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In today's CMU Daily:
- Music fans start texting to win Live 8 tickets
- Flowers has another go at the Bravery
- Dave Grohl sorts out Hawkins and Lemmy
- Country star parts company with EMI
- Coldplay break pre-order record at Amazon
- Deliberations continue: Jacko trial update
- Hatherley plans new release
- Feeder Warchild download
- BB King celebrates in style
- Bay City Roller arrested over drugs ring
- Waits Warner lawsuit could alter download payments
- Illegal filesharing still on the up
- Album Review: Broadway Project - In Finite
- Another set back in the Notorious BIG investigations
- Microsoft ready to launch MSN Music campaign
- Gossipers gossip about V2 US
- Franz Ferdinand album on its way
- Chart update
- Sun escape prosecution because CPS got company name wrong
- Blackalicious to release new album
- Stewart files for divorce
- Chris Martin loves the Spice girls, IDST
- Kym Marsh lands role in Doctors



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So have you texted in yet? Well, seemingly millions of people have since details of how to win tickets for the Live 8 London concert were announced on radio stations across the UK at 8am this morning. Everyone who texts in with the right answer to the question given by participating radio stations will be entered into a draw to win one of the 150,000 tickets available.

Each person who sends in a text will be charged £1.50. As previously reported, some of the monies raised from the text lottery will go to the Princes Trust, who cancelled their own fundraising event, Party In The Park, to free up Hyde Park for the Live 8 event. The rest of the money raised will go to cover the costs of producing the event and then to other selected charities.

Artists already confirmed on the bill for the Live 8 London event include Coldplay, Keane, Sir Elton John, U2, REM and The Cure. The aim of the event isn't so much to raise money, but more to put political pressure on G8 leaders to act more proactively in the Make Poverty History campaign by axing third world debt.

Launching the event last week, organiser Bob Geldof said: "The G8 leaders have it within their power to alter history. They will only have the will to do so if millions of people show them that enough is enough."

The Live 8 London event will be one of five taking place on the same day. It is yet to be confirmed how tickets will be distributed for events in Philadelphia, Paris, Berlin and Rome.

Elsewhere in Live 8 news, Bob Geldof has defended the line-up for the London event following all that criticism about the lack of ethnic minority acts scheduled to appear. He says: "It's not a cultural event, it's political. If I have a band that sells 15 million albums I am guaranteed 15 million people minimum watching. We need to create domestic heat in each of the countries that are having the concert." Not one black or African artist is scheduled to appear, presumably, then, because only acts with sales of over 15m per album are allowed on stage. Geldof has also commented: "I would love it if the Africans themselves organised concerts."


Well, after a short lull in the hostilities, The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has opened fire once more against The Bravery. Flowers told Q: "The Bravery just aren't real. I've heard that the keyboard parts are all pre-programmed, and that the singer can't reach the high notes on 'An Honest Mistake'. I can reach those high notes."

The singer has also revealed the names of tracks for the band's second album, which include 'Uncle Johnny Did Cocaine', 'Higher And Higher', 'I'm Talking To You', 'Daddy's Eyes', 'Where Is She?' and 'The Stereo Of Lies'. Speaking about the album, Flowers said: "anyone who thinks we are a one-hit wonder will think again. This album might just be incredible."


It would seem that what The Killers and The Bravery need is an intervention from Dave Grohl, if he's available. Apparently the Foo Fighters frontman has managed to heal a rift between Justin Hawkins of The Darkness and Motorhead's Lemmy.

Grohl said: "Justin told me that the band had a beef with Lemmy. So I called Lemmy on the cell. He lives a block away. Lemmy had said he didn't like Justin's voice and Justin had said something back. You know... playground crap. Probably journalists stoking it all up and making work for Uncle Dave. But I sat them down with a couple of drinks and - hey presto! - you got a monsters of rock summit."


Country music star Garth Brooks has parted company with EMI label Capitol Records Nashville in a surprise move that is apparently the result of 'mutual agreement'.

Brooks has sold over 100 million albums since he began his career with Capitol in 1989. He stayed with the EMI label after officially 'retiring' in 2000, and they released his last album, 2001's 'Scarecrow'.

Few details about the 'mutual agreement' have been announced, except that "no compensation was requested by Mr Brooks or paid by EMI for the license termination."

Capital Nashville boss Mike Dungan told reporters: "For nearly two decades, Capitol Nashville has had an extraordinary and fruitful relationship with Garth. We wish him all the best for the future."


Well, after being trounced by a frog in the race for Britain's number one, here's some good news for Coldplay (and EMI shareholders of course). Bosses of the music department at the UK division of Amazon has confirmed that the band have set a new record for internet pre-orders with their new album 'X&Y', which is released this week.

'X&Y' has been at the top of Amazon's music chart since it first became available to pre-order back in Mar. As the album's release date arrived, Amazon confirmed the band had passed the previous record for pre-orders set by Dido's 2003 album 'Life For Rent'.

'X&Y' is expected to easily top the album charts next week - assuming, of course, the Crazy Frog doesn't release a last minute long player. Making reference to the fact Crazy Frog beat his band to the top spot in the singles chart last week, Chris Martin incorporated an impression of the frog into a performance of his single on Jonathan Ross's TV show on Friday night.


Jurors in the Michael Jackson trial deliberated for two hours on Friday after lawyers on both sides finally completed their summing up. They were then sent home for the weekend, and are due to reconvene today. They will now be locked in the jury room for six hours a day until they deliver a verdict or announce deadlock.

Meanwhile, Jacko himself was in hospital over the weekend receiving treatment for a reported bad back. The singer collapsed while in court on Friday and was rushed to hospital for treatment. His spokeswoman Raymone Bain told reporters: "There have been so many rumours circulating that he has been in and out of the hospital since yesterday and that is not true. Mr Jackson's back has flared up on him again so he has come in to see a doctor about that. He is under a tremendous amount of stress right now, the jury is deliberating, this is a very difficult time for him, but other than his back he is doing fine."


Ash Guitarist Charlotte Hatherley is to release a new EP hot on the heels of her 2004 debut solo album 'Grey Will Fade'.

Hatherly, who is currently on promotional duties with Ash in the US, says on her message board: "I've been in the studio all week with Mr Rob Ellis, recording 4 new tracks... some serious back patting is about to commence, cos they sound fooking epic. I don't know what's gonna happen wiv 'em at the moment, but the idea is to have a nice little EP released. We'll see. They're quite different to the 'G.W.F' stuff, less poppy, more filmic...I can't wait for y'all to hear it."


Feeder are the latest artists to donate their services to Warchild, the charity who aim to help children in areas affected by war, and who raise funds via download website The rock band have recorded an exclusive version of REM track 'Everybody Hurts'. The cover will be used to soundtrack a report by the charity, but will also be available to download from for 99p.


Blues legend BB King is to celebrate his 80th birthday with a benefit concert featuring a range of fellow blues artists. King himself will top the bill of the gig, to be held in Biloxi in Mississippi, and will be joined by Deborah Coleman, Bobby Blue Bland, Smokin' Joe Kubek, Jody Williams and Dickey Betts. Proceeds from the concert will benefit the BB King Museum, a $10 million project which will honour the blues artist, but also work to preserve Mississippi's blues heritage and encourage young artists. King, who is currently on tour in the US, is to release a duets album later this year, with guest vocals from Van Morrison, U2, Sting and Elton John.


Les McKeown, lead singer of 70's tartan boy band the Bay City Rollers, has been arrested as part of a major drugs operation. The former pop star was detained by police in Dalston, in East London, last week on suspicion of supplying and possessing Class A drugs. The incident follows the arrest last month of McKeown's fellow Roller, guitarist Pat McGlynn and three others were arrested and charged with supplying cocaine.

It's not the first time this year Les McKeown has provided us with pop court news. As previously reported, the former star appeared at Thames Magistrates in early May charged with driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.


Warner Music is facing an interesting lawsuit in the US which could potentially alter the value digital download revenue streams have for the average record label.

Singer Tom Waits and his management firm Third Story Music have launched litigation against the major record company over the share of digital download revenues that they receive. Third Story argue that download sales should be classified under 'third-party licensed revenues' rather than 'direct sale' because there is no physical product being sold. The distinction is crucial because under two contracts between Waits and Warners the singer gets a much bigger cut on any revenues created through third party licensing - up to 50%.

Needless to say, Warner argue that download sales do count as 'direct sales', even though they do not necessarily fit what would have been defined as 'direct sales' back in the seventies. Therefore revenue splits should be on the same level as with CD sales.

Following Waits' lawsuit it will now be left for the courts to decide where download sales should slot in. If they find in favour of Waits and Third Story, hundreds of other established artists are sure to return to their early contracts and see if they should be receiving a bigger cut of download sales, which will not be good news for the record labels.


And as if the record companies needed more bad news in the digital domain. A new report from research firm NPD there have been steady increases in P2P usage in the US, despite the increasing number of legit download platforms operating and the Recording Industry Association Of American's always hardline stance to sue serial file sharers.

The NPD report says the total number of files shared in Mar this year was 242 million songs, a 25% increase on the same period last year. Of course the 'fake tracks' that are fed into P2P networks by record labels to make the illegal source of music less user friendly would appear in that count so it might not be quite as bad as it initially looks, but the rise in nevertheless significant. Especially given recent figures by BigChampagne, another research company who monitor how many individuals are using file sharing networks (rather than how many tracks are shared). They reckon there were 8.7 million unique P2P users around the world in May, a 19% increase on 2004. Aaaaargh.

The only up side is that the same NPD report also confirms solid increases in legit download sales - with 25.9 million download transactions taking place in Mar this year, a 52% increase on the same period last year.


ALBUM REVIEW: Broadway Project - In Finite (Grand Central)
This third album from composer and beats man Dan Berridge sees a return to the sound of his debut. Whereas predecessor 'The Vessel' liberally splattered vocals and guitars on the canvas (in the process making a psychedelic mini-masterpiece, akin to Pink Floyd produced by Portishead), his Grand Central debut harks back to the instrumental sound of 'Compassion', by way of cinematic, soulful jazz-inflected downtempo, with huge vistas of sound frequently inhabiting the spaces left by the breaks and piano which are the fulcrum of much of the material. Whilst it would easy to dismiss 'IF' as muzak, it's far more engaging (and subsequently rewarding) listening than mere lift music; a canny ear for varied instrumentation sees Berridge piling on strings, woodwind, choral samples, crashing percussion and more, effectively adding some much-needed tension to proceedings. (You can see why he's an accomplished composer, with a CV registering scores for the BBC and Channel 4). A number tracks are full of menacing, chunky beats and marshy reverb and as such wouldn't be out of place on DJ Shadow's 'Entroducing' (with its fondness for gorgeous hip hop breaks and free jazz, 'In Finite' is clearly inspired by the Mo Wax aesthetic). Epic and impressive, this is recommended listening for those who like their beats big, but also appreciate that size isn't everything. MS
Release date: 6 Jun
Press Contact: Grand Central IH [all]


Another development in the never-ending investigations into just who killed the Notorious BIG back in 1997. In a new report in the LA Times, journalist Chuck Philips says a crucial witness in past investigations now says his evidence was just "hearsay". The witness was a paid police informant who said while under oath in a civil lawsuit that hip hop mogul Suge Knight and a rogue LAPD officer were involved in the killing. However, according to Philips, the informant, who describes himself as a paranoid schizophrenic, now says those allegations were mere rumour. Which sets back an already faltering investigation even further.


Microsoft are expected to start getting more competitive in the download space in the next few months, with a huge advertising push planned in the US featuring the likes of Gwen Stefani, Shakira, Stevie Wonder and Beyonce, and a 'five free downloads' promotion for new customers.

Microsoft have kept their MSN Music service quite low key to date, though a big marketing blitz was always likely. That said, some insiders say that blitz may have been brought forward in light of Yahoo's recent high profile arrival in the download space. Either way, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft can use their huge existing membership and big advertising spend to take on the more established names in the field, and especially Apple's iTunes.

And Microsoft won't be the only people with their fingers crossed regarding the success of the MSN Music platform. The makers of MP3 players that use Microsoft technology will be looking for help in their battle to stay afloat in the shadow of the ever mighty iPod.


US industry website HitsDailyDouble has been reporting on rumours regarding the US division of the Virgin Group's V2 music business. They reckon that disappointing American sales on the recent Moby album coupled with a slow start for the new White Stripes album (V2 represent both those artists in the US) will have a considerable effect on the record label's bottom line. As V2 America depends primarily on its home grown talent rather than the label's UK signings gossipers are gossiping on whether the US division can survive those disappointments.


Whilst there's no official confirmation of it, and whilst no official release date has been set, Frontman Alex Kapranos has told Billboard that Franz Ferdinand's second album is in the mixing stages, and the magazine quoted him as saying that it will be on sale in Sep. So there you go.


So, no move for Crazy Frog, who is still at number one in this week's singles chart. Great. Also a slight rise sales wise for both Akon and Gorillaz this week, who move back up to fill the top 3. The highest new entry comes from the Foo Fighters at 4, then the other new entries go White Stripes at 9, James Blunt at 12, Funeral For A Friend at 15, the lovely Ben Adams at 18, Geri Halliwell at 22, Noise Next Door at 27, Embrace at 28, Groove Coverage at 32 and Studio B at 40.

Albums wise, and good news for the Gallaghers. Oasis go straight in at number one with 'Don't Believe The Truth' - news that will, presumably, doubly please Liam given that he knocks Damon Albarn and his Gorillaz off the top spot, they fall down to 2. Other new entries then for Black Eyed Peas at 4, Turin Brakes at 9, Rob Thomas at 11, Beach Boys' greatest hits at 30, Jack Johson at 33 and Keith Urban at 40. Oh yes, and another of those weird reentries, this time for Snow Patrol at 29.


Here's an interesting one - not that music related, but interesting. The Sun has escaped prosecution over allegations they illegally named the victim of a sexual assault because the Crown Prosecution Service launched proceedings against the wrong company.

The CPS launched litigation against News International, the parent company of the Sun. However, there is actually no legal entity called News International in the UK, and the company that actually publishes the paper is called News Group Newspapers.

On those grounds the courts said the CPS could not proceed with the case against the newspaper, and because the six month deadline has now passed for this kind of action they can't launch new litigation against the right company. Doh.


Hip-Hop duo Blackalicious, aka Chief Xcel and Gift Of Gab, are to release their fifth studio album, 'The Craft' this autumn, their first collection of new material in three years. Chief Xcel said: "The Craft is our passion to bring discipline to this music, the passion to keep growing, keep stretching, keep doing things we haven't before." Gift of Gab said: "It's my favorite of all of our albums. I think that it's our best."

The tracklisting for the album is as follows:

The World Of Vibration (featuring Ledisi)
Supreme People
Rhythm Sticks
Side to Side (featuring Lateef & Pigeon John)
Lotus Flower (featuring George Clinton)
Automatique (featuring Floetry)
The Fall & Rise Elliot Brown Parts 1 & 2
The Fall & Rise of Elliot Brown Part 3 (Black Diamonds & Pearls) [featuring Ledisi & Larry Saunders]
Your Move (featuring Life Savas)
Give It To You (featuring Kween & Lyrics Born)
In The Days To Come
Egosonic War Drums (featuring Peace)
Dance of Firefly


Rod Stewart has filed for divorce from Rachel Hunter, following their 1999 split. Model Hunter originally filed for divorce back in 2003, but later withdrew her request for unspecified reasons. Stewart's decision to act now may have something to do with a recent announcement that the latest in a long line of his blonde identikit partners, another model, Penny Lancaster, is due to have a baby in early December.


Chris Martin (who seems to be going through a very chatty phase at the moment - does he have an album out, or something?) hopes that The Spice Girls will reform for Live 8. The Coldplay frontman said: "I hope the Spice Girls are doing Live 8 because they were a phenomenon. They should get back together and do it."

Martin also admitted that he had enjoyed the Spice Girls film saying : "I just watched Spice World - its brilliant, really funny." I think he must have been watching a different film from the Spice World I saw. Well, the bit of it that I saw. And yes, I do want that 15 minutes of my life back, thanks.


Former Hear'Say singer Kym Marsh is to appear in BBC1 lunchtime drama Doctors, the Sun reports The singer is to play a character suspected of plying men with "date-rape" drugs before robbing them. An insider from the show said: "Kym will be an integral part of a major plot that involves one of our big characters. She is coming in for a couple of episodes. It is a good chance for her to get her face on TV."

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