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- Jury get ready to deliberate: Jacko trial update
- Strawberry Fields home closes
- Costello refuses to reimburse fans
- Princes trust to benefit from Live 8
- Glastonbury plans gesture of solidarity
- Single Review: Stoney - Soap In A Bathtub
- Morrissey disses his record label
- Union put more pressure on BBC bosses
- Spanish courts close down download site
- Norway courts convict serious file sharer
- My Chemical Romance announce tour
- Brakes DJ dates
- Festival Review: Homelands 2005
- Full line up for T In The Park futures
- Shazam identifies 10 millionth track
- In The City goes interactive at ICA
- Brian Harvey update
- Strokes finish third album
- SRH knock back EMAP takeover bid
- Heart London man takes on expansion task
- Album Review: Tenderfoot - Save The Year
- Eminem to headline at Slane castle
- Coldplay announce gig
- Martin gets hives
- 50 Cent sues over interview
- Another arrest warrant issued for Brown over child support
- So Solid man convicted of assaulting a copper
- Andy Scott Lee signs record deal



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Well, the more observant among you might have noticed there was no Jacko trial news yesterday. You should get used to that - consensus is the jury in the case will start their deliberations on Friday, and that they will most likely reach a decision within days, maybe hours.

After a prolonged Memorial Day Weekend break, the court was back in session yesterday, with Judge Rodney Melville telling the jury what was expected of them now that both the prosecution and defence have rested their respective cases.

Telling the jurors "You have heard all of the evidence and you will hear the arguments of attorneys", Melville said the court must now try to "discern the truth" from the testimonies given by the 130 witnesses involved in the trial. They should reach a decision, he said, based on facts and the law, without "pity or prejudice toward" the singer. He said the jury could find Jacko guilty of giving teenage accuser Gavin Arvizo alcohol without convicting him on the child abuse charges if they were convinced on one set of allegations, but not the other. The jury could, he added, consider past child abuse allegations made against Jackson, but only if they showed a potential pattern of molestation.

Before the deliberations begin both sides in the case will have a chance to sum up later today. Presumably the prosecution will say Jackson has a history of coercing teenage boys into inappropriate behaviour, and that Gavin Arvizo was his latest victim, while the defence will claim the Arvizos (and especially Gavin's mother Janet) are money grabbing shysters who have no credibility as witnesses. Jury deliberations will begin on Friday.

Of course, if found guilty of all charges Jackson could be facing two decades in jail. Even if he wins, some say it will be a pyrrhic victory because the trial has made the singer an emotional wreck, and has damaged his reputation sufficiently to prevent the chances of any musical comeback in the near future.

His father, Joe Jackson, has already been talking to reporters about the effect the trial has had on his son, saying his son hardly eats at the moment: "We always mention to him about it but he says 'I'm going to eat', but he doesn't eat enough. He takes a couple of bites. He doesn't sleep a bit and that bothers me. He's taking it pretty hard because a lot of stories have been hurled at him."


The Liverpool children's home that provided the inspiration for The Beatles' classic 'Strawberry Fields Forever' was closed for good yesterday after 68 years in business. Strawberry Fields Children's Home housed hundreds of children over the years, but can no longer afford to stay open. The home's assistant manager Pete Burns told reporters yesterday: ""It has been a very emotional time for all the children and staff. I can't praise the staff enough. They have been 100% committed to the children and the home over the years - so much so that it has become like another family for them. The quality of care here was second-to-none. What is so lovely is that siblings have come to us as a unit with maybe four or five brothers or sisters."

John Lennon lived near the orphanage as a child and reportedly felt a particular affinity with the establishment after his mother died - so much so he left the home £50,000 in his will. The song was released in 1967, with another Liverpool inspired track, 'Penny Lane', on the flip side.


Elvis Costello has dished up some harsh words for fans who asked for their money back after the singer turned up two hours late to a gig last week. Costello was watching his favourite team Liverpool win the European Cup in the Champion's League final. He wasn't the only one keeping the crowds waiting that night - as previously reported, Oasis refused to take to the stage on the same night until the match was over.

Anyway, when he finally arrived at the gig at the University Of East Anglia, Costello was met with booing from the audience and apparently responded by swearing at them, prompting some of the fans to leave. Refusing to reimburse the ticket holders who left, Costello said "Those who've asked for their money back should stay at home reading their cookbooks over a nice cup of Horlicks, while listening to their K-Tel collection of Punk Rock classics."


After agreeing to scrap its annual Party In The Park this year to make way for the London Live 8 concert, the Princes Trust is to receive a cash boost from the event via income generated by the text message ticket lottery. As previously reported, free tickets for Live 8 will be distributed via a competition to be held on 6 Jun, to be broadcast on BBC and commercial radio stations, with a multiple choice question being revealed on Monday, along with a text number to send entries to.

Whilst the event is not designed to make money, the first £1.6 million raised from the texts will go to the Princes Trust, with money also going to Live 8's radio partner Capital's Help A London Child charity. Some money will also go towards the cost of staging the event.

A statement from The Prince's Trust said: "During talks with Bob Geldof and the Band Aid Foundation, The Prince's Trust and Capital Radio were happy to cancel this year's Party in the Park to support Live 8. Mr Geldof and his team were anxious that disadvantaged young people in the UK did not suffer as a result and offered to give The Trust and Help A London Child money from the ticket ballot."


In related news, the Glastonbury Festival is joining the Make Poverty History campaign with a plan for all 112,000 festival goers to join hands in a "gesture of solidarity" forming a human line through the site at 4pm on the Saturday of the festival. Which is an ambitious effort. And not ethically questionable unlike wearing one of those fashionable Make Poverty History wristbands, which, it transpires, have been made in sweatshops in China. Doh.


SINGLE REVIEW: Stoney - Soap In A Bathtub (Transistor)
Some good old fashioned multi genre ram-raiding here from Sheffield's Mark Stoney, operating under his surname alone. It's a bit like Beck, had Beck lived in Stourbridge at the turn of the 90s and had a Beatles fixation, being particularly fond of the melodies from 'Across The Universe'. And the result here is some kind of strained glam, overloaded harmony soup. His last release made single of the week on iTunes and if you squint you can imagine this confidently fizzing and throbbing around the globe too, even if it's a little lumpen to succeed widely outside the closed world of internet fansites. Stick some cartoons on the front of this, rope in a past-it indie popstar and create some exaggerated ghetto shtick and you'd be laughing. There's a ye olde accordion break-down towards the end which mutates into a cabaret guitar solo, which has got to be worth a bit of your attention alone. Imaginative if not inspirational. JB
Release date: 30 May
Press contact: Red Alert


More on that Morrissey quote doing the rounds on the internet. As previously reported, the statement attributed to Moz appeared online earlier this week, seemingly in response to claims by his record label, Sanctuary, that he was pulling out of the Isle Of Wight festival because of delays in putting together his next album. In the statement Morrissey says that that isn't true, that he never agreed to play the IOW Festival in the first place, and that work on his new album is going swimmingly. He also buts the boot in to Sanctuary, saying he is looking for a different label to release his next long player.

The statement runs thus: "I have not ever, at any time, agreed to play the Isle of Wight Festival. The announcement that I would play was made by Sanctuary - and it was their error. However, record companies will never take the blame for their own mistakes. In truth, I am not at all under pressure with the follow-up to You Are The Quarry - everything is in hand, and ready. However, my contract with Sanctuary ended last year and hasn't been renewed. There will be a new signing for the new album, so please wait until you hear the news from my lips. Everything else is just gossip."


Well, that temporary lull in fighting between the BBC and broadcasting unions may have ended. As previously reported, it seemed further industrial action might be avoided when Beeb bosses made some concessions to the unions while at ACAS last week - in particular over the need for compulsory redundancies and the privatisation of BBC resources. But it seems now that the unions are pushing for more concessions - apparently the three unions involved in the dispute have sent a joint letter to BBC boss Mark Thompson asking for another meeting to discuss the "scale and impact" of the job cuts. The BBC was holding off making any comment until the letter had arrived, but insiders say Thompson is in no mood for any further negotiations after the compromises he made last week. Despite that, the unions say they remain optimistic, though they are saying the strike action originally planned for next Thursday may go ahead again if a new agreement can't be reached.


A criminal court in Madrid has formerly axed a Spanish website that made thousands of tracks available for download and streaming. The website, Weblisten, was launched in 1997 right at the start of the online music revolution. The site's owners claimed they had the permission of the artists and songwriters whose music they made available, but they never won the support of the record labels.

Their dispute with the labels led to a prolonged legal battle, which ended this week when the courts fined the people behind the site, and ordered that the site be closed and their music databases wiped. This morning the website simply contains the message: "WARNING: This Website has been closed following the legal procedure at the Juzgado de lo Penal no. 3 of Madrid. For any claim, please contact us."

Welcoming the court's ruling, Antonio Guisasola, president of Spanish intellectual property protection agency AGEDI, said judges were right to penalise a company which had become "rich by illegal and malicious means at the expense of producers and artists".

It is an important decision for the Spanish music industry, who are operating in a market where illegal P2P file sharing is particularly high. However industry insiders say use of the Weblisten service had fallen dramatically in the last couple of years and the real current threat to Spain's record labels now lay with other P2P networks.


A court in Norway has convicted and sentenced a man for sharing 60,000 copyrighted music files. The file sharer was making the music available via his employer's (presumably well overloaded) server. It is the first time the Norwegian courts have convicted someone for this crime. Record industry officials have indicated they may well now launch civil proceedings against the man.


My Chemical Romance have announced a UK and Ireland tour scheduled for Nov. Tickets go on sale initially at the band's website on 3 Jun.

The dates are:
1 Nov: Wolves Civic Hall
2 Nov: Portsmouth Guildhall
3 Nov: London Brixton Academy
6 Nov: Glasgow Carling Academy
7 Nov: Newcastle Academy
8 Nov: Manchester Apollo
10 Nov: Dublin Ambassador
11 Nov: Newport Centre


Brakes (Tom & Alex from Electric Soft Parade, Eamon from British Sea Power & Mark from Tenderfoot, if you weren't already aware of that) release their album 'Give Blood' on 4 Jul, and are also to DJ at the following clubs this month. So there you go:

14 Jun: Brighton, All Nite Disco Party @ Upstairs, Audio, Marine Parade
15 Jun: Bristol, Propaganda @ The Level, Park Row
16 Jun: Manchester, High Voltage @ Music Box, 65 Oxford Road
17 Jun: Glasgow, Funhouse @ Barfly, 260 Clyde St


FESTIVAL REVIEW: Homelands 2005
As I may have mentioned several thousand times before, we like to think of Homelands as the official launch of the summer festival season, and so, with that in mind, we dusted off the CMU festival review posse (both of them) and shipped them off into deepest darkest Hampshire (actually, they already live there, but that's not important) to check out the highs and lows of the increasingly eclectic May bank holiday music fest. Here's the first bit of their review.

JT: So, we arrived, dancing shoes on and ready for anything. Amazingly, for such a hyped up festival, and the first of the summer festival season, there was no queueing at the gates as I'm pretty sure has been the case in years gone by - a good thing I guess (for us anyway). This year we had all been warned that drug policing would be stepped up and so it was that after having our bums thoroughly sniffed out by an over keen police dog we entered the natural amphitheatre that is the Matterley Bowl and began to soak up the atmosphere and liquid harmony of Homelands. We and the other 50,000 odd party animals and music hedonists who had shown up.

RG: First stop was the VIP Guest Area to recover from the ten minute journey we had undertaken to get here. Andy Carroll was spinning some tunes around a chilled out, bustling crowed of conspicuously relaxed VIP's (very impressionable people). In spite of Mr Carroll's best efforts to hold the crowd, music emanating from the live arena was clearly audible and drew us away from our relaxing drinks to the live arena. Here, we took in some of the noise banged out by Audio Bullys. Not a good sound and no kicking ass. They did manage to engage the crowd with their current Kill Bill anthem rework - but the up and jumping only moved us for 5 minutes. Vaguely disappointed we decided to top up our drinks and explore the lay of the land - fair ground rides a-go-go and too many dodgy burger stalls. Once we'd got to grips with the geography we headed back to the live arena to sample Mylo's set. Now this was more like it. From the off, the funky beats had the crowd stomping. The atmosphere was electric and Mylo and his band were clearly relishing the moments as much as the crowd. Pure Homelands heaven.

JT: Not that much later, and it was Steve Lawler entertaining the crowd at the Outdoor Stage. He served us up a smooth blend of tribal house taking his crowd on a progressive journey, peaking in an awesome frenzy that left many of us fired up and raring for more pounding grooves. And who better to take us there than Groove Armada? Thud! Nothing more to say than uninspiringly dull - I felt like I'd lost a friend in the Groove Armada guys. As a headlining act and prime outdoor positioning, we were expecting great things but deliver they did not. Perhaps it was an off day. Ah well, disillusioned and thirsty for more of the ups and less of the lows, I abandoned this gig to once again top up my drink and head in another direction.

RG: Meanwhile in Arena 1, 2manyDJ's - and a suitably eclectic mix of classic tunes - hearty anthems with a mix of every imaginable music tastes tied together with sublime beats. A feast. Great stuff. And a special treat in the form of a spooky reworking of 'Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' which managed to bring a tent full of hardcore dance addicts to a sexy swinging sixties climax. Now on cloud 9 I popped off to catch Jazzy Jeff in the Kiss Arena which was novel for the first twenty minutes but a little uninspiring - so I decided to sacrifice the second half of this set in favour of seeing Beck play the live arena - a very good move. Sweeping guitar riffs, edgy vocals, scratchy beats - this was seriously impressive stuff. An odd choice for one of the UK's biggest dance festivals perhaps, but Beck managed to pull it off beautifully, delivering a touch of indie magic to a captive and open minded audience.

Homelands review part two tomorrow.


Tom Vek, Editors and The Rakes are amongst those who will appear on the new Futures stage at this year's T In The Park. The new tent is the tenth stage at the event and holds a capacity of 2000.

The full line up for the Futures stage is: Tom Vek, The Cribs, Editors, The Rakes, Jackson Utd, Rilo Kiley, The Longcut, Leaves, Morning Runner, Duels , The Perishers, Art Brut, The Others, Aberfeldy, Dogs, The Paddingtons, Stephen Fretwell, Blue Van, and Alterkicks


That clever mobile song recognition service - Shazam - has just identified its ten millionth track - it was a Killers track. Well done them. Shazam, of course, enables you to point your phone at a speaker in a club or pub and then get the name of the song you are listening to text messaged to your phone. Once the track has been identified Shazam will then try to cross sell you relevant ringtones, screen savers, CDs or downloads.


There's an interesting conference taking place at London's ICA next week under the banner In The City Interactive. The event will bring together people working in music, telly, film, publishing and gaming to explore and discuss content opportunities that are available if different media / content industries work together.

The event will be opened by In The City founder Tony Wilson, while among those involved in the chat that follows will be Danny Van Emden (Digital Media Director, EMI Music UK), Simon Gunning (Head Of Interactive Media, Celador), Deborah Tonroe (Head of Commercial Development, Orange UK), Paula Le Dieu (Director, Creative Commons International), Saul Klein (CEO & Founder, Video Island), Gary McClarnan (Chief Strategist, Sparklestreet) and Ant Cauchi (Founder, Outside Line).

For details check


More on former pop star Brian Harvey following that bizarre incident on Tuesday morning in which the ex-East 17 singer seemingly ran himself over. The latest word is that Harvey did briefly regained consciousness, but nevertheless he remains in a critical condition.

His manager, Simon Harrison, has been quick to deny those suicide rumours that began circulating as soon as details of the crash surfaced, describing it as "just a freak accident". Harrison told reporters: "It looks as if Brian was reversing down the road with his door open, looking out to see where he was going, and the door hit a parked car which sent his car out of control. Somehow he was thrown from the vehicle and crushed. I know he suffered from a broken leg, six breaks to the pelvis, his abdominal area was pushed very high into his chest, they had to drain his lungs yesterday and there was also damage to his ribs. People have speculated it might be a suicide attempt but I don't think you could plan this if you tried. There are easier ways to kill yourself. It was just a freak accident and a piece of seriously bad luck."


The Strokes are almost finished with work on their third album, but it looks like it'll be next year before we get to hear it, as it might not be out until Jan 2006, with a single release and some European club dates planned for the autumn.

The as yet to be named album is being mixed by Andy Wallace, who has revealed: "I can tell you that there are 13 songs that are nearly fully completed, but we still have NOT mixed the album, so we'll continue into June and July with that. This is NOT to say that there will be 13 songs on the album....maybe there will, maybe there won't...some could be B-sides...we'll decide that when the recording is 100% done."


Scottish Radio Holdings has said it has rejected a takeover bid by EMAP because the media company had "significantly undervalued" their company. Urging its shareholders to take no action, SRH bosses said they were confident the company could continue to operate as an independent player.

Further mergers in the radio space have seemed inevitable ever since major players Capital and GWR announced their intention to merge last year. Many felt that EMAP's decision to split off its radio operations from its other music media was done to make it easier to acquire another radio player - its interest in SRH in particular no secret. However SRH, like a number of the smaller radio players, remains resistant to being absorbed by a bigger company.

In a statement to the stock exchange, SRH said: "SRH has been a consistently strong performer in the radio sector on operational and financial metrics over the last five years and this performance has continued into the current year. The board of SRH is confident about the independent future of the company and believes SRH is well-placed to continue to generate significant long term shareholder value. The board would only support a bid that adequately reflects the full and fair value of the company's strong future growth prospects, market-leading radio companies and established regional press titles."


Elsewhere in radio news, Chrysalis radio have announced that the Head Of Programming at their London Heart 106.2 station will take on the job of expanding the brand around the UK. That means Francis Currie will take on the responsibility for Heart's current services in London and Birmingham, as well as the new Heart service due to launch in Leicester following Chrysalis' acquisition of the town's Century Radio station off Capital.


ALBUM REVIEW: Tenderfoot - Save The Year (5:15)
"Stay up late and help me break the terms of my new tenancy," purrs Darren Moon deliciously on final track 'You Stopped Letting Me Hold You In The Night'. But this is no plate-smashing, Vindaloo-flinging, decibel-disturbing moving-in effort. The debut from the gentle Brighton quintet is 12 delicately arranged alt-country forays that generally say 'shall we leave the washing-up till Monday night?' Practically every moment of this record is so beautifully understated, shuffling along under your eye-line, shrouded in a complex haze of instrumentation. Songs like 'Waking Me Up Again' and 'Like A Leaf', with their fragile folk verses blown into choruses by a chance breeze, remind one of Mojave 3 with the quirky gait of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci and sturdy-backed posture of Simon & Garfunkel. When they do build up some velocity, on 'Bugsy's Lament' and 'The Last One-Two' they sound like Beta Band with The Coral's puff. Darren's murmuring tones continuously remind of Gruff Rhys' sedated oratory technique, and the Super Furries' influence remains asleep in the back throughout the whole album. An elaborate weave of melodies make for an engaging summer camp-fire album, but with full mains electricity. So like a sunken replica camp-fire then, so authentic you wouldn't know the difference. Brighton sea-front with the sunshine cabled in direct from the Pacific Rim. JB
Release Date: 6 Jun
Press Contact: SonyBMG [all]


Eminem is to headline the annually staged gig at Slane Castle in Ireland. The castle's owner Lord Henry Mountcharles has confirmed that Eminem will appear on 17 Sep and will be joined by, amongst others, fellow rapper 50 Cent. Mountcharles says that he agrees with Seamus Heaney's opinion that Eminem is a 'lyrical genius', and says he feels 'privileged' that Eminem is to perform at the 80, 000 capacity natural amphitheatre.

Eminem promised that the show will not disappoint, saying "Every tour we try to up the stakes, there will be little surprises here and there. You don't know what may happen. We don't have anything picked out yet, all I know is it is going to be big."


Coldplay have announced that they are to play an intimate gig at 1200 capacity Camden club Koko on Monday, to coincide with the release of new album 'X&Y'. Tickets are £20 and will go on sale on Monday, with profits going to the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign.


And elsewhere in Coldplay news, Chris Martin has admitted to Xfm that he's stolen and plagiarised for the new album. "As people listen to the album more and more it'll become apparent just how much we've plagiarised. To me, at the end of our album we should have had a bibliography, or a discography, or references. The end of 'What If' is taken from The Beatles. We were stealing from a lot of people. Much more than people think."

He also expressed his feelings about the incessantly annoying Crazy Frog, who kept him from the number one spot last Sunday, joking that: "We don't like the frog and it brings me out in hives. I go red. The point is that little thing should have its legs chopped off and I'd like to eat them in a restaurant."


Rapper 50 Cent has begun legal proceedings against three video production companies over allegations they failed to make a promised charitable donation after he gave them a filmed interview for free. He also claims that the video producers misled him as to what the interview would be used for.

The dispute centres on an interview Fiddy gave to Czar Entertainment Inc about Kelvin Martin, a 1980s criminal who went by the street name 50 Cent. He alleges he was told the interview would be used on a video series called 'Infamous Times', and that the company would make a donation to Martin's family or to 50 Cent's charity, the G-Unity Foundation, in return for the rapper giving his time for free.

However, the footage was used on a DVD called 'The Original 50 Cent: The True Story of the Legend Who Inspired the Biggest Name in Rap', while the rapper claims no charitable donation has ever been made.

In the lawsuit issued on Tuesday 50 Cent is looking for an injunction to stop Czar Entertainment and co-defendants Vision Plant Pictures and Premo Pictures from selling the DVD. He is also looking to access any profits made from selling the DVD to date, in addition to unspecified damages.

Czar Entertainment are yet to comment.


Time to wheel out the 'arrest warrant issued for Bobby Brown over child support disputes' story again. Yep, Mr Brown faces arrest once again for failing to appear at a child support hearing.

Brown's attorney told the judge at the hearing that his client was ill, but the judge wouldn't accept that excuse because there was no medical evidence to back it up. So he issued the arrest warrant.

Brown has a history of child support disputes with Kim Ward, with whom he has two children. He was jailed for a day in Mar 2004 for failing to pay $63,000 which he owed her. Then last Jun he was sentenced to another 90 days in jail for missing another three months of payments. That sentence was suspected after Brown stumped up $15,000.

He now stands accused of failing to pay last month's support payment, to prove his source of income and to make payments to an educational trust for his children. The courts could enforce that 90 day sentence if he is shown to be in violation of the conditions on which it was suspended last Jun.


Elsewhere in the pop courts, So Solid Crew rapper Harvey has been found guilty of assaulting a police officer who tried to stop him using his mobile phone while driving. The rapper allegedly grabbed PC Keith Harron's shirt and used threatening words when the copper tried to stop him making a phone call in his car. Harvey, who pleaded not guilty to the charges, will now be sentenced next week - though the magistrate hearing the case said he would consider a community punishment rather than jail time.


My favourite former Pop Idol contestant Andy Scott-Lee has signed a record deal with Concept Records, according to a report in The Mirror. Scott Lee, who is dating Michelle Heaton of Liberty X (not that you need to know that - I just thought I'd throw it in) said: "I'll be releasing a single in the next three months. It's going to be like Robbie Williams - not my usual R&B. I've been waiting for ages for this and now it has finally happened." Let's hope he lives happily ever after.

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