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In today's CMU Daily:
- Megaman raps at Old Bailey
- Prosecution set out case against Gottis ahead of trial
- Spector lawyers want self-incriminating comments ignored
- Brian McFadden case thrown out of court
- Raveonettes plead for lost kit
- Motley Crue drummer injured after pyros go wrong
- Ciara leads nominations as Vibe Awards go ahead
- U2 hit out at political fundraising at their concerts
- BPI tell off Apple and Napster for P2P ads
- EC official will take action if collection societies don't adapt
- Even more Lack rumours
- Missing Beethoven MS goes up for sale
- Concert for Bangladesh CD release
- Rush release new live package
- Bright Eyes release live album
- Athlete play Apple store
- Prodigy tour dates
- Mystery Jets single and live dates
- Jean and Jones team up for Katrina
- Coldplay already working on new album
- Moby calls Bush a nut job
- Williams wants to be a lady
- Vibe Awards nominations in full



From 19-23 October the annual Iceland Airwaves Festival takes over Reykjavik with a great programme of international bands ranging from hip hop heavies The Mitchell Brothers to hard-rocking Juliette & The Licks joining dozens of Icelandic artists, including the legendary Gus Gus and quirky electro poppers Bang Gang. London Now has teamed up with Icelandair to offer a lucky winner a once-in-a-lifetime trip for two to the Iceland Airwaves Festival. This terrific prize includes round-trip airfare to Reykjavik, four nights accommodation, plus hotel transfers, and of course a VIP pass to the Festival! To be in with a chance of winning it click the London Now button at


VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Nodisko @ Woody's
After 20 months of Sunday night parties, the Nodisko lads have had enough of Monday morning hangovers, so are taking over Woody's on Fridays instead, and this the opening night. With an ever increasing amount of good write-ups, this West London night is nothing if not eclectic - featuring an array of club tunes from London to Rome to NY, with electro, dub and house. Zak Frost and Magic Jase are on the case on resident duty, with Idjut Boys guesting in Room 1, Bent doing a DJ set in Room 2 and The Rev Milo Speedwagon in Room 3. Should be a good one.

Friday 14th Oct, Nodisko @ Woody's, 41-43 Woodfield Road, London W9 2BA, 8pm-3am, free before 9.30pm / then a steep £10 after, info from or

VIGSY'S LIVE TIP: Joyce and Jazzinho at Jazz Cafe
And again, back to the Cafe. This time legendary singer Joyce from Brazil jets in to promote her 25th album, 'Rio Bahia'. This lady first came to fame with her playful sexy voice in the sixties, but only first performed in the UK 12 years ago. She is possibly best know for 'Feminina' and the bossa/jazz fusion she creates, but she will also be playing guitar in her four piece band, and will no doubt play a few gems from the past. Also CMU favourites Jazzinho will be in action in a stripped down version with front woman Guida da Palma on deluxe lush Latin vocal duty alongside Ed Motta and Hamish Stuart. Always a good bet. Guida is a real entertainer, but sadly Graeme Flowers won't be on Flugelhorn duty.

Wed 19 October, Jazz Cafe, 5 The Parkway, Camden, NW5, doors 7pm, £15, more on the door at

Put your night up for the tip -


The latest news from the Old Bailey, where So Solid Crew's Megaman is on trial for murder, is that the urban star, aka Dwayne Vincent, has been rapping in court in an attempt to prove his innocence. As previously reported, Vincent is accused of being party to the murder of one Colin Scarlett in November 2004 in London. He and friend Carl Morgan both deny the charges.

During his appearance in the dock, Vincent denied the claims by the prosecution that So Solid Crew's lyrics promoted guns and violence, and performed the chorus of 'Ghetto Anthem', saying that the track was a call for unity, not confrontation. Those lyrics include the words: "The east side's fighting the west side. It's about time that we flip the script, let's stick together, all turn legit."

He also pointed out to the jury that it is wrong to assume that 'Megaman' is the same person as 'Dwayne Vincent', saying that the personality of Megaman bears no relation to his own. He said: "It was not in my mind to glorify violence. Megaman was just a character. Megaman is a musician, and me personally, I am a businessman. There are certain things you do in your career and things you do in your social life and you can't really mix the two."

Vincent went on to tell the court that he knew nothing about the disputes between Morgan and Scarlett directly preceding the fatal incident, also claiming that he tried to mediate in a row between the two. He also denied telling his friend to shoot Scarlett with the words "burst him". He said: "I ain't going to encourage my friend to kill anyone. It's ridiculous."

The case continues.


The Federal government in the US has published a 50 page document that for the first time sets out its case against The Inc boss Irv Gotti and his brother Chris Lorenzo. As previously reported, the Gottis were arrested at the start of the year over allegations they used Irv's Universal Music affiliated record company, The Inc (formerly Murder Inc), to launder money for notorious drug dealer Kenneth 'Supreme' McGriff.

The Feds issued the document which reveals aspects of their case against the brothers, due to go to court on 24 Oct, in a bid to stop the Gottis' lawyers from removing crucial evidence from the case - evidence seized from The Inc offices. Irv Gotti's lawyer Gerald Lefcourt tried to have that evidence set aside on the basis that the search of his client's offices had been unconstitutional. Lefcourt also called into question the evidence given by IRS criminal agent Franci Mace.

While the document produced by the prosecution responds primarily to Lefcourt's attempts to have evidence set aside, it also sets out other aspects of their case against the brothers. In particular it lists a string of evidence that shows that McGriff was not, as the Gottis claim, merely a casual acquaintance of Murder Inc. Prosecutors say they can prove McGriff spent a lot of time of The Inc's offices, that he regularly met associates there, that he had travel and accommodation booked and paid for by the label and that he reviewed business contracts on behalf of The Inc artist Ja Rule.

Of course none of that directly proves that Murder Inc was founded on and then laundered illegal drugs money from McGriff, but it suggests that the upcoming court case could be very interesting.


Talking of cases coming to a pop court near you soon, more on the pending Phil Spector trial, which is now not expected to reach court until the New Year.

Lawyers representing the legendary music producer are trying to get the judge overseeing the case to throw out self-incriminating comments made by Spector to the police shortly after Lana Clarkson was found shot dead at his LA home. According to police records, Spector initially apologised for shooting Clarkson but later, of course, claimed she had, in fact, committed suicide. Prosecution lawyers will use that initial admission as part of their case against the producer.

But defence lawyer Bruce Cutler has submitted a document to the court saying that those initial comments made by his client should not be considered in court because they were made when the producer "was experiencing symptoms of withdrawal from his medications, which could include hallucinations, forgetfulness, serious fatigue, and/or slurring". Cutler claims that Spector was in no condition to comment on the incidents that occurred at his home because when police initially interviewed the producer they either refused or ignored his requests to take the medications he was receiving at the time for depression, seizures, stomach acid, migraines and pain. Cutler also wants the judge to exclude evidence of 14 guns seized from Spector's home and the record producer's past misdemeanour firearms convictions.

The prosecution now have until 21 Oct to respond to Cutler's requests.


More from the pop courts. Lucky old Brian McFadden has had charges of speeding and careless driving dismissed, apparently because the case took so long to come to court. The former Westlifer appeared at Balbriggan District court in Eire to answer the charges relating to an incident on the M1 in North Dublin more than three years ago, when, it was alleged, he drove over the speed limit of 70mph. McFadden's barrister Kieron Kelly, however, said there was no record of the speed at which his client had been driving, and the case for the prosecution was supported by only one witness.

Judge Patrick Brady, however, focused on the length of time it had taken for the case to come to court, and was told that a series of incidents forced several separate adjournments, including one occasion when the sole witness was unable to appear as she was due to give birth to twins, and another when McFadden had to go to Asia on tour. Brady concluded that a delay of more than two years amounted to an unwarranted invasion of McFadden's right to a speedy trial, and threw the case out of court.


The Raveonettes have issued a plea to their fans to help them locate their stolen kit, which disappeared at a gig in New York last week. The band's Sharin Foo released a statement which reads: "We are completely devastated. Our gear was stolen on Friday Oct 7 in Brooklyn, NYC. So much has been lost, but these 4 guitars & basses listed underneath are truly the things that matter most to us... Like Wagner's Jazzmaster from 1961 that he has lived & travelled with, played & written on for the past 12 years. And Sharin's beloved Gretsch from 1967. If you see or hear anything about these 2 guitars and 2 basses please email us immediately at and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams."


When Pyros Go Wrong - now, there's a Channel 5 show in the making. Whether there's any footage of Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee getting attacked by some stage pyros on Wednesday night I don't know, but if there is it is sure to feature.

Anyway, poor Mr Lee was injured by some rampant pyros at Motley Crue's gig in Casper, Wyoming on Wednesday night. According to witnesses, during the band's penultimate song a Roman candle style display went wrong, causing pyros to seemingly "hurtle towards" Lee who, at that point in the show, was suspended on a wire above the stage.

Despite the injuries, Lee carried on to the end of the gig, but was then taken straight to a local hospital where he was apparently treated for burns. A police spokesman confirmed that Lee had been injured at the concert, but added that the injuries were not serious and were being treated.

There has been no official word from the band themselves about the incident, nor on whether it will affect upcoming US tour dates.


Ciara leads the nominations for the 2005 Vibe Awards, the annual awards event staged by the US music magazine. Ciara appears on five shortlists, including the one for Artist Of The Year, for which she competes with Mariah Carey, John Legend, 50 Cent and Kanye West.

Carey, Legend and West are also all nominated for the Album Of The Year Award for their respective long players - 'The Emancipation of Mimi', 'Get Lifted' and 'Late Registration'. The Game's 'The Documentary' and Lil Kim's 'The Naked Truth' are also up for the prestigious best long player gong.

Elsewhere in the shortlists, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Ludacris, TI and The Game compete for Rapper of the Year, while Boyz N Da Hood, Cassidy, Juelz Santana, Mike Jones and TI are all shortlisted for the Street Anthem Award. A full nomination list is at the bottom of today's Daily.

Last year's Vibe Awards, of course, proved controversial after a man was stabbed after he tried to attack Dr Dre. Rapper Young Buck, signed to Dre's label, was accused of stabbing Dre's attacker, and he is due in court later this month to face those charges. With that in mind some questioned whether the Vibe Awards would go ahead this year at all.

Commenting on those events, Vibe publisher Kenard Gibbs told Billboard this week: "For obvious reasons, it was up in the air at one point. Everyone was very concerned as to what would be the fallout of something like this. But after conversations with UPN [who broadcast it], our advertisers and the record community, we found everyone was committed to supporting this platform."


U2 has hit out at US politicians, including Hillary Clinton, for using their shows to raise political party funds.

The band made comment after it was revealed at least two politicians, one Democrat and one Republican, had booked suites at up coming U2 concerts and were selling tickets to party supporters to join the politician in question to watch the show. Money raised from the ticket sales would go to party funds.

New York senator Ms Clinton has booked a suite at U2's show at Washington's MCI Center next week, and is selling places in that suite to party supporters for $2500 a shot. A spokesman for Clinton told reporters: "We do a meet-and-greet with the senator, and then go in and listen to music."

Republican Pennsylvania senator Mr Santorum, meanwhile, is holding a similar event at the band's Philadelphia show this Sunday. He is charging supporters $1000 to join him at the gig.

While they can do little to stop the politicians' fundraising plans, given that the venues control who has the use of their suites, the band are not happy with political fundraising going on at their shows. A spokesman for the band told reporters: "U2 concerts are categorically not fundraisers for any politician. They are rock concerts for U2 fans."


According to the Guardian, the BPI had to have a stern word with both Apple and Napster after it materialised they were advertising their download services via an illegal P2P network. As far as the BPI is concerned companies who advertise with P2P firms like Kazaa are supporting and indirectly profiteering from the illegal distribution of music - and that is particularly stupid if the companies doing the advertising are themselves music companies. The BPI's Steve Redmond told The Guardian: "We deplore the unauthorised distribution of music on internet sites which prosper by selling advertising on the back of copyright theft".

Apple blamed a rogue agency who acted on their behalf but without their consent in booking the ads on the unnamed P2P network. That agency, Mediabrokers, blamed a rogue ad agency who acted on their behalf but without their consent. Which is something of a common theme when it comes to dodgy online advertising. It's amazing how many major brands you find advertising via those horrible spyware/adware platforms which are crippling thousands of computers every week. Said brands don't realise of course, because they outsource their online ad buying to an agency, who outsources it to another agency, who outsources it to another agency, who outsources it and so on and so on until some dumb ass books an ad on some nasty spyware/adware system. But ultimately it's the brand's fault - certainly it's their name that the customer is associating with the thing that is stopping their computer from working!

Not wishing to go on about this, but spyware/adware is one of the most horrible inventions of the internet age - computer viruses bankrolled by major advertisers. One of you journalists out there really should do an expose on the whole thing. We'd do it, but we're too busy trying to wipe the spyware off one of our PCs which has just stopped working because of it.


As expected, the EC this week formally released its recommendations for a new pan-European online music licensing model. This aims to simplify the process download platforms like iTunes and Napster have to go through in order to secure licences to sell digital music from the royalty collection societies all over Europe. The download companies say that vastly different systems in different countries have made establishing a Europe-wide service much more costly and bureaucratic than it should be.

As previously reported, the EC's recommendations are just that - they won't force any of the collection societies to do anything, rather they will put pressure on each individual society to develop their systems so they fall in line with the model European officials have recommended. That fact has caused some in the download space to say the EC's proposals will, in reality, achieve little.

But when launching the proposals this week, EU Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy said that if the collection societies didn't act to incorporate the recommendations on their own, then he would seek to force standards on them at a later date. He told reporters: "I will be monitoring the situation closely and, if I am not satisfied that sufficient progress is being made, I will take tougher action".


More gossip surrounding the growing pressure facing SonyBMG boss Andy Lack. As you'll remember, word has it the former BMG execs who make up half of the SonyBMG board want Lack out of the top job at the merged major when his contract comes up for renewal later this year. According to HitsDailyDouble, the troubled record label chief was in Germany earlier this week trying to win over some of those board members, but, if HDD is to believed, he achieved little. HDD also reports another reason why opposition to Lack is growing among former BMG execs at the top of the merged company. Apparently they are starting to discover that former Sony staffers are getting much better deals in ongoing employment-package renegotiations than those who began their careers with Bertelsmann.


An 80 page Beethoven manuscript which has been missing for over a hundred years is to go up for sale at Sotheby's in London on 1 Dec. The score of 'Grosse Fuge', which shows the composers deletions and corrections, was last seen at an auction in Berlin in 1890, and is described by Sotheby's as "the most important Beethoven manuscript to appear in recent memory".

The item was found by a librarian Heather Carbo the Palmer Theological Seminary in Philadelphia when she was conducting an inventory; it's not known how the manuscript came to be in the seminary's archives, but it's believed that the buyer at that 1890 auction was an industrialist from Ohio who took it back to the US with him. It's not the first time the religious school has been fortunate enough to find a 'lost' manuscript. Original Mozart scripts were discovered at the seminary back in 1990. President Dr Wallace Charles Smith said: "At the time, we called it 'the Mozart miracle'. It seems appropriate that this time we are thankful for the 'Beethoven blessing'."

Dr Stephen Roe of Sotheby's said the discovery was "an amazing find", and continued: "It has never before been seen or described by Beethoven scholars. Its rediscovery will allow a complete reassessment of this extraordinary music." The last missing Beethoven MS, found in Cornwall in 1999, sold for £166,500, but this latest find is expected to fetch as much as £1.5million.


EMI is to release a two CD edition of George Harrison's 1971 Concert For Bangladesh, alongside that previously reported DVD of the show, on 25 Oct. The CD will feature a previously unreleased performance 'Love Minus Zero/No Limit' by Bob Dylan. All artist royalties from sales of the CD will continue to go to UNICEF.


Rush are to release a new live DVD. The two disc set 'Rush - R30', centres around footage from a concert in Frankfurt which the band performed last year as part of their 30th anniversary tour, but also features rare live performances and interview footage spanning the last three decades.

The set is released on 28 Nov via Sanctuary, and should be a big pre-Christmas seller for the label, given that the last live video offering from these guys was the biggest selling music DVD Sanctuary has ever had. With that in mind, Spencer Pollard, Head of Audiovisual at Sanctuary, told CMU: "'Rush In Rio' has been one of our best selling music DVD titles and we are delighted to have secured European DVD rights to R30. We believe this package will be just as popular with Rush fans, old and new. We are delighted to be working with the band again for what will be, without doubt, one of the strongest music DVDs of Q4 2005 and beyond."

Press info on the release from Noble PR.


And a little more imminent-live-album-release news. Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst is to release a live album in Nov, entitled 'Motion Sickness', which will feature fifteen songs performed during Oberst's 'Wide Awake World' tour last year, including covers of Feist's 'Mushaboom' and Elliot Smith's 'The Biggest Lie'. The album is to be distributed to independent music shops only on its US release. It's not known whether that will also apply to its UK release. Tracklisting:

At the Bottom of Everything
We Are Nowhere and It's Now
Old Soul Song
Make War Short
Make War
Landlocked Blues
Method Acting
Train Under Water
When the President Talks to God
Road to Joy
Southern State
True Blue
The Biggest Lie


Athlete are the latest artists to play a set at London's Apple store, appearing at the Regent Street shop at 9pm on Tuesday 18 Oct to play an intimate set for 400 fans. Tickets can be obtained via the band's official website. A week following the gig, iTunes plan to make five tracks from the show available to download.

And elsewhere in Athlete live date news, the band, who release their next single 'Twenty Four Hours' on 14 Nov, are heading out on tour at the end of this month. And here, my friends, are the all important dates:

25 Oct: Manchester Carling Apollo
26 Oct: Manchester Carling Apollo
27 Oct: Newcastle Carling Academy
28 Oct: Glasgow Carling Academy
29 Oct: Edinburgh Corn Exchange
31 Oct: Brighton Centre, Brighton
1 Nov: London Hammersmith Carling Apollo
2 Nov: London Hammersmith Carling Apollo
4 Nov: Derby Assembly Rooms
5 Nov: Cambridge Corn Exchange
6 Nov: Portsmouth Guildhall
7 Nov: Plymouth Pavilion
9 Nov: Bristol Colston Hall
11 Nov: Birmingham Carling Academy
12 Nov: Newport Centre


More live dates! This time it's a Prodigy tour. Hurrah. They're heading out on their biggest ever series of UK gigs in support of best of release. "Their Law: The Singles 1990-2005." Dates as follows:

18 Nov: Belfast Odyssey
21 Nov: Glasgow SECC
22 Nov: Newcastle Arena
23 Nov: Manchester MEN Arena
25 Nov: Birmingham NIA
26 Nov: Bournemouth International Arena
27 Nov: Cardiff International Arena
29 Nov: Brighton Centre
1 - 4 Dec: London Brixton Academy


Mystery Jets have announced that they will release their next single, 'Alas Agnes' on 5 Dec, to be issued on CD and on two different 7 inches featuring live performances recorded back in June. They've also announced a huge tour, entitled 'Eel Pie Revue'. Dates are as follows:

1 Nov: Northampton Soundhaus
2 Nov: Leeds Cockpit
3 Nov: Hull Adelphi
4 Nov: Darlington 2K
6 Nov: Newcastle Cluny
7 Nov: Glasgow King Tuts
8 Nov: Aberdeen The Tunnel
9 Nov: Edinburgh The Venue
11 Nov: Sheffield Leadmill
12 Nov: Middlesbrough Empire
13 Nov: Manchester Roadhouse
14 Nov: Derby Victoria Inn
15 Nov: Nottingham Rescue Rooms
17 Nov: York Fibbers
18 Nov: Liverpool Barfly
20 Nov: Oxford Zodiac
21 Nov: Exeter Cavern
22 Nov: Birmingham Barfly
24 Nov: Cardiff Iforbach
25 Nov: Bristol Louisiana
27 Nov: Portsmouth Wedgwood Rooms
28 Nov: Brighton Komedia
29 Nov: Southend Chinnerys
1 Dec: Reading Fez Club
2 Dec: Tunbridge Wells Forum
3 Dec: Cambridge APU
5 Dec: London Internat'l Student House


Wyclef Jean and Norah Jones have joined forces on a Katrina benefit single, 'Any Other Day'. The song is available exclusively through MSN Music and proceeds are to be split between the American Red Cross and AmeriCares for Gulf Coast Hurricane Relief


Sorry to bring you such depressing news, especially on a Friday, but we are forced to report that Chris Martin has told Xfm that Coldplay are already working on material for their next album, despite the fact that they have been very busy touring the US.

Martin said: "We're always working on new material. We've got no laurels to rest on, man. We're still looking for our laurels in my opinion. We've everything to prove and we've finished phase one of Coldplay and now we're going to enter phase two, which could be the Abba phase it could be the transvestite phase, who knows, but it'll definitely be good. It's not a reaction against anything as much as an evolvement. But the new record's gonna blow your socks off. Or tights, depending on what you're wearing."

Well, at least they're planning to move in a new direction. Whether that direction is towards 'even more middle of the road' or 'even more mind numbingly whiny' remains to be seen.


Moby has called George W Bush a 'nut job', following reports that the US president said that God told him to do It. The star wrote on his website: "So apparently George W Bush told a Palestinian leader that 'God told him to invade Iraq.' The White House are denying this, but somehow it rings true. George W Bush is a nut job. An out of touch, inept, ill-informed, nut job."


The Sun reports that Robbie Williams has said that he'd like to be a woman for a day in order to experience sex from a female perspective because he thinks it would help him in his relationships with ladies. Interestingly, he doesn't want to become a woman for the day in order to find out what it's like to have PMT.

Anyway, Williams apparently said: "I want to know what sex feels like for a woman. If I was a woman - but only for 24 hours - then I'd finally know what's going on in their heads." He added "And I want to experience a female orgasm," a sentiment probably echoed by a fair few women.

Elsewhere in Robbie News (there's lots of it at the moment, is he promoting something?), reports suggest that Paramount have optioned the rights to a movie about the singer's life. According to, Robbie wrote a script about himself whilst in rehab in LA, and says "I started to write them as therapy while I was in Los Angeles, and a friend suggested I submit them. To my surprise they (Paramount) liked them and have optioned them, which is amazing."

Williams has no plans for a career change, however, which is probably for the best: "Would I like to act? No, not at all, but I like the idea of some of my work being up there on the big screen."



R&B Voice Of The Year: Destiny's Child, Fantasia, John Legend, Keyshia Cole, Mariah Carey

Best Rapper: 50 Cent, Kanye West, Ludacris, TI, The Game

Next Award: Daddy Yankee, Keyshia Cole, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Young Jeezy

Coolest Collabo: Kanye West featuring Jamie Foxx - Gold Digger, Bow Wow featuring Ciara - Like You, Ciara featuring Ludacris - Oh, Destiny's Child featuring TI & Lil Wayne - Soldier, Mike Jones featuring Slim Thug And Paul Wall - Still Tippin

Street Anthem: Boyz N Da Hood - Dem Boyz, Cassidy - I'm A Hustla, Juelz Santana - SANTANA, Mike Jones featuring Slim Thug And Paul Wall - Still Tippin, TI - U Don't Know Me

Power Broker Of The Year: Jermaine Dupri, John Singleton, Kevin Liles, Shawn Carter, Tyler Perry

Club Banger: Amerie - 1 Thing, TI - Bring Em Out, Pharrell featuring Gwen Stefani - Can I Have It Like That, Tony Yayo featuring 50 Cent - So Seductive, Ying Yang Twins - Wait (The Whisper Song)

Reelest Video: Missy Elliott featuring Ciara & Fat Man Scoop - Lose Control, Ludacris featuring Bobby Valentino - Pimpin' All Over The World, Common - The Corner, R Kelly - Trapped In The Closet, Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Welcome To Jamrock

Hottest Hook: The Game featuring 50 Cent - Hate It Or Love It, Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl, Slim Thug - I Ain't Heard Of That, Trillville featuring Cutty - Some Cut, Young Jeezy featuring Akon - Soul Survivor

Video Goddess:
Buffie The Body in 'So Seductive' by Tony Yayo featuring 50 Cent
Chessika in 'Play' by David Banner
Esther Baxter in 'Number One Spot' by Ludacris
Lyric in 'Candy Shop' by 50 Cent, Featuring Olivia
Summer Walker in 'Badd' by Ying Yang Twins, Featuring Mike Jones

Boomshot Award: I Wayne - Can't Satisfy Her, TOK - Footprints, Lady Saw - I've Got Your Man, Rupee - Tempted To Touch, Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Welcome To Jamrock

Best R&B Song: Marques Houston - All Because Of You, Mario - Let Me Love You, Teairra Marí - Make Her Feel Good, John Legend - Ordinary People, Mariah Carey - We Belong Together

Best Group: 112, Destiny's Child, The Black Eyed Peas, The Diplomats, Ying Yang Twins

Vstyle: Aix Armani Exchange, Baby Phat, Just Cavalli, Rocawear, Sean John

Vibe Vixen: Ciara, Joy Bryant, Keyshia Cole, Kimora Lee Simmons, Tyra Banks

Album Of The Year: John Legend - Get Lifted, Kanye West - Late Registration, The Game -The Documentary, Mariah Carey -The Emancipation Of Mimi, Lil' Kim -The Naked Truth

Artist Of The Year: 50 Cent, Ciara, John Legend, Kanye West, Mariah Carey

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