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In today's CMU Daily:
- Radio 1 appoint new Head Of Music
- DMX faces jail after guilty plea
- More pre-trial wranglings for Spector
- Jacko settles antiques dispute
- Aunt and uncle have to rethink lawsuit against Eminem
- Stones latest artist to enter Starbucks partnership
- Kaiser Chief collapses off stage
- Test Icicles: 'yes, we were shit'
- New York Dolls reunion documentary
- Creative continues to struggle in battle with iPod
- iMesh ready to go
- EMI and Nokia enter partnership in Latin America
- Single review: The Wedding Present - Ringway To Seatac
- Geldof says Live 8 was a success
- New Prodigy album in the works
- Subways announce US tour
- Young Knives tour
- New Beggars signings play ULU
- Duran Duran live DVD release
- Album review: My Morning Jacket - Z
- Pete Doherty writes song
- Weezer's Cuomo on college, celibacy, meditation
- Lennon lyrics up for sale
- Britney song for sale on eBay
- Sharon Osbourne's nephew sticks knife into the X finalists


Radio 1 have appointed George Ergatoudis, currently Music Manager for 1Xtra, to the vacant role of Head Of Music. Ergatoudis replaces Alex Jones-Donelly in the top music job at the nation's favourite - as previously reported, his predecessor left the station back in July to take up a VP job at EMI Publishing.

Confirming Ergatoudis' appointment, Radio 1 boss Andy Parfitt told CMU: "I am delighted to appoint George, it's one of the most important jobs at Radio 1, and arguably for music industry as a whole. We have conducted a very thorough search for the right person which has been a very stimulating experience. George has all the right skills, great experience and a strong reputation in radio and music. I am convinced that he will be able to lead Radio 1's music team and build on the station's world-class reputation for discovering and supporting new UK music."

Ergatoudis added "This is an amazing opportunity for me. It's a very exciting time in music and a commitment to breaking new music will be at the heart of my remit. I look forward to getting stuck in."


Rapper DMX faces about 60 days in jail after he pleaded guilty yesterday to violating the conditional discharge he was given after he drove through a barrier at John F Kennedy International Airport last year.

As previously reported, the rapper, real name Earl Simmons, pleaded guilty to charges of reckless endangerment in December last year and admitted that he was on valium at the time of the incident, in which he crashed his vehicle into an airport gate after telling a parking lot attendant that he was a federal agent. He was subsequently sentenced to a conditional discharge, but has twice violated it by committing traffic violations. Firstly he was caught driving a car at 104mph near his Westchester County home just one week after the conditional discharge was issued. Then in April he was involved in an accident in the Bronx with two other vehicles, one of which was an unmarked police car.

According to the Queens District Attorney's office, Simmons yesterday admitted both violations to Judge Dorothy Chin-Brandt and he now awaits sentencing. It had been thought the rapper might avoid trail because his lawyers were reportedly close to doing a deal with the DA's office - so much so the original court hearing was postponed. But clearly no deal could be done, so presumably the best Simmons could hope for was pleading guilty and getting the shortest possible sentence - probably two months.


While we're in the pop courts, some more pre-trial wranglings from the Phil Spector case. As you all surely know, the legendary producer is facing a New Year trial over allegations he shot dead actress Lana Clarkson at his LA home back in 2003 - he claims Clarkson shot herself. The latest wranglings are over attempts by the prosecution to obtain a statement made by Spector in a lawsuit he issued against defence lawyer Robert Shapiro, who was originally managing the producer's defence case. Prosecution lawyers reckon that statement would help their case. Spector's current defence team argue that that statement was protected by the lawyer-client privilege, and therefore could not be used in the new trial. In their official statement opposing the prosecution's request, defence lawyers said that Spector would never have made the statement if he had "thought that his deposition would be anything but privileged and confidential". A hearing is now set for 2 Dec to decide whether the statements will be allowed to be included at the trial when it kicks off in January.


More pop court news, and more on Michael Jackson's legal affairs. The singer has reached a settlement with an LA antiques firm called Kamand Enterprise who were suing him for $178,000, a sum they alleged was owed on purchases made by Jacko back in 2004. The case had been due to go to court in LA on Monday. While Jackson may not have been required to attend the hearing himself, the lawsuit was nevertheless problematic given that the singer is no longer residing in the US. It is likely that that had an influence on Jacko's decision to settle. Neither side in the dispute revealed much information about the settlement, except that it seems the items Jacko owed money for were returned to the antiques firm. A spokesman for Jacko told reporters: "There was a return of some disputed items of furniture", while the lawyer representing Kamand Enterprise said, simply: "The matter was resolved to the satisfaction of all parties".


Even more legal news. A judge has thrown out most of the lawsuit issued against Eminem by his aunt and uncle Jack and Betti Schmitt. They claim their nephew has put them into a financially insecure position by failing to fulfill his promises. They claim Slim Shady urged them to sell their house and to move into a new one he had had built, and that he promised to pay them $100,000 a year for five years. But, they say, the rapper has only paid them $165,000 since 2002, and now he is evicting them from their home. While all of that may or may not be true, the judge at Macomb County Court has ruled that the couple do not have a legal case against their nephew, except for their allegations that he had possibly illegally profited from improvements they had made to the house. All that said, the couple have been offered the chance to resubmit their lawsuit, and Eminem's people have been ordered to then respond within 45 days. So therefore, the case continues.


The Rolling Stones are the latest flagship artist to announce a partnership with Starbucks, though unlike the coffee chain's previous controversial deals with Alanis Morissette and Bob Dylan, this one does not involve exclusivity.

Working with Virgin Records, Starbucks have put together a compilation of Stones rarities, including live versions of tracks like 'Tumbling Dice' and 'Beast of Burden', dance remixes of 'Miss You' and 'Harlem Shuffle' and b-sides, such as their live 1971 cover of Chuck Berry's 'Let It Rock'. The album will go on sale in Starbucks stores across America and Canada on 22 Nov - however the album will also be available to other music retailers on the same day, and will be managed outside North America by Virgin as if it was a standard release.

As previously reported, Alanis Morissette's recent deal with Starbucks gave the coffee chain a six week head start selling the acoustic version of 'Jagged Little Pill', while Bob Dylan gave the firm the exclusive rights to sell his album 'Live At The Gaslight 1962'. Those deals have caused much resentment among traditional music retailers, with HMV Canada taking all of Morissette and Dylan's stock off their shelves for the duration of any exclusivity deal.

Why the Stones project does not give Starbucks any exclusivity is unclear, although the band are more than familiar with HMV Canada's response to such deals. The music chain boycotted Stones' products when they signed a four month exclusivity deal with North American retailer Best Buy giving them the exclusive right to sell 2003 DVD release 'Four Flicks'.


Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson collapsed on Sunday at the close of the band's appearance at the Birmingham leg of the NME Rock N Roll Riot tour, presumably as a result of being a bit too energetic (he tore ligaments in his ankle earlier in the year due to all of that jumping around he does). The group had just finished their set at the event, held at the Birmingham Academy, when the singer fainted after rushing off stage. A source told "He got knackered and flaked out. There was first aid at the side of the stage and they gave him some water and then he was bright as a button two minutes later."

A witness who posted on the band's official website said: "He did literally just collapse and Nick (Hodgson - drummer) poured a bottle of water over his head and he still didn't get up."


Test Icicles have spoken to Gigwise about that incident in Liverpool on Friday. As previously reported, the band were supporting label mates Arctic Monkeys, but were met with boos and a barrage of plastic glasses when they played their set. Guitarist Rory Aggwelt admitted that they weren't very good: "Basically we were late. It's really hectic at the moment. We didn't have time to sound check never mind warm up. We turned up and did our thing. We were really shit and we know that." Band mate Devonte Hynez added: "We can't expect people to like us when we're so shit. Some people like us, some people just don't get us."

Aggwelt also added that the fact that the audience were Arctic Monkeys fans didn't help: "They just didn't get us and I don't think people were there to see us."


The recent reunion of New York Dolls, inspired, if you remember, by Morrissey, who persuaded them to appear at the Meltdown festival in 2004, is the focus of a new documentary exploring late bassist Arthur Kane's decision to return to the group following a thirty year separation and his conversion to Mormonism. As previously reported, Kane died aged 55, just weeks after the band regrouped for their performance at the Royal Festival Hall last year.

The documentary, entitled 'New York Doll', features interviews with Kane and bandmates, but also friends and fellow musicians, and traces the history of the band from its inception in the seventies through to last year's tour, which the band continued following Kane's death. The film was a hit at this year's Sundance Festival, and is set to go on general release in the US on Friday, but as yet there is no date confirmed for a UK release.

Meanwhile the surviving Dolls are to start work on a new studio album before the end of the year, expected to see a release in the spring of 2006.


MP3 player company Creative is expected to announce this week that they have just been through another disappointing quarter financially. City insiders reckon the technology company will post losses of $8.8 million for its fiscal first quarter, which ended on 30 Sep. That would be the company's second straight quarterly loss, and would come despite the fact revenues for the period were up 53% on the same period last year, up to $321.1 million.

Creative are expected to blame the continued dominance of Apple's iPod and the increasingly competitive digital music player space for its financial woes. Certainly Creative needs to find a way to take on Apple in order to turn its fortunes around. Most of the company's hopes now rest with their new Zen MicroPhoto player, seen as Creative's attempt to compete with the iPod Nano.

This player fits in the palm of the hand, yet features 8GB of storage, a voice recorder, FM radio and colour photo display. What's more, because it plays both MP3s and WMA files, the Zen player is compatible with pretty much every download platform, except Apple's iTunes. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen if the new player will appeal to a sufficient number of consumers to have an impact on Creative's bottom line. Certainly the iPod Nano, despite criticisms regarding the durability of its screen, is already enjoying a much higher profile than Creative's new player.


Well, as Bertelsmann pilot their new legit P2P network in Germany, we hear that one of their big competitors in the space, iMesh, are about to launch theirs. iMesh has apparently satisfied record label execs that their system works, and word is that they will launch any time now with a $6.95 monthly subscription rate. That will allow subscribers to share any music from the catalogues of signed up record labels without running the risk of a nasty legal letter from the RIAA. iMesh, of course, used to be an illegal P2P system, but was able to pursue its legit P2P ambitions after paying a multi-million dollar settlement to the major record companies. With both iMesh and Bertelsmann's GNAB now readying for launch, presumably the other big player in this space, Mashboxx, will have to get their service ready for public consumption sooner rather than later.


EMI's Latin America division has announced a new deal with phone manufacturer Nokia which will see Nokia 6230 mobiles sold in the region coming pre-loaded with music from the major label's catalogue, including global names like Coldplay and KT Tunstall as well as artists from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile.

The music will be provided on a 128MB memory card. Each card will come with four full tracks, two from international artists and two from local artists. There will also be ring tones, wallpapers and a number of video clips installed, including a live video performance of 'Other Side of the World' by KT Tunstall, and a short interview with Coldplay.

Confirming the deal, EMI Latin America boss Marco Bissi told reporters: "This is a great agreement with Nokia which responds to EMI's goal to make our music available, whenever and wherever music fans want to experience it. We're very excited to be working with Nokia to deliver great music from EMI artists to the increasingly-connected music fans in the Latin market."

Nokia Latin America Senior VP Maurizio Angelone added: "Nokia is very pleased with this collaboration with EMI because of their great repertoire of international and local music in addition to their alignment with our vision of providing mobile entertainment and increased personalisation to our end users. Nokia connects people to their passions - in this case music - and as the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones, Nokia is taking the lead to make mobile music widely accessible, as a natural extension of our Connecting People slogan".

It is not entirely clear what the long term objectives of the memory card promotion are. Consumers will get a booklet promoting featured artists, with incentives to buy more of their music on CD. Meanwhile the promotion will presumably demonstrate the multi-media potential of the handsets. However, it is not known if either party sees there being a future in selling such memory card collections for consumption on a mobile, or whether the promotion is more about positioning the mobile as a digital music player to be principally fed by a mobile or web based download platform.


SINGLE REVIEW: The Wedding Present - Ringway To Seatac (Scopitones)
The Wedding Present were *the* archetypal post-Smiths indie band. David Gedge's buzzy guitar songs seemed to permanently hover around the lower reaches of the top 40 during the 80's, his proto-Nick Hornby lyrics about relationships loved by music critics and indie blokes alike. He then formed Cinerama with his girlfriend, though, and released several more poppier albums. Following the demise of that relationship, the Wedding Present are back, releasing new album 'Take Fountain' earlier this year. This single is taken from that new album and it seems that the sound has not changed one jot. It's still jangly, lof-fi guitar pop with Gedge singing in familiar fashion, "Don't stare into my eyes - I couldn't bear for you to realise that I'm still desperately in love with you." The lyrics describe Gedge's flight from Manchester's Ringway Airport to Seatac Airport in Seattle. The B-side Shivers' is a gentler, track recalling American 60's pop. It could be that a new generation of indie kids will discover the Weddoes and it will certainly keep the old fans happy. JW
Release date: 24 Oct
Press contact: Pomona [CP, RP, NP] Scopitones IH ( [CR, RR, NR]


Bob Geldof said yesterday that July's Live 8 concerts were, in fact, very successful, calling them "a hugely effective political device", and defending them against the idea that the gigs did more to bring attention to the artists that were involved than to the problem the events were designed to highlight. The campaigner is currently launching a DVD of a his BBC documentary 'Africa'.

Geldof said: "Some people may, perhaps correctly, view Live 8 as the blink of an eye. Five days later, the horrific, devastating London bombs dissipated the goodwill of the Olympic bid and Live 8. But the concert was only ever meant to be a device to push an anti-poverty agenda through the political process of the G8."

He told Reuters that the gigs heightened young people's awareness of the problems facing African nations. "The effect forever on the economic life of Africa is there," he said "the aid agencies are now marketing the young like big companies because the agencies truly understand. They always suspected it but it took marketeers in popular culture to be able to show that you can really inform younger people and get them to move the agenda."

On his hopes for the future of Africa, he said: "I am a possibilist, I am a pragmatist. I think the impetus is still there. This continent cannot be allowed to die nightly in the pornography of poverty that is our news screens. People cannot simply die every night over our dinner tables. That must stop."


The Prodigy have revealed that they are at work on a new long player. The band announced the news in a post on their website which read "We have started writing and recording new material for the fifth Prodigy album. We will be recording for most of next year as well as playing live around the globe. Liam, Keith & Maxim."


The Subways are to head out on a US tour at the end of next month to capitalise on an appearance on one of CMU's favourite shows, 'The OC'. The band will perform 'Rock And Roll Queen' in an episode to air in America on 17 Nov. I suspect most of you won't be able to make it; but just in case you can:

28 Nov: Silverlake, Spaceland
29 Nov: Los Angeles, Cinespace
1 Dec: San Francisco, Popscene
3 Dec: Boston, Great Scotts
6 Dec: New York, Rothko
7 Dec: Brooklyn, Northsix
9 Dec: Toronto, The Mod Club


The Young Knives are shortly to finish recording their debut album, and will set out on a rather long tour at the start of next month to coincide with the release of their new single 'The Decision', which is out at the end of Nov. The band will be supported by Transgressive label mates Rumble Strips.

Dates as follows:

5 Nov: Leeds Faversham/Nasty Festival
6 Nov: Oxford Zodiac
7 Nov: London Garage/Artrocker
8 Nov: Huddersfield Tokyo/Club NME
9 Nov: Brighton Union
10 Nov: Taunton Aura
11 Nov: Stoke Underground/Club NME
12 Nov: Bedford The Pad
14 Nov: Sunderland The Point
15 Nov: Sheffield Leadmill
16 Nov: Birmingham Barfly
17 Nov: Coventry Coliseum/Kinky Afro
18 Nov: Manchester Bierkeller
19 Nov: Hull Welly
21 Nov: Liverpool University
22 Nov: Shrewsbury Rowleys
23 Nov: Cambridge Soul Tree
24 Nov: Nottingham Stealth/Club NME
25 Nov: Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach
28 Nov: Bristol Manhattan Bar
29 Nov: Colchester Essex University
30 Nov: Northampton Soundhaus
1 Dec: Bath Moles
2 Dec: Oldham The Castle
3 Dec: Newcastle Bulletproof
4 Dec: Aberdeen Tunnels
5 Dec: Glasgow King Tuts
6 Dec: Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire
7 Dec: London Barfly/Transgressive night


Beggars Banquet's newest signings, The Early Years, are supporting Electrelane at ULU tonight. These guys have been getting lots of acclaim from the likes of Huw Stephens, Steve Lamacq and John Kennedy, to mention but a few, so this is a gig well worth checking out (and Electrelane are rather good too). The Early Years have been working with Death In Vegas' Tim Holmes on debut single 'All Ones and Zeros' which will be released in the New Year. Press info from Beggars.


Duran Duran are to release a live DVD, entitled 'Live From London', to be released on 7 Nov. The recording features footage from the band's last two dates in their series of concerts at Wembley in 2004, and is available as a single disc, or as a deluxe two disc package. Both packages include a behind the scenes documentary, and various other bonus features.

Press info from Noble PR


ALBUM REVIEW: My Morning Jacket - Z (SonyBMG)
Losing one band member is bad luck, but losing two is careless. Despite this handicap, My Morning Jacket have regrouped, recruited new members, and returned to the musical fold. For their fourth album, the Kentucky natives have teamed up with the veteran British producer, John Leckie, whose list of credits include Radiohead and The Stone Roses, and he has assisted the band in moulding their traditional roots and alt-country sound into something more spiritual and affective. There are hints of Flaming Lips, Arcade Fire, and Mercury Rev on this record; My Morning Jacket evidently shares these bands' approach to making pop music. The sound is vast and epic, and evokes a mood that feels rather mystical and divine; on the likes of 'What a Wonderful Man', James opens with the line "He was leading us through the dark", and 'Gideon' explicitly states "Religion should appeal to the hearts of the young". The band are blessed to have a front man like Jim James, whose voice is simply quite brilliant; as grandiose as say, Jeff Buckley, and infused with similar emotion, a powerful instrument which gives the band an added dimension, in addition to their already adept musicianship. This record is clearly keen to embrace different musical styles; the likes of 'Wordless Chorus' have ambient leanings, in contrast to the glorious R&B/soul of 'Off The Record'. For a band which historically has made music in the Americana genre, branching out into new directions and genres is a welcome and very successful move. The likes of 'Anytime' and 'Lay Low' demonstrate their particular talent in their traditional field too, recalling the classic American sound, which artists like Neil Young and The Band explored to great effect. Fans of the bands mentioned so far will adore this record. And besides, the Metacritic directory of reviews currently has 'Z' at No 2 in its most acclaimed records of the year. Who'm I to argue with that? KW
Release date: 17 Oct
Press contact: SonyBMG IH [all]


Pete Doherty has apparently written a song for his chosen football team, Queen's Park Rangers. Writing in yesterday's Fuardian, Doherty explained his love for the team, and expressed disappointment that Michael Nyman, and not he, was asked to write an anthem for them.

Doherty said: "Fair play to Michael Nyman for composing the song for Queens Park Rangers to come out on to the pitch but I've already written a song for when they win the FA Cup. He could do the B-side."

He continued: "Imagine a relationship that went wrong but you held on in there for years: that's what it is like supporting a football team. Your loyalty to a team can never die. Ties are stronger than they could ever be with a woman. If she goes and sleeps with your best mate, it's over. If the Rs' boss, Ian Holloway, slept with my best mate, QPR would still be my team. Even if many of the things that you loved about going to matches have gone - terraces, team shirts without sponsors and being able to smoke at grounds - you still stick with your team."

He continued some more: "When I was a boy, I couldn't imagine anything other than going and living in Ellerslie Road or on the White City estate, near Loftus Road, where Rangers play. That's how central to my existence QPR was. I used to write a QPR fanzine, 'All Quiet On The Western Avenue'. I was brought up in lots of different places, so there was a rootlessness to my life and the team gave me an identity. Playing football brought people together - we'd play against any brick wall, on any kerb, or see if we could put the window through in the art department."

And some more: "My fondest memories involve things that happened off the pitch. I would climb into Loftus Road in the summer when the stadium was empty and sit there with my little book and pen, smoking a spliff behind the goal. One time, my girlfriend and I got into the dressing room and I stole a pair of shorts. That was one of the most romantic days of my life - snogging in the dressing room at QPR."

He enlightened us a bit more about the song he's written: "My song is a ska number. It goes like this: I'll be, I'll be there/And just before I hit the bar/With the ghost of Rodney Marsh in his pre-smug pundit days/ Before he sold Rangers down the Swanee/With Gerry Francis's offshore money/ It's a toss-up between Mick Jones/And a consortium from the Middle Eastern equivalent of Barrett Homes /I'll be, I'll be there/With blue and white ticker tape in my hair/Up the Rs/Up the Rs/Up the Rs/What a life on Mars".

And finally, said: "I'm quite disappointed that I wasn't asked to write the QPR anthem. I'm doing my best for them. I've got a picture of the missus [Kate Moss] in the Rangers shirt inside the sleeve of the new Babyshambles album, 'Down In Albion'. Now that is fantasy football."


According to a recent chat session on AOL, Weezer's Rivers Cuomo is to return to Harvard at the start of next year in a bid to finally finish his degree in English - if all goes to plan he will graduate in June. Cuomo originally returned to the school at the start of the year but got distracted by recording, and touring in support of, latest album 'Make Believe'.

Cuomo also chatted about his vow of celibacy, which he began in Jun 2003, and his dedication to meditation. "I decided to try celibacy because I heard it would help the meditation, and I tried meditation because I heard it would help with the music. So, it all really comes back to the music."

He continued: "Listen to 'Make Believe' and compare it to the previous album, 'Maladroit.' I know I can hear a difference in my singing. My voice just sounds much more sensitive and dynamic now. I also notice a difference in the lyrics. I'm much more open and communicative about my emotions now."

On the effect of the mediation on the rest of the band he says: "You might wonder what my meditation practice has to do with the other members' contributions, but I think my meditation has allowed me to be a better collaborator in the studio. I don't have so much fear that I won't get my way. I don't have so much anger if people have opposing opinions and generally I'm much more happy and comfortable in collaborative situations. So I think the guys finally got an opportunity to really shine on this album."


Yep, more handwritten Lennon lyrics are to go up for sale. This time the songwriter's scribblings are the first draft of 'Give Peace A Chance', scrawled on a hotel envelope during his famous 'bed-in' with wife Yoko Ono in May of 1969.

The lyrics, which are to be sold on 17 Nov, are likely to fetch up to £175k according to auctioneers Bonhams. A spokesman for the auction house told Reuters, "These are the most important Lennon lyrics that have ever been auctioned. It's a very buoyant market for Beatles memorabilia and it has been for the past 10 years."


A guy who owns 7% of the publishing royalty on Britney Spear's hit single 'Everytime' is putting his copyright up for sale on eBay. British manager Adrian Adams purchased his percentage of the song from co-writer Annette Stamatelatos, and he reckons it has already earned him $60,000. He tells prospective buyers that if they acquire the 7% right to the track they will receive quarterly cheques from US royalties body ASCAP - though he doesn't explain why, if that is the case, he is selling now. Word has it Spears' people aren't too impressed with the sale, but assuming that doesn't bother you and you can compete with the current bid of £15,000, then you page you are looking for is:


Sharon Osbourne's nephew has apparently told The People just how rubbish all of this year's X Factor finalists are. Just how tenuous does a link to fame have to be before it engenders tabloid coverage? Sorry, my mistake. A lot more tenuous than this.

Terry Longden was a stylist and adviser for Sharon's acts last year. Stating the obvious, he allegedly said "Chico? Don't make me laugh. The only talent he has is his six-pack and rippling muscles. Utterly talentless."

He continued: "Chenai hates me and she hates Sharon for not putting her through last year. I told her I was really pleased for her this time around and she just glared at me. She is so determined to prove us wrong that she will end up turning into a diva and alienating the public. The Conway Sisters looked dreadful last week and were out of tune. They are already big in Ireland but don't stand a cat's chance in hell of making it over here. As for the rest they may as well pack up and sign for the working men's club circuit."

He added: "Whoever triumphs will just be next year's Steve Brookstein - and look where he is now. The last I heard he was touring Butlin's holiday camps. He was too ambitious. But all the finalists think that going on X Factor will guarantee them an amazing career. It doesn't work like that."

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