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In today's CMU Daily:
- Coldplay and Green Day lead MTV Europe Awards
- Latin Grammys switch language
- My Chemical Romance top MTV US college awards
- Ozzy to enter Hall Of Fame too
- Wallace criticises rap world in Biggie memoir
- Sons And Daughters live dates
- Magic Numbers plan 'secret show'?
- Backstreet Boys sue former representative over 1993 business dealings
- Single review: Lupen Crook - Halloween
- Universal launch universal discs
- Mobile music increasingly popular with teens
- AOL buy MusicNow
- Samsung not planning download platform
- Schoonmaker heading GCap takeover bid
- OfCom close 44 pirate stations
- Homechoice going national
- Bids in for new Freeview channel
- Sound Affects charity album out soon
- Tommy Lee live in Shoreditch
- Album review: DK7 - Disarmed
- Jack White sells out, official
- Killers drummer sells kit on eBay
- James Busted really pissed off with Charlie
- Moss and Doherty are still together
- Osbourne has another go at Dickinson
- MTV Europe Music Awards: full list of winners



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More info at or

***KILL ALL HIPPIES AT 333 THIS WEEKEND Kill All Hippies is back this coming Friday (4 Nov) - back in its original home of Shoreditch, this time at the 333 Club. Live music this time comes from Ludes and Blind Jackson while DJ Jeff Automatic and guest DJ Julian (Whitey) will be on the decks in the main room. The ground floor will be hosted by Vice DJ Syndicate featuring Almdudler & Elplate, Plasticman and DJ Jonathan Burnip, while the Double Dragon Records guys will be back hosting the Mother bar with Charlotte Hatherley (Ash), Nigel Coxon and Mark Beaumont (NME), Alex D and Gavin Nugent. Tickets are a tenner, but you can get in for a fiver if you guest list in advance at

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VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: The Hasselhoff Scandal at The Brixton Telegraph
This ex-Irish pub with a penchant for late night gambling became a 'happnin' music venue a little while back. I have vague memories of being there one night, with a good dark backroom and a more stylish bar at the front, but don't quote me on that. Tonight the bizarrely titled Hasslehoff Scandal entertain: and they'll be doing jackin' house music all night long. One of my faves from Chicago, Gene Farris, jets in to headline which, if his production work is anything to go by, should be a special treat. Meanwhile Trevor Fung, Crowd Control, Dolan Bergin and Simon Kurrage, with residents Jafar, Andy Touch Fingers, Adrian Ma and Tommy Bourne, will all be gracing the ones and two's for the 600 crowd. Live percussion all night as well, and with an absurd 6am close!

Fri 4 Nov, 9pm - 6am, The Brixton Telegraph, 228 Brixton Hill, SW2 1HE, £7 b4 11, tenner after, info at


So, it was the MTV Europe Awards in Lisbon last night, that annual celebration of European music. Well, I say European music. I primarily mean music from Britain and its colonies. And British music was very well represented this year, with five of the 12 non-country specific awards going to UK artists. So well done us (us meaning the British music business, and not CMU - we're not claiming credit for this one - well, not all the credit).

As previously reported, EMI artists Coldplay and Gorillaz topped the list in terms of nominations, both appearing on five short lists. That said, on the night Green Day, nominated in three categories, beat Gorillaz and equalled Coldplay by taking home two gongs - Best Rock Act and Best Album. Coldplay were awarded Best UK & Ireland Act and Best Song for 'Speed Of Sound'. Gorillaz were named Best Group.

Elsewhere in the proceedings, which opened with Madonna emerging from a giant disco ball to perform new single 'Hung Up', Robbie Williams was named Best Male, James Blunt Best New Act, Alicia Keys won Best R&B Act, Snoop Dogg took the Best Hip-hop Award and System of a Down were named Best Alternative Act.

The show was hosted by Sacha Baron Cohen in character as Kazakhstani TV presenter Borat Sagdiyev. He began the evening by telling his audience "welcome to the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest", before commenting on Madonna's opening routine: "The singer before me - who was he? It was very courageous of MTV to start the show with a genuine transvestite".

Madonna returned to the stage later to present Bob Geldof with MTV's Free Your Mind Humanitarian Award. Handing over the special prize she told Bob: "You drive me crazy, but tonight you are everyone's hero". On receiving the award Geldof said: "This means much more to me than many of the other things that are given to me."


More awards news, and it was the Latin Grammys in LA last night. Probably the most notable thing about this year's event was that, for the first time, the whole thing was presented in Spanish instead of English. The language change followed the decision to broadcast the event on Spanish-language Univision rather than CBS - a decision reached after the TV audience for the annual event last year was 4.3 million less than when the awards show debuted in 2000.

The president of the Latin Recording Academy said the network and language switch saw the awards event focusing more on its core audience of Latin music fans. He told reporters: "We had this dream with CBS about promoting this type of music to people who did not know about it and we thought the best way to do that was in English. We're now focusing on our core audience, although friends of Latin music will find it wherever they are."

If you're interested, you will find a list of the 43 winners as announced last night at 6th_Latin_Winners.aspx


A busy week for awards. And a busy week for awards involving MTV. The MTV college network in the US, mtvU, staged its annual Woodie Awards this week, with My Chemical Romance taking home the biggest prize of the night. Full list of winners runs thus:

Woodie of the Year (Artist of the Year): My Chemical Romance
The Breaking Woodie (Best Emerging Artist): Motion City Soundtrack
Left Field Woodie (Most Original Artist): mewithoutYou
Best Video Woodie - Live Action (Best Live Action Video): Death Cab for Cutie - Title & Registration
Best Video Woodie - Animated (Best Animated Video): Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc
The Good Woodie (Greatest Social Impact): U2's DATA: Debt AIDS Trade Africa
Road Woodie (Best Tour): Fall Out Boy
International Woodie (Favorite International Artist Award): Muse
Alumni Woodie (a.k.a. The You're Still OK in Our Book Award): Green Day
Streaming Woodie (Most Downloaded): The Afters - Beautiful Love


Last bit of awards news for you. Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath have been added to the list of bands that will be entered into the UK Music Hall Of Fame on 16 Nov. The Sabbath will be honoured at the event at London's Alexandra Palace alongside Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, New Order, The Who and The Kinks.

Commenting on the news, Ozzy told reporters: He said: "For once in my life I'm speechless, but very happy and honoured."


The Notorious BIG's mother Voletta Wallace has criticised some prominent players in the hip hop world in a memoir of her late son, amongst them Sean 'Diddy' combs and Kimberly 'Lil Kim' Jones. She also raises more questions about Biggie's murder, suggesting the possible complicity of record company executives, and also writes about that alleged police cover up. "My son was part of a high-stakes game and didn't know the rules," she writes in the book, which is on sale now in the US, "I'm glad he does not have to witness that the very people that he thought he could ride and die with wouldn't think twice about using his mother. I'm glad he doesn't have to know that they wouldn't think twice about exploiting his children."

She also describes hearing Big's voice on the radio for the first time, having had no idea that he had any talent for music: "Earlier, I told him, 'You never knew music, and I thought, 'How is he going to be a musician when he never knew music? But when I heard the music behind his voice, it sounded beautiful and I was proud of him. I thought, 'Okay, this is the beginning of his life. Maybe he had something - maybe he knew something that I never knew."

Elsewhere, Voletta Wallace is contributing to upcoming Bad Boy Records release 'Duets: The Final Chapter'. The two disc set, out in December, features a host of guest vocalists and MCs. Wallace says "I'm very, very happy about the CD. The artists that I wanted came on. Ever since my son passed away I wanted Jay-Z to be a part of it and Jay-Z came forward. There's a lot of energy on it and it's going to be good."

She also reached out to Tupac's mother for a contribution to the album, despite the fact that he and Biggie were rivals during their lifetimes. Asked if the rappers had anything in common, she replied "they were musicians; they were artists; they were poets; they were family people. So yes, they had a lot in common."


Sons And Daughters are to shortly begin a European tour, and are set to play fifteen gigs, including one in their home town of Glasgow. Do you need all the dates? The UK ones, sure, but do you need to know what date they're playing Zurich? Oh, go on then. Here they all are:

10 Nov: Cologne, Live Music Hall
11 Nov: The Hague, Music In My Head Festival
12 Nov: Brussels, Botanique
14 Nov: Hamburg, Molotov
15 Nov: Berlin, Knaack
16 Nov: Munich, Atomic Café
17 Nov: Zurich, Mascotte
18 Nov: Paris, Boule Noir
20 Nov: Brighton, Concorde 2
21 Nov: London, Kings College
22 Nov: Manchester, Academy 3
23 Nov: Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
24 Nov: Glasgow, ABC
26 Nov: Belfast, Limelight
27 Nov: Dublin, The Village


According to The Magic Numbers would like to organise a secret show for British fans sometime in December. Bassist Michele Stodart said "I hope that we do something in December, some kind of secret thing. It would be nice. I think because this year has been amazing, we kind of owe it to ourselves and certain fans to just have like a secret gig." Yes, but now it's no longer secret, is it, Ms Stodart?

Anyway, The Magic Numbers are on tour in the US at the moment. Percussionist Angela Gannon said: "We don't know what to expect on this tour and I think that's what's exciting. We literally don't have a clue what's going to happen which is great. We've also never been to these place before."

Michele added: "It's kind of like starting all over again. Playing the songs today, it felt like I was playing them for the first time and I found it even more exciting and found more bits I really liked."


Some pop law for you now. The Backstreet Boys have filed a lawsuit against Louis Pearlman and his company Trans Continental Records for the reimbursement of legal settlements they were forced to pay former band member Sam Licata and former managers Sybil Hall and Jeanne Tanzy Williams. The band claim that it was mistakes made by then representative Pearlman when Licata, Hall and Williams were cut out in 1993 that made them liable to make later legal settlements.

The band say they were induced by Pearlman to dissolve a jointly-owned company in 1993, in doing so cutting out Licata, Hall and Williams from the Backstreet Boys venture. That move was not altogether legitimate, and gave the three former associates a later legal basis to sue both Pearlman and the Backstreet Boys for future revenues they lost by being cut out in that way in 1993.

Williams did just that in 1999, and Hall and Licata followed suit in 2000. The Backstreet Boys subsequently settled with all three parties, though Pearlman is reportedly still in dispute with Hall and Licata over their 2000 lawsuit. It is the costly settlements that the band themselves have made with the three former associates that the Backstreet Boys now want Pearlman to compensate them for, on the basis that it was his negligence that left them liable to make the settlements in the first place.

It is not the first time the Backstreet Boys have taken legal action against Pearlman. They fought a legal battle in the late nineties over allegations that Pearlman was concealing revenues from the band. Pearlman's legal people will rely on the 2000 agreement that concluded that legal battle as a defence for the latest lawsuit. A spokesman for Trans Continental said this week: "[We] have been operating in accordance with the terms of the settlement agreement reached in December 2000 with the Backstreet Boys. This lawsuit is without merit and is a classic example of the typical frivolous lawsuits that the United States Congress is trying to eliminate."


SINGLE REVIEW: Lupen Crook - Halloween (Tap 'n' Tin Records)
This release clearly couldn't have been more appropriately timed. Lupen Crook is a 23 year old singer songwriter who's dark, modern folk sound is similar to that of fellow lycanthrope Patrick Wolf. The acoustic instrumentation has a ghostly sound matched by some brilliant gothic horror style lyrics such as, "It's the time of month I fear, I howl at the moon and bleed from the ear, I fear small boys and priests." This is the second single from this distinctive and original talent, who hails from an unlikely hotbed for talent, Chatham in Kent, alleged birthplace of Chavism. Already tipped by the NME and the Sun (!), Lupen is definitely one to watch. JW
Release date: 31 Oct
Press contact: Stone Immaculate [all]


The Universal Music Group are about to issue two releases using the Universal Media Disc format. Now, don't go thinking that this is a new disk format owned by the Universal Music Group, because actually it is owned by Sony, though the Corp not the record label. Does any of this make sense?

Well, as previously reported, the Universal Media Disc is a new format that can be played on Sony's PlayStation Portable. Sony has made the format available to anyone wanting to release music and / or video packages that are compatible with the PSP, and if I remember rightly Sanctuary released some titles using the format back in September. Universal are entering the UMD market with a 50 Cent video package and a Scissor Sisters live video, with releases from Audioslave, The Police, Bob Marley, Prince, Rob Zombie, Blink 182, Eminem and Jack Johnson all due before the end of the year.

Commenting on the UMD releases, Universal Music International VP Olivier Robert-Murphy told CMU: "UMD and PSP offer a mix of high quality sound and vision, ultimate portability and sleek design, which compliments young and vibrant lifestyles. It fits the needs and tastes of today's younger generation: it empowers the user, enabling them to watch and listen to their favourite bands when, where and how they wish".


A new survey suggests that mobile phones are increasingly being used by teenagers as music players. One in five of the 16-18 year olds surveyed by research firm TNS said they now listened to music on MP3 compatible mobiles, while 35% said they wanted to use music functions on their mobile more in the future. However, those surveyed said they were put off using their mobiles as music players because of poor sound quality and a lack of storage space.

Commenting on the survey, which involved 6,800 16 to 18-year-olds in sixteen countries including France, Germany, Russia and the UK, TNS technology chief Tacis Gavoyannis told reporters: "I think looking into the future we will see an increase of music on the mobile phone and possibly a decrease in stereo usage".


AOL has Bought MusicNow, a digital music subscription service previously owned by a company called Circuit City. The MusicNow service is already being assimilated into AOL's music section, offering downloads at 99 cents a track, or a $9.95 subscription service to be used exclusively on a PC, or a $14.95 subscription which allows the transfer of tracks to portable devices.

MusicNow boss Gary Cohen has high ambitions for his service now that it is part of AOL, telling reporters: "The goal now is to become the number one music service. With AOL's entertainment properties, scale, and marketing opportunities, we're confident we'll get there. It's a powerful opportunity."


Talking of download platforms, Samsung have denied those reports that they are planning on launching an iTunes style platform. As previously reported, The Korea Times quoted Samsung president Choi Gee-Sung as saying his company was going to set up its own download service, but he now says the paper mis-quoted him. Gee-Sung says that he didn't mean that Samsung would set up its own download venture, rather that the electronics firm planned on working more closely with their partners in the download space to improve the service iTunes' competitors offer, and possibly to collaborate on a new download venture. He told the Associated Press: "We are not at all interested in a music service ourselves. We are now in talks with our partners to debut a service program like iTunes. Our number one priority is to help customers use our products with ease."


More on the possibility of a GCap takeover. Following a number of recent stories suggesting different investment types were interested in acquiring the merged radio company, now the Guardian reports that a consortium headed by former EMAP radio boss Tim Schoonmaker is about to launch a private equity bid to acquire the company. Advised by Citigroup and backed by an unnamed funder, the consortium is reportedly talking to the radio group's existing major shareholders, including the Daily Mail & General Trust and Fidelity. While GCap boss Ralph Bernard is reportedly aware of the potential bid, the company continues to playdown talks of takeover, telling the Guardian: "We have not had any discussions about potential bids for the company."


Media regulator OfCom says it has instigated a number of raids on pirate radio stations in London - with 53 transmitters seized and, they claim, 44 pirate stations now off the air. The regulator has also sent warning letters to nine club promoters who have been advertising on some of the stations.

OfCom bosses were keen to stress that the pirate stations were interfering with radio bands used by the emergency services and air traffic control people - presumably to stop any pirate radio sympathisers from asking what harm to stations are doing provided they don't block out legit radio services. Officials also say drugs and guns were found in some of the studios raided.

To that end OfCom's Head Of Field Operations, Robert Thelen-Bartholomew, said: "Illegal broadcasting affects safety of life services and has links with serious crime. Ofcom will continue to pursue and prosecute those involved in this criminal activity."

Meanwhile London Fire Brigade assistant commissioner John Anthony added "Pirate radio transmissions interfere with, and sometimes entirely disable, the communications systems the London Fire Brigade relies on. The interference makes it more difficult for the fire fighters to go about their daily business of protecting Londoners."


TV on demand people Homechoice, so far pretty much limited to London, have announced plans to roll out their service nationally, expanding its reach from 2.4 million homes to 10 million. Homechoice boss Roger Lynch told reporters: "There's no doubt about the customer appeal of Homechoice. We're now the fastest growing pay TV service relative to our footprint and we are growing our customer base rapidly. This gives us great confidence in our decision to launch our national rollout and bring the attractions of Homechoice to a much wider UK audience."

The move will require the company to raise new investment, though bosses at Homechoice still deny that they are considering the rumoured takeover bid from BSkyB.


Anyone got a spare £5.5 million lying around? If so, bung it over then, so we can get our own channel on Freeview. Ah, hang on a second, the bid deadline has passed. So you keep your money.

Anyway, thanks to some clever technical play, one of the companies behind Freeview has announced it can fit yet another channel onto its terrestrial digital TV network, and it is accepting bids from broadcasters interested in using it. The minimum asking prices is the aforementioned £5.5 million, and Flextech, Viacom, Five, ITV, Channel 4 and Disney have all reportedly bid for the channel.

Though if you do have that spare £5.5 million, hold on to it, cos we hear another Freeview channel will become available next year.


A lovely new afrofunk album and associated products (iPod case, clothing, etc) are to go on sale with proceeds going charity, all courtesy of hotel chain Malmaison and sexual health charity Bottletop. The two disc set, 'Sound Affects Malmaison - Volume 1 Africa', is, as the title suggests, the first in a series of albums to be released in support of the charity, this one using music sourced from three UK afrobeat labels - Kona, Sound Way and Eckostar - and remixed by such artists as Paul Oakenfold, Adam Freeland, Radioslave, Way Out West and Bonobo. The album gets its full release on 7 Nov, but it's already available to download from iTunes. Press info from Darling


And on to more charity related stuff, but this time it's a live date at the Medicine Bar next Wednesday, featuring Tommy Lee of Motley Crue on Live Drums jamming alongside DJs Adam Freeland Plump DJs, Evil Nine and DJ Aero, which all sounds rather interesting. The artists are all appearing free of charge for charity Our World, Our Say, who are campaigning against the ID Cards Bill.

Organiser Adam Freeland says: "Opposing the ID Cards Bill & the National Identity Register is something I feel strongly about. Not only is it an infringement on our basic human rights (privacy and discrimination), I just don't want my identity on one central database which could potentially be hacked. I don't want to show my fingerprint scan every time I make a transaction. I don't want the government to spend at least £19 billion of our money on a scheme that clearly won't hinder terrorism. I want the right to keep my identity to myself. I don't want to live in a police state, which is where we are rapidly going unless we speak out and oppose these bills, which quietly take away our rights one at a time. I'd like to fight to hang on to this thin veil of western democracy while I can before we all become like epsilons from an Aldous Huxley novel."

So, it all takes place at the Medicine Bar as aforesaid, 89 Great Eastern Street in Shoreditch, 9pm until 2am. There's no guest list, obviously, and entry is a minimum donation of £5. To sign up to help fight the proposed bill go to Press info from Get Involved.


ALBUM REVIEW: DK7 - Disarmed (Output Recordings)
With its deep and brooding, but rather flat, vocals allied to lushly produced neon chrome synth-pop, 'Disarmed' is initially redolent of Revenge's 'One True Passion' album. An easily forgotten New Order side project is probably not the sound DK7 aspired to here, but the comparison rings true; both albums sound fantastic, but are marred by a striking lack of enduring/endearing vocal melodies. It starts well enough; the slightly goth sheen of 'Disarm' immediately puts the listener in mind of Depeche Mode at their blackest; but the pristine Kraftwerkian minimalism here isn't enough to prevent the album from being a strangely rockist listening experience. Elsewhere amid the new romanticisms and gothic synth-rock are concessions to bouncy electroclash and bubbly acid house, suggesting an album that could have been much better had the two producers who comprise DK7 (Mark O Sullivan and Jesper Dahlbäck) employed a more emotive and memorable vocalist. An album that promises much but sadly delivers only sporadically. MS
Release date: 31 Oct
Press Contact: Output IH [all]


Jack White has said that he has indeed written a song for a Coke ad, confirming previously reported rumours to that effect. Now, some might call it selling out, or even cooperating with an unhealthily large and evil corporation in the pursuit of filthy lucre, but Jack White knows the truth - it's all in the name of love. Worldwide love.

He told NME.COM backstage at a gig in Paris: "I've been offered the opportunity to write a song in a way which interests me as a songwriter. I certainly wouldn't want a song that I'd already written to be used on a commercial. That seems strange. But to be asked to write something particular along one theme of love in a worldwide form that I'm not really used to appealed to me. I've written a song and I wrote it really quickly and it's an interesting commercial that's been made. I was inspired by the commercial."

And elsewhere in White Stripes news, the band have announced details of a new rarities EP. The release will be called 'Walking With A Ghost' and features a cover of that title track originally by Tegan And Sara, plus four live recordings, of 'Same Boy You've Always Known', 'As Ugly As I Seem', 'The Denial Twist' and 'Screwdriver'.


Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci has put a signed drum kit up for sale on eBay to raise money for the American Red Cross relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The kit comprises a 24" kick drum, an 18" and 16" floor tom and 13" rack tom. I can't find it on eBay now though, so one must presume it has now been sold. The last we heard there had been thirty bids, the highest being $2000.


According to The Sun, little James Bourne, ex of Busted, now fronting his new band Son Of Dork, has expressed how angry he is with Charlie Simpson for quitting Busted when he did. Bourne is quoted as saying "We missed out on a fortune, millions of pounds each. Matt and I were devastated. We were having the biggest party of our lives. Then Charlie suddenly turned the lights on and it was time to go home."

He continued "We begged him not to. Then we pressured him into doing a Press conference. The night before I dreamed Charlie would dramatically change his mind in front of the media...Then we could have cashed in on the publicity and got even bigger. Then I woke up and realised we were breaking up. It's odd because it happened when we were massive...We could easily have milked it for another year and still gone out with a bang."

I sympathise completely, but I'm not sure they could have really lasted another year. They did, after all, have McFly snapping at their heels.


Well, as we said yesterday, different tabloids are saying different things, and we just don't know whether Pete and Kate are together or not. But now, Now magazine is reporting that Kate Moss is determined to hang on to her boyfriend. One of those lovely anonymous sources apparently says: "Kate's been told that she has to end her relationship with Pete if she wants to stay clean and sober. Pete's brought her nothing but trouble. The truth is that she's still completely addicted to him. She's in constant contact with Pete, and, although she's happy for the world to believe their romance is over, she won't let go, and has no intention to."

The source continues: "When she was in rehab she had various sessions talking about the fact she is genuinely addicted to Pete Even though he has behaved badly to her she sees him as some kind of Bohemian poet and musician who lives by different people's rules and that he is her one true love"

So there you go. Make up your own mind. If you care.


Sharon Osbourne has had another go at Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson, following on from the feud that developed during Ozzfest this summer. Now Sharon has told Attitude magazine: "The band are actually really nice guys, but the singer has a chip on his shoulder. The bottom line is it's not my fault that his solo records are shit. Don't be jealous of what Ozzy does. He never once thanked us for the tour. People don't behave like that. I tell you, though. This guy that got the singer with a fucking egg right in the middle of his brow - what a star!"

I don't think he's a star. What a waste of a perfectly good egg.



Best Male: Robbie Williams
Best Female: Shakira
Best Group: Gorillaz
Best Rock: Green Day
Best Hip-Hop: Snoop Dogg
Best Alternative: System Of A Down
Best Song: Coldplay - Speed Of Sound
Best R&B: Alicia Keys
Best Pop: The Black Eyed Peas
Best Album: Green Day - American Idiot
Best New Act: James Blunt
Best Video: The Chemical Brothers - Believe
Best Act - MTV Adria: Siddharta
Best African Act: 2 Face
Best Danish Act: Mew
Best Dutch & Belgian Act: Anouk
Best Finnish Act: The Rasmus
Best French Act: Superbus
Best German Act: Rammstein
Best Italian Act: Negramaro
Best Norwegian Act: Turbonegro
Best Portugese Act: The Gift
Best Polish Act: Sistars
Best Romanian Act: Voltaj
Best Russian Act: Dima Bilan
Best Spanish Act: El Canto Del Loco
Best Swedish Act: Moneybrother
Best UK & Ireland Act: Coldplay
Free Your Mind Award: Bob Geldof

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