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In today's CMU Daily:
- SonyBMG recall piracy-protected CDs
- Coldplay and Gorillaz help EMI boost profits
- So Solid Romeo cleared of attack
- 2 Live Crew guy brings suit against Ice-T and Jay-Z
- Ozzy steals the show at the UK Hall Of Fame show
- Snoop Dogg going to prison
- Go! Team, MIA, Mylo, Subways get Big Day Out
- Funeral For A Friend announce headline tour
- Teenage Fanclub tour dates
- Macy Gray releases live DVD
- Jazz Festival show cancelled for security reasons
- Sanctuary to release club anthems
- Mark Chapman interview to appear in new TV doc
- QOTSA live tracks available for download
- AIM talk mobile music
- passes one million subscriber mark
- Travis album update
- Line update announced for KROQ acoustic Xmas
- Kaisers cancel tour dates
- Darkness have a go at Doherty shocker
- Osbourne says drugs were inevitable
- Will wants to be Pat Butcher's love child
- SonyBMG XCP statement & affected CDs list in full


More details were revealed yesterday as to how SonyBMG plan to replace all those CDs out there which contain that dodgy anti-piracy software which is in danger of buggering up the computers of the music fans who put them in their PC.

As previously reported, the so call 'rootkit software' used by SonyBMG to stop consumers from illegally copying and sharing music off the CDs, has become increasingly controversial ever since software programmer Mark Russinovich pointed out that the piracy protection technology worked like a computer virus, and could potentially harm the computers it was installed on. As the software automatically installs itself when CDs carrying it are played on a PC, and because it is more or less impossible to uninstall without downloading a separate bit of software, this presented the major record company with a PR nightmare and the possibility of both civil and criminal legal proceedings.

Recognising the potential crisis Russinovich's comments could cause, SonyBMG quickly announced that they had ceased using the software. Now they have asked retailers to remove the 52 titles that carry the software, and to help them stage a massive recall campaign which will allow consumers to go to their local record shop and swap any CDs carrying rootkit technology for a version of the same album without copy protection. SonyBMG are busy re-pressing all affected albums and have told retailers they will refund them for any returned CDs carrying the software - sealed or opened.

The full letter sent out to retailers (in the US, at least) is included at the bottom of today's Daily, as is the list of the 52 albums that SonyBMG have confirmed contain the offending software. It remains to be seen if these considerable and costly efforts to rectify the rootkit problem will help the major fight off the various civil lawsuits (and, in Italy, potential criminal proceedings) that revelations about the software have initiated. Given how many PCs could now be infected with the software, if a court was to rule that affected customers should receive compensation the major could face some very large bills.


According to the Financial Times, EMI bosses were both "confident" and "upbeat" when they revealed financial details of the first half of their current fiscal year. Thanks in particular to strong releases from Coldplay and Gorillaz, the major saw its revenues go up by 5.8% to £924.6 million while pre-tax profits were up 9% to £41 million.

The upbeat mood was no doubt aided by the insights EMI executives have into the second half of the group's current financial year. EMI chief executive Eric Nicoli said his company continued to have a strong release schedule, including the recent new releases from Robbie Williams and Kate Bush, which should enable them to maintain their strong financial position.

EMI Music boss Alain Levy used the financial report to comment on a number of the current issues in the music space. Firstly, he said that British consumers would find CDs retailing at a cheaper price this Christmas, as retailers cut the price of CD albums in a bid to compete with the likes of Amazon who regularly sell new releases for £8.50. On digital music he supported what his counterparts at other majors have also been saying a lot of late - that download platforms would soon have to start adopting variable pricing rather than the iTunes-style one price fits all system.

And finally, on anti-piracy efforts, Levy confirmed EMI would use anti-piracy software on its CD releases next year, despite the controversy surrounding SonyBMG's use of copy protection technology. Needless to say, Levy was keen to stress that EMI's anti-piracy software would be "consumer-friendly", and that it "doesn't have the problems of the copy protection technology which has been used by some of our competitors". Which is good news, because I stopped reviewing EMI releases for a while because the copy-protection software all their promo-copies seemed to come with kept making my computer crash.


Former So Solid Crew member Romeo has been cleared on those charges of attacking fellow clubber Ejay Armstrong back in August of 2004. As previously reported, Romeo, real name Marvin Dawkins, and his friend Thomas Engola were accused of attacking Armstrong with a flick knife, slashing his jawline and causing considerable bleeding after a night out at the Cirque in Leicester Square. The pair were charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. You may also remember that it's the second time this case has come to court; when it came to court the first time, the jury failed to reach a verdict.

Now, it appears, the jury have failed to reach a verdict for the second time, and this time the judge has formally found both men not guilty. The prosecution said it would not seek a further trial. Romeo has always claimed that the injuries were the result of an act of self defence, after one of Armstrong's party waded into the disagreement with a pair of scissors. He told the jury that he was trying to play peacemaker: "All I was trying to do was cool it down or stop it. I was more or less lecturing everyone."

Outside court, Romeo told reporters: "My image as a person, as an individual, has always been about peace and love - that's what I believe in. So Solid Crew was formed when we had a dream, when we were younger. We came from a hard background and tried to fulfil that dream and give other people a chance in life. We failed. But we have left the statement where others can follow in our footsteps, lifting people from the streets and giving them the opportunity to further their lives."


Talking about, erm, people formerly belonging to collectives with 'crew' in the name going to court, Marquis Ross, formerly of 2 Live Crew, has filed a lawsuit against Ice-T and Jay-Z which claims he is entitled to royalties for lyrics and a beat used by Jay-Z in a track on 'The Black Album'.

Ross says he wrote lyrics and a beat which are similar to those used in '99 Problems', a song which Ross alleges is based on a song of the same name which appeared on Ice-T's 'Home Invasion' album back in 1993. The lawsuit says that Ross was asked by Ice-T to appear on that track, having performed parts of it prior to their collaboration. Ice-T copyrighted the original track in his own name, refusing to pay his collaborator any royalties until earlier this year when he made a partial payment of $10,000 to the 2 Live Crew rapper, after the release of the subsequent Jay-Z track. Ross is now requesting back royalties and punitive damages from both rappers.


Pink Floyd, The Who, Eurythmics, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, The Kinks, Joy Division/ New Order and the late John Peel were all added to the UK's Music Hall Of Fame at an event in London last night, though Ozzy Osbourne stole the show as he accepted Black Sabbath's place on the music roll of honour by mooning at the audience.

There was less showmanship from Pink Floyd as they accepted their induction, though some of the famous tension between band members Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour was on show. Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason were at the London ceremony, but Waters spoke via a satellite link up to Rome, where his opera 'Ca Ira' is being staged. Waters thanked "all the passengers on this fabulous ride we've been on", to which Gilmour responded: "I confess I've never felt like a passenger". The band confirmed that, despite their brief reunion for Live 8 earlier this year, they have no plans to reform. Gilmour said: "The Live 8 moment was a wonderful moment. But we've all moved on and [there are] lots of other things to be thrilled about these days."

Damon Albarn led the tributes to the late great John Peel, whose wife Sheila accepted his induction in the Hall Of Fame. Albarn told the audience: "I feel John Peel was somebody that we could all trust. Throughout his life, he gave people a sense of a bigger world out there."

It is only the second year of the UK Hall Of Fame, of course, but the programme is proving popular with many in the industry. After stealing the show, Ozzy Osbourne gave his support to the concept, telling reporters: "Considering the amount of talent that comes out of this country, it should have been done twenty years ago". Organisers of the event confirmed they are currently looking into opening a museum type attraction to pay tribute to the artists inducted into the Hall Of Fame, with the possibility of using part of London's Millennium Dome. A spokesman for the programme said: "Meetings are happening at the top level and we hope to make an announcement shortly".


Not because he's been naughty, though. Yes, it's another story involving a rapper and the law, in a round about kind of way. Snoop Dogg is to attend a rally at the San Quentin State Prison in California this weekend to protest about the upcoming execution of former gang leader Stanley Tookie Williams. Williams was sentenced to death back in 1981 for the murder of four people and has been in prison ever since, subsequently earning a series of Nobel Peace Prize nominations for his work in urging young people to stay out of gangs.

Snoop plans to attend the rally on Saturday organised by Death Penalty Focus, and to be held outside the gates of San Quentin, though the rapper's continued requests to visit Williams in prison have thus far been refused, because of his arrest history, according to the prison's spokesman. Snoop will find out if his latest appeal to the facility has been successful on Friday. The rapper, as you may already know, has been arrested several times over weapons and drug offences, and was sentenced to four years in prison, later suspended, back in 1990. He was also once associated with The Crips, the LA street gang co-founded by Williams.

Williams' case has provoked an enormous amount of publicity and support; especially following an award-winning TV drama about Williams, starring Jamie Foxx. Rallies similar to that organised at San Quentin are to take place all over the state of California, and a documentary film about the condemned man is to be screened in San Francisco, hosted by actor Danny Glover. The San Francisco Chronicle recently opined: "Williams is of more use alive than dead. His continued work against gangs benefits us all."

I'm not entirely clear on whether Snoop's opinion on this is that the death penalty is wrong full stop (and clearly, it is deeply wrong), or whether the death penalty is wrong only in the case of Williams, on account of his gang-busting 'redemption'. I believe Williams' future is now up to state governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, but no state governor has granted clemency since the death penalty was restored in California in 1978. If the rallies fail to make a difference, and it's pretty likely that they will fail to make a difference, Williams, now 51, will be killed by lethal injection on 13 Dec.


The Go! Team, The Subways, Mylo and M.I.A are some of the latest acts confirmed for the 2006 Big Day Out festival in Australia. Previously confirmed acts include Franz Ferdinand, The White Stripes, Iggy & The Stooges, The Magic Numbers and Kings of Leon. As previously reported, the Sydney date for the event sold out in record time, before organisers revealed that they were holding back 5000 tickets to be released at a rate of 500 per week. See for more info, but the dates are as follows:

20 Jan: Auckland Ericsson Stadium
22 Jan: Gold Coast Parklands
26 Jan: Sydney Showground
29 Jan: Melbourne Princes Park
3 Feb: Adelaide Royal Showground
5 Feb: Perth Claremont Showgrounds


Funeral For A Friend, whose new single 'History' was released this week, have announced a UK headline tour scheduled for early next year. Tickets go on sale tomorrow; dates as follows.

5 Feb: Exeter University
6 Feb: Bristol Academy
7 Feb: Liverpool University Academy
8 Feb: London Shepherd's Bush Empire
11 Feb: Newcastle Academy
12 Feb: Edinburgh Corn Exchange


Teenage Fanclub are also going to do some gigs. Their single, 'It's All In My Mind' is released 21 Nov. Here are those live dates:

22 Nov: London, KoKo
23 Nov: Newcastle, Academy 2
25 Nov: Glasgow, ABC


It's funny this news should come up now, because I was thinking about Macy Gray yesterday for the first time in months, nay, years. Ms Gray is set to release her first live DVD on 21 Nov. Entitled 'Live In Las Vegas' it features a 2004 performance by the singer at House Of Blues in, er, Las Vegas.

She sings the following songs:

Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak
When I See You Again
Relating To A Psychopath
Dont Come Around
Why Didn't You Call Me
Things That Made Me Change
Hey, Young World - Part 2
I've Committed Murder
Do Something
Sexual Revolution
I Try
Sweet Baby
She Aint Right For You
I Can't Wait To Meetchu


An event being organised as part of London's Jazz Festival has been cancelled for "security reasons". The Going Live event was due to take place this Saturday at the Stratford Circus, and would have featured sets from Sway, Tor, Fumin, JME and Skepta. However the event's promoter, Urban Development, confirmed yesterday that the show had been cancelled, but did not offer any more information on what kinds of "security concerns" were behind the decision to cancel the event.


But not those kind of club anthems. Sanctuary Music & Media Partnerships have confirmed details of an interesting project which will see a series of football clubs release their own official music CDs. The idea is that each album represents the songs and chants that have been adopted by the fans of the football club it is designed to celebrate, with producers who support the team in question picked to put the whole thing together. The first four CDs to be released will be Manchester City (on 28 Nov) and Arsenal, Celtic and Rangers (all on 5 Dec). Each album will be promoted by the partner football club, with those mobile firms who sponsor participating clubs also making tracks available for mobile download.

Commenting on the albums, series exec producer Rick Blaskey told CMU: 'We have worked particularly closely with each club, to ensure that their official album truly reflects each club's brand values and the real vibe of their core fan. Consequently, we are marketing the albums in close joint venture partnership with each club, in order to reach and connect with every possible fan at each club".

Details on each upcoming release at the following websites:


US TV network NBC has said it will play excerpts from audio interviews with John Lennon's killer, Mark Chapman, as part of a documentary on the late Beatles' murder next month. Timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of Lennon's death, the programme on Mark Chapman will include interviews with him recorded by biographer Jack Jones back in 1991 and 1992. According to Reuters, the tapes include Chapman retelling what was going through his mind has he shot Lennon. He says: "A voice in my head saying 'Do it, do it, do it.' And as Lennon passed me, I pulled out the gun, aimed at his back and pulled the trigger five times in succession. I was under compulsion, it was like a train, a runaway train, there was no stopping it. No matter, nothing could have stopped me."


Queens Of The Stone Age have released a number of their live performances for download via iTunes. The live tracks come from their forthcoming live CD / DVD 'Over The Years And Through The Words' and include the songs 'Burn The Witch' and 'No One Knows'.


Is the future of music through the mobile phone? I'm still not sure one way or the other, to be honest, but if it is, then independent labels should probably put the next AIM Big Wednesday event in their diaries because it will be looking at all things mobile music. There will be a networking session giving indie label types the chance to chat to representatives from the mobile industry, while a panel session will look at how independent music can work in a mobile music space so far pretty biased towards more mainstream major label owned music.

Speakers will include New Media writer Douglas Rushkoff, IMPALA and Pias chief Michel Lambot, Beggars Digital man Simon Wheeler, Nokia's Music & Audio Industry Director David Williams, mobile-focused cultural body MuLiMob's Hélène Abrand and Brazilian DJ Cibelle.

It all takes place on 30 Nov at 6.30pm at Kettners Champagne Bar in Soho. Free entry for AIM members and friends. Places are limited so interested parties should RSVP asap to


Internet radio station has just announced it has signed up its millionth user, which is pretty damn good going for an independent player in the field. is similar in concept to Yahoo's LaunchCast service in that you tell the system what kind of music you like, rating tracks as you go, so that it learns the kinds of music you're into, and provides you with a personalised playlist based on that information. The system then cross references what you like with what other people like, and recommends music to you based on a 'if you like this, you'll probably like this' basis. It's all very clever.

Commenting on passing the one million subscriber landmark, MD Martin Stiksel told CMU: "This user figure is another confirmation that many of today's music listeners move away from listening to a music programme compiled by someone else and want to enjoy music which fits their taste. Because streams personalised radio we can make sure everyone gets what they want."

Press info on from Jonas Woost -


Travis bassist Dougie Payne has revealed that the band have recorded some twenty songs for the follow up to 2003's rather good '12 Memories'. Payne writes: "We're working in a place called The Hospital. The studio is in a building that houses a members club, two restaurants a TV studio and most dangerously of all a martini bar. Thankfully the studio part is on the top floor, nicely separated from all the temptations. We've got about 20 songs recorded. This includes stuff we did in Westside earlier in the year and one tune goes back to the sessions we did with Eno last December. We've got two weeks in here this time around and reckon most of the time will be spent finishing off those things that need more work but we decided to start off the session with trying a new song. This is one written by our friend Suzie Hugg. We've recorded a couple of her songs before (Reason and Unbelievers were both B sides a few of years ago). She is a great writer."


Depeche Mode, The White Stripes and lovely Coldplay are all set to perform acoustic sets for the Almost Acoustic Christmas Show event being staged in LA by radio station KROQ. They will join Jack Johnson, Death Cab For Cutie, Nada Surf, Hot Hot Heat and The Bravery on the second night of the show on 11 Dec, with Nine Inch Nails, System Of A Down, Fall Out Boy, Korn and Rise Against all appearing the previous night at LA's Gibson Amphitheatre.


Kaiser Chiefs have had to cancel a series of Spanish tour dates with The Tears and Clovis, after their touring party fell victim to an apparently rare and nasty bug. A statement on the band's official website reads: "It's with deep regret we have to cancel our planned gigs on the Wintercase Tour in Spain this week. These are the first shows in Kaiser Chiefs history we have cancelled. The cancellation is caused by an outbreak a highly contagious and rare virus in our travel party. Unfortunately this has lead to enforced cancellation of all Kaiser Chiefs gigs this week until each of the band has the all-clear following medical tests. We apologise for any disappointment this may cause and hope you understand the strange circumstances that have lead to this. We hope it's not too long before we have the chance to visit Spain again."


Well, it was bound to happen. The Darkness's Justin Hawkins has been slagging lots of people off recently, so it was only a matter of time before the boy got around to having a pop at the, er, lovely, Pete Doherty. According to NME, Justin said: "I'd say firstly he doesn't do rock music, and secondly, he only sells records because people are curious as to what a junkie sounds like. I think that's really wrong and really irresponsible...I think he's a talentless waste of fucking skin!"

Darkness drummer Ed Graham joined in the Doherty bashing, saying: "You wouldn't mind so much if the bloke had written a song that was good enough to justify all his publicity, but he's not got a good song in his body. I would like to smash him in the face really hard. I hate everything about him. He should be on the plate. Served up on Sunday, with a selection of veg."

Hawkins: "You wouldn't eat that. You wouldn't put that fucking poison in your mouth would you?"


Jack Osbourne has apparently said he thinks his drug problem was inevitable given his dad's legendary druggy history. Jack told Entertainment Tonight: "In a really kind of sick, dark, way I kind of wanted to be a druggie. I wanted to be a part of that lifestyle for some reason. I thought it was cool to get loaded, take drugs and get drunk - that was what I thought you did. After I did I hoped I was going to die, I really did."


Will Young, whose acting talents are about to be seen in new movie 'Mrs Henderson Presents', has said he'd quite like a role in Eastenders - preferably as Pat Butcher's love child. Speaking to MTV's Alex Zane, Young said: "I want to be Pat Butcher's love child. Pat could have slept with someone from the Royal counties and that could be me! She's always at the centre of everything, that Pat Butcher. If something's going on, Pat's there."



Dear SONY BMG Music Entertainment Account:

You may be aware of the recent attention given to the XCP content protection software included on some SONY BMG CDs. This software was provided to us by a third-party vendor, First4Internet. We are writing to provide you with information about the XCP technology. In addition, we are asking for your cooperation in removing these CDs from your inventory and supplying consumers with new copies of the same titles without the software.

Security concerns have been raised regarding the use of CDs containing this XCP software. It is important to note that the issues regarding these discs apply only when the CDs are played on computers, not on conventional, non-computer-based CD and/or DVD players. For consumers who wish to play these CDs on their computers, we have issued a software update that we believe addresses the security concerns. Shortly, we will provide a revised and secure uninstall procedure for the XCP software.

Attached to this letter is a list of the titles containing the XCP software. Please note that this issue does not affect any titles not on the list which may have employed a different content protection technology.

We want you to know of the steps we are taking, and ask for your cooperation in supporting them:

1. Please immediately remove from your store shelves and warehouses the titles on the attached list and return those titles to us. We will, of course, give you credit at the price paid for returned merchandise. We are currently manufacturing replacement titles. Your account representative can give you instructions on how to ship the product to us at no cost to you.

2. We are commencing a direct consumer exchange program whereby consumers may return product containing the XCP software for a replacement version of that title without the software. The details of this program, as well as an FAQ and other information, will be posted shortly on: At this website, we will also make available a printable fact sheet that you may provide to customers who have questions about this situation. A copy of the fact sheet will also be available on SONY BMG Central.

3. In addition to alerting your customers to the direct exchange program, if they ask to exchange titles at your retail outlet(s), we encourage you to fulfill their request using the new CDs made available to you. We will credit you for opened and unopened XCP content-protected compact discs returned to us.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We strongly believe these steps are beneficial in ensuring our and your continued goodwill with consumers and artists. SONY BMG remains committed to the goal of producing a safe and enjoyable music experience.

For questions regarding this program, please contact your account representative.

SonyBMG Sales Enterprise

CDs infected with the dodgy software as follows:
A Static Lullaby - Faso Latido
Acceptance - Phantoms
Amerie - Touch
Art Blakey - Drum Suit
The Bad Plus - Suspicious Activity?
Bette Midler - Sings the Peggy Lee Songbook
Billy Holiday - The Great American Songbook
Bob Brookmeyer - Bob Brookmeyer & Friends
Buddy Jewell - Times Like These
Burt Bacharach - At This Time
Celine Dion - On Ne Change Pas
Chayanne - Cautivo
Chris Botti - To Love Again
The Coral - The Invisible Invasion
Cyndi Lauper - The Body Acoustic
The Dead 60's - The Dead 60's
Deniece Williams - This Is Niecy
Dextor Gordon - Manhattan Symphonie
Dion - The Essential Dion
Earl Scruggs - I Saw The Light With Some Help From My Friends
Elkland - Golden
Emma Roberts - Unfabulous And More: Emma Roberts
Flatt & Scruggs - Foggy Mountain Jamboree
Frank Sinatra - The Great American Songbook
G3 - Live In Tokyo
George Jones - My Very Special Guests
Gerry Mulligan - Jeru
Horace Silver - Silver's Blue
Jane Monheit - The Season
Jon Randall - Walking Among The Living
Life Of Agony - Broken Valley
Louis Armstrong - The Great American Songbook
Mary Mary - Mary Mary
Montgomery Gentry - Something To Be Proud Of: The Best of 1999-2005
Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten
Neil Diamond - 12 Songs
Nivea - Complicated
Our Lady Peace - Healthy In Paranoid Times
Patty Loveless - Dreamin' My Dreams
Pete Seeger - The Essential Pete Seeger
Ray Charles - Friendship
Rosanne Cash - Interiors
Rosanne Cash - King's Record Shop
Rosanne Cash - Seven Year Ache
Shel Silverstein - The Best Of Shel Silverstein
Shelly Fairchild - Ride
Susie Suh - Susie Suh
Switchfoot - Nothing Is Sound
Teena Marie - Robbery
Trey Anastacio - Shine
Van Zant - Get Right With The Man
Vivian Green - Vivian

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