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Tattoos of the rich and famous. Which pop stars have each of the following tattoos?

- ‘Year of the Tiger’ written on the waist
- Superman logo on the left shoulder
- ‘Respect’ written on the left shoulder
- A black panther on the lower back
- ‘Mayhem’ written on his stomach

Answer tomorrow


Michael Jackson’s confusing acceptance speech for the award of ‘Artist of the Millennium’ at the MTV VMAs on Thursday night turned out to be an embarrassing mistake on Jacko’s part. He was on stage to receive a birthday cake to celebrate his 44th birthday and was given an MTV statuette as a token of appreciation. But in her introduction to the presentation, Britiney Spears said that Jackson was, in her opinion, the artist of the millennium – leading Jackson to assume he’d been got on stage to be officially labelled with the hounour. He subsequently gave a long acceptance speech for an award that didn’t exist - "When I was a little boy in Indiana, if someone had told me as a musician I would be getting the artist of the millennium award, I wouldn't have believed it," he said. MTV spokesman Graham James confirmed the mistake on Friday. Host Jimmy Fallon had alluded as much at the time telling the audience he had his own artist of the millennium award, "because they're giving them backstage to everyone."


Bjork has unveiled the tracklist for her massive six-disc box set ‘Family Tree' due for release next month. The release was delayed because of its elaborate packaging, which includes "an ingenious custom transparent rose-colored plastic case" with a 16-page lyric book and a map to guide listeners through the collection. The six disks break down into a CD of Bjorks personal favourites, two ‘Roots’ disks of early work and b-sides, a four-track ‘Beats’ disk with Bjork’s first first forays into unconventional rhythms after she left the Sugarcubes, and two discs of orchestral interpretations of Bjork songs. The fan-chosen ‘Greatest Hits’ album will also be released next month, but is not part of the six CD set.

The full listings:

Disc One: Greatest Hits, as picked by Bjork
Venus as a Boy, Hyperballad, You've Been Flirting Again, Isobel, Joga, Unravel, Bachelorette, All Is Full of Love, Scatterheart, I've Seen It All, Pagan Poetry, It's Not Up To You

Disc Two & Three: Roots
Sidasta Eg, Glora, Fuglar, Ammaeli, Mamma, Immature, Cover Me, Generous Palmstroke, Joga, (strings & vocals), Mother Heroic,

Disc Four: Beats
The Modern Things, Karvel, I Go Humble, Nature Is Ancient,

Disc Five & Six: Stringe
Unravel, Cover Me, Possibly Maybe, Anchor Song, Hunter, All Neon Like, I've Seen It All, Bachelorette, Play Dead.


Ash have already recruited a string of top music names to star in the horror film that will feature on a DVD of the band’s music later this year. The gruesome movie will include cameos from Moby, The Hives, The Vines, Dave Grohl, Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Neil Hannon. The DVD release will follow a greatest hits CD which hits the shops next week.


Writing on the Hole website Courtney Love has said Nirvana’s best of will be called, simply ‘Nirvana’ and will be out in time for Christmas. Talking about her ongoing fued with ex-Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic she said: "There's a few details, but they are fine. "Everyone's fine. No one's being nasty." But no one is sure what to believe because the message has subsequently been removed from the site and Nirvana’s label Geffen have been unable to confirm any details about the proposed 'best of' release. Love went on to say she was thinking about releasing a new single of her own before the year is out, and rumour has it, it may be released by Alan McGee’s Poptones label here in the UK


Mirroring the pop idol frenzy in the UK earlier this year the marketing machine is ready to make the most of the American Idol final when it airs on Wednesday. A massive six-week arena tour with the winner and other finalists will kick off in San Diego on 8 Oct, the first single by the winner (either Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini depending on how the voting goes) is already scheduled for a 17 Sep release – that singer's first album will be out on 26 Nov will a compilation album of tracks by the ten finalists out on 1 Oct. And it that wasn’t enough the top 30 contestants will appear in a two-hour television special with a working title of "American Idol in Las Vegas" on 26 Sep. Never let it be said Mssrs Fuller and Cowell don’t know how to cash in on a good idea.


Bon Jovi have said their Manhattan show next Thursday will be a celebration of the resilience of New Yorkers after 11 September. The group's latest album, Bounce, was inspired in part by the events of last September. Singer Jon Bon Jovi told the new York Daily News at the time: "When I was a kid, the Army and Marines would call, wanting me to enlist," I used to jokingly say, 'the day they invade Asbury Park, give me a call'... here I am 22 years later and I felt like they'd arrived." The free concert, which also acts as a curtain raiser to the new football season in the US, will see the band playing in Times Square and Giants' Stadium in New York.


In case you haven’t hear – though if you cared I guess you would have – Victoria Beckham gave birth to a second son at a London hospital yesterday. They’ve called him Romeo. Didn’t know they were big Basement Jaxx fans.


Answer to Friday’s pop quiz:

The songs:
Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street
Al Green – Hoe Can You Mend A Broken Heart
Dandy Warhols – Boys Better

What movie’s soundtrack? Good Will Hunting

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