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In today's CMU Daily:
- Geldof reveals Live 8 plans
- East 17 Harvey back in hospital - more suicide attempt rumours
- Lord Of The Rings tops movie soundtrack poll
- Snoop Dogg fan claims onstage beating from rapper and entourage
- Beeb to podcast Beethoven
- SonyBMG developing new CD protection technology
- Could Apple lose again?
- Aussie kazaa trial due to resume
- France Telecom announce digital deal with Warners
- Greek Church attempts Slipknot ban
- Coldplay album leaked online
- More Stone Roses reunion talk
- The Streets added to V bill
- Embrace announce live dates
- Morrissey row breaks out over IOW festival
- Usher says love yourself
- Posh says she will keep songs secret
- A1 boy Adams slept with hooker



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Well, as predicted in yesterday's daily, Bob Geldof unveiled plans yesterday for that subject of much speculation, the Live 8 concert. As reported many times over, the events are being planned to coincide with the G8 conference in Scotland to highlight the Make Poverty History campaign, but there's more than just the one concert, with free gigs being held in Philadelphia, Paris, Rome and Berlin, as well as in London's Hyde Park on 2 July. Tickets will be distributed via a text message lottery on 6 Jun at 8am, when listeners of BBC and commercial radio stations will be asked to send in the answer to a multiple choice question. Geldof said the event was "not for charity but political justice," adding that "there is more than a chance that the boys and girls with guitars finally get to tilt the world on its axis."

Artists confirmed for the London concert include Madonna, Coldplay, REM, Dido, Paul McCartney and Keane, whilst US artists scheduled to appear in Philadelphia include Will Smith, Bon Jovi, Stevie Wonder and Maroon 5. Duran Duran will play in Rome, and A-Ha will appear in Berlin. And despite some reports yesterday to the contrary, Geldof told the BBC that there is in fact a possibility that The Spice Girls will reform for the occasion, saying "I spoke to them this morning. It looks very good. That's all we can say."

The Hyde Park concert will be shown on big screens in seven UK locations and will be aired live on BBC TV and radio. Chatmeister Jonathan Ross presents the BBC's UK coverage whilst Graham Norton will be behind the mike in Philadelphia. The project has been backed by Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell who said that Live 8 will "set the scene" for the G8 summit.


Now, I am rushing writing my stories for the CMU Daily this morning because I've got a law exam this morning (no, really) and among the topics to be tested is defamation. So there would be a certain irony if in my haste I was to defame poor old Brian Harvey, formerly of East 17 - so I'm going to tread carefully here and stress that there is a lot of rumour and gossip in this story, none of which has been verified.

Harvey is reportedly critically ill in hospital this morning after being crushed by his own car. Details of the incident, which seemingly occurred early yesterday morning, are unclear, though a police spokesman told the BBC: "The circumstances of the collision are being investigated but at this early stage we believe the man may have fallen from the driver's side of [his] Mercedes convertible while reversing from an access road into the street."

The ambiguity of the case has led to gossip (have we stressed that this is unverified gossip?) that the incident was a suicide attempt on the part of the depressive former pop star. That follows reports back in Apr that the singer had taken an overdose in another suicide attempt - reports strongly denied by his management who said that, while Harvey has been suffering from depression, that incident related to a friend who overreacted after the former pop star had taken "a couple of sleeping pills". There were further reports that Harvey had been taken to hospital after collapsing at his home last week, though no consensus on what caused his collapse.

Harvey's people are yet to comment on the latest incident in his life so, and I can't stress this enough, most of this is unverified gossip.


In a poll conducted by Classic Fm, listeners have selected Howard Shore's Oscar-winning 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy music as their greatest movie soundtrack, closely followed by 'Star Wars' composer John Williams, who confirms his status as king of movie music with no less than eight entries in the top 40. British composer John Barry got two places, for 'Out of Africa' and 'Dances With Wolves', in a top ten that includes Ennio Morricone's 'The Mission' soundtrack and a CMU beloved score, for 'Gladiator', by Hans Zimmer. Classic FM station manager Darren Henley said: "Howard Shore and John Williams are the Mozart and Beethoven of their generation. They are writing great contemporary symphonic works that will be played for generations to come." Amen to that. And here's the top ten:

1. Lord of the Rings - Howard Shore
2. Star Wars - John Williams
3. Gladiator - Hans Zimmer
4. Schindler's List - John Barry
5. Out of Africa - John Barry/Mozart
6. Dances With Wolves - John Barry
7. The Mission - Ennio Morricone
8. Lawrence of Arabia - Maurice Jarre
9. Jurassic Park - John Williams
10. Dr Zhivago - Maurice Jarre


A Snoop Dogg fan is claiming he was beaten by the rapper, his bodyguards and his stagehands after being invited on stage at a gig in Seattle last weekend.

Richard Monroe says he was invited on stage during the concert, but that once up there he was attacked by the rapper and his entourage.

A fan claims to have received more than just a handshake when he was invited onstage at a recent Snoop Dogg concert: "They just beat me, stomping me, and beat me with a microphone. They took my diamond earrings off my ear, my jewellery off my fingers, they took my wallet and my cell phone."

A video of the incident shows an altercation kicking off after Monroe placed his hand on Dogg's shoulder during a performance of 'Gin and Juice'. It is not clear, however, how Monroe ended up on stage (ie whether or not he was invited up there), nor whether Snoop Dogg himself was involved in the fracas that followed.

Snoop Dogg publicist Meredith O'Sullivan was keen to stress Monroe shouldn't have been on the stage, implying that if her client's entourage did attack the fan, they only did so because of security fears: "Any person who jumps onstage at a concert has to be interpreted as a security threat and an immediate risk to both the performers onstage as well as the fans in the audience. Once a breach of security has been made, authorities are forced to take the proper measures to ensure safety."


The BBC has announced another podcasting venture, this time with a musical theme, albeit classical music. The Beeb will make nine Beethoven symphonies available to download as MP3s as part of a Radio 3 season dedicated to the composer later this month. Listeners will be able to download the tracks and listen to them on their PCs or MP3 players.

As previously reported, podcasting - ie broadcasters making programmes available to download - is something of a buzz topic at the moment. However most material currently being podcast is speech based - the copyright implications of making music programming available online as an MP3 download (rather than a stream) still not clear. The BBC can get away with the Beethoven downloads because the recordings were made by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, who are involved in the programme, while Corporation bosses can be pretty confident Beethoven himself isn't going to coming looking for his composer royalties. That said, other orchestras and labels who own and sell recordings of classical music might get a little tetchy if the BBC gets into the habit of giving away too many classical recordings as MP3.

As an aside, our techy team (who know possibly a little too much about podcasting - though in their defence, CMU podcasts are coming very soon), point out that making radio programmes available as an MP3 download isn't technically speaking podcasting. The podcasting bit comes about when you make the programmes available via a clever RSS feed that is received by an application like iPodder and which automatically downloads a programme to a user's media player of choice once said user subscribes to said service. Glad to have cleared that up.


I am sure I remember a pre-merger Sony Music announcing they would no longer use piracy-protection software on their CDs on the basis that such technology was not required now that the public were aware of the laws surrounding copying and sharing of music (and presumably recognising that certain consumer rights organisations question the legality of using such technology while IT geeks everywhere point out nearly every bit of expensive copy protection software developed so far has been hacked almost immediately).

But perhaps I made that up, because news in Billboard this week that SonyBMG are testing new CD-protection technology that places limits on the ripping and burning of tracks off CDs (though its not clear if that stops ripping / burning altogether, or is clever enough to limit how many times tracks can be ripped). Technology created by UK based First4Internet has apparently already been piloted on ten releases, while the major is working with other partners to develop similar systems. Which is great news for hackers who get their kicks breaking these piracy protection set ups. Not so good news for music fans exercising their (surely legitimate?) right to make a copies of tracks off CDs they have bought for use their PC / laptop / MP3 player, or in their car.


More from that interesting story regarding the web address. As previously reported, the address was registered by net entrepreneur Benjamin Cohen in 2000, some three years before Apple launched their iTunes download platform. Nevertheless, Apple claimed he had registered the domain with malicious intent - allegations seemingly strengthened when Cohen allegedly attempted to sell the domain to Apple rivals Napster. However Cohen always claimed that he had never heard of Apple's download platform ambitions when he registered the domain, and therefore he was the rightful owner. Nominet, the organisation that administers the URLs, intervened and found in Apples favour. However Cohen is appealing that ruling, leading to some interesting developments. Firstly, Cohen apparently has raised some discrepancies in the dates used by Apple as part of their allegations that the net entrepreneur had acted maliciously. But secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the Department Of Trade And Industry has apparently questioned Nominet's power to make judgments in cases like this. The government department issued a statement saying: "we are not aware of any statutory recognition of Nominet".

Elsewhere in Apple news, apparently a few problems have come to light in Apple's revenue sharing relationship with AOL UK. British AOL customers have been able to buy iTunes downloads via their AOL account since Jun last year, when a US Apple/AOL partnership was extended to certain European countries. However, according to New Media Age magazine, now that it has come to paying AOL their share on any revenues generated by the partnership, Apple are struggling to work out which purchases from their UK platform came from AOL users. It seems the technology behind iTunes isn't very good at tracking such things.


More details about Sharman Networks, the company behind the Kazaa file sharing software, are coming to light in the ongoing legal action being brought against the P2P network by the Australian Recording Industry Association. As previously reported, the Aussie court case is more interesting than the previous legal action taken by the music industry against Kazaa, because the P2P company has an administrative base in the country, giving investigators more legitimacy to analyse their operations.

Music Industry Piracy Investigations, the enforcement arm of Australian Recording Industry Association, have been focusing much of their attention on Sharman CEO Nikki Hemming and the CEO of partner company Altnet, Kevin Bermeister. They want to show that the two executives have personal control over Kazaa operations, and therefore should be held personally liable if it is proven Kazaa has some control over the kind of content shared over their P2P network.

MIPI now claim that their investigation shows that Hemming it the "true controller" of the various Sharman properties, while Bermiester is in control of the actual Kazaa software. They now need to prove that Sharman can (and therefore should) control what kind of content is shared over their network. Sharman have always claimed such control is not technically possible, and therefore they cannot be held liable if individuals abuse their software for the purposes of copyright violation. However the record labels disagree.

The court case resumes on 8 Jun, with Hemming likely to be called to the witness stand to describe her company's operations, and to explain why it is impossible for Kazaa to monitor and police what content is shared over their P2P network.


France Telecom have announced a major partnership with Warner Music which has both content and technology components. Firstly the deal will make Warner's catalogue available to music services across France Telecom's operations, which in the UK means the Wanadoo ISP service and the Orange mobile network (in the case of the latter, that means Warner content available as ring tones and mobile downloads). The two companies will also work together on research and development projects developing new technologies for delivering music content, and protecting digital rights.


Greece's Orthodox Church attempted to stop Slipknot from playing in Greek capital Athens this week, accusing the rock band of promoting devil worship, and urging concert organisers to cancel their Monday appearance. A statement from the church said: "Public institutions must do their duty and protect Greek citizens from any public event that promotes Satanism. The members of the band have a shocking appearance, wearing black uniforms and masks that look like skulls."

The band are currently on a world tour and are scheduled to appear at the Download festival on 12 Jun, so expect the collective youth of Derbyshire to be doing strange things to goats and sacrificing virgins before the month is out.


Quelle surprise. New Coldplay album 'X&Y' has been leaked ahead of its upcoming 6 Jun release date, appearing on file sharing sites on Monday. An 'insider' told "It's a miracle it hasn't leaked before now to be honest. It's released in Japan before Europe and they've played the album on their official website Most major albums leak a long time before release, this is just a few days."


Following those previously reported comments from John Squire and, er, Noel Gallagher regarding the possibility of a Stone Roses reunion, former band members Reni and Mani have been getting in on the act. The pair were at the Coral's Carling 24 show in Manchester on Saturday and both said they would like the band to perform together again.

Reni told 6Music: "Never say never, but it won't be this year. I'm going to play with Mani, that's a guaranteed - I'm writing songs for me and him." Mani said: "I'd love to, me - just for the sheer joy of playing with this guy (Reni) again."

Reni also explained how he came to be at the gig: "I came 'cos Mani told me there were some gigs on in town - cos Mani's got his finger on the pulse. He brought me out to see The Coral - I didn't think I'd like it because I hate a lot of young bands because they're so crap, undisciplined and just a racket - but these boys are sweet. These boys know what they're doing - they remind me of Strawberry Switchblade and 'Shampoo' the movie."


The Streets have been added to the bill of this year's V festival. Mr Skinner will play on 20 Aug in Chelmsford and on 21 Aug in Staffordshire.


And speaking of acts appearing at the V Festival, Embrace have announced that they will play three large venue headline gigs this winter.

And those dates are:
15 Dec: London Alexandra Palace
16 Dec: Manchester Evening News Arena
17 Dec: Glasgow SECC


Well, less of a row, and more of a confusion, really. Following a recent report by that Morrissey had withdrawn from the Isle Of White Festival, comes news that the man himself may or may not be claiming that he never said he would appear in the first place. If that makes sense. reported that Morrissey's official website said that the former Smiths frontman was unable to play at the festival because of recording commitments and because he needed time to break in a new drummer. Now, however, several Morrissey fansites have run a statement claiming to be a direct quote from the singer which says "I have not ever, at any time, agreed to play the Isle of Wight Festival," and adds that Morrissey himself has no control over the content of

The validity of the statement could not be verified, and Sanctuary would not confirm or deny its veracity. A spokesperson for the Sanctuary Group said "We've worked closely with Morrissey over the last couple of years and out of respect to our artists we're not going to comment any further."


Usher has been criticising TV shows that show people having plastic surgery because he says people ought to live with their flaws and love themselves anyway.

Talking about TV show 'I Want A Famous Face', the singer said: "That show on MTV where people get made over to look like celebrities is the worst show I've ever seen. It's building an America without self-confidence. Acne was one of the hardest things I dealt with. I still deal with it. But you have to learn to love who you are."


One from the file marked 'unrealistic'. According to, Victoria Beckham is planning to release her latest tunes under a pseudonym, for fear that revealing her identity will put people off buying them. Well, maybe that bit is realistic.

Anyway, the former Spice Girl hopes to confound the critics by revealing her true identity once the songs are a success. She said: "I've recorded a number of tracks and I'm proud of them. This way, though, we can have a genuine hit and then, when it is a hit, I'll reveal my true identity." Good luck with that, VB.


Ben Adams, former member of one of CMU's favourite boy bands A1, currently promoting solo single release 'Sorry', has made a timely admission of his murky past. The singer has confessed that he once slept with a prostitute in Thailand after getting 'Caught In The Middle' of a posse of naked girls.

Adams told Boyz magazine: "I think you've got to try everything once. I was in this strip bar and all these naked girls were massaging my hands, and I just thought, 'Oh well, I'll try it once', and went with this other girl. It didn't really do a huge amount for me. It's always like, if you can sleep with people without having to pay them, then why fucking bother!"

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