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In today's CMU Daily:
- Sex Pistols boycott Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
- George Michael arrested for drug possession
- Crow undergoes cancer surgery
- BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards
- Apple and Microsoft expected to make digital music announcements
- Publishers and ad men launch new licence
- INXS sued by former managers
- Busta Rhymes bodyguard case update
- Bono and Fatboy take part in carnival
- Choice FM appoint new breakfast co-host
- Cribs singer goes to hospital, twice
- Green Day chap releases solo track
- Strokes single release stuff
- Madonna plans intimate tour
- Yeah Yeah Yeahs on new album
- Cash is top of the (dead) pops
- Bloc Party get experimental
- Radiohead covers album on its way
- Futureheads reveal secret tour
- Morrissey says he was quizzed by FBI
- Chart update
- This week's Student Radio Chart
- Subshot playlist
- CMU radio show playlist
- Kylie for Commonwealth?
- Arctic Monkeys say no to TV
- Moss / Doherty update


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Press info from Leyline, full press release at:


The Sex Pistols have told the directors of the US's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame that they won't be attending next month's induction ceremony, where the seminal punk band are due to inducted into the institution alongside Black Sabbath, Miles Davis, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Blondie.

As previously reported, it was announced at the end of last year that the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame planned to honour the Sex Pistols at their annual induction ceremony, but last week John Lydon remained true to form in his rejection of music industry institutions by posting a not entirely grammatical hand written message on his website that read: "Next to the SEX PISTOLS, rock and roll and that hall of fame is a piss stain. Your museum. Urine in wine. Were not your monkey and so what? Fame at $25,000 if we paid for a table or $15,000 to squeak up in the gallery, goes to a non-profit organization selling us a load of old famous. Congradulations. If you voted for us, I hope you noted your reasons. Your anonymous as judges. But your still music industry people. Were not coming. Your not paying attention. Outside the shit-stem is a real SEX PISTOL".

The monies Lydon refers to relate to the cost of tickets for the induction event. Each inductee receives two free tickets for the ceremony, but each additional ticket is $2500.

Former bandmate Glen Matlock this weekend confirmed the whole band backed Lydon's stand against the ceremony. He told the Independent On Sunday: "It's nothing to do with the bands - it's all to do with business. When I first heard about it I was quite excited... but then I found I was going to have to pay thousands of pounds to take my kids. It's just a big corporate event, a bunch of Herberts in suits... just a money-making opportunity for multi-million shysters."

Susan Evans, Executive Director of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Foundation, played down the Sex Pistols' dismissal of her organisation, saying: "They are being the outrageous punksters they are, and that's rock and roll."


George Michael has been arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs after he was seen slumped over the steering wheel of his car in West London. Police who investigated a call from a member of the public found Michael in his car, allegedly in possession of class C drugs.

They initially arrested him for being unfit to drive as well as for possession, but that charge was dropped after the singer was examined by a doctor. A spokesman for the police told reporters: "We were called by a member of the public to a man seen slumped over the steering wheel of a car on the street close to Hyde Park Corner. A search of the man revealed what was believed to be controlled substances". Michael was bailed but must return to the police station next month.

Michael, of course, has said that he plans to pursue his future career out of the limelight, bored with the celebrity lifestyle.


Sheryl Crow's publicist has confirmed that the singer has undergone surgery for breast cancer. Crow had what has been described as a "minimally invasive" operation last week, and will now undergo radiation therapy. The publicist concluded that the singer's doctors "think her prognosis is excellent".

Writing on her website, Crow said she benefited from early detection of her condition, and encouraged other women to have regular check ups. She wrote: "Approximately one in seven American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime and more than 2m Americans are living with breast cancer today. I am joining the more than 200,000 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year."

Crow, of course, recently split from fiancé Lance Armstrong, who himself has overcome cancer. Commenting on the news of Crow's cancer, he told reporters: "Once again I'm reminded of just how pervasive this illness is, as it has now touched someone I love deeply. Based on my contact in recent days with Sheryl, her doctor and her family, I am confident that she will have a full and complete recovery and the world will be a better place for it."


The winners have been announced for this year's BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards, with the winners for each region of the world as follows:

Africa: Amadou & Mariam
Asia/Pacific: Sain Zahoor
Americas: Ry Cooder
Europe: Fanfare Ciocarlia
Mid East & North Africa: Souad Massi

The non-region specific awards were won as follows:

Newcomer: Konono No 1
Boundary Crossing: Nitin Sawhney
Club Global: DJ Shantel
Album Of The Year: Amadou & Mariam

Many of the winners will now take part in a special concert at the Brixton Academy in April, where the winners of an audience voted award will also be announced. The nominees for that award are the Armenian Navy Band, Enzo Avitabile and Bottari from Italy, Iraqi musician Ilham Al Madfai and Brazilian artist Seu Jorge.


Speculation is high regarding announcements due to be made in the next week regarding new digital music products from both Apple and Microsoft.

As previously reported, Apple are due to launch new music related products tomorrow at an invite-only press event at their Californian headquarters. There has been no official word on what will be launched, though ThinkSecret, a website that has a good record at predicting what Apple will launch next, reckons it might include an iPod boombox. Others expect a more advanced version of the iPod Video to be revealed.

Meanwhile there is some excitement regarding a new Microsoft project, the so called 'Origami Project', which is due to launch on 2 Mar. A pre-launch website reveals very little about the new venture, except to imply it will be big. Some are speculating that this will be Microsoft's much rumoured move into the digital music player space with an iPod type device that will aim to increase the share of the market using Microsoft's WMA file format rather than Apple's proprietary AAC code.


It's a while since we did a readers' survey, but I'm pretty sure if we did then people would be asking for more licensing news on a Monday morning, so here we go. The Music Publishers Association has announced a new agreement with the Institute Of Practitioners In Advertising that should streamline the process of licensing the publishing rights to songs for use in adverts. The new MPA/IPA Synchronisation Licence For Music In Commercials has been jointly negotiated and takes the form of a standard licence and a set of guidance notes that should aid music publishers and ad makers.

Launching the new licence, MPA boss Stephen Navin told reporters: "Music has been used to promote and sell products for decades, but ever since Nick Kamen removed his Levi's to the accompaniment of Marvin Gaye singing Norman/Barrett's 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine', music publishers have stepped up their efforts to help advertising agencies create a powerful and long-lasting impact through the imaginative and frequently inspired use of music in commercials. This joint initiative will help MPA and IPA members to simplify and speed up the essential process of licensing the rights in the musical works."

Sarah Martin, who chairs the IPA's Commercials Production Policy Group, added: "Agency producers will be delighted that our two industries have been able to agree on a standard contract. It is a great step forward [that] will make negotiating music rights a much more transparent and straightforward process for all concerned."


The former managers of INXS are suing the band for A$7.75 million over allegations that they devised the Rock Star reality series but that they were sacked without remuneration back in 2004 as the project began to gain momentum. Rock Star - a televised search for a new front man for the band - aired on US TV last summer and the band are now recording and touring with the winner, Canadian JD Fortune.

Sydney-based David Edwards and Michael Murchison are suing the band and their company INXS Productions through the New South Wales Supreme Court. The lawsuit claims the managers devised the Rock Star format, and that at the outset it was agreed that they would be credited as executive producers of the TV show and that they would receive 18% of gross revenue from the TV series and subsequent tours, and 15% of earnings from related projects including a book, website and merchandising. After being sacked the managers received nothing. Edwards and Murchison's attorney, Mark Williams, told reporters last week: "Murchison and Edwards took them [the band] through the whole 'Rock Star' concept and as soon as ... the programme started to generate real revenue, [they] were unceremoniously sacked".

The band are yet to respond, but their attorney, Sean Docker, is trying to have the case put on hold, arguing that it should not proceed until separate legal action being taken by the band against the former managers has gone through court. That case is being pursued in California, where the band have taken Edwards and Murchison to the State Labour Commissioner over allegations that the managers were not registered under that state's law to act as their agents.


It's emerged that there's an audio tape of the events that led up to the previously reported shooting of Busta Rhymes' bodyguard Israel Ramirez on 5 Feb. The tape has reportedly been offered to the media at a cost of $50,000 but has not, of course, been offered to New York police, or to prosecutors in the case. A transcript appears to confirm that G-Unit's Tony Yayo was, as police suspect, a key player in the dispute that led to Ramirez' death, a disagreement that was reportedly sparked by the G-Unit members' exclusion from an onstage line-up at the video shoot.

According to The New York Daily News, the actual shooting is not heard on the tape, but a source says: "you can hear screaming and the chaos and the 911 call". DA spokesperson Jerry Schmetterer said: "I hope the person who has this tape or video would cooperate with the authorities, especially if it provides evidence in the case." An NYPD spokesperson added: "It's totally irresponsible of this person to withhold what could be a vital piece of evidence in an active homicide investigation."

Rhymes is currently completing the video that was being recorded the day of the shooting. He continues to maintain a silence on that day's events, refusing to co-operate with investigators. He is now in California, and is, according to a source, afraid to return to New York, in case he is served with a subpoena.


Bono and Fatboy Slim are both set to appear at Salvador's legendary carnival in Brazil, one of the world's biggest street parties.

The DJ and the U2 frontman will both play sets whilst aboard a trio electrico, one of those giant floats with huge sound systems, that parade through the city over a sixteen mile route during the course of the six day event. Bono is expected to perform with Brazilian music legend, the country's culture minister, Gilberto Gil.

Up to two million people are expected to attend the event, which is less well known internationally than the Rio carnival, but is equally popular in Brazil.

Incidentally, U2 received Amnesty International's annual Ambassador Of Conscience award on Sunday at an event in Chile. This time the whole band and their manager Paul McGuiness were recognised for using their music and celebrity to champion human rights causes, which makes a nice change from that bore Bono getting all the attention.


London station Choice FM have announced that Lucy Ambache will become the new co-host on its breakfast show, joining Martin Jay from next Monday. Ambache currently presents weekend shows for the station, but will take over on breakfast next week when Jay's current co-host, Asha, moves to a Saturday afternoon show.

Confirming her new role at the station, Ambache said last week: "I'm really excited to be given such an amazing opportunity to join Martin on the breakfast show. Martin and Asha have done a great job bringing in more listeners than ever! I know Asha has enjoyed her time on breakfast over the past 2 years and I hope I can follow in her footsteps and carry on playing more music than any other breakfast show in London."

Choice FM Programme Controller Ivor Etienne added: "I would like to thank Asha for all her efforts on the Morning Vybe and glad that she is staying with us to explore new opportunities on Choice FM. I welcome Lucy to the number one urban breakfast show in London, she has a tough act to follow but I believe she and Martin will make a great team and sail through with flying colours."


There was a bit of a kerfuffle at the NME Awards last week, apparently, when Cribs singer Ryan Jarman ended up taking a trip to hospital. Don't feel too sorry, as he's out of hospital now, and in any case, he kinda brought it all on himself.

The incident occurred when Peter Hook, presenting the Best Live Band award, noted that Franz Ferdinand weren't there to pick up the gong, and arbitrarily decided to hand the award to Kaiser Chiefs. Kaiser Chiefs said The Cribs should get it, and for reasons best known to himself, Jarman responded by throwing himself on to the Kaisers' table, landing on the glasses and bottles and causing himself some bodily harm. He went to hospital and had stitches before insisting on returning to the party to celebrate. But later, he was found bleeding and re-dispatched to hospital.

Someone who was there told NME.COM: "He threw himself onto the table, and it was apparent he needed treatement. He had stitches, and came back to continue the party. But after about ten minutes in the pub someone called an ambulance."


Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has released a solo track, 'Mechanical Man', which features on animated puppet film 'Live Freaky Die Freaky'. The track, available as a free download from fan site, features guest appearances from the likes of Green Day bandmates Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool, Blink 182s Travis Barker, and Good Charlotte's Benji and Joel Madden.


The Strokes have revealed the B sides that will feature on their forthcoming single release, and one of them is a Ramones cover that the band have been playing during their recent tour. 'Life's A Gas' will feature on one of the CD releases of 'Heart In A Cage', out on 13 Mar. The second CD, and the 7" vinyl, will carry an early demo of 'You Only Live Once'.


Madonna's creative director Jamie King has told MTV that the singer is planning to stage an intimate tour, in line will the apparent 'intimacy' of latest album 'Confessions On A Dance Floor'.

King says: "A typical Madonna show is quite produced. She likes things large, she likes things theatrical, but this time, being that is an intimate album, we want to try to make people have an intimate experience as well as a big produced theatrical experience. So look for us doing some small venues, some smaller venues. I would like to put her as close to her people - her fans, her dancers, her fellow supporters - as possible,"


Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been speaking about the new album, 'Show Your Bones', which, as previously reported, is out on 27 Mar. Talking to, Karen O explained that the creative process on the new LP had been tough, compared to the more organic development of their first album, 'Fever To Tell'.

The singer said: "It was definitely a difficult thing. With 'Fever To Tell' we were writing songs and then immediately playing in front of audiences and getting feedback and really developing them in front of other people. This time it was like a pressure cooker, totally cut off from any sort of influence. It was very terrifying, but it was actually really rewarding because it was doing something different for us. We were trying to do something new and new is always scary. We just scared the shit out of each other, it was a dark and scary realm that we were going into - not that the music was dark and scary it was just totally different. It was a difficult act to pull off but we did, we got through it and we're feeling pretty good about it now."


Johnny Cash has been voted the best dead rock star in a survey by US magazine Blender. Cash, whose status has probably enjoyed a boost from the recent award winning form of his biopic 'Walk The Line', beats other top ten cool dead people such as Biggie, Tupac, Elvis and Jimi Hendrix. Honorary rock star John Peel made it into the list at 36.

Here's the top ten:

Johnny Cash
Notorious BIG
Elvis Presley
Tupac Shakur
John Lennon
Jimi Hendrix
Jerry Garcia
Kurt Cobain
Bob Marley
Ray Charles


Bloc Party bassist Gordon Moakes says that the band's second album will be very different from their first. He told Rolling Stone: "There's always a danger that you can disappoint people when you do something different. With us, we've retained some of that jerkiness but we didn't want to do anything that we've already done. There's a lot of gentle stuff, but we don't want to have a gentle record."

Moakes added that the band are looking for a producer to assist them in their attempts to experiment. He continues: "We're looking to expand more along the lines of Radiohead, but it's obviously a bit early to kind of imagine yourself in that mould. We're working towards not being afraid to make music out of quite difficult sounds and have things quite processed. We want to get more texture into what we do, and not have it just like a rock record."


And speaking of Radiohead (well, Gordon Moakes was), an album of Radiohead cover versions, 'Exit Music: Songs for Radioheads', is set to be released in April, featuring tracks recorded by artists such as Sia, Lo Freq and The Randy Watson Experience. A single from the LP, 'Just', recorded by Mark Ronson and Phantom Planet frontman Alex Greenwood, will be released on 13 Mar.

Here's the full tracklist:

Shawn Lee - No Surprises
The Randy Watson Experience with Donn - Morning Bell
Sa-Ra Creative Partners - In Limbo
Pete Kuzma with Bilal - High and Dry
Mark Ronson with Alex Greenwald - Just
RJD2 - Airbag
Matthew Herbert with Mara Carlyle - Nice Dream
Lo-Freq - Blow Out
Meshell Ndegeocello & Chris Dave - The National Anthem
The Bad Plus - Karma Police
Sia - Paranoid Android
Osunlade with Erro - Everything In Its Right Place
Wajeed featuring Monica Blaire - Knives Out
Cinematic Orchestra: Exit Music (For A Film)


Meaning it's no longer a secret. The Futureheads have announced a secret intimate tour to their fans, and it starts tomorrow. These are the dates:

28 Feb: Oxford, Zodiac
1 Mar: Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms
3 Mar: Preston, 53 Degrees
5 Mar: Sheffield, Leadmill
7 Mar: Northampton, Soundhaus
8 Mar: Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
9 Mar: Colchester, Arts Centre
10 Mar: Stoke, Sugarmill


Morrissey says he's been questioned by Special Branch and the FBI, because he's been outspoken about the governments of both the UK and the US. The singer told NME: "The FBI and the Special Branch have investigated me and I`ve been interviewed and taped and so forth. They were trying to determine if I was a threat to the government, and similarly in England. But it didn't take them very long to realise that I'm not. I don't belong to any political groups, I don't really say anything unless I'm asked directly and I don't even demonstrate in public."

He continued: "My view is that neither England or America are democratic societies. You can't really speak your mind and if you do you're investigated even though it's just a basic process that must be done."


So, a bit of change at the top of the singles chart this week at last, with Madonna going straight in at number one with her new track 'Sorry' and the lovely Corinne Bailey Rae going straight in at 2 with her new single 'Put Your Records On'.

Westlife follow at 4 with 'Amazing' (I haven't heard it myself, but I'm guessing it isn't), then the new entries go like this: The Darkness' 'Is It Just Me' at 8, Simon Webbe's 'After All This Time' at 16, Michael Jackson's 'Don't Stop Til You Get Enough' re-release at 17, Morning Runner's 'Burning Benches' at 19, Maximo Park's 'I Want You To Stay' at 21, Delays wonderful, glorious, marvellous 'Valentine' at 23, We Are Scientist's 'It's A Hit' at 29, Alkaline Trio's 'Burn' at 34 and Funeral For A Friend's 'Roses For The Dead' at 39.

Albums wise, and Mr Jack Johnson, having been buzzing around the album charts on numerous occasions since the original release of 'In Between Dreams', finally gets the top spot, presumably aided by his Brits win and performance. He pushes fellow Brits winners Arctic Monkeys into second place, while also-Brit-winners KT Tunstall and Kaiser Chiefs follow in positions 3 and 4 respectively.

New entries this week on the albums chart all come from old-timers - Neil Diamond's '12 Songs' at 5, Dolly Parton's 'Those Were The Days' at 35 and Ray Davies' 'Other People's Lives' at 36. Meanwhile the reworked post-Mutya Sugababes album 'Taller In More Ways' enters the chart at 25.


1. [1] We Are Scientists - It's A Hit (EMI/Virgin)
2. [3] The Strokes - Heart In A Cage (Rough Trade)
3. [5] Maximo Park - I Want You To Stay (Warp)
4. [7] Madonna - Sorry (Warner/Maverick)
5. [2] The Go! Team - Ladyflash (Memphis Industries)
6. [RE] The Rakes - All Too Human (V2)
7. [17] Orson - No Tomorrow (Universal/Mercury)
8. [4] Fall Out Boy - Sugar We're Going Down (Universal/Mercury)
9. [6] Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On (EMI)
10. [15] Hot Chip - Over and Over (EMI)
11. [8] Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down (Domino)
12. [12] Ashlee Simpson - Boyfriend (Universal/Geffen)
13. [26] Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats (Peacefrog)
14. [14] Graham Coxon - Standing On My Own Again (EMI/Parlophone)
15. [NE] Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen (Domino)
16. [10] Mystery Jets - The Boy Who Ran Away (679)
17. [9] Goldfrapp - Ride a White Horse (EMI/Mute)
18. [NE] Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion (Universal/Polydor)
19. [RE] Kanye West - Touch The Sky (Universal/Roc-A-Fella)
20. [16] Delays - Valentine (Rough Trade)
21. [NE] Gorillaz - Kids With Guns (EMI/Parlophone)
22. [NE] Lady Fuzz - Bouncy Ball (Transgressive)
23. [21] El Presidente - Turn This Thing Around (SonyBMG)
24. [NE] Massive Attack - Live With Me (EMI/Virgin)
25. [23] The Concretes - Chosen One (Licking Fingers)
26. [RE] Placebo - Because I Want You (EMI/Virgin)
27. [RE] The Kooks - You Don't Love Me (EMI/Virgin)
28. [11] Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah - In This Home On Ice (Wichita)
29. [RE] The Crimea - Lottery Winners On Acid (Warner)
30. [NE] The Fratellis - Creepin Up The Backstairs (Universal/Island)


The videos being played over there on SUBtv, via screens in students' unions all over the UK. New entries marked with one of your ** things.

All American Rejects - Move Along (Universal/Polydor)
Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Going Down (Universal/Mercury)
Freemasons Ft. Amanda Wilson - Watchin' (Loaded)
**Joey Negro - Make A Move On Me (Ministry of Sound)
Madonna - Sorry (Warners)
Maximo Park - I Want You To Stay (Warp)
**Coldcut - True Skool (Ninja Tune)
The Delays - Valentine (Rough Trade)
*The Like - June Gloom (Universal/Geffen)
The Rakes - All Too Human (V2)

Absentee - Something To Bang (Memphis Industries)
**Engerica - The Smell (Sanctuary)
Bell X1 - Flame (Universal/Island)
**David Gray - Alibi (Warner/Atlantic)
Fund*Mental - Jump (Daworks)
Jason Mraz - Geek In The Pink (Warner/Atlantic)
Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins - Rise Up With Fists (Rough Trade)
Living Things - Bom Bom Bom (Red Ink)
Ray J - One Wish Sanctuary (Sanctuary Urban)
The Mystery Jets - Boy Who Ran Away (679)
The Noisettes - Iwe (Transgressive)
The Rifles - Repeated Offender (Red Ink)
The Upper Room - All Over This Town (SonyBMG/Columbia)
The Young Knives - Here Comes The Rumour Mill (Transgressive)
White Rose Movement - Girls In The Back (Independiente)


Tracks played on this week's CMU Radio Show, which you can listen to right now at

Snow Patrol - Crazy In Love (BBC - off Tom Middleton's 'Cosmosonica' on Family Recordings)
Bell X1 - Bad Skin Day (Universal/Island)
The Crimea - White Russian Galaxy (Warner)
Belle & Sebastian - Another Sunny Day (Rough Trade)
Fightstar - Maintain The Focus (Universal/Island)
The Killers vs Europe (Lionel Vinyl Mix) - Somebody's Countdown (Bootleg)
Delays - Valentine (Rough Trade)
OMD - Waiting For The Man (EMI/Virgin - off Jarvis Cocker's 'The Trip' on Family Recordings)
Double - Captain Of Her Heart (Universal/Polydor - off Joey Negro's 'The Trip' on Family Recordings)
Funky Lowlives - Sail Into The Sun (Outer)
JD73 - Happy People (Wax On)
Roots Manuva - Nobody's Dancing (Ninja Tune / Big Dada)
Spank Rock - Rick Rubin (Ninja Tune / Big Dada)
The Loose Cannons - I Like It When Ya (Universal/Island)


A report in the Evening Standard has suggested that Kylie Minogue may be set to perform at the Commonwealth games which take place in Melbourne next month. The paper's source said: "She is loved the world over, but she is Melbourne's very own girl next door and it would be a fabulous if she was one of the guests of honour at the opening ceremony. Everyone is mindful that she has been advised not to overdo things, but if she agreed to sing, it would be the icing on the cake as far as the organisers are concerned."

The source continued: "It is very likely she will be at the ceremony, but everything is being kept secret in order to give the party that surprise element."

Er, it's not a secret now, is it?


Arctic Monkeys say they're planning to refuse TV interviews in future, because their previous TV appearances have been abysmal, and because it all gets too political. According to the band's fansite, drummer Matt Helders said: "The TV interviews we did were abysmal. We just don't want to do it. We don't think we should have to do that stuff just because we're in a band. You can't win - either you're a knobhead for not doing stuff, or you bore people if they see your face everyday."

Frontman Alex Turner added: "And then there's the politics. You can't do one TV show without doing the other."

Elsewhere in Alex Turner news, serial rock star progenitor Lisa Moorish, mother, as previously reported, to children by both Liam Gallagher and Pete Doherty, is, according to The Sun, seeking to add the baby frontman to that lineup, if her behaviour at the NME awards is anything to go by. An 'onlooker' claims: "It was obvious Lisa was on the prowl. She was all over the kid - but she's nearly old enough to be his mother. Lisa wrote her number on a scrap of paper and forced it on Alex, telling him to ring her. He went red and shoved it in his pocket."


First up, Kate Moss is said to have spent a night being a bit cosy with Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. The pair were spotted looking intimate at the members only Cuckoo Club in London last week, and are alleged to have left together. Another one of those 'onlookers' reported: "Kate, Sadie Frost and their gang took over some tables at the back of the club and ordered bottles of vodka, but Kate only had eyes for Albert. He was whispering in her ear and she was smiling and laughing at everything he said. When someone interrupted to speak to Kate, she just batted them off to continue gazing at Albert."

Which means they must be getting married, right? Apparently not. Hammond says: "Being with Kate was drunken and friendly. She's a cool girl and I had a fun night, but I'm seeing someone."

Meanwhile, according to the News Of The World, Kate has been meeting up with former (??) boyfriend Pete Doherty in the Babyshambler's local, the Westbourne in Notting Hill. Yet another one of those 'onlookers' told the tabloid: "They looked like an ordinary, happy couple. They were laughing and joking and whispering in each other's ears. There were some friends of Kate with them, but she was only really talking to Pete. She was drinking vodka and tonic and he was drinking bottles of beer."

Whilst one of those no-doubt reliable 'sources' said: "They've met up a few times but have been very careful not to get spotted. They decided to go to that pub because it's the last place anyone would look for them. It's not exactly the trendiest pub around there and they have managed to get away with it - until now."

Tip for the famous out there. If you don't want to be spotted, don't hang out in West London pubs, however un-trendy they might be. Unless, of course, you are actually wanting to be spotted not wanting to be spotted.

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