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In today's CMU Daily:
- Beanie Sigel acquitted of shooting charges
- Teen denies Megaman frame up
- D'Angelo in critical condition
- Mobile music news
- iPod Nano in for criticism
- Warner boss calls for variable pricing in digital space
- Prize offered for 100,000 voter in DJ poll
- Australia gets a Mercury style music prize
- Universal confirm Instant Live deal with Clear Channel
- Makeba to end performing career with world tour
- R Kelly's wife drops protection order
- Live review: Bah Samba at the Jazz Café
- Radio 1 rapped over Zane's punk rock opening
- Suge Knight still pissed off with Eminem
- Motley Crue release Home Sweet Home
- Eurythmics back catalogue set for reissue
- TCR - 100th release incoming
- Franz Ferdinand DVD release
- LCD Soundsystem add some more dates
- Telewest to not sell Flextech after all
- Sharon Osbourne admits to bulimia
- Ian Brown bombarded with kit requests
- Instrument makers awarded


Well, that was quick! Rapper Beanie Sigel has been acquitted of those charges that he shot and nearly killed a man during an altercation outside a Philadelphia bar back in Jul 2003.

As previously reported, it is the second time the rapper has been in court to face the charges that he shot one Terrance Speller. The jury in his first trial in 2004 couldn't reach a conclusion so the judge hearing the case declared a mistrial. Sigel re-entered court last week, a month after completing a one year jail sentence for an unrelated charge.

Much of the case against Sigel rested on the witness statements of Speller and a friend who was with him at the time of the alleged shooting. Speller's testimony was weakened because he originally told friends and family he had been shot in a robbery that went wrong. He claimed he had initially lied because he was worried that accusing the rap star would put his family at risk.

But the court this time round decided there was not enough evidence to convict the rapper, and acquitted him of all charges. Sigel is, however, due back in court soon to face unrelated charges that he broke a man's eye socket during a January 2003 argument.


More on that ongoing court case in which So Solid Crew rapper Megaman, aka Dwayne Vincent, stands accused of murdering Colin Scarlett in Nov last year. As previously reported, Vincent and friend Carl Morgan are both charged with shooting Scarlett, after a disagreement arose between the two, inspired by the fact that Scarlett's partner was Morgan's ex-girlfriend and babymother.

It's alleged that Vincent encouraged Morgan to pull the trigger and yesterday Colin Scarlett's seventeen year old brother Kyle appeared at the Old Bailey via a video link to say he believes that Vincent was the instigator of the shooting. Vincent's defence tried to question Kyle Scarlett's credibility as a witness by claiming he didn't actually see the shooting - something the brother disputes. Kyle, while being questioned by the prosecution, also denied he had any reason to "do Megaman down".

The case continues.


It has emerged that r&b star D'Angelo is in a critical condition following a car accident on 19 Sep. The Grammy-winning singer was involved in a serious incident just outside his hometown of Richmond in Virginia and is being cared for at the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center. His family initially requested that news of the accident not be released.

D'Angelo, real name Michael Archer, was in his Hummer SUV when it left the road and hit a fence, and the singer was ejected from the vehicle - he is thought not to have been wearing a seatbelt at the time. Archer was accompanied by one Lynne Sellers who was also seriously injured in the crash and police say they can't confirm who was driving at the time of the accident. D'Angelo was recently convicted of driving under the influence and his license was suspended for a year as of April.


Lots of mobile music new for you this morning.

Firstly, O2 has entered a deal with Def Jam and AG Interactive which will see hip hop related content from the music company, including ringtones, games, news and wallpaper, made available via the mobile firm's download platform. The deal with the European mobile company follows the launch of Def Jam Mobile in the US, a joint venture between Def Jam and AG Interative.

Confirming the O2 deal, Christian Harris of AG Interactive UK told CMU: "Urban music is the top selling category of mobile content. O2 are absolutely committed to delivering the best services to their consumers. So this is a wonderful opportunity to take Def Jam Mobile to O2's consumers. Through the service we believe we can offer a unique user experience, un-matched in existing, conventional mobile services. Our partnership with O2 will enable us to reach new consumers and offer them the very latest in Hip-hop, R&B and UK Grime music from all the best artists in the US and the UK".

Elsewhere, Warner Music and MTV have entered into a deal which will see the latter using music from the former for original mobile programming. The deal means MTV will be able to use video content from Warner's artists in the new mobile programming ventures it is planning to build around each of its existing brands - ie mini-programmes from MTV which will be streamed or downloaded to viewers' mobile phones.

Announcing the partnership yesterday, MTV Networks chairman Judy McGrath told reporters: "Today's digital age has created a new world in the music industry, one that requires innovative thinking about the way business has to be done to meet the evolving needs and demands of our audiences. I want to thank Warner Music for pioneering change in the industry, and in so doing, providing us both with a way to bring more music to more fans across the globe. This is a great leap forward in the evolution of our mobile video strategy, and we look forward to developing more exciting initiatives in this space over the year to come."

Meanwhile Warner Music boss Edgar Bronfmann Jnr said: "This is a highly unique and exciting relationship, one that helps us realize the full potential of our music video assets while giving Warner Music's emerging and established artists new platforms for reaching more of their fans on a global scale. MTV Networks' fantastic programming expertise, its roster of world famous music and entertainment brands and its important demographics in the wireless space make them an ideal partner for taking the mobile entertainment experience to the next level and helping more of our audiences connect with the music they love."

Finally from the world of music mobile, and Motorola boss Ed Zander has seemingly hit out at media interest in Apple's latest music device - the iPod nano. Launched the same day as his iTunes compatible mobile phone, the Nano has been getting plenty of good press, while the critical reception to the iTunes phone has been mixed. Zander is quoted as telling an audience at a recent leadership seminar: "Screw the nano. What the hell does the nano do? Who listens to 1,000 songs? People are going to want devices that do more than just play music, something that can be seen in many other countries with more advanced mobile phone networks and savvy users". Motorola have subsequently stressed that Zander was joking when he made the anti-nano remarks, but the comments may well show a certain sensitivity in the Motorola camp to the lack in critical acclaim that their iTunes phone has so far received.


Zander should take heart that initial critical acclaim for the uber-slim iPod nano might be about to cease. Commentary on the new Apple music player in the IT community is getting decidedly negative following revelations that the nano's screen is not up to the job of surviving a trip in the average music fan's pocket.

Dan Farber of IT website ZDNet says Apple "may have a clunker" with the iPod nano, adding that the delicate display screen could prove to be the new player's "Achilles' Heel". Users say that the player's screen is "easily scratched" at best or, according to the people behind a website set up specifically to diss the player, is "flawed" and prone to cracking.

Farber concludes: "[Apple boss Steve] Jobs, the perfectionist of product design and quality, must be apoplectic. Replacing the screens or adding a protective shield would be more difficult than dealing with iPod battery issues."


And talking of dissing iTunes, Warner Music boss Edgar Bronfman Jnr has publicly called for a variable pricing structure to be adopted by the digital music sector. Apple are the strongest advocates of the one-size-fits-all 99 cents / 79 pence per track model, and last week Apple boss Steve Jobs accused the music industry of being greedy for wanting to change that model and increase the price of some tracks. It was in response to those comments that Bronfman Jnr spoke up in favour of variable pricing.

Speaking at a Goldman Sachs investor conference in Manhattan last week, Bronfmann said: "There's no content that I know of that does not have variable pricing. Not all songs are created equal-not all time periods are created equal. We want, and will insist upon having, variable pricing."


With more people than ever voting in DJ Mag's annual DJ poll, the magazine are offering a special prize of the 100,000th person to vote. That person will get themselves two Denon DNS 1000 CD players and a DNX 100 mixer, plus an all expenses paid trip to the 27 Oct party where the winners of the poll are announced. So if you haven't voted yet, you should do so at Voting closes midnight Friday.


The Australian music industry is launching a new music award that will follow the ethos of the good old Mercury Music Prize.

The Australian Music Prize, or the AMP, is being supported by Australia's Phonographic Performance Company of Australia and will look to "financially reward and increase exposure" for an Australian artist, or group of artists, who have commercially released what a panel of judges consider to be the best contemporary music album of the year. The financial reward is Aus$ 25,000, put up by the PPCA.

Announcing the new award, John O'Donnell, MD of EMI Australia and Chairman of the PPCA, told reporters: "I believe that The Amp 2005 is a fantastic and important initiative, created to recognise artistic excellence in the music field. The Amp welcomes artists of all genres and types to submit entries. Our judging criteria is not related to sales or fashion, but to quality songs and or performance. The Amp will fill a void and encourage artists of all types."

Scott Murphy, who will oversee the AMP project, added: "I'm overwhelmed by the across the board support from the Australian music industry for this venture and in particular with the funding offered by our partner, PPCA. Without the PPCA The Amp 2005 may not have been possible. It's an ideal partnership as PPCA targets the same group of people that we do, that being artists of Australia who are producing and releasing new, original and creative music."

Organisers of the prize will accept nominations until 3 Oct. A shortlist of eight albums will then be announced at the start of January, with the final overall winner announced in February.


Universal Music Group have finalised a deal with Clear Channel's Instant Live division which will allow the major label's artists to take part in the 'instant live CD' programme.

As previously reported, Instant Live, part of Clear Channel's US live music operation, records gigs and then masters and produces CDs of those recordings in minutes, meaning that gig goers can buy a souvenir recording of a concert at the venue within ten minutes of a band leaving the stage.

The new deal between Universal and Clear Channel will provide the Instant Live programme with a much enhanced list of artists making live recordings available in this way, and, while the financial arrangement of the deal has not been revealed, it will provide the major with a another new revenue stream.

Confirming Universal's new deal with Clear Channel, Larry Kenswill, boss of the major's new media division eLabs, told reporters: "Instant Live provides a unique product, a custom live music CD that extends the live concert experience and strengthens the connection between artists and fans. We are delighted to be in business with them, offering our consumers even more ways to enjoy the musical experience."


South African singer Miriam Makeba is to undertake a world tour to bring an official end to her performing career and to give her the chance to say goodbye to countries all over the world. 73 year old Makeba, known as Mama Africa, says "I have to go and say farewell to all the countries that I have been to, if I can. I am 73 now, it is taxing on me. I don't want to travel as much as I have been. But as long as I'll have my voice, I'll keep on recording." She added that she is working on a new album and will record new tracks and rework some of her earlier songs when the tour is over sometime next year.

Makeba, who won a Grammy in 1966 for the album 'An Evening with Belafonte and Makeba' and performed at Paul Simon's Graceland tour in the eighties, spent 31 years in exile for her commitment to human rights and condemnation of apartheid in her home country, and did not return to Johannesburg until the release of Nelson Mandela in 1990.


R Kelly's wife Andrea, who, as previously reported, was granted a restraining order last week after alleging physical abuse and harassment, has dropped the protection request. R. Kelly's lawyer, Nathan Swerdlove, confirmed that the couple would attempt to resolve their differences outside the courtroom, and said that they are working towards a reconciliation: "They had a squabble and how many marriages don't have that sort of thing? They're trying to work things out, and they'd like to do it privately."


LIVE REVIEW: Bah Samba at the Jazz Café on 21 Sep
Support act first. Maxine Braham took the stage alone in what was a relatively unpacked café, and began rather cautiously singing with backing provided by the DJ booth. The title track from her new album 'If', released next month on BKO, improved matters, but a subsequent track, with a nice US soul flavour to it, got a bit lost as the crowd began to mumble at the back, which was dead unfair. She's very shy behind the mic, but I'm sure this will be one of many dates to come from this genuine no frills soulstress. Then on to Bah Samba who arrived to a chorus of cheers. Vocalist Alice Russell shone and wasted no time in belting out her lush vocals accompanied by Finn Peters on flute and Julian Bendall on keyboards. Satinder Singh was in command of percussion and demonstrated just what Latin percussion has to offer, and the crowd were amazed. 'Love You' is one of their smashers and Russell's delivery was powerful, whilst 'Tired Little One' had Dom Glover's trumpet ringing out and 'Tired of Waiting' went down really well. Peters picked up the sax next and moved on to 'Soul King' which the group played out with much verve and the funk levels rose. Following that, everyone did a solo piece with Glover reading sheet music which seemed a bit odd. Drummer Tristan Banks meanwhile raised a huge cheer at the end of his demo. 'Inner Soul' was note perfect and it was hard to tell whether I was listening to the CD, apart from the chirping twits behind me. A traditional Jazz Café encore (the walk up the stairs and then back down within 90 seconds) followed and Bah Samba wound up the set with a reprise of 'Tired of Waiting'. Russell's star is showing no signs of burning out; a very good night, and every reason to check out their most recent double album '4'. PV


Radio 1 has been told off by media regulator OfCom for the introduction to a Zane Lowe fronted show on 16 Jun all about punk culture and, to be honest, it's not all that surprising. Despite the theme of the programme, and the fact a warning about the language about to be used preceded the show, it was quite brave for Zane to open his 7pm show with the line: "If, like me, you are offended by such words and phrases as arse, bollocks, tit, wank, tit-wank, rotter, mother licker, mother sucker, mother fucker, twat, minge juice, bottler and, of course, bastard - then you might wish to turn over, or fuck off".

Responding to listener complaints about the show's opening, OfCom ruled that: "Given the potential child audience for Radio 1 at this time, we believe that the use of such strong language, with such intensity, at the start of the programme was inappropriate". While recognizing that the BBC station had given a warning about the show, OfCom said: "The right to deal with such subject matter comes with the responsibility of ensuring material is appropriately scheduled with the potential child audience in mind. While this was a legitimate approach, its application here was seriously misguided."

It has to be said that OfCom did have to object really. It's not that we object to Zane swearing - there's nothing we love more (well, may be a few things) - but given the strict rules that govern the use of such language on commercial radio, it would be a bit unfair if BBC Radio, already operating under a slacker rule regime, got away with such pre-scripted swearing unchecked.


Suge Knight is still managing to be angry with Eminem following the emergence in 2004 of those long forgotten comments made by the rap star about black women on an early mix tape. At the time Eminem explained that he was young and bitter when he recorded the rap.
Knight remains unimpressed, however, and has told XXL Magazine "When Eminem came out, I liked him. I thought he could rap, and I thought he was funny. But when you start saying black women are nigger bitches and gold diggers, then I've got a problem because I've got a mother, I've got daughters. You cross a line when you start stereotyping a race. Eminem is making his money off black people and black culture, then turning around and degrading black women. He's a racist."

Motley Crue have released a new version of hit song 'Home Sweet Home', the proceeds from the sales of which will be donated to the hurricane relief efforts of Mercy Corps and the American Red Cross. The song features lead vocals from Linkin Park's Chester Bennington backed by a 25 strong gospel choir and a 26 piece orchestra. The video, which shows scenes celebrating New Orleans' heritage, premieres this week on AOL, MTV and VH1.


Hurrah! SonyBMG are to undertake their biggest reissue campaign ever this winter with the re-release of all eight of Eurythmics' studio albums, digitally re-mastered by Dave Stewart and featuring a number of bonus tracks. Each album, to be released simultaneously but separately on 7 Nov, carries between four and seven extra songs, including a rare cover of Lou Reed's 'Satellite Of Love' on 1983's 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)', and a version of The Beatles' 'Come Together' on 1998's 'Savage'. The reissues coincide with the release on 8 Nov of the band's 'best of', ''Eurythmics Ultimate Collection', which includes two 2005 recordings, 'I've Got A Life' and 'Was It Just A Love Affair'.

Press info from Noble PR.


Yesterday the longest running breaks night, today the longest running breakbeat label. Yep, Rennie Pilgrem's TCR is reaching its 100th release, and to celebrate that release will be a special double CD featuring a mix by Mr Pilgrem including many new and exclusive tracks, plus an unmixed bonus CD of TCR classics. The release will be accompanied by a UK tour featuring Rennie and other TCR names, dates and line ups as follows, press info from TCR IH.

7 Oct: Spectrum, Stealth, Nottingham (Rennie Pilgrem)
13 Oct: Bedrock, Fabric, London (Rennie & Smithmonger)
14 Oct: Agatha, Rome, Italy (Allstars Live show)
21 Oct: Wax On, Newcastle (Rennie & JDS)
26 Oct: Blow, Inigo, London (Koma & Bones)
28 Oct: Blast, The Level, Bristol (Rennie Pilgrem)
29 Oct: Tangled, Manchester (Rennie Pilgrem & Koma & Bones)
2 Nov: Supercharged, Audio, Brighton (Rennie & Uberzone)
5 Nov: Platinium, Cadiz, Spain (Rennie Pilgrem)
5 Nov: Sourpuss, Bentham Town Hall, Lancaster (Koma & Bones)
12 Nov: HUM, London (Rennie Pilgrem, JDS & Diverted)
17 Nov: Global Funk, Dubai (Rennie Pilgrem)
19 Nov: Breaks Arena, St Petersburg, Russia (Rennie Pilgrem)
22 Nov: Technique, Leeds (Rennie & JDS)
25 Nov: On-Off, Warsaw, Poland (Rennie Pilgrem)
2 Dec: Brighton (Allstars live show)


Franz Ferdinand are to release a live two disc DVD set on 14 Nov. The first disc features live renditions taken from a variety of live performances from all over the world, including tracks lifted from gigs at T In The Park, in New York, and in Belgium. Disc 2 is two full live sessions from last year's shows at Brixton Academy and in San Francisco. Completing the set are a variety of bonus features, including behind the scenes footage, interviews and karaoke tracks for you to sing along to if you should want to. Do You Want To? See what I did there?

Press info from Coalition.


Hurrah again. LCD Soundsystem have added two dates to their little Dec tour, now playing Leeds and Brighton in addition to previously announced gigs in Glasgow, Manchester and London. Their new single 'Tribulations' is out now. And here are those dates in full:

3 Dec: Glasgow Barrowlands
4 Dec: Manchester Ritz
6 Dec: Leeds Blank Canvas
7 Dec: London Brixton Academy
8 Dec: Brighton Event


Telewest are reportedly about to announce that they are not planning on selling their content division Flextech after all. As previously reported, the cable firm have been accepting bids for company, which runs TV channels Trouble, Living, Bravo and the UKTV network. ITV, BSkyB and RTL all reportedly expressed an interest in the sale.

Telewest have dithered about whether to sell Flextech for a while, though why the change of heart of this point is not completely clear. Some say Telewest bosses were unwilling to sell out to the highest bidder, BSkyB, while others say the whole sell off thing was just a way for the cable company to value its TV channel assets ahead of the much planned merger with cable rival NTL.


Sharon Osbourne yesterday admitted to the Sun that she has been unable to overcome that well known lifestyle choice of the thin and famous - the eating disorder. She told the tabloid "I still have bulimia, Ozzy knows and the kids - my God, how could they not. It's the thing that causes most arguments. We'll be at the dinner table and I'll go off and they'll say, 'Oh, here we go again.' They hate it."

She went on to say that she's had her stomach stapled to try and help rid her of the condition, and admits that she needs professional help. "I will get help," she said "I have to do something, I know."


Following Ian Brown's recent announcement that he would be sponsoring Chiswick Homefields FC and that the team would be wearing shirts bearing the logo 'IB: Ian Brown - The Greatest', the former Stone Rose was bombarded with requests for replica kits and is making a limited amount available. So, if you're desperate to have one, send your request to


See, music awards aren't all about patting the egos of over-paid rappers and out-of-control divas, oh no. This week it was The Music Industries Association's Music Awards 2005 at The Savoy in London - and at this event it was the people who make musical instruments being honoured. And for those of you out there interested in these things - the winners were:

Classical awards (with Classic FM)
Bowed Instrument: The Sound Post Ltd - Prima 200 violin
Woodwind: Korg UK Ltd - Jupiter JCL-631 clarinet
Digital Piano: Casio Electronics - Privia PX-100
Acoustic Piano: Intermusic Ltd - Pearl River UP108DI
Classical Guitar: Stentor Music Co Ltd - Valencia 3100
Special Innovation: Yamaha-Kemble Music (UK) Ltd - Silent Brass
Lifetime Achievement: Yamaha-Kemble Music (UK) Ltd - YFL 211 Flute

Contemporary Instruments
Studio Microphone: HHB - Rode NT2-A
Live Microphone: Sennheiser (UK) Ltd - e835
PA System/Component: Loud Technologies (Europe) plc - Mackie SRM 450
Acoustic Drum Kit: Korg (UK) Ltd - Mapex "V" series
Electronic Drum Kit: Roland (UK) Ltd TD - 6KV
Cymbal: Arbiter Group Ltd - Sabian Solar Performance Pack
Percussion/World: Active Music Distribution - Meinl Headliner Bongos
Electronic Keyboard: Yamaha - Kemble Music (UK) Ltd. - PSR 295
Guitar Effects: Roland (UK) Ltd - Boss GT-8
Bass Amplifier: Peavey Electronics Ltd - TNT 115
Guitar Amplifier: Korg (UK) Ltd - Vox AD30VT
Bass Guitar: Fender Europe Ltd - Standard Precision Bass
Electric Guitar: Rosetti Ltd - Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Acoustic Guitar: Yamaha-Kemble Music (UK) Ltd - FG700
Special Innovation Award: Sound Technology plc - Taylor T5
Special Innovation Award: Frontier Design Group - Tranzport
Recording Hardware: Roland (UK) Ltd - Boss BR- 1180CD
Music Software Sequencer: Sound Technology plc - Apple Logic Pro 7.1
Music plug in Software: Time + Space Distribution Ltd - Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
Music Software product: M-Audio - Propellerhead Reason 3.0
Computer Hardware: TASCAM - US122

Printed Music Retailer of the Year: Kensington Chimes Music - Lara Mepham
Printed Music Publisher of the Year: Faber Music Ltd
Best Classical Publication: Oxford University Press - Encores for Choirs 2 edited by Peter Gritton
Best Education Publication: Oxford University Press - Piano Time 1 New Edition by Pauline Hall
Best Pop Publication: Music Sales Ltd - Keane - Hopes and Fears (PVG)
Innovation in Printed Music Publishing - ABRSM (Publishing) Ltd - Music Medals Repertoire Sessions

Best Retailer (Independent): Dawkes Music
Best Retailer (Multiple): Sound Control Modern Music Stores
Best Supplier (Small/Medium): Sutherland Trading Co. Ltd.
Best Supplier (Large): Roland (UK) Ltd
Industry Innovation (Retailer): Nevada Music - Music For Schools Initiative Industry Innovation (Supplier): Yamaha-Kemble Music (UK) Ltd - Yamaha and Classic FM
Industry Innovation (Supplier): Korg (UK) Ltd - Soundstart Programme
Lifetime Achievement Award: John Hornby Skewes

Press info on the awards from

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