for Radio 1 explained: "We've only got a finite amount of room on our playlists and we chose songs we think our audience are interested in. Geri's isn't one we'll be adding." Poor Geri. And I mean that.


The Darkness' Justin Hawkins has been officially recognised as a professional darts player and will play under the name 'The Hawk'. According to the Sun, the rocker has signed an endorsement deal with BW-Darts who make arrows for all the top professionals. A spokesman for the company told reporters: "Justin has always considered himself a darts player first and foremost and throws with precision and flair." Hawkins himself says: "I've got the silk shirts and the darts. All I need to do now is work on my game." That story follows those reports that Hawkins is hoping to launch a celebrity darts TV show called 'Fame On'.


Chart topping Akon has said that working in the music industry is pretty similar to his last job - working as part of a US car theft racket (a job that got him three years in prison). Akon: "It's the same rules and the same tactics in gangland and music. That's why so many hustlers have taken over. The amazing thing is that music pays just as well - but no-one can arrest you. They've been making fortunes in recording for years. Now people like me are getting involved, learning how to work it."

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