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In today's CMU Daily:
- Basement Jaxx replace Kylie at Glasto
- Glasto release unsigned CD
- Kylie preferential treatment reports denied
- EMI and Warners among players interested in Sanctuary
- Future Soundtrack rerelease
- US troops form rap group
- More deliberations, no verdict: Jacko trial update
- Nine Black Alps play free HMV show
- Idlewild single and tour dates
- George Clinton wins back ownership of four albums
- Dan Y Cownter release
- New web radio station champions UK hip hop
- Mars Volta curate nightmare
- Apple get eco friendly as early adopters upgrade their iPods
- Thievery Corporation live dates
- Alfie tour dates
- Live 8 update
- What (copy)rights the session musician?
- London Calling seminar round up
- CMU develop roadcasting technology
- Roll Deep debut releases
- Kelly Osbourne back in rehab
- Doherty accuses Franz Ferdinand of plagiarism



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So, Basement Jaxx have been confirmed as the last minute replacement for Kylie Minogue at this month's Glastonbury Festival. Kylie, of course, was forced to pull out of her Sunday night headline slot following her breast cancer diagnosis.

Kylie herself reportedly asked if Basement Jaxx, who have enjoyed huge success recently with their Singles Collection album, could precede her on the Glastonbury bill, so it is perhaps apt that they should now take her place.

As previously reported, there were initially rumours that the Scissor Sisters had been asked to fill the slot, but they denied ever being asked. It then seemed likely the Killers would be moved up the bill, but they reportedly insisted they were not yet established enough to play the prestigious Sunday night slot.

The festival's organisers also announced yesterday the addition of Primal Scream to the Pyramid Stage's Sunday night line up.


And elsewhere in Glasto related news, the festival is to release an unsigned bands CD for the second year running. The compilation album, named 'Glastonbury Unsigned' and released on 13 Jun features tracks by 24 unsigned bands who battled it out to appear at the event, and fifty percent of the proceeds of the CD will go directly to homeless charity Shelter.

Glasto organiser Emily Eavis has said: "The selection of new bands entered in this year's new bands competition was to such a high standard, and the final crop, really are fantastic. It proves that the UK new music scene is experiencing one of the most exciting times in years. If you buy this CD, you will not only be able to hear some top new acts, but you are also supporting Shelter. Enjoy it."


And talking of Kylie, Roger Greenman, the CEO of Melbourne's Cabrini Hospital, has issued a statement following those allegations last week that Ms Minogue was given priority treatment whilst she was being treated for breast cancer at the hospital.

As previously reported, it was alleged that, amongst other things, elderly heart patients had been moved to make way for her. Greenman denied that, saying that the only people who had been moved were people whose improving health caused them to be discharged or moved to another ward. He also denied that ambulances were turned away from the emergency room during the singer's stay, and that rooms for Kylie had been especially painted pink.

He also addressed the accusations that Kylie's security measures hindered the hospital's staff's ability to do their job, saying "Extra security measures were put in place to protect our patients and staff from the intrusive attention of international media representatives, many of whom used underhand tactics to attempt to get access to the hospital during Ms Minogue's stay. We are happy that our staff and patients were fully protected at all times, and we do not believe that they were hindered or inconvenienced by the extra security."

The CEO called the reporting of the inaccuracies "a disappointing attack on the integrity of our hospital and staff" and continued: "I understand that misconceptions can arise in the difficult and often tense circumstances which surround any person's admission to hospital for treatment. However, I would ask for your support in understanding that Cabrini Hospital's sole objective is to provide the very best quality of care for its patients in an environment which protects their privacy and allows our doctors and staff to work safely and effectively."


Following an announcement last week by Sanctuary Music that they were in investigative talks regarding a possible take over of the firm, some in the media have been looking into whose those talks might have been with.

Reuters report that sources are saying both EMI and Warner have spoken to the company about acquisition. A number of private investors are also said to be involved, although it is not clear if those are stand alone offers or part of a major label discussion.

Sanctuary confirmed it was having buy out talks to the London Stock Exchange last week. Bosses told the investment community: "There have been preliminary talks which may or may not lead to an offer or a further business opportunity. During the past 12 months, and indeed on a continuing basis, it has had exploratory discussions with a number of third parties about a wide range of future potential business development and investment opportunities".

However Sanctuary bosses were keen to stress that all talks have been very preliminary and that no actual deal is currently imminent.


A compilation aimed at promoting political change in the US, and featuring contributions from artists such as REM, Tom Waits, Death Cab For Cutie and The Flaming Lips, is to be released on the presumably not insignificant date of 4 Jul.

The LP, 'The Future Soundtrack For America' was originally created and released during last year's presidential race but now the aim is more general, with the organisers stating that they want "to make our increasingly messed-up country (the United States) a better place".

The full tracklisting is as follows:
OK Go - This Will Be Our Year [unreleased Zombies cover]
David Byrne - Ain't Got So Far To Go [previously unreleased song]
Jimmy Eat World - Game of Pricks (BBC evening session) [unreleased Guided by Voices cover]
Death Cab For Cutie - This Temporary Life [previously unreleased song]
Blink-182 - I Miss You (James Guthrie mix) [available only as b-side of UK 7"]
Mike Doughty - Move On [previously unreleased song]
Ben Kweller - Jerry Falwell Destroyed Earth [previously unreleased song]
Sleater-Kinney - Off With Your Head [available as bonus track in ltd edition One Beat]
REM - Final Straw (MoveOn mix) [previously unreleased song]
Bright Eyes - Going For The Gold (live) [previously unreleased recording]
The Long Winters - The Commander Thinks Aloud (future mix) [prev. unreleased song] of The Black Eyed Peas - Money [prev. avail. only on UK soundtrack release]
They Might Be Giants - Tippecanoe And Tyler Too [unreleased 1840 campaign song]
Clem Snide - The Ballad Of David Icke [previously unreleased song]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Date With The Night (live) [previously unreleased recording]
Fountains of Wayne - Everything's Ruined (acoustic) [previously unreleased recording]
Nada Surf - Your Legs Grow [previously unreleased song]
The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (live on the BBC) [prev unreleased]
Old 97's - Northern Line [Opal cover; prev. available only as b-side of promo-only EP]
Laura Cantrell - Sam Stone [unreleased John Prine cover]
Tom Waits - Day After Tomorrow
Elliott Smith - A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free


A group of American soldiers stationed in Iraq have formed their own rap troupe called 4th25 and are soon to release a debut album 'Live In Iraq'.

One of the band's members, Neal Saunders, told Newsweek how the creative outlet is a valuable way for the band to express their frustrations, saying: "You can't call home and tell your mom your door got blown off by an IED. No one talks about what we're going through. Sure, there are generals on the TV, but they're not speaking for us. We're venting for everybody."

And here's an example of the sort of lyrics they're coming up with: "Soldiers are dying every day, that's why we ain't smiling. I'm the one you see on TV / Army infantry, one arm holding my sleeve from a previous injury / Bloody desert combat fatigues, dusty and ammoless M-16 with a shredded sling / ... Hit in the head and shoulder but still taking deep breaths /'Cause I'm in Kevlar and sappy plates in my flak vest."


Well, the jury in the Michael Jackson trial have ended their first full day of deliberations without a verdict. While fans and media waited outside the court house on the off chance an early verdict would be delivered, Jackson himself was reportedly at home recovering from treatment he received for that bad back of his over the weekend. There is divided opinion as to how quickly the jury are going to reach their verdict, or what the verdict might be, though if I was a betting man I'd go for a relatively quick decision (this week sometime), guilty on the 'giving alcohol to minors' charges, not-guilty on the rest. Then again, I'm not a betting man.

Whatever, when the verdict is delivered you will be able to hear it for yourself. We know this because Judge Rodney Melville, who has been coordinating the case, has told CNN they can audio broadcast the bit of the trial when the verdict is delivered. There has been a broadcast ban on the rest of the trial, of course, hence those ridiculous reenactments on Sky News.


Nine Black Alps are to play a free gig at HMV to celebrate the release of their rather good new album, 'Everything Is', on 13 Jun. The instore takes place at the HMV on Oxford Street on 15 Jun at 6pm and will be followed by a signing session.


Idlewild will release 'El Capitan', the third single from new LP 'Warnings/Promises' on 11 Jul. Their tour dates this summer are as follows.

10 Jun: Isle Of Wight Festival
15 Jun: City Of Manchester Stadium (U2 support)
17 Jun: Manchester Lancashire Country Cricket Club (REM support)
19 Jun: London Twickenham Stadium (U2 support)
5 Jul: Hull KC Stadium (REM support)
6 Jul: Nottingham Forest Football Club (REM support)
8 Jul: Ipswich Town Football Club (REM support)
9 Jul: London Hyde Park (REM support)
10 Jul: Cardiff Millennium Stadium (REM support)
31 Jul: BBC2 Radio Cambridge Folk Festival
12 Aug: Summer Sundae Weekender
20 Aug: V Festival (Stafford)
21 Aug: V Festival (Chelmsford)


Funk legend George Clinton has regained possession of four master recordings that he recorded under the name Funkadelic after a long drawn out legal battle in the US courts. The legal dispute centred on the albums 'Hardcore Jollies', 'One Nation Under A Groove', 'Uncle Jam Wants You' and 'The Electric Spanking Of War Babies'.

The initial legal dispute, which began twelve years ago, didn't actually involve Clinton himself. Then Cuban-American Nene Montes brought a suit against Armen Boladian and Bridgeport Music, who were at that time licencing the recordings, claiming ownership. Montes lost the case in the LA courts, but then began new proceedings in New York where flaws were found in the documents Boladian claimed showed he was the rightful owner. Among other things Boladian admitted he had signed a number of documents himself as George Clinton. In that case, which was transferred back to LA, Boladian had to hand the recordings over and pay compensation to Montes, and another company called Association of Parliament- Funkadelic Members (APF), who Montes said co-owned the tapes. You keeping up with this, yes?

Anyway, then a new legal dispute began between Montes and APF over ownership of the tapes. In one action APF won sole ownership of the recordings - the most recent case saw Montes trying to win back the copyright.

George Clinton entered this lawsuit as a defendant and counter-claimant, telling the court he had never signed over the masters to anyone - Boladian, Bridgeport, Montes or APF. The judge in the case found flaws in a number of documents used by the various players to prove ownership over the years, and eventually handed the rights to the recordings back to Clinton, ruling that the singer had been defrauded of his work by various associates and colleagues over the years.

That result is something of a coup for George Clinton Enterprises given that they have not been involved in much of the arguments over these tapes. It remains to be seen what the decision means for the back catalogue release of the four albums. They were originally released by Warners, but more recently appeared via a partnership with EMI division Priority.


A free CD compilation of the best in Welsh language talent was released last week. The collection, called 'Dan Y Cownter' is compiled by Radio One DJ Huw Stephens and ten thousand copies of the CD are to be distributed to young people in Wales via schools, youth projects and festivals in a bid to expose audiences to the rich variety of Welsh-language talent and events.

The CD has been organized by the Welsh Music Foundation (WMF) and the Welsh Language Board. Guto Brychan, Welsh Language Officer at WMF said, "It's very important for us and the WLB to raise awareness of Welsh-language music amongst its core potential audience, given the fact that research shows that it's exposure, not talent, that's lacking in the Welsh-language scene. There are so many good events, clubs, record labels, promoters and acts that deserve to be heard, and Dan Y Cownter is all about getting that information out there."


A new internet radio station will launch a week tomorrow offering a blend of urban and indie. Broadcasting from East London each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 2-7pm there should be a healthy line up of specialist shows, including one dedicated to the wonders of UK hip hop. Full details are online at


The Mars Volta are to curate this years All Tomorrow's Parties Nightmare Before Christmas, which takes place from 2-4 Dec. Cedric Bixler said: "We are honoured and grateful to be given the chance to assemble a private mixtape and have it come to life. We are thrilled for the opportunity to play with some of our favourite bands, and hope you find our line-up to be both intriguing and diverse."

The Mars Volta themselves will appear, and acts so far confirmed to be joining them include The Kills, Diamanda Galas, Cinematic Orchestra, Blonde Redhead, Jaga Jazzist, Weird War, Damo Suzuki, Beans, High On Fire, The Fucking Champs, Les Savy Fav, Michael Rother, Acid Mothers Temple, Battles and Mr Quintron, The Locust, Year Future, 400 Blows, Subtitle and Kill Me Tomorrow.


Apple have responded to criticisms from eco-groups as to the levels of toxic substances in the average iPod by announcing a recycling programme for their music players. As the early early adopters start to upgrade their iPods to newer models, consumers will be able to get a 10% discount on their new player if they trade in their old one. Apple will then responsibly recycle the old Pod - good for them.


The rather good Thievery Corporation are taking recent album release 'The Cosmic Game' on the road and you can catch them on the following dates:

23 Jun: Vicar Street Dublin.
25 Jun: Academy 2 Manchester.
26 Jun: The Arches Glasgow.
27 Jun: Koko London.


Alfie release a new single, 'Your Own Religion' on 1 Aug, followed by the band's fourth album, 'Crying At Teatime' on 15 Aug. They will be preceded by a series of live dates in Jul:

21 Jul: Liverpool Barfly
22 Jul: Cardiff Barfly
23 Jul: London Barfly
25 Jul: York Fibbers
26 Jul: Glasgow Barfly


At last count somewhere between 1.5 and 2 million people had texted in to be in with a chance of winning Live 8 tickets. People can continue to text until Sunday night - a pair of tickets to next month's political-muso fest will then be distributed to the first 66,500 texters out of the hat (presumably they've got a big hat).

Elsewhere in Live 8 news, organisers are expected to announce a new venue for the Paris bit of the project after city officials refused permission for a gig to be held around the Eiffel Tower. Damn officials. Not so strict when the words 'Olympic bid' are mentioned, are they?


The next MusicTank Think Tank event takes place next Tuesday (14 Jun), as always at Bertorelli's in Soho. Under the banner 'Whose Song Is It Anyway?', this one will be asking whether, in light of booming digital music, it's time to reassess how producers, arrangers and session musicians are credited and rewarded for their work (What if the bit of a track used for a ringtone was actually conceived by a session musician? Where is their cut of the profits?)

The keynote address will come from copyright expert James Ware. PRS director Guy Fletcher, Musicians' Union Assistant General Secretary Horace Trubridge, session musician Terry Gregory, and Music Manager's Forum copyright spokesman David Stopps will all be on the panel. The chair, as always, is Mr Keith Harris.

More details at events_creative_collaborations.htm


Talking of music industry seminars, we promised you more information on the London Calling event, and we never break a promise (well, we rarely break a promise). As previously reported, London Calling is a new convention for the dance and electronic industry taking place this weekend (10 and 11 Jun) at the Earls Court exhibition centre. Alongside some fine sounding showcases will be a series of seminars, including a load organized by FRUKT Music Marketing all about the music industry in the digital age. Those seminars take place this Friday (10 Jun) and stack up like this:

12.00pm-12.45pm: Digital Music Stores
An overview of the main and most interesting services currently active, considering the different propositions of each. Who are the most interesting and innovative niche services especially in the area of electronic, dance and urban music?

1.15pm - 2.00pm: Exploiting Revenue Opportunities On Mobile
Not just ringtones! Mobile phones are something that consumers have with them at all times. How can this market potential be best realised and grown by content owners?

2.30pm - 3.15pm Online Distribution
An overview of the process involved in getting your content and your artists ready for fixed-line downloading. Moderated by Rights Router's Steve Johnson with the Official Chart Company's James Gillespie,'s Chris McGrail, and Artist First's Mark Bjornsgaard.

3.45pm - 4.30pm: Direct Marketing
Marketing has traditionally been based around releases, where consumers are bombarded with marketing messages. With online and SMS marketing, the overheads are dramatically lowered and the opportunities are greatly increased. How can these marketing messages be best managed to ensure that you hold your consumers' attention without swamping them?

5.00pm - 5.45pm: You're Not Just Selling Records
With so many possible channels for marketing and distributing a vast array of products and experiences, it is key to understand the artist/group as a brand. Oh yes.

6.00 - 6.40: Dance and electronic music in France : small is beautiful
Clara Moreno, Marketing Manager for Coda, France's reference magazine for dance and electronic music, leads a seminar on the French music market.

The seminars are just one part of the London Calling line up - there'll be showcases, trade fair stuff, a Mixmag DJ competition and lots of other things too. We'll have more on the showcases later this week, meantime full info at


Podcasting is so, like, last month. We're now into Roadcasting here - mainly because our namesakes have developed the technology that makes it possible.

Yep, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU to their friends) are developing an 'on-the-fly' networking system which would allow people to access new audio or editorial content over the internet in their cars - giving people access to online travel information, webcasting radio stations and, in theory, the facility to share music with passing drivers (which possibly means P2P users would be able to carry on sharing tunes while speeding away from the RIAA patrol).

As far as we can make out Roadcasting is distinguished from in car technology already developed using mobile 3G because it uses a form of WiFi - cars access the internet via WiFi points or, if nearer, along a chain of other WiFi enabled cars between it and said WiFi point. Something like that anyway.


Roll Deep, the crew that brought us Dizzee Rascal and Wiley, launched their own album on Monday - 'In At The Deep End' - and they will release their debut single - 'The Avenue' - on 4 Jul. Both are well worth tracking down, and if you're in the locality on Friday night you can catch the Crew showcasing their album for the first time at the Ministry Of Sound in London. Press info from Pure Publicity on 020 8208 1279.


Kelly Osbourne is apparently back in rehab in Pasadena according to American magazine Us Weekly. Back in 2004 the singer spent time in rehab to treat her addiction to prescription painkillers.

A 'source' has told the magazine: "She's going to be in for a couple of weeks. She's slipped into some of her old problems and is not doing so well. Everyone is supporting her. Friends are concerned, but know that she's strong and that she's pulled through before and will this time as well."

Meanwhile, a representative said: "Kelly is in a facility dealing with some personal issues. She'll be back in a few weeks."


Pete Doherty has said that Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand plagiarised a Ringo Starr track on their massive 2004 hit 'Take Me Out', though it seems the former Libertine may have been making a backhanded compliment. Doherty said: "'Take Me Out's' Ringo Starr, isn't it? It's exactly the same riff ... what was it Oscar Wilde said? Amateurs borrow but geniuses steal."

Actually, CMU's resident literary expert questions whether Wilde ever did actually say that: " I know for a fact that TS Eliot said "Immature poets imitate, mature poets steal". And I'm pretty sure that Stravinsky said "Amateurs borrow. Professionals steal". But I don't think Oscar Wilde said that. Of course, I may be wrong. It's doubtful, though".

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