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In today's CMU Daily:
- Xfm win Manchester licence
- No comment: Jacko trial update
- Investment firm sue Cohen
- Microsoft on verge of launching subscription music service?
- BBC unions withdraw immediate strike threat
- Geldof says Live 8 protests will fail but be glorious
- Single Review: Joy Zipper - You’re So Good
- US think tank reaffirms download issues, but makes few new proposals
- Yorke says Radiohead is going through changes
- Madonna to release dance album
- Single Review: The Boy Least Likely To - Hugging My Grudge
- Nine Black Alps singer back in action
- The Yards cancel tour dates
- T On The Fringe announce line up
- Grammys stay in LA
- Brian Harvey gets throat op
- Velvet Revolver deny split rumours
- Album Review: The Tears - Here Come The Tears
- Interpol go Six Feet Under
- A live dates
- Doherty tells Liam to stay away from his girl
- Clear Channel announce two for one deal for Backstreet Boys tour
- Javine romanced by Backstreet Boy



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Let’s hope the sun holds out for house promoters Milk N 2 Sugars as they present the second of three nights at Brockwell Park, as part of Park Live. Fresh from their ten year anniversary, this show has one hell of a line up - a true gathering of greats. The Scratch Perverts open, followed by Dave Lee aka Joey Negro then Michael Watford for a swift PA. Then it’s Norman Jay MBE who will be adding some carni flava, before Martin Solveig and then CJ Mackintosh takes to the decks. Then Jocelyn Brown belts out live for a short spell before Tony Humphries and Danny Rampling get things going for the final set from X-Press 2 (who upstage Humphers and Rampo!! Good on you!!) If you like house, surely a day to remember - come wind, rain, or shine! And kids under 12 are free with an adult. Mental.

Saturday 11 Jun, Brockwell Park, near Herne Hill, London, midday-10pm, £25, £20 (promotional code P), press info from Phuture Trax or email or check

CHRIS’S FESTIVAL TIP: Download Festival Donington and Isle Of Wight Festival
Perhaps we really ought to be brave enough to pick out just one of the festivals on offer each weekend this summer and heartlessly shun the rest, though there are so many great live events to choose from this year that it would be agonising to have to choose between those whose dates clash. While I wonder if there really is enough of an audience to fill every one of the plethora of festivals on offer this summer, most of them boast line ups that deserve sell out crowds. Two such festivals this weekend include the Download Festival and the Isle Of Wight Festival. The former is a relative newcomer of course, filling that gap in the market left by the fact that very few rock festivals really rock in the true sense of the word. With Slipknot, Motorhead, Velvet Revolver, System Of A Down, Therapy, Tokyo Dragons, Towers Of London and the UK date of Ozzfest on the bill, the Download Festival is pretty much guaranteed to rock. The Isle Of Wight Festival, also quite new in its reincarnated form, but with a suitably impressive heritage to call on, won’t be quite as loud or as aggressive as Download, but should pack some punches with a line up that includes Faithless, Razorlight, Supergrass, Travis, Roxy Music, Feeder, Embrace, Starsailor, REM and Snow Patrol. All good stuff, let’s hope the sun comes out and sufficient numbers of music fans show up to ensure the British festival scene is as well attended as it is vibrant.

Download Festival, Friday 10 - Sunday 12 Jun, Donington Park, info at

Isle Of Wight Festival, Friday 10 - Sunday 12 Jun, Isle Of Wight, info at


Well, if Birmingham was the rock city that was calling out for a local version of Kerrang! Radio (which it got when OfCom advertised a city-wide licence there), then Manchester, the home of indie, was surely calling out for its own local version of London’s Xfm - and yesterday it got it, hurrah. Yep, GCap’s alternative music brand beat 18 other rivals to win the new FM licence for Manchester, meaning the city will very soon gets its own variation of the alternative station.

The win was good news for the recently merged GCap - neither of the company’s predecessors, Capital or GWR, have ever actually won a new radio licence when advertised like this one, having built their respective empires by acquiring other existing stations. The arrival of Xfm on analogue in Manchester also helps the group’s strategy to make the alternative station a national brand.

Commenting on the win, a spokesman for GCap told reporters yesterday: "What we found in Manchester was that people were saying this city is the natural home of Xfm and clearly Ofcom agreed. We're already starting to think about the programming elements of the station and looking at the talent behind."

OfCom also announced yesterday that they were awarding the new licence for Norwich to Tindle Radio's Crown FM, while a new licence for Ballymena in Northern Ireland went to Seven Towers FM, owned by a consortium including Alpha Newspaper Group and Irish News.


Nothing much more to report from the ongoing Michael Jackson trial as a fourth day of jury deliberations failed to result in a verdict. Jurors left after just four hours of deliberating yesterday, having been given a half day because certain jury members had family commitments. They will be back in the court house later today.

The only real excitement Jacko trial wise this week came in the form of a statement from Jackson’s main lawyer Thomas Mesereau and his team. In it Mesereau distanced himself from a public statement made earlier by Jacko’s spokeswoman Raymone Bain. The spokeswoman had indicated that her comments to the media had been approved by Mesereau, but the lawyer later told reporters that he had not authorised anyone to speak on the pop star's behalf: "A gag order is in effect which the defence team will continue to honour”. Mesereau probably made the statement to stop the growing trend of Jackson associates speaking to the media while the jury deliberate - both Jackson’s family and Jackson supporting Rev Jesse Jackson have issued statements to the media this week.

Jackson, meanwhile, returned to hospital on Wednesday for a routine check up following his treatment for supposedly stress induced back pain last weekend.


More from the pop courts, and legendary singer songwriter Leonard Cohen is being sued by a Colorado based investment company called Agile over allegations of civil conspiracy and extortion. The litigation seems to follow a falling out between the singer and the investment firm, following which the former accused the latter of misappropriating his money.

In the lawsuit, Agile say Cohen and his business associate Robert Kory "have threatened to irreparably damage Agile's reputation in order to extort millions of dollars from Agile and its insurer".

That accusation is based on supposedly false claims allegedly made by Cohen and Kory that Agile “bears responsibility for the alleged misappropriation of Cohen's invested funds by Cohen's former manager”. The company say the two defendants also tried to, and on occasion did, persuade uninformed third parties to support their claims.

In their lawsuit Agile say that they: "seek a judgment against Cohen and Kory for all actual, compensatory, punitive and other damages as a result of Cohen and Kory's wrongful conduct. Agile is also asking that Cohen and Kory be prevented from publishing or disseminating false information concerning Agile for the purpose of disparaging and damaging its professional reputation".

Both Cohen and Kory are yet to comment on the lawsuit.


Insiders say Microsoft may be on the verge of launching a Napster style music subscription service, with rumours suggesting Yahoo’s recent arrival in that space has forced the IT conglomerate to speed up their plans. Exactly how a Microsoft music subscription service would work isn’t clear, though it would almost definitely be a strand within its existing MSN Music platform. Of course Microsoft will have to tread carefully in this domain because some of its potential competitors in this space, in particular Napster, use the Microsoft DRM system - something which is helping Microsoft’s Windows Media Player compete with Apple’s iTunes.


BBC unions have withdrawn the threat of strike action in the immediate future after a seeming breakthrough in talks with management. As previously reported, the unions were not very happy with plans by BBC boss Mark Thompson to restructure the Corporation and axe 4000 jobs. Following a 24 hour strike last month talks at Acas helped improve relations between BBC and union executives, but the risk of strike action remained. That risk seems to have been alleviated because of a commitment by BBC bosses to keep the unions in the loop as the cost cutting programme develops, especially at a divisional level. Thompson will also meet union bosses again later this year to review progress. All of which means strike action is likely to be avoided, with the proviso that compulsory redundancies don’t suddenly return to the agenda. With that in mind, BBC management will be hoping enough people take up voluntary redundancy packages so that the biggest sticking point between bosses and workers never becomes a reality.


Bob Geldof has told the AFP news agency that the Live 8 protests will be "a glorious failure”. The rock star turned campaigner, who is of course organising all those concerts on 2 Jul, and hopes to mobilise a million people to take part in protests in Edinburgh next month, admits that he thinks the events are unlikely to make world leaders agree to all his demands on African poverty. Speaking of the pressure he wants to put on G8 leaders to improve trade, aid and debt in Africa he said: "Will that happen? Probably not. So will I have failed? Yes I guess."

Geldof added that even though the campaign may fail in its objectives that it won’t be in vain, saying "we will have tried everything to the last fibre of exhaustion to make it happen and I can live with myself. It will be, not for me but for everyone involved, a glorious failure."

However, Geldof was determined to try, even knowing that the effect on the politicians would be minimal. "For the rest of my life I would have thought 'I could have maybe done that, I could have maybe changed it and I bottled it for personal reasons'."

Meanwhile, fellow campaigner Bono has been in Brussels meeting European Commission leader Jose Manuel Barroso and telling world leaders: "Don't blow it." The U2 frontman said he was offended by the "stupidity" of what is happening in Africa and asked leaders to "put down the national flags, look up from the numbers and look to the future". He went on: "There will always be natural calamities, but there are 120,000 lost lives in Africa every month and this is avoidable. This is not wide-eyed, misty-eyed Irish nonsense - these are achievable goals. I am excited by that. That is what turns me on."

Commission leader Mr Barroso told Bono that a lyric from a U2 song inspired an article he had written about the future of Europe, reciting the words from Zooropa: "Don't worry baby, it's going to be all right. Uncertainty can be a guiding light."


SINGLE REVIEW: Joy Zipper - You’re So Good (Vertigo)
Knock a note off the Hash Pipe riff. Nick some Flaming Lips harmonies. Now take The Kills off drugs and make them sing it. What have you got? Yes, of course, it’s the new Joy Zipper single. Hurrah! This chirpy tune scores points for having a nifty verse, replete with fuzzy guitars, unapologetically banal lyrics and Tabitha Tindale’s sweeter-than-Tom-off-Hollyoaks voice. Credit also goes to Joy Zipper for being from New York but not being too cool and making the rest of us feel bad. However ‘You’re So Good’ does lose some points for being undanceably slow and for having a chorus that sounds a bit like Dido. Lovely for a Friday afternoon, but leave it at home on Saturday night. NB
Release date: 30 May
Press: APB [CP, RP, NP] Vertigo IH [CR, RR, NR]


The US Centre For Democracy and Technology, which “works to promote democratic values and constitutional liberties in the digital age” (whatever that means), has published a report about the way the music industry should cope with the demands of the digital age.

Called ‘Protecting Copyright and Internet Values: A Balanced Path Forward’, the report begins by warning the industry against treating online digital delivery as a foe, arguing that technology advances, while sometimes posing new piracy risks, normally bring sufficient new opportunities and revenue streams to outweigh any losses. The group point to the initial fears that surrounded both the cassette recorder and the video recorder, both of which eventually delivered valuable new revenue streams to the music business.

That said, while the report begins by seemingly criticising the paranoia within the music industry regarding music online, it then outlines a strategy for dealing with digital threats which is pretty much the route already being taken by the major record companies and industry associations like the Recording Industry Association Of America.

The report suggests a three part process - firstly "punishing bad actors" (ie digital pirates) so that most law-abiding citizens will be deterred from engaging in online piracy, secondly "encouraging a marketplace of content-protective and consumer-friendly" DRM tools and thirdly better public education by trusted voices." All techniques already used by the industry.


Thom Yorke has spoken to about work on Radiohead’s seventh album, which is due out some time next year. Yorke said that the process reminds him of the changes the band went through between albums ‘OK Computer’ and ‘Kid A’. Yorke said: "It's going well. It's a bit like ‘Kid A’ - we're going through a period of change. But that's good. We'll get there."


Billboard says that Madonna is planning to release her tenth studio album at the end of this year, and will follow its release with a tour in the summer of 2006. The new LP is to consist entirely of dance music, with a variety of collaborators expected but not confirmed. Oddly enough, through, the ‘it’s all dance music’ claim is at odds with earlier reports which suggested a ‘rockier’ edge to Madonna’s latest work. Maybe the assorted reporters and sources have very different viewpoints as to what constitutes ‘dance’. Time will tell.


SINGLE REVIEW: The Boy Least Likely To - Hugging My Grudge (Too Young To Die)
This duo from Manchester are causing something of a minor stir amongst the online music community, already scoring rave reviews from indier-than-thou website Pitchfork for their impending debut album ‘The Best Party Ever’. And upon listening to this single, it’s not too difficult to see why. ‘Hugging My Grudge’ is the perfect soundtrack for the season, encapsulating the sounds of Summer perfectly. They’ve adapted the age old template for pop music; lyrics about love and loss, and combining cute melodies and jangly guitars, but they’ve certainly added their own stamp to it. There’s far more going on here below the surface. Handclaps, harmonica, and sporadic synth sounds all play their part, in addition to the acoustic guitar that drives the track. The Boy Least Likely To come across as the midpoint between early Wilco and Belle and Sebastian, composing a sound that’s irresistible and sure to remain in your head for months. I hope the album matches the standard they’ve set here; there are real signs of talent and potential, and I expect The Boy Least Likely To to continue to receive rave reviews, and with the likes of The Magic Numbers (who aren’t too dissimilar) doing well in the charts, there’s no reason why this duo shouldn’t invade the mainstream. KW.
Release date: 6 June
Press contact: Darling [all]


Nine Black Alps will be back out on tour again soon after they were forced to drop out of the NME New Music Tour due to band member Sam Forrest’s illness. The singer has revealed to NME just how hard he was hit by his previously reported dose of mumps, explaining: "It was like something out of 'The Exorcist'. It was basically two weeks of lying in bed being unable to sleep and I couldn't drink anything either because I had a stomach infection. If I had some water I just threw it up, which would make my noise bleed at the same time. I was staying in this London hotel room by myself and by the end of it, the room was covered in vomit and blood." Nice. Anyway, Forrest is now much better, and continued: "I'm pretty much back to normal now, a little light headed."

Nine Black Alps are now to play a series of live dates in support of their rather good album ‘Everything Is’, which is released on Monday. The dates are:

9 Jun: Southampton Lennons
10 Jun: Brighton Engine Rooms
11 Jun: Isle Of Wight Festival
12 Jun: London Barfly
15 Jun: London 100 Club


Elsewhere in live/illness news, The Yards have had to cancel two gigs on their current tour, after frontman Chris Helme was diagnosed with a severe ear infection and told by doctors that he risks permanent damage to the ear if he continues to sing. The band did not appear last night in Sheffield and will not appear tonight at London Metro. The band sent out their apologies to all ticket holders.


Well, as today’s CMU Daily is coming to you direct from Edinburgh, we ought to have some Edinburgh news for you, so here goes. The official programme of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe was announced yesterday, and with it the latest line up from the festival’s main music strand T on the Fringe. In addition to those previously reported open air gigs from Franz Ferdinand, T organisers also confirmed they have Pixies, Prodigy and Basement Jaxx all booked to play during August.

Line up so far as follows:

Meadowbank Stadium
28 Aug: The Pixies, Idlewild and Teenage Fanclub

Princes Street Gardens
30 & 31 Aug: Franz Ferdinand

Corn Exchange
5 Aug: Prodigy
9 Aug: Alabama 3
28 Aug: Basement Jaxx

Liquid Room
6 Aug: Roddy Frame
8 Aug: The Rakes
14 Aug: Glen Tilbrook and the Fluffers
15 Aug: Yo La Tengo
16 Aug: The Wedding Present
20 Aug: Best Of T Break
21 Aug: Michael Franti and Spearhead
22 Aug: The Departure
23 Aug: Sons and Daughters
24 Aug: The Magic Numbers
29 Aug: Hot Hot Heat

Cabaret Voltaire
6 Aug: Editors
21 Aug: Slam feat Silicone Soul and Alex Smoke
22 Aug: Saul Williams
23 Aug: Regina Spektor
24 Aug: Josephine Foster

Tickets for all gigs are available from


Next year’s Grammys will once again take place in LA, at the Staples Center on Wednesday, 8 Feb. The Grammy’s have moved between LA and New York several times over the years, though this will be the third consecutive year they have taken place on the West Coast.


Brian Harvey, who is still unconscious in intensive care, has had a throat operation over a week after that accident in which he was seriously injured under the wheels of his own car. The former East 17 singer was given a tracheotomy on Wednesday after an x-ray revealed that there was fluid on his lungs, but the procedure was described as "more precautionary than emergency".

At present Harvey is being kept heavily sedated and is on a ventilator to help him breathe, but hospital staff hope they will be able to bring him round soon. Harvey’s manager, Simon Harrison explained that the first attempt had been stalled, saying "They did try and do this about a week ago and it made him very violently ill so they put him back under." He added "It's a very, very slow process. He hasn't moved, he hasn't spoken, and he's been unconscious all this time."


Velvet Revolver have denied that they have split up following reports of a break up in relation to the sudden cancellation of five dates on their European tour. The reason given for the cancellations was that the band were exhausted after 12 months on the road. A spokeswoman for the band, Kristine Ashton-Magnuson, said in a statement to the press "The band has not broken up. In fact, they're coming back to the US early to start the next record."


ALBUM REVIEW: The Tears - Here Come The Tears (Independiente)
It was quite a surprise when Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler announced that they were reuniting as a song writing team, especially given the acrimonious way the latter had split from Suede a decade ago. But apparently Bernard was waiting for Brett’s call as soon as Suede mark 2 disbanded. I have a lot of admiration for Suede’s second guitarist Richard Oakes but there is undeniably a magical chemistry between Anderson and Butler. This is perhaps partly because the pair haven’t quite resolved their differences and there is a palpable tension between them. The lyrics on the album are littered with references to two people together and it remains ambiguous whether Anderson is referring to his working partner or his lover. If we don’t have a future, just leave an autograph," he sings on ‘Autograph’ and When we’re together, the world smiles," on ‘Co-Star’. We think we know who he means. The two of them are clearly wiser and maturer. Songs about drug fuelled sex in council flats have been replaced by reflective songs on love, loss and death. These are wonderfully melodic songs with great catchy tunes and naturally plenty of magnificent guitar licks. The first single from the album, the glorious, sweeping ‘Refugees’ works both as a romantic song and a political statement. There is a soulful influence on the album particularly future single ‘Lovers’ which is a great stomping Motown-esque ‘two of us against the world’ saga. The sweetly anthemic ‘Apollo 13’ is a treat, as is the jangly, Johnny Marr influenced ‘Autograph’, while another highlight is the atmospheric ‘Fallen Idol’. Two of the album’s best tracks are two dark ballads; ‘The Ghost Of You’, about the pain of losing someone and ‘A Love Strong As Death’ which boasts some sublime strings and equally lovely vocals. This is one reunion which is a triumphant success. Butler and Anderson are still great song writers and musicians, and their intriguing relationship ensures that sparks fly creatively and musically. JW
Release date: 6 Jun
Press contact: Sony IH [all]


Interpol have recorded a new song which is to appear on the soundtrack of American TV drama ‘Six Feet Under’. The band developed the song from some work they found on an old rehearsal tape. Guitarist Daniel Kessler told "We basically recorded a rehearsal a long time ago where something interesting was happening and we kept it on a tape".

Kessler described the track, which contains few vocals, as "atmospheric", and went on to explain how it was created during sound checks whilst the band were on their European tour in Apr: "We brought out the idea and wrote painfully throughout soundchecks. It's really contrary to how we normally write songs. We recorded it two days after we got back. We've never done it all in one day before and it came out well. It's good."


More live news for you. A will be on tour in the UK this October, following the release of their fourth album 'Teen Dance Ordinance' on 25 Jul.

3 Oct: Norwich UEA
4 Oct: Glasgow Garage
6 Oct: Manchester MDH
7 Oct: Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
8 Oct: Bristol Anson Rooms
10 Oct: Exeter Lemon Grove
11 Oct: Southampton University
12 Oct: London Astoria

A also play the main stage of the Download Festival this Saturday.


Pete Doherty says he had to warn Liam Gallagher off after the Oasis front man hit on his girlfriend, supermodel Kate Moss, according to a report in The Star. It’s claimed that Gallagher told Kate Moss that she ought to dump her Babyshambles boyfriend, but backed off after speaking to Doherty on the phone.

Doherty apparently said: "Liam cornered her at some party the other week and he was going: 'You and me, man, we're meant to be together'. She went 'Fuck off mate, even in your prime I didn't want to sleep with you'."

The supermodel then phoned Doherty to tell him what Liam was up to. Doherty went on: "I told her to put him on the line. And he began going: 'Nah you're cool man, fuckin' love your band. You're not a puppet, I'm a fuckin' puppet'. I said we should go for a coffee. It turned out to be a whiskey."


Clear Channel in the US have announced a major ticket offer on the upcoming Backstreet Boys American tour. Fans who buy two reserved seat tickets at any of the band’s Clear Channel ampitheater dates will receive two additional lawn or mezzanine seats for free - no booking charges will be applied.

The deal is presumably funded by’s sponsorship of the tour. The promotion might lead some to question if tickets sales for the Backstreet Boys show are expected to be slow, but Clear Channel insiders suggest the deal is more about the music giant looking at ways to reinvigorate the US live sector amid fears the live music bubble is about to burst due to a saturation of the market and ever increasing ticket prices.

The Backstreet Boys promotion follows Clear Channel’s announcement of a new cost cutting lawn seating pricing plan, and the news that music fans with lawn tickets at ampitheater gigs will be able bring food, blankets and chairs into the venue again.

The Backstreet Boys tour runs from 22 Jul to 2 Sep, following the release of new album ‘Never Gone’ on 14 Jun.


Staying with the Backstreet Boys for a bit of end-of-week gossip, and former pop talent competitor and British Eurovision hope Javine has been seen smooching with Backstreet Boy and former Paris Hilton squeeze Nick Carter, or at least that’s what the Mirror reckons.

Yet another of those pesky sources told the tabloid: "He went up to Javine and said that he couldn't keep his eyes off her and had been watching her all night. Javine thought it was hilarious. He then said he wanted to meet her for a drink later on and go on a date."

The pair were then seen snogging a lot in the VIP area of Funky Buddha, and when Javine took a break from the necking proceedings, Nick soon latched on to another girl, but Javine doesn’t seem too broken up about it. The Mirror quotes her as saying "Nick is a really nice guy and very cute. I had a great night with him."

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