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In today's CMU Daily:
- BPI sue CD Wow over cut-price imports
- RIAA send cease and desist letters to P2Ps
- Hendrix estate launches new legal action against Purple Haze
- Megaman encouraged shooting, say prosecution
- Waits sues over car ads
- James Brown's wife in hiding
- Kenny Chesney and Zellweger annulment
- Lil Kim to be filmed going to jail
- Britney Spears has a baby
- Fretwell video online
- Analogue telly turn off confirmed
- BPI offer in the city deal for junior label staff
- Keith Richards is top hellraiser
- New Strokes album gets working title
- Arctic Monkeys ask fans to change their date
- Evans gets new TV show
- Coldplay cancel Tampa gig
- Westlife are still going
- Soulwax Nite Versions looming
- Diefenbach throw intimate get together
- Carl Barat announces band line up
- Kompis 12 out
- Bands line up to celebrate 4AD 25th
- Kate snapped snorting gak shocker
- Gay for Johnny Depp man attacked at Exeter gig
- Cowell won't work with Jordan again



*** Leyline presents KILL ALL HIPPIES on Saturday 17th September 2005 at Scala [275 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, N1 5NL]. 8.30pm - 4am. Live on stage: WARREN SUICIDE and SUPERSTÜDIO, plus DJ sets by residents Jeff Automatic [Transmission] & Syrinx ("Genre busting guitar electro-crossover sounds") and guest DJs Bones & Ramsey. Plus 'The Fun House' hosted by Jagz Kooner & Richard Clouston with guest DJ: Wildcat (Whitey).

Full details:



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Hospitality at Herbal
Uber trendy Herbal hosts those nice Hospital Records people, who in turn represent the soulful side of drum and bass. Full Cycle star DJ Die (long understudy to Krust) comes in from the West country to do a classics set with residents NuTone and Danny Byrd. Upstairs will be the Zack Vibert and Chris Goss (ex-London Elektricity) who will be joining the dots from hip hop, soul, funk, broken beat, house - mixing and blending up some party pieces. Get there early as it's pretty much jammed before pub closing. PV

Fri 16 Sep, 9pm - 3am, 12-14 Kingsland Road , Shoreditch, £4 b4 10.30 £7 after, more info from

CHRIS' CLUB TIP: Remix Night at Cargo & Kill All Hippies at the Scala
You know the deal by now, third weekend in the month, two more must-go nights. Eddy TM's Remix Night, tonight at Cargo, has live action from White Rose Movement and WhoMadeWho while DJs Global Communication (Tom Middleton & Mark Pritchard) take to the decks as they launch the re-release of their album 76: 14. Eddy TM will be there too. Sorted. Kill All Hippies this month (as you may just have read in the CMU Press Room bit) has live stuff from Warren Suicide and Superstüdio, plus DJ sets by residents Jeff Automatic and Syrinx and guests Bones & Ramsey. Plus there's 'The Fun House' hosted by Jagz Kooner & Richard Clouston with guest DJ Wildcat (Whitey). Sorted once more.

Remix Night, Fri 16 Sep, 7pm - 3am, Cargo, Rivington Street, £6 before 9pm, £10 after, £8 if you guestlist yourself at, press info from Leyline.

Kill All Hippies, Sat 17 Sep, 8.30pm - 4am, Scala, Kings Cross, £8, £5 if you guestlist yourself at, press info from Leyline.

VIGSY'S LIVE TIP: Bah Samba at Jazz Cafe
All my live tips seem to be at this venue. There is a reason. It's a good venue for cutting edge live soulful electronic music. Maxine Braham will be warming up smoothly next Wednesday before the main course - the nu soul jazz house funk combo of Bah Samba, who released the smasher 'Portuguese Love' via Estereo back in 95. Bah Samba are Julian Bendall and Alice Russell, a 'live' outfit that cross over into clubland, or easily vice versa, all, you guessed it - with a latin twist. Little Louie Vega and Tony Humphries are apparently big fans. Russell does a sweet vocalist job, but hopefully not too sweet at this solid Camden venue. Watch out for Satin Singh on percussion. Danger.

Wed 21 Sept, Jazz Cafe, 5 The Parkway, Camden, NW5, doors 7pm, £12 in advance, more at and press info from

Put your club night up for the tip -


Lots of legal action to get through today, so let's get straight down to it. The BPI has said it will issue legal proceedings against CD Wow over allegations the online retailer has broken previous court undertakings not to import illicitly cut-price CDs and DVDs from South East Asia.

As you'll all surely remember, those undertakings were made to both the BPI and the English High Court back in January 2004 when the UK music industry first objected to CD Wow selling cut-price imports which reduced revenue received by artists and record labels for sales of their albums, and which gave the etailer an unfair advantage over other online record shops and high street music stores.

The latest court proceedings come on the back of new evidence that the web seller is breaching those previous commitments, importing both cut-price CDs and DVDs from South East Asia. That evidence also shows that CD Wow imported cut price copies of the fundraising Live Aid DVD, meaning the etailer also deprived the Live Aid Foundation of income.

Confirming the latest legal action, BPI General Counsel Geoff Taylor told CMU: "Breaking court undertakings at any time is a serious matter, but for CD Wow - which poses as a consumer champion - to deprive the Live Aid charity of money in this way is plain wrong."


The lovely lawyers over at the Recording Industry Association Of America (and I hear they're very lovely, if a little dull) have sent cease-and-desist letters to seven P2P file-sharing services, including LimeWire, WinMX and BearShare. Those letters follow and reference the recent and much previously reported US Supreme Court decision in MGM v Grokster case, which ruled that technology companies who make and sell P2P software which enables (or at least does not try to prevent) the illegal transfer of copyrighted material are themselves acting illegally.

Confirming the RIAA had contacted the seven P2P companies objecting to their activity, a spokesman for the association told reporters: "Companies situated similarly to Grokster have been given ample opportunity to do the right thing. Those businesses that continue to knowingly operate on the wrong side of that line do so at their own risk."

It will be interesting to see how the P2P companies respond to the RIAA's latest attack. Most of the court rulings against P2P companies have focused on the defending companies' marketing activity, which promoted P2P technology on the implication it could be used to illegally share copyrighted content. It would be interesting to see how the courts would rule if a P2P company could prove it hadn't produced such marketing material.


The estate of Jimi Hendrix is taking further legal action in an attempt to stop UK record label Purple Haze from selling what they claim are unauthorised Hendrix recordings. The move follows that previously reported court victory earlier this year in which the Seattle based Experience Hendrix company successfully prevented Purple Haze Records from selling a recording of a Hendrix concert recorded in Stockholm in 1969. Experience Hendrix now hope to use that precedent to get the courts to stop the record label from distributing other Hendrix recordings.

Purple Haze, who are still appealing the Stockholm recording decision, responded the latest legal action by saying: "We're continuing to fight this". They say that they are at liberty to release the Stockholm and other Hendrix recordings relating to an agreement they have with one John Hillman, a British lawyer who was involved with Yameta, the Bahamian tax shelter with whom Hendrix signed a contract in 1966. However, in the Stockholm case, the courts questioned whether Hendrix's agreement with Hillman covered recording rights.


Details are emerging about that murder case involving So Solid Crew's Megaman. As previously reported, the rapper and friend Carl Morgan are in court this week on charges of shooting and killing Colin Scarlett in Nov of last year, and on Wednesday prosecutor Richard Horwell accused Megaman, real name Dwayne Vincent, of 'encouraging' the revenge killing. Both of the accused deny the murder.

The court heard how Morgan had previously had a seven year relationship and two children with Colin Scarlett's girlfriend, and that on the day of the shooting, Scarlett and several companions had beaten Morgan outside his home. Later that day, Morgan and Vincent, accompanied by several others, called round to the dead man's house. Verbal disputes then led to the shooting of Scarlett, according to the prosecution, because Megaman told his friend Morgan to do it. Scarlett was hit in the neck and chest before taking out his own gun and firing off seven rounds, all of which missed.

Richard Horwell said "Vincent, as leader, must have known what effect his words would have. Morgan pulled out his pistol and shot Scarlett. Revenge is one of the most powerful forces that drives any man. Four bullets were discharged. Morgan pulled the trigger and Vincent encouraged him, not only with his presence but through his words, to kill Scarlett. They left him and went to ground. That is the case - humiliation, revenge and execution."

The prosecution alleged that Vincent regards himself as a leader figure, because of his status as a member of the So Solid collective: "He no doubt on occasions had to fulfil his role as a leader and if one of his friends had been humiliated and beaten, he had to step in to support and avenge," said Horwell. The trial was adjourned until Monday.


Tom Waits has begun legal proceedings against General Motors over a TV advert used in mainland Europe in which a Waits sound-alike was used on the soundtrack giving, the singer/songwriter argues, the impression he had in someway endorsed the cars being advertised, which he hadn't (in fact he had specifically refused to be associated with the ad campaign when ad men optimistically contacted him about being involved in the campaign). Waits is suing General Motors division Adam Opel AG and ad agency McCann Erickson through the state court in Frankfurt.

In a statement about the litigation, Waits told reporters: "Apparently the highest compliment our culture grants artists nowadays is to be in an ad - ideally naked and purring on the hood of a new car. I have adamantly and repeatedly refused this dubious honor. While the court can't make me active in radio, I am asking it to make me radioactive to advertisers."

It's another great quote on the topic from Waits. When he first announced his lawyers were investigating the ads back in April, he told reporters: "Commercials are an unnatural use of my work ... it's like having a cow's udder sewn to the side of my face. Painful and humiliating".

Speaking for the Frankfurt office of McCann Erickson, Ralf Specht told reporters that they had spoken to Waits after those comments back in April and had changed the music used in their ads as a result. He was not, as yet, aware of the new lawsuit.


More legal stuff, this time from the divorce courts. James Brown's wife, Tomi Rae, claims her husband has scared her into hiding, and that she is sick of the soul legend's allegedly abusive ways. The 36 year old, who has been married to Brown since 2001, has left, taking her four year old son James Jr with her, and says she won't go back.

Rae told the National Enquirer: "I'm seeing an attorney. I'm finally divorcing him. I can't take the chaos anymore. I've had enough of the drugs, the beatings and the verbal abuse. I had to get James Jr out or he's going to grow up and be abusive to women too - 'cos that's all he sees."


More divorce news. Possibly not so surprising, given the haste with which the couple married, country singer Kenny Chesney and actress Renee Zellweger have applied for an annulment after only four months of marriage. The pair married on a Caribbean beach back in May after meeting four months earlier at a tsunami benefit.

An annulment depends on the marriage being invalid from the beginning, of course: in court papers Zellweger listed 'fraud' as the reason for requesting that the marriage be declared invalid, but did not elaborate as to the particulars.


Finally in all things legally related, Ms Lil Kim. Now, I don't want to seem like a dull conservative type, but surely there is something ethically unsound about a celeb making a reality show about them preparing to go into prison? Or is that just me? Anyway, according to Variety, Lil Kim is going to feature in a TV show that will follow her in the days before she gets locked up for those previously reported perjury charges. One hopes that the cameras will have to stop rolling once she's in the slammer, though the air time dedicated to her trip to jail is sure to help with sales of the rapper's new album, which is being conveniently released on 27 Sep, just as news coverage of her incarceration reaches its height. Do I hear the words "mockery" and "system" in close succession?


Well, we didn't see that coming. Oh, alright, we did. After a lot of speculation over the last couple of days, Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline have confirmed that the singer has given birth to a baby boy via an announcement on Britney's website. The statement said that "Everyone is happy, healthy and doing wonderful. Thank you all for your love and well wishes."

Reports suggest that Britney was admitted to the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica on Wednesday to undergo a caesarean section and gave birth at around 1pm. No name for the baby has yet been announced, but there's a lot of speculation about that, of course, with Us Weekly magazine claiming that the child will be named Preston Michael Spears Federline.


Another Fiction Records press announcement that, frankly, says it all without any editing...

"Northern troubadour and general top lad Stephen Fretwell releases his new song 'New York' on 10 Oct, for which he has made a splendid new fangled 'video'...a sort of short film that expresses the sentiment of the song in visual form. Can't get your head around that wacky concept? Well don't worry, by the magical power of the interweb (that's 'computers') you can see it for yourself here."

The 'here' refers to a stream of the video at this very catchy URL: id=f0f92a5b-5ea1-41e2-a492-11c8a963ecd9&delivery=stream


As expected, government culture top dog Tessa Jowell has said the government intends (hopes?) to switch off analogue TV broadcasts in 2012, before the London Olympics. This means we'd better all have one of those digital TV contraptions on top of our tellies by then, or no more Newsnight and Mastermind (that's what you all watch, right?).

Speaking at the Royal Television Society's Cambridge convention, Jowell confirmed that the government intended to offer help to "vulnerable" groups who may find the switchover difficult or confusing. By vulnerable groups she means old and disabled people who are, of course, famously illiterate when it comes to new technology, where as all able bodied thirtysomethings get their collective heads around new technology without even thinking about it. That help will be provided by the BBC and will come for free for us poor people, or at a small fee for you rich types.


The BPI and In The City are offering a special deal for staff members at labels affiliated to the trade organisation which means they can get into three day music convention (in Manchester from 1-3 Oct) for a third of the standard delegate fee - just £150. The aim is to encourage labels large and small to send junior staff to the event so they can take part in the various sessions and seminars, and experience some of the great new bands who will playing there.

Commenting on the offer, In The City co-founder Anthony Wilson told CMU: "In The City is inspired by the music of youth, so it is entirely appropriate that we have come up with this way to make it easier for younger record company staff to attend."

BPI members wishing to take advantage of the special offer should contact BPI Director Of Independent Member Services Jon 'Webbo' Webster on 020 7803 1314 or email


Keith Richards has come first in a VH1 viewer poll of the top ten living hellraisers - not that they're glorifying bad behaviour, or anything. Anyway, the 61 year old Rolling Stones guitarist, well known for his 'interesting' lifestyle, beat off stiff competition from such luminaries in the field of hellraising as Ozzy Osbourne (well, he does come across as a bit domesticated these days), Pete Doherty (the man who put the boredom into slowly destroying yourself) and Charlotte Church (well, she's young yet).

Courtney Love also makes a high entry at number two, not much of a surprise, given the regularity with which her drug habits and brushes with the law make the headlines. The full list is as follows:

1. Keith Richards
2. Courtney Love
3. Ozzy Osbourne
4. Pete Doherty
5. Shaun Ryder
6. Tommy Lee
7. Johnny Rotten
8. Robbie Williams
9. Charlotte Church
10. Liam and Noel Gallagher


The Strokes third album has a working title - 'First Impressions Of Earth' - plus the first single from the LP, 'Juice Box', has been scheduled for a Nov release, with UK live dates planned for Feb. Band member Julian Casablancas explained to the album's title and gave some clues as to its content: "The album's kind of about how someone from outer spaces would objectively view things happening on earth." So there you go.


Artic Monkeys have asked fans to hand back their tickets after the venue they're appearing in next month unexpectedly reduced its capacity - but they are offering a bonus to the fans who do. The band are playing at The Plug in Sheffield on 15 Oct, but need to reduce capacity by 300.

A statement on the group's website says: "If you have purchased a ticket for the gig at The Plug on Saturday 15th Oct in Sheffield, then we would like to offer you this unique and very special offer. The first 300 people willing to give up their ticket for the gig on the 15th Oct will be issued with a ticket for the new and extra gig which will be held at The Plug on Sat 22nd Oct PLUS 1 FREE TICKET. They will also be given the opportunity to purchase an extra 2 tickets for the gig on the 22nd before we put the show on general sale. The ticket swap will take place at Jacks Records in Sheffield on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th Sept between 10am and 5pm. There will be no booking fee for the ticket exchange or the free ticket. This offer is only valid to the first 300 ticket holders who make the exchange at Jacks. If less than 300 of you take up this offer we will unfortunately have to refund tickets until we reach 300. The last tickets purchased will be the first to be refunded. So please help if you can."


Chris Evans will continue his comeback as a presenter with a new weekly ITV programme to go alongside his Radio 2 show. He will present and produce a new show that will discuss the "weird and wonderful highlights of the week gone by" - the working title is 'Oh No It's Sunday'.

Commenting on the new show, ITV1's controller of entertainment, Claudia Rosencrantz, told reporters: "I'm delighted Chris is back hosting his own show. We got him back on air earlier this year for The Brits 2005 and it's wonderful that he's now returning to host his own show again."


Coldplay were forced to cancel their concert in Tampa, Florida because frontman Chris Martin came down with a severe respiratory infection after complaining of cold symptoms when the band played in Miami on Tuesday. The singer's condition rapidly deteriorated and Wednesday's Tampa gig was cancelled literally hours before it was due to start, as Martin had completely lost his voice.

Elsewhere in Chris Martin news, the singer claims that he is not at all devastated by bad reviews of the new album, as was previously reported. "As long as the fans are happy with the sound that's all that counts" he apparently said. Sounds like putting a brave face on it to me.


Westlife have announced details of their new album and single, which is a relief, because I was starting to lack sleep without the anaesthetic effect of their pop tracks. Anyway, the uber-boyband's seventh long player is to be called 'Face To Face', and will be released on 31 Oct, preceded by the single release of 'You Raise Me Up' on 24 Oct. They're appearing on CD:UK this Saturday, if you want to see them.


We'll be reviewing it next week, of course, but just so you have advance warning, on the off chance you haven't heard, the fabulous Soulwax are releasing a remixed version of their 'Any Minute Now' album called 'Nite Versions'. It's out on 26 Sep and is very fine. Press info from Pias (or Motion for online).


And talking of CMU favourites, Diefenbach are throwing a little party next week at the old school building on Labumum Street, London where they will perform an acoustic set of selected tracks from new album 'Set And Drift'. They'll be guest DJs too. Places a strictly limited, so if you're a press type get on the blower to Darling now to book your spot.


Carl Barat has apparently revealed the line up of his new band, and it includes former Libertine Gary Powell, and Anthony Rossomando, who filled in for the Libertines after Pete Doherty left, but also Didz Hammond from The Cooper Temple Clause.

Barat is alleged to have posted a statement on messageboard saying: "I am proud to announce that our new bass player is none other than the justly acclaimed Didz Hammond, formerly of the Cooper Temple Clause. He has never shown anything but love, compassion and talent from the off. Gary, Stantony, Didz and I have toiled day and night for a demo, and finally we have it. It is testament to the struggles of The Libertines, yet quite different."

Meanwhile The Cooper Temple Clause have made a statement on their official website confirming that Hammond is leaving the band, although not confirming why, which reads: "Dear fans and friends of The Cooper Temple Clause, it is with much regret that we must inform you all of Didz Hammond's departure from The Cooper Temple Clause. Though the news saddens us as much as we are sure it does you, we feel it is important to reassure everyone that things ended amicably and there is no bad feelings between anyone concerned. A brother has left the family home, though he shall never leave the family. We extend to him our love and wish him the best, and hope all of you can join us in lending him your support for the future."

Hammond responded with the words: "with warm friendships firmly intact, and Cooperism alive and well in all our hearts, we part ways. Thank you to everyone".


With all the excitement of Bestival, Sunday Best forgot to remind us, which means we forgot to tell you, that the new 12" from Kompis is out this week. It features two remixes of album track 'In Somebody's Spot' - a self-done remix by Kompis which turns it into a real dancefloor destroyer and Ralph Myerz's Space Shuttle Shuffle Mixx which rearranges the vocals, adds some cool bleeps and spaces it out to create a great dark and throbbing groove. Get yourself a copy.

Talking of Bestival, which we were fleetingly, you can hear the Dub Pistols and The Earlies sets from the festival, which are available alongside loads of other Bestival sets at, on Rob da Bank's Blue Room show tomorrow morning at 5am on that there BBC Radio 1.


Talking of labels we at CMU love, a host of acts, including TV On The Radio, The Breeders and Kristin Hersh, are to take part in a series of live dates to celebrate 25 years of record label 4AD. The label will also release a compilation to celebrate the anniversary, which will be available sometime in Nov. The concerts begin on 17 Nov, with the gigs taking place over a period of ten days with the title of '1980 Forward'. For more information, visit, but the dates and artists are as follows:

17 Nov: London, Scala - TV On The Radio
18 Nov: London, The Luminaire - Minotaur Shock, Magnétophone
19 Nov: London, Blackheath Halls - The Breeders
20 Nov: London, Blackheath Halls - The Breeders
21 Nov: London, Scala - Kristin Hersh
22 Nov: London, Scala - Kristin Hersh
23 Nov: London, Bush Hall - The Mountain Goats
24 Nov: London, Water Rats - Celebration
25 Nov: London, Conway Hall - Mojave 3, Mark Kozelek
27 Nov: London, Scala - Blonde Redhead, Johann Johannsson


Yes, you're correct, it's not that shocking at all. But it should be shocking. She's the mother of a small child who would, lets not forget, be left motherless if something went wrong and that cocaine induced an untimely heart attack. Anyway, here's the goss, if you haven't already heard. Images of Pete Doherty's girlfriend (possible wife if you believe Doherty) Kate Moss snorting lines of coke were splashed across The Mirror yesterday. The pictures, taken at a West London recording studio whilst Doherty was working on that might-arrive-sometime Babyshambles album with Clash man Mick Jones, show Moss hoovering up five lines in the space of forty minutes using a five pound note and a CD cover. Tsk.


Odd New York band Gay For Johnny Depp have had a bit of a rough time at their first UK show in Exeter this week when band member Marty Leopard was attacked by a crowd member during their support set for Million Dead. A statement on the band's website said: "Gay For Johnny Depp singer 'Marty Leopard' last night got attacked by a member of the audience who took umbrage at the band's OTT pro-gay love live performance at the NYC quartet's opening show with Million Dead at Exeter Cavern. He ended up in hospital but is out now, nursing his injuries and eating his breakfast. Whether it is through a straw remains unconfirmed. Perhaps someone took the sentiment of the band's 'hit' single 'No Teeth, Thumbs Up' a little too literally."

The band's attractively titled mini album 'Blood: The Natural Lubricant (An Apocalyptic Adventure Beyond Sodom And Gomorrah)' is out on Monday.


Simon Cowell says he won't work with Jordan again. The celebrity glamour model has recorded a few tracks for the Cowell, but he says he's not going there again, according to The Mirror: "I wouldn't release a record with her if she came to me now" said the X-factor judge "She's the kind of girl who does whatever she wants, I don't think she really cares about her pop career any more."

Phew. That was close.

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