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In today's CMU Daily:
- Young Buck to stand trial over Vibe stabbing
- 50 Cent / The Game feud back on
- Scottish concert added to Live 8 proceedings
- Radiohead can't make Live 8
- BPI back new anti-download education campaign
- Weller and Quo headline Guilfest
- Coldplay shift mega units in UK and US
- Drum&BassArena celebrate nine years
- Bassist Poullain says he was sacked
- Liberty X sign new deal
- Visible search for Rock Idles
- Duran Duran plan new album
- Mogwai cancel gig
- Beggars announce deal with Napster
- Ross tops radio poll
- Noel admits to shopping addiction
- Coral tour dates
- Stevie Wonder announces birth of son
- Pete Doherty takes drugs
- Elvis reality show planned
- Clues revealed as to sex of Britney's baby
- Jack White says he's really wed
- Church is gay icon



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50 Cent associate Young Buck, aka David Darnell Brown, will stand trial over allegations he stabbed one Jimmy James Johnson at last year's Vibe Awards in the States.

As previously reported, Johnson initiated a fracas at the awards event after he lashed out at hip hop mogul Dr Dre. He was stabbed during the altercation that followed, allegedly by Brown, who is signed to 50 Cent's G:Unit label, an imprint of Dre's Aftermath label.

A superior court judge ruled this week that there is sufficient evidence against Brown to proceed with a trial. No word yet on when that trial will take place. Commenting of the judge's ruling, Young Buck's lawyer Leonard Levine told reporters: "We're confident when all the truth comes out, he'll be exonerated".


Talking of 50 Cent and his wonderful entourage, it seems the Fiddy / The Game feud is back on.

Those who care about these things will remember that, back in Mar, 50 Cent dropped The Game, real name Jayceon Taylor, from his G:Unit, seemingly after his former friend bigged up rival rapper Nas in an interview (though presumably tensions were already high before that). Both men, but especially Taylor, participated in some public squabbling, and the feud allegedly became violent when it was claimed two shootings in New York were the result of skirmishes between the two rapper's respective posses.

But then the two rappers called a public truce at a press conference, with Taylor telling reporters: "I want to apologise. I'm almost ashamed to have participated in the things that went on over the last few weeks."

But not too ashamed to do it all again. We're not sure quite why the two rappers have fallen out this time, but at this weekend's Summer Jam in New York The Game threw his G:Unit chain into the crowd shouting "fuck 50". The charmer continued: "I don't follow suit like faggot ass [fellow G:Unit member] Yayo".

According to MTV, among the other anti-Fiddy highlights in Taylor's set were men dressed up as a gorilla and a rat (apparently to represent 50 Cent's alleged 'snitching'), a chant of "G-G-G-U-Not!" and the working in of various Fiddy disses into his raps - which his track 'This Is How We Do' reworked as follows: "50 Cent can suck my ... / Tony Yayo can suck my ... /G-Unit can suck my ...".

No response from the 50 Cent crew as yet.


A sixth event has been added to the Live 8 programme, this time in Edinburgh. The new concert, due to take place on 6 Jul at the Scottish capital's Murrayfield stadium, will follow the planned march in the city to protest against Western nations who are refusing to drop Third World debt. The march and concert will take place on the first day of the G8 conference, taking place in nearby Gleneagles.

For a time it wasn't clear if plans to stage a concert in Edinburgh to coincide with the march would be fully endorsed by the Live Aid Foundation - with most focus on the London Live 8 concert four days earlier. However Live Aid co-founder Midge Ure yesterday confirmed the organisation was backing the event, which will include performances from Travis, Texas, Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield, The Thrills, Dido, McFly, Damon Albarn, Embrace, Snow Patrol, Wet Wet Wet, The Proclaimers, Jamie Cullum, The Zutons, Youssou N'Dour and Annie Lennox among others.

Ure also tried to allay fears that the march that will precede the concert was likely to turn into rioting. Bob Geldof has been criticised by politicians for encouraging a million people to flock to the city to protest, with fears the Scottish capital is not capable of coping with that many protesters. However Ure said yesterday he didn't except anywhere near that number of people to show up, and that he was sure it would be a peaceful protest.

Ure: "We've no idea who's going to come, what's going to come, but we know the type of people who will come. I'm bringing my family, it will be families, it will be people who believe in the cause. To drag your backside up from London all the way to Edinburgh to smash a window doesn't make any sense. It's crazy."

Edinburgh council officials were reportedly initially concerned about the implications of the mass protest, but this week City Council leader Donald Anderson told reporters: "It is an enormous challenge and we are working around the clock to make sure we deliver. We intend to ensure that events in the run-up to the G8 summit pass off successfully and safely."

However national politicians aired more concerns - perhaps because the lovely new (and not very cheap) Scottish Parliament building might be a target for rioters keen to vent their frustration at procrastinating political types. Shadow Scottish Secretary Eleanor Laing called on Geldof to reverse his call for a million people to make their way to Edinburgh, while Scottish Secretary Alastair Darling, while not quite so emotive as his Conservative counterpart, said: "there does come a point when even Edinburgh's renowned hospitality reaches the stage where we are full up".

Either way, I'm off to Edinburgh tonight for one last look before it all gets trashed on 6 Jul.


Elsewhere in Live 8 news, Radiohead, surely one of the UK's most politically active contemporary bands, have announced they won't be able to take part in Geldof and Ure's anti-poverty concerts because of other commitments. Guitarist Jonny Greenwood's wife has just given birth, while the rest of the band are scattered around the world working on other projects.

EMI's Murray Chalmers told reporters: "They were asked but they can't do it. Jonny is out of action because he and his wife have just had a baby and the rest of the band are spread out all over the place at that time."

As previously reported, Radiohead's Thom Yorke took part in an all-night protest in Westminster Abbey back in Apr calling for "trade justice" for the world's poorest workers. At the time he said he was lobbying for an end to "a series of misguided economic policies".


The BPI has welcomed a new initiative to raise awareness of illegal filesharing among parents.

The campaign, being organised by international children's charity Childnet and Pro-music, the industry body charged with the task of promoting legal downloading, will aim to make parents aware of just how evil the illegal of downloading of music really is, urging them to beat their children if they find out they have been sharing copyrighted music over the internet (I'm paraphrasing slightly, but that's the general gist).

The campaign will be based primarily on an information leaflet, tens of thousands of which will be distributed through record stores, libraries and other public buildings.

Backing the campaign, BPI boss Peter Jamieson told reporters: "We are committed to working with parents to make them aware of the dangers of illegal downloading. There has already been huge publicity about this issue, but we are committed to doing even more to get the message across: unauthorised filesharing is illegal and could land you or your child in court."

Emma Pike of British Music Rights, the UK body set with the task of promoting copyright owners' interests, added: "It is fantastic that children are learning to access music in so many new and diverse ways. We are keen for young people to be creative and enterprising with the music they love and the music they create, but it is vital that they do this in a safe and legitimate environment. Parents have a role to play in helping their children to use the internet safely and we would urge them to ensure they understand what their children are doing. We welcome the Childnet leaflet which we hope will highlight any negative pitfalls which might arise through internet use".

Virgin Megastores' Dennis Henderson said: "We believe that is as vitally important to positively inform parents and children how to download legally, as it is to avoid the dangers of illegal filesharing. This initiative targets both of these objectives and we are delighted to be supporting it within Virgin Megastores".

There's more info on the leaflet campaign at


Paul Weller and Status Quo are set to headline Guilfest. The appearance will be something of a homecoming for both acts, as Weller and Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt are both from nearby Woking. Guilfest organiser Tony Scott said he was thrilled to see the "homecoming of these music giants".

Other acts confirmed to be appearing at this year's event include The Pogues, Daniel Bedingfield, The Subways, The Others, The Proclaimers and Echo And The Bunnymen. Guilfest takes place in Guildford, Surrry, from 15-17 Jul.


I like to think I have a real affinity with the average music shopper and, while we get very passionate about newer and more alternative music at CMU, we're perfectly in tune with the mainstream's pop preferences - I have no problem getting my head round why Robbie Williams, Dido, U2 and the rockers of old are still the most bankable acts in Britain. But I really really really can't understand why Coldplay are so damn popular - they seem like nice guys, but there really isn't anything special about either their music or their live shows. But you can't argue with the statistics.

Yep, good news for the Martin household and EMI shareholders this week, because Coldplay's new album 'X&Y has been shifting mega-units in both the UK and the US. More than 150,000 copies were sold on the first day of release in the UK, and experts reckon over half of million could have been sold by the end of the week. That would give it the highest first week sales since Oasis' 'Be Here Now'. Ironically it will be Oasis' new album, 'Don't Believe The Truth', which Coldplay will knock off the top of the charts.

A spokesman for HMV told reporters: "It's no surprise that Coldplay sold so many albums on Monday - as much as the rest of the top 20 combined. Demand has been building for some time and there was a real buzz of excitement in all our stores around the country. There's only a handful of artists that have this kind of effect, and Coldplay are one of them. We haven't seen anything like this since 'Be Here Now'. It's fair to say that we're already looking at the biggest album of the year by far."

Similar figures are being reported in the US where more that 600,000 copies of 'X&Y' have now been sold. Huge sales from both Starbucks stores and iTunes are expected to help the album pass the 700,000 mark by the end of the week.

Much was made in the music press about the hot competition for albums sales this week between Coldplay and the White Stripes and The Tears in the UK, and the White Stripes and the Black Eyed Peas in the US. However, it looks unlikely any of the competitors will get close to surpassing Coldplay in week one sales.

What is the world coming to? (Then again, I suppose that while half a million Britons have chosen to buy 'X&Y' this week, 59.5 million have chosen not to. There's some reassurance in that surely?)


The rather fine drum & bass website Drum&BassArena ( is nine years old next month, and to celebrate they are having a birthday party and launching a new CD.

The party takes place at London's The End on 8 Jul and will feature no less than Dillinja, Randall, Q Project, Doc Scott & Future Prophecies and, in the backroom, DJs from the website's active forum community.

The CD will arrive in Aug, this time mixed by DJ Zinc. The tracklisting is tbc pending licensing type nonsense, but we do know there will be a bonus DVD featuring an interview in Zinc's studio hide-out and the best bits of D&BTV including interviews with Metalheadz and Goldie.

For press info contact or call 0114 292 3023.


Former Darkness bassist Frankie Poullain has spoken out about his departure from the band in Mar, and confirmed what we all suspected - that he was sacked.

Poullain told "Against my wishes I have been forced out of the group. At Darkness HQ, where Justin and his partner (Darkness manager, Sue Whitehouse) reside, I have gradually been frozen out over a long period of time. The reason for this is not yet clear - certainly nothing to do with Justin's solo album which I think is a great idea. In any case it's inevitable the truth will come out in the end."

Poullain says that the is determined to return with his own project and also confirmed that work on The Darkness' new album had been going well, saying: "On a more positive note, the second album is incredible. Co-written by Justin, Dan and myself, I'm convinced it is destined to be a huge success."

He went on: "I'd like to thank all Darkness fans from the bottom of my heart for the staggering amount of support and goodwill they have given me during both the band's five year adventure and, perhaps more importantly, in the last two weeks, which I have found pretty difficult. They've given me the life I've always dreamed of, I am so grateful and I'll never forget them - I'll be back."


No, they're not down the Job Centre. According to the Sun, Liberty X have left V2 and have signed a five album deal with EMI division Virgin Records.

Band member Michelle Heaton said: "We're really excited and thrilled about our new deal because we all love being in the band. It shows that people do still want good pop music."


Visible Noise Records have opened entries for this year's Rock Idle event - the national search to find the loud stadium rocking band of the future. Staged in association with Metal Hammer magazine, the actual competition will take place on 2 Oct at the Camden Underworld. However, finalists will be selected over the summer so they can all be profiled in Sep's Metal Hammer magazine. The overall winner will get some amps and clothing, a profile in the magazine and a development deal with Visible Noise. Any bands interested in entering should send a two or three track demo (MP3s not accepted) to Rock Idle, 231 Portobello Road, London, W11 1LT. Any bands with a rock, metal, industrial, punk, emo, hardcore or ska sound will be considered - but no solo acts thank you very much.


Duran Duran, currently undertaking a fairly extensive European tour, have told of plans to begin work this summer on a follow up to 2004 comeback album 'Astronaut'. Keyboardist Nick Rhodes said that the band will start with a string of songwriting sessions running from Aug to Dec, before going into the studio in Jan, with plans to release it next summer.


Mogwai have been forced to cancel a gig they were due to play in Glasgow this evening, because drummer Martin Bulloch has developed a severe case of tendonitis. The band will also be forced to cancel a second date in Russia this weekend, as Bulloch has been advised to cancel all gigs until his condition improves.

The show was scheduled to mark the opening event of Glasgow's new ABC venue, and rather than pull the show all together, tickets for the gig will be valid for a new opening which says it will be the "closest thing to a Mogwai gig without them actually being there", and will feature sets from Mogwai favourites Trout as well as Errors, who are signed to the band's Rock Action label. Tickets used to gain entry to this event will also be valid for the rescheduled Mogwai date as and when it happens.


The Beggars Group yesterday announced a worldwide distribution deal with Napster. The deal means some 400 tracks from the Beggars catalogue will be available for downloading and streaming via the subscription based download platform immediately, with the whole back catalogue due to be added over the next two months.

The Beggars Group, of course, consists of a number of credible independent labels including 4AD, Mantra, Too Pure, Matador, WIIIJA and, perhaps most importantly of late, XL Recordings, which counts Basement Jaxx, Dizzee Rascal, Mia, Lemon Jelly and the White Stripes on its roster. The new deal means the latter's new album, 'Get Behind Me Satan', will now be available via Napster.

Confirming the deal, Beggars' Simon Wheeler told reporters: "Adding our music to Napster's catalogue will help us to reach a whole new audience of music fans. Beggars Group and XL Recordings has always supported the internet as a way of people finding and sharing music, which is fits perfectly with Napster's community features. Our roster of artists includes some of the most exciting and influential artists of any independent label and signing to Napster means that fans can now buy and share our tracks legally for just 79p."

Jeff Smith, Programming Director for Napster UK added: "Beggars and XL are some of the best independent labels in the UK - artists like The White Stripes and Basement Jaxx are some of the most requested tracks on Napster so this is great news for Napster members. Signing Beggars Group and XL Recordings will add to Napster's massive catalogue of UK independent music and help us continue to provide the best selection of UK music on line."


Meant to report on this yesterday but forgot - ah well, better late than never. Jonathan Ross has been named the most important person in British radio thanks to the continued success of his Radio 2 weekend show. He tops a poll of the most important seventy radio bods published by the Radio Times this week.

Ross is closely followed by fellow BBC names Terry Wogan and John Humphreys in the poll, with Xfm's Christian O'Connell coming fourth place, making him the highest rating commercial radio DJ in the poll (quite a coup for Xfm given that they are a minority audience regional station, and also for Virgin Radio who have nabbed him for their breakfast show of course).

The Beeb dominated much of the top ten, with Radio 1's Chris Moyles and Zane Lowe, Radio 4's PM presenter Eddie Mair and Radio 5's drive presenter Peter Allen also getting listed.


Noel Gallagher has admitted that he has a shopping addiction, says The Telegraph, and consequently owns 99 different guitars as well as hundreds of pairs of Adidas trainers which he vows he will never wear.

The Oasis star said: "Since I gave up being a professional drug user, I've always got to be addicted to buying something. And guitars are my vice. And vintage Adidas trainers. Even my girlfriends come round and go: 'You've got a problem.' I don't know what it is about my personality. Me missus reckons it's because we were skint when we were younger. I used to stand and look in guitar shop windows and sports shop windows, and I could only wonder about buying stuff like that."


The Coral have announced twelve dates of a UK tour. And they are:

12 Oct: Norwich UEA
13 Oct: Cardiff University
14 Oct: Exeter University
16 Oct: Leeds University
17 Oct: Derby Assembly Rooms
18 Oct: Southampton Guildhall
20 Oct: London Brixton Academy
21 Oct: Manchester Academy
24 Oct: Glasgow Academy
25 Oct: Newcastle Academy
26 Oct: Birmingham Academy
28 Oct: Liverpool University


Stevie Wonder has become a dad for the seventh time. The fifty five year old and fashion designer wife Kai Millard Morris announced this week that their son, Mandla Kadjaly Carl Stevland Morris, was born on 13 May and weighed seven pounds, eight ounces. He is the couple's first son together.


Pete Doherty has been taking drugs. A statement you might find shocking if you really believed that the former Libertine was on the straight and narrow in an attempt to appease supermodel girlfriend Kate Moss. The Mirror reports that during an interview at Homelands Doherty revealed that he had recently tried to smuggle crack on to a plane, and also argued during the interview with manager James Mullord about the location of his crack pipe, screaming: "I know you've got it." Doherty went on to explain that drugs help him overcome stage fright. So it's probably okay to take them then.


With there being such a shortfall in reality shows featuring hopeless wannabes, it's great to hear that Elvis-A-Rama, a Las Vegas attraction, is launching a world-wide televised search for the ultimate Elvis impersonator. Auditions are to be held in Memphis, New York, London, Madrid, Munich, Moscow, Sydney, Tokyo, Beijing, Honolulu and Mexico City, with the search being turned into a 16 part TV series. The 'new Elvis' will get to record the song 'If I'd Only Bought Her Roses', which was co-written by Elvis but never released. Oh dear.


Because we all really care. Britney Spears has been spotted buying clothes for a baby girl at Petit Tresor in Hollywood, according to The singer also stocked up on blankets and bibs, which is thrilling news indeed.

A source at the shop said: "Britney was very private and we respect that. And she was also very pleasant."


Jack White has rejected media reports that his wedding is a publicity stunt to promote the new album 'Get Behind Me Satan'. As previously reported, the musician married Karen Elson last week in Brazil following a whirlwind romance.

White said: "It's definitely for real. We knew we were in love probably from the moment we met each other. Whether it was going to happen a year from now or three days later, it was just going to happen."


Charlotte Church has topped a gay icon poll in Attitude magazine, and she's very happy about it, according to The Sun. The singer apparently said: "I love it. I love gay men, I find them easy to talk to. I'm a gay icon? Bring it on!"

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