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In today's CMU Daily:
- UK Festival Award winners announced
- Apple face second lawsuit over Nano
- SonyBMG may face Italian criminal charges over anti-piracy software
- Il Divo and Kate Bush go head to head on sales
- Guests line up for new Peaches album
- Green Day make special appearance
- Madonna to stream intimate gig
- Flowers and Blige join U2 on stage
- Kiss release live DVD
- Danish court reject additional Roskilde damages money
- Live sector events lined up for MIDEM
- Single review: The Suffrajets - Everything You Do
- Robbie promoters diss unofficial ticket pre-sales
- Government adviser to run publishers association
- IFPI welcomes closure of Korean P2P
- Scottish bands get behind music manifesto
- More concerns raised over digital switch plans
- Album review: Bob Marley & The Wailers - Africa Unite: The Singles Collection
- The Young Gods confirm tour
- Trible and Life Force Independent Mix at Cargo
- Jehst live date at Jazz Café
- New Britney remix album set for release
- Album review: Babyshambles - Down In Albion
- Simon Webbe says Blue could reform
- Girls Aloud say there is talent on X Factor
- Chesney says no regrets re Renee
- UK Festival Awards 2005 winners in full


With some 30,000 festival fans having voted, the results are in for this year's UK Festival Awards, staged by And well done to T in the Park, Glastonbury, Cream and Bestival who all scored well. The Scottish festival won the big prize - Best Major Festival - as well as the quite-dull-sounding-but-probably-quite-important sounding Best Organisation And Facilities award. Glasto took the award for Best Family Festival, won Best Festival Moment for that Make Poverty History hand holding thing and they were given the 'Outstanding Contribution Award' for the way the show went on despite all that rain. Cream won the Best Dance Festival award, while relative newcomer Bestival won 'Best Medium Sized Festival' and also took the gong for 'Best Innovation' for all the cool stuff they had going on aside the music - like live downloads, a wireless sense experiences, the hidden disco and that biggest ever fancy dress party.

Commenting on their wins, T In The Park boss Geoff Ellis told CMU: "This accolade is testament to the extremely hardworking team behind T in the Park, many of whom work on it all year round. Thanks must also go to the T in the Park audience, which is, from my own experience and from what I'm told by almost every artist that plays the event, the best in the world. We always strive to make their experience as good as we can and whilst we may have the hottest selling festival of 2006, we will never take our audience for granted and will do our very best to ensure that they will want to vote for us in both categories again next year."

On the award for their Make Poverty History stand, Glastonbury's Emily Eavis told VirtualFestival: "It was an incredible moment and part of the integrity of this year's Glastonbury. It's important that it's acknowledged that way but also that it's seen as a beginning and not an end to the campaign. Thanks to everyone for voting for it, and for being part of it - because it's them, not the rock stars, that made it."

On their win, Cream boss James Barton said: "The coveted UK Festival Awards are a body that not only recognises what great events we have in this country but firmly puts the UK on the global map as leaders in their field when it comes to outdoor events. The number of people that have voted this year proves this and makes winning this particular award very special."

And finally, the word from the Bestival camp ran thus: "Bestival base camp has just erupted with joy and alcoholic things at the news we've won these two awards. Up against such amazing festivals as The Big Chill and Glastonbury we're chuffed to have got so far in only our second year, so big up respect gracias to everyone who came to Bestival and voted for us - they're the winners!"

In the artist categories, Foo Fighters and Kaiser Chiefs did particularly well. The former won Best Headliner and Best Rock Act, while the Chiefs won Best Live Newcomer and Anthem Of The Summer - so well done them.


More work for Apple's busy legal department. iPod users from both the UK and Mexico are joining the legal battle against Apple over the alleged defects of the iPod nano - in particular that previously reported tendency for the music player's screen to scratch and crack. So many iPod nano customers have now approached the lawyers who launched the original lawsuit against Apple last month, they have decided to issue a second suit against the computer firm.

As criticism of the iPod nano grew after its original launch, on both message boards and in the media, Apple admitted that there was a small batch defective players, and they pledged to replace them. While that move satisfied some of the firm's critics, others claim that the problems with the nano's screen is actually due to a more fundamental design flaw, and that Apple rushed the player to market despite being aware of the flaw.

Steve Berman, the lead lawyer on both lawsuits, told reporters: "Apple's iPod Nano has sold in record numbers around the world, just as it did in the US. The far-reaching response also reveals that this is not just a small problem or a bad batch of Nanos, but a defect in the overall design that should have been rectified prior to the release.

Apple has not, as yet, commented on either lawsuit.


More on the fallout of SonyBMG's use of that dodgy anti-piracy software that allegedly buggers up the computers of people who unknowingly install it when they insert a copy-protected disk into their PC.

A consumer rights organisation in Italy - ALCEI-EFI - has filed a complaint about SonyBMG's use of the software to the country's rather exciting sounding 'cyber-crime investigation unit'. They reckon the major label may have contravened Italian computer security laws in using the protection software, which acts not all together unlike a nasty computer virus, and which can only be uninstalled using a patch released by the record company only after everyone got very angry about the whole thing.

The boss of ALCEI-EFI, Andrea Monti, told reporters SonyBMG were in violation of "a number of Italian computer security laws", adding: "What Sony did qualifies as a criminal offence under Italian law". He hopes Italian police will agree with him, so that criminal proceedings can be launched against record label chiefs there.

Monti was keen to stress that SonyBMG's use of this technology was "not an isolated case" of record labels acting "against consumer interests" - though, as previously reported, EMI has been quick to stress it has never used the dodgy software in question. Warner and Universal are yet to comment. Just for the record, CMU has never installed any virus like anti-piracy software on your PC. Never, I tell you.


Pop opera types Il Divo and the lovely Kate Bush are fighting it out for the number one slot in the album chart this weekend. HMV are predicting that Il Divo will be top, as they are currently outselling Bush with their long player 'Ancora', but over at Virgin Megastores they're saying Kate Bush will take it, as at their stores the singer's first album in twelve years 'Aerial' is in the lead.

HMV's Phil Penman, commenting on the Simon Cowell managed Il Divo, said: "It's not surprising that their new album looks set to get off to a chart-topping start. Despite 'crossing-over' from a classical background, I suspect they'll be taking on the likes of Eminem, Madonna and Robbie to be the biggest-selling artists of the Christmas period." Penman added that although there'd been a "a massive day one rush" for the Kate Bush album on Monday, he did not expect her to overtake Il Divo in the chart, saying "I can see this album becoming yet another classic, which, despite being a double-CD, will sell consistently well in the coming weeks."

However, a spokesman for Virgin Megastores says: "Kate Bush is outselling Il Divo four to one. It is definitely going to be one of those two at number one this week. We predicted Kate Bush would be number one, we were fairly confident from the start. We do sometimes have varying sales from HMV depending on clientele."


Peaches has enlisted a host of music names to contribute to her third album which is due out in the spring. Among those set to appear on the follow up to 2003's 'Fatherfucker' are Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, Feist, Joan Jett, former Hole drummer Sam Maloney and Electrocute frontwoman Nicole Morier.

Peaches, who is working with Beck producer Mickey Petralia, told Rolling Stone: "The track 'Giver' features Josh [Homme] on guitar. There's a solo that I could play but I couldn't play it like Josh. He learned it in a second, and was playing all over it. It's exciting that I'm branching out. I just want to make things harder. I want to go more hardcore. I just want to make things harder. I want to go more hardcore."

No title for the album is forthcoming as yet, but track titles set to grace the long player include 'Hankie Code', 'Stick It To The Pimp' and 'Two Guys For Every Girl'. On that last track, she says "The lyrics are all real dirty about guys getting down with each other, and then I join in. Everybody fantasises about the two-girl thing - to hell! Guys gotta get sexy with each other!"


Green Day made a special appearance in London the other night when they were at the Vue cinema in Leicester Square to introduce their new feature length concert film and documentary 'Bullet In A Bible'. Billie Joe Armstrong told fans: "The main thing we gotta do is just to thank our crew, the guys, the guitar techs, the bass techs and drum techs and front of house people. Everybody, our crew manager, everyone backstage put their heart and soul behind what's going on when we're playing live, so thanks a lot for coming down and checking us out. It's been the best year we've ever had and most of all thank you, thanks a lot, we really appreciate it, and we will be back."

The film is released on 14 Nov.


Madonna is to play an intimate gig for competition winners at Koko next week to celebrate the official release of new album 'Confessions On A Dancefloor'. The gig kicks off at around 10pm on 15 Nov, and the performance is to be streamed by Network Live through AOL Music and XM Satellite Radio, as well as being distributed across various mobile networks worldwide. Network Live founder Kevin Wall says: "This event demonstrates that Network Live is shifting the model for the music business in a real and significant manner," adding that streaming the event will "ensure that people across the globe can experience this intimate show on demand, or when they want, through the device of their choice."

Madonna, meanwhile, is considering going on a big tour next year. She recently told Billboard: "I'm currently exploring the possibility. If I go on tour, it would be next summer. And it would be all out disco, with lots of disco balls. I would focus on dance music and the new record. I already did the older stuff on my Re-Invention tour."


Killers frontman Brandon Flowers joined U2 on stage when they performed in Las Vegas at the weekend, dueting on vocals with Bono for the track 'In A Little While', which the band performed as part of their encore. Mary J Blige also appeared with the group for a third occasion during their current US tour to supply vocals for their performance of 'One'


'Live DVD' is actually a sort of contradiction in terms, isn't it? I only just really thought about it. Anyway this news item is not about me and my befuddled mind, it's about Kiss, and their new double disc concert DVD, entitled 'Rock the Nation Live!' The footage was taped during live shows back in the summer of 2004. Guitarist Tommy Thayer, explaining how the new DVD came about, told "We were playing a lot of songs that Kiss hadn't played in years, or haven't played at all. One day, Doc McGhee, the manager, came into the dressing room, and said, 'We really need to film and record this show, because it's so good. It's probably the best Kiss performance I've seen.' So we said, 'OK.' That was the spark that got the whole thing going." It's to be released on mid December.

On the possibility of a future tour, the band's Paul Stanley said: "There's definitely talk. I had a hip replacement a year ago, and that unfortunately didn't go as well as it should have, and they did it again, and that also didn't go as well as it should have. So the recovery from that has been longer, although about six weeks ago we did a corporate show for 15,000 people, in Columbus, Ohio. The band is as good and ready to go as ever. The difference is that I have to make sure that I can commit 100% of my energy for a tour, and not just a show."


A Danish court has rejected a lawsuit by the family of one of the festival-goers killed at the 2000 Roskilde Festival who were attempting to increase their damages payment.

Allan Tonnesen was one of nine people killed when a crowd surged forward during Pearl Jam's Roskilde set in June 2000. Tonnesen's parents, who claimed organisers of the Roskilde Festival had in effect accepted responsibility for the tragedy by making an $11,000 damages payment to the family, were pushing for another $11,000 in compensation. However, Denmark's Eastern High Court this week rejected their claim.

Two inquiries held after the accident concluded that none of the Roskilde organisers could be charged over the incident, saying that "a chain of unfortunate circumstances" had led to the poor sound quality which, it is believed, was the reason festival-goers at the back of the crowd began to surge forward.


MIDEM news anyone? Well, here we go. Next year the annual seaside outing for the European music industry will again highlight the importance of live music with a dedicated conference forum for the live sector as well as a live concert programme.

For the second year MIDEM, which takes place in Cannes, France from 22-26 Jan, will include the 'Live Music Network', which will bring together key professionals from across the live music industry. Harvey Goldsmith and Kevin Wall of Network Live will give keynote addresses, while panel debates will cover the issues of world-wide touring and the exposure of artists and repertoire within the major world markets.

The two keynote speakers were both involved in the production and global broadcasting and webcasting of this year's Live 8 event, and that experience will form a key part of their speeches at the MIDEM event.

Full details of MIDEM are online at


SINGLE REVIEW: The Suffrajets - Everything You Do (Tough Cookie)
I want to love The Suffrajets so much. On paper, they're perfect. They're all-girl. In a world where the number of women appearing on an NME cover in the alst year can be counted on one hand, that in itself is a very good thing. They're sort of named after feminists - and reference to feminism in rock is, let's face it, pretty damn rare. They boast Gemma, ex of Babyshambles, who deserves a medal or something for standing up to the most spoilt little boy in rock. Heck, they even have a White Stripes-esque black-and-red thing going on. Trouble is, the music is uninspiring. Now, I can even work around that. I love the Manic Street Preachers, and have forgiven all manner of bad music on account of their interesting lyrics. But The Suffrajets don't really have good lyrics either. Imagine early Manics with bad lyrics. Exactly. Not even I can love that. SIA
Release date: 31 Oct
Press contact: LD [CP, RP NP], Hart [CR, RR, NR]


Robbie Williams has distanced himself from "rogue" ticket agencies who are already selling tickets for his upcoming tour, even though tickets don't officially go on sale until 19 Nov. According to the Evening Standard, tickets are already being touted for £200. But Ian Huffam of X-Ray Touring told reporters yesterday: "Tickets aren't going on general sale until the 19th. Robbie would like to disassociate himself 100 per cent from rogue ticket agencies. The public should watch out for official announcements detailing the authorised ticket agencies, where booking fees should not exceed 10 per cent."

The unofficial selling and pre-selling of tickets by rogue agencies, as well as the auctioning off of tickets to sell out shows via websites like eBay, is increasingly annoying key players in the live sector. They accuse these companies and individuals of profiting off their artists without making any investment into their music, while at the same time ripping off music fans unaware of the official routes for buying tickets, or the high booking fees some agencies charge. However, the people who run these agencies say they are doing nothing illegal, and that the premium they charge is for the convenience they offer music fans. Michael Rangos of, one of the agencies already selling Robbie tickets, told reporters: "We are doing nothing wrong. We make it clear that this is a provisional booking. We offer a premium service people are willing to pay for. We are not a rip-off company and are doing nothing illegal. We make the face value of these tickets obvious and because we are not an official agent, we can offer 'pre-sales' such as for Robbie Williams."


Stephen Navin, currently an adviser on music topics to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, has been appointed to the role of Chief Executive at the Music Publishers Association. He will take over at the start of next year.

Confirming his new role, Navin told CMU: "It is amazing how multitudinous are the ways in which music is and may be published. What opportunities, what threats, what responsibilities for publishers and their songwriters and therefore for the MPA. I can't wait".

In case you wondered, and you'd be forgiven for wondering, the MPA is the trade body which represents the interests of music publishers to government, the media, the public and the music industry, and which aims to promote "a better understanding of the value of music and copyright". So, now you know.


Hot on the heels of the news that Groskter had closed down its P2P service, news today that a leading file sharing service in South Korea is also no more following a court ruling there against the technology firm who owned it - Soribada. The Korean Association of Phonogram Producers took the technology firm to court over the copyright infringement the P2P software allowed, and as a result the Seoul Central District Court ruled the service must be closed down forthwith. KAPP now say they plan to sue Soribada for compensation for alleged revenue losses caused by P2P usage, while also pledging to take similar action against other file sharing services.

John Kennedy, boss of the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry, welcomed the court's ruling, telling reporters: "Courts in three continents - in the US, Australia, Korea and Taiwan - have handed down successive judgments against P2P services that have built businesses on copyright infringement. The landscape of the music industry is changing, and it is moving in favour of those who want to use technology the legitimate way, to create a thriving legal digital music market."


Idlewild, Mull Historical Society and up and coming Scottish band My Latest Novel are all supporting a new 'Scottish music manifesto' aiming to secure more government funding to help the music industry north of the border. The manifesto has been put together by a Cross Party Group On Scottish Contemporary Music in the Scottish Parliament, led by MSP Pauline McNeill.

Commenting on the manifesto, McNeill told reporters: "We simply want to remind decision-makers that we have the talent in Scotland and the range of expert businesses necessary to show the world that this country is a major international force in music and the creative arts".

The bands supporting the initiative will join McNeil as well as Scottish First Minister Jack McConnell and culture minister Patricia Ferguson at an event at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh to launch the manifesto.


OfCom reckon the government's proposals for switching off analogue TV signals are pretty rubbish. Well, I'm paraphrasing slightly, but they have raised concerns - pointing out that the average household will have to pay £132 to completely switch over to digital, that some 50,000 families will need new aerials, and that people will have to invest in an eighty quid hard disk if they want to watch one channel while videoing another. Other experts are also doubting the logic of rushing into a digital switch-over on the timeline currently proposed by the government, which will see analogue broadcasts start to be switched off as early as 2008. Among the critics is former Channel 5 boss David Elstein, who has told MPs: "This will be the biggest single civil project in the history of this country. But there seems to be no project management. Just telling people that all their TVs and videos are going to stop working is not managing things." A spokesman for the government said: "We're just doing our bit to ensure everyone can enjoy the cultural delights of QVC and pricedroptv". Well, they possibly did.


ALBUM REVIEW: Bob Marley & The Wailers - Africa Unite: The Singles Collection (Universal/Island)
So, there I was thinking how convenient it is that Bob Marley's would-be-60th birthday falls so near Christmas, when I got rudely brought back to cynicism land. You're a big dufus, says Google: Marley would have actually turned the big one way back in February. Unsurprisingly, then, this seems to be less a matter of 'celebrating' an anniversary, and more a matter of cashing in on the Christmas market. So why buy, or even play? You already have access to these songs, they're on hundreds of CDs. Sure, there are a couple of remixes, of 'Africa Unite' and 'Get Up Stand Up', but they are uninspiring. There is a further attempt at added value in the shape of the, by now dreaded, posthumously released 'new' track: a 1979 voice recording, 'Slogans', with new instrumentation featuring Eric Clapton on guitar. Safe to say, this will be about as much of a 'classic' as 'Free As A Bird' proved to be. But this album (and the six, count 'em, singles releases accompanying it) does give you a great excuse to legitimately put Marley on your play list. Try out the lesser played 'Concrete Jungle', which brings to the fore not only a darker side, but also a sense for the mystical that is beyond Rastafarian lip-service. But should people buy this? A fitting way to mark the 60th anniversary of a man who died far too young would surely be to give money to a cancer charity, rather than the label who happens to own his back catalogue. SIA
Release date: 8 Nov
Press contact: Universal/Island IH [all]


The Young Gods go on tour later this month following the recent release of 'XXY (Twenty Years 1985 - 2005)'. The gig dates are as follows:

25 Nov: London Barfly
26 Nov: Birmingham Barfly
27 Nov: York Fibbers
28 Nov: Glasgow Barfly
30 Nov: Dublin The Temple Bar Music Centre
1 Dec: Liverpool Barfly
2 Dec: Cardiff Barfly
3 Dec: London Barfly


A date for your December diary now: the Glenfiddich Independent Mix at Cargo next month, featuring live performances from Dwight Trible and The Life Force Trio. The press release describes it as "arguably the quintessential destination for a Nu-jazz night out" and they're probably not wrong. Headliner Trible has worked with names like Bobby Hutcherson and Harry Belafonte, he's the vocalist with the Pharaoh Sanders Quartet, and appears ahead of the release of his forthcoming album 'Equipoise'. DJ sets are from Karen P and Chris Wheeler. All kicks off at the lovely Cargo on Rivington Street, Shoreditch at 7pm on 7 Dec. Hurrah.


Jehst will be back on stage later this month to promote release of his self produced second album 'Nuke Proof Suit', out on 27 Nov. The hip-hopper recently said of the new LP "Nuke Proof Suit is a reflection of what I've been feeling over the last few years. Listening to it now, I'm feeling it more than when I was making it. I'm looking back at references and all the madness that's been going on in the world. It's not coming across in a preachy way but just real. Tracks on there are very observational so you can sit back relax and listen to it, there are also tracks that you can get hype to so there are different flavours."

The gig takes place at Camden's Jazz Café on 17 Nov, at 7pm.


Now, this will be interesting. A Britney Spears remix album is in the pipeline entitled "B In The Mix: The Remixes". The long player features remixed tracks from throughout the pop singer's career, cut up by such artists as Stuart Price/Jaques Lu Cont, Jason Nevins, Peter Rauhofer and Bill Hamel. Only one new song features on the album, 'And Then We Kiss', reworked by Junkie XL. It's a low key release which is going on sale apparently without any major marketing push, with Spears herself is conspicuously absent from the LPs artwork. The tracklisting is as follows:

Toxic - Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix (Edit)
Me Against The Music Featuring Madonna - Justice Remix
Touch Of My Hand - Bill Hamel Remix
Breathe On Me - Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix
I'm A Slave 4 U - Dave Audé Slave Driver Mix
And Then We Kiss - Junkie XL Remix
Everytime - Valentin Remix
Early Mornin' - Jason Nevins Remix
Someday (I Will Understand) - Hi-Bias Signature Radio Remix
...Baby One More Time - Davidson Ospina 2005 Remix
Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know - Hex Hector Club Mix (Edit)


ALBUM REVIEW: Babyshambles - Down In Albion (Rough Trade)
By all accounts, it was touch and go whether that second Libertines album would actually be completed. Since then Pete Doherty's profile has, of course, sky rocketed and his problems have escalated to the extent that the fact recording of this new album with his new band was ever completed seems something like a miracle. The Babyshambles sound is pretty much the same jingle jangle guitar of the Libs and, of course, Pete's vocals still sound the same. Producer Mick Jones (also the knob twiddler on the Libertines albums) has opened out the sound, so that there is more variety in the instrumentation other than ramshackle guitar, including some Clash style dub bass on one track 'Sticks and Stones'. Doherty is a fine vocalist, a great lyricist and he can knock out some decent tunes when he feels like it. He's always been preoccupied with themes of drugs and death, and this continues to be the case, with song titles including '8 Dead Boys' and 'Back From The Dead', both of which feature drugs references in the lyrics. Obvious highlights are the two singles and top 10 hits 'Killamangiro' and 'Fuck Forever' but the rollicking 'La Belle et la Bete', featuring backing vocals from Kate Moss is also a standout track, with lyrics splendidly detailing London's underworld. 'Albion' is also very good, a romantic Morrissey-esque reverie with Doherty reminiscing about Olde England and drinking gin from tea cups. The album's most dispensable track by far is 'Pentonville', an ill-advised reggae number with vocals from General Santana, whom Pete apparently became acquainted with during his sojourn in the nick. 'Down In Albion' is far from being the unmitigated disaster that some might have expected and although it doesn't reach the dizzy heights of the Libertines' 'Up The Bracket' there is evidence that Doherty still has talent, even though he seems fairly determined to throw it away. JW
Release date: 14 Nov
Press contact: Coalition [CP, RP, NP] Anglo [CR, RR, NR]


Former Blue boy Simon Webbe says there's always a chance that his old band will reform, despite the recent assertion by fellow member Lee Ryan that Blue will never see a reunion.

Ryan told Orange Playlist that the band will never reform, but now Simon, speaking to Orange World, has said: "The door's always open. If he [Ryan] did say that, I mean he hasn't said anything to me and he hasn't said anything to the boys and we're the ones that matter."

Ryan's already released a solo album. Webbe has a solo album due out on 14 Nov. It can't be long before the other two follow suit. Four albums instead of just the one. You know, sometimes I wish they'd stayed together.


After saying there is no talent on the X-Factor, and being challenged by judge Simon Cowell to go and sing live next weekend on the X-Factor, Girls Aloud have said that actually, there is talent on the X-Factor. Despite the fact they said that there was none.

Actually, that's not entirely fair. It might just be Nicola who thinks there's no talent on the show. As previously reported, OK Magazine quoted her as saying "I don't think the talent is that good this time round. Seriously, if that's what Britain has got then we're dying on our arses!"

Anyway, the girls, who are managed by X-Factor 'King Of Pop' Louis Walsh, remember, deny those comments. The band's Cheryl Tweedy said 'Good Luck' to all the contestants in a statement on the band's official website and protested "Me and the girls haven't been slagging off the contestants on the show," she said "We've been watching it and we have been texting the show to support Maria, Shayne, Nicholas and others. We know exactly what they're going through as we had to perform in front of a live audience every week a few years ago."

And still do perform in front of live audiences on a fairly regular basis, surely?


Country star Kenny Chesney apparently says he has no regrets about his ever so brief marriage to film star Renee Zellweger because it taught him that love (however short-lived) exists. "She and I fell in love like a couple of schoolkids," he said. "I'm glad to know that that can happen. That that exists. And we really still care about each other a lot."

There you go. You can stop lying awake worrying about him now.



Best Major Festival
1. T in the Park
2. Glastonbury
3. Carling Weekend: Leeds and Reading Festival

Best Medium Sized Festival
1. Bestival
2. Guilfest
3. Global Gathering

Best Small Festival
1. Secret Garden
2. Summer Sundae
3. Cambridge Folk

Best New Festival
1. BloodStock Open Air
2. O2 Wireless
3. Isle of Skye

Best Dance Festival
1. Creamfields
2. Global Gathering
3. Glade

Best Family Festival
1. Glastonbury
2. Cambridge Folk Festival
3. Guilfest

Best Facilities and Organisation
1. T in the Park
2. Summer Sundae
3. Download

Best Innovation
1. Bestival
2. Download
3. Big Chill

Best One Day
1. T4 on the Beach
2. Get Loaded in the Park
3. Creamfields

Best Cult Following
1. Big Chill
2. Bloodstock
3. Lost Vagueness

Best Website
1. Download
2. Beautiful Days
3. Global Gathering

Best Festival Headliner
1. Foo Fighters
2. Green Day
3. Oasis

Best Festival Rock Act
1. Foo Fighters
2. Green Day
3. Queens of the Stone Age

Best Festival Dance Act
1. Prodigy
2. Faithless
3. Basement Jaxx

Best Festival Pop Act
1. Scissor Sisters
2. Keane
3. KT Tunstall

Best Festival Urban Act
1. Goldie Lookin Chain
2. The Streets
3. Snoop Dogg

Best Live Newcomer
1. Kaiser Chiefs
2. Bloc Party
3. Arctic Monkeys

Best Festival Feel Good Act
1. Status Quo
2. Ian Brown
3. The Proclaimers

Anthem of the Summer
1. Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God
2. Foo Fighters - Best of You
3. Coldplay - Fix You

Best Festival Moment
1. Tens of thousands join hands during the Make Poverty History Moment at Glastonbury.
2. Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) gets back on the drums at the Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds Festivals, for the first time since he performed there [Reading] with Nirvana
3. Glastonbury is flooded by storms on its opening morning, but the festival fans battle on and the atmosphere soars

Outstanding Contribution Award (awarded by Virtual Festivals): The Glastonbury Festival team for their fast and effective response to the epic flooding that ravaged the festival site on the opening morning.

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