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In today's CMU Daily:
- Notorious BIG case brought to a halt
- Lil Kim jailed over perjury charges
- Edinburgh hosts final Live 8 event
- Hollies want founding member jailed over band name injunction
- Chris Evans joins Radio 2
- CPL apologise for Chuck Berry no show
- Bobby Brown reality show a hit
- Groove Armada man goes mobile
- QOTSA release special 7"
- Live Review: Nine Inch Nails at Brixton Academy
- New Depeche Mode album
- New Madonna album
- VirtualFestival announce unsigned winners
- Delays return
- Bob Dylan tour
- P Diddy clothes might appear in McDonalds
- Coldplay avoid single showdown, apparently
- More Shambles
- Shirley Bassey criticises Church
- Church disses Loos


A slightly delayed delivery of your CMU Daily today as we watch the events in central London unfold on our TV screens. We've continued with the Daily as normal, though, needless to say, our thoughts are with anyone directly affected by the blasts.



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The civil court case into the murder of late rapper Notorious BIG has come to a halt after the judge in charge declared a mistrial.

As previously reported, this case was brought by the family of the rapper, real name Christopher Wallace, against the LA Police Department. They claim that the LAPD failed to stop their officers from moonlighting as security guards for hip hop groups with gang connections, and that when that situation led to officers being involved in the murder of Wallace the police department deliberately covered things up to protect their own team members - in particular former officer David Mack, who has since been jailed for an unrelated crime. Wallace's family buy into the theory that Mack was working for hip hop mogul Suge Knight, who was out for revenge against the people he thought were behind the earlier murder of his protégé, Tupac Shakur. At Knight's request, the theory goes, Mack arranged for his former room mate to shoot Wallace. However LAPD investigations uncovered little, and were formally closed earlier this year.

The civil action against the LAPD had only been up and running for three days when the prosecution counsel requested the proceedings be halted because an anonymous lead had provided considerable new evidence. That new evidence seems to be a large number of LAPD documents that the police force had previously hidden from the prosecution. Those documents allegedly provide evidence for expanding the case against the police force, and in particular against another former officer, Rafael Perez.

Most of those documents came from a record of investigations into Wallace's death that were kept by one officer, Detective Steven Katz. When asked why he hadn't previously handed the documents over Katz claimed he had forgotten they were in his desk drawer, a defence which District Judge Florence-Marie Cooper yesterday said "defied credulity".

Given that the new evidence will considerable alter the angle and remit of the Wallace family's case against the LAPD, Cooper brought the current trial to a close. The Wallace family's lawyers are now expected to refile the case with Perez, rather than Mack, the main defendant, and a new claim of 'racketeering' within the police department. LAPD lawyers are likely to maintain their line that there is no truth in the Wallace family's case.


Rap star Lil Kim has been sentenced to a year in jail after being found guilty of perjury and conspiracy back in Mar.

As previously reported, the perjury charges relate to a grand jury investigation into a 2001 gun fight between Kim's entourage and a rival hip hop posse outside a Manhattan radio station. In the grand jury investigation into that incident, Kim distanced herself from the shooting and said that her then manager Damion Butler had not been involved. She also denied knowing a former security guard, Suif Jackson, present at the incident. When both men later admitted taking part in the shoot out, Kim said the incident had happened so quickly she hadn't been able to see who took part, adding that at the time of the shooting she was not on good terms with Butler or Jackson, so had no motivation to protect them.

However, the courts ruled she had lied while under oath, and convicted her of perjury and conspiracy. As the rapper prepared to be sentenced yesterday she had changed her tune somewhat regarding the charges, telling the court: "I testified falsely to the grand jury and during the trial. At the time I thought it was the right thing to do. Now I know it was wrong". Kim was clearly trying to secure a more lenient sentence, and legal experts say that she actually got off quite lightly with the one year jail term and $50,000 fine.


More than 50,000 music fans and anti-poverty campaigners amassed in Edinburgh's Murrayfield stadium last night for the last of the Live 8 concerts. Ronan Keating, Sugababes, The Corrs, Natasha Bedingfield, Texas, Annie Lennox, Snow Patrol, Travis, Youssou N'Dour and McFly all played at the damp but well received concert, the most politically charged of the Live 8 events so far.

Alongside the music, Bono introduced a recorded message from former South African President Nelson Mandela who said: "As long as poverty and injustice can cause inequality to persist in our world none of us can truly rest. Don't look the other way. Don't hesitate. Recognize that the world is hungry for action, not words. Act with courage."

Meanwhile another of the concert's famous presenters, Claudia Schiffer, sent a message to the chancellor of her native Germany: "Gerhard Schroeder, we are watching you. Since you woke up this morning, 30,000 children have already died. I myself have got two kids. On behalf of all the African mothers, I beg the politicians to do something now".

Despite the upbeat mood of the concert, Geldof and his Live 8 colleagues were increasingly realistic about how much will really be achieved at this week's G8 conference after a meeting with George Bush yesterday. Campaigners are confident they have moved African poverty up the agenda and should score some wins on aid and debt, but they are slowly admitting the battle for fairer trade is unlikely to be won this week.

Elsewhere in Live 8 news, and Norwegian MP Jan Simonsen has said he will be nominating Bob Geldof for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, needless to say, in recognition of his ongoing work to help poor nations. Simonsen has been motivated to make the nomination now because of Geldof's escalation of the Make Poverty History campaign ahead of this week's G8 conference, but nominations for the 2005 prize have already closed, hence why the Live Aid man will appear on the shortlist for the 2006 award.

And finally from the Live 8 file today, the list of artists pledging to donate any post-Live 8 record sales to charity is growing. As previously reported, Pink Floyd's David Gilmour told reporters this week that any royalties he receives from the 1000%+ sales increase in record sales that followed his band's Live 8 set last Saturday will be donated to charity. Now The Who, Keane, Paul McCartney and Annie Lennox are also reported to have made similar commitments.

Of course, such generosity is easier for richer more established bands whose boost in sales comes from that greatest hits album that has already earned them a stack of cash, less so for newer bands who are busy promoting their debut release. After all, who is to say which sales resulted from the Live 8 set, and which were prompted by other TV or festival appearances? And it's unlikely those bands have really cashed in that much from their record sales so far (if at all, chances are they haven't recouped yet).

All of which means it is probably a bit unfair to call on Razorlight to follow the likes of Gilmore and McCartney. But when the band said it would be difficult for them to give away any earnings that resulted from their Live 8 set (which may well be because all earnings are currently going to the record label and publishing company) some did start to criticise the band, causing frontman Johnny Borrell to call the NME and explain: "Razorlight have been involved in Make Poverty History for the past six months. Make Poverty History is an awareness campaign, however if the band earn any money from increased sales we will donate it to charity."


Back to the pop courts, and members of sixties pop band The Hollies have asked the High Court to jail one of their founding members for allegedly flouting a previous court order to stop him using the band's name for his own live shows.

Founding Hollies bass player Eric Haydock, who left the band in 1966, allegedly continues to perform under the name Eric Haydock's Hollies despite the 1998 injunction which said that Haydock could only bill himself as 'ex-Hollies' or 'former Hollies bass player'. The real Hollies, which include fellow founding members guitarist Tony Hicks and drummer Bobby Elliott among their line up, are now looking to the courts to enforce their previous ruling, if necessary by jailing the defendants.

Stephen Glover QC, representing the band, told Mr Justice Etherton: "The view of the complainants is that British prisons are full enough and they wish no imprisonment to occur to any of the defendants but they know of no other means of stopping this."

The case continues.


Chris Evans is to join Radio 2 with a new weekly show. He will join the BBC station's Saturday line up which already includes Jonathan Ross and Dermot O'Leary. The announcement follows a number of rumours that the station was courting the presenter, and also brings to an end other rumours that the commercial radio sector were hoping to recruit the former Radio 1 and Virgin Radio star to front a high profile weekly show to be syndicated on commercial stations across the UK.

Confirming the new appointment, Radio 2 controller Lesley Douglas told reporters: "Chris is one of the UK's most innovative broadcasters and I'm delighted that he is joining Radio 2."

The Radio 2 show will be Evans' first permanent presenting job for years. After a number of unsuccessful stabs at TV production, Evans started to move back into presenting when he hosted this year's Brit Awards and commercial radio's tsunami relief radio-thon, UK Radio Aid. His relationship with Radio also began earlier this year, with Evans presenting one off bank holiday specials and last weekend's Live 8 coverage. Of course Evans has a history of falling out with radio bosses - eventually sacked by both Radio 1 and Virgin Radio. It remains to be seen if he returns to his erratic ways once he is part of Radio 2's permanent presenting team.


Scottish gig promoters CPL have apologised for the last minute cancellation of a Chuck Berry gig which was due to take place at Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall on Tuesday night. The reasons for the cancellation are currently unclear, though CPL's statement suggests they aren't too happy about it. A spokesman told CMU: "Promoters CPL wish to apologise for the inconvenience caused by Tuesday night's events. Unfortunately the circumstances surrounding Mr Berry's non appearance at Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall were completely outwith our control and we feel as deeply disappointed and let down as all the Chuck Berry fans who came here for the concert. The matter is now under investigation by our legal team. Refunds are available from point of sale".


That new reality show featuring Bobby and Whitney, 'Being Bobby Brown', pulled in a record breaking 1.1million viewers when it premiered in the states last week, becoming the highest rated series debut on the Bravo network since 2003, and the best Thursday debut in the network's 25 year history. That said, the reviews have been a bit damning, with critics complaining of the dullness of Bobby Brown, the vacuousness of Whitney, and the vulgarity of the pair's lifestyle.

On the warts and all depiction of his family, Brown said "If it's reality, then it has to be reality. And reality has to be real. And that's the one thing we decided when we decided to do this - nothing's going to be scripted like other, reality shows. It's just what is going on at that moment in my life. So some of the show, you might just see me sitting there all day, just in the house. But it's hilarious to show that I do."

So now you know. If it's reality, then it has to be reality. And reality has to be real. No shit, it's true.


Groove Armada's Andy Cato has inked a deal with phone firm O2 which will see him making brand new music available via the phone network's music platform. He plans to provide two new tracks a week exclusively to the phone company, which will then sell them on to its customers for a pound a time. Profits will be split down the middle.

Cato says he likes the idea of making music available in this way and on this kind of timescale. He told reporters: "What appeals in terms of dance music is the speed of the turnaround. Working on a new track on a Monday and releasing it on a Friday is an adrenaline-fuelled way of working."

The tracks will be made available in MP3 format, ignoring the DRM systems unusually used by the phone network. On that decision Cato said that while he was "initially not amused" to see Groove Armada songs being swapped on P2P networks, Cato feels that attempting to stem illegal file sharing is "like trying to hold back the tide".

The music available via O2 will be solo work, though Cato will continue to work on Groove Armada projects with Tom Findlay who, of course, is also involved in the digital music revolution as one of the founders of independent download platform TuneTribe.


Queens Of The Stone Age are to release an exclusive signed 7" single to fans attending their Somerset House gig in London tonight. The single will feature 'Fun Machine', a non album track, on one side and 'A Commentary' - Josh Homme talking - on the other. Earlier in the year, the band had to cancel three London shows after frontman Homme was taken ill, and fans who missed out then were given priority with passes for tonight's show. A spokesperson said: "It's Josh's way of saying sorry for having to cancel those gigs."

In related news, Josh Homme last night told Radio 1's Zane Lowe the reasons behind his firing of longtime friend and band mate Nick Oliveri, who he ordered to leave the group apparently after confirming that the bassist had been physically abusive to his girlfriend. Homme said "A couple years ago, I spoke to Nick about a rumor I heard. I said, 'If I ever find out that this is true, I can't know you, man.' Because music and my life are the same thing, there's no rules until something massive happens. [Nick] was over here [in England] with [Mark] Lanegan and something happened again, and he almost didn't make it out of the country. That's not music anymore."

Despite rumours earlier this year that a reunion might be in the offing, Homme says he will not give Oliveri a second chance. "They don't understand what it's like to just sit there and feel helpless," he said. "When you have your chance to make your statement, which for me was firing Nick, that's what I did."


LIVE REVIEW: Nine Inch Nails at Brixton Academy on 5 Jul
Despite remaining in seclusion for the last six years or so, Nine Inch Nails are currently riding a huge wave of commercial success, which not only secured recent top ten singles and albums, but a staggering demand for the 'With Teeth' live tour. One Brixton date quickly became four sold out dates, as fans flocked to see Trent Reznor's blistering live show. Whereas Guardian columnists may prefer to focus on Reznor's newly improved physique, those with a genuine enthusiasm for the band would rather concentrate on the music. Everywhere you look, you're surrounded by youngsters in black and wearing make up. Nine Inch Nails are very much the social misfit's band of choice, and you get the impression that they take Reznor very seriously indeed, as if he's their spokesman, sharing their isolation and lack of conformity. And the crowd certainly hang onto his every word. Even if Reznor doesn't interact with them too much between songs, they respond by singing every single word, every song etched into memory. The band compile roughly half of their set from the 'With Teeth' album, including the likes of 'Love Is Not Enough' and 'The Hand That Feeds', whilst choosing tracks from their previous three albums to make up the other half, such as 'Closer' and 'March Of The Pigs'. The live environment turns the Nine Inch Nails sound into something far more violent and menacing than on record; guitars drown out synths, Reznor screams as much as humanly possible, and eardrums are constantly at breaking point. But Nine Inch Nails have the capacity to slow the tempo, demonstrated by the tender renditions of 'Something I Can Never Have' and 'Hurt'. By the end of the two hour set, culminating in 'Head Like A Hole', their breakthrough hit, you feel as if you've seen something truly energetic and powerful, which may take time to recover from. KW


The new Depeche Mode album, set for release later this year will be called 'Playing The Angel'. Hurrah. Can't wait. Anyway, the band also begin a European tour in January next year, UK dates listed as follows:

30 Mar: Manchester MEN Arena
31 Mar: Birmingham NEC
2 Apr: Wembley Arena
3 Apr: Wembley Arena


Madonna has revealed to MTV the title of her new studio album, which is apparently to be called 'Confessions On A Dancefloor'. She also confirmed that a new song called 'I Love New York' will appear on the long player which is out later this year. She also defended her decision to spend more time in London than New York, saying "The reason I don't spend so much time there is because my kids are in school here and my husband likes it here in London and I'm being a good wife."

A DVD documentary of the singer's Re-Invention tour is also expected to be released later in the year, but Madonna isn't clear about exactly when. She said "I don't know what's coming out first, my record or the documentary, one or the other."


The lovely people at have announced the winners of their unsigned band competition. As previously reported, this was run in association with the trade union Amicus and independent download site KarmaDownload. Music from short listed bands was put on the Karma website and the success of each measured by how many times tracks were streamed and download. The winning bands were Intervurt and Whitestar, who will both now get to play at the following festivals.

15-17 Jul: Guilfest
17 Jul: Tin Pan Alley, London
19-21 Aug: Beautiful Days21
28 Aug: Get Loaded in the Park
9-11 Sep: Bestival

More info at, press info from .


Quite simply, hurrah. The wonderful Delays will be back on tour this Autumn to promote their much anticipated second album (well, it's been much anticipated by me). Dates are as follows:

5 Oct: Belfast Spring and Airbreak
6 Oct: Derry Nerve Centre
7 Oct: Galway Roisin Dubh
8 Oct: Dublin Village
12 Oct: Leeds The Cockpit
13 Oct: Manchester Academy
14 Oct: Liverpool Stanley Theatre
16 Oct: Bristol Fleece
17 Oct: Birmingham Academy
18 Oct: Newcastle Academy
19 Oct: Aberdeen Moshulu
20 Oct: Glasgow QMU
22 Oct: Sheffield Leadmill
23 Oct: Preston 53 Degrees
25 Oct: Exeter Lemon Grove
26 Oct: Brighton Concorde
27 Oct: London Shepherds Bush Empire
28 Oct: Southampton University


Bob Dylan will play seven UK dates later this year, dates as follows:

15 Nov: Nottingham Arena
16 Nov: Manchester MEN Arena
17 Nov: Glasgow SECC
18 Nov: Birmingham NEC
20-22 Nov: London Brixton Academy


P Diddy's clothing line, Sean John, is amongst the list of fashion companies being considered to design new clothes for McDonalds staff. The burger chain is planning a makeover for its outdated uniform, an update which could cost them £45million. Other companies on the McDonalds shortlist apparently include Tommy Hilfiger and Abercrombie & Fitch.


Coldplay have moved the date of their next single release amid speculation that they are keen to avoid a chart battle with Oasis, reminiscent of Blur v Oasis back in the nineties. Originally scheduled for release on the same day, the Coldplay single 'Fix You' has been put back to Sep, whilst Oasis release 'The Importance Of Being Idle' in late Aug.

An 'insider' told the Star that there were other reasons why the release date had been changed and said: "Coldplay have moved 'Fix You' back to a September release because their current single 'Speed of Sound' is still getting such great airplay on the radio. I'm sure they are aware that Oasis were due to release on the same day, but that probably didn't affect their decision."


More from the file marked 'what a shambles'. Firstly Pete Doherty has given us another excuse for his shoddy performance at Saturday's Live 8 concert. Pete originally said nerves made him muck up his duet with Elton John on Saturday. Then he said a tiff with girlfriend Kate Moss before going on stage affected his performance. Now he says it was all Peaches Geldof's fault.

According to the Mirror, Pete says: "I wasn't lost for words and I wasn't out of it on drugs. Just before I went on stage Peaches squeezed my bum hard and whispered something rather suggestive to me. It left me in such shock I didn't know where I was. Bob Geldof has organised this amazing global event, I was facing 210,000 people, the cameras are rolling, and fucking Elton John is dueting with me. And Bob's daughter has secretly made a pass at me. It's all I can think about. It did my head in. I didn't think Bob would be very happy."

But no such glamorous excuses so far for why Babyshambles had to pull out of their support slot at Oasis' Southampton gig last night. A source has told NME that Doherty was stuck in France and couldn't make it to Southampton's Rose Bowl on time. Quite what he was doing in France is anyone's guess, though to be fair, I guess there would be few Frenchmen keen to help a late running British pop star yesterday given the way the Olympics vote went.


Legendary singer Shirley Bassey has had a go at fellow Welsh person, Charlotte Church, saying that she has 'let herself down' with all that binge drinking. She also thinks that Church should not have made the move from classical music to pop.

In an interview in the Daily Telegraph Bassey had plenty to say about the young singer, who she has met several times: "Charlotte Church? She needs to take a long rest - a year off to go away and think. Because she has made a very bad choice moving into rock music. She was once the classical voice of an angel. Not now. I think Charlotte has let herself down. When I was that age, there was no such thing as binge drinking. It was totally different. We had an adventure... We used to say, 'Let's go to a dance and see what gorgeous fellows we can meet'. Now, girls like Charlotte say, 'Let's go and see how many drinks we can knock back'. I think it is dreadful. If they live to 30 or 35, they'll know all about it then. You damage the liver and it is not good for the voice. Terrible!"

Bassey also had a bit of a dig at her more dedicated fans who follow her round the country and always get front row seats. She said: "They follow me across the country but I don't want to see them there night after night. They think it is mean of me and unreasonable, but they don't see my side of it. I am going to a different town every night and I don't want to see the same old faces, it is psychologically upsetting."


Meanwhile, Charlotte Church herself has been having a bitch, though not about Dame Shirley. She has been laying into pointless celeb Rebecca Loos who, Church reckons, "needs to get a job". Church is quoted as saying of Ms Loos: "I hate the woman. She needs to get a job, put her tits away because they're horrible and get a nose job. She's a little shit. She's just made a career out of saying she's shagging David Beckham - how pathetic. What a bitch to do that to another woman, I hate her."

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