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In today's CMU Daily:
- Eminem tour cancelled because of drugs treatment
- Eminem sued by aunt and uncle
- Westlife boy reveals he's gay
- Morrissey new album plans
- Radiohead working on new album
- Single review: The Alps - World At War
- Beetroot's good at Bestival
- Nokia deny iTunes phone plans
- Blunt not number one shocker
- Do Me Bad Things do good things
- Album review: Various Artists - Sonar Kollektiv 4
- Gorillaz plan virtual tour
- Cowell says no more X Factor



In this issue: TRIVIUM "We want to be the biggest band in the world". Also featuring Transplants, Alkaline Trio, Chimaira, Fall Out Boy and Every Time I Die. Plus as well as the usual Music With Attitude CD! featuring tracks from this month's issue, we also have an EXCLUSIVE download offer - 15 exclusive tracks (some rare and unreleased) from the Roadrunner vaults for you to download completely FREE. Visit Available just £3.40 from WH Smith, HMV, Virgin, Tesco and all good newsagents.



Another night of lowdown filth, fabulous fury and pure dirty, goodtime music takes place this Saturday at the Scala, London. Those who enjoyed White Rose Movement's DJ set in the Fun House a couple of months back can now seen them play live - because they'll be on stage alongside The Grates.

All the regulars will be on the decks - Eddy TM, DJ Syrinx and Jeff Automatic - alongside special guests the Backstage Sluts and Queens Of Noize. Then there's Jagz Kooner and Richard Clouston in the Fun House, this month with special guest Richard Fearless. And on top of that Double Dragon Records are hosting the foyer bar, with DJ sets from Charlotte Hatherley (Ash), Nigel Coxon and Mark Beaumont (NME), and Alex D and Gavin Nugent.

All takes place 20 Aug at the Scala from 8.30pm to 4am, all in association with Tickets are £8 on the night, or just £5 if you guest list yourself in advance at Full press release at:

By posting a press release in the CMU Press Room - just £50 a week - call 0870 744 2643 or email to book your slots for Sep 2005.



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: 333 Fridays at 333
The Fesh night has been removed, and instead we have this one, Colin Toogood's night. Tonight on the decks will be Frank Tope doing a retro-house thing, Milo Speedwagon who will be rocking the place and the Churning Rowan. Meanwhile in the pit-like basement you'll find up-and-comers Italoboys alongside Mr Toogood himself (assuming he manages to recover from the monster hangover he is surely suffering after his bday party at the GE Club a few hours ago!). A dive of a venue but always a good laugh. PV

Fri 19 Aug, 333, 333 Old Street, EC1, 10pm - 5am, £5 b4 11, £10 after, more at

You know the score, except the score is particularly hot this month cos both The Remix Night (tonight at Cargo) and Kill All Hippies (tomorrow night at the Scala) have particularly storming line ups. And I know we always say that, but the word particularly is particularly important this month. First up, Remix Night has live music from Broken Dolls plus, on the decks, special guest DJs Robert Miles and the mighty mighty Pendulum (one of the albums of the year if you ask me, which you possibly didn't'). Then Kill All Hippies which, as you might have read above, features guests the Backstage Sluts and Queens Of Noize, regulars Eddy TM, DJ Syrinx and Jeff Automatic, Jagz Kooner and Richard Clouston and guest Richard Fearless in the room 2 Fun House and Charlotte Hatherley (Ash), Nigel Coxon and Mark Beaumont (NME), and Alex D and Gavin Nugent all guesting via Double Dragon Records in the main bar area. Phew. I'm almost considering quitting the Edinburgh Festival and traveling the 400 miles back to the capital just to catch these. If you're anywhere nearer that me, you really should go. (If you can't go, highlights of the former will be on the Remix Show on Xfm on Sunday, highlights of the latter will be available to download from from end of play Sunday).

Remix Night, Fri 19 Aug, Cargo, Rivington Street, London, 7pm - 3am, £10 (£6 b4 9pm), info from Leyline.

Kill All Hippies, Sat 20 Aug, Scale, Kings Cross, London, 8.30pm - 4am, £8 (£5 if you guest list in advance at

Put your club night up for the tip -


It has been revealed that Eminem is in hospital being treated for drug dependency. The hip hop star's publicist has confirmed his client is receiving treatment for an addiction to sleep medication.

That revelation follows the cancellation of Eminem's up coming European tour, which was due to kick off in Hamburg on 1 Sep. When confirming the cancellation earlier this week, Slim Shady's record label, Universal's Interscope, said the tour could not go ahead because the rapper was suffering from "exhaustion" and unnamed "medical issues". Yesterday his publicist Dennis Dennehy revealed the details of those "issues", adding that Eminem is "in the hospital under doctors' care".

It remains to be seen if those extra details about Slim Shady's condition satisfies Lord Henry Mountcharles, owner of Dublin's Slane Castle. Eminem was due to play there on that European Tour, and when the Lord heard the show was being cancelled because of "exhaustion" he wasn't too impressed, telling reporters: "I don't think The Rolling Stones or U2 would cancel a section owing to nervous exhaustion. I don't deem that I've had a proper explanation."

Meanwhile a spokesman for 50 Cent has confirmed that he will go ahead with a European tour. Fiddy was due to be a co-headliner on Eminem's Anger Management tour this Autumn and will now stage a series of dates on his own. That tour won't follow the Anger Management dates to the letter, but promoters hope he will be able to perform in pretty much every city which Eminem was due to visit.


Elsewhere in Eminem news, and more things to keep poor Mr Shady awake at night which, seemingly, is the last thing he needs. The new stress comes from Aunty Betti and Uncle Jack. Yep, Mr Mather's relatives are suing him. Mr and Mrs Schmitt allege that their nephew urged them to give up their home and to move into a new house he was having built from them, which they did after Mathers promised he would financially support them to the tune of $100,000 a year. That support, they say, hasn't been forthcoming and in the meantime they have put themselves into a financial insecure position, so the couple are suing their nephew for $25,000. Meanwhile there's been no comment from the Eminem camp on the lawsuit, as yet.


So, it turns out Mark Feehily is the 'gay one' in Westlife. And Kevin McDaid is the 'gay one' in V. Not that V are really going any more. Though I heard they'd just been dropped by their label and hadn't actually split up. But don't quote me on that. Anyway, the reason we know Feehily and McDaid are both gay is that they are dating, which is something of a give away.

Feehily officially revealed his sexuality in the Sun this morning, which quite possibly means there's been another Stephen Gately-esque "sell us your story or we'll report on it anyway" moment. Feehily told the paper: "I want people to know the truth about my sexuality. I am gay and I'm very proud of who I am. I'm not asking for any sympathy, or to be a role model to anyone else. I simply felt it was the right time for me to let people know the truth. I've never tried to hide who I am from anyone, but I'm a very private person and in the past I haven't felt the need to say anything about my sexuality."

On his relationship with McDaid, Feehily continued: "I don't think I owe it to anyone to go into details about my relationship. But I would like to say that I'm happy, and that I've found someone who is a real companion. It does get lonely being on the road with the band sometimes and I'm very happy now I'm in a relationship with someone who makes me laugh."

Presumably Feehily hopes that by revealing his sexual preferences in the tabloid he will avoid too much media intrusion into his private life plus, if nothing else, it should give the band a bit of a boost in the gay market when their next album is released in Oct.


Morrissey is planning to start work on a new studio album next month, a follow up to 2004's 'You Are The Quarry'. Quite who will release the album is unclear at the moment, as Morrissey quite famously fell out with Sanctuary earlier this year.


More 'artists working on album without a label shocker' news now. Radiohead are in the studio, possibly as I type, working on their seventh album, a fact revealed by Thom Yorke in a post to the band's official website. No title or release date for the new album has been indicated.

Radiohead are not signed to any label at the moment, having fulfilled their contract with EMI with the release of 'Hail To The Thief' back in 2003. There's been some speculation that Warner was on the verge of signing up the band, but Radiohead dismissed that gossip, with their management telling reporters: "The band [is] not looking for a record company in any way, shape or form. They are out of a contract, but they're not actively looking for another one. They're getting on with doing what they do."


SINGLE REVIEW: The Alps - World At War (Tough Cookie)
If this had come knocking a year ago say, it would have received a much warmer welcome but as it is The Alps are splashing around in a rather crowded pool. The likes of Franz Ferdinand and Editors have stolen their thunder in the post punk stakes and they're likely to find themselves being confused with Nine Black Alps. This, the Greenwich four piece's debut single, was produced by Tom Stubbs of the Departure (another of the new breed of post-punk). But if you, like me, are thrilled that 2005's bands sound like it's 1980, then you will enjoy this rhythmic, angular, angsty number. The Alps won Xfm's unsigned Exposure competition last year and David 'the Hoff' Hasselhoff is apparently a big fan, so things look to be building nicely for them. JW
Release date: 15 Aug
Press contact: Musicplugger [all]


Details have been confirmed of the Electronic Rock 'n' Rave Circus which is being staged at the up coming Bestival by the Adventures In The Beetroot Field people. On the bill are no less than The Rakes, British Sea Power, Clor, The Long Cut, White Rose Movement, chief AITBF residents The Filthy Dukes (fresh from tearing Fabric's roof off at their Kill Em All residency) and the wonderful Simian Mobile Disco. Oh yes, and the mighty Erol Alkan will be opening and closing the proceedings. Oh yes yes, and there'll be loads of side attractions like the Giant Gnomes, a Town Crier, a small Enchanted Forest, The Beetroot Field Barn and Pastoral Visual Delights. Sorted.

Bestival, of course, takes place 9 - 11 Sep. But if you fancy some Bestival / Beetroot type shenanigans sooner than that then why not go along to the Lock Tavern in Chalk Farm Road, Camden this Sunday (21 Aug) where ther's a free Bestival vs Beetroot Field BBQ featuring the Filthy Dukes and Devon Miles (Adventures In The Beetroot Field) vs Jadell and Sombrero Sound System (Bestival). Sounds good.


Nokia have denied rumours that they are planning on releasing an iTunes-enabled mobile phone. Those denials follow a report in the Finnish newspaper Taloussanomat which said that the phone maker was planning to integrate iTunes into their N91 multimedia phone. But a spokesman for the company said that while it would be technically possible to add iTunes functionality to that phone, they did not have any commercial agreement with Apple to make it happen.

Anticipation of an iTunes-enabled mobile phone remains high, though it is most likely to be Motorola who first get such a device to market. They have been talking about an iTunes mobile for several months now and each time they announce a new product launch speculation rises that such a phone is about to go on sale. If and when that phone will be launched remains unknown, though Motorola boss Ed Zander has implied that it should be before the end of the year.


According to the midweeks, James Blunt isn't going to be top of the singles chart this weekend, which will surely come as a relief to everyone, not least Mr Blunt who must be bored of that song himself by now after all those weeks of warbling it on the telly. The really good news is that he is most likely to be replaced by McFly with latest release 'I'll Be Okay' - hurrah.

And elsewhere in chart news, it looks like Babyshambles will make the top five, mainly, probably, because their song is called 'Fuck Forever', which is a good marketing tactic if ever I heard one, though it doesn't make the track all that radio friendly. Also, Justin Hawkins/British Whale is at 6 in the midweeks with 'This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us.' So, now you know.


The occasionally rather brilliant ('What's Hideous') Do Me Bad Things are to host a charity gig in London next week. The band will line up with Tokyo Dragons, The Woods and Filthy Milk at The Spitz, near Aldgate, on 22 Aug. They're asking attendees to bring along food items (or you won't get in) for the various charities that will benefit, amongst them Fare Share and the Disasters Emergency Committee Niger Crisis Appeal. Entrance is £5 on the door.


ALBUM REVIEW: Various Artists - Sonar Kollektiv 4 (Sonar Kollektiv)
The Jazzanova boys' label goes from strength to strength with another compo, with some real treats on offer here. We're eased into the mix by Carl Borg's 'Intro', then it's on to a Rima remix of G. Levin's 'Inside', that takes it off kilter and is a definite grower. Ame's remix of Wahoo's 'Holding You' is simply brilliant, one of the highlights of this collection, and this eclectic mix is further complimented by the addition of some nu-soul flavas from Enochson and some fabulous real jazz from Faze Liquide with 'Kirkness'. This is another brilliantly diverse LP from Sonar; File under 'class'. PV
Release date: 8 Aug
Press contact: Rocket Science [all]


Damon Albarn's Gorillaz are planning a world tour in a day, but shouldn't have to leave the comfort of their own living room. The virtual band are planning to stage a tour in the online virtual world of Habbo Hotel.

The youth focused website is a network of 3D chat rooms where registered members can stroll and chat via their own computer-animated 'avatar'. On 24 Aug the virtual band will stage a number of virtual gigs in Habbo Hotel 'venues' around the world. Fans will be able to see the virtual band perform via their PC, and will also have the opportunity to interact with Gorillaz's fictional members.

It's an obvious promotional campaign for the Parlophone signed act, and will no doubt help further promote the band's current album 'Demon Days'.


Simon Cowell has said that the next series of X Factor will be his last, according to The Sun. It's Cowell's company Syco that produces the show but when asked if the franchise will continue, he answered "Probably yes, but not with me on it". Louis Walsh wants to continue, though: "I like doing the show because I like the unpredictability about it," he said.

Sharon Osbourne also says she won't be participating in a third series as she's planning to take a two year break. A two year break. Jeez. Two years. I'm lucky if I get two days.

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