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In today's CMU Daily:
- 'Help' likely to be biggest download album to date
- EMI confirm "multiple rights joint venture" with Korn
- Bon Jovi get first global DualDisc release from Universal
- Estefan leads Hispanic relief effort
- Morrello Audioslave disses US authorities
- Jagger expresses shock over Blair and Iraq
- Geldof hits back at critics
- Hard-Fi extend tour
- Franz Ferdinand album leaked online
- redesign
- BPI raid biggest counterfeit CD factory in western Europe
- Biffy Clyro to play all three albums
- Destiny's Child won't be back in 18 months, probably
- Cynthia says Lennon lashed out
- LRC and Ulster TV combine radio sales forces
- Fabric launch online club
- Spiteri splits from partner
- Pavarotti gets freedom of the city
- Beverley Knight gets honorary doctorate
- Cowell to make X-factor movie
- Woman says X-factor caused nervous breakdown
- Spears denies early babby report
- Stevens storms off
- Pete claims they're already married shocker



*** Leyline presents KILL ALL HIPPIES on Saturday 17th September 2005 at Scala [275 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, N1 5NL]. 8.30pm - 4am. Live on stage: WARREN SUICIDE and SUPERSTÜDIO, plus DJ sets by residents Jeff Automatic [Transmission] & Syrinx ("Genre busting guitar electro-crossover sounds") and guest DJs Bones & Ramsey. Plus 'The Fun House' hosted by Jagz Kooner & Richard Clouston with guest DJ: Wildcat (Whitey).

Full details:


War Child's 'Help: A Day In The Life' album looks likely to be the biggest selling download album to date, with 90,000 tracks already downloaded from the website, including 4000 full album downloads. That means a lot of money has already been raised for War Child's charitable work. The number of downloads and amount of funds raised should both continue to grow when the album goes on sale via other download platforms today, and then, of course, there's the proper album release still to come on 26 Sep.

As previously reported, Gorillaz, Razorlight, Anthony & The Johnsons, The Zutons, Belle & Sebastian, Manic Street Preachers, Bloc Party, Radiohead, Coldplay, Babyshambles and The Go! Team were among the artists who recorded tracks for the charity project, designed to mark the tenth anniversary of the original 'Help' album, which raised £1.25m to help children caught up in the Bosnian war. All those recordings took place during a 24 hour period last week, with the finished album available to download within 36 hours of the first band entering the studio.

According to the NME, Radiohead's 'I Want None Of It' is currently the most popular track on the album. It was downloaded so many times within 24 hours of going online it appears in this week's download chart, even though it was only available for one of the seven days that chart covers.


EMI have struck another deal with a flagship artist that goes beyond the traditional recording contract. EMI division Virgin have entered a partnership with rock group Korn that is being described as a "multiple rights joint venture" in which the major label will make a considerable investment in the band but in return for a share of earnings made outside the recordings sector of the music business, including touring, merchandising, publishing, sponsorship, and film, TV, book and video game projects.

To a certain extent, the new deal follows a model pioneered when EMI renewed its relationship with Robbie Williams back in 2002. Other artists and labels have been slow to adopt the model, but some senior figures in the industry believe more and more record deals will have to go beyond just recordings as CD sales account for an ever smaller amount of an artist's overall earning potential.

Commenting on the Korn deal, Jeff Kwatinetz of their management company The Firm told reporters this week: "This deal represents the necessary evolution that our industry must make, aligning interests among bands, management and recording companies".


Universal Music have confirmed they will release a DualDisc globally for the first time in the form of Bon Jovi's ninth studio album, 'Have A Nice Day'. The major have been experimenting with the new disc format in the US for a while now, but the Bon Jovi album will be the first time the record company has released an album in the format worldwide.

DualDiscs are a CD and DVD combined in one disc - with one each side. This means they can be played in both CD and DVD players, as well as PCs and game consoles. The CD side normally contains the standard studio album, while the DVD side can carry a 5.1 surround sound version of the album's audio content, plus video and photo content.

The DVD side of the Bon Jovi Dual Disc release will include a 5.1 surround sound mix of the album, together with exclusive live tracks from Bon Jovi's November 2004 concert in Atlantic City, a photo gallery and electronic press kit.


Gloria Estefan yesterday visited victims of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi, accompanied by a host of fellow Hispanic-American stars and a plane-load of supplies. The singer organised the trip with husband Emilio, and enlisted the help of actors Jimmy Smits, Andy Garcia, singer John Secada and US TV stars Daisy Fuentes and Don Francisco, and planned to distribute relief amongst those affected by the disaster, as well as encouraging people to give blood.

Cuban-American Estefan said: "I am privileged to help in some way. The separation of families to me is very close to my heart because we lived that as immigrants. I strongly feel that we are all connected. Having felt people's love and support first hand through difficult moments in my life makes me feel it's our responsibility to help one another."

Marsha J Evans, the American Red Cross president commented: "Responding to the needs created by this disaster will take the energy and creativity of all of us. We at the Red Cross are so grateful that the Estefans have taken it upon themselves to create this marvelous effort."


And talking of Katrina, another music star has spoken out about the US government's failure to act more quickly in the wake of the Hurricane. This time it's the turn of Audioslave guitarist Tom Morrello, who criticised the American authorities and added that he, and other people, need to do more for their fellow Americans. He went on to say: "It was a terrible natural disaster, but an even greater human catastrophe."


And talking of rock stars getting political, Mick Jagger has taken time out from talking to the British Media about yesterday's Ashes win, to tell El Pais Semanal Magazine about his shock over the way Tony Blair dealt with the situation over Iraq. The Rolling Stones frontman told how at the time of the invasion of Iraq, he felt the action was the correct thing to do, but changed his mind when it became clear that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Jagger said: "I was ambivalent; getting rid of Saddam Hussein was a gift for humanity and I thought that there was a coherent plan to put Iraq back on its feet." Later, he continued, "it shocked me to know that Blair already knew that the weapons of mass destruction were simply an excuse and that there was nothing planned for the day after."

He added "I doubt that the Stones will ever perform in Baghdad," and went on "If we do not take intelligent steps, a part of Iraq will end up becoming an Islamic republic, a puppet of Tehran."

The band have, as previously reported, directly criticised George W Bush in their song, 'Sweet Neo Con', a track from the new Rolling Stones album, 'A Bigger Bang', which is, of course, out now.


Bob Geldof has hit back at critics who have accused him of becoming "too close" to political leaders during this year's Live 8 campaign.

Geldof's response follows comments by a handful of charitable leaders who feel that the Live 8 campaign hindered as much as it helped their efforts to relieve world poverty. Those leaders also question how successful Geldof was at the G8 conference in Gleneagles, arguing that the $50 billion aid increase promised by the world's political leaders was not enough, and alleging that a significant part of that money had been pledged before.

John Coventry, of the War On Want organisation, claims Geldof thought he was "bigger than" the cause and that he had his "own strategy", adding: "He got too close to the government, and he got burned."

Meanwhile Dave Timms of poverty pressure group the World Development Movement has said Live 8 "displaced" the work of the Make Poverty History campaign with a "wall of celebrities, and no message beyond a vague notion about caring for the poor and wanting politicians to 'do something'."

However, speaking to the Guardian, Geldof rejected those views. He told the paper: "You're a rallying point and therefore a whipping boy at the same time, and that's part and parcel of the gig... [but] unless you engage with the political process, you aren't going to get political and economic justice. Live 8 forced through several deals at Gleneagles, the aid deal and the debt deal, neither of which were perfect but which were nevertheless far beyond our wildest dreams a year ago."


Hard-Fi have added an extra date to their winter tour after shows scheduled for London and Manchester sold out immediately, following the success of debut album 'Stars Of CCTV', and of course, that Mercury nomination. Last week the band added several new dates to the series of gigs, but have now added an extra show at the London Astoria on 19 Dec, the same day they release new single, 'Living For The Weekend'.

Full tour dates as follows:
1 Dec: Exeter Lemon Grove
2 Dec: Cardiff University
3 Dec: Sheffield Octagton
4 Dec: Glasgow Barrowlands
6 Dec: Manchester Ritz
7 Dec: Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
8 Dec: Nottingham Rock City
9 Dec: London Astoria
10 Dec: London Astoria
13 Dec: Dublin Temple Bar
14 Dec: Belfast Spring and Airbrake
16 Dec: Folkstone Leas Cliff Hall
17 Dec: Southampton Guildhall
18 Dec: Oxford Brookes University
19 Dec: London Astoria


Another day, another album leaked online before its official release. This time it's Franz Ferdinand's 'You Could Have Had It So Much Better', which isn't out until 3 Oct, but is, we hear, already doing the rounds on P2P. So if you're desperate to hear it, wind up the old Kazaa.

Not that we condone illegal file sharing of course, although, as one Alex Kapranos once told the BBC: "To be honest I'm all for song swapping online. Downloading music from the internet is something I do myself and something that I'd be keen to encourage. From my experience it isn't necessarily the musicians themselves that are against it, but those companies involved in the music industry. The way the music industry is trying to regulate online sites at the minute is very heavy-handed - fining kids for downloading songs is just crazy. File-sharing is something that has really helped us as a band in getting established. When Franz Ferdinand played a gig in New York for the first time, a lot of people there already knew our songs and were singing along. For us it has been global word of mouth that has helped our progress, not hindered it. I don't think it is damaging musicians at all. Downloading music is as revolutionary an invention as the gramophone and I'm all for it."


Checked out The Guardian's new design yet? Yes. Oh. Well, why not surf on over the, cos they've got a rather nice new look too?


The BPI's Anti-piracy squad (I think they're a squad) have closed down the largest counterfeit CD and DVD factory ever uncovered in western Europe, in Southall of all places. Officers who raided the premises in Park Lane in Southall at the start of the month seized £400,000 worth of counterfeit stock and equipment capable of producing 50,000 fakes a day. Three men were arrested and they will now appear in Ealing Crown Court on 5 Sep. The outfit seemingly supplied large quantities of bootleg Bollywood CDs and DVDs, as well as counterfeit DVDs of Hollywood epics.

Commenting on the raid, investigator Tariq Mohammed told CMU: "From the outside this factory looked like any other suburban semi, but within was a factory capable of creating an enormous number of counterfeits. The fakes coming from this factory could have generated in excess of £1 million a week at street prices, and with no shortage of unregulated and unaccountable markets in the Southall area they're all too easy to sell."

BPI Director of Anti-Piracy David Martin added: "As we've seen with CD piracy, increasing numbers of organised criminals are moving into the fake DVD trade. Organised gangs increasingly control the distribution of fakes, which are increasingly produced by smaller operators around the UK, rather than imported from overseas. Cross-cooperation with both the authorities and other copyright enforcement bodies has never been so vital to address the growing problem of counterfeiting."


Biffy Clyro are to finish their Dec tour by playing each of their three albums in its entirety, over the course of three nights. The tour starts on 6 Dec in Edinburgh and for the most part the band will be previewing material from their fourth album, which is due out next year. For the last four dates of that tour, however, the group will perform at King Tut's in their home town of Glasgow for four consecutive knights, the first three of which will see the three albums played, the final night of which promises to be an 'end of year surprise'. Full tour details as follows:

6 Dec: Edinburgh Liquid Rooms
7 Dec: Belfast Spring and Airbrake
8 Dec: Limerick Dolans
9 Dec: Galway Roisin Dubh
10 Dec: Dublin Temple Bar Music Centre
12 Dec: Dundee Fat Sams
13 Dec: Glasgow King Tut's ('Blackened Sky)
14 Dec: Glasgow King Tut's ('The Vertigo Of Bliss')
15 Dec: Glasgow King Tut's ('Infinity Land')
16 Dec: Glasgow King Tut's (end of year surprise)


Now, will all of you, and I'm including you Jay-Z in this, stop going around saying that Destiny's Child's 'retirement' last weekend was just a publicity stunt, and that the trio plan to be back within eighteen months. Because it's not true.

Yep, despite Jay-Z saying of the 'last ever gig' from his girlfriend's group "it won't really be their last one. They will be back in 18 months", a spokesman for Destiny's Child has said there are absolutely no plans to reform in the near future: "For now they're finished - concentrating on their solo careers".

Though, said spokesman wouldn't go as far to rule out the chance of a reunion ever: "They have always said never say never but there are no plans to reform at the moment".


Cynthia Lennon has revealed that her former husband once hit her during a fit of anger. The book, 'John', which tells of her life with John Lennon is published on 27 Sep, but an excerpt appeared in the Sunday Times at the weekend. In that excerpt, she says "I could put up with his outbursts, the jealousy and possessiveness but not the violence."

Cynthia, who was married to Lennon from 1962 to 1968, says that the incident happened whilst they were still at art college, after John saw her dance with short-term Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe.

She writes: "The next day at college he followed me to the girls' loos in the basement. When I came out he was waiting with a dark look on his face. Before I could speak he raised his arm and hit me across the face, knocking my head into the pipes that ran down the wall behind me."

She adds that it was three months before he apologised, or asked her out again, and continues: "Although he was still verbally cutting and unkind, he was never again physically violent to me."


The snappily titled Local Radio Company is to turn its advertising sales division into a joint venture with Ulster TV who, as previously reported, recently acquired the 17 radio stations owned by the Wireless Group (which includes TalkSport). Ulster TV will put £500,000 cash to help develop the new sales venture, which will sell advertising on both companies' radio stations.

Elsewhere in Ulster TV radio ownership news, the group also confirmed yesterday that it had acquired complete ownership of Liverpool station Juice FM, in which it previously had a 33% stake. Lovely.


London club Fabric are launching a new online 'club' which will give members a stack of benefits, including discounts to events at the venue plus access to a load of exclusive online content, a regular newsletter, and a back catalogue Fabric CD on joining and whenever they get a mate to sign up. Membership is £6 a month - more details at, press info from Fabric IH.


A spokesman for Sharleen Spiteri has confirmed that the Texas singer has split from partner Ashley Heath after ten years, after Heath was pictured with another woman at the weekend, fuelling rumours that he was cheating on Spiteri. In fact, the couple's relationship finished at the end of last year, but they had not previously made any statement to that effect. The spokesman said both parties main concern was the "happy and safe upbringing" of three year old daughter Misty Kyd.


Luciano Pavarotti has been awarded the freedom of the City Of London at a ceremony and gala dinner at the Guildhall. The Red Cross nominated the famous tenor for his humanitarian work and fundraising for the organisation. The singer, who is currently engaged in a round the world farewell tour, also received a Red Cross Award for Services to Humanity.

Maria Shammas, vice president of the British Red Cross said "We greatly value his support and commitment over the years to the humanitarian work of the Red Cross. We are very pleased that he is able to be here in person to receive both the freedom of the City and the British Red Cross Award."


And elsewhere in singers-getting-awards news, soulstress Beverly Knight has been awarded an honorary doctorate from her hometown University of Wolverhampton. "It's an honour to have bestowed upon me," said the Mobo winning, Brit and Mercury nominated singer.

Professor Craig Mahoney, dean of the School of Sport, Performing Arts and Leisure said: "We are delighted to bestow on Beverley the award of an honorary degree of doctor of music in recognition of her outstanding contribution to music and the local community, and in recognition of her extensive charity work."


The Sun says that Simon Cowell is to make a film based on the X-Factor. He apparently told the tabloid that the movie will focus on two aspiring stars trying to make their way in the music industry, with one of them taking part in a talent contest similar to the TV show.

Cowell said: "I'm going to produce a film next year, not a million miles from Pop Idol or X Factor. It will feature two people trying to make a name for themselves in the industry and all the heartache that goes with it. One of the lead roles will be British, the other will be an international name. One of the main roles will be available for an ordinary person. We will hold auditions up and down the country to find a talented young actor or actress for the role."


And talking of Cowell and heartache, a woman who auditioned for the show is blaming Simon Cowell for her nervous breakdown. The woman in question, Pam Edwards, sang a duet with her bandmate Fiona Griffiths, and was gutted after Cowell told Griffiths she looked like Vicky Pollard (from Little Britain) and told Pam herself "You look like a stretched version of her."

Pam was subsequently admitted to a psychiatric unit suffering from severe depression. She told The Mirror: "I felt humiliated. Simon thought he was being funny, but he absolutely destroyed me. I don't know how he sleeps at night."

I daresay he sleeps very well. And in any case, when you go on a talent show featuring Cowell, surely you know what to expect?


Britney Spears has denied reports that her child has been delivered prematurely after reports claimed the singer went into labour at weekend. Her UK publicist David Frossman said: "Britney Spears has not given birth. She's not even in hospital. The baby is due some time in the next month." And he would probably also deny all those rumours flying round the net that the singer is already booked in for a C-section, so I'm going to deny them on his behalf.


Popstrel Rachel Stevens apparently stormed off the set of Dick And Dom In Da Bungalow recently, after she overheard Dick and Dom mocking her. The People reports that she refused to be covered in chocolate for climax to the show, and was furious when the TV hosts joked that she was a bad sport.

According to a source: "Off camera she complained about getting mucky. The climax is a game called Creamy Muck Muck. When she said she didn't want to do it, Dick and Dom dressed a man up as a woman instead. She stormed out."


Pete Doherty has implied to journalists that he and on-off-on-again girlfriend Kate Moss have already married in secret. Outside the birthday party of one of Sadie Frost's brood (hang on, isn't he barred from Sadie Frost's parties? Perhaps he was trying to gatecrash?) the Babyshamble apparently told reporters "You've missed it. This is not a rude gesture, I'm just showing you my ring."

Excellent. Can I go back to sleep now?

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