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In today's CMU Daily:
- British music performs well across Europe
- MTV officially cancel Latin America awards
- Hackers exploit SonyBMG rootkit flaw
- Will BMG man be kicked out to save Lack?
- Universal profits up
- Former Telegraph owner faces criminal charges
- Belle and Sebastian album and live news
- The Vines change the rules
- Calling Hundred Reasons fans
- TV On The Radio cancel appearance
- White Stripes happier than ever
- Flaming Lips album preview
- Banhart to curate a day of United Sounds
- Calling all festival goers
- Kanye West to get Billboard's artist achievement award
- Apple biggest player in Japanese digital market
- Rock Sound appoint new web guy
- We Love You Arsenal
- Williams and EMI have given up on US
- Gary Glitter still up to no good, allegedly
- Johnny Cash thrilled by Phoenix
- Girl Aloud's arse obsession
- ITV confirm celebrity jungle mooks



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Switch at Ministry
The original superclub is still gettin on with it and, with a line-up like this, why wouldn't it? As I'm sure someone round here has already explained, new night Switch 'has something for everyone', with a different dance genre in the spotlight each week of the month. This week Jazzie B and the Soul II Soul Soundsystem are in the Box (main room), together with Crazy P (who are droppin their house-with-a-twist album soon) doing a live thing, and crate digger/ nu beatz guru Ross Allen on the decks. In the Bar Room we have the rather excellent Unabombers and also one of my favourite Ballistic Brothers, Ashley Beedle. No listings for the 3rd room 'Baby Box' (not sure why), but nevertheless, this should be a goodun at a legendary club, and bargain 6 quid for NUS.

Fri 18 Nov, Ministry Of Sound, 103 Gaunt St, London SE1 6DP, 10.30pm - 5am, £12 (£10 concs, £6 NUS), press info from

CHRIS' CLUB TIP: Remix Night at Cargo
Third Friday of the month so, of course, time for Eddy TM's monthly Remix Night, which continues to have consistently good line ups which, combined with a lovely crowd and the fact that Cargo is surely the best venue of this size in the capital, means that we can almost take it as read that Remix Night is tipped every month. Though this month will be particularly good, firstly because the very buzzy and, from what we hear, very good Clor will be playing live (supported by Envelopes), while top production team Deekline & Wizard will be taking the decks with MCs Ivory and Darrison, which is definitely a must see. All kicks off at 7pm at Cargo.

Fri 18 Nov, Cargo, Rivington Street, London, 7pm - 3am, £8 b4 9pm, £10 after, info from

Put your club night up for the tip -


According to new figures released by the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry, British music is proving to be particularly successful in Europe just now. Of the eight artists this week awarded the IFPI Europe Award for a million sales across the continent, six were from the UK, and three of them were from debut acts. That means that more than half of the 37 IFPI Europe Awards made this year were presented to UK artists. New acts to reach that landmark include KT Tunstall, Kaiser Chiefs and James Blunt, while established names like Gorillaz, Robbie Williams and Coldplay (not only UK artists, but all signed the UK owned major EMI) are among the big sellers in Europe this year. So well done us. Well... well done you really. Though I'm pretty sure that Coldplay wouldn't have done so well without CMU's unwavering support.


MTV has announced it has cancelled this year's Latin America Video Music Awards. The fourth edition of the annual awards event was due to take place last month near the Playa del Carmen resort on Mexico's Caribbean coast, but it was cancelled at the last minute as Hurricane Wilma approached.

The original plan was to reschedule the event before the end of the year, but MTV bosses now say that is not feasible. A spokesman for the network explained: "A show of this magnitude and complexity requires a great deal of planning and many months to organise, making it impossible for us to accomplish in only six weeks".

The winners of the 2005 awards will now be announced on an MTV show sometime next month. This was the first time the Latin America VMAs were due to be held in Latin America itself, and organisers have said they will look to host next year's event in Mexico too.


More on the old SonyBMG dodgy piracy protection saga. Apparently nasty hackers are busy designing viruses that exploit the loopholes left in a user's PC by the copy-protection software that automatically installs when one of 52 SonyBMG CD releases are played on a computer. Of course it was the fact the SonyBMG software made a PC more susceptible to virus attack that prompted software programmer Mark Russinovich to raise his concerns about the technology in the first place. Ironically, by doing so and initiating such high media coverage of the flaw, Russinovich has probably increased the number of virus makers capitalising on the flaw tenfold. There's no specific details of what kind of viruses are out there that specifically utilise the weaknesses SonyBMG's software creates, but anti-virus companies are encouraging music fans who have used one of the 52 offending CDs on their computers to download and install the 'fix' as soon as possible.

Regarding those 52 offending CDs that we published in yesterday's Daily, don't forget that, as we pointed out when we first broke this story at the start of the month, this effects US (and Canadian) releases. To the best of our knowledge the dodgy 'rootkit' protection software hasn't been used on CDs over here, so UK customers are only affected if they bought import titles from the States. As far as we are aware, any infected CDs will have some reference to 'XCP' copy protection printed on the back, though apparently the new albums from Ricky Martin and Peter Gallagher ('Life' and '7 Days In Memphis' respectively) say they carry the software but don't.


But enough of the technical information, let's get on to the important issue. Whose fault is the whole SonyBMG dodgy copy protection debacle? This links in to the other long running SonyBMG story - moves by former BMG execs to have SonyBMG boss Andy Lack kicked out of the top job. Gossipers in the US are now wondering if the growing PR disaster surrounding the use of rootkit protection software will be used as an excuse to kick Lack out - based on the assumption the SonyBMG chief must have signed off his company's partnership with First4Internet, the company who developed the dodgy anti-piracy tool. That said, some insiders say that if anyone at the top level of SonyBMG was actively involved in the decision to use the anti-piracy technology, it would have been Chief Operating Officer Michael Smellie, the former BMG exec whose decision to quit at the end of the year was a catalyst in the growing tensions between the Sony and BMG camps. Therefore, if someone high up has to take the fall for the PR disaster, it would be the already departing Smellie and not Lack.

While we're on the SonyBMG executive tensions story - an interesting twist was reported on in the New York Post this week. As previously reported, recent rumours have suggested that former BMG boss Rolf Schmidt-Holtz might be brought in alongside, above or instead of Lack to overcome the current problems at the top of the major label. Well, presumably on the basis that attack is the best form of defence, there are now rumours that Sony Corp chief Howard Stringer might try to push Schmidt-Holtz, currently chairman of the board, out of his job, on the assumption that he is responsible "for the nasty leaks about Lack and his rumored early departure from the company".

Whether there is any truth to any of those rumours remains to be seen, but the New York Post concludes that Stringer and his counterpart at Bertlesmann, Gunther Thielen, need to do something sooner rather than later to ease the stresses at the top of their joint venture record company. It says: "[they have] to do something-either fire one or the other [Lack or Schmidt-Holtz], or move them around out of each other's way-because it is tearing the company apart."


City news anyone? Universal Music parent company, Vivendi Universal, have announced a better than expected 14% rise in quarterly profits, boosted by good performances from all of their divisions, including the music business, whose profits were up massive 65%.


Can't ignore the big media story of the day really, though we've previously only given this very long and slightly tedious saga the odd passing mention thus far. The former owner of the Daily Telegraph, Conrad Black, is facing criminal charges in the US over allegations he committed fraud while running Telegraph parent company Hollinger. It is alleged Black and three other Hollinger execs diverted more than $80 million (£47 million) from the company into their own pockets which, you have to admit, is quite an achievement, even if it's an illegal achievement.

As previously reported, Black was forced out of the media company as various financial irregularities came to light. The whole affair will now go to court, and Black could face 40 years in jail if found guilty, while he and his co-defendants might have to pay back the $80 million they are accused of stealing - assuming they could.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Black's legal people told reporters yesterday: "Conrad Black asserts his innocence without qualification with respect to each and every one of the charges set forth in the indictment. It will be shown that he has, at all times, acted within the law."


Belle and Sebastian have revealed the full tracklisting for their new album. The new long player, entitled 'The Life Pursuit' gets a release on 6 Feb, to be preceded by a single release sometime in January. And, here, for no apparent reason, is the tracklisting. Well, knowing the title isn't going to magically make you know what the song sounds like, is it?

The Act Of The Apostle Part 1
Another Sunny Day
White Collar Boy
The Blues Are Still Blue
Dress Up In You
Sukie In The Graveyard
We Are The Sleepyheads
Song For Sunshine
Funny Little Frog
To Be Myself Completely
Act Of the Apostle Part 2
For The Price Of A Cup Of Tea
Mornington Crescent

Do you think that last one is about a street in Camden or a Radio 4 comedy programme? Or both? What do you mean you don't care? Anyway, in related news, the band will of course be touring in support of the album release. Dates as follows:

15 - 17 Jan: Glasgow ABC
18 Jan: Aberdeen Music Hall
26 Jan: Birmingham Academy
27 Jan: Liverpool Carling Academy
28 Jan: Newcastle Carling Academy
29 Jan: Manchester Ritz
1 Feb: Bristol Colston Hall
2 Feb: Cambridge Corn Exchange
3 Feb: Brighton Dome
5 Feb: Dublin Ambassador
7 Feb: Belfast Ulster Hall
9 Feb: Sheffield Octagon
10 Feb: London Hammersmith Apollo


Band manager Andy Kelly has said that in future The Vines will not be conforming to the normal industry cycle of album followed by press drive followed by tour, because of frontman Craig Nicholls. As you'll all no doubt remember, Nicholls was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome after he attacked a photographer at a gig back in 2004.

Kelly is quoted on Vines fan site Dreamin The Insane as saying that band will not 'tour traditionally', basically because Nicholls isn't up to it. "That means not playing shows, not going on the road for 18 months at a time etc - it's just not possible," he said. "The main thing we have to do is make sure that the band can be creative and make great records and remain a band writing and recording songs. What we have been talking about is filming some studio shows at home and doing stuff with that. It's very early days, and honestly, the only focus we have is for the band to make a great album and be happy with it."
Kelly continued: "After everything they have been through I hope that people will be understanding enough to recognize that Craig just can't operate in the traditional record/press/tour cycle expected of bands now. He's an artist and the most talented one I have ever met, so the rules have to change a little to fit him, because it didn't work out in his best interests when we tried it the other way around - him fitting the rules!"

Kelly also had a couple of things to say on the progress of the new album, saying that the band now has 13 songs for the new album, which he thinks will be ready for release "around the middle of" next year. "It sounds pretty excellent at the moment I must say," he added.


Hundred Reasons are to give fans the opportunity to appear on their forthcoming single alongside themselves and tour support band Brigade. However, said fans will need a band and a MySpace account to enter the competition. If you are such a fan-band, go to the Hundred Reasons page on MySpace (, add yourself as a 'friend', then leave a link to your own page, and the one track you want the band to listen to (or something like that, I've never used MySpace so don't fully understand how it works myself). The best track as chosen by the band, will then appear on Hundred Reasons' upcoming limited release Singles Club 3 CD which will be given out on the band's upcoming UK Barfly tour.

And talking of Hundred Reasons Barfly tour, here are the dates:
12 Dec: Birmingham Barfly
13 Dec: Cardiff Barfly
14 Dec: London Barfly
15 Dec: Liverpool Barfly
16 Dec: Glasgow Barfly
17 Dec: York Barfly


TV On The Radio pulled out of a performance at London's Scala last night after band member Tunde Adebimpe's father died suddenly. Label 4AD released a statement which read "Tunde Adebimpe's father died unexpectedly yesterday. He has flown back to America to be with his family, and in the absence of their lead singer TV On The Radio are unable to play at The Scala this evening. However, Celebration will perform at 9pm, and the remaining members of TV On The Radio will be joining them onstage. TV on the Radio will also be playing songs from their new album as part of a DJ set."

The performance was one of a series of shows planned by 4AD to celebrate their 25th anniversary. The statement continued: "The remainder of the 1980 Forward shows continue as planned - Magnetophone & Minotaur Shock perform at The Luminaire on Friday evening, and The Breeders play at Blackheath Halls on Saturday and Sunday."


If still a bit mental. But that's just my opinion, naturally. Jack White has a message posted on the White Stripes official website musing on their UK tour, which ended at the Manchester Apollo last night, and on their touring future. White, as previously reported, has been calling himself 'III Quid' during the UK tour, whilst Meg is referred to as Penny Farthing. See, told you they were a bit mental (if lovely and talented).

'III Quid' wrote: "Penny Farthing and I took a walk today, around the island, and breathed fresh air. We're running out of things to do in the world, running out of places to play, and running out of air for our lungs. Feeling good as ever though."

He continued on the subject of their track 'The Denial Twist', different versions of which have been recorded each show on their current tour. "We've been thinking too, we've been handing out CDs to download 'The Denial Twist'. Every night we do it different see, for kicks and newtons. We have done seven different versions of 'The Denial Twist' so far this trip. If you weren't fortunate enough to get one handed to you, you can get it this week I think. No one tells me anything though, so consult your local congressman."

He went on to say that he and Meg miss the US, but are sad the tour will end: "Penny and I miss America, did you know? Maybe Penny should be Miss America? We miss the Grand Canyon, the Grand Tetons, and hundred grand candy bars. Penny and I are sad that we have to take a break soon. It takes so long to play the whole world doesn't it? Why haven't we played in India? Why haven't we played more in Indiana? What is indie? What is mainstream? Is it sane to play mainly on the plains or only to the lonely?"

He continued: "We are happier now than ever Penny and I, these trips have lit up our faces, all around the world. From Kansas, to Canada, from Mexico to Manchester. We're even stopping in Iceland to play on the way home. How about that? Never thought that would happen. Then again, I never thought I'd hear 'Seven Nation Army' played on the bagpipes. Though, I still haven't. Plenty to look forward to and I'm well chuffed. III Quid."


The Flaming Lips are giving fans a sneak preview of their new album at where you can hear new track 'You've Got To Hold On', accompanied by a short film. Frontman Wayne Coyne recently revealed that the new album, entitled 'At War With The Mystics', should be finished by the end of the year, and will probably see a release early in 2006.


Devendra Banhart is to curate a day for the ATP The United Sounds festival. He joins the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Mudhoney as a curator on the first leg of the event, from 12-14 May. The second weekend, 19 - 21 May is to be hosted by Sleater-Kinney, Ween and The Shins. The United Sounds Of All Tomorrow's Parties weekends take place, as you might expect, at Camber Sands. Info and stuff from


Talking of festivals, one for all you festival types out there. Cover For Kashmir need your sleeping bags and blankets. The organisation are appealing to those of you in possession of such festival-camping-ephemera to give it up to help with the ongoing relief operation in Kashmir and North Pakistan.

Those good people point out that at least three million are still homeless following the earthquake, and thousands will die this winter unless they find shelter - or the shelter reaches them. To help in remedying the situation, a ' Drive For Life tour' has been organised. The 'Cover For Kashmir' van will drive to 8 major cities over the course of 4 days to pick up warm winter sleeping bags and blankets from festival goers, students and the general public around the UK and at collection points set up at major universities across the country. You've missed Leeds and Manchester, that was yesterday, but the van's still to call at the following locations:

Liverpool, Nottingham, Birmingham: Friday 18 Nov (that's today - quick quick)
Bristol: Saturday 19 Nov
Oxford, London: Sunday 20 Nov

You can also send stuff to Studio 35, The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick lane, London, E1 6QL. If you haven't got a sleeping bag, go buy one, or make a donation to the relief effort at For more info contact:


US trade mag Billboard has confirmed that Kanye West will receive the Artist Achievement Award at its Music Awards in Las Vegas next month. The eighth such award given since 1993, Billboard say they are making the presentation to West "both for his artistic excellence and Billboard chart accomplishments".

Billboard also revealed that reigning American Idol champion Carrie Underwood will perform at the awards, joining a line up at the 6 Dec event that also includes Green Day, Toby Keith and R Kelly.

Most of the awards made at the Billboard Music Awards are based on chart performance for the previous year, although the magazine will make a second 'achievement' award, this one its "highest honor for creative achievement", the Century Award, which this year will go to Tom Petty.


Apple continues its dominance of the global digital music sector with the news that they now have the biggest share of the MP3 player market in Japan, despite only launching their iTunes Music Store there this summer. According to a report by Business Computer News, Apple has a 60% share of the Japanese market, which is important firstly because Japan is the second biggest music market in the world, and secondly because it means they are beating Sony on their home turf in the ongoing digital music battle

Responding to those reporters, a spokesman for Apple told reporters: "Since the launch of the iTunes Music Store this summer, and introduction of the iPod nano and fifth generation iPod, market share in Japan has grown rapidly, solidifying iPod's position as the number one digital music player".

However, some industry analysts point out that the digital music player sector in Japan is tiny compared to the country's mobile content industry, which is way ahead of the mobile entertainment sector anywhere else in the world. With that in mind, sorting out its long term mobile or wireless strategy beyond its existing iTunes phone relationship with Motorola seems to be key if Apple really wants to dominate the future of digital music in Japan.


Independent rock magazine Rock Sound has appointed a new recruit to head up its website. Andy Kelham will take over of the web editor of Rock Sound tell us: "This is a new position that reflects the fast growth of this website and the publisher's desire to continue to grow the brand via the web and give the magazine new ways to interact with its readership".


For any Arsenal fans out there, or fans of URL accuracy I suppose, the web address for details on the Arsenal edition of those previously reported football club compilations is - and not whatever we gave you yesterday. Serves me right for adding the URLs after the proofing stage.


According to Billboard, EMI have given up trying to break Robbie Williams in the US. They quote EMI Music chief Alain Levy as saying that LA-based Robbie did not consider it "necessary" to make it big in the US, adding that "in order to crack the US market, we probably would need six months to a year to do it. It simply isn't in his schedule now".

Despite past attempts to break Robbie in the US, his current album is only available there digitally, and his upcoming world tour does not include any American dates. Presumably the continuing huge success of Robbie and his new album 'Intensive Care' in pretty much the rest of the world means EMI can cope with a low profile in the US if Williams' ego can.

Robbie's still pretty much the biggest male artist over here, of course, and it seems his former boyband are still much loved by many Brits, even if he himself is still wary of associating too closely with his former band mates. ITV's Take That documentary, screened on Wednesday night, attracted nearly 6 million viewers, making it the most popular TV show that night and one of the network's most popular factual shows of the year.


The police in Vietnam have issued a statement saying they want to speak to Gary Glitter, following reports that he's been seen with underage girls in the country's official Thanh Nien youth newspaper. According to that publication, neighbours say they have seen the shamed star taking home girls of fifteen or younger. Spokesman Le Dung said that "very strict legal measures would be applied...if we have evidence of child sexual violation."

Glitter, born Paul Gadd, could face up to 12 years in prison in Vietnam if convicted of having sex with a minor. As you may remember, the singer was convicted back in 1999 of possession of child pornography, having had around 4000 images of some very nasty sounding hardcore stuff on his PC. He subsequently spent four months in prison, leaving the UK on his release to travel through Cuba and South East Asia. His name is currently on an entry blacklist in Cambodia.


Johnny Cash was apparently thrilled that Joaquin Phoenix was to play him in his movie biopic 'Walk The Line'. The film's director James Mangold told MTV: "Cash loved 'Gladiator', [in which Phoenix starred as Commodus] he knew all the lines. He was thrilled. John was a very trusting man. He was very easygoing, a very cool guy. When you've got someone like Joaquin who, frankly, is very similar, a very cool actor, John knew that we were moving in the right direction."


Kimberley Walsh of Girls Aloud says her bandmate Nicola Roberts is obsessed with her arse, saying that she is always grabbing it; well, according to Smash Hits, that is, who claim Walsh said "Nicola's obsessed with my booty. She's always feeling it, trying to make it wobble. I tense it up, going: 'It's rock hard, honest!'"

With pride, she continued: "I don't mind owning up to having a booty. I love it."


So, ignore any previously reported rumours on this one. ITV has confirmed the names of the ten c'lebs heading off to the jungle for the latest series of 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!' and a few of them have a vague connection with music, which is why we're reporting on it. Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost, former Blue boy Anthony Costa and Jimmy Osmond are all set to appear - see, told you they were only vaguely connected to music.

Joining them are celebrity daughter Carol Thatcher, enthusiastic wine expert Jilly Goolden, Bargain Hunt's permatanned David Dickinson, Kimberley Davies (she used to be my favourite cast member on Neighbours), Sheree Murphy (from Emmerdale), Sid Owen and Elaine Lordan (both from EastEnders).

It begins on Sunday, if you really must watch it.

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