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In today's CMU Daily:
- Police reopen Shakur shooting investigation
- So Solid Megaman in court on murder charges
- Weezer guitarist adds to split rumours
- Jowell to announce analogue turn off plans
- Universal Music earnings up
- ARIA nominations announced
- Korean music industry join anti-P2P blitz
- Coldplay release charity digital EP in aid of hurricane relief effort
- MTV Networks International launches new shows
- Dizzy Gillespie memorabilia goes on sale
- Smiths photo to join National Portrait collection
- Graham Coxon's new album is whiny, stingy and horrible
- Merz album and live gigs
- Chorley FM not happy with Kay's TV company over spoof station
- Club Hedonistic birthday this Friday
- Infadels tour
- Goldie Lookin Chain game bit of a hit
- Pete Doherty and Kate Moss do something together shocker
- Church has a go at Walsh
- Delta thinks Chris Martin is 'cute'.
- Ozzy hates being married to Sharon (sometimes)



*** Leyline presents KILL ALL HIPPIES on Saturday 17th September 2005 at Scala [275 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, N1 5NL]. 8.30pm - 4am. Live on stage: WARREN SUICIDE and SUPERSTÜDIO, plus DJ sets by residents Jeff Automatic [Transmission] & Syrinx ("Genre busting guitar electro-crossover sounds") and guest DJs Bones & Ramsey. Plus 'The Fun House' hosted by Jagz Kooner & Richard Clouston with guest DJ: Wildcat (Whitey).

Full details:


US police have reportedly reopened their investigations into a 1994 shooting at New York's Quad Studios in the belief it may help them finally solve the mystery surrounding the 1996 murder of Tupac Shakur.

Shakur was shot five times during the incident at the studios, though on that occasion survived. Original investigations into the shooting never discovered who was behind it, or what their motive was, although at the time the rapper accused Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Christopher 'Notorious BIG' Wallace and one time associate Jimmy 'Henchman' Rosemond, the boss of Czar Entertainment, of all being involved.

The latest police investigations are rumoured to all centre on the activities of Rosemond, and may involve reassessing a number of hip hop related shootings and murders. quote a sources as saying: "They are investigating the Quad shooting and other unsolved murders related to the hip-hop business. No one was killed in the Quad incident, so that aspect is dead as an investigation. But what they are investigating is the shooting's connection to Tupac's murder in Las Vegas."

Rosemond, of course, has always denied having any involvement in either the Quad shooting or the murder of Shakur.


Talking of 'rappers' and 'shootings', So Solid Crew's Megaman, real name Dwayne Vincent, is in the Old Bailey today where he and one Carl Morgan are facing charges of shooting and killing Colin Scarlett last November. They also face charges of possession of a firearm with intent to commit an offence. Both Vincent and Morgan deny the charges.


Weezer guitarist Brian Bell has fuelled rumours that the band might be about to split by telling reporters: "We have no idea if we're going to be in a band next year". However Bell seemed keen to stress that being unsure about his band's future isn't anything new - "That's the fun of being in Weezer. That's why we put out albums every three years, and we have these dark periods where we don't know if we're even going to be a band anymore".

Rumours that Weezer were calling it a day reportedly came about when fans noticed aspects of the liner notes to last album 'Make Believe', including the final passage from Shakespeare's 'The Tempest', which some interpreted as a goodbye from the band.

Frontman Rivers Cuomo has admitted that the inclusion of the passage from Shakespeare's final play was included as a goodbye message, but wouldn't confirm for definite there was actually any need to say goodbye. He told MTV: "When we were putting the album together and finishing up the artwork, I didn't know what was going to happen in the future and I told everyone that. And that was one of the reasons why I put that quote in there, because I thought it's a really nice way to say goodbye, if it is a goodbye."

So that's that all sorted then.


Top culture vulture minister Tessa Jowell is expected to formally announce the start of the 'analogue TV switch off' later today. Labour's last manifesto said it planned to end the broadcasting of analogue TV signals between 2008 and 2012, and today's announcement is expected to confirm switch off will indeed begin in 2008 in the ITV Border region. Jowell's announcement is also expected to explain how the government will help the broke, the old and the disabled switch over to digital TV before they lose their analogue signals. The number of households with digital TV has grown hugely in recent years, of course, especially since the arrival of Freeview, although many of those households will also have second and third TV sets still receiving analogue signals, which is a potential problem no one in the 'lets switch off the analogue signals and flog off the air space' camp ever seems to comment on.


City news anyone? Well, here goes. More good news for the Vivendi group in the form of a financial report for the first half of 2005 at the Universal Music Group.

High profile releases from 50 Cent, The Game and Mariah Carey all helped the major record company boost its second quarter earnings by 12% compared to the same period last year. Net income was up from 658 million euros to 758 million euros.

Half year earnings were also up compared to the previous year - 1.79 billion euros this year compared to 1.4 billion euros in the first half of 2004.

Vivendi said that higher sales volumes, better margins and reduced restructuring costs had all helped the improve Universal Music's financial success in the last year.


Nominations for the 2005 Australian Recording Industry Association Awards (the ARIA Awards) were announced yesterday.

As expected, Missy Higgins dominated with seven nominations, for Single Of The Year and Highest Selling Single for 'The Special Two', Album Of The Year, Breakthrough Album, Best Pop Release and Highest Selling Album for 'The Sound Of White', and for the Best Female Artist award. Rock band Evermore also did well with five nominations, for Breakthrough Album, Best Rock Album and Album Of The Year for 'Dreams', Single Of The Year for 'For One Day' and for overall Best Group. Newcomer Sarah Blasko also did well, shortlisted in every category she is eligible in.

The ARIA Awards will take place at the Sydney Superdome on 23 Oct.


Aware they have some way to go to beat the Recording Industry Association Of America's record of issuing over 14,000 lawsuits over illegal file sharing, the Recording Industry Association Of Korea has issued 1985 in one go, which is pretty good going. The RIAK has been motivated to act against the illegal sharing of music over P2P networks following a recent court ruling against the country's main P2P service Soribada.


You see, you try not to like Coldplay because they have been so successful selling bland non-descript nonsense, but then they insist on doing something very commendable, which means you can't dislike them anymore, which makes you really hate them. Does any of that make sense?

Anyway, Coldplay have teamed up with iTunes in the US to release a special digital EP in aid of the American Red Cross Hurricane 2005 Relief and the snappily titled National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences' MusiCares Hurricane Relief Fund.

The EP will include two tracks previously unreleased in the US - 'Pour Me' and 'The World Turned Upside Down', plus two versions of new single 'Fix You'. The EP costs $2.99, which all proceeds going to the hurricane relief funds.


MTV Networks International have announced a stack of new non-US shows it is currently or is planning to invest in. The new shows, created by MTVNI's London based in-house development unit The Greenhouse, include music, reality, comedy and game shows, with MTV Barrio 19, Live Is Blind, I'm With The Band and The Virgin Diaries among the new shows due to air in the UK and elsewhere across MTV's 43 regionalised channels.

Announcing details of the new shows, Brent Hansen, President of Creative & Editorial at MTV Networks International, told CMU: "These new programming initiatives reflect MTV's commitment to offering high quality original programming that serves diverse tastes and the different cultural nuances of our audiences worldwide. With our unique global infrastructure and depth of creative expertise in local markets, MTV is well positioned to offer audiences innovative, new programming across a wide variety of genres."

Press info on the new shows is available from the MTV press office.


Around a thousand items from the home of the late Dizzy Gillespie are to be put up for auction. Possessions that once belonged to the jazz legend that are to go under the hammer include a Grammy award, his record collection and one of his signature bent trumpets. It's said that the musician took up playing the damaged instruments after he accidentally dented one and discovered he liked the new sound it made. Two other trumpets were previously sold for $72,000 back in Feb.

The items are from the house in New Jersey where Gillespie lived with Lorraine, his wife of 53 years, before his death in 1993 aged 75. The sale will take place at the Dawson And Nye auction house in Morris Plains, New Jersey.


An iconic image of the Smiths is to join the National Portrait Gallery's collection of photography. The picture, taken twenty years ago by Stephen Wright, features all four of the band standing outside Salford Lads Club. It was subsequently used on 'Queen Is Dead' posters and has come to be the most recognisable photos of the Manchester group.

Wright said: "I never anticipated that one of my photographs would still be being talked about after 20 years." Meanwhile a gallery spokesperson said: "We are delighted to have it but there are no definite plans to hang it at the moment. It's been offered and accepted, and will join the National Portrait Gallery collection."


Following on from yesterday's astonishing revelations that the new Razorlight album is "going well", Graham Coxon has revealed that his new album is "nearly finished", and has some vaguely interesting things to say about it.

The former Blur Guitarist told Xfm: "It's all done. I finished it in May and then it was another ten weeks of grafting, and 20 songs later it's all done. I'm just deciding on the running order and I'm doing my drawing, thinking about the visual."

He continued to ramble: "It's something to do with love going very fast, policemen chasing it. I'm not sure really. I'll find the proper words soon. I'm going to have to really 'cause I'm going to have to write it on the sleeve! All of the songs are about love in some sort of way, whether negative of positive. So there's some sentimentality on there, and some others that are very despondent and whiny and stingy and horrible. I like those extremes."

On the album artwork, Coxon said: "I've been doing my normal sketchy thing and mucking about on computers and canvases, yeah. This autumn I want to get more into that sort of thing, shutting myself away in the country and getting on with it."


Merz (aka Conrad Lambert) is set to release new album 'Loveheart' this autumn, the release date of which is now 17 Oct. Merz will do a small show at The Spitz in London for John Peel Day on 13 Oct, but later in the month will provide support at four dates for Amusement Parks On Fire - dates as follows:

21 Oct: Bristol Louisiana
25 Oct: Birmingham Bar Academy
26 Oct: Liverpool Barfly
27 Oct: Leeds Cockpit


According to the Guardian, the owners of a community radio station in the Lancashire town of Chorley have been hitting out at the makers of Phil Kay's Phoenix Nights TV show.

The radio station, which has staged a number of RSL broadcasts in recent years and last week won a full time community licence from OfCom, is called Chorley FM, the same name as the spoof radio station that appears in Phoenix Nights alongside straplines like "coming in your ears" and "where the listener comes first".

According to the paper, Chris Mellor, the cultural services manager of Chorley Borough Council who oversees the radio project, says that Phil McIntyre Entertainment are trying to force the Council to sell them the Chorley FM name, but that they have only offered £80 for it. He seems quite angry about the whole thing, telling the Guardian: "We are trying to fight off these guys who want to buy the company and the name".

However, a spokesman for Phil McIntyre Entertainment denies it has made any attempt to buy the station or its name. The company admits it did look into setting up a company called Chorley FM at once time, but decided against the idea when they discovered such a company already existed. They did, however, register the Chorley FM logo used in the show as a trademark, so they could sell Chorley FM branded merchandise to Phil Kay fans.

Mellor continues: "[Kay] based the last Channel 4 programme around Chorley FM and he wants to sell T-shirts, mugs and merchandise. But in five years time we'll be able to show him we're not a joke station. We have got a lot of grassroots enthusiasm [and] we are not going to be put off. It's a chance for Chorley to raise its artistic levels and put [neighbouring] Bolton in the shade and show Mr Kay what artistic life is all about. Peter Kay could be a keen investor but he obviously thinks he doesn't need the publicity in this area. He's apparently looking to come and live in Chorley but unless he helps the radio station he'll not be welcome."

Making this whole story even more confusing, Kay's co-star and co-writer on Phoenix Nights, Dave Spikey, is a patron of the real Chorley FM. He told the Guardian he was aware of Phil MacIntyre making a bid for the station two years ago, but was not aware of any recent offer.


Club Hedonistic, the monthly free club night that champions new talent and supports Oxfam, celebrates its first birthday this Friday. This week the bands appearing are Demeter, Anotherstory, The Sequins and The Hour. Where is it, you ask? Bar Academy Islington, Parkfield Street, from 7pm until 11, so off you go. Oh, and donate some money to Oxfam whilst you're there.


I can't remember if we have mentioned that the wonderful Infadels are off on tour this month ahead of the release of new single 'Jagger 67' on 26 Sep, but on the off chance we haven't, here's those tour dates.

20 Sep: Freebutt Brighton
21 Sep: Blow Up @ Metro Club London
22 Sep: Plymouth Hub Plymouth
24 Sep: Manchester Roadhouse Manchester
25 Sep: Nottingham Social Nottingham
26 Sep: Birmingham Academy Birmingham
28 Sep: Leeds Cockpit Leeds
29 Sep: The Other Rooms Newcastle
30 Sep: Glasgow Barfly Glasgow
1 Oct: Cabaret Voltaire Edinburgh
3 Oct: Fibbers Club York
4 Oct: The Barfly Liverpool
5 Oct: The Barfly Cardiff
7 Oct: Bristol Louisiana Bristol
8 Oct: The Fez Club Reading
9 Oct: The Joiners Southampton


Goldie Lookin Chain's new web game has become a bit of a success, getting 125,000 hits since its launch last week. The idea of the game is that people load up pictures of their 'missus', and then answer twenty questions which gives them a 'nutter rating'. Once you've done this you can view other submitted Missus's (Missi?) and rate them yourself. At the end of the competition GLC will choose a 'Queen Nutter' and the winning entrant will get a day of Go-Karting. To give "him a break from his missus".

I feel I should be outraged, but I'm going to let it go. Check it out at


Someone asked me the other day why, if we find Pete Doherty stories so tedious, we keep reporting on them. Well, you see, it's all down to EU regulations, nothing to do with us. And anyway, there's nothing wrong with a bit of tedium in the morning. Here's today's.

Pete Doherty and Kate Moss have reportedly recorded a duet of the Disney song 'Beauty And The Beast', which will feature on a CD to be given away with a special edition of French Vogue which Kate will edit. Oh joy, must order my copy right now.


And why not? Charlotte Church has criticised X-Factor's Louis Walsh for being a bad judge. According to TV Times magazine she said: "I think Louis Walsh has lost it. Is he deaf? He keeps putting these people through who are seriously dreadful."

Her criticism wasn't just reserved for the judges, however. She had a go at the contestants as well: "I can't believe some of those people who think they can sing, when they clearly can't. Have they been listening to themselves? It's embarrassing to watch."


Aussie popstrel Delta Goodrem, when asked who she thought was the cutest man in pop, did not name her other half Brian McFadden (who does, arguably, still have a pop career), but told Orange World "Chris Martin from Coldplay. I love the music and I think Gwyneth and him make such a cute couple!"

Goodrem also revealed a few of the actors she's had crushes on in her time. "I always liked Matt Damon. I always thought he's very, very cute. As a voice, I love Jeff Buckley but as an actor I always liked Matt Damon. I had Leonardo Di Caprio's poster on my wall, and Matt Damon's!"


Ozzy Osbourne has dramatically revealed that he and wife Sharon have good and bad days. Which is a bit like, oh, any other couple in the world. Anyway, he apparently spoke to Playboy about it (presumably in the same issue that he went on about rehab centres, as previously reported. But we don't read Playboy here at CMU, so we had to wait on other people telling us what he said). Anyway, here's what he did say: "Some days we don't talk. Some days we're like two kids. Some days we're fucking not even on the same planet. But you get on with it."

He went on to say that he had learned a lot since his first marriage, and added: "I did a good job of fucking up my first marriage through drugs and alcohol and thinking I was the king of the fucking universe."

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