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In today's CMU Daily:
- Coldplay not splitting, okay?
- Rock titles do well in ABC figures
- Irons departs Departure
- NYPD criticise Busta Rhymes
- Mos Def in court over child support
- Elton John gets libel damages
- Bar owner sues promoters over Canadian Stones gig
- Songwriter's family settle over Lion King song rights
- Nickelback lead Juno nominations
- Breakspoll nominations out
- Music Week awards out
- Single reviews: Swimmer One - Largs Hum/The Sweethearts - Blue Skies
- More on Amazon's download plans
- Vital:Pias sign up Union Square
- Marsh and Costa bidding for Eurovision entry
- Albarn writing stage musical
- Domino, Dylan, Richie, Costello to play New Orleans
- Parliamentary committee calls for closure of Jersey loophole
- Loose Cannons at Cargo
- New Newcastle fest this summer
- Test Icicles limited edition single release
- Klaxons single and tour dates
- Album review: Gym Class Heroes - The Papercut Chronicles
- MTV loses creative chief
- Madonna had hernia operation
- Breakspoll awards: nominations in full
- Music Week awards: nominations in full


Oh, oh, a little late today because of a slightly tetchy SMTP server. Sorry. So, the new ABCs are out - those are the audited magazine circulation figures in case you wondered. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's good news for the rock mags, but not so for the dance and teen pop titles. The dance mags will, I'm sure, swing back as the genre regains momentum this year, but the decline in teen mag sales is much more interesting. The combined sales of all audited teenage entertainment titles were down 37.2% in 2005 compared with the year before, while Smash Hits saw its circulation fall by 23.3% in the final months of its existence. On closing Smash Hits, EMAP blamed new competition from the net and mobile for the slump in teenage magazine sales (and they're probably right - though there's a chance it's because the average teenager is too flipping lazy to get off the sofa and go to the newsagent). But what is more interesting than the reason for the decline, is what, if anything, it tells us about the future of print media. Personally I think the fall in magazine sales among the youth market is a permanent trend and not a temporary dip - presumably EMAP bosses agree, given their decision to axe the Smash Hits magazine rather than hold on and hope it could stage a recovery. But what does that tell us about the twenty-something media consumers of the future? Will the teenagers opting for internet or mobile over print today discover an interest in print media in the years to come, or are they now lost to the print sector? Back in the early days of the first dot com boom everyone talked about the death of print as if it was going to happen sometime next week, probably on a Wednesday morning. It was on overreaction of course - print media is too familiar and too convenient to be replaced by digital over night - with even the most net-savvy media consumers still buying print magazines. But an eventual decline in print media is surely inevitable in the digital age - and surely the place you are going to see it first is in the youth sector. Can the print media giants get together a digital portfolio in time? Well, it seems that those media companies put off the net by the dot com crash are putting new energies into the web once again - but I suspect everyone has got some way to go before they find the business model that will enable them to maintain their market share if the print-rejecting teenagers of today do indeed become the print-rejecting adults of tomorrow.



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: The Gallery At Turnmills.
The Gallery is ten, Turnmills is going strong, and I don't think I've ever tipped it, which is a bit of an oversight that should be redressed. And tonight is as good as time as any, given that Armin van Buuren will be providing a three hour set with support from Faithless rumbler Sister Bliss, Greg Downey and Graeme Lloyd. The Going Places second room features teuton electromeister Mohan Das, with Tania von Pear, Doug Masters, and Mark Horton. And check out closing time. Insane.

Friday 17 Feb, 9pm - 7.30am, £15/12 b4 2330h, Turnmills, 63b Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1M 5NP, info at

CHRIS' CLUB TIP: Remix Night at Cargo
Predictable I know, but this just has to be tipped every time around. Tonight's gonna be a good one - with the rather promising Deltasonic signed The Longcut and Brixton breaks boy Ivory both live on stage, plus the mighty (and much plugged here of late) Freelance Hellraiser joining Remix host Eddy TM on the decks. If you've never made it to a Remix Night, then perhaps tonight should be the night, it really is one of the capital's bestest most friendliest club nights.

Friday 17 Feb, 7pm - 3am, £8 before 9pm, £10 after, Cargo, Rivington Street, London, info from Leyline.

VIGSY'S LIVE TIP: Reel People at Jazz Cafe
I'm always tipping gigs at the Café I know, but that's where all my favourites seem to play. This band are re-releasing their 'Second Guess' album from 2003 on Defected, which seems as good a reason as any to check them out live. Reel People consist of Oli Lazarus from Chilli Funk Records, with the hugely underrated Vanessa Freeman and Mike Patto from Restless Soul. Expect a cool combo of R&B/jazz/soul music with a warm feel. Tunes hopefully batted out will include anthems 'Second Guess', 'The Light' and 'Butterflies' plus the mellower 'Washing Away' and 'Steppin'. And as if all that wasn't enough, one of my all time favourite DJ's will be there: Dave Lee aka Joey Negro. I can't believe he isn't a household name, cos he rocks.

Sunday 19 Feb, Jazz Cafe, 5 The Parkway, Camden, NW5, doors 7pm, £12.50 in advance, more info at

Put your night up for the tip - [email protected]


Well, now, everyone's saying that Coldplay are splitting up, following Chris Martin's comments at the Brit Awards on Wednesday night. Collecting his awards at the Brits, Martin said: "Thank you. That's it. We won't see you for a very long time," and continued "people are fed up with us and so are we. You won't see us at one of these for many, many years. We mean it."

Where exactly he slipped in the subliminal message "we're splitting", I don't know. Personally I inferred his comments thus: "we're taking a long break, and then when we come back we're going to do an experimental album that completely departs from our old sound that will only be popular with a couple of critics and be a minor success with the public". Oh yeah, look, it is easy to carelessly read things into what Chris Martin says.

Anyway, nearly everyone on the planet is reporting that Coldplay are to split, but the band's label have, not surprisingly, denied this, saying "Coldplay are not quitting. They are on the road until July, when their 16-month 'X&Y' World Tour ends in Japan. They will then continue working on new material."

Fellow Brit award winner James Blunt said "It's time to leave Coldplay alone and stop all of this ludicrous speculation." No, you're right. He didn't really. I just made that up.


The problem with publishing an e-newsletter that the editorial teams of pretty much every music magazine in the country reads is that when you set about reporting on the ABC figures, someone will always email in to tell us our interpretations are wrong. So in advance, well done everyone for achieving such remarkable circulation figures - I don't know how you do it.

Anyway, we all know indie and rock is in vogue, but in case we needed it confirmed I present the latest magazine stats from the good old Audit Bureau Of Circulations, for the second half of 2005. EMAP owned Kerrang! in particular has had a good run of late, with an 18% increase in circulation in the second half of last year up to 76,165 weekly sales - a 23.2% increase year on year. That puts them pretty close in terms of weekly sales to the IPC owned NME, though they too have seen an increase in sales - 9.7% year on year - meaning they stay ever so slightly ahead at 76,792.

Over at Future publishing both their rock titles also boosted their respective readerships - Classic Rock is up 19% year on year to 50,027 copies, its best ABC in seven years, while Metal Hammer saw another rise of 15% taking it up to 44,047 copies - a 50% rise on figures two years ago. Independent rock title Rocksound also saw an increase, of 3.2%, taking their average readership up to 23,027.

The big EMAP rock monthlies also saw a rise in their overall figures. Q is up 3.7% year on year selling an average of 168,547 per edition, while sister title Mojo is shifting 120,530 of each issue, a 7.8% rise.

The dance magazines continue to struggle - not that there's many of them any more - less still affiliated to ABC. Mixmag recorded an 8.5% drop year on year selling 42,234 copies - though presumably new owners Development Hell who acquired the magazine off EMAP last November will be hoping to turn that around in the coming year. I wonder how long it will be until we are opening ABC reports with the line "we all know dance is in vogue".

Bad news also for more or less any magazine that depends on those awfully fickle teenagers for its revenues. EMAP's decision to axe Smash Hits was pretty self-explanatory already, but more so when you discover that the pop title lost 23.3% of its readers in 2005 - with readership falling from 126,100 to 92,398. But Smash Hits isn't alone - the combined teen-targeted entertainment mag sector saw its reach fall 37.2% year on year, from 623,158 in 2004 to 507,472 in 2005, which isn't great.

Smash Hits main rival Top Of The Pops magazine saw its circulation fall by an even bigger percentage - it was selling an average of 96,576 an issue at the end of the year, 23.3% down on its circulation in the first half of 2005. Nevertheless, the BBC remains committed to the publication, for the time being at least. Likewise, non-music based teen entertainment mags TV Hits and It's Hot saw their circulations fall - by 24.6% and 21.7% respectively.


The Departure have confirmed that guitarist and vocalist Lee Irons has left the band, apparently due to that old chestnut, artistic differences.

A statement from the band says: "Lee's contribution to The Departure has been great and we will miss him dearly, he is still a dear friend and the decision was strictly a professional one....we wish Lee all the best of luck for the future."

They continued: "Furthermore, The Departure are still hard at writing what is turning out to be a great second album! Which we hope you will all hear very soon. As ever, thank you for your continued support."


Busta Rhymes has been criticised by New York Police Department Commissioner Raymond Kelly, who believes that the hip hop star is withholding information over the previously reported death of bodyguard Israel Ramirez during the filming of a new Rhymes pop promo. The Commissioner called the rapper's silence on the subject "disturbing", telling a press conference at NYPD HQ: "[Ramirez] worked for him. I'd think he'd be knocking on the door. If your employee's murdered in front of you, you'd think you might want to talk to the police."

He went on to say that witnesses, amongst them high profile members of the hip-hop world, may be forced to answer questions in front of a grand jury if they continue to maintain their silence. Ramirez, 29, was shot and killed on 5 Feb during an altercation which took place outside a warehouse where Rhymes was filming a promo for his new single 'Touch It'. Police believe that the incident arose from an argument between Ruff Ryders president Swizz Beatz and G-Unit's Tony Yayo, and that the shooter was an associate of Yayo's. Investigators are in the process of obtaining a court order to gain possession of footage shot that day, as they believe it could help them to identify suspects.


Mos Def has appeared in court over his failure to pay child support for his two daughters with Maria Yepes-Smith. The hip hop star was originally ordered to pay $10,000 a month in maintenance, but has paid around $8,000 a month since that order was made.

Def, real name Dante Smith, said that his obligations to three other children meant that he was not able to meet the terms of the order, and also argued that the payments should be reduced because Yepes-Smith had gone back on her agreement to home-school the girls. "I'm the only person who's providing for my children," he told the judge.

Yepes-Smith's lawyer Karen Blaustein, however, says he should have more than enough to support all his children, given his upcoming appearance in new film '16 Blocks', telling the New York Post on Wednesday: "I've been seeing him in these commercials with Bruce Willis for his new movie. I'm sure he made enough money to pay his child support for his 7 and 8 year old daughters."


Elton John has been awarded libel damages, after he sued two British newspapers over claims they made about his behaviour at his annual White Tie And Tiara charity ball.

According to the singer's lawyer The Sunday Times printed false rumours - that he had acted in a rude and arrogant manner and that he had issued an edict for guests not to address him unless spoken to - allegations that John felt had tarnished the image and reputation of his fundraising work. The accusation was originally published back in June of 2005 by the Daily Mail, who are also facing legal action over the story.

The Times, who will pay the singer an undisclosed amount, acknowledged that the item should never have been published, and immediately withdrew the allegation. The paper's lawyer, Alistair Brett, said: "As soon as the defendant found out the story was untrue - it had been picked up from another newspaper - it immediately apologised to Sir Elton and it is happy to repeat that apology here today."

Elton John has pledged the settlement to the Elton John Aids Foundation.


A bar owner in Canada is suing the promoters of a Rolling Stones concert that took place in the Canadian city of Moncton last September over claims that the event was his idea. Blake Armstrong says that he presented Stones promoters Michael Cohl and Donald Tarlton with plans to stage the concert at the city's Magnetic Hill venue a year before the event took place, and that they took his idea but pushed him out of the venture, even making him pay to attend the gig.

Positioning the lawsuit as a 'David and Goliath' struggle, Armstrong told reporters: "The reason I launched the lawsuit is because I was the one that had the idea, made the blueprints, had everything done, lock, stock and barrel to bring a band to the City of Moncton. They took my idea and shoved me to the side once they got the idea. It's the old David and Goliath story - the big boys pushing the little guy to the side."

However, Tarlton denies Armstrong's allegations. Canadian newspaper The Free London Press quote the promoter as saying: "Oh, please, I've been promoting concerts for the last 40 years of my life. I don't need someone to tell me it's a good idea to bring the Rolling Stones anywhere in the world. He [Armstrong] proposed ideas and thoughts pertaining to the show and his proposal was not accepted."


The family of the composer of the song 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' has dropped a case against Disney regarding allegations of copyright infringement relating to the use of the song in the Lion King franchise.

As previously reported, South African Solomon Linda wrote the original Zulu tune in 1939. He sold the rights to a South African firm, but received little for it, dying in poverty in 1962. That South African rights holder sold the American rights to the song to a US firm, who in turn licensed it to Disney for use in the Lion King.

However, according to the copyright law active in South Africa at the time Linda sold the rights to the song, the copyright should have reverted back to his estate twenty-five 25 years after his death - in 1987. On that basis his family should have been receiving a share of any royalties on the song ever since.

While a number of artists have covered the song over the years, those rights became particularly valuable after its use by Disney, leading to the lawsuit against the film studio and the American company who had licensed the track.

But Linda's family have now reached a settlement with that American rights holder, which includes a back payment on past royalties and a right to participate in future royalty earnings. As part of that settlement the family will drop their claims against Disney.


Organisers of the Canadian music industry's main awards event, the Junos, announced their nominations this week, with Nickelback leading the field with six nominations, including Album Of The Year and Single Of The Year.

Other multiple nominees include singer Michael Buble and jazz artist Diana Krall, with five nominations each, while veteran rocker Neil Young is up for three awards, including Best Songwriter. The nominees are compiled using sales data as well as votes from the Canadian Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences.

Performers confirmed for the event, which takes place in Halifax on 2 Apr, include Coldplay, who are up for Best Album in the international category, and the aforementioned Nickelback, who recently became the first Canadian act to debut at the top of the Billboard chart since Bachman-Turner Overdrive back in 1974.


More awards. The nominations are out for the Breakspoll Awards, which take place next Thursday (23 Feb). The full list is at the bottom of today's Daily. As previously reported, the annual awards event for the breaks scene will be celebrated at a party at Fabric on Thursday night, and then with an all-nighter breaks feast on the Friday night at SEOne. Details on both are at Press info from Get Involved.


The nominations for the annual Music Week music business awards are also out. Actually, they were released at the start of the week, it's just it's been such a busy week we haven't got round to reporting on them yet - sorry. At a nominations party on Monday the industry mag announced the shortlists for all 16 categories at the awards (they're at the bottom of the Daily too), as well as revealing the winners of the stats based 'market sales awards' (there's one for singles sales, album sales and compilation sales), all of which went to Universal Music - except for the independent label awards of course, which went to Ministry (albums) and Gut (singles). The winners of all the other categories will be announced at a ceremony in London on 2 Mar. For info on how to get tickets for the event email [email protected]


SINGLE REVIEWS: Swimmer One - Largs Hum/The Sweethearts - Blue Skies (Dog Box Records)
Dog Box Records may be a very small label but it's come up with some interesting releases. Swimmer One are an electro duo from Edinburgh and perhaps predictably have been compared to bands such as the Blue Nile because they're both Scottish. However, comparisons with 80's band the Associates are more apposite as they both share a love of pop with a hint of the avant garde. This intriguing number is the band's second single and features moody guest vocals from Rodney Relax and is backed with a cover of Kate Bush's 'Cloudbusting'. Meanwhile The Sweethearts favour sweet, twee pop in the vein of Aztec Camera, with light, fluffy, girly vocals. Both Swimmer One and The Sweethearts, along with the Boyfriends and cmu favourites Luxembourg play the Metro on Oxford Street this Saturday (18 Feb). Both singles are available by download only for free from JW
Release date: 13 Feb
Press contact: Dogbox Records IH [all]


More chatter is going around regarding Amazon's plans to launch a download platform - with the most recent report, saying unnamed insiders have confirmed that negotiations are under way between the majors and the e-tailer, appearing in the Wall Street Journal. It is now being suggested that Amazon will launch its own branded player as part of its digital music offering - while other reports suggest the Amazon download platform will be based around a Napster style subscription model, rather than the iTunes pay-per-track system.


Vital:PIAS Digital has signed up another independent to its digital distribution services - this time Union Square Music, whose catalogue includes recordings by Miles Davis, Stan Getz, M, Hank Marvin, Richard Clayderman, Ibrahim Ferrer and Compay Segundo.

Confirming the deal, Union Square MD Peter Stack told reporters: "At USM we have been exploiting our catalogues successfully in the physical format for many years. We look forward, together with our partners at Vital:PIAS, to transferring our marketing and sales skills into the digital market place. This new arrangement represents a very exciting prospect."

Vital:PIAS boss Adrian Pope added: "Union Square Music is renowned for the presentation and quality of its catalogue. Vital:PIAS Digital is delighted to be working with USM to take their music digitally to as broad a range of people as possible. There are great opportunities, both creatively and commercially, for a catalogue of this quality in the digital space and we look forward to working with USM on what promises to be an exciting future."


I don't know why they're bothering, they'll not win, if last year's politicking is anything to go by. Ah well, I suppose it's the taking part that matters. Both Kym Marsh, formerly of Hear'Say (in case you had forgotten) and Antony Costa, formerly of Blue (is your memory that short?) are both to compete to become the UK's representative at this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

They are amongst the six acts who will take part in the 'Making Your Mind Up' competition, which decides on a UK entry for the contest by public vote. Marsh's song, a ballad, is called 'Whisper My Name', whilst Costa's entry 'Beautiful Thing' apparently has a Motown feel to it.

The programme, hosted by the lovely and ever-popular Terry Wogan, takes place on BBC1 on 4 Mar, in advance of Eurovision itself, this year scheduled for 20 May.


Damon Albarn is writing a new stage musical which is set to premiere at London's National Theatre next year. The show is a collaboration between the Blur frontman and award winning TV writer and playwright Roy Williams.

National Theatre director Nicholas Hytner says "the piece will be about the diverse culture that is Ladbroke Grove and Notting Hill. Damon is one of the most unique and inventive musicians of the moment. We introduced him to Roy Williams and they discovered they had Ladbroke Grove in common. They have been working on it for the past nine months and I have been absolutely thrilled by the stuff they have been producing together."

The yet to be named project is said to be the polar opposite of 1999 Richard Curtis movie 'Notting Hill', which was criticized for ignoring the rougher side of the area, as well as its multicultural facets. Hytner continued: "It will allow Damon to develop his passionate interest in the many musical styles that have emerged from Notting Hill over the past four decades."


Fats Domino, Bob Dylan, Lionel Richie and Elvis Costello are set to appear at the first New Orleans Jazz Festival since Hurricane Katrina hit the city. It was initially thought that the festival might not take place this year, but corporate sponsorship has now been secured for the event. Organizer Quint Davis says: "The true heart and soul of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, as with New Orleans itself, is music. It's the force that drives and defines us. It's not just for entertainment, but it feeds our soul."

As previously reported, the 77 year old Domino went missing in the aftermath of Katrina, but was in fact rescued from his flooded home and afterwards spotted in a newspaper photograph by his daughter. He features on the publicity material for the 35 year old event, which takes place across two weekends, 28 - 30 Apr and 5 - 7 May.


Among the recommendations made by the All-Party Parliamentary Small Shops Group to the government this week was that action be taken over the previously reported loophole that allows major retailers to avoid tax payments on mid-priced goods like CDs by basing their distribution operation in the Channel Islands. The Group was looking into a number of issues regarding the UK retail sector, and the issues faced by smaller retailers, but the so called 'Jersey VAT' loophole was one of the specific areas it focused on.

As previously reported, under European Union law retailers that operate outside the EU can sell products valued at under 22 euros to consumers in member states without charging VAT. The Channel Islands are not part of the EU, but are close enough to the UK, geographically and commercially, to make them a viable base for British distribution or mail order businesses. This has enabled the likes of Tesco, Amazon, Asda and Woolworths to sell major music releases at knock down rates - new release albums retail at just £8.50.

Although the Jersey government has taken some moves to limit new companies from capitalising on this loophole, some lobbying groups, in particular the Forum Of Private Business, has argued that both the Jersey and UK governments should act to stop the loophole being used by major players to give them an unfair advantage over independent companies in music and other retail sectors.


Hurrah. One of my favouritest live acts are going to play live again soon. Nothing will stop me from going, except maybe a large bouncer with a grudge. Not that large bouncers with grudges ever grace the doors of one of my favourite venues, Cargo, so that's unlikely.

Anyway, the point is we love The Loose Cannons. If you don't know who they are by now, you clearly haven't been reading your Daily with quite enough devotion. And you owe it to yourself to go see their live act if you haven't yet. You may have heard their album, you may have heard Kaiser Saucy and Lord Fader on Kiss100, but until you have seen their eight piece band purveying their own brand of particularly filthy funk, you've not lived. Oh, all right then, you've lived. But take it from me, The Loose Cannons are good.

Anyway, they're launching a new night at Cargo, Schlück It Baby!, beginning 3 Mar, on which occasion they'll perform live, will also be DJing, and will be joined by Moto Blanco and Lesbian Touch on the decks. Live guests set to appear at future dates include Spektrum, CagedBaby, Roast Groove, and the wonderful Max Sedgeley.

So, to sum up, Friday 3 Mar, 8pm - 3am, £6 before 9pm, £10 after. Info/tickets from


A new one day music festival, Hi:Fi North is set to take place, as that name suggests, in the north of the country this summer. The event takes place on 27 May at the Matfen Estate in Newcastle, and has announced headliners for each of its eight arenas in the form of Ian Brown, Maximo Park, Audio Bullys, Editors, Paul Oakenfold, Erick Morillo, Sasha & Digweed and 2 Many DJs.

The festival has been orchestrated by Global Gathering organisers the Angel Music Group. Organiser James Aldgate says "Hi:Fi is the festival for the iPod generation. The event will offer something for everyone musically by bridging the gap between out and out dance and live shows. We want to give our guests the opportunity to see their indie and dance heroes performing side by side for the first time. This is something that we believe will suit the more eclectic music tastes of the 21st century perfectly."

Tickets are on sale now and feature a VIP version entitling guests to access a private arena. A southern leg of the event, Hi:Fi South, is also said to be taking place, although no details have been confirmed as yet.


Test Icicles are to release a limited edition remix single on 6 Mar. 'Totally Re-f Ked' will be available via download and on 7" and 12". Two other remixes will grace the B-side, 'Boa Vs Python (Statik Remix feat. Fire Camp)' and 'Catch It (Jitset remix featuring Ruff Sqwad & Statik)'.

The band are on tour in the Spring, dates as follows:

18 Apr: Glasgow, Garage
19 Apr: Sunderland, Manor Quay
20 Apr: Manchester, Academy 2
21 Apr: Coventry, Colleseum
22 Apr: London, Astoria


The Klaxons have announced that they will release their limited edition 7"debut single 'Gravity Rainbow' on 27 Mar. They're also going to be playing some live dates around that time, as follows:

6 Mar: London, Metro
7 Mar: Liverpool, Korova
9 Mar: Nottingham, Liars Club
10 Mar: Birmingham, Chiks Dig Jerkks
11 Mar: London, Buffalo Bar
17 Mar: London, Barfly
18 Mar: London, The Social
7 Apr: Brighton, Core Club
9 Apr: London, Barfly


ALBUM REVIEW: Gym Class Heroes - The Papercut Chronicles (Fueled By Ramen)
As William Blake once said, isn't it great when the kids decide to do something new for once? Well, what he actually said was 'expect poison from the standing water', but same diff. These kids are doing something new, so hurrah. Also, they're bloody good, so doubly hurrah. The Heroes are a New York based hip hop band, who also (here is the twist) play their own instruments. This alone does not make them good. The fact that they are good makes them good. This album is touching, it is melodic, it is poetic. And yes, it's bad-ass funky shit. It is, in short, a record to treasure. The subject matter is refreshingly personal and interesting, not just for hip hop, but for music in general. 'Papercuts' is, I think, about their artistic muse. A general theme is insecurity, depression, loneliness, dependency on psychiatric medication - and its flipside, artistic drive. 'Kid Nothing Vs. The Echo Factor' is like Dexys' 'Keep It' - a heartbreaking song about a subject as pretentious as how to write a good song. It is hard to mention stand-out tracks as every track here is strong. Musically, the album comprises guitary blues, dirty beats, straight-up hip hop, gut-wrenching bass lines, achingly stunning melody lines, and inspired use of a Supertramp sample. The whole is perfect, A sing-a-longy, dance-a-longy and cry-a-longy work of art. There is even, as in all great drama, the occasional comic relief such as the hilarious ex-girlfriend catalogue of 'Make Out Club'. William Blake? More like William Shakespeare. SIA
Release Date: 13 Mar
Press Contact: The Outpost [all]


The London-based President Of Creative and Editor In Chief over at MTV, Brent Hansen, has announced he is leaving the music telly network. Billboard quote Hansen as saying: "With nearly two decades at MTV Networks, I've decided this is the right time in the company's history for me to resign and move on". In the interim MTV Networks Vice-Chairman Bill Roedy will take over Hansen's duties - it is not clear if a full time replacement will then be recruited.

Meanwhile Ulster TV has hired MTV music chief Mark Sadler to be Programme Director of its Q102 radio station in Dublin. Sadler is no stranger to commercial radio, having worked at the Capital Radio Group for ten years prior to joining MTV.


It's emerged that Madonna underwent a procedure to correct a hernia whilst she was in Los Angeles last week. The singer's spokeswoman confirmed that the "minor operation" took place following her live performance at the Grammys on 8 Feb. The spokeswoman added that she had fully recovered in time to collect her Best International Female award at the Brits on Wednesday night, although it might explain her rather brief appearance at the event.

A hernia, if you didn't know, has no particular connection to age or to physical activity, and is basically what happens when one of the natural weaknesses in the abdominal wall opens a little too wide, allowing the intestines to force their way through. They affect around 10% of the population. So now you know.



Best Album: Atomic Hooligan - You Are Here, General Midi - Midi Style, Ils - Bohemia, Splitloop - Here On Business, The Rogue Element - Rogue Rock.

Best Compilation: Breakspoll Presents: Vol. 1: The Breakfastaz, Fabric 21 - Meat Katie, Plump DJ's : Saturday Night Lotion, TCR 100 Mixed By Rennie Pilgrem, Y4K Presents: Evil Nine.

Best Label: Fingerlickin', Lot 49, Mantra Breaks, TCR, West Records.

Breakthrough Label: Broke, Burrito, Menu Music, Splank Records, Title Fight Recordings.

Best Club / Event: Chew The Fat, Eargasm, FabricLive, Hum, Spectrum.

Best Radio Show: Annie Nightingale (Radio 1), Menu Sessions (Breaks FM), Mjoogoo - Highheels Sessions (, Strongarm Sessions (Elite Force / Proton Radio), Tayo - Dread At The Controls (Kiss 100).

Best Radio Station: BBC Radio 1, Breaks FM, Ibreaks,, Proton Radio.

Best Magazine: DJ, IDJ, Knowledge, Mixmag, Mofo.

Best Breaks Retailer: Chemical Records, Decksterity, Juno, Know How Records, Streetwise Music.

Best Breaks Website: Bijou Breaks, Breakbeatworldwide, Finger Lickin, I Breaks,

Best Single: Deekline & Wizard - All Your Love, Dopamine - Hold You, Stanton Warriors - Pop Ya Cork, The Freestylers & Pendulum - Fasten Your Seatbelts, Vandal - Mad As Hell.

Best Remix: Diverted - Tholid (Vlad Mix), Drummatic Twins - Feelin Kinda Strange (Bass Kleph & Nick Thayer Remix), Gorillaz - Feel Good (Stanton Warriors Mix), Plaza De Funk - Got The Funk (Madox Mix), Splitloop - Both Knees (Breakfastaz Remix).

Best DJ: Atomic Hooligan, Breakfastaz, Krafty Kuts, Meat Katie, Plump DJs.

Breakthrough DJ: Clive Morley, Ctrl Z, Napt, Steelo, Steelzawheelz.

Best Producer: Deekline & Wizard, Madox, Plump DJs, Splitloop, Stanton Warriors.

Breakthrough Producer: Ctrl-Z, Dopamine, Metric, Napt, Rogue Element.

Outstanding Contribution To Breakbeat: Adam Freeland, Deekline And Wizard, Mark Pember (Meat Katie), Paul Arnold, Plump DJs.



Best Music Retail Chain: Fopp, HMV, Music Zone, Virgin.

Best Independent Store: Piccadilly, Manchester; Pure Groove, London; Reveal, Derby; Rough Trade, Portobello; Selectadisc, Nottingham.

Best Digital Music Store: Amazon,,, iTunes, Napster.

Best Music Sales Force: EMI, Independent Thinking, Pinnacle, Universal, Vital.

Best Distributor: EMI, Pinnacle, Proper, Universal, Vital.

Best Digital Music Service: 3 UK, Napster To Go, Orange Music Player, Vodafone Music Offering, Yahoo! Music Videos.

Best Regional Promotions Team: Atlantic Records, EMI, Island, Polydor, SonyBMG.

Best Independent Promotions Team: Anglo Plugging, Big Sister, Hart Media, Intermedia Regional, Red Alert.

Best National Promotions Team: Anglo Plugging, Atlantic, Big Sister, Parlophone, SonyBMG.

Best Radio Station: BBC Radio 2, Clyde 1, Kerrang! 105.2, Radio City, The Beach.

Best PR Campaign: Barbara Charone of MBC for James Blunt, Ben Harris of Hall Or Nothing for Sway, Sue Harris of Republic Media for Nizlopi, Louise Mayne of Mercury for Kanye West, William Rice of Purple for Goldfrapp.

Best UK Marketing Campaign: Stuart Camp & Richard Hinkley for James Blunt 'Back To Bedlam', Chris Farrow for The Magic Numbers 'The Magic Numbers', Claire Horseman for Faithless 'Forever Faithless', Charlie Larby for Jack Johnson 'In Between Dreams', Claire O'Brien for Coldplay 'X&Y', Rob Owen for Gorillaz 'Demon Days'.

Best International Marketing Campaign: Mike Allen, Kevin Brown & Dominic Cooke for Gorillaz, Mike Allen & Kevin Brown for Coldplay, Mirelle Davis & Caroline Butler for Franz Ferdinand, Sulinna Ong & Dave Shack for Il Divo.

Best Catalogue Marketing Campaign: Julian Fernandez & Silvia Montello for Def Jam; Will Nicol of Sanctuary Records for The Complete Peel Sessions - The Fall; Charlie Sanford for Elvis Singles; Luke Southern for The War of The Worlds; Andy Street & Daryl Easlea for Paul Weller - Stanley Road, The Deluxe Edition.

Producer of the Year: Jim Abbiss, Brian Higgins, Steve Mac, Stuart Price, Stephen Street.

Best Venue: Hammersmith Apollo, King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Royal Albert Hall, Shepherds Bush Empire, ULU.

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