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In today's CMU Daily:
- Industries unite to take on piracy
- Nevermind voted most overrated album of all time
- Wired accuse RIAA of flawed and dodgy litigation
- CEA says 70% of Americans now using portable entertainment devices
- Microsoft step back from launching digital music offer
- Lemmy honoured at inaugural Classic Rock awards
- Jet on their new album
- Timberlake to buy Elvis studio?
- Dannii talks about Kylie's progress
- Ozzy covers album release
- De La Soul to appear with Gorillaz
- Jack Johnson tour dates
- ATP 2006 curators announced
- Fluid celebrate seven years
- Cantaloupe relaunches with added music
- Album review: Diefenbach - Set & Drift
- Former Atlantic boss to get top job at Virgin US?
- Orange Playlist returns
- ITV confirm kids channel plans
- Doherty banned from contact with Kate shocker
- Two sets of Rubettes in court
- Harry Potter faces legal battle
- The Killers like Fall Out Boy, actually
- Mick Jagger denies girlfriend v band trouble
- Robbie Williams has Batman-style reveal incident



RECORD LABEL JOB: We are looking for a dynamic, confident, self motivated, organised, enthusiastic person to join a small team at an established independent dance record company to assist with the day to day running of the label. Social skills, ability to write press releases and understanding of Excel, Word, Photoshop, Entourage, HTML etc essential. Previous experience in the industry is vital. Please send CV's to:


Now this is interesting. Companies from the music, film, software and, wait for it, the pharmaceuticals industries met at the UK headquarters of EMI yesterday to launch a new cross-industry body to tackle piracy issues. With the catchy name of the Business Action To Stop Counterfeiting And Piracy Group, or Bascap for short, founding members of the group include EMI, Vivendi Universal and drugs firm GlaxoSmithKline. They hope to pool knowledge on the most successful strategies for combating piracy, and to name and shame counterfeiting "hotspots" around the world.

EMI boss Eric Nicoli, who will be co-chairman of Bascap, said the disparate group of executives had come together to tackle this issue because rapid developments in technology meant that "it is now possible to replicate pretty much every product pretty much as accurately as possible".

Confirming that the new group plans to name and shame countries and cities which harbour counterfeiters, Bob Wright of NBC Universal added: "A lot of countries are afflicted with the [piracy] problem. No country wants to known as a pirate location. No businessman wants to be in a city or country known as a piracy capital. Even good businesses can be taken down if they operate in an area known as a piracy location."

Meanwhile Martin Wassell of the International Chamber Of Commerce, which will act as a parent organisation to the new anti-piracy group, said that strategically the new body would concentrate more on making sure existing anti-piracy laws were enforced rather than lobbying for new legislation: "Our principle task will be raising awareness of governments and law enforcement authorities to the size of the problem".


Well, it's one thing when your favourite long player of all time doesn't appear on one of those 'greatest albums ever' surveys, another when it *does* appear on a list of the most overrated albums of all time. I am guessing there's going to be a lot of outraged music fans out there after BBC 6Music released a list of the ten albums that their listeners think are ... the most overrated. Certainly Nirvana fan Andrew Collins, who announced the results of the poll on the station, was pretty outraged when Cobain et al's 1991 album 'Nevermind' topped the list - he described all the listeners who had voted for it as "mad". But with nine great albums on the list (plus Coldplay's 'X&Y'), even if Nirvana isn't your thing, there's certain to be something dissed on here that will get you a little bit angry.

Anyway, the list in full, with most overrated first, runs thus: Nirvana's 'Nevermind', Coldplay's 'X&Y', The Libertines' eponymously titled debut, Oasis' 'Definitely Maybe', U2's 'The Joshua Tree', Radiohead's 'OK Computer', The Beatles' 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', Beach Boys' 'Pet Sounds', Sex Pistols' 'Never Mind The Bollocks' and The Smiths' 'The Queen Is Dead'.

Commenting on the poll, 6Music's Ric Blaxall told reporters: "These results may upset Nirvana's legion of loyal fans, but it goes without saying that one person's overrated album will be another's firm favourite. But this poll has given our listeners the opportunity to tell us what they really think."


In their ongoing legal onslaught against the illegal sharing of music online, the Recording Industry Association Of America have "misidentified hundreds of traders" and "rely on bullying to get results". Now, I should stress, that's not me saying that, but an article on Wired magazine's website (

They report on growing concern in parts of the legal community regarding the RIAA's tactics, arguing the industry association make wild threats against individuals who cannot afford legal advice, and who therefore are tempted to settle out of court, even if they are not guilty of everything the industry association accuses them of doing. Ray Beckerman, the attorney representing Patricia Santangelo, one of the accused fighting the RIAA's litigation, told Wired: "My impression is that the majority of those sued are innocent. Prior to retaining lawyers, when [defendants] talk to the [RIAA] settlement support center, they are threatened with criminal prosecution, ruin of their credit, publication of their names".

The report also calls into question how successful the RIAA legal onslaught has been. It quotes 'industry insiders' who say that of the 14,000 lawsuits so far initiated, only 3300 have settled. They say that the number of lawsuits is now so high it is not practical for the industry association to actually take that many people to court. And if any of those defendants who are now disputing the lawsuits have court success, there will be little incentive for the 10,000+ accused that are left to settle, making the whole venture very expensive but not very effective.

Of course, that's just our interpretation of what Wired are saying. The RIAA argue that their legal campaign against those nasty file sharers is moving along just swell, and who are we to argue with the glorious RIAA?


Talking of Americans and digital music, though not necessarily of the illegal kind, America's Consumer Electronics Association has reported that 70 percent of Americans now carry portable entertainment devices - that's 152 million of them. That statistic is not as surprising as it may first seem because 'portable entertainment devices' covers a wide range of technology, including traditional walkmans and discmans. However, the CEO reckons the most popular portable devices used for entertainment are mobile phones and notebook PCs, which will come as good news to the tel co and computer industries, especially the former who are desperate for their handsets to become media devices.

In the same report, the association says it reckons about 15% of US adults now have MP3 players, which is up from 11 percent from last year. Of those using MP3 players, less than 40% were acquiring music from the internet - many preferring to buy CDs and transfer music from there. Even less were using subscription download services on their portable devices, like those operated by Napster and Real Networks. 16% of those with an MP3 player subscribe, and 35% of those surveyed didn't even know there was the option to use a subscription platform on a portable player, despite high profile marketing campaigns in the last six months from those companies offering that service.


And talking of subscription service download platforms, according to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft has abandoned its plans to launch a Napster style digital music offer.

Microsoft has been keen for a while to launch its own download service, to try to combat Apple's dominance in the space, and to promote use of its Windows Media format. However the IT firm has ended its talks with all four major labels, apparently unwilling to accept the $6-8 per user licence fee the record companies were pushing for. This despite protestations from the industry that that was the going rate accepted by the other subscription service providers.

The journal says that Microsoft's digital music plans are now "indefinitely postponed". Of course many of the companies already offering subscription services use Microsoft's WMA audio format. Therefore, had Microsoft gone ahead with their download platform plans, they would have been competing with the organisations who are already championing their codec. Whether that fact had any influence on their decision to stand back from this space isn't clear - though the IT firm may well now decide to partner with and support those existing WMA-using download platforms rather than compete with them.


Classic Rock staged its first ever annual award event at London's Café De Paris last night, though it was a bit different from most of the back slapping fests organized by its music media competitors. Many of the winners were known in advance of the event, and the show was less about announcing the winners, and more about celebrating their work. A big chunk of the evening went to Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister who won the Living Legend Award. The other pre announced winners were as follows:

Best New Band: The Answer
Comeback Of The Year: Billy Idol
Showman: Arthur Brown
Classic Songwriter: Ian Hunter (Mott The Hoople)
Metal Guru: Judas Priest
V.I.P.: Neil Warnock (The Agency)
Inspiration: Tommy Vance
Classic Album: Deep Purple For 'In Rock'
Living Legend: Lemmy Kilmister

Commenting on the awards event, Classic Rock magazine's Editor-in-Chief Scott Rowley told reporters: "These winners are some of the bands and artists that built rock 'n' roll. It's not about being trendy or having your image approved by Simon Cowell - these are guys who changed the way people thought about rock music, from the crazy showmanship of Arthur Brown to high voltage rock of Deep Purple and Motorhead. People can't even remember the name of the guy who won the last 'Pop Idol' [actually, it was a girl] - but these guys wrote the songs that have soundtracking our lives - and we'll still be listening to them in 20 years' time".


Jet have spoken to US radio station KROQ-FM about the recording of their second album. The band have taken most of the year off to work on the follow up to 'Get Born' and say that the long player will hopefully be released in spring next year. The group's guitarist Nic Cester said: "We're just taking our time and making sure it's five times better than the first one."

Drummer Chris Cester added: "It's definitely not 'Get Born', it's a completely different record... It's in a lot of ways more mature. I think first and foremost would be lyrically, we've taken giant leaps. We've lived two years, buzzing around the world, 250 shows last year. That's life experience right there."


Justin Timberlake is reportedly attempting to acquire Elvis's old recording studio and label. The pop star (or should that be actor now?) is heading a consortium of investors to buy the Sun label, as well as soul label Stax and accompanying recording complex in Timberlake's home town of Memphis.

The twenty four year old star has already set up his own record label, JayTee, and is apparently keen to establish himself as an industry player. An 'insider', according to femalefirst, says "He is determined to transform himself from performer into businessman and has his heart set on the plans. He's got a team of very wealthy investors on board to ensure his dream has every chance of becoming reality."

Meanwhile, Ray Fleming of the Memphis Music Foundation said: "We love Justin. He's a native. It's very exciting to have someone of his significance participate in the music scene here."

Well, it's a good thing Mr Fleming of the Memphis Music Foundation likes him, because not everyone has nice things to say about him at the moment. Film critics have been queuing up to diss Timberlake's performance in new movie 'Edison'. The feature has been called a "a star-studded dud of a B-picture" by The Hollywood Reporter, who described Timberlake's acting as "green but earnest", whilst Variety compared him to "a reporter from Seventeen magazine". So we should probably keep referring to him as 'pop star' for the time being.
That said, all that hasn't stopped him being asked to play Johnny Rotten in a new biopic. It's clearly early stages, though, as John Lydon can't actually remember Timberlake's first name yet. He says: "I've asked Jason Timberlake to do it. He hasn't said yes but I think it would work because he's a damn fine singer but he's beginning to look bored."
And that's probably enough Timberlake news for the moment.


Dannii Minogue has spoken to GMTV about Kylie's progress with her breast cancer treatment. She explained that the whole family had, not surprisingly, been going through a "tough time" since the diagnosis earlier this year, but that Kylie is doing well.

Dannii said: "It's quite a stressful treatment. She is handling it very gracefully. She is very well aware of the floods of love coming in for her and it's very helpful and supportive."

She continued "Honouring her privacy, I wouldn't want to go into any details of anything. It's a tough time on the family as well. Obviously, she is getting the best treatment and wishes everyone else can have the same."


Ozzy Osbourne is to release an album of cover versions, ten of which appeared on the rocker's bumper 4 disc box set 'Prince Of Darkness', released earlier this year. Three newly recorded covers will also appear on the album 'Under Cover', of Lennon's 'Woman', Joe Walsh's 'Rocky Mountain Way' and The Moody Blues 'Go Now'.

An accompanying DVD will feature a video for Ozzy's cover of The Beatles 'In My Life', and a featurette - "Dinner With Ozzy and Friends," in which the star regales son Jack and Motorhead frontman Lemmy with tales of rock'n'roll excess.

The tracklisting is as follows:

Rocky Mountain Way
In My Life
Mississippi Queen
Go Now
21st Century Schizoid Man
All the Young Dudes
For What It's Worth
Good Times
Sunshine of Your Love
Working Class Hero
Sympathy for the Devil


De La Soul have confirmed that they will join Gorillaz onstage during their planned five night run at the Manchester Opera House next month, at which the animated band will perform second album 'Demon Days' in full. Already confirmed to take part in the gigs, set for 1 - 5 Nov, were Shaun Ryder and Roots Manuva, and now the legendary hip-hoppers have signed up for the event. Further special guests are expected to be announced, which is exciting. The bad news is that all five gigs sold out within hours of the tickets going on sale.


CMU favourite Jack Johnson has announced five live dates for the new year - hurrah! Get those tickets quick, he's becoming quite popular is Mr Johnson.

24 Feb: Bristol Colston Hall
25 Feb: Carling Apollo Manchester
26 Feb: Birmingham Carling Academy
28 Feb: Plymouth Pavilions
3 Mar: London Hammersmith Carling Apollo


The Mars Volta All Tomorrows' Parties is looming (2-4 Dec), but that's sold out, so if you aint got tickets you aint going. What you can do, however, is get tickets for the ATP events taking place next May - from 12-14 and 19-21 may. This double weekender event will have six curators - one for each day. The first weekend will have days compiled by Mudhoney and Yeah Yeah Yeahs (and one more tbc), and the second weekend will be put together by Ween, Sleater Kinney and The Shins. Storming. Tickets for each weekend are £125, including, as always, access to all the music plus three nights chalet accommodation and access to all the facilities at the Camber Sands holiday park where the event will be held. More info from - press info from Hermana.


London bar Fluid, one of the first proper DJ bars to appear in East London in the late nineties, is celebrating its seventh birthday tomorrow with a special night featuring a stack of great DJs. On the decks will be no less than Rob Mello, Nick de Semlyen, Housekeeping, Ali, Timo Garcia, Pete Herbert, Johnny Rock, Rowan Chernin, Courtney King, Nathan E Drake, Top Lip Action and Marshmellow Mike. Plus, as always, the Japanese inspired bar will be offering quality handmade sushi and sumptuous cocktails - what more do you want? The night kicks off at 8pm, and admission is £4. And there's a special tea time party for interested media types - if that's you give Tania at Pear Press a shout on 020 7274 2006.


Talking of, erm, music orientated bar venues with an EC postcode, Shoreditch's Cantaloupe has had a bit of refit and to celebrate will be stepping up its music programme, working with sister venue Cargo to stage monthly nights featuring the likes Trojan Records, Pathaan and Michael Cook. The revamped bar officially launches next Thursday (13 Oct), with a private party for movers, shakers and friends of the Cantaloupe group (most of whom also move and shake, I'm sure). Press info on this one from Ben at Cantaloupe on 020 7613 7730.


ALBUM REVIEW: Diefenbach - Set & Drift (We Love You)
Unpretentious and endearing, Diefenbach radiate Danish charm with their touching, wholesome and downright addictive long player, 'Set & Drift', their follow up to last Autumn's respected 'Run Trip Fall'. Building on the now-idiosyncratic instrumentals and melody-heavy style realised in the last LP, 'Set & Drift' sees the Danes move on and progress into full vocals and harmonies - something born out of the 'Run Trip Fall' final single, 'Make Your Mind', and leads the band into proper song-writing territory. Their stick-in-your-head choruses and vocal hooks flow naturally with the relaxed and pleasantly loose production, while the classic and nostalgic song-style is given an electronic twist, with acidic synths and modern effects. Highlights include dynamic tracks 'Favourite Friend' and 'Skyline' - with their coarse beats, waves of raw bass and elevating power-chords. Set & Drift's finest moments however, come with stylish and absorbing songs such as the quirky 'It's Only Love' and the very cool 'On The Move' - lovable and poignant, and touching on the melancholic, they embody Diefenbach's effortless musicality. OG
Release date: 3 Oct
Press contact: Darling [all]


According to Fox News, former Warner exec Jason Flom is due to take over the top job at the US division of EMI's Virgin Records. Flom was the founder of Lava Records and until recently also ran Warner Music Group's Atlantic Records. But he quit Warners earlier this summer, seemingly pissed off with the considerable downsizing being pursued by Bronfmann et al before and after the major label's share sale. Fox News' Roger Friedman has now said that Flom will be installed in the top job at Virgin in the next couple of weeks. He also asks what that might mean for the future of current senior Virgin US exec Matt Serletic, although industry website HitsDailyDouble says Flom and Serletic are good friends and are likely to make an effective working partnership at the top of the label.

In related news, Warner Music Group has had to spend in the region of $30 million on Flom's departure. Those costs relate primarily to Lava, the label formerly jointly owned by Flom and the major, but since bought out by and integrated with Warners since Flom's departure. The $30 million includes writing off some debts relating to the imprint, and the costs of integrating the label within the wider Warners infrastructure.


The Orange Playlist show is returning to ITV later this month, though with Lauren Laverne now very busy hosting CD:UK and the Xfm breakfast show there is a new host taking over - former Ozone presenter and Celebrity Love Island champion Ms Jayne Middlemiss. As before, a different celebrity guest will be quizzed each week on their favourite current and classic music, though this series will be shot on location rather than in that smart studio environment.

The big story here as far as Orange and ITV are concerned is that this is the first fully branded TV show (ie one where the advertiser's name is in the title) to be given a second series. ITV Head Of Sponsorship Gary Knight told CMU: "The acid test for any 'branded content' project is whether or not the show returns for a second series. Orange Playlist has achieved this ambition and this is a testament to both the show's ability to generate a successful viewer franchise and the marriage of the music and mobile worlds. ITV is delighted to be able to continue this partnership."

Orange Marketing Director Pippa Dunn added: "The second series sees interactive content, not just on TV, but on handsets and the web too. In continuing with the second series, we maintain our commitment of delivering music entertainment to consumers. Orange are proud to be leading the
way in branded programming and are confident that the positive changes to the format, and introduction of Jayne Middlemiss will make series two even more successful than series one."

The new series kicks off on 19 Oct at 11.30pm on ITV1. Each edition will be repeated on both ITV2 and VH1.


Talking of ITV, the TV network has announced it will launch its dedicated kids channel next February. The kids channel will run daytime on the same channel as ITV's new fourth channel, which launches on 1 Nov.


Pete Doherty is apparently in a bit of a mood after being told by the rehab clinic where Kate Moss is, er, rehabilitating, that he was barred from speaking with his supermodel chick-friend. Doherty made the call to The Meadows clinic in Arizona shortly after his arrest at the weekend on those previously reported drugs charges

One of The Star's insider sources told the tabloid: "Kate checked herself into the clinic and Pete has supported her all the way. He just wanted to hear her voice. At first they denied knowing her name and then told him they would hang up if he persisted. He was pissed off to say the least. The final blow came when they told him not to try contacting her again."

He must be mighty pissed off, then, that Moss's former partner and babyfather has reportedly been given permission to spend time with the supermodel after flying to the US with three year old daughter Lila in tow. Ah well. Perhaps cancelling Babyshambles appearances will take his mind of things.


Well, colour me confused. The two different versions of The Rubettes are back in court over an alleged case of false promotion. The glam rockers, whose biggest hit 'Sugar Baby Love' topped the charts in 1974, split into two separate groups, The Rubettes led by Alan Williams, and The Rubettes led by Bill Hurd, following a legal wrangle back in 1999. Now Alan Williams claims that Bill Hurd's version of the band is promoting itself as the original band in its entirety, using promotional images that included Williams' picture. He has brought the issue to court, and inspired a counter claim by Hurd. Both parties are claiming damages and accusing each other of breach of contact. Are we all clear on that now? Good.


Well, not the Harry Potter, obviously, he's too busy casting spells or playing that broomstick game or whatever. Anyway, we're sticking with legal battles over bands of the same name, with the news that a Canadian folk group are considering legal action against the producers of the latest Potter Film 'Goblet Of Fire'.

In the film, Jarvis Cocker and Radiohead's Phil Selway and Jonny Greenwood perform at a Hogwarts ball under the band name of 'Wyrd Sisters', but this name has been used by the all-girl folk outfit for fifteen years and they are now threatening to sue Warner Brothers.

Wyrd Sisters singer Kym Baryluk said: "It's a little late to be changing our name, not to mention very costly. We're quite sad about this. It has been messing us up for quite some time. We've had to cancel tours and delay the release of our new album. All of this is because we're not sure if we can continue under our name any more."


The Killers have said that they actually quite like Fall Out Boy, despite the fact that FOB's bassist Pete Wentz has been bitching about Brandon Flowers on the FOB website. Killers Drummer Ronnie Vannucci says they're not feuding at all, and told MTV "I hadn't even heard about this thing with Fall Out Boy until a few days ago, and I still don't get it. We got nothing against those guys at all. And I kind of like that song they've got ['Sugar, We're Goin Down']. It's catchy."

Vannucci also spoke about the new album the band are working on: "I don't know if I'm allowed to say or not, but I think we're going to do the album with Flood and Alan Moulder. We're playing around with a bunch of different ideas, and we'll never really know what anything will sound like until they're done. I don't think one would be expecting to have another 'Somebody Told Me' on the record. But who knows? It's not done yet."


Mick Jagger has denied reports that his girlfriend, who glories in the name of L'Wren Scott, is causing a Yoko-stylee rift between him and his bandmates during their current 'A Bigger Bang' tour. The Daily Mail had published comments from an unnamed source saying that Scott, a stylist, felt that the band should smarten up, and that she had tried to stop Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood from chain smoking. The source concluded: "Because she is a stylist she thinks she has the right to completely take over the Stones' style"

Jagger has now had enough of the speculation and released a statement to say that none of it is true: "We have not had any disagreements about clothes, smoking or L'Wren, and this is all very hurtful for her. It is completely untrue to say that L'Wren has caused a rift between myself and the rest of the band. This is all nonsense, everyone has their own style." Jagger went on to say that Scott "would not dream of interfering with a band who have been on the road for 40 years. In fact the band, their wives and girlfriends are all getting along extremely well."

Ronnie Wood's wife Jo Wood has also pitched in, commenting in the statement on the assertions that L'Wren had tried to get the Stones' guitarist to quit smoking: "Ronnie is the only one who can stop himself from smoking. No one can tell him to stop. Me and L'Wren went together to stop smoking in Boston three years ago."

She continued: "It's ridiculous about the clothes. Ronnie has the same look which he has had forever and that's not about to change. L'Wren did give some wonderful jackets to Ronnie that I loved and I told her if she found anything else I'd love to see them. L'Wren has got great taste, is fantastic company and is just one of the girls on tour."


Gosh, what a cumbersome headline. Anyway, The Mirror report that Robbie Williams had to show a young American lady his Knebworth DVD to reveal what he does: The singer explained: "It happened with this girl a few months ago. It was in America and not everyone there knows my face. The first time she came to my house, she was like 'Who are you?' I sat down and said: 'I'm a singer' and put on the DVD of my Knebworth show, telling her: 'Well, have a look at this'".

The girl in question was apparently suitably impressed: "It blew her mind, it was brilliant. I was like Bruce Wayne when he says to his lady: 'I'm Batman'." Then I said to her: 'Now you know my secret, I must kill you'."

Hope he didn't though. Might get litigious.

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