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- It's the Urban Music Awards
- It's the Kiss Awards
- It's the T4 / Smash Hits Poll Winners party
- Robbie the best seller so far this century
- Malaysian government needs to do more on piracy
- Hong Kong courts jail movie file-sharer
- US congress considers more copyright-protection law
- Beach Boy Love sues Wilson over his SMiLE
- More Fiddy posters bite dust
- Lemmy calls for legalisation of heroin
- Jackson nearly ready to release that single
- Kaiser Chiefs sell out in record time
- EMI publishing promote media licensing guy
- Lil Jon and 50 Cent labels join forces
- Pete and Geoff part company
- Emap sell Mixmag
- Jay-Z to buy The Source?
- Single review: Milke - She Says
- Chart update
- This week's Student Radio Chart
- Subshot playlist
- New movie based round Lennon murder
- Islam criticises response to earthquake
- Status Quo musical planned
- BRMC let fans pick the songs
- Daltrey criticises Doherty, McCartney shocker
- White Stripes man changes name
- Goldfrapp criticises Madonna, sort of
- Backstreet Boy headed for jungle
- Ozzy mad about the boy, and Sharon
- Yoko says she never meant to hurt Paul
- Travis man has baby on the way


A plethora of awards news for you this morning. First up, the Urban Music Awards, which took place on Friday night. Still not sure how these differ from the MOBOs, but whatever.

Among the winners on the night were Jamelia, who was named Best R&B Act, Lethal B who won Best Garage Artist and Raghav who was named Best Chart Act. Roll Deep got Best Album for 'In At the Deep End', Skinny Man won Best Hip-Hop Act, Courtney Pine won Best Jazz Act and Sway Desafo was named Best Newcomer.

M People's Heather Small picked up a Lifetime Achievement Award, while Craig David won an Outstanding Achievement trophy. Not sure which of his achievements were specifically deemed "outstanding", but whatever, well done him.

Commenting on the awards, UMA founder Jordan Kensington told reporters: "The growth of the Urban Music Awards has been incredible. We have pioneered grassroots support for 100% UK artists".


London radio station Kiss 100 also held their annual awards bash this weekend, though take a quick glance at the station's website and you'd be forgiven for being none the wiser. If you find the small 'awards' button you're taken to a website that tells you the 5 Nov awards are just two days away. Anyway, from what we hear Best Male was Sean Paul, Best Female Mariah Carey, Best Album went to Kanye West, Best Single to the Pussy Cat Dolls, while Gwen Stefani won the title of Female Style Icon. So now you know.


The website of that other EMAP music brand, Smash Hits, is giving slightly more exposure to their annual awards bash, even though Smash Hits itself takes second billing to T4 at this year's Poll Winners Party. The nominations for the annual pop awards bash are out, and we're very excited because McFly have got no less than twelve nominations. Of course two of those are for Best Ringtone, and four relate to their haircuts (and one is for worst hair cut), but who cares, go McFly. The full list of nominations is at the bottom of today's Daily, the awards bash takes place at the Wembley Pavilion on 20 Nov, press info from Fifth Biz.


Well, no surprises whatsoever, presumably, that Robbie Williams, Coldplay and Dido are the most successful artists in the UK so far this century, if success is measured in album sales, which it might as well be. According to the survey released by Channel 4 this weekend as part of the series of programmes leading up to the Hall Of Fame induction ceremony on 16 Nov, the three best sellers have sold 6.3 million, 6.2 million and 5.7 million albums respectively (and that doesn't count greatest hits or live albums - of which Robbie, in particular, sold many more).

Much of the rest of the top ten was pretty predictable too - Eminem (4), Westlife (5), Norah Jones (6), Blue (7), Oasis (10) - although I had forgotten how popular Stereophonics (8) still are (though presumably V2's accountants haven't) and that Anastacia (9) is a bigger artist in the UK than Kylie, Will Young and Craig David, all of whom sat just outside the top ten.


Anyway, enough awards, I want some piracy news. So here goes. Authorities in Malaysia have been accused of failing to act on evidence that licensed CD factories in the country are producing pirated music, films and software. The Recording Industry Association of Malaysia says that, while the government there has made efforts to close down the illegal factories which helped make the country one of the world's largest exporters of pirated discs, they are ignoring evidence that suggests at least 12 of the 44 licensed CD manufacturers are also producing pirated goods.

The industry association says that forensic tests undertaken by the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry in the UK have proven that pirated CDs exported from Malaysia have come from licensed operations rather than one of the illegal set ups that the authorities have been proactively targeting. The association's chief executive, Tan Ngiap Foo, told reporters: "What we are concerned about is that the CD plants are still operating despite our complaints, so we do not know what form of action the government has taken. The forensic tests... [are] equivalent to DNA tests so we are able to trace the source of the manufacturer."


More piracy nonsense, and a man in Hong Kong has been jailed for sharing movie files on the net. He is probably the first person to go to jail for passing copyrighted files via P2P - in this case using the BitTorrent network popular for both music and movie file sharing. The Hong Kong film industry, increasingly paranoid that it will soon be hit by illegal file sharing on the same level as that suffered by the music industry, said that it hoped the sentence handed down to Chan Nai-ming will provide a deterrent to others. It would certainly make me think twice about sharing copyrighted content online. Well, if I lived in Hong Kong it might.


In related news, political types in the US Congress are putting forward proposed legislation to safeguard copyright as digital media technology becomes more sophisticated. They are worried that the next generation of TV and video systems will not only allow viewers to make perfect digital copies of a TV network's output, but will be able to split it up into constituent parts and file it on their own hard disk (eg record an hour of MTV, split it up into individual videos, transfer it onto your own video jukebox). The House Subcommittee on Internet and Intellectual Property is considering how legislation could be used to stop that happening - perhaps by forcing electronics firms to put limits on how consumers can record and store content. Of course any such legislation, while popular with the entertainments industry, will probably be opposed by the electronics sector, who have proven a powerful lobbying force in the past, so what legislation will finally reach Congress remains to be seen.


Into the pop courts, and Beach Boy Mike Love has filed a lawsuit against his cousin and former bandmate Brian Wilson over the release and marketing of the album 'SMiLE' last year.

'SMiLE' was the long lost Beach Boys album that was famously scrapped in 1967. Following his return to performing, Wilson finally recorded and released the album on his own last year. In his lawsuit Love claims that Wilson was not faithful to the never-released original Beach Boy recordings of the album. He also objects to the way Wilson's people promoted 'SMiLE', claiming they misappropriated his former band's likeness and trademark to sell the new album.

Despite the lawsuit, Love's people stressed this weekend that the new legal action did not signal any personal strife between the two former bandmates. Love's lawyer Phil Stillman told reporters: "Mike has a lot of affection for Brian and they have a good relationship and cordial relations. There's obviously some problem with the way Brian's [associates] have promoted the albums. [But] they remain family and the co-founders of a very important band in rock'n'roll history."


More posters for 50 Cent's new film 'Get Rich or Die Tryin'' have been removed from billboards following a further barrage of complaints. As previously reported, the film's producer Paramount agreed to remove posters in the Los Angeles area following a series of protests about the image on the promotional material which shows Fiddy with a gun in one hand and a microphone in the other. Now promoters Clear Channel have agreed to remove 21 posters in Philadelphia.

Bilal Qayyum of Men United For A Better Philadelphia said: "The message could be 'rob to get rich' ... It's a very offensive message that is part of a mind-set that says you can solve problems with violence." He added some praise for Clear Channel for their decision to get rid of the posters, saying: "They showed corporate responsibility."

Meanwhile George Kauker, president of the Philadelphia division of Clear Channel Outdoor, said: "Based on clear and vocal negative response from local Philadelphia community groups, we agreed to remove this particular advertisement." The decision, of course, applies to the Philadelphia area only.

The film, which as you probably all know, is a semi-autobiographical movie about a drug dealer who turns away from crime to pursue rap music, opens in the US on Wednesday. As is always the way, all these protests about the poster will presumably help business at the box office.


Motorhead's Lemmy called for heroin to be legalised when he addressed the Welsh National Assembly on Thursday. As reported on Thursday, Lemmy was invited to address the Assembly by Tory member William Graham, prior to a Motorhead gig in Cardiff on Thursday night.

The rocker, real name Ian Kilmister, thinks heroin should be available on prescription, thereby negating the need for a dealer, and therefore minimising a great many of the social problems caused by the drug. He told the assembly: "It not only destroys a person's life, first it turns them into a thief and a liar. Heroin is the symptom, infection the almost incurable disease. It's on the streets of your constituencies and it's not going to get better if you keep on treating it the way you have. I hate the idea but I believe the only way to treat heroin is to legalise it."


Michael Jackson is close to finishing his charity single for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, according to his spokeswoman Raymone Bain. As previously reported, Jackson is now based in Bahrain and is working with twelve other participating artists via global satellite and phone connections. Is it just me, or does that description make him sound like the villain in a Bond movie?

Anyway, Bain announced that "all that remains is for two or three artists to do their tracks. Michael will then add his vocals. He is now on the fast track and we're happy with the progress." The artists reportedly involved with the project include James Brown, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott.


Damn, should've got around to that sooner. Tickets for those further 'Employment' gigs scheduled by Kaiser Chiefs for spring of next year sold out within hours of becoming available. Extra dates were added at Ally Pally and Leeds, but now they've all gone too. Woe. And here are all those dates that you can no longer get into. Well, unless you're desirable press/well connected/a personal friend of Ricky Wilson/personal friend of a ticket tout, possibly.

21 & 22 Apr: London Alexandra Palace
24 Apr: Plymouth Pavilions
25 Apr: Brighton Centre
26 Apr: Birmingham National Indoor Arena
29 & 30 Apr: Leeds Millennium Square


EMI Music Publishing UK have promoted Jonathan Channon, formerly Senior VP for Film, TV and Media, to the new job of Senior Vice President, Media and Business Development. The promotion demonstrates that the ever increasing revenue potential of licensing music to the film, TV, mobile and advertising industries is increasingly important to the publishing house under new MD Guy Moot.

Confirming the rejig Moot told CMU: "Jonathan's promotion recognises the way in which his department has successfully opened up the exploitation of ancillary rights in areas such as broadcast, film and mobile - to cite a few - and I want him to direct our strategy in these areas moving forward. I have a very clear future vision for the company and this promotion for Jonathan follows a number of other key personnel changes I have implemented to ensure that we continue to stay fresh and innovatively look at every area of how we go about our business".


Rappers Lil Jon and 50 Cent have announced a new business partnership which will see the two hip hop stars' record labels collaborate on the release and promotion of certain artists. The new arrangement means that the Lil Jon headed BME Recordings, an imprint of Warner, and 50 Cent's G-Unit Records, an imprint of Universal's Interscope division, will work together, especially on the marketing of each other's acts.

The announcement ends some confusion over the future of rapper Lil Scrappy. He is signed to BME, but 50 Cent recently told a British radio station that he would be working with him on his next release. Scrappy's next album will be released via Lil Jon's label, but will be promoted via the new joint venture.

Commenting on the deal, Jon told Billboard: "50 Cent is going to collaborate and appear on certain projects with BME artists. And I'm going to collaborate and appear on certain projects with G-Unit. Basically 50 and Scrappy were already good friends. While we were out on [the recent Anger Management] tour, 50 came to me with the business proposition, and we sat down and worked it out."


Management for Virgin Radio presenters Pete Mitchell and Geoff Lloyd have announced the duo will not work together once Christian O'Connell takes over the station's breakfast show in the New Year. Lloyd will stay with the station taking over the late night show, but Mitchell will leave Virgin, and is apparently currently considering offers from two other broadcasters.

The duo's manager told reporters this weekend: "After ten years together they are sick of exchanging meaningful glances over a hot mic, and at 5.30am both are looking forward to seeing someone a lot more attractive when they open their eyes".


Back to EMAP music brands, or, to be more precise, former EMAP music brands. Yep, the media group has sold its dance title Mixmag to Development Hell, the independent company set up in 2003 by former EMAP execs David Hepworth, Jerry Perkins, Mark Ellen and Andrew Harrison. The purchase will help Development Hell expand their print media output - their flagship title is currently the thinking man's music mag The Word.

EMAP say the sale will help them concentrate on their "core brands" Kerrang!, Q and Mojo. The last EMAP-published issue of Mixmag will be published next week. No word yet on what editorial or personnel changes the ownership switch will bring.


Talking of changes of ownership at flagship music magazines, rumour has it Jay-Z is considering buying US hip hop mag The Source, which is apparently struggling. The rap star is apparently considering making a bid for the magazine as part of a consortium that also includes Warners exec Lyor Cohen and Interscope man Steve Stoute.


SINGLE REVIEW: Milke - She Says (Fat!)
I'd like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologise to anyone who has shared a tube/bus/taxi/boat with me in the last few months, because it is incredibly likely that I was incessantly crooning this very song in your ear. I'm sorry. You see, 'She Says' - the first single from promising new duo Milke, is possibly the catchiest breaks crossover track in the whole world ever. Not surprising really, seeing as the man behind it is one of breakbeat's leading lights and Chew The Fat! Super-resident Andrew 'Friendly' Kornweibel, a man who's clearly no stranger to great electronic music. 'She Says' is a track that sits somewhere between Jacques lu Cont and Evil Nine, with a Parisian-esque vocal - instantly likeable radio-friendly breaks bypassing the pop-dance formula, with club energy and a cracking break-down. Unfortunately, the hook is so catchy, hacked-off commuters are likely to garrotte you with your own headphones if you listen on public transport. Learn from my mistakes people. OG
Release date: 28 Nov
Press contact: Strike 3 [all]


So, Westlife are still number one in the singles chart this week with 'You Raise Me Up', and Arctic Monkeys are still number two with 'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor' - which means the highest new entry is at three, and that's Pharrell and Gwen Stefani with 'Can I Have It Like That'.

Craig David goes in at 4 with 'Don't Love You No More', then it's Goldfrapp with 'Number 1' at 9, Rosetta Life ft Billy Bragg with 'We Laughed' at 11, Texas with 'Can't Resist' at 13, Eurythmics with 'I've Got A Life' at 14, Darren Hayes with 'So Beautiful' at 15, Fightstar with 'Grand Unification' at 20, KrayTwinz/Twista/Lethal B with 'What We Do' at 23, Ray J with 'One Wish' at 26, Status Quo with 'All That Counts Is Love' at 29 and The Rakes with '22 Grand Job' at 39.

As expected, Westlife scored the double bill charts wise, topping the albums chart with new long player 'Face To Face'. Three more album new entries in the top ten this week - Rod Stewart's 'Thanks For The Memory - Great American 4' at 3, Katherine Jenkins' 'Living A Dream' at 4 and Blink 182's 'Greatest Hits' at 6. Then there's Rammstein's 'Rosencrot' at 29, Hilary Duff's 'Most Wanted' at 31, Audio Bullys with 'Generation' at 33 and Santana with 'All That I Am' at 36. Sorted.


1. [1] Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Domino)
2. [5] Kaiser Chiefs - Modern Way (B-unique)
3. [8] Arcade Fire - Wake Up (Rough Trade)
4. [3] The Strokes - Juicebox (Rough Trade)
5. [5] The Dandy Warhols - All The Money Or The Simple Life Honey (EMI/Parlophone)
6. [6] Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure (Warp)
7. [19] The Magic Numbers - Love's A Game (EMI/Heavenly)
8. [NE] White Stripes - Denial Twist (Beggars/XL)
9. [17] Bloc Party - 2 More Years (V2/Wichita)
10. [30] Babyshambles - Albion (Rough Trade)
11. [25] The Rakes - 22 Grand Job (V2)
12. [27] Eels - Trouble With Dreams (Universal/Dreamworks)
13. [NE] The Black Eyed Peas - My Humps (Universal/Polydor)
14. [24] We Are Scientists - The Great Escape (EMI/Virgin)
15. [18] Starsailor - In The Crossfire (EMI)
16. [13] Nine Black Alps - Unsatisfied (Universal Island)
17. [NE] The Darkness - One Way Ticket (Warner/Atlantic)
18. [21] Elbow - Leaders Of The Freeworld (V2)
19. [NE] Athlete - 24 Hours (EMI)
20. [23] Sugababes - Push The Button (Universal/Island)
21. [RE] Green Day - Jesus Of Suburbia (Warner/Reprise)
22. [NE] Caesars - Its Not The Fall That Hurts (EMI/Virgin)
23. [NE] The Futureheads - Area (679)
24. [NE] Death Cab For Cutie - Soul Meets Boy (Warner/Atlantic)
25. [7] The Hives - A Little More Me For Little You (Universal/Polydor)
26. [4] Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To (Domino)
27. [NE] Pharrell Williams - Can I Have It Like That? (Ft. Gwen Stefani) (EMI/Virgin)
28. [RE] Littl'ans - Their Way (Rough Trade)
29. [RE] The Subways - With You (Warner)
30. [10] LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations (EMI/DFA)


So, here's the tracks that are getting video play on the Sub TV network in union bars around the country. New additions are marked with **.

Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Domino)
Bob Marley - Slogans (Universal/Island)
El Presidente - Rocket (One Records)
Goldfrapp - Number 1 (EMI/Mute)
**Jamiroquai - Don't Give Hate A Chance (SonyBMG)
Mattafix - Passer By (Angel)
Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure (Warp)
**Oasis - Let There Be Love (Big Brother)
Pharrell Williams - Can I Have It Like That (EMI/Virgin)
The Magic Numbers - Love's A Game (EMI/Heavenly)

**Alkaline Trio - Mercy Me (Hassle)
**Arcade Fire - Wake Up (Rough Trade)
**Dandy Warhols - All The Money Or The Simple Life (EMI)
Fightstar - Grand Unification (Universal/Island)
Jamie Lidell - Multiply (Warp)
Louie - Trees (Loaded Dice)
Morning Runner - Be All You Want Me To Be (EMI/Parlophone)
Nine Black Alps - Just Good Friends (Universal/Island)
Sevendust - Ugly (Winedark)
Stereo MCs - Paradise (Graffiti)
**The Decemberists - Sixteen Military Wives (Rough Trade)
The Like - What I Say And What I Mean (Universal/Geffen)
**The Young Knives - The Decision (Transgressive)
Tom Vek - Nothing But Green Lights (Universal/Island)
Towers Of London - How Rude She Was (TVT)
White Rose Movement - Alsatian (Independiente)
**Will Young - Switch It On (SonyBMG)


A new independent movie based around the murder of John Lennon is to go into production at the start of next year and will star Lindsay Lohan (you know her - she released a single if I remember rightly) and Jared Leto (never released a single, as far as I'm aware, but definitely has his own, allegedly not very good, band). Leto plays Lennon's killer Mark Chapman whilst Lohan plays a fictional character, a Lennon fan who befriends Chapman.

The film entitled 'Chapter 27', is described by producers as a 'psychological study' of Chapman, adding that the character of Lennon himself wil have only a small screen presence in the film, which seeks to explore the motivation behind the killing. The film's title is said to refer to the 26 chapters in Salinger's 'The Catcher In The Rye', which Chapman famously cited as his motivation for killing Lennon.


The artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, Yusuf Islam, has criticised the humanitarian response to the recent earthquake in Pakistan, saying that the aid effort could have been greater. Quite right, too.

Islam said: "This is one of the most difficult and inhospitable areas to work in, it's so inaccessible. There should have been more of a response in regards to the need for helicopters and other transport systems to deliver the aid, but nobody was ready for it. That is perhaps an indictment on most countries of the world. Why isn't there more of a ready, rapid, response force which governments can take part in to help? These calamities are not going away. There seem to be more and more of them each day. I do point the finger of blame. They should get together and do more."


Now, the musical is not my favourite medium. In fact, I really don't like them. But I do think it's a shame that new and possibly interesting musicals are not getting stage time in favour of a poor plot against the backdrop of a band's back catalogue of songs. Don't get me wrong though. I'm not singling out Status Quo for special criticism, but, if reports are correct, they are the latest in the increasingly long line of artists who want to parlay their tunes into a West End hit.

Veteran rockers Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt have apparently said they would like to do a musical, and to get sell-out extraordinaire Ben Elton involved. Parfitt says: "It's been mentioned and I'd like to think it would be popular. I'd like Ben Elton to write it. We'd open it at Butlin's holiday camp [where he and Rossi met] and end it with me dying on stage. If I'm going to have a heart attack, then there's no better place to do it."


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are holding an online poll which will allow fans to choose some of the songs for the setlist of their London show at the Astoria on 22 Nov. The item on the band's website reads "You have the opportunity to choose the three songs you most want to hear at the show. The band will be playing an extra long set consisting entirely of songs voted for by you."

One voter, chosen at random from the participants, will win a signed copy of the latest BRMC album 'Howl'.


The Who veteran Roger Daltrey has had a go at young Pete Doherty, according to The Sunday Mirror, and he also had a dig at old Paul McCartney. Daltrey praised current buzz bands Kaiser Chiefs and Arctic Monkeys, but criticised Doherty for wasting his life. "It's a waste of a life really, because he's got talent. He seems to be feeding off it, now he's become infamous for his drug addiction he seems to think 'that's what I do so I've got to do it', it's very sad."

On McCartney he said: "Paul acts like what is expected of him, I find it very strange, but it's how he deals with his life. Everything, though, becomes the Paul McCartney show." On the positive side, however, he praised Mick Jagger, calling him "just remarkable. The amount of energy he has is amazing."

He also had some words to say on Who bandmate Pete Townshend, following his arrest back 2003. As you may remember, Townshend was charged by police after he accessed a child pornography site, but he insisted he only accessed it as research for the book he was writing. Daltrey says "He's fucking angry about what happened to him. Make no mistake about it; it will come out in his music."

On their work on a new Who album. Daltrey added: "I don't want to stop and I don't think Pete does. We're at the pinnacle of our decline."


Jack White says he's changing his name, but only whilst he's playing tour dates in the UK. When White took to the stage at the Hammersmith Apollo on Saturday night, the singer - carrying a large stuffed bird apparently - called London the band's 'home from home' then declared that he wishes to be known as 'Three Quid' whilst on tour. Yeah, me no idea either.

A fan told "It's that old cliché of selling your soul to the devil, but Jack's guitar playing was amazing. He was a man possessed! Absolutely brilliant. The Three Quid stuff was a bit weird, but if he keeps playing that well I don't care what he calls himself!"


The lovely Alison Goldfrapp has had a bit of a go at Madonna, basically saying that Madonna's stuff is not really original, and that she steals ideas from her contemporaries. It's a bit of a no-brainer, really, as anyone with any sense knows that Madonna's genius always has been her ability to derive a career from deriving stuff from other people's careers.

Anyway, Alison says, "She's always got her eye on what everyone's doing and she's always nabbing people, the latest DJ or whatever, to get them to put their thing on her thing, you know. I think it's quite clever, but I don't know if that's creative."


According to the Daily Star, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is to take part in the next series of 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here'. Other additions to the show's line up of D-listers apparently include former Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost and Corrie actor Sean Wilson. The final lineup is expected to be confirmed this week, before the show starts on 20 Nov. Oh joy.


Ozzy Osbourne is furious about wife Sharon's flirty antics on the X factor, according to The People. If you've been watching it you'll know that she just can't help making eyes at pretty boy finalist Shayne Ward, who's not even in her group. A source told the tabloid, "Ozzy was livid when he saw her flirting with Shayne. He is young enough to be her son - in fact he's younger than the couple's eldest daughter Aimee and the same age as daughter Kelly. Ozzy had a go at her about it and she apologised for her behaviour. But he wouldn't let it drop and has been ringing her on set, going on about it."

A spokesman for the show apparently confirmed, "Sharon's behaviour did raise Ozzy's eyebrows." It should be noted that no such antics were forthcoming in the most recent edition of the show.


Yoko Ono has apologised to Paul McCartney via the medium of Rolling Stone Magazine, over comments she made at the recent Q Awards that implied that Paul McCartney was a bit of a rubbish songwriter. She told the magazine: "I certainly did not mean to hurt Paul, and if I did, I am very sorry."


According to, lovely wee Fran Healy is expecting a baby, due early next year. Well, strictly, it's his fiancée Norah Kryst that's pregnant. A spokesperson said "They are both still trying to take in the news and they could not be happier."



Stars Of The Year: Girls Aloud, Green Day, Gwen Stefani, McFly, Rachel Stevens.

Best UK Band: Coldplay, Girls Aloud, Kaiser Chiefs, McFly, Sugababes.

Best Solo Artist: Gwen Stefani, James Blunt, Kelly Clarkson, Lee Ryan, Rachel Stevens.

Best Album: Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, James Blunt, McFly, Sugababes.

Best International Band: Black Eyed Peas, Destiny's Child, Green Day, Pussycat Dolls, Westlife.

Best Rock Act: Good Charlotte, Green Day, Kaiser Chiefs, My Chemical Romance, The Killers.

Best Dance Act: Basement Jaxx, BodyRockers, Crazy Frog, Mylo, Uniting Nations.

Best R'n'B Act: Akon, Ciara, Craig David, Pussycat Dolls, Usher.

Best Hip-Hop Act: Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg

Best Video: Eminem - Ass Like That, Girls Aloud - Wake Me Up, Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl, Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha, Sugababes - Push The Button.

Party Animal Of The Year: Anthony Big Brother, Charlotte Church, Danny McFly, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton.

Hot New Talent: Ciara, James Blunt, Pussycat Dolls, Rihanna, Son Of Dork.

Fave Ringtone: Akon - Lonely, Charlotte Church - Crazy Chick, Crazy Frog, McFly - All About You, McFly - I'll Be OK.

Hottest Showbiz Couple: Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson, Cheryl Tweedy and Ashley Cole, David and Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, Jordan and Peter Andre.

Smash Hits Style Icon: Fergie Peas, Gwen Stefani, Nikki Sanderson, Paris Hilton, Rachel Stevens.

Best TV Show: Big Brother, Eastenders, Lost, The OC, The X Factor.

TV Stars Of The Year: Adam Brody, Ant and Dec, Shane Ritchie, The X Factor judges Simon / Louis / Sharon.

Best Movie: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Dukes Of Hazzard, Herbie Fully Loaded, Madagascar, The Wedding Crashers.

Movie Star Of the Year: Chad Michael Murray, Johnny Depp, Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, Will Smith.

Best Sports Star: Andrew Flintoff, David Beckham, Frank Lampard, Gavin Henson, Wayne Rooney.

Most Fanciable Female: Beyonce Knowles, Cheryl Tweedy, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Stevens.

Most Snoggable Male: Billie Joe Green Day, Danny McFly, Dougie McFly, Kenzie Friday Hill, Orlando Bloom.

Top Mop: Danny McFly, David Beckham, Dougie McFly, Harry McFly, Jessica Simpson.

Flop Mop: Britney Spears, Charlotte Church, Kelly Osbourne, Peter Andre, Tom McFly.

Worst Dressed Star: Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Jodie Marsh, Jordan, Kelly Osbourne.

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