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In today's CMU Daily:
- It's another RAJAR round up
- Kano gig cancelled after police warnings
- LCD Soundsystem pull out of Voodoofest
- Sleater Kinney tour cancelled
- Janet Jackson denies daughter stories
- White Stripes on their UK tour
- Goldie Lookin Chain protest in Mini Cooper
- Choirboy boyband to give single proceeds to charity
- Flom makes first senior appointment at Virgin US
- BT confirm technology deal for TV on demand service
- RIAA launch more anti-download lawsuits
- Single review: White Rose Movement - Alsatian
- (stupid) Young people are buying ever more ringtones
- Campaigners hit out at marketing for 50 Cent film
- Gorillaz exclusive at MTV Europe Awards
- Beetroot Field reminder
- Boss Sounds Reggae Festival next month
- Nick Cave announces solo tour
- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah tour
- Far Cries live dates
- My Chemical Romance DVD release / live dates
- Police apologise to Patrick Wolf
- Single review: Richard Hawley - Coles Corner
- Akon to release expanded 'Trouble'
- Hear gigs on T On The Fringe radio
- Savage Garden hits package in the pipeline
- Maximo Park starting new album soon
- Monkey frontman: Kaiser? Not me
- Tweedy has another go at Church


Hurrah for RAJAR - though whether people will be saying that in the GCap board room today we're not sure. Yep, the quarterly radio listening figures are once again upon us, and it's not particularly good news for GCap's flagship London enterprise Capital FM.

Chrysalis owned Heart 106.2, itself subject to gloomy RAJARs earlier this year, has regained its status as the most popular commercial station in London. Not only that, but it has beaten Capital in terms of both numbers of listeners and share of the market - a double whammy never before achieved by any of Capital's competitors. And as if that wasn't enough doom and gloom for Capital bosses, EMAP owned Magic has also had a good quarter, boosting its number of listening hours by 4%, meaning that according to that measure Capital comes third in terms of commercial radio in London, behind both Heart and Magic.

Capital Radio's top guy, Keith Pringle, was quick to admit that the latest RAJAR stats are disappointing, but he blamed the station's current disappointing performance on mysterious "issues" which, he says, are being resolved as we speak. He told reporters: "It is a disappointing result, there's absolutely no question about that. But we were expecting this and have started to put a lot of work in place to solve these issues. We've had a [night] mare this time but we've seen our competitors fall behind and rebound within three months. I have a huge amount of confidence in the people here and we have a strong product."

On the upside for Capital, they still have the biggest commercial breakfast show in London, with Johnny Vaughan pulling in 893,000 listeners. That said, that's 184,000 down in the last quarter and, with the new Jamie Theakston show boosting Heart's breakfast audience to 883,000 and the Chris Moyles' breakfast show on Radio 1 now pulling in 895,000 listeners in London, even that isn't such good news.

Virgin Radio currently have the third biggest commercial breakfast show in London, with Pete & Geoff pulling in 648,000 listeners, up 127,000 from the same period last year, and more than their EMAP rivals - Magic getting 645,000 listeners, Kiss' breakfast audience down 165,000 to 505,000. The growing popularity of Pete & Geoff might make Virgin a bit nervous, given that the presenters will leave the show later this year. Though bosses at the station will take heart that their new breakfast guy, Christian O'Connell, has boosted his listener figures on Xfm breakfast to 349,000 in London and 399,000 nationally, his highest ever ratings.

Of course back at GCap, who also own Xfm, bosses will be hoping that that ratings boost was as much down to their marketing for the show as to the appeal of departing presenter O'Connell. Certainly Xfm had some impressive stats that were not dependent on their breakfast show host. The station reported record ratings in London of 628,000, up 56,000 year on year, while digital and satellite TV listeners helped boost the station's national listening figures to 760,000.

But while EMAP, Chrysalis, SMG, GCap et al all do battle over a few percentage points in London in a bid to justify their respective rate cards, everyone in commercial radio, and the advertising industry, knows that the real competitor in the world of radio is the BBC, and the new RAJARs again demonstrate how much that is true.

The Beeb has recorded its highest ever share of the radio market - up to 54.6% - which means, of course, more than half of the UK's radio listeners are out of the reach of advertisers. Between July and September the BBC maintained its overall audience of 32.8 million people, while the commercial sector collectively lost half a million listeners.

Within the BBC, more good news for Radio 1, who has put those listening figure woes of old well and truly behind it, with Chris Moyles' breakfast show helping the station to its highest share in over four years - 9.4%. Over at Radio 2 overall listening figures were down 200,000, but it maintains its status as the nation's favourite station with a 15.6% share, and Terry Wogan's breakfast show is still the most listened to breakfast show in the UK with 7.67 million listeners.

Radio 3 managed to push its audience back over the 2 million mark, mainly thanks to the always dependable Proms season, while Radio 4 increased both reach and share, and Radio 5 got its audience back up over 6 million. All of which is bad news for the commercial sector, who will presumably be more keen than ever to get moving with the idea of syndicating celeb packed shows on stations across the UK in order to compete with BBC heavyweights like Wogan, Chris Evans and Jonathan Ross.

Of course, let's not forget the RAJAR figures are kinda flawed in all sorts of ways and, where listening figures are close, any difference between stations could be written off with the statistical margin of error. But that doesn't stop the radio sector talking them up big time - though more so when the wobbly RAJAR stats go in their favour.


A planned gig headlined by MOBO award winning rapper Kano has been cancelled after police voiced concerns over the "unsavoury characters" who they had heard would attend. Gig promoters Metropolis voluntarily cancelled the event, due to be staged at London's Scala venue tonight, after police raised their concerns. Promoters say there is not plan to reschedule the gig and ticket holders should seek a refund.

A statement from the promoters explained: "We have been instructed by the police that we cannot go ahead with the Kano concert at the Scala on Thursday (October 27). The police have acquired intelligence that unsavoury characters intended to cause trouble at the concert. The police have stated that this is no reflection on Kano and have had no problems at previous events that he has performed at in London."

Kano issued his own statement, telling reporters: "I have performed in London practically my whole career and there have never been any problems. It's where I started out and for me there's no better place to perform. It's a shame that on my first ever UK tour I am unable to play to my home town. I am sorry for my fans that the show couldn't happen this time round. I'll be back."


Talking of gigs that aren't happening, LCD Soundsystem have pulled out of this weekend's Voodoofest, which is taking place in the slowly recovering city of New Orleans. In a statement of their website, the band apologise for having to pull out, and wish both the festival and the city well.

The statement reads: "LCD very much regrets not being able to perform at Voodoofest this coming weekend. The event is something we very much believe in and support. Due to all of its evolutions and challenges in actually happening - acts of God; government; moving cities, States, and venues numerous times; and, thank goodness, actually coming together at the very last moment; LCD is unable to attend and perform, as they would like to. LCD supports the event and all of the people it is meant to help in their time of trouble and rebuilding. We wish all health, quick new homes where needed, and a return to a place of friends, family and being whole."


And talking of... Three-piece rock and roll combo Sleater-Kinney have been forced to cancel their upcoming UK and European dates because of guitarist/singer Carrie Brownstein's ill health.

The band's tour was due to kick off on 8 Nov at Brighton's Concorde 2 but the band explain: "Sleater-Kinney regretfully must cancel their November European dates on account of medical issues. Guitarist/singer Carrie Brownstein has suffered two severe allergic reactions within the past four months, both resulting in trips to the emergency room. Her doctor has advised that she not travel/tour for prolonged periods of time until the condition stabilises and further tests are conducted. The band apologizes to all the people that this cancellation affects."

The aim is to reschedule the cancelled dates in the Spring, when the band return to curate the All Tomorrows' Parties event at the Camber Sands holiday part from 19-21 May.


After maintaining a resolute silence over the last few days over those allegations that she has an eighteen year old daughter, Janet Jackson appears to have finally cracked, and released a statement regarding the issue. As previously reported, the singer's former brother in law, Young DeBarge, told a New York radio station that Jackson had an 18 year old daughter from her marriage to his brother James, and that the child, Renee, was being brought up by Janet's oldest sister Rebbie Jackson. As we previously pointed out, however, any offspring from the marriage of Janet Jackson and James DeBarge would have to be a bit older, as the pair were married for just three months back in 1984.

In any case, Jackson has now released a brief statement to Access Hollywood refuting Young DeBarge's claims, saying "I do not have a child and all allegations saying so are false." Thus far, no-one has spoken to either James DeBarge or Rebbie Jackson concerning the issue.

Young DeBarge, perhaps unsurprisingly, is promoting his debut album.


Jack White has spoken to about his band's forthcoming UK tour. The White Stripes are currently on tour in Europe and will play their first UK date at the Hammersmith Apollo on 5 Nov: They will also play two nights at Alexandra Palace, and White commented on the last time they performed there: "We were a bit worried about playing Alexandra Palace last time. We thought it'd be a big empty hall but it ended up being really nice. The crowd was interesting."

He added that the band have learnt a lot whilst playing at the capital's venues: "London has been a place where we've done a lot of learning about what we can get away with and what we can't get away with and what kind of attitude needs to be in the room to make us feel good."

He continued: "There's a different attitude that comes through in every place. As a performer you have to come through and try hard to gauge that - particularly us, because we don't follow a setlist."


Goldie Lookin Chain took part in a sit in protest on Tuesday to show their support for housing charities Shelter and Shelter Cymru. The band, who, as you probably all know by now, are from Newport, squished themselves into a Mini Cooper in a protest timed to coincide with Shelter's new report on the housing crisis in Wales.

Shelter Cymru's director said: "There is a housing crisis in Wales with over 53,000 people seeking help from their local authority in 2004. Overcrowding is just one of the problems children and families face. Goldie Lookin Chain have shown real support by cramming into a Mini and being temporarily uncomfortable. While this is in good fun, it brings home the reality faced by many people in poor housing. We are thrilled that they have signed up to the campaign by sitting in and not standing for bad housing."

Goldie Lookin Chain said in a statement: "Everyone should have a safe and decent home. We are happy to support Shelter Cymru and Shelter and help thousands of children and families in Wales who are suffering in bad housing today."


That previously reported choirboy outfit, named The Choirboys, managed by Aled Jones and signed to Universal Classics, are to donate the proceeds of their upcoming single to children's charity the NSPCC. The single, a cover of Eric Clapton's 'Tears In Heaven', is to be released on 19 Dec. The boys, who are all twelve years old, say: "We are living our dream. We wanted our success to help children who aren't able to live theirs. By giving money from our single to the NSPCC we hope that more children will be able to fulfil their potential."

Wes Cuell, NSPCC Director of Services for Children and Young People said: "CJ, Patrick and Ben are fulfilling their potential - something the NSPCC wants for every child. In the excitement of their success, they have found time to think of other children who are not as lucky as them. The boys are a great example and the money raised from their single will make a huge difference to the UK's most vulnerable children."

HMV have named the track as their choice for Christmas number 1, whilst bookies William Hill have given it 12-1. As discussed the other day, they'll be battling it out against Westlife, G4 and Crazy Frog, if I remember rightly. The Choirboys' album is due out on 7 Nov.


The US division of EMI's Virgin Records has appointed Jeffrey Kempler to the new post of Executive Vice President of Business Affairs and Development. The new appointment comes just days after former Warner executive Jason Flom took over the top job at the label, and suggests the new chief executive wants to quickly establish his own way of doing things at Virgin US.

Kempler, who starts his new job with immediate effect, has most recently been a Senior Vice President for Business And Legal Affairs at Atari, but before that spent four years in a similar position at Universal's Island Def Jam Group, and before that worked as a music and entertainment lawyer for Atlanta based law firm Greenberg Traurig. Confirming his appointment, Flom told reporters yesterday: "Jeff is one of the brightest, most respected and well-liked people in the music industry. We're fortunate to have him join Virgin."

Kempler himself added: "I'm delighted to be joining Virgin with Jason Flom: a true record man. Virgin is an iconic brand with a proud history and a bright future. I am very confident that Jason's leadership will further invigorate an already great team and realize its massive potential."


Well, Sky are trying to become an internet service provider, so why shouldn't BT become a TV company? (Actually, it's probably the other way round - ie the reason BSkyB bought an ISP is because of BT's ambitions in the TV world, but let's worry about that). Anyway, BT have entered a deal with Philips which will see the phone company offering customers a video / music / TV on demand type thing, all via the phone line. The service will come via a Philips made set top box, using Microsoft's web TV software. Users will have on demand access to libraries of movies, TV shows and music videos, as well as standard access to thirty odd digital channels. It all sounds exactly like what Homechoice have been doing for years, which is possibly why everyone reckons BSkyB are about to take them over as part of its bid to compete with BT in this space.


Good news for fans of litigation. The Recording Industry Association Of America have launched another set of lawsuits against individuals who they believe are sharing large amounts of music online. Once again, students using the superfast campus based internet2 network are among those targeted. We've lost count how many of these lawsuits the RIAA has now initiated, but I reckon it must be getting close to 78.4 million. P2P usage in the States, of course, continues to rise.


SINGLE REVIEW: White Rose Movement - Alsatian (Independiente)
East Anglian angular art rockers White Rose Movement are named after anti-Nazi student activists in Germany during the 30s, and the band have a striking look which is styled from the same era. But don't categorise them as fashionistas. This is great, edgy and intense post-punk influenced music, with a huge guitar riff slicing through the whole thing. Angsty vocals come from Ian Curtis look-alike Finn Vine, and dance floor friendly keyboards are courtesy of Taxxi. This is only their second single and it's very impressive, boding well for the future. JW
Release date: 31 Oct
Press contact: Darling [CP, RP, NP] Ish [CR, RR, NR]


As the always on-message Prince Philip recently said, all young people are ignorant. Which might explain why they are still spending so much money on ringtones. A new survey by ringtones company Xingtone reckons that the average teenager will spend £4320 on ringtones in the next fifteen years, which presumably means young adults are pretty stupid too.

The survey of 1000 10-25 year olds found that girls are more ringtones obsessed that boys, with 85% of the females surveyed saying they regularly buy ringtones, 60% of the boys were similarly hooked. The same survey also revealed that many of those surveyed, while happy to buy the overpriced tones, were concerned that they were being ripped off by some ringtone sellers - either by being sold shoddy quality tones or by being charged hidden fees.

Another finding of the survey was that three in five of ringtone buyers wanted to be able to create their own ringtones, which is convenient because, by a strange coincidence, that is the very service Xingtone offers.


A number of religious and anti-gun groups in the US are trying to have promotional activity for the new 50 Cent movie banned on the grounds the ad campaign glorifies the use of guns. The offending ads are for the film 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin', the movie that stars Fiddy and is based, in part, on his life story. The poster for the film shows the rapper holding two guns, and campaigners say that Paramount Pictures should not be promoting such a clear link between a popular hip hop star and gun use.

Najee Ali of Project Islamic Hope, one of the groups who oppose the ad campaign, told reporters: "Gun violence is one of the leading causes of death for young black males in South Central Los Angeles and across urban America. It's irresponsible for Paramount Pictures to promote and market a movie that glorifies carrying guns. Guns are weapons of mass destruction that are used to kill people. We demand that Paramount Pictures remove these negative images of death and destruction, images that our young children are influenced by."


Gorillaz are to perform a world exclusive at this year's MTV Europe Music Awards, in that they are, according to the press release, set to "break technological boundaries with a revolutionary hologram-style animated performance in 3D". It's apparently the first time this kind of technology has been used for a live TV performance. In addition to performing at the event, Gorillaz are, of course, up for several awards including 'Best Group', 'Best Song' and 'Best Pop' and 'Best UK & Ireland Act'.

Gorillaz join a starry line up that already includes Akon, Coldplay, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Madonna, Robbie Williams, Pussycat Dolls, Shakira, System Of A Down and The Black Eyed Peas. The event is hosted by Sacha Baron Cohen alter-ego Borat Sagdiyev, and presenters include Sugababes, John Legend, Alison Goldfrapp, Craig David and TaTu.


Just a quick reminder that Adventures In The Beetroot Field: A Camden Weekend Happening is starting tonight with The Seated Club at Koko. And here's your weekend line up:

Thursday 27 Oct
The Seated Club LIVE Adem (Domino), George Demure (Output Recordings), Pop promos from Arctic Monkeys, The Rakes & Warp Records vs Creative Review, waitress service, spoken word, book stall, jumble sale. 18:00 - 23:15 Koko, 1a Camden High St, Camden £9 (advance) more on the door 50 early bird NUS tickets at £6.50 from the Lock Tavern only

Friday 28 Oct
AITBF New Bands Night: LIVE Kid Carpet, Good Shoes, Semi Finalists, The Victorian Gentlemen's Club, Sunshine Underground, Trabant - DJs Birthday Party DJs Deven Miles, Christine (Cassette), Domino Records. 19:00 - 03:00 Barfly, Camden £7/£8 50 early bird NUS tickets at £5 from the Lock Tavern only

Saturday Oct
LIVE Zongamin, White Rose Movement, Long Blondes, !Forward Russia!, Howling Bells, Komakino, Jamie T, DJs The Filthy Dukes, Simian Mobile Disco, Modular DJs, Rory Phillips (Trash) 20:00 - 03:00 Koko, 1a Camden High St, Camden £8.50 (advance) more on the door

Sunday 30 Oct
A Beetroot field Garden Party - Clor DJs, Cut Copy DJs, Deven Miles. 15:00 -23:00 The Lock Tavern, 35 Chalk Farm Road, Camden, Free!

Press info from Darling.


Hurrah. I love reggae. Oh. But it's in Newcastle. Damn. Anyway, for those of you who a) live in or near Newcastle or b) are better at working out a train timetable than me, The Boss Sounds Reggae Festival takes place next month at the University of Northumbria. The event, which takes place on 13 Nov as part of the city's Alive Festival, "tells the history of Reggae music from Ska to Dancehall" and will feature appearances from, amongst others, The Skatalites, Alton Ellis, Johnny Clarke and Eek A Mouse, DJs David Rodigan (Kiss 100), and Jerry Dammers (The Specials).

Press info from Noble PR.


Nick Cave has announced a series of solo UK live dates to coincide with my birthday, bless him. The singer is appearing without a full band, but is bringing along Warren Ellis (violin), Martyn Casey (bass) and Jim Sclavunos (drums) from The Bad Seeds. Dates are as follows:

30 Jan: Birmingham Symphony Hall
31 Jan: Cambridge Corn Exchange (My Birthday)
01 Feb: Nottingham Royal Centre
02 Feb: London Apollo Victoria
04 Feb: Edinburgh Playhouse
05 Feb: Glasgow Concert Hall
06 Feb: Manchester Bridgewater Hall


US buzz band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, who release limited 7" 'Is This Love?' on 21 Nov, have released details of their European tour, which includes seven UK dates. The band's eponymous debut album is set for a release in early January. Dates as follows:

15 Nov: Leeds, Faversham
16 Nov: Cardiff, Barfly
17 Nov: Manchester, Music Box
19 Nov: Nottingham, Stealth (club NME)
20 Nov: Glasgow, Stereo
21 Nov: Liverpool, Academy
22 Nov: London, ULU


Play It Again 7 signings The Far Cries have announced a few live dates. They're supporting El Presidente on two occasions, which is a definite bonus. Here are the dates:

27 Oct: Bristol Fleece & Firkin - supporting El Presidente
31 Oct: Birmingham Academy 2 - supporting El Presidente
14 Nov: London Notting Hill Arts Club
22 Nov: London The Luminaire - Play It Again 7 Night featuring Mono Taxi, The Far Cries, Milk Kan & Thousand Natural Shocks


My Chemical Romance's new DVD, 'Life On The Murder Scene', an in depth documentary documenting the band from its inception to the present day and including live footage and videos, is now to be released early next year. They're about to start work on their third album, but are heading out on tour next month in support of single release 'I'm Not Okay' which is out on 7 Nov. Dates are as follows:

1 Nov: Wolves Civic Hall
2 Nov: Portsmouth Guildhall
3 Nov: London Brixton Academy
4 Nov: London Brixton Academy
6 Nov: Glasgow Carling Academy
7 Nov: Newcastle Carling Academy
8 Nov: Manchester Apollo
9 Nov: Manchester Apollo
10 Nov: Dublin Ambassador
11 Nov: Newport Centre


Now, we never did figure out quite what happened when singer songwriter Patrick Wolf had a run in with the Wandsworth Police in June 2005. It had something to do with allegations Wolf had stolen his neighbour's jewels, though there was definitely something about falling down stairs and smashing through windows too. Anyway, it doesn't really matter, because the police have officially ended their investigations into the allegations, and have apologised to Mr Wolf and offered to cover his solicitor fees. Which is all lovely. Fortuitously, this news comes just four days before the release of Patrick's new single 'Tristan', which is out on Monday. He will also play a headline show at the Scala on the same day - presumably to recognise the fact that the police no longer consider him an "unsavoury character".


SINGLE REVIEW: Richard Hawley - Coles Corner (EMI/Mute)
This is absolutely lovely. Hawley's velvety croon and the beautiful strings give this the laid back and unashamed romanticism of a Sinatra or Elvis ballad. It's the second single and title track from Hawley's third album. It was inspired by a meeting place in Richard's native Sheffield, outside Coles department store. Although the store closed in 1969, couples have continued to meet there. Listening to the B-side 'I'm Absolutely Hank Marvin', I was struck by how much the wonderful guitar playing sounded like the Shadows maestro, and indeed it is the man himself who guests on the track. The other B-side 'A Bird Never Flew On One Wing' offers yet more impressive guitar, this time suggestive of a soundtrack to a Gus Van Sant cowboy film. JW
Release date: 31 Oct
Press contact: Pomona [CP, RP] Mute IH [NP] Out Promotions [CR, RR, NR]


Akon is to release an expanded edition of his debut long player 'Trouble' on 22 Nov. The two CD set will feature the album's original thirteen tracks as well as a second disc of collaborations with, amongst others, hip-hop violinist Miri Ben Ari, P Money and Sean Biggs


Ah, this'll take me back. Or possibly not, because I was probably in UnLimited's Edinburgh office, and not the concerts in question, at the time. Anyway, T On The Fringe, which is, as I'm sure you all know, the T people's string of gigs held at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, have launched T On The Fringe Radio - if you go to the website, two gigs from T on the Fringe 2005, Idlewild and The Best Of T Break, will be available online for the next three months for free. Hurrah!


"With unforgettable lyrics and killer choruses, Savage Garden wrote, produced and performed a seemingly endless string of hits, re-inventing the pop world with their authentic style and undeniable talent". Well, that's what their press release says, and I'm too tired to disagree. Anyway, SonyBMG are releasing as Savage Garden greatest hits package called, rather nicely me thinks, 'Truly Madly Completely - The Best Of Savage Garden'. All the duo's hits will appear, as well as a new track from one half of the Garden, Mr Darren Hayes. Press info from SonyBMG.


Paul Smith of Maximo Park has spoken to Xfm about starting work on their second album. They are touring until the end of the year, but plan to turn their attention to a new long player come January. Smith told Xfm: "We'll be focussing on the second album after Christmas. We've written a few tracks and we now just need to get into a room get back to being a band that's creating music, ready to go out on tour and play for another year or so. We might play one of our new tracks in December which we'll be honing during the soundchecks in Europe and I'm just really excited about playing the new stuff. I just want to give more and more decent music to people."


Apparently people are calling Arctic Monkeys "the next Kaiser Chiefs". They're palpably different in my opinion. But if that's what they're saying, that's what they're saying. And I suppose I can see why they're saying it.

In any case, frontman Alex Turner clearly doesn't like those comparisons either. When speaking about the importance of lyrics to the band, he told NME. "Most bands these days probably just write lyrics because they sound good without thinking. But I don't want to be a band like Kaiser Chiefs. I think if we're next year's Kaiser Chiefs we'll quit."


Cheryl Tweedy has reportedly had another go at Charlotte Church, this time over her outspoken comments and personal appearance, and boyfriend Gavin Henson. You may remember that she criticised Charlotte's debut album 'Tissue & Issues', saying that Church had appropriated the Girls Aloud sound.

According to The Sun, Tweedy said: "Her publicity stunts slagging everyone off haven't worked. I don't know who she and her scabby boyfriend think they are. He's a posing idiot who looks like a girl. And she's not even gorgeous. She's a nasty little piece of work with a fat head."

In fairness, Henson may be scabby. But you could hardly accuse him of looking like a girl.

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