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In today's CMU Daily:
- 50 Cent sued over birthday lyrics
- Doherty charged again
- Mick Jones questioned over Kate and cocaine
- Hatherly quits Ash-ing
- BPI to promote British music at MUSEXPO

- Midem kicks off with sales decline chat
- Kennedy to tackle ISPs and the French at Midem
- Vital:Pias announce new digital distribution deals
- Digimpro launch DIY remix platform
- Wippit announce partnership with French distributor
- Universal launch pan-European single track label
- Aim boss confirmed president of new global indies body
- Publishers and collection societies unite to meet EC recommendations
- The Research plan special gigs
- The Automatic announce tour
- New Roots Manuva album
- Lou Reed shows his piccies off
- Cash exhibition opens in London
- Three day Spike Island event gets approved
- Arctic Monkeys set for fastest selling album
- Chart update
- This week's Student Radio Chart
- Subshot playlist
- Music Week up for sale?
- Timberlake and form company
- Madonna top of the mums
- Kapranos scared of local professionals
- Davies claims Queen swore in conversation
- Mogwai take offence at NME review
- Strokes drummer caught shagging in toilets


With Infadels' new single 'Can't Get Enough' out today, and debut album 'We Are Not The Infadels' out next week (both on Wall Of Sound), now seemed as good a time as any to catch up with guys who we've been closely following ever since they played Xfm's Remix Night back in summer 2004. Even if you've never knowingly played yourself an Infadels track, you have almost definitely heard these guys' music, because the bass-heavy soundtrack to that bizarre 'jellyfish' advert that the 3 mobile network aired last year came from their wall-shatteringly good early single release 'Give Yourself To Me'. The electro-rock sound of that ad is a good introduction to Infadels because, while the debut album is possibly too eclectic to classify with just one genre label, the term 'electronic band' kinda works - I pick that, because shortly after that aforementioned Remix Night performance they won the Best Electronic Band title at that year's Diesel U Music Awards. Anyway, enough of me trying to describe their sound - head on over to their MySpace page ( where you can hear it for yourself, and see them being pelted by several tonnes of tomatoes. Then check out our interview to hear how the band's Matt Gooderson describes his band's sound, and to find out what all those tomatoes were about.

Check the interview:


50 Cent is being sued by Luther Campbell, frontman of 2 Live Crew, who alleges that the rap star stole a line for his 2003 hit 'In Da Club'.

Campbell, who recently filed a complaint at the Miami Federal Court, claims that Fiddy used the opening line of Cambell's song 'It's Your Birthday', changing the lyric only slightly, from 'go Sheila, it's your birthday', to 'go Shorty, it's your birthday'. The song is said to have appeared on Campbell's 1994 solo outing 'Still A Freak For Life'. The rapper's lawyer Richard C Wolfe said: "It's the melody, it's the pace, the style - everything about that one line is the same. We're entitled to a portion of the profits."

The claim was filed on behalf of Lil' Joe Wein Music, who hold the copyright on the track, and who additionally claim that Fiddy stole another song, saying that Campbell's song 'I Like It, I Love It' can also be heard on 2003 DVD '50 Cent - The New Breed'.

50 Cent has made no comment regarding the suit.


Pete Doherty has been charged with possessing heroin, crack, morphine and cannabis following his recent arrest. Which recent arrest? The one in East London on 4 Dec, since you ask. The Babyshambles man reported to Stoke Newington police station on Friday in accordance with his bail conditions. Hope it didn't stop him from getting to any gigs in Stoke...


And speaking of drugs and Doherty, Babyshambles producer Mick Jones has been questioned by police over the Kate Moss cocaine incident. The Clash man was not formally arrested, but interviewed over images that show him snorting cocaine, as well as those of the supermodel cutting lines at the Metropolis Studios. Pete Doherty is also expected to be questioned shortly by The Metropolitan Police Specialist Crime Operations Team investigating the incident. Meanwhile, persistent efforts by the specialist unit have apparently failed to bring Kate Moss back to the country for questioning - she has not been back to the UK since the story broke in the tabloids back in Sep, and the police are starting to get a bit annoyed, or at least they are according to the Daily Mirror.


Ash announced on Friday that Charlotte Hatherley has quit, after close to a decade with the band, who formed back in 1992, and took on guitarist Hatherley in 1997.

A statement released by the band read: "After nine years, Ash and Charlotte Hatherley have mutually agreed to part company. The decision is completely amicable and they wish each other the very best for the future. Ash are returning to the studio later this year to make the follow up to 2004's 'Meltdown' album. Charlotte is currently recording solo tracks for her second solo album which she plans to release in the autumn this year."


With the Cannes junket that is Midem now fully under way, let's start talking about another industry away day shall we? The BPI has confirmed it will organise a special 'network event' to promote British music at the annual MUSEXPO convention, which will take place for the second time in LA from 30 Apr to 3 May. Organisers hope to follow up the success of the BPI organized 'mission' to LA's Film & TV Convention back in November which got a number of UK labels in front of some of Hollywood's key movie, telly and gaming companies.

Confirming the plan, BPI International Manager Matt Glover told CMU: "The BPI has long been an innovator in promoting UK music overseas, and pioneered the kind of group stands now seen at events like Midem and Popkomm. Our aim now is go beyond that with events like MUSEXPO. We will be giving our members direct personal introductions to top executives they might not otherwise be able to reach. The calibre of people they will be presenting and showcasing to will be impressive; music supervisors from the major US TV networks, American film supervisors, tastemaking radio DJs and of course the leading American A&Rs. We are committed to helping our members' new music be heard by the people that matter."

Elsewhere in MUSEXPO news, organisers of the event, A&R Worldwide, last week confirmed that Napster will be their headline sponsor. Confirming that deal, Napster boss Chris Gorog told reporters: "As one of the sponsors of the inaugural MUSEXPO, we saw firsthand what a fantastic job A&R Worldwide did gathering artists and members of the music industry from around the world to network and share their passion for music. Becoming the title sponsor of this year's event is a great way for Napster to demonstrate our commitment to bringing people together to discover, share and experience great music."


But back to Midem, and despite the optimism surrounding the growth of legitimate digital music sales revealed in that report from the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry last week, the first day of the industry convention was concerned with declining record sales after the global trade body's chief admitted that over all sales figures were down again in 2005. Speaking at Midem, IFPI chairman John Kennedy said that early indications are that recording sales last year were down 2% on the previous year. Sales in 2004 remained flat at $33.6 billion, following four consecutive years of decline.

Commenting on those figures, EMI Group chairman Eric Nicoli, giving the keynote speech at the Midem digital music spin-off Midemnet, said that increased competition in the media and entertainment space was in part responsible for the music business's ongoing decline. Nicoli: "Piracy in all its forms has been the major factor in this reversal but [it's] not the only factor. Twenty years ago there were no mobile phones, no DVDs, no computer games to speak of. In categories that did exist, like magazines, cosmetics and designer clothes, we've seen a massive explosion of choice and accessibility to consumers. So no surprise, then, that music sales have come under pressure."

Commentators outside the industry, however, said that record labels couldn't blame all their woes on piracy and new competition. Phil Leigh, an analyst with US market research firm Inside Digital Media, told reporters this weekend that a failure to properly invest in new talent was part of the reason: "Executives have focused so much of their attention on piracy that they've diverted their efforts from developing new talent".


Back to the IFPI's John Kennedy, and the two groups of people he is most likely to be seeking out this week in Cannes are those associated with internet service providers, and any local politicians.

Speaking last week about his organisation's belief that the ISPs should be doing more to combat music piracy, given how much music has helped with the growth of broadband, Kennedy said: "The challenges we now face are far too big for complacency. In particular, we need more cooperation from service providers and music distributors to help protect intellectual property and contain piracy. It is not enough that they share in the success of the digital music business, they need to take on their share of the responsibilities as well".

Meanwhile, Kennedy expects to speak to some representatives of the French government this week, who are, of course, fighting off moves by opposition politicians to legalise P2P in return for a copyright levy on ISP fees. On those proposals, Kennedy said last week: "We're used to the French doing things differently. But this is just a colossal mistake ... overnight it could kill off the French recording industry."


And on to some of the many business announcements timed to coincide with Midem - and as we said on Friday, a lot of these have a digital theme. First up, London based independent digital distribution firm Vital:Pias has announced three new deals that will extend the output of both music and videos for the 100 odd independent labels it represents.

The first deal is with Apple iTunes and relates to the pop promo videos in those labels' collective catalogues. Vital:Pias will now supply content to the growing music video section within the iTunes music store in the US, Australia and across Europe. Additional agreements covering Canada and Japan are expected to follow. Confirming the deal, Vital:Pias Head Of Digital Adrian Pope told reporters: "Audio-Visual products as downloads, although relatively new, promise to ignite the industry once more - we see huge potential for our labels and artists repertoire as they invariably have some of the most innovative and creative videos around."

The other two new deals relate to mobile, with a partnership with pan-European mobile content aggregator Arvato Mobile and with Ministry Of Sound's WAP portal division. On those deals Pope added: "We're genuinely excited as to where we see mobile audio and video products developing in 2006 and we're pleased to have extended our mobile offering to include Arvato and MOS. Both offer distinct services that will enable our labels music to reach as broad a range of people as possible."


Another London based digital music company at Midem this year is Digimpro, who are launching a new online service which enables budding bedroom producers to create their own remixes, which can then be shared via blogs, e-cards and web pages, and even sent to a mobile phone as a bespoke ringtone. The new service, to be called, uses Digimpro's real time mixing software .di, which has apparently been used by the likes of Moby, Erasure, Spooky and Roots Manuva.

Launching the new venture at a Midem press event yesterday, Digimpro CEO Rupert Evans told reporters: "Many music fans today want to do more than listen or download music. They want to be part of the creative process and get involved beyond the mere consumption of music. Like blogging, photo-sharing or podcasting, online remixing has quickly become popular with the new generation of music fans. This will grow to be an important new way of promoting an artist's work and music catalogue."

More info on the new service is expected to be announced in the coming weeks - I'm guessing it'll be posted at


More digital music announcements? You bet. The lovely London based digital music store that is Wippit has announced an agreement with massive French entertainment distributor DEM which will see the supermarkets DEM supplies with CDs and DVDs selling pre-pay download cards which customers will be able to redeem for tracks on a customized Wippit-powered download store. The new partnership will be Wippit's first non-English digital music venture - which is tres fantastique.


Later today Universal Music will be at Midem to launch a new multi-territory venture called Apollo, which will aim to establish an infrastructure through which to run pan-European 'single release' campaigns - ie an infrastructure to promote stand alone big hits, such as those one off clubbing tracks that don't tend to sell as part of an album package.

The venture has been set up by former Mercury Records VP Matt Jagger and Universal Music UK New Media Director Rob Wells and is based on the rebirth of the single in the digital age. Jagger told CMU: "We believe that with the advent of digital music platforms music will increasingly be sold track-by-track and we want to take advantage of that."

Wells adds: "Creating a label like Apollo makes sense as the digital platforms and dance music are both essentially single-track businesses. We firmly believe the hottest dance tracks can sell a million units across all platforms - physical, download, ringtones and video".

Apollo will involve three of Universal's European divisions on the physical side (Island UK, Universal France and Universal Germany), while the digital side will use the group's existing digital services model. The new label will launch with the release of that previously reported DJ Meck rework of Leo Sayer's 1977 disco track 'Thunder In My Heart Again'.


More Midem announcements... the chair of the UK's Association Of Independent music has been appointed as the inaugural president of the newly created Worldwide Independent Network, which aims to provide a link between the independent music sectors around the world.

Alison Wenham, already chair of AIM and a Vice President of pan-European indies body IMPALA, was confirmed as the head of the new organisation in Cannes this weekend.

Confirming her appointment, the new trade body said in a statement that Wenham provided "a recognisable face and a global voice to stress [the organisation's] ongoing aims to grow the independents' market share [and to] promote key issues such as market access and cultural policies in all national, regional and international policies".


Time for some music publishing announcements? Why not? Well, the publishing sector has used Europe's big industry bash to announce a couple of partnerships which work towards meeting that previously reported challenge set by the European Commission to simplify and open up royalty collection systems across the continent.

The first is a collaborative project between the UK's MCPS-PRS and their Spanish counterparts SGAW. Called eLOS, this project aims to "build a model for the licensing of online music services in Europe", which basically means a simpler cheaper-to-run system for licensing publishing rights to pan-European digital platforms. The two royalty bodies will pilot their model in the first quarter of 2006, with a view to developing a full operation later this year if it proves successful.

Second, EMI Music Publishing has announced it is entering a partnership with the aforementioned MCPS-PRS and Germany's GEMA to develop a 'one-stop shop' for all of Europe for the clearance of digital publishing rights of the major's Anglo-American songs. So now you know.


Anyway, enough of that, how about some live news? The Research release their debut album on 27 Feb, and are to mark that with three special gigs, which will include DJ sets from Maximo Park and British Sea Power, amongst others. Frontman Russell said "This is going to be the best week for us. During our time touring, our favourite bands have become our favourite friends and they are all coming to help us party for our first long-playing record."

Here are the dates and the lineups:

28 Feb: London The Old Blue Last
The Research (Live), Absentee (Live), The Go! Team (DJ Set), Jay Sensible (DJ Set), Karen StereoEffect (DJ Set).

1 Mar: London The Old Blue Last
The Research (Live), Maximo Park (DJ Set), British Sea Power (DJ Set), The Pippettes (DJ Set), Karen StereoEffect (DJ Set).

3 Mar: Leeds The Brudenell Social Club
The Research (Live), Mother and The Addicts (Live), Piney Gir's Country Roadshow (Live)
Johnny Florida PIGS (DJ Set), Special Guests (DJ Set).


The Automatic have announced a series of headlining tour dates, in addition to their upcoming Kooks support slot, dates as follows:

21 Feb: Peterborough, Met Lounge
22 Feb: Wrexham, Central Station
23 Feb: Sunderland, Pure
25 Feb: Aberdeen, The Tunnels
26 Feb: Dundee, Reading Rooms
27 Feb: York Fibbers
28 Feb: Stoke, Sugarmill
2 Mar: Swansea, Divas
3 Mar: Northampton, Soundhaus
4 Mar: Bedford, Esquires
5 Mar: Exeter, Cavern
7 Mar: Southend, Chinnerys
8 Mar: London, Barfly
9 Mar: Cardiff, Club Ifor Bach


Yay. A new Roots Manuva album, 'Alternately Deep', is to be released on 13 Mar. The album consists of twelve tracks which were recorded during the same sessions as those which brought forth 2005's 'Awfully Deep' (see what he did there?), and features collaborations with people like Easy Access Orchestra, Ricky Ranking, Jammer, Lotek, and Colossus. Tracklisting, for what it's worth, is as follows:

No Love
Seat Yourself (Miami Mix)
Double Drat
Nobody's Dancing
Things We Do
Check It
Get U High
Colossal Insight (Jammer Mix)
Mean Street
Pep My Game
This World Is Mine
Grown Man


Lou Reed opened two simultaneous exhibits of his photographs on Friday, at two separate venues in New York, the Gallery at Hermes and the Steven Kasher Gallery. The shots on show were taken with a digital camera, and display urban landscapes. Reed, who says that his photography is influenced by Andy Warhol and Wim Wenders, told New York Magazine: "When I was touring around the world, I would find myself getting a chance to see things that other people might not, and I just thought it would be crazy not take pictures of it. I think Leonard Cohen had a line, 'I would travel anywhere in the pursuit of beauty.' And this is the beauty of New York, and I just wanted to take pictures of that, with no motive other than that."


Another photography exhibit, this time entitled 'The Man In Black', featuring, as you might get from the title, images of Johnny Cash. The collection is on show at the Blink Gallery in Poland Street, London until 20 Feb, and includes work by photographers such as Andy Earl, Alan Messer, Don Hunstein, Jim Marshall, and Baron Wolman.

Elsewhere in Cash news, the 'Walk The Line' biopic is out here on 3 Feb, and its star, Joaquin Phoenix has been talking to the UK press. Interviewed in the guardian he spoke of his first encounter with Cash: "I saw him with June (Carter Cash) and with his grandchildren, being kind and showing a love that could not be faked. Then when I was leaving, he started quoting to me the most sadistic dialogue from 'Gladiator' with obvious relish. I was fascinated that this was the same person".


Halton Council have given the go ahead for a three day music event to take place at the Spike Island park in Widnes this year. Councillor Rob Polhill said: "This event is set to be the biggest concert here in ten years and it is appropriate that it is taking place at Spike Island, where the Stone Roses played their famous concert."

According to Gigwise, organisers are busy approaching possible headliners, in particular, former Stone Rose Ian Brown as well as Oasis and Coldplay. Promoter David Millar says: "The festival will be taking place before the other major concerts such as the Reading Festival so that bands can still play both."


With their second single topping the chart yesterday, the debut Arctic Monkeys album, out today, may be set to become the fastest selling debut in recorded history. HMV say that preorders for 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not' suggest demand is higher for any debut rock LP since the release of Oasis' 'Definitely Maybe' back in 1994, and that the album could sell as many as 200,000 in its first week. Which is kind of apt, because back in October we quoted the Arctic Monkey's James Cook, saying of his ambitions for the band's debut long player: "We want it to catch ... the live aspect of us. But we don't want it to be messy, but we want it to be powerful, like 'Definitely Maybe', that kinda sound".

Regarding pre-release demand for the album, HMV's expert on such things Gennaro Castaldo said: "We might be entering the Chinese Year of the dog, but as far as the music industry is concerned 2006 is very much the 'year of the monkey'. We haven't seen this level of excitement for a new artist since the Britpop-heralding arrival of Oasis more than 10 years ago. There has been a great vibe around the Arctic Monkeys for quite a few months now, but it usually takes much longer for a band to develop mainstream appeal and the commercial success that comes with it. The Arctic Monkeys seem to have managed this in just one leap - it's amazing how much impact they have had in such a short time."


Staying with the charts, and as we said, Arctic Monkey's second single 'When The Sun Goes Down' went straight in at number one yesterday, which is quite an achievement, because it means they outsold (by considerable margins, we hear) the Notorious BIG/P Diddy/Nelly collaboration 'Nasty Girl' which goes in at 2, Will Young's 'All Time Love' which is at 3, and the Beyonce ft Slim Thug track 'Check On It', which is at 4.

Other new entries in the singles chart run thus: Hi-Tack with 'Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U)' at 8, Son Of Dork's 'Eddie's Song' at 10, Belle & Sebastian's 'Funny Little Frog' at 13, Test Icicles' 'What Your's Damage' at 31, Forward Russia's 'Twelve' at 36 and Sway's 'Little Derek' at 38. Storming.

Albums wise no new entries at all - no really - none whatsoever. Though Hard-Fi take the top spot, presumably helped by that Brit nomination, so that's good news as far as we're concerned. Especially as Editors is at number two. In fact, if next week we could have Arctic Monkeys at 1, Hard-Fi at 2, and Editors at 3, then my prediction that 2006 is going to be a very good year for quality music will already be true.


1. [NE] Artic Monkeys - When the Sun Goes Down (Domino)
2. [19] Editors - Munich (SonyBMG/Kitchenware)
3. [29] The Kooks - You Don't Love Me (EMI/Virgin)
4. [11] Madonna - Hung Up (Warner/Mverick)
5. [6] Kanye West ft Adam Levine - Heard Em Say (Universal/Roc A Fella)
6. [3] Nizlopi - JCB Song (FDM)
7. [6] Franz Ferdinand - Walk Away (Domino)
8. [13] Richard Ashcroft - Break the Night With Colour (EMI/Parlophone)
9. [1] Gorillaz - Dirty Harry (EMI/Parlophone)
10. [10] Hard-Fi - Cash Machine (Warner/Necessary)
11. [2] Coldplay - Talk (EMI)
12. [8] Sugababes - Ugly (Universal/Island)
13. [27] Sigur Ros - Hippipolla (EMI)
14. [NE] Mystery Jets - The Boy Who Ran Away (679)
15. [RE] Kaiser Chiefs - Modern Way (B-unique)
16. [NE] Maximo Park - I Want You To Stay (Warp)
17. [14] The Strokes - Juicebox (Rough Trade)
18. [16] Babyshambles - Albion (Rough Trade)
19. [NE] The Go! Team - Ladyflash (Memphis Industries)
20. [NE] Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On (EMI)
21. [20] Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple (Rubric)
22. [NE] Fall Out Boy - Sugar We're Going Down (Universal/Mercury)
23. [5] Royksopp - What Else is There? (Wall Of Sound)
24. [NE] Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats (Peacefrog)
25. [RE] Jack Johnson - Sitting, Wishing, Waiting (Brushfire)
26. [NE] The Magic Numbers - I See You, You See Me (EMI/Heavenly)
27. [NE] Les Incompetents - Reunion (White Heat)
28. [NE] The Holloways - Generator (Sensible Recordings)
29. [NE] Kubb - Grow (Universal/Mercury)
30. [22] Robbie Williams - Advertising Space (EMI)


This'll be the videos being played on the SUBtv network of TV screens in students' union bars across the UK. New entries are marked with a **.

50 Cent - Hustler Ambition (Universal/Interscope)
**Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down (Domino)
Beck - Hell Yes (Universal/Geffen)
Belle & Sebastian - Funny Little Frog (Rough Trade)
Beyonce - Check It On (SonyBMG)
Chris Brown - Run It (SonyBMG)
Hard Fi - Cash Machine (Warner/Necessary)
Hi Tack - Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U) (Gusto)
**Martin Solveig - Jealousy (Defected)
The Go! Team - Ladyflash (Memphis Industries)

**Boy Kill Boy - Back Again (Universal/Island)
Broken Social Scene - Ibi Dreams Of Pavement (City Slang)
El Presidente - Turn This Thing Around (SonyBMG)
Eminem - When I'm Gone (Universal/Interscope)
**Infadels - Can't Get Enough (Wall Of Sound)
Mew - Why Are You Looking Grave (SonyBMG)
Milk Kan - Bling Bling Baby (PIAS)
Nickelback - Far Away (Roadrunner)
Public Enemy - Bring That Beat Back (Slamjamz)
Smother - New Foundation Of The Truth (Global Warming)
Stars - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (City Slang)
The Kooks - You Don't Love Me (EMI/Virgin)
The Upper Room - All Over This Town (SonyBMG)
Three 6 Mafia - Stay Fly (SonyBMG)
Will Young - All Time Love (SonyBMG)


Publishing firm CMP Information has announced it will sell off a handful of its magazine titles and, according to the Media Guardian, one of those up for sale will be the UK music industry's flagship weekly Music Week. The company, a division of United Business Media, has confirmed it will, indeed, sell some of its titles, though it has refused to comment on speculation as to which magazines will be affected.


That Peas is a busy chap. A few days ago we reported that he'd set up his own label, now we hear that he's formed a music production company with Justin Timberlake, Jawbreakers, to record new material for Timberlake's new album. It's been widely reported that Timberlake was working principally with producer Rick Rubin, but it seems that he's been working with the Black Eyed Pea on it too, under the name of the aforementioned Jawbreakers. told Billboard: "It stands for Justin and Will breaks. It's Justin and I's production team when we do things together. We did half of Justin's record and some songs on Macy Gray's new album."

He went on to describe Timberlake's new solo album as "dope", and continued: "I can't explain it, that's how dope it is. He just surprised me again. I was surprised that I was even going to like Justin Timberlake. Then he turned me into a fan, and I've become a fan. That means you are so talented that you are changing people's vocabulary. Hat's off, skull off and scalp."


Madonna has come top in a poll about celebrity mothers who it's thought combine a career with being a good parent. Kate Moss was at the bottom, not surprisingly, given the year she's had.


According to Femalefirst, Franz frontman is a bit scared of one of the working women that frequents the street in Australia where's he's temporarily rented a flat. The singer apparently said of the down-market area of Sydney: "Darlinghurst is an interesting part of the town - it hasn't been quite gentrified from its former slummy status. Opposite the door of my flat, there's a corner where a few hookers turn tricks. Some of them are very friendly, but one isn't. She screams "What the fuck are you looking at?" at anyone who goes near her. So now I make sure I look at a eucalyptus tree, a passing bus, or a dog turd. Anything but her."


Ex Kink Ray Davies has claimed that The Queen used a swear word during a conversation he had with the monarch whilst accepting an MBE last year, which seems quite unlikely. Not because we here at CMU think The Queen never swears, she most probably does in private, but we're hard pushed to believe that she'd do it at a public ceremony.

Anyway, Davies told GQ that the Queen, in reference to an incident in which he'd been mugged a couple of months earlier, said: "I hope they catch the bastards who shot you". Whether it's true, or if Davies made it up, or misheard her will remain a mystery, as a palace spokesperson said they won't discuss a private conversation.


Mogwai's Barry Burns has posted a message on the group's official website indicating that he and his bandmates are less than pleased by the NME review of latest single 'Friend Of The Night'; in a sarcastic way, of course.

Burns writes: "NME, the relevant newspaper for serious music fans. News: we are as ground breaking as Snow Patrol according to the NME. Cool. Roll on the millions of pounds. The worried look on my face as the NME gives us a less than favourable single review is quite a picture. Literally hundreds of people now have a negative impression of our new hit single before it's even out yet. How can we win in this situation? Damn it!"


According to The Strokes' drummer Fabrizio Moretti, he and his girlfriend, one Drew Barrymore, got caught having sex in a toilet in New York quite recently. He told US magazine Jane, when asked the strangest place he'd ever 'done it': "I had sex in the bathroom at the opera a little while ago, in New York. We went to 'La Boheme' and it was boring. So we decided to go to the bathroom, and we got caught, and it was embarrassing. If we'd gone to the men's room, people would've heard it and said, 'Good on you, man.' But we were in the ladies' room, and when we heard an old woman start to tinkle, we couldn't help but crack up. I guess she told the security guy - he came in and was like, 'Just go'."

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