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- R Kelly underage sex trial to go ahead
- Megaman to face retrial
- The Game arrested in shopping mall
- J-Lo's ex drops legal case
- Film studio remove 50 Cent gun posters
- U2 pay tribute to Parks
- Cocker gives rare TV interview
- Peel's favourite singles documentary planned
- Chart update
- This week's Student Radio Chart
- Subshot playlist
- Cream reunion a one-off
- Albarn on the Gorillaz shows
- Belle and Sebastian name new album
- Moby goes punk
- Low lose bassist
- Live review: Cut Copy at ULU
- Yahoo and AOL top online music poll
- Tickets site allows gig-goers to comment via blog
- SonyBMG post losses
- Spanish officers smash massive piracy operation
- London stations adopt new ratings system
- Heart boss says Vaughan is helping his station
- Van Dyk tops DJ Mag poll
- Beatle heads sell for £81k
- Album review: Heavy Deviance - A Slow Walk Down The Stairs
- Gallagher Williams feud continues, apparently
- Paddingtons have a go at Gallagher
- Test Icicles hate Arctic Monkeys fans
- Bon Jovi and Madonna spat
- Sugababes show for fifteen minutes
- Kelly Osbourne argued with mum shocker
- Sharon, Kate, Pete and his lover
- DJ Poll in full



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A US judge has knocked back attempts by lawyers representing RnB singer R Kelly to have that much previously reported underage sex claim against their client thrown out of court. That decision means the three year old case against the singer might finally reach trial in the next few months.

Kelly's lawyers wanted the case dismissed because, they argued, the prosecution were being too vague as to when the videotape on which the whole case hinges was recorded. The video tape in question allegedly shows Kelly engaged in sex acts with an underage girl.

Prosecutors originally said the tape had been recorded at some point between January 1998 and October 2000. When a judge back in June said that the prosecution were not being precise enough in dating the recording of the tape, prosecutors altered their assumptions to an eighteen month period. Kelly's lawyers argued that was still too vague for the case to continue, but a Chicago judge last week disagreed, ordering the singer's trial to proceed as planned.

After three years of waiting, that means Kelly will now go to court over the charges. His next court date is on 9 Dec.

As previously reported, while underage sex charges in Chicago have slowly worked their way to court, twelve charges made by police in Florida accusing Kelly of possessing child pornography were dropped after a judge ruled that allegedly incriminating photos on which that case hinged were seized during an illegal police raid and could not, therefore, be used in court.


So Solid Crew's Megaman, aka Dwayne Vincent, is to face a retrial after a jury failed to reach a verdict on his involvement in the murder of Colin Scarlett in November last year. As previously reported, Megaman was charged with murder and accused of instructing his friend, Carl Morgan, to shoot Morgan's love-rival Scarlett. Vincent will now appear in court again on 20 March.

Meanwhile, Morgan has been found guilty, and was handed a life sentence on Friday, when the judge in the case, Brian Parker, ordered him to serve a minimum of thirty years before he can be considered for parole. He told Morgan: "The prosecution describe this as a revenge execution borne out of humiliation and I agree. Three bullets hit Scarlett. He did return fire but there is no evidence of them finding their mark or anyone on your side receiving injury. You have taken away a young life and although his friends and family will get used to his death, they will never get over it."


More rappers-in-trouble news. US hip-hopper The Game was arrested on Friday in a shopping mall in North Carolina, apparently for the grand crime of wearing a Hallowe'en mask. Reports suggest that the rapper, real name Jayceon Taylor, was signing an autograph for a young girl when he was approached by police, who asked him to remove his mask. The Game refused, so the cops sprayed him and his bodyguard with pepper spray and arrested them both.

The police report, of course, tells it slightly differently, stating that The Game was behaving disruptively and swearing and that he refused to leave the shopping mall when asked. The Pepper spray was used when his entourage apparently surrounded police in a threatening manner.

The rap star told WFMY-TV: "They thought I was Rodney King, man. It was a case of mistaken identity, it's unfair, man. Their behaviour's unfair."


More legal news. Jennifer Lopez' first ex-husband (she has two exes, by the way, if you're behind on these things - she is still married to Marc Anthony at time of going to press) has dropped a lawsuit against the pop star, if I may call her that, which claimed that she fired him as manager of her Pasadena restaurant without cause. Ojani Noa alleged last year that he was fired from the restaurant, Madre's, after working there for six months on a salary of about £563 a week. Noa's lawyer gave no explanation as to why he asked the LA court to dismiss the case with prejudice, a move which will stop Noa from refiling it. No comment was forthcoming from J-Lo's lawyers either.


The distributor of 50 Cent's new film has said it will remove those posters which campaigners reckoned glorified gun violence. As previously reported, anti-gun campaigners protested after posters went on display for Fiddy's film 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin' showing the rapper holding a gun in one hand, and a microphone in the other (though not a gun in each hand as we might have possibly said last Thursday).

Various campaigning groups urged Paramount Pictures to withdraw the posters, and Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich wrote a letter to the studio's chairman, Brad Grey, requesting his company remove the billboards, starting with one posted outside a Nursery School in the LA suburb of Altadena. Having received that letter, Paramount promptly removed that one offending poster, and said it would be removing more in the coming week, though studio bosses did not go as far as to say it was axing the poster completely.

Commenting on Paramount's seeming willingness to comply with some of the campaigners demands regarding the poster, Najee Ali, who organized one of the protests against the posters, told reporters this weekend: "We have a community group going up against a major studio, and they backed down. So everyone was happy with Paramount Pictures, and we commend them for showing corporate responsibility."


U2 have paid tribute to the iconic civil rights campaigner Rosa Parks who, of course, died aged 92 last week. Playing in Detroit last week, Bono dedicated several songs to Parks and, before performing 'One', told his audience "because of her quiet dignity and strength, America became a better, changed country. This song is dedicated to the mother of American civil rights movement, Rosa Parks. God Bless you in your rest".

No comment from the OutKast camp regarding Parks' death. As previously reported, they found themselves facing litigation from Parks' legal people after they named a song after her without asking permission on their 1998 album 'Aquemini'. The case was settled earlier this year with the band and their label, SonyBMG, promising to run educational projects promoting the cause Parks campaigned for. At the time of that litigation some of Parks' relatives criticised her lawyers, arguing that the then very ill Parks was not fully aware of the litigation, and that she would never have pursued it had she been in full health.


Jarvis Cocker gave a rare TV interview on Friday when he spoke to Newsnight presenter Kirtsy Wark in a programme broadcast on BBC4 at 10pm. He spoke of the "personal meltdown" he went through following his rise to fame, and his work on the new Harry Potter film.

Cocker told Wark: "The celebrity thing is a big factor, a big myth in our society. I think it's almost like, without getting too pompous about it, it's almost like something to believe in, isn't it, it's like heaven, it's like believing in going to heaven, it's like thinking 'God, if I get famous, everything is going to be alright'." He's right, you know. I was just saying something a bit like that the other day.

And on the UK's political climate he said: "I would just like something a bit more alive. You know, it's like the nearest thing to an act of social insurrection recently was people scrapping outside Ikea because they had cheap leather settees. Now I think that's sad - that that's what gets people worked up, a cheap settee."


A new Channel Four documentary is to take as its subject matter John Peel's favourite singles. As you all surely know, Peel's music collection is thought to have numbered somewhere in the region of 100,000 recordings, but the new programme is focus on a two foot long, battered metal box, belonging to the late great DJ, and containing 142 of his favourite 7" singles.

The box is said to contain an eclectic variety of songs, which is hardly surprising. Amongst the singles are a version 'Ilkley Moor Baht 'At' by former Goodie and bird-watcher Bill Oddie, a couple of Sheena Easton tunes, Status Quo's 'Down Down', a three track single by The Beatles, and no less than ten White Stripes releases.

The documentary, which will feature interviews with Peel's family as well as artists whose music is in the box, will be broadcast on 14 Nov.


Oh joy - isn't the world a better place today? Yes, rejoice once and all, because Westlife are number one again. Hurrah. (For new readers, when we all excited about McFly, we really mean it. When we get all excited about Westlife, we're attempting sarcasm). Anyway, the Westlife lot are indeed number one singles chart wise this week, such is the power of the 'Asda shopper' when it comes to the singles market. They go straight in at the top with 'You Raise Me Up', pushing last week's number one from the Arctic Monkey's down to number 2, and that previous chart topper from the Sugababes back to number 3.

Assuming you can get over the excitement of Westlife being at number one and the Backstreet Boys at number eight (I take everything back I've ever said about the good health of pop), it is worth commending Domino's Arctic Monkeys for staying top three. It is widely assumed that the newcomers scored a number one last week through heavy online promotion, which in itself is commendable. But a second place ranking this week - in a much busier week singles release wise - demonstrates the growing popularity of this track now that it is getting chart topping exposure, which in turn demonstrates the potential some clever use of the net can deliver new indie bands, which I personally find heartwarming. It almost overcomes the depression that set in when I heard Westlife were number one again.

Anyway, other new entries this week singles chart wise run thus: Kate Bush's 'King Of The Mountain' at 4, Hilary Duff's 'Wake Up' at 7, the aforementioned Backstreet Boys with 'Just Want You To Know' at 8, Maximo Park's 'Apply Some Pressure' at 17, Will Smith's 'Party Starter' at 19, Dons Ft Technotronic's 'Pump Up The Jam' at 22, The Magic Numbers' 'Love's A Game' at 24, Test Icicles' 'Circle Square Triangle' at 25, Audio Bullys' 'I'm In Love' at 27 and The Rifles' 'Local Boy' at 36.

Albums wise, no surprise whatsoever, surely, that Robbie has gone straight in at one with 'Intensive Care'. He pushes Prodigy's greatest hits back into second place. Some other greatest hits enter the charts this week, from Destiny's Child at 6 and Supertramp at 9, while Robbie's greatest hits re-enter at 38, presumably assisted by the hype surrounding the new long player. The only other original album entering the chart this week is Alex Parks' 'Honesty' at 24. Other re-entries this week from the Black Eyed Peas whose album 'Monkey Business' re-enters in at 37, and Jack Johnson, whose album 'In Between Dreams' is back in the Top 40 yet again, this time at 26.


1. [1] Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor (Domino)
2. [5] Kaiser Chiefs - Modern Girl (B-unique)
3. [NE] The Strokes - Juicebox (Rough Trade)
4. [2] Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To (Domino)
5. [4] The Dandy Warhols - All the Money... (EMI/Parlophone)
6. [6] Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure (Warp)
7. [NE] The Hives - A Little More for Little You (EMI/Polydor)
8. [NE] Arcade Fire - Wake Up (Rough Trade)
9. [14] El Presidente - Rocket (SonyBMG/One Records)
10. [15] LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations (DFA)
11. [NE] Clor - Good Stuff (EMI/Regal)
12. [10] Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Rough Trade)
13. [23] Nine Black Alps - Unsatisfied (Universal/Island)
14. [RE] The Kooks - Sofa Song (EMI/Virgin)
15. [13] Feeder - Shatter (Echo)
16. [NE] Test Icicles - Circle Square Triangle (Domino)
17. [3] Bloc Party - 2 More Years (V2/Wichita)
18. [9] Starsailor - In the Crossfire (EMI)
19. [11] The Magic Numbers - Love's A Game (EMI/Heavenly)
20. [RE] Hard-Fi - Livin' For The Weekend (Warner/Atlantic)
21. [NE] Elbow - Leaders of the Freeworld (V2)
22. [NE] Sigur Ros - Glosoli (EMI)
23. [12] Sugababes - Push the Button (Universal/Island)
24. [19] We Are Scientists - The Great Escape (EMI/Virgin)
25. [25] The Rakes - 22 Grand Job (V2)
26. [RE] Basement Jaxx - Do Your Thing (Beggars/XL)
27. [NE] Eels - Trouble with Dreams (Universal/Dreamworks)
28. [26] Brakes - Ring a Ding Ding (Rough Trade)
29. [RE] Tom Vek - Nothing but Green Lights (Universal/Island)
30. [NE] Babyshambles - Albion (Rough Trade)


So, here's the tracks that are getting video play on the Sub TV network in union bars around the country. New additions are marked with **.

Arctic Monkeys - Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Domino)
Audio Bullys - I'm In Love (EMI/Virgin)
El Presidente - Rocket (SonyBMG/One Records)
Goldfrapp - Number 1 (EMI/Mute)
Happy Mondays - Playground Superstar (Big Brother)
Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure (Warp)
**Morning Runner - Be All You Want Me To Be (EMI/Parlophone)
Pharrell Williams - Can I Have It Like That (EMI/Virgin)
**The Like - What I Say And What I Mean (Universal/Geffen)
The Magic Numbers - Loves A Game (EMI/Heavenly)

**Bob Marley - Slogans (Universal/Island)
Feeder - Shatter (Echo)
**Fightstar - Grand Unification (Universal/Island)
**Jamie Lidell - Multiply (Warp)
Louie - Trees (Loaded Dice)
Mattafix - Passer By (Angel)
**Nine Black Alps - Just Good Friends (Universal/Island)
Proof - Gurlz Wit Tha Boom (Iron Fist)
The Rifles - Local Boy (Right Hook)
Robbie Williams - Tripping (EMI)
Sevendust - Ugly (Winedark)
Stereo MCs - Paradise (Graffiti)
The Beauty Shop - A Desperate Cry For Help (Snapper)
The Glitterati - Back In Power (Warner/Atlantic)
**Tom Vek - Nothing But Green Lights (Universal/Island)
Towers Of London - How Rude She Was (TVT)
White Rose Movement - Alsatian (Independiente)


Promoters say that Cream have no further plans to play together following last week's critically acclaimed three night run at New York's Madison Square Garden. Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker originally reformed after 37 years to play four dates at London's Royal Albert Hall back in May. The three New York dates followed last week. All seven concerts sold out within hours of tickets going on sale.

However a spokesman for the band this weekend said the final New York concert again marked a "parting of the ways", and that there were "no future plans" for any Cream events. Clapton is said to have agreed to play with Cream once more because of the failing health of his former band mates. At one of the London shows he told his audience "Thanks for waiting all those years!" However, insiders say the reunion was always meant to be a one off project.

Despite only being together for three years in the sixties, Cream have always enjoyed a large and loyal fanbase, with their three albums selling in excess of 35 million copies.


Damon Albarn has said that the Gorillaz live shows that are due to take place at Manchester's Opera House this week will break new ground. Speaking to Radio 4 about the live shows, which will be full performances of recent album 'Demon Days', Albarn said: "It is the only time we're ever going to play this record in its entirety. We felt that 'Demon Days' was such a complete record that it could really be played in one sitting. Almost in the same way you'd recreate a film score."

Talking about how the show will work, and how the cast of 80 breaks down, Albarn continued: "The children's choir is 30, the gospel choir is 20, 15 strings, the guests, and then a core band of seven. You're not going to be able to see (the core band) on stage, the whole thing would be pointless to do a conventional concert. We're doing something that has never been done before where we're getting 3-D animation on stage, with people, so we're in the middle of a technical, logistical nightmare with that. And it might, or might not work. If it works it's going to be very magic."


Belle & Sebastian have spoken to NME about their new album, which, they have revealed, is to be named 'The Life Pursuit'. The long player, recorded at Los Angeles' Sunset Sound studios with Beck producer Tony Hoffer, is due out on 6 Feb. Singer Stuart Murdoch explained how differently the band had approached the songwriting process on the new album: "The process of making the record has been amazing. The last record had quite a few older songs on it because we were working with Trevor (Horn) and we wanted to give them a proper go with big arrangements. This record is all new songs - 18 of them - so it's all very current. It's us pretty much writing in a circle and writing within the group."


Moby says he's planning to record some punk rock. The star wrote in a post on his website: "Over the last year I've written lots and lots of punk rock songs, and now I'm going to record them with [drummer] Scott [Frassetto]," adding that the tracks "are definitely in the 'fun but very rough' camp of punk rock songs."

He also says he's planning to revive his Voodoo Child appellation for a new album, a follow up to 2004's 'Baby Monkey'. Of that project he says "The Voodoo Child songs are very melodic and electronic and experimental, and not exactly club-classic floor-fillers."

He went on: "I have no idea when/if they'll ever be released. If we don't release them you can always come by [his New York cafe] Teany and I'll make copies for you."


Bassist Zak Sally has left US indie band Low. The remaining members of the band - guitarist Alan Sparrowhawk and drummer Mimi Parker - are now to join forces with a replacement third member, one Matt Livingston.

On the Low official website, Zak Sally writes: "I have left the band Low. While I wish the best for Alan and Mimi, I can no longer be a member of the band. I sincerely hope that someday we can sit in the basement and make music together, but for now, there are more important things than music. Or bands. On a personal level, I can't hope to express what the folks that have helped, supported, and listened during my 12 year tenure in Low have meant to me. This band has been my entire adult life, and I had a hell of a ride. Thanks for everything. Take care, all of you. I mean it. Maybe I'll see you around."


LIVE REVIEW: Cut Copy at ULU on 29 Oct
Fresh from supporting Franz Ferdinand in the US, the Australian collective performed their largest gig to date in the UK, also off the back of rich praise for their excellent debut album, 'Bright Like Neon Love'. Pitched somewhere between Daft Punk and New Order, but with a heavy emphasis on all things 80s, musically, stylistically, and visually, Cut Copy is making dance music that's accessible for those with alternative tastes. Against a backdrop of ceaseless kitsch/cult images ('Rocky 3', 'ET', 'Knight Rider'), the three piece band enchant a mostly student crowd with a set compiled from the aforementioned album. The set opens with the album opener, 'Time Stands Still', which recalls the sound of early Human League, and then proceeds to incorporate a number of highlights, such as forthcoming single, 'Going Nowhere' and 'Saturdays'. Especially intriguing is the use of Daft Punk's 'Around The World' (whom the band paid tribute to) blended into 'Future' that the French band's stock has fallen somewhat recently, Cut Copy seems to be their natural successors in making interesting dance music. The band seemed keen to encourage their audience to get involved, rather than remain passive, asking the crowd to dance and jump around, amd they mostly duly obliged - it was great to see the band's energy reciprocated. Cut Copy closed their set with 'Autobahn Music Box', a song of particular interest to me, as it samples 'Boulder to Birmingham' by country legend Emmylou Harris. After a vigorous hour long set, I was completely convinced of the band's ability to replicate the subtleties and brilliance of their album. Also of note was the special support, Colder, a French band whose cold electronic-based rock was almost on a par with the headline act. KW


The Center For Media Research in the US (hence the surely freakish spelling of 'centre') has released a list of which music websites are getting the most traffic in the States and, while iTunes is the highest rating download platform, the fact both AOL and Yahoo have much higher audiences suggests that editorial based sites are big players in the online music space. The top 10 sites are as follows:

Site / Unique Audience / Active Reach
1. Yahoo! Music / 13,448,000 / 10.63%
2. AOL Music / 9,015,000 / 7.13%
3. iTunes / 6,308,000 / 4.99%
4. MSN Music / 3,174,000 / 2.51%
5. MTV Networks Music / 2,352,000 / 1.86%
6. BeMusic / 1,457,000 / 1.15%
7. A-Z Lyrics / 1,254,000 / 0.99%
8. Warner Music Group / 1,021,000 / 0.81%
9. MusicVideoCodes / 877,000 / 0.69%
10. Universal Music / 876,000 / 0.69%


Talking of online music websites with an editorial leaning, EMAP owned tickets website are hoping to gain some ground on competitors in the online ticket agency space by adding a blog facility on their website which will enable music fans to comment on gigs they are selling tickets for. It is a brave move because it may well lead to the site publishing negative coverage of artists they are still selling tickets for. The blog will be led by the company's Assistant Editor James Hickie, who will post reviews of gigs he has seen. Consumers will then be invited to add their own views and reviews. bosses hope the service will give them valuable credibility among music fans. boss GiGi Dryer told reporters: "The difference at is that we live the brand, we live for live music. So a blog that shows what gigs our man about town has been to, that tells people what he thought of the show and whether he'd advise people to see them is a really informative service rivals just couldn't do because they don't share our passion."

Hickie himself stressed the importance of the 'post' facility which will allow music fans add their own opinions on gigs: "From the first moment we started talking about the blog, the most important aspect was the 'post a comment' facility. We didn't want it to just be a part of the site where we talk about gigs in isolation because that's not what gigs are about. We want to get feedback from other people that experience the same gig, or perhaps saw the same band another night, so readers can get an idea of what it was really like to be there."

The blog service launched earlier this month and already includes reviews on Kaiser Chiefs, The Magic Numbers and Sufjan Stevens.


More bad news to aid the executive tensions at SonyBMG, where former BMG execs are said to have it in for the label's top man, former Sony Music exec Andy Lack. The major label has posted losses of $60 million for the financial quarter up to the end of September, up from an $18 million loss the previous quarter, and a $25 million loss in the same quarter last year. The poor performance at SonyBMG added to the financial woes of one of its parent companies - Sony Corp. While they reported a 28.5 billion yen ($246 million) net profit for the last quarter, that is down 46% from the 53.2 billion yen made in the same quarter last year. Maintaining the theme of doom and gloom, on announcing the latest figures Sony Corp reiterated that it expected to post a loss of 10 billion yen ($86 million) for the current financial year.


Anti-piracy news anyone? Police in Spain have smashed a syndicate believed to be responsible for releasing over one million pirate CDs and DVDs every single month. 69 people were arrested as part of the raid on the massive operation, while a load of dodgy replication kit was seized. As previously reported, Spain has one of the worst music piracy problems in Europe, so the closing down of such a big operation will please record labels the world over.

John Kennedy, boss of the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry, told reporters: "Spain was once a thriving legitimate music market known for the quality of its artists and the success of its music industry. Spain is now known for the most serious piracy problems in Europe. We are very encouraged by this operation and we hope and expect that these actions and those to follow will have a positive impact on Spanish music and the creative economy".


London's top three commercial radio stations are all planning on switching to a slightly different system for measuring listening figures which, they hope, will mean more accurate ratings and less fluctuations.

Capital, Heart and Magic all currently get quarterly listening figures from radio ratings body RAJAR which are based on stats from the previous three months. But some argue that the those stats are too prone to seasonal fluctuation, meaning that the top three stations are constantly swapping positions in terms of who has the biggest audience, the biggest audience share and the most listener hours. Those fluctuations have an impact of each station's profits and share price, which no one in the industry likes too much. While the stations will still receive their ratings quarterly, they will be based on listening habits from the previous six months - a system already adopted by Virgin Radio. By taking an average of the RAJAR sample group's listening habits over six rather than three months, the radio groups hope there will be less fluctuations.

Whether the stats prove any more stable with the six month model remains to be seen, though the whole ratings measurement system is so flawed anyway, I doubt it really makes any difference.


Talking of radio ratings, the boss of Heart 106.2 reckons his station has become number one in London because of Johnny Vaughan. Barnaby Dawe, the recently appointed MD at Heart's London station, says he thinks that Capital's breakfast show host is too "laddish" and, as a result, many of the station's female audience have switched allegiances over to Heart.

Dawe: "[Capital] is different, it's in your face, laddish, while we are fun and uplifting. We have managed the transition from Jono [Coleman] to Jamie [Theakston]. We're very happy with the line-up, including Toby Anstis. The music policy is bang on, melodic, always upbeat not cutting edge, but infectious".

Dawe also reckons that the difference between Capital and Heart delivers him an advertiser friendly audience: "[Our audience is] aspirational, upmarket, sensible; they enjoy the comfort zone of this station and don't like being pulled outside. They shop in M&S, Bluewater, read OK!, Hello, Heat, Eve, Red, and they are family people. It doesn't mean they are not young at heart."


The dance music industry descended on the Ministry Of Sound on Thursday night where DJ Mag announced its DJ Poll Top 100 for 2005. With some 123,955 clubbers voting (the most ever), Tiesto was knocked off the top after three years in the number one position, with Mr Paul Van Dyk taking his place - the first time he has ever topped the Poll. Tiesto slipped back into second place, with the rest of the top ten running thus: Armin Van Buuren (3), Sasha (4), Ferry Corsten (5), John Digweed (6), Hernan Cattaneo (7), Deep Dish, ATB (9) and Carl Cox (10).

Many of the usual suspects appear on the poll, with much of the top ten unchanged - though there were a handful of new names in the list too. The full 100 is at the bottom of today's Daily.


Those waxwork heads of the Beatles that featured on the cover of the Sgt Pepper's album cover have sold for £81,500 after an apparent frenzy of bidding. As previously reported, the heads were being auctioned off by London auction house Cooper Owen after they were recently discovered in a back room in Madame Tussauds. Cooper Owen creative director Louise Cooper said "They're incredibly rare. Obviously there are various Beatles heads but these are on the most famous album cover of all time. You wouldn't think that anyone would be willing to pay this much for some wax. But this isn't any old wax - these heads truly represent a slice of music history."

Also sold in the auction were original portrait bust of Diana Dors, also featured on the album cover, which went for £15,000, and a pair of signature Beatles jackets used in the pre-promotion of 'Hard Day's Night' which went for £65,000.


ALBUM REVIEW: Heavy Deviance - A Slow Walk Down the Stairs (Pure Mint)
Inspired by the trendier of Nottingham's underground nightspots, the debut LP from Heavy Deviance dishes out something a little chic and urbane. Wayne Roberts, the brains of the operation, has collaborated with Crazy Penis and Lannie Fagan, as well as newcomers Lauren Surridge and Lucy Bergman, and the result is a confident, if a little perfunctory, chill-out album. The track 'Safe and Warm' summarizes nicely the sensation 'A Slow Walk Down the Stairs' provokes. Come to think of it, the title of the album itself does that quite well too. There are no real surprises or anything particularly memorable here, but it certainly works as the innocuous soundtrack to casual barflymanship. 'Make me feel It', previously released as a single, typifies the mood with its soulful downbeat house vibe, echoed in 'My Hands Are Tied', 'Sweet 'n' Juicy' and, finally, 'Notts Plaza', collectively evoking the nodding heads and goatee-itching of a smoky jazz cellar. 'Day to Day' has a cute sing-song charm that stands out from the rest of the record, but it soon grows old, and reveals that the album's strength actually lies in the more insipid loungey tracks. Worth noting is the jazzy 'Room to Manoeuvre', which seems the least self-conscious track, and the one suffused with most spirit. Generally, a nice accompaniment to a bowl of olives and a ten quid peach bellini. WE
Release Date: 14 Nov
Press Contact: Sliding Doors [all]


Noel Gallagher has had a go at Robbie Williams, according to comments reported in Australia's Daily Telegraph. Of course, he has used the old 'I feel sorry for him' line, so that it sounds less, and yet more, like an insult. Anyway, here's what Gallagher said: "I feel sorry for Robbie Williams because nobody once ever mentions his music. I wouldn't walk a mile in his shoes because he seems to be a very lonely and unhappy, very confused young man. He doesn't know whether he's straight or gay. He's forever going on about wanting a girlfriend and seems to be a lonely, sad man."


And talking of persons engaged in verbal spats with the Gallagher brothers, The Paddingtons have made their feelings clear about Liam, who recently described their music as "bloody awful".

Guitarist Josh Hubbarb, speaking to The Independent, compared the Oasis singer to a "fat, toothless vocalist" who knows nothing about youth culture. Frontman Tom Atkin added "He is a twat. He is the modern equivalent of Rod Stewart, not relevant. Ten years ago he was relevant. The young can't relate to his music anymore."


And talking of pop-feuds, there's a comedy one brewing between Test Icicles and Arctic Monkeys. Or, slightly more accurately, between Test Icicles and fans of Arctic Monkeys. As you'll know, because you read it in the CMU Daily, Test Icicles got booed when they supported Arctic Monkeys in Liverpool on 21 Oct, and when the appeared in Manchester last week, they joked how much they hate the band and their fans.

Devonte Hynez asked the crowd, "Do you like the Arctic Monkeys?" jokingly adding "Yeah, we fucking hate the Arctic Monkeys!" as the crowd booed in response. Bandmate Sam Merrann apparently disagreed with this sentiment, and Devonte added "Yeah, but we hate the fucking fans." The crowd responded by cheering and laughing. See, it's not a real feud. They're only joking.


And another celebrity feud, and this time it's for real. Madonna has hit back at comments recently made by Jon Bon Jovi about her parenting skills, or lack thereof. The rocker said "Madonna takes those kids out to every premiere she goes to. I've been in this industry for 22 years and no one has any idea what my four kids look like. I keep my private life private and I always have."

According to the Mirror Madonna's publicist Liz Rosenberg said: "Madonna has never brought her children to a film premiere. I'm delighted to hear what an authority Mr Bon Jovi is on Madonna's talents as a mother. He can rest assured her kids are cherished, adored, well-fed, respected and are extremely loved and well protected by their parents."


Fans of Sugababes were apparently left a bit gutted when they attended the girl group's album launch last week, as the singers left after fifteen minutes, despite the fact that hundreds of people had been waiting to see them. A source told The People "They arrived at 10pm and were literally there for 15 minutes - gone by 10.15. It was a bit of an insult to everyone who had waited so long for them."

Hmm. Maybe Mutya had to get home to feed the baby.


The People also report that Kelly Osbourne got into a humdinger of an argument with her mother Sharon at her recent 21st birthday party. She apparently became annoyed when someone at the party tried to take her photo and let Sharon have it when she stepped in to try and sort the problem out. Another one of those 'sources' told the tabloid: "Kelly was heard complaining that her party was full of people she didn't know. She was yelling, 'Everyone wants a fucking piece of me'. The party was full of people from the X Factor and loads of others Kelly didn't know, and she was clearly annoyed. It was embarrassing because mum and daughter were yelling at each other. Kelly started crying and her make-up was all smeared. She looked like a panda."

A spokesperson for the Osbournes, evidently not invited to the party, denied the claim, saying: "I was told everyone had a good night."


Talking of Osbournes, La Sharon says she has no sympathy for Pete Doherty. According to Attitude magazine, she said: "Pete Doherty? Well he needs a bleedin' good slap, that's what. He needs locking down in rehab for a couple of months. And the truth needs to be told to his face. There's nothing harder to take than the truth. It's not hip to be in that state he's in. It's not cool, it's pathetic. I wouldn't take him on though - I helped Ozzy but that's because I loved him - I don't love Pete Doherty. But he does need someone who loves him who really gives him some love. He needs to be knocked out a couple of times and, get the shit kicked out of him and thrown into rehab."

She may be right. One tabloid says that there is, in fact, someone to give him love (although possibly not of the tough kind), and that the same someone apparently also does his washing - but they're not talking about Kate Moss. The News Of The World claims that Pete Doherty is cheating on his supermodel girlfriend (which assumes she hasn't already dumped him, as other sources suggest) with an art student he met at a gig in Nottingham on 26 Sep. One Miha Razik. Razik allegedly attended an after show party that night, and Doherty, it's claimed, begged her to go on tour with him. She is said to have refused, although they swapped numbers, and were reunited when Razik relocated to London for her third year of study, and can now be found hanging out together at parties. It's further alleged that Doherty originally claimed Razik was his PA, but that they've been snogging in public, and that the art student has been telling all her mates that he is 'her Pete', and that she does his aforementioned washing.

Moss, of course, has left rehab in the US and gone straight to the Caribbean with Noel Gallagher's ex wife Meg Mathews. As aforementioned, recent reports have suggested that Kate has been freezing Doherty out, and The Sunday Mirror says that she has given Pete an ultimatum, telling him that he has to give up drugs if he wants to keep her. If the NOTW is to be believed, he isn't going to care. If the Sunday Mirror is to be believed, he is going to care, because according to them, he said "A lot of people are against us. I'm not saying who. It does my head in, being in love. But I'm still in love. Once you're in love, you're in love - whether you like it or not."

So don't say we never bring you any in depth news. Or very long lists...


1. Paul Van Dyk +1
2. Tiesto -1
3. Armin Van Buuren -
4. Sasha -
5. Ferry Corsten -
6. John Digweed +2
7. Hernan Cattaneo -1
8. Deep Dish +2
9. ATB +4
10. Carl Cox +1

11. Paul Oakenfold -2
12. Richie Hawtin +32
13. James Zabiela +2
14. Christopher Lawrence -7
15. Judge Jules -1
16. Marco V -
17. Eddie Halliwell +8
18. Erick Morillo +4
19. Above & Beyond +20
20. Sander Kleinenberg -8

21. Markus Schulz +11
22. Benny Benassi -4
23. Sven Vath +11
24. DJ Dan -
25. Danny Howells -5
26. Infected Mushroom NE
27. Roger Sanchez +10
28. Mauro Picotto -1
29. Gabriel & Dresden +12
30. Steve Lawler -9

31. Blank & Jones 7
32. Yoji Biomehanika +1
33. Chris Liebing -10
34. Danny Tenaglia +6
35. Nick Warren +8
36. Dave Clarke +1
37. James Holden -1
38. Mario Piu RE
39. David Guetta NE
40. DJ Vibe +40

41. Kai Tracid +28
42. Bad Boy Bill -7
43. Tall Paul 24
44. Tiga NE
45. DJ Yahel NE
46. Andy Moor NE
47. Ricardo Villalobos NE
48. Ricky Stone NE
49. Pete Tong -3
50. Martin Garcia NE

51. Frank T.R.A.X NE
52. Timo Maas RE
53. Laurent Garnier -8
54. Desyn Masiello NE
55. Victor Calderone +11
56. Lisa Lashes -26
57. Johan Gielen -29
58. Matt Hardwick +1
59. Misstress Barbara -10
60. Fergie -2

61. Armand Van Helden +23
62. Michel De Hey +3
63. Fatboy Slim -12
64. Jeff Mills -17
65. DJ Rush -2
66. The Flash Brothers +5
67. Adam Beyer -17
68. Donald Glaude RE
69. Dave Seaman -12
70. Andy C -44

71. Chus & Ceballos NE
72. John '00' Fleming -20
73. Satoshi Tomiie -25
74. DJ Tatana NE
75. Astrix NE
76. Lee Burridge -20
77. M.I.K.E. (Push) -15
78. Lady Dana -49
79. Umek -22
80. Nic Fanciulli +8

81. Rank 1 +10
82. BT +10
83. Anne Savage -4
84. Luke Fair NE
85. Plump DJs -32
86. Miss Kittin -10
87. Felix Da Housecat -14
88. Christian Cambas NE
89. Scott Project RE
90. Cosmic Gate -9

91. Matt Darey NE
92. DJ Sammy NE
93. Proteus -3
94. DJ Luna -33
95. Moshic NE
96. Max Graham -32
97. DJ Amadeus NE
98. Gigi D'Agostino RE
99. Marco Bailey -3
100. Magda NE

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