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In today's CMU Daily:
- New York court overturn IDJ's TVT payment
- Fake eBay bidders have accounts suspended
- Jacko prosecutors: "We stand by sticking Janet in the witness stand"
- Good Charlotte cancel Jakarta gig over security fears
- Album Review: The Departure - Dirty Words
- Yet more additions to Carling line up
- EMI boss' pay up 30%
- Coldplay get first US number one
- Royksopp live dates
- Festival Review: Download Festival at Donington
- International Song Comp opens
- Mylo to release Miami Sound Machine mash up
- Cohen responds to finance firm's lawsuit
- Album Review: Saint Etienne - Tales From Turnpike House
- Razorlight headline unleashed music festival
- Darkness confirm new bassist
- SonyBMG man has TV ambitions for major label
- Universal and EMI publishing do digital deal
- Elton John gets extra 30 mil
- Kanye West says Franz influenced him
- Kate Moss does handstands shocker
- 50 Cent has crush on Mean Girl, apparently



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A New York court has slashed the damages that Universal owned Island Def Jam will have to pay independent label TVT in a dramatic change of heart relating to the long running legal battle over a Ja Rule album.

Ja was originally signed to the independent as part of Cash Money Click, but entered into a solo deal with Def Jam when a fellow CMC member was jailed and the project went on hold. TVT argued that when they released Ja Rule from his CMC contract the label reserved the right to release certain records involving Ja Rule, but that when they tried to do so Def Jam unleashed a campaign to prevent the album's release. In the original hearing the courts sided with independent saying the major, and its then top man Lyor Cohen, were guilty of fraud, willful copyright infringement and wrongful interference with a contract.

The major was told to pay the independent a phenomenal $108 million in damages - a figure later reduced to $54 million by the trial judge. However Universal appealed the decision, and yesterday the appeals court overturned much of the original ruling on the basis there was insufficient evidence against IDJ.

In a long rambling statement the court explained: "That TVT's claims for tortious interference and for fraudulent concealment fail for lack of a legally sufficient evidentiary basis. We also conclude that TVT is not entitled to assert a claim for copyright infringement without having rescinded the licenses on which its infringement claim is based. Accordingly, we reverse the finding of liability and set aside the damages awarded on those claims. Finally, we set aside the award of punitive damages based on breach of the SLA because punitive damages are not recoverable for breach of contract where, as here, the wrongful conduct is not directed at the public at large."

The result of the latest decision is that the damages payment IDJ are expected to pay TVT has been slashed to just $126,720. Claiming the verdict vindicated both Lyor Cohen (now at Warners) and IDJ, a spokesman for the Universal label told reporters: "This is the result that we expected all along. We are pleased that the Second Circuit Court of Appeals viewed the case as we did."

TVT, however, remained upbeat. Their lawyer, Peter Haviland, told reporters: "We were forced to bring this action in part because Mr Cohen and Def Jam denied the existence of a contract critical to our business. This court has affirmed that we did have a contract and that the defendants broke it. This is not over and we look forward to the next round".


Those eBayers who answered Bob Geldof's call to place 'impossible bids' on Live 8 tickets put up for auction have had their accounts suspended. The bidders placed up to £10m on the touted tickets before the site decided to force a withdrawal of the ticket sales, but now eBay has emailed those high bidders to say that their accounts have been frozen because they broke site rules. That means they will no longer be able to use the auction site and will be precluded from setting up a new account. One of the bidders told BBC news: "I want nothing to do with any company who rips off a charity. The terms and conditions for the tickets quite clearly state that they are not transferable." eBay explained that "Users who place hoax bids face two warnings from eBay and are then indefinitely suspended on the third," and added that the firm had no plans to make an exception for the Live 8 bidders.

As previously reported, the auction site initially refused to remove the Live 8 ticket listings on the grounds that selling on tickets of any kind is not illegal, but capitulated on Tuesday after "listening to customers," and not, apparently, in response to Bob Geldof's overwrought accusations of "sick profiteering", or pressure from music minister James Purnell who said he "wholeheartedly" shared Geldof's annoyance.


Presumably it comes as no surprise to hear that Gavin Arvizo, the teenager who accused his former friend Michael Jackson of sexual abuse, is having "a difficult time" following Monday's not guilty verdict at the end of the long running Jacko trial.

Santa Barbara County District Attorney Tom Sneddon, the official who arguably dragged everyone through the whole trial ordeal despite having pretty flimsy evidence, told NBC yesterday that Gavin was "very down. He's having a difficult time understanding why people didn't believe him. He's gone through a lot in his life. He's survived cancer, a very serious bout of cancer. He didn't necessarily want to get involved in this case ... it was very painful for him to tell people what had happened to him."

Commenting on their case in court, Sneddon and his deputy Ron Zonen defended their decision to put Gavin's mother, Janet Arvizo, into the witness stand. Mrs Arvizo was a prosecution witness, but she did more for the defence's case by acting erratically and admitting previously lying in court. That helped defence lawyers in their bid to show that Mrs Arvizo, and by association her children, lacked credibility as a witness - a crucial part of the defence's strategy, because the case pretty much rested on the allegations made by Gavin Arvizo and his brother.

Commenting on Mrs Arvizo's testimony, Zonen told CNN: "She behaved as she behaves. This is her. She does snap her fingers when she talks to you; she has unusual behavioral patterns. I was hopeful that the jury would be able to understand that she is who she is and simply accept her testimony accordingly."

Jackson himself has not been seen since he shuffled out of court after his acquittal on Monday. His defence lawyer Thomas Mesereau told reporters: "He has to spend some time healing".


Good Charlotte have called off a gig in Jakarta because of fears of a possible terrorist attack in Indonesia. The band, whose drummer recently quit because of undisclosed "personal health problems", were due to play the Indonesian capital on 14 Jul. However they have cancelled the concert after US and Australian authorities made claims that Islamic militants were planning bomb attacks in the country, principally against hotels frequented by foreigners.

It isn't the first time a high profile Western band has cancelled a gig in the region because of security fears of course. Last Sep Alicia Keys cancelled a concert in Jakarta following a bomb attack on the Australian embassy there. Meanwhile security fears forced Limp Bizkit to cancel concerts in Singapore, Bali, Thailand and the Philippines in December 2003.


ALBUM REVIEW: The Departure - Dirty Words (EMI/Parlophone)
I'm a sucker for a great guitar sound and when I heard The Departure for the first time I was hooked. Their wonderfully skittery sound is particularly strong on 'Just Like TV' the opening track of their debut album. True, it's not an original sound - they've plundered aplenty from the 80's - and there are many fellow pirates joining them in the raid. But their reference points aren't necessarily the obvious ones. Much of the time there are echoes of the Big Music by bands who wore raincoats and looked glum, such as early (ie hungry) U2 and Echo & The Bunnymen. 'Changing Pilots' is one track that is clearly influenced by that of a more obvious band, the ubiquitous Joy Division and it has a much darker, doom laden atmosphere. Their excellent trio of singles, 'Be My Enemy' 'Lump In My Throat' and the rhythmic 'All Mapped Out' are all present and correct. The former is especially terrific; a clanging cacophony of angular sounds. 'Arms Round Me' and 'Time' try successfully for a more reflective and romantic mood. Mockney singer David Jones sounds incongruous at times and may be an acquired taste for some, and whilst the sharply dressed Northampton four-piece may not be in a field of their own, they are definitely leading the pack, and have crafted a fine and confident album. JW
Release date: 13 Jun
Press contact: EMI IH [CP, CR, RR, NR] Infected [RP, NP]


More acts have been added to the Reading and Leeds festival line-ups, with Lemon Jelly, Audio Bullys, Mylo and up-and-comers Be Your Own Pet newly confirmed to appear. As previously reported, Dinosaur Jr were drafted in back in May to replace Jimmy Eat World, who dropped out in order to support Green Day on tour.

The Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds Festivals takes place from 26 -28 Aug, in, er, Reading and Leeds.


According to the essential read that is the Financial Times, EMI boss Alain Levy was paid nearly 30% more in 2005 than 2004 as part of a deal to bring his pay packet more in line with those received by people in similar roles in rival companies. The FT reckons that that means he will receive £1 million, rather than the £700,400 he got last year. Given that his total pay packed including bonuses will be an estimated £2.05 million, it's just as well that Coldplay album is selling well.


Talking of which, the Coldplay album 'X&Y', which, as previously reported, went straight to the top of the UK album chart on its release, has repeated that success in the US, becoming the band's first number one in the American album chart. The long player sold 737,000 copies in the first week, a first week figure beaten only by 50 Cent album 'The Massacre', which topped a million. It's also the first time since Radiohead released 'Kid A' that a British band has topped both the UK and US charts at the same time. 'X&Y' is number one in 22 countries altogether. Go figure.


Royksopp are to play their first London show for two years next week, when they appear at Koko on 22 Jun. The Norwegian duo, who release a new album 'The Understanding' on 4 Jul, will also make appearances at Glastonbury, the Jazz Café Picnic on 14 Aug, and Bestival on 10 Sep. Press info from Darling Dept.


FESTIVAL REVIEW: Download Festival at Donington
Too many festivals to choose from last weekend, but, having chilled and raved at Homelands the other week, it seemed only right that the CMU festival team should rock a little. So where better to send them than the home of rock - Donington - and the relative newcomer to the festival calendar - the Download Festival? Here's their review of Saturday, the lowdown on Sunday's proceedings tomorrow.

So, we drove up the M-whatever-it-was with the thunderous tunes of one Ozzy Osbourne bashing out of the car stereo, surely suitable preparation for the biggest metal weekend of the year - Download 2005. Would the main event live up to the soundtrack of our journey there? I think so.

After a quick stop in the guest area to say hello to the Clear Channel team who had been foolish enough to let us on site, and an even quicker scan of the site (plenty of fatty food, ugly toilets and a suitably eclectic onsite market - good festival stuff), we headed straight for the huge main stage area where a band by the name of "A" (always hard to refer to in written text - "A what?") were just getting started. This was the first time I'd seen this lot live - and they were simply brilliant - almost immediately they stirred the massive crowd into a stomping frenzy.

A frenzied response too for Bowling For Soup. In fact, if anything, these punky warriors heightened the energy levels in the crowd (or perhaps that was the fatty foods), with front man Jaret Reddick blowing the crowd away, and then some. Closing their set with 'Girl All The Bad Guys Want' was predictable, but nevertheless tremendous.

Next up the After Shock tent with its rodeo bull, bouncy castle and toilet racing (since you ask, electric toilets are sent round a track, contestants have a large roll of toilet tissue on their heads as a crash helmets, and, come to think of it, I think you have to be there), and then back to the main arena for one of the classic acts on the bill - Anthrax. And boy did they rock. The crowd went wild and the dust rose high - this was a higher level of moshing. And kudos to the officials for somehow allowing the chaotic crowd surfing yet avoiding any head injuries (and without the use of toilet paper crash helmets).

And then Velvet Revolver - the most anticipated band of the day as far I was concerned. They were unlucky with the weather - as they took to the stage the wind really picked up, playing havoc with the sound. Nevertheless, they still shot from all cylinders. They played their arses off with all the venom of one of the newest rock bands on the scene - and in the thick of the mosh it just rocked. This wasn't Guns'n'Roses, but it was pure honest rock - all the guitar poses, stances and riffs drenched in all the belligerence and debauchery of rock 'n' roll excess. Go on the men in leather - go on!

And so, on to the band who had supplied the in car soundtrack five paragraphs ago. Masses and masses of Black Sabbath fans packed out the main stage area awaiting the arrival of their heroes - and boy didn't we know it when they finally took to the stage. En masse the crowd charged forward like raging bull elephants. Such was the atmosphere by this time that Ozzy et al could probably have got away with doing very little, but they didn't show any signs of complacency, kicking arse from the beginning to the end. Once again I was reminded why this band have influenced so many younger and lesser rockers. Tony Iommi hammered thunderous riffs, Ozzy looked great (amazingly!) and Bill Ward played drums like a man possessed.

They played all the old favourites - 'War Pigs', 'Black Sabbath' and 'Fairies Wear Boots' - and somehow the fans maintained their high energy jumping, moshing and crowd surfing. Stuck in the middle of it you couldn't do anything but play along - surging to the left, then to the right. At one point my trousers got pulled down and there was nothing I could do about it except grin and bear it. But this is what everyone wanted - hot hectic Sabbath - live and heavy.

Could the rockers lined up for Sunday ever top this one? More on that in tomorrow's Daily. JT


The International Songwriting Competition, one of the largest songwriting competitions in the world, is accepting 2005 entries. Entrants of the contest stand a chance of winning thousands of dollars in cash and merchandise, as well as extensive publicity and exposure. The judging panel this year so far includes Universal Records president Monte Lipman, Tom Waits, Joss Stone, Macy Gray and Peter Hook.

Categories for the competition are as follows: Pop/Top 40, Rock, Gospel/Christian, Country, R&B/Hip-Hop, Performance, Folk/Singer-Songwriter, AAA/Roots/Americana, Jazz, Dance/Electronica, Blues, Children's Music, Teen (18 yrs. old and younger), Instrumental, World Music, and Lyrics Only.

There are two deadlines for submission, an 'early bird' deadline on 15 Jul and a 'final deadline' on 15 Sep. More info from


Now, you know we like those unofficial mash ups that are created on the PCs of bedroom producers around the world, and we like it even more when those remixes make it to official release. So, much excitement at this desk regarding the news that Mylo is to release 'Doctor Pressure', a mash up that combines his track 'Drop The Pressure' with Miami Sound Machine's 'Doctor Beat'.

The mash up was the brainchild of two Brighton based producers going by the name Phil & Dog. Mylo was so impressed with it that he got his record label to check out whether they could get the licencing rights to the Miami Sound Machine track, and with that cleared set about creating his own version of 'Doctor Pressure' for proper release.

Mylo told CMU: "I first heard 'Doctor Pressure' when I was doing a gig in Brighton a few months ago and Phil & Dog came backstage to gave me it on CD. It had been quite a while since I had heard a good bootleg but I thought it was absolute genius from the first listen. I'm obviously biased but for me it's up there with the Richard X's 'Whitney vs. Kraftwerk' one or even possibly the ultra-sought-after Celine Dion "My heart will go on" vs. Sigur Ros! The serendipity started piling up after that - I had signed a deal with Sony BMG so it turned out to be easy to clear. I did my own version of the bootleg, then we found out that Hexstatic had stuck the two videos together, which (astonishingly) both had a theme of randy doctors and nurses. After that it seemed only right to give it a proper release..."

'Doctor Pressure' will be released on 15 Aug ahead of what seems like the nineteenth re-release of Mylo's surely now legendary debut album 'Destroy Rock N Roll'. The re-release will include the mash up track plus the Tom Neville remix of 'Destroy Rock & Roll' and live favourite 'Soft Rock'.

Commenting on the fact that Mylo was releasing a track based on their original idea, Phil & Dog, readers of CMU's Remix Update (the wordy version of Xfm's Remix Show), issued the following statement: "Fucking hell!!!!".


The attorney of Leonard Cohen has responded to that previously reported lawsuit in which an investment company called Agile has accused the legendary singer songwriter of civil conspiracy and extortion.

As reported last week, Agile say that Cohen and his attorney Robert Kory made false claims when they accused the company of bearing "responsibility for the alleged misappropriation of Cohen's invested funds by Cohen's former manager". Their lawsuit concludes that Cohen and Kory "have threatened to irreparably damage Agile's reputation in order to extort millions of dollars from Agile and its insurer".

But the two defendants have vowed to fight the lawsuit, and say they plan to launch their own counter suit proceedings. Kory told CMU: "The suit filed by the Agile Group [last] Thursday night is completely consistent with Agile's reckless disregard for its client and his investments. We had hoped to reach a settlement with Agile that returned to Mr Cohen some portion of the retirement money the firm was authorized to administer on his behalf. Instead, in the middle of negotiations to determine how much Agile would pay Mr Cohen to compensate him for the money misappropriated, Agile launched a surprise attack in a baseless effort to besmirch the reputation of one of its clients."

Commenting on the singer's original problems with the finance firm, Kory continued: "Agile repeatedly failed to alert Mr Cohen to true account balances while allowing and authorizing undocumented withdrawals by a former employee. In doing so Agile failed to protect Mr Cohen's interests and retirement savings and knowingly misled him by providing inaccurate statements".

He concluded: "We will of course file a counter suit that lays out in detail how Agile acted in a reckless way that violated the firm's fiduciary responsibilities toward its client and consequently resulted in the loss of Mr. Cohen's retirement savings".


ALBUM REVIEW: Saint Etienne - Tales From Turnpike House (Sanctuary)
It's a crushing indictment on the idiot tastes of our record-buying lemmings that Saint Etienne have barely dented the public consciousness over the last fifteen years. 'Tales From Turnpike House', their seventh album (discounting a myriad of fanclub-only and import releases which have satiated fans over the years), is up there with their best. A concept album (of sorts), it incorporates elements of their last three albums in places (the quiet ambiences of 'Sound Of Water', the guitars and 'real' drums of 'Good Humor', the fizzy electro-pop of 'Finisterre', courtesy of the Xenomania production), with exotic instrumentation and some of the most authentic and gorgeous Beach Boys/'Smile' type backing vocal harmonies you'll hear outside of, well, a Brian Wilson album. It's full of moments of genius that maintain the trio's reputation as effortlessly brainy pop professors. A middle eight in 'Lightning Strikes Twice', for example, where Sarah coos "Oh baby" is one of those swoonsome utterly perfect pop moments that make life worth living. Penultimate track 'Teenage Winter' (a poignant existential commentary on modern day life, ruminating on charity shops, Ebay and the like), meanwhile, is simply one of the most heartfelt and moving things they've done since the mid 90s. Only the David Essex collaboration 'Relocate' (an oompah-style knees-up that means well but ultimately just recalls the most annoying aspects of Blur's 'Parklife' and 'The Great Escape') is a bit of an own goal, really. If not quite as good as its predecessor, it nonetheless proves that their huge talent remains undimmed, whilst lending itself perfectly as a soundtrack for sweltering London summer nights. Still believe in magic. MS
Release date: 13 Jun
Press Contact: Sanctuary IH [all]


Razorlight are to headline the Nokia Unleashed Music Festival. The event, which is a surf-themed festival taking place on a cliff top overlooking Watergate Bay (is it just me that's worried people might fall off?) takes place from 5-6 Aug. Razorlight play the Sunday night, alongside Rooster, whilst James Blunt headlines on Saturday. More names are expected to be announced soon.


The Darkness have confirmed that Richie Edwards, (not that Richey Edwards. Now that would be a story) widely rumoured to be joining the band as the new bassist, has in fact joined the band as the new bassist. Edwards, previously guitar tech for Dan Hawkins, replaces Frankie Poullain, who, as previously reported, claims he was pushed out of the band against his will.

The Darkness official website says that a number of guitarists were auditioned before the band came to the decision. Frontman Justin Hawkins said: "Richie's a good laugh and he's really good at playing bass, and at this stage that's all that matters."

Edwards himself added "It's difficult to put into words just how incredible it is. Music has been my life forever, and the only thing I've ever wanted to do is be in a band. After years spent trying to 'make it', in your late twenties you assume it's not going to happen and to be thrown this lifeline, to finally be given this opportunity... It's awesome - I just feel very lucky."


SonyBMG boss Andrew Lack has written about plans to expand his company's operations further into the realm of video by undertaking TV and film projects. Writing in the Financial Times he said "We're not just in the selling-records business anymore. I'm a content provider. Wherever there's a screen or a set of earplugs, I'm in the game."

He continued: "The industry, when it comes to just the sale of music and records, is flat. But I think there are other opportunities for a music entertainment company to generate growth. We are working on a broader base of entertainment than just selling records. We are getting into the film and TV business. We are going to invest in a number of theatrical projects in TV, film and on the stage. There is a risk associated with that effort. But my hope is we manage the risk as successfully as on the audio side. If we can do that there could be a real opportunity for further growth."

Quite what form these TV and film projects will take, and how they relate to SonyBMG's music business, remains to be seen. Some say that the TV ventures will be built around the major label's artist roster, that they will provide new revenue streams with existing talent, and that the plans are a clever way to reach music fans without having to deal with music programmers at TV and radio stations. Others, however, say the plans are more about the SonyBMG chief's career ambitions. Lack, of course, comes from a TV background, and is said to be interested in expanding his role at the Sony Group so that he heads up the conglomerates TV and movie operations as well as its music concerns.


Universal Music and EMI Music Publishing have done a deal which should make the exploitation of their combined assets (ie artists where the former owns the recording rights and the latter the publishing rights) more efficient. Like the deal EMI Music Publishing did with SonyBMG recently, the arrangement means both companies will be able to pursue new digital revenue streams for their artists without having to tackle complicated recording company / publishing company negotiations each time an opportunity arises. The agreement is likely to cover audio and mobile download opportunities, video on demand platforms and the potential of re-releasing catalogue on the DualDisc format.


Elton John is to be paid £30 million to extend his run in Las Vegas, according to The Sun, who report that he has agreed to stay on another two years at Caesars Palace.

A source said: "This makes Elton the most successful resident performer at the palace since the late Frank Sinatra in the Sixties. He is contracted to do 150 extra shows and there's no doubt he will fill seats."

By my reckoning, presumably Michael Jackson needs a fifteen hundred show Vegas booking to pay off his rumoured debts.


After Franz Ferdinand met Kanye West earlier this year, frontman Alex Kapranos suggested that the urban star would influence the band's new album, saying "We've been talking a lot about production and we really feel the most cutting edge stuff is being done in the world of hip hop right now. Kanye West's a good example. We met him at the MTV Europe Awards and we were talking for quite a while. I think that's maybe where we'll look for inspiration on the next record."

West has now spoken to NME about that conversation, and about how the influence cuts both ways, saying "I just told them I really liked how grimy their drums were, that was really important to me. I wanted to know how they got their sound. I was asking them all types of questions. I told them they were my favourite band, there's a bit of their feel in my new album. I've just tried to push the envelope. Hopefully people will hear it and feel it. This record is edgier, that would be the best way to describe the difference between this and 'College Drop Out'. The album is very dark. I still have a sense of humour but I guess it's a dark humour. It's more Bill Murray than Bill Crosby."

West appears to have coined a new genre created by Franz Ferdinand, that of 'White Crunk', and says that of the tracks on new album 'Late Registration', released 15 Aug, the one most Franz-influenced is planned first single release 'Diamonds From Sierra Leone'.


Kate Moss passed the time doing handstands in the corridors of BBC studios recently whilst boyfriend Pete Doherty was doing a Radio 1 interview with Zane Lowe, according to the Mirror. "It was a bit of a surprise when we saw her performing gymnastics in the corridor," said a 'BBC insider', "But Kate didn't seem to care what anyone thought." Crikey. And I thought the Michael Jackson trial was news.


Contact Music claims that 50 Cent has a big crush on 'Mean Girls' star and aspiring rockstrel Lindsey Lohan, after watching her in the high school comedy, which is difficult to imagine. No, really. Try to imagine him watching 'Mean Girls'. See. It's weird.

Anyway, Fiddy has allegedly been on the phone to her agent trying to get her number. Lindsey reportedly reacted with typical Hollywood modesty. "Black guys love me - Damon Dash, P Diddy," said Lohan, generalising hugely. She continued: "50 called my agent for my number. He said he was watching 'Mean Girls' and loved it. I was freaking out! The first thing I thought was, 'Where's Eminem?' I'm in love with him!" Yeah, that's what Fiddy wants to hear.

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