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In today's CMU Daily:
- It's The End Of The Year As We Know It
- The Beatles sue EMI
- Bono named Time Person Of The Year
- Ashlee Simpson collapses in Tokyo
- Parfitt's doctors 'assume it's cancer'
- Doherty's dealer terrified over HIV
- Blige studies to get Simone just right
- Chart update
- This week's Student Radio Chart
- DVD review: Eclectic Method - We're Not VJs
- New Year's Eve parties
- New Year's Day parties
- Coldplay's new sound for album four
- Best Christmas song ever re-release
- Best non-Christmas song re-release
- NBC plan more TV show downloads
- EMI publishing get proactive with new deals
- Kershaw calls for more debate on Radio 4
- West surprised by Bush impact
- Maximo singer disses Gorillaz
- Shayne wins X-Factor
- Cliff: Church must come to term with gays
- Jack Black reveals troubled childhood
- Danny McFly popular with reindeer


Now, here's something scary. There are just two more editions of the CMU Daily before Christmas. This is partly because we are all buggering off early (21 Dec), but also because the year that's been known as 2005 is nearly at an end. With that in mind, CMU has been busy chatting to the artists behind ten of our favourite albums of the year. You can find out why we liked those albums here in the Daily, and then read the full interviews on our website. And then, of course, you guys have been busy voting for your favourite track of the year. You can still vote on that, meantime check out how people have been voting here in the Daily.


FAVOURITE ALBUM OF 2005 #9: Pendulum - Hold You Colour (Breakbeat Kaos)
Have you noticed how good dance music has got since it supposedly 'died' a couple of years back? It was probably wholly predictable that the "death of dance music" would be the best thing to ever happen to the genre, because the really interesting stuff rarely happens in the spotlight. That said, anyone who's been to one of those sell out Prodigy gigs this year would no doubt vouch for the fact that dance music was by no means a minority interest in 2005. But the real stand out dance album of the year did come from outside the spotlight, because although Australian trio Pendulum had enjoyed considerable success within drum & bass circles with tracks like 'Vault' and 'Another Planet', they were hardly a familiar name with your average club goer, let alone record buyer. But through their storming album 'Hold Your Colour', and stand out tracks like 'Slam' and 'Fasten Your Seatbelts', Pendulum have surely reached a wide and varied audience in 2005 if only because this is one of those dance albums that well and truly rocks, meaning there are Pendulum tracks that sound just as at home on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show as they do in the club set of your standard breaks or drum & bass DJ. A loud album that doesn't confine itself to this or that dance sub-genre, 'Hold Your Colour' secures its critical credentials by exploring a number of those sub-genres without adopting the weaknesses of any one of them. But more importantly, it opens itself up to wider enjoyment through its catchy hooks and occasional sense of humour. If dance begins its popular revival in 2006, and given how these things go round in cycles it may well do, I hope it goes big Pendulum style. And that media types remember that it isn't the superstar DJs who play the records that matter, rather they should be focusing in on the production talent capable of producing something as special as 'Hold Your Colour'.

Read our interview with Pendulum later today at:



The Young Knives - The Decision (Transgressive)
"The greatest single ever to mention members of the royal family - yes, better than the Sex Pistols. Punk Pop with poise and purpose and un-flipping-believable live".
Voted for by: Dan Morfitt, Viking FM

Ben Folds - Late (SonyBMG/Epic)
"Probably the most beautiful moment of 2005. 'Late' is Folds' ode to Elliott Smith; a poignant, delicate and - in places - heart-warmingly funny ("Elliot man, you played a fine guitar/ and some dirty basketball/ the songs you wrote got me through a lot/ just wanna tell you that/ but it's too late") song that pegs Folds as the most accomplished - if still horridly underrated - songwriter in rotation".
Voted for by: Matt Brown,

Comanechi - Naked (White Heat Records)
"Just the most exhilarating sound of '05".
Voted for by: Peter Cleak, Central Saint Martins

Vote for your track of the year - send the name of your favourite track, a few words on why, and your name and company to


Well, 'Grey Album' creator DJ Dangermouse should take some reassurance from this: he isn't the only one to have got into legal hot water over the Beatles back catalogue. Now EMI, the label who issued the DJ with a 'cease and desist' letter over that unofficial bootleg mix album, are themselves facing a legal challenge relating to the Fab Four.

Apple Corps, the music company owned by Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and the estates of George Harrison and John Lennon, has launched a £30 million lawsuit against EMI over allegations that the London based major record company has failed to properly report on royalty payments. Apple claim royalty anomalies were revealed during an audit of their accounts, and that they have been negotiating with EMI bosses for two years regarding better access to the major label's financial records in order to better clarify what monies are owed.

Confirming the company had launched litigation against EMI in both London and New York, Apple Corp chief Neil Aspinall told reporters on Friday: "We have tried to reach a settlement through good faith negotiations and regret that our efforts have been in vain. Despite very clear provisions in our contracts, EMI persist in ignoring their obligations and duty to account fairly and with transparency. Apple and the Beatles are, once again, left with no choice but to sue EMI."

The 'once again' bit presumably refers to The Beatles' last legal battle with EMI back in 1991 when Apple took legal action to stop the major from releasing a box set of two albums.

Commenting, albeit in vague terms, on the new litigation, an EMI spokesman said on Friday: "From time to time artists request audits of their record label accounts; it's not unusual and we have no problem with it, because we want to have full financial transparency with our artists. Sometimes there are differences of opinion, not least when record contracts are complex. Sometimes artists resort to the courts or mediation, and 99 times out of 100 the problems are resolved amicably for a small proportion of the claim. EMI has offered to go to mediation but, sadly, Apple rejected that offer."


Bono has been named 'Person Of The Year' by Time Magazine. Well, he is one of three 'Persons Of The Year' to be precise - he shares the accolade with Mr and Mrs Bill Gates. All three have been picked out for their "charitable work and efforts to reduce global poverty and improve health"

In their latest edition, published today, Time's editors say: "For being shrewd about doing good, for rewiring politics and re-engineering justice, for making mercy smarter and hope strategic and then daring the rest of us to follow, Bill and Melinda Gates and Bono are Time's Persons of the Year".

The Gates are specifically recognised for building the world's biggest charity - the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - and for "giving more money away faster than anyone ever has". Of course if I was as rich as them I might have given away my money even faster, but I suppose they do deserve a bit of a mention given how many of their fellow capitalists are just sitting on their cash.

Bono was recognised, of course, for his ongoing commitment to using his celebrity status to bully politicians into doing something about global poverty. The magazine says: "Bono charmed and bullied and morally blackmailed the leaders of the world's richest countries into forgiving $40bn in debt owed by the poorest".

It has to be said that being named Time magazine's Person Of The Year isn't necessarily that great an accolade - given that it aims to recognise "the person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or for ill". Last year they awarded it to George W Bush, while in 1938 it went to a Mr Adolf Hitler.


Ashlee Simpson - Jessica's sister, for anyone who doesn't know - collapsed in Tokyo at the end of last week and had to be taken to hospital. The singer was performing her single 'Boyfriend' for MTV Japan when she told the audience she felt sick; she subsequently collapsed in an elevator before being hospitalised. No statement regarding Simpson's condition has been made, but she has definitely cancelled an appearance at today's Radio Music Awards.


Rick Parfitt's manager Simon Porter says that the guitarist will have laser surgery this week if a cancer diagnosis is confirmed as expected. As previously reported, Status Quo were forced to cancel a tour of the UK after growths were found on the rocker's vocal chords.

Parfitt underwent a biopsy on Thursday; Porter says: "From tests so far doctors are assuming it is cancer. There are four stages to this type of cancer, and the doctors believe Rick is at stage two. When it is caught at this early stage, it can be treated by laser, rather than radiotherapy. So following the biopsy results on Monday the plan is to have laser surgery at a hospital in London before Christmas."

Porter added that Parfitt is planning to make changes to his life from now on: "This has been a big wake up call for Rick. He has given up smoking and realises he needs to change his lifestyle. He plans to be rocking all over the world for a long time yet."


One of Pete Doherty's former drugs dealers has been diagnosed with HIV, and says the singer needs to take the test as well. Owen O'Dwyer, says he sold Doherty heroin for a time, and that they took the drug together, although they did not share a needle, according to The Sun. He adds that he has attempted to contact the Babyshambles frontman but has not as yet managed to do so.

Reformed addict O'Dwyer apparently told the tabloid: "I'm terrified Pete might have HIV. I had no idea I had the disease when we were doing drugs - I want him to know this was not intentional. We didn't share needles but we kept our needles in the same glass. I'm worried blood on the needles may have mixed."

Doherty, meanwhile, shows no sign of reforming, having been arrested yet again yesterday. The singer was stopped by police at 8am on Sunday morning after driving erratically, and taken to a north London station before being released on bail. A spokeswoman said that officers have sent suspicious substances found in the car for analysis, and confirmed Doherty's arrest, saying "Officers arrested the driver of the vehicle, a 26-year-old man, on suspicion of driving under the influence of drink or drugs."


Mary J Blige is to appear as Nina Simone in a biopic of the jazz legend, and says she's working very hard to try and make sure she does justice to the role. Blige has been reading Simone's autobiography, 'I Put A Spell On You', and has hired a professional acting coach to help her get her performance right.

Blige says: "I'm going to take this role very seriously and try and bring Nina Simone back from the dead. If there's one job I'm going to give my all to - this is it. I'm not going to be doing it just because I've been asked to, I'm going to get into the grind of it, do my history and work real hard with my acting coach. Nina was a strong character and had to go through so much like I had to. She had problems with racism and I still suffer that today. I'm going to study to get everything just right as it's such a big thing."


Well, strange things happen in the world of record sales at this time of year, and sometimes for the better - remember Gary Jules' 'Mad World' getting Christmas number one in 2003, or Iron Maiden storming into the charts with 'Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter' in the quiet post-Christmas week back in 1990? To further prove that point, Nizlopi's 'JCB Song' topped the chart yesterday, beating off competition from chart heavyweights Westlife, Robbie Williams, McFly and even the Crazy Frog. Given the midweek sales figures, Nizpoli's success wasn't that big a surprise of course, but few would have predicted that turn of events two months back. I guess it shows that Radio 1 and Xfm still have considerable influence when key presenters throw their weight behind lesser known tracks. So well done one and all.

Westlife got the second highest new entry at number 2 with their Diana Ross collaboration, 'When You Tell Me That You Love Me'. Then comes: Crazy Frog's 'Jingle Bells/U Can't Touch This' at 5, Robbie with 'Advertising Space' at 8, McFly with the 'Ultraviolet' / 'Ballad Of Paul K' double a-side at 9, Mariah Carey with 'Don't Forget About Us' at 11, Depeche Mode with 'A Pain That I'm Used To' at 15, Keedie and the England Cricket Team with 'Jerusalem' at 19, Subways with 'No Goodbyes' at 27 and Water Babies with 'Under The Tree' at 30. Lovely.

Little to report on the albums chart with the top three as last week, Eminem then Robbie then Westlife. Andrea Bocelli's 'Aria - The Opera Album' is the only new entry - it goes in at 38. And that's it.


1. [1] Gorillaz - Dirty Harry (EMI/Parlophone)
2. [25] Coldplay - Talk (EMI/Parlophone)
3. [4] Nizlopi - JCB Song (FDM)
4. [19] Royksopp - What Else is There? (Wall Of Sound)
5. [2] Franz Ferdinand - Walk Away (Domino)
6. [7] Kanye West ft Adam Levine - Heard 'Em Say (Universal/Roc A Fella)
7. [20] The Subways - No Goodbyes (Warner)
8. [5] Sugababes - Ugly (Universal/Island)
9. [8] Mystery Jets - Alas Agnes (679)
10. [16] Hard-Fi - Cash Machine (Warner/Necessary)
11. [9] Madonna - Hung Up (Warner/Maverick)
12. [NE] Gwen Stefani - Luxurious (Universal/Polydor)
13. [NE] Richard Ashcroft - Break the Night with Colour (EMI/Parlophone)
14. [3] The Strokes - Juicebox (Rough Trade)
15. [6] Oasis - Let There Be Love (Big Brother)
16. [21] Babyshambles - Albion (Rough Trade)
17. [29] Rolling Stones - Rain Fall Down (EMI/Virgin)
18. [RE] Braund Reynolds - Rocket (Ten)
19. [13] Editors - Munich (SonyBMG/Kitchenware)
20. [28] Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple (Rubric)
21. [NE] Eminem - When I'm Gone (Universal/Interscope)
22. [26] Robbie Williams - Advertising Space (EMI)
23. [17] Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor (Domino)
24. [NE] Damien Marley - The Master Has Come Back (Universal/Island)
25. [NE] Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Is This Love (V2/Witchita)
26. [NE] The Long Blondes - Appropriation (By Any Other Name)
27. [10] The Futureheads - Area (679)
28. [RE] Pharrell Williams - Angel (EMI/Virgin)
29. [NE] The Kooks - You Don't Love Me (EMI/Virgin)
30. [22] Goldie Lookin' Chain - RnB (Warner/Atlantic)


DVD REVIEW: Eclectic Method - We're Not VJs (Eclectic Method)
Well, I've been asking everyone I've interviewed in the last couple of months for their New Year's resolutions, so it's about time I came up with mine, and here they are. Resolution one: stop taking the good shit home and forgetting to review it. Resolution two: watch more music videos. I used to spend a good couple of hours each weekend flicking between the music channels and surfing music video websites to sample the more visual end of this thing called music, but I seem to have got out of the habit, which is a shame because in among all that over-priced under-achieving video-fodder that takes the lion's share of many of the music TV channels, there are some really great four minute mini-movies that suitably complement, enhance and sometimes surpass the music they accompany. I was reminded all this by watching Eclectic Method's wonderful audio-visual mash up fest 'We're Not VJs'. I've been sitting on this DVD for months now, though it was only actually released a couple of weeks ago. Basically, for those that don't know, Eclectic Method do what all those mash-up makers we are constantly championing in our Remix Update do, except, and it's quite a big except, they mix together the videos too. It's something you have to see to truly appreciate, and this DVD is the perfect way to do just that. But make sure you watch it all the way through on first viewing - because while the side by side video technique that dominates at the start is fun (The Darkness perform alongside a Chemical Brothers video, Run DMC rap while Blur play), it's when the TV and movie sound clips are dropped into the mix that Eclectic Method's art really starts to excel. A Kill Bill fight sequence or Muppets sample that adds only a subtle beat or vocal to the audio mix, suddenly becomes an integral part of the experience once the visual dimension is added in. As broadband makes accessing video online more realistic, and with the bootleg phenomenon still booming, the video mash up mix is sure to gain momentum in the coming years, and Eclectic Method are sure to be the movement's pioneers, especially given the verbal support they have been getting from the likes of Coldcut, whose VJamm software, of course, has enabled so much in video mixing. So, get yourself a copy of 'We're Not VJs' to see the birth of the next phase of the mash-up for yourself, then stick it on at any house parties you are hosting or attending this Christmas because this DVD, while ground breaking, is also very accessible and very entertaining. Spread the word. CC
Release date: 5 Dec
Press contact: Get Involved [all]


Well, we promised you a round up of some of the NYE gigs taking place this year, so here's a quick low down on some of the big nights here in London, and a few that have come in on the email. With 2 Jan a bank holiday this time, there are quite a few good nights taking place on New Year's Day too - details on a couple below.

FABRIC NYE, 9pm-9am, £35
Another storming NYE bash from the Fabric crew just packed solid with stacks of CMU favourites on the decks.
Room One: Craig Richards, Terry Francis, Ewan Pearson, Geoffroy (Mugwump), Gabriel Ananda (live), Konrad Black (live).
Room Two: Plump DJs, The Freestylers (DJ Set), Rennie Pilgrem, Atomic Hooligan (Dex n FX), Ali B.
Room Three: DJ Vadim, The Nextmen, Joe Ransom, DJ Blakey.

CHAMPION SOUND @ CARGO, 7pm-3am, £35
Another of our favourite London venues is staging a storming NYE night courtesy of the Champion Sound boys. Line up as follows.
Live: Eska Mtungwazi with full band
DJs: Gilles Peterson, Mc Earl Zinger, Karen P.
Av Bootlegs: Eclectic Method.

CROSS CENTRAL @ CANVAS, 10pm-7am, £40
Cross Central returns to Canvas for a seven room NYE extravaganza, with another batch of CMU favourites in control, as follows.
Canvas 1: Laurent Garnier and François K.
Canvas 2: 2many DJ's, Jamie Jones, Geddes, plus guest.
Canvas 3: Shane Watcha, Timo Garcia, Gepy, Laura T, Clint Lee.
Canvas 4: Blah - Alf Garnish, Tobe Lerone, Nick Blaken, Sam Ball, Danny Clark.
Canvas 5: Sounds Heavenly - Danny Mayes, Adam B, Robert Redford, Brendan Sharpe, Sean E.
The Key: Faith - Ralph Lawson [ 20:20 Vision], Terry Farley, Stuart Patterson, Dave Jarvis.

LOST @ THE SOUNDSHAFT, 10pm-6am, £16
Techno man Juan Atkins, aka Model 500 or Cybertron, will be taking you into the New Year with quite a line up, as follows.
Line up: Juan Atkins, Luke Slater Steve Bicknell and Mario.

GLITTERATI @ PACHA, New Year's Eve, 10pm-6am, £45 (£125 for VIP package)
The full (£125) version of this bash is a 24 hour affair including pre and post-party luxury in the Plaza Hotel, just around the corner from Pacha's Victoria base.
Line up includes: Kenny Carpenter, CJ Mackintosh and Ce Ce Peniston.

The PR says London's biggest New Year's Eve Party, and who am I to argue? Certainly quite a line up!
Main Arena: Ferry Corsten, Marco V, BK, Ian Betts, Rob Tissera, Technikal, Gavyn Mytchel.
Foyer: Hosted by Riot!: Pete Wardman, Ed Real, Marc French, Vinylgroover, Type 1, Ali Wilson b2b Lee Osborne.
Balcony Bar: Hosted by Trance Generation - Ehren Stowers, Bruno Cernecca, Ben Gold, Tom Godwin aka The Viceroy b2b Ben Beaton, David Murtagh b2b Gary Optim.
VIP house & breaks: Hosted by Preach & Subbass DJ Agency - Graeme Lloyd, Mark Horton, Craig Gunn, Tasha Chamberlain, Brandon Bishop.

Celebrating five years of underground parties ahead of the launch of a new residency at Turnmills at the end of January - should be quite a night.
Room 1: The Chemical Brothers (DJ Set), Jon Carter, Justin Robertson, James Holroyd, Coburn, Nathan Detroit.
Room 2: Mike Monday (Playtime), Insignificant Others, King Roc, Anil Chawla, Alex McCulloch (Shafunkers).

SPACE @ THE CROSS, New Year's Eve, 9pm till very late, £35
Five venues worth of NYE shenanigans, needless to say there'll be a lot to pack in at this one.
Middle Room: Soul Avengerz, Hoxton Whores, Silvio Isola (Gloss Roma), Johnny Landers, Aslam, House4Rent.
Dark Room: Electric Sex, Nippa Downey, Bimbo Jones, Raymundo Rodriguez, Eddy Kruger,
Lounge: Lee Tristram, Kayvee, Dan Rolf, Johnny Wishbone, Max Latino, Danny M, Nice Guys

RETOX @ SOSHO, Tabernacle Street, 9pm-6am, £15
One of the new nights of 2005 wraps up the year over at Sosho, immediately followed by a New Year's Day daytime event at a secret location, and then a second bash at Sosho on the night of 1st Jan. Phew. Details of NYD stuff tbc, but NYE as follows.
Line up: Brett Johnson, Kenny Hawkes, Luke Solomon, The Insurgents, JB & Nils, Hector and Toni B.

MR SCRUFF LIVE @ THE FORUM, 9pm till late, £25
Stockport's grade A jazz-hop-funk man comes in to liven up London on NYE. He rocks a jam and is generally a nice bloke, so should be a goodun.

ROY AYERS LIVE @ THE JAZZ CAFÉ, 7pm till late, £35
Actually, this is just one night of a seven day post-Christmas residency for Mr Ayers, possibly the world's most celebrated jazz, soul and funk composers. So if you don't make it to the NYE show, then how about a £17.50 ticket for one of the other shows from 26 Dec to 1 Jan.

BOX @ ROOM 21, Kettering, 8pm - early hours, £5
This one came in on the email, though it's an intimate affair and there's only 70 tickets available so you might find it's all sold out anyways. Established house night at a new venue.
Line up: Phil England, Gary.Nathan, EGOISTE (Kinky U, Wildchild).

GIG NIGHT @ JUNKTION 7, Nottingham, New Year's Eve, 9pm - 3am, free entry
Finally, these guys have emailed in with details of their New Year's gig at Junktion 7 in Nottingham. No idea what it'll be like, but it's free entry, so if you're in that bit of town, you might want to give it a try. Bands playing with be The Kull, The Smears, Dead Souls and The Henry Road, plus DJs.



GET LOADED @ KOKO, New Year's Day, 10pm - 6am, £12 in advance
Following on from that storming Get Loaded In The Park day on Clapham Common back in the summer, the Get Loaded crew present a great party for anyone preferring to celebrate New Year's Day rather than Eve, or anyone looking to spill from one New Year's celebration to another (2 Jan is a bank holiday this year, don't forget). If you're in the latter camp, then you might want to go to the pre-party booze up at the Lock Tavern - kicking off at 6pm.
Main Room: Xpress 2 and Junior Boys Own Soundsystem featuring Pete Heller, Terry Farley and Stuart Patterson.
Lounge hosted by Deepdownanddirty: The Electric Press (DJ set), Pete Herbert (Reverso 68), Simon Morell and Ryan Shaw.

CIRCO LOCO @ THE END, New Year's Day, 10pm - 7am, £15
One of Ibiza's must-go underground parties takes over The End for a start of the year extravaganza. Line up as follows.
Main Room: Steve Bug, Loco Dice, Clive Henry, Fabrizio.
Lounge: Bushwacka! Dominik Euhlberg, Rocky, Audiofly, Geddes (Mulletover).
AKA: Halo presents - Jay De Funk, Chrisp-e, Monkey Roberts accompanied by lead guitar and percussion.


Coldplay have pledged again that their fourth album will be very different from their first three. Chris Martin was talking about a new sound back in October, and now the band's bassist has pitched in. Guy Berryman has told BBC 6Music that the band are keen to get back into the studio to work on a new sound, but added that a busy touring schedule made that very difficult.

Berryman: "I know a lot of bands say this all the time, but our next record is going to be really quite different from the last three because I think it would be boring for us and everybody else if we did another record in the same vein as the last three. It's been said before that we really view these first three albums as part of a trilogy and it's now time to move on. We feel that we don't really have to prove ourselves any more to people - and that gives you an amazing amount of creative freedom to do stuff."

Berryman admitted that they were considering adding more "electronic stuff" into the mix, but said it wouldn't be too "introspective".


As you all know, 'Fairytale Of New York' is the best Christmas song ever, and as you may also already know, because we've reported on it, it's being re-released today. I know there are hundreds of you out there who've lost your original copy, and probably even a few of you who've never owned it. And even if you do already have a copy, now is the time to buy a new one in the name of charity and justice. Proceeds from the re-release will go to homeless charity Crisis At Christmas and the Justice For Kirsty Campaign, the pressure group run by Kirsty McColl's mother Jean in an attempt to resolve the long legal struggle for justice following her daughter's tragic death in Dec 2000.

You can get 'Fairytale Of New York' on 7" and CD single, or as a DVD featuring The Pogues 1987 Top Of The Pops performance. A live version is also available via download from iTunes. Sadly, it features the vocal stylings of Kate Melua, so you might want to stick to the original.

And whilst we're talking of The Pogues, they're performing at Brixton Academy this week, tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday. I can't go, but you should.


Talking of Best Christmas songs, (arf) that previously reported George Best tribute song, 'Belfast Boy', recently re-recorded by Don Fardon, is currently on digital release, and will see a physical release on 16 Jan next year. The track can be downloaded from and Proceeds will go to The Foundation For Liver Research George Best Appeal.


US TV network NBC is planning on making more of its shows available for download via iTunes, though tricky copyright issues might delay the roll out of similar schemes elsewhere in the world.

US TV trade mag Broadcasting & Cable quotes NBC boss Jeff Zucker as saying: "We will have many more announcements about many more shows. We see it as a brand-new business, and it will be run like any television network, with new material refreshed and replenished all the time". Zucker notes the growth in the number of TV shows being illegally downloaded at the moment, but chooses to interpret this not as a threat to his TV download plans, but as an indication of the hunger for TV show downloads.

All that said, Broadcasting & Cable says the roll out of TV show downloads may be hampered by copyright issues. Some acting unions in the US are already going back through actor contracts to see if any of their members are due extra royalty payments now that the networks have a new way to sell their programmes. And B&C says copyright issues are even more tricky in other countries - and especially Japan, where actors and actresses are automatically considered to be copyright holders in the shows they appear in.

The broadcasting industry will be hoping such copyright issues can be overcome quickly, to ensure they are able to satisfy that growing demand for TV downloads, because if they don't, the illegal P2P networks will.


EMI Music Publishing has announced two deals which see the company further expand from being a company that administers the royalties of songwriters, to a company that proactively seeks to exploit any music related copyrights.

The first deal will see EMI represent the music catalogue of Abbey Home Media, a company which owns or manages numerous kids TV and literary brands, like Postman Pat, Thomas The Tank Engine and the work of Roald Dahl.

The second deal is with Chorion plc, a leading owner of 'classic literary based brands' like Agatha Christie, Georges Simenon, Enid Blyton, Roger Hargreaves and Raymond Chandler. EMI will now administer Chorion's music catalogues through media exploitation such as television, audio, multi-media and other licensing agreements.

Confirming the deal, EMI Music Publishing Senior VP Media & Business Development told CMU: "I am delighted to conclude the deal with Chorion. The company perfectly fits into the type of media company with whom we want to develop relationships as we look to aggressively expand our representation of significant media brands with the added ability to market our copyrights and expand our areas of business".

EMI Music Publishing MD Guy Moot added: "These two deals are great examples of the type of partners with whom we are looking to work and illustrate how the company here is diversifying and expanding into new areas and media outlets. We have the resource and people and we will continue to broaden our range of branded services into the areas of broadcast and media and explore new creative channels and revenue streams for our writers and artists."


It is to the BBC's credit, I suppose, that they keep employing Andy Kershaw, even though he seems to slag off the Corporation at any possible opportunity. His latest outburst came during a discussion about Radio 4's decision to cancel Home Truths, the former John Peel fronted show that has been hosted by a series of guest presenters since the late DJ's death last year. Radio 4's Today programme was speaking to Kershaw, a friend of Peel's, about the end of the show, during which he said there were a lot of Radio 4 shows that should be axed.

Expanding on that theme for the Media Guardian, Kershaw says his problem is with all the consumer based shows on Radio 4 - and especially one about vegetables: "There are more and more consumer programmes on Radio 4. It is fascinated with them. Shop Talk, Veg Talk, You and Yours for an hour every day; they are all on because they are cheap. The only problem is that while they don't cost anything, they end up with people begging for phone calls about vegetables."

He reckons the station should get rid of those programmes and replace them with more debate: "John Humphrys asked me what I'd put in place of Home Truths and it's a simple answer: debate. There's an enormous appetite for it, for public speaking and public meetings, one that is largely unsatisfied. When Christopher Hitchens was debating Tariq Ali in a London college last year, people were queueing around the block to get in. I would almost go so far as to say that debating is the new rock'n'roll, but that might get me in Private Eye."

Kershaw, of course, last caused a bit of controversy when, shortly after Peel's death, he accused Radio 1 of having sidelined the legendary DJ in the years before his death.


Kanye West has said he's surprised by the impact of his anti-Bush comments following Hurricane Katrina - you may remember that he appeared on that NBC fundraiser and said "George Bush doesn't care about black people".

West told Rolling Stone: "What surprised me most was the impact of my voice on NBC. It's just magical that I can say something that's a popular opinion and it really has an impact. I knew I wasn't going to read the whole [scripted] levee thing, because we'd practiced that earlier. I didn't think about Bush until the telethon. I saw him [on TV] -- I'm like, 'Wait a second, dude, that guy over there, he doesn't care.' But America was already headed that way. I think it was a common opinion."

West has also recently criticised homophobia in the hip-hop community, and says that provoked a more hostile reaction: "I got more backlash for that than for the Bush comment. It's wrong, and so many of my friends do that. We gay-bash. We feel like it's OK to call a gay person a fag. We fought so hard to make it so white people couldn't say the word 'nigger' to our face. But it's not far-fetched to picture a black person calling a gay person a fag to their face. So that shows you the climate, where we're at right now. And it's not about racism, it's about discrimination."


That Paul Smith from Maximo Park has dissed Gorillaz August single release 'Dare', which is just not on, frankly. Appearing on MTV2's end of year special which aired last night, he said "I don't get it. I don't have any passion for it to be honest." He also had something to say about My Chemical Romance, saying "They're hysterical. You just think, this guy [Gerard Way]'s taken it to another level," and I don't think he meant it as a compliment.

If you missed it, it gets shown again on Christmas Day at 8pm.


No surprise there then; ladies' favourite Shayne Ward won the X-Factor on Saturday in a close run final thing against former-bin-man-Andy-Abrahams, after duo Journey South were knocked out earlier in the programme. More than ten million votes were cast during the course of the programme.

As you may remember, Ward was always the bookies favourite, so they'll be feeling pleased with themselves. Shayne's typically bland (not his fault) debut single, entitled 'That's My Goal', will be released on Wednesday. Let's hope he does a Young and not a Brookstein.


No, not Charlotte. Cliff Richard says that the Church needs to get over the whole gay thing. Speaking to Sky News, he explained he was saddened by Christians' reluctance to accept homosexuality, saying: "I'm sad because we have to learn to deal with everything. Everything has changed. The church has got to come to terms with the fact that things have changed since even Jesus has died. It's only a mere 2,000 years."

He continued: "I mean slavery was an in-thing at one time. We were told to deal with it. And we've dealt with it. And we've got to deal with every aspect of life. There are gay people in this world. Some of them are very talented. Some of them could be great priests."


It's a shocker. Tenacious D's Jack Black has apparently admitted that he was a teenage tearaway. According to the 'School Of Rock' star said: "I took some drugs in high school. I was doing cocaine and I was too young. What the hell was I doing? And I sniffed some glue. I was on a rampage. Also, there was this guy at my school who wanted to kill me 'cos I made out with a girl he liked, so by about 15 I was in full meltdown."

He adds that a bit of therapy did the trick: "Some of the more intense kids were going in every day and I was, like, what happens in there? So I went in one day and said, 'Can I have therapy?' and he said, 'Sure, sit down.' I don't remember exactly how it went down, but I started confessing...and I told him about how I stole money from my mom to get coke, and I just cried and cried and cried my eyes out. Came out a different guy one hour later."


According to the average McFly fan (I did a very thorough poll, and so did Smash Hits) Danny Jones is apparently the most attractive, if not necessarily the prettiest, member of the band (I like the music; my perspective on which of the boys is 'hottest' is warped by the fact that they are practically old enough to be my children. Well, okay, step-children), so it should come as no surprise to hear that reindeer think he's hot too.

As previously reported, McFly were making a special appearance at Harrods on Thursday, an event which featured live reindeer specially flown in from Scotland, and, according to The Mirror, one of the reindeer took a liking to Mr Jones. A 'source' told The Mirror "It was hilarious. One reindeer became quite taken with Danny. It started nuzzling up to him and wouldn't leave him alone. Poor Danny didn't know where to look."

Well, he is from Bolton. People from Bolton have a natural affinity with reindeer (a lie). And according to a survey of the British Association For The Advancement Of Science people from Bolton are the friendliest people in Britain (the truth, if faintly irrelevant).

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