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- Gary Glitter trial begins
- Kanye gig shooting update
- Javine banned from driving
- Creed man comments on sex tape
- Pearl Jam plan new album
- Gorillaz take live show to NYC
- Madonna to headline Coachella dance tent
- Triptych announce line-up
- More acts added to V
- Help She Can't Swim instores
- Tickets for Cross Central on sale
- Bloc Party play charity gig at Fabric
- Album review: Quasi - When The Going Gets Dark
- Stones agree to Chinese censorship
- MySpace man on music ambitions
- Nettwerk boss criticises major labels over digital policies
- Warner International create new digital post
- Universal Music Group aids Vivendi recovery
- Interest in Cash on the rise thanks to biopic
- Blunt tops US singles chart
- Freeview sales pass 10 million
- Commercial radio has larger share of younger listeners
- Single review: Gliss - Rugby Road
- Jack White has a go at all you journos
- Gay For Johnny Depp man injured


Nettwerk Music's Terry McBride has again criticised the Recording Industry Association Of America for their never-ending programme of litigation against individual music fans over P2P - he was speaking at the Digital Music Forum in New York just a day after the RIAA announced another 750 lawsuits. We've been over the argument put forward by McBride et al here in CMU on too many occasions to count - mainly because we like it so much: basically it goes like this, we don't question the major record companies' right to sue people who are illegally sharing music via P2P networks, nor their right to use DRM technology to protect their music, we just don't think it makes commercial sense. It's a strategy that lands the major record companies with ever mounting legal and IT bills, and an increasingly alienated customer base, without having any real impact on overall P2P usage. Given that Apple et al have shown that it is possible to make money out of digital music, even while you are competing with no cost P2P networks, surely record companies should be investing their time, energy and money into innovative new products, and quality artists, that will deliver sufficient revenue streams to keep the music industry on the up, even if people continue to access significant amounts of music for free via P2P. Given the ever increasing number of people in the music business putting forward this kind argument - especially in the independent and management sectors - there is surely a great opportunity here for those companies who back this philosophy to pool together their resources and audiences to communicate a joint message to the wider world: 'we're not going to sue you, we're not going to restrict your music, all we ask in return is that you treat our music responsibility, and continue to support us and our artists'. This is, of course, basically an extension of the German independent sector's Respect The Music campaign - ( - perhaps we should see if we can get all the independents, management firms and, hell, maybe even one of the majors to sign up to the Respect The Music philosophy, and see if we can't start to put this era of paranoia - profitable only for lawyers and computer programmers - behind us once and for all, and get on with the business of making and selling music.



The next edition of Kill All Hippies takes place this Friday, 3 Mar, at the 333 Club in Shoreditch. Live music wise, Carina Round headline this time round, with support from Adzuki. Jeff Automatic and Julian (Whitey) will be on the decks in the basement, while the ground bar will be hosted by Fully Comprehensive with resident Gavin Nugent plus guest DJs Mark Beaumont (NME),Tim Holmes (Death In Vegas) and Syrinx. Tickets are £10, or a fiver if you guest list in advance at

Press info from Leyline, full press release at:


So, the trial of former glam rock star Gary Glitter has kicked off in Vietnam. Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, is accused, of course, of committing 'obscene acts', including kissing, fondling and other physical acts, with a 10 and 11-year-old girl at his home in the Vietnamese city of Vung Tau last year. Gadd denies all charges and said just one word as he walked through the media pack outside the court this morning - "innocent". As previously reported, the trial is closed to the public, though the verdict, expected as soon as tomorrow, will be read publicly.

Certain statements from Vietnamese officials, and the planned speed of the trial, possibly suggest things don't bode well for the former singer. Even his lawyer, Le Thanh Kinh, wasn't sounding particularly optimistic yesterday. He told reporters "he says he has not committed any crime - I will do my best to defend him", but added that doing so was going to be "very difficult".

Gadd says he was teaching the girls in question English when the alleged incidents occurred, and insists that he never behaved indecently with them, considering them to be "like his grandchildren". Gadd has been in police custody ever since his arrest last November.


More on the shooting at that Kanye West Concert at the Birmingham NEC on Tuesday night. As previously reported, two stewards were shot as they escorted gatecrashers off the premises. Police revealed yesterday that one of the stewards was shot in the face, stomach and foot and was still in a serious condition in hospital. The second steward received less serious injuries and was now out of hospital.

Two people, a 21 year old man and 20 year old woman, were yesterday arrested in connection with the incident, but West Midlands Police have said that they are not treating those arrests as significant and that they are still urging the suspected gunman to come forward. To that end police also issued a description of the man they are after.

Meanwhile West himself has issued a statement regarding the shooting victims, saying: "my thoughts and prayers are with them."


Former Popstars: The Rival contestant and last year's UK Eurovision entrant Javine Hylton has been handed an eighteen month driving ban after she pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol.

The singer was stopped by police on 15 Dec last year whilst driving a Mercedes convertible through London's West End. Prosecutor Marc Robinson explained that police stopped Hylton after she was seen driving erratically, changing lanes without indicating and pulling out in front of a bus. A subsequent breath test revealed she was more than twice the legal limit.

District Judge Quentin Purdy issuing the ban, as well as a £1,000 fine, said "sometimes families have to pick up the consequences of this sort of irresponsible activity at coroners' courts when someone is killed or seriously injured."

The singer was also sentenced over a separate offence of failing to show up for an earlier hearing, the result, according to her lawyer, of a mix-up over dates. She was fined £200 for failing to answer bail.


Former Creed frontman Scott Stapp has commented on that previously reported sex tape which features him, fellow rocker Kid Rock and several strippers. The tape, which was made in 1999, has got into the hands of the company who released the famous Paris Hilton sex tape, and they are trying to release it online. Kid Rock last week secured a court order to prevent distribution, for the time being at least.

Stapp has told reporters: "Obviously someone wants to hurt me and doesn't want me to be successful in my solo career. You think it's part of your rock 'n' roll memories. I should have burned that tape."

Stapp added that his new wife - they married last month - accepts the tape as "part of his past", because he had already told her he had had a "wild year" after divorcing his ex Hillaree Burns. The liaison on the tape apparently happened just after that divorce.

Stapp also commented on his previously reported arrest at LA International Airport for 'being drunk in public'. The arrest occurred as Stapp returned to LA after his wedding, and he is due in court next week to face the charges. On all that Stapp says: "You don't want to say it's laughable, but it's just like, my God, there's so much stuff. Somebody does not like you and somebody wants you to fail."


Pearl Jam have announced they will release their eighth studio album in early May. Their first album since 2002, it will be their first release since signing to SonyBMG imprint J Records. A tour will follow the new album's release.


Talking of live things, Gorillaz are taking their Demon Days Live show to New York. The show, which premiered at Manchester's Opera House last November, will be staged at the Apollo Theater in Harlem from 2-6 Apr, with De La Soul, Ike Turner, Shaun Ryder and Neneh Cherry all likely to make guest appearances. Meanwhile the Gorillaz team are continued to work with Passion Pictures to stage a tour next year, most probably using the kind of 3D animation used for the band's MTV VMA and recent Grammy award appearances.


That Grammy Gorillaz set featured a cameo from Madonna, of course, which is only relevant because it provides a segue to our next story. Madonna has been confirmed on the bill for this year's Coachella Festival, which takes place from 29-30 Apr. Madge will headline the festival's dance tent on 30 Apr - and it will be her first ever festival appearance. She said yesterday: "I've never performed at a festival. I'm especially excited about playing Coachella before I start my own tour."


The programme has been announced for the 2006 Triptych festival, which this year runs from 26 - 30 Apr across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. An enormous list of acts has been released, with Belle & Sebastian, Coldcut, Arab Strap, The Long Blondes, Gilles Peterson, King Creosote and Aphex Twin amongst the artists set to perform. There's more info at, but here, in alphabetical order, is who is set to appear.

1990s, A Certain Ratio, Actress, Adem, Akron/Family, Alexander Tucker, Andrea Parker, Andrew Divine, Andy Votel, Aphex Twin, Arab Strap, Balanescu Quartet, Battles, Belle and Sebastian, Bettye LaVette, Big Daddy Kane, Bill Wells, Biz Markie, Blindfold, Bob Stanley, Bricolage, Buck 65, Carl Craig, Cherrystones, Christ, Coldcut, Colditz, Cool V, David Holmes, Dee Ja'La Fu & Quid Pro Quo, DJ Mo, DJ N>e>d, DJ Pierre, Dom Thomas, EDAN W/ Dagha, Fire Engines, Found, Freakmenoovers, Funky Transport, Galchen, Gene Farris, Gilles Peterson, Grant Campbell, Gravenhurst, Harri & Domenic (Sub Club), Hooker's Green No.1, How to Swim, Jackson and his Computer Band, James Blood Ulmer, Jerry Dammers, Juana Molina, JD Twitch & JG Wilkes, Keith Money, Kieran Hebden (Four Tet) & Steve Reid, King Creosote, Kitchen Cynics, Kool Keith, Kutmasta Kurt, Magnétophone, Martin & Euan (Rub-a-Dub), Max Richter, Mellow Sub Machine, Messenger Soundsystem, Mikey Collins, Miso DJs, Mogwai, Mungo's Hi-Fi, Music & Movement, My Latest Novel, Odetta, Paul Cawley, Philippe Zdar, Po-ski, Pro Vinylist Karim, Radio Clit, Radioactive Man, Ranking Joe & Ras Daniel Ray, Root 8 Recordings, Rose & Sandy (Stuff), Roxanne Shante, Schneider TM, Silver Jews, Soil and "Pimp" Sessions, Sonic Boom, Sun Ra Arkestra, Tape, Tarwater, Tells, The Bug feat. Ras B & Warrior Queen, The Concretes, The Long Blondes, The Rebel, Tom Churchill, Top Cat, Tunng, U-Roy, Vashti Bunyan, Voice of the Seven Woods, Wolf Eyes, Xvectors.

Phew. Press info from [email protected]


Hard-Fi, Rufus Wainwright, Kubb and Gavin McGraw have all been added to the V Festival line-up. The festival, which, as previously reported, is being headlined by Radiohead and Morrissey, takes place from 19 - 20 Aug this year at Hylands Park in Chelmsford and Weston Park in Staffordshire. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9am.


Further to the announcement that they are to tour this month, coinciding with the release of new single 'Midnight Garden' on 13 Mar, Help She Can't Swim have confirmed three instore dates, as follows:

15 Mar: Newcastle RPM Records
16 Mar: Preston Action Records
18 Mar: London Rough Trade Records, Covent Garden


Early bird tickets for this year's TDK Cross Central event have gone on sale at the reduced price of £25 for a day ticket, but they'll be available for one month only. Acts for the festival, which takes place on 26 and 27 Aug, are expected to be announced in April.


According to reports, Bloc Party are to play an exclusive gig at Fabric this month. The band will appear at the club on 16 Mar to raise funds to help pay for an expensive treatment for a friend who is suffering from cancer. The event will also feature DJ sets from Paul Epworth and Erol Alkan.


ALBUM REVIEW: Quasi - When the Going Gets Dark (Domino)
Imagine being in a band with your wife. Could be good, could be bad. Now imagine being in a band with your ex-wife. That's pretty unambiguously BAD. Prepare yourselves for some awkward silences, then, as Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss, aka Quasi, return for their seventh album. Except we're wrong about the silences: the opening track, the weirdly-titled 'Alice The Goon', brings with it crashing piano, massive flailing discords and guitars as crunchy as a moon-sized crisp. It's like The Dresden Dolls and The Flaming Lips have joined forces and saved music. As opening lines go, "Electric eel, swimming the seas of the unreal" is rather brilliant, and one that suggests there'll be swathes of fantastic invention to follow. 'The Rhino' builds on this, with some manic key-bashing, like Ben Folds experiencing a hysterical tantrum or, indeed, being attacked by a rhino. It's all well and good, but there's nothing quite as memorable as the opener and halfway through, the going gets not dark, just tough. The album never quite recovers from the avant-garde wig-out of 'Beyond The Sky' (starts like an atheistic companion to Lennon's Imagine, finishes with two minutes of alien spaceship beeping noises) and suffers from ten minutes of the inaccessible and unrelenting mucking about. You end up longing for a bit more harmony, a bit less trouble and strife. WP
Release Date: 20 Mar
Press Contact: Hermana PR [CP, RP, NP] Domino IH [CR, RR, NR]


Well, the Rolling Stones may not have agreed to be censored for that Superbowl performance, but they've agreed to censor themselves for their historic first gigs in China later this year. The band will cut Brown Sugar, Let's Spend the Night Together, Honky Tonk Woman and Beast of Burden from their setlist to appease the Chinese ministry of culture who deem the songs' lyrics to be overly sexually explicit.

Despite the fact that increasing numbers of foreign artists - including Elton John, Suede, Morcheeba and Bjork - have performed in China in recent years, fears of 'spiritual pollution' from Western influences remain.


MySpace executive Shawn Gold has admitted that his company's first adventure in physical music releases was not a huge success.

Speaking at the Digital Music Forum in New York, he said that MySpace Records Volume 1, the compilation album the community website released in the US last year, had sold "between 40,000 and 50,000 units" so far. Asked why sales weren't higher, given the huge popularity of MySpace among both music fans and the artist community, Gold said that the compilation was the "pet-project" of co-founder Tom Anderson and therefore not overly resourced. Asked if MySpace suffered by overly-hyping the release on its website, Gold continued, rather honestly: "I don't know if it was that, or if it was just a shitty CD".

Either way, the company, now part of the Murdoch empire, of course, don't seem to have been put off the idea of MySpace branded physical releases. Talking about his company's plans in the music space, Gold said that there would be another album release later this year, though one based around a single artist rather than a compilation. Gold also revealed plans to launch a MySpace branded satellite radio station in the US.


The head of Canadian music company Nettwerk has again criticised the Recording Industry Association Of America over its litigation campaign against music fans who share music via P2P networks. Also speaking at the Digital Music Forum in New York, the day after the industry association launched another 750 lawsuits, Terry McBride accused the RIAA of "destroying the future of the music business", observing that "there is a better way to make the model work, and suing is not it".

McBride's criticism of the major record companies was not restricted to the RIAA's anti-P2P litigation. According to Digital Music News, the Nettwerk boss also criticised the majors of setting digital music price points too high and in doing so driving music fans back to P2P. McBride: "Right now, we are telling consumers how much to pay for music, when they should be telling us". He also criticised the use of DRM, and stressed the inconsistency of many major record companies who sell digital downloads with DRM, but CDs without: "One side of the coin does and the other side doesn't - but it's the same coin".

McBride has become increasingly vocal in his criticism of the RIAA in the last six months, reportedly offering legal assistance to one music fan sued by the industry association over P2P usage. Commenting on an open letter he wrote at the start of the year criticising the major record companies, McBride concluded: "I had to go from silent opposition to global opposition".


Eric Daugan has been appointed to the new job of Vice President, Digital Marketing at Warner Music International. He will report to the major label division's Exec VP Marketing, John Reid, and he will "unite the company's international artist marketing and promotion efforts with its digital business development strategy", whatever that means.

Confirming the appointment, Reid told reporters: "Eric has pioneered numerous innovative and exciting digital projects for Warner Music France, and we're very excited to share his expertise to develop and execute ground-breaking, digital marketing campaigns for our international artists. This appointment illustrates Warner Music's commitment to integrate our digital strategy into all of our business operations, enabling us to stay ahead in this fast-developing space."

Talking of Warner Music France, which John was, Julie Demarigny has been appointed to the job of Director, Digital Business at the major's French division, replacing Daugan, of course.


The Universal Music Group has made a significant contribution towards the recovery of Vivendi Universal, the French entertainment conglomerate that almost collapsed in 2002. Confirming group-wide earnings of E2.08 billion and plans to pay out a E1 dividend to share holders, Vivendi revealed that the group's music company played a key role in their financial recovery.

Universal Music's profits were up 18.8% in 2005 to E480 million ($570 million), with revenues up 1.5% to E4.89 billion ($5.8 billion) - figures which, the group says, demonstrates the music company maximised its profits through both higher sales and continued cost savings.

In a statement Vivendi said of its music company: "UMG artists dominated the best seller lists in its major markets, topping all of the major music genres allowing UMG to gain market share, and lead the competition by earning an unprecedented 40 Grammy awards."

On the general financial recovery of the group, chairman Jean-Bernard Levy said: "Our strategy is paying off. We will continue to invest in creation, content, and in future technologies while fostering loyalty in our subscribers. Vivendi Universal will create value first and foremost by promoting innovation, creativity and operational synergies and by making the appropriate investments at the right time."


UK sales of Johnny Cash records have risen 676% since the release of biopic Walk The Line last month. Cash currently occupies 17 positions in HMV's country music top 20 which is quite an achievement, even within a genre like country.

A spokesman for the retailer said: "These are the largest increases we've seen for many years. As with other music icons such as Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Frank Sinatra, Cash has a significant fan base and his records will always sell. In February, however, there has been an enormous renewed interest in his work."


James Blunt has become the first UK artist to reach number one in the American singles chart since Elton John re-released 'Candle In The Wind' back in 1997. And say what you like about Blunt, but he didn't need anyone to die to help him reach the top spot. 'You're Beautiful' is top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, whilst his debut album 'Back To Bedlam' is still in the US albums chart at number five. The Brit Award winner has now sold more than six million copies of that long player. The readers of NME must be choking on their Monkeys.


Sales of Freeview set-top boxes have passed the 10 million landmark. The terrestrial digital TV service is now in about 6 million homes, meaning it is slowly catching up on Sky, which is in 8 million homes. While the availability of bargain set top boxes (£30 in most supermarkets) has helped the boom, retailers report good sales of more expensive boxes too, with some consumers opting for the extra functionality offered by top of the range models. Stats also suggest that more younger viewers and families are opting for Freeview, which means the terrestrial network is now operating more in Sky's territory. A spokesman for Freeview said yesterday: "At the start of Freeview in 2002, it was reasonable to say that it was appealing more to older people. That's no longer true."


Talking of younger viewers, well, listeners really, the Media Guardian reports that while the BBC radio has more listeners than the combined commercial radio sector, commercial stations fare better among younger listeners - with their biggest lead on the Beeb in the 15-24 age group. This isn't perhaps all that surprising, given that the commercial sector relies a lot more on pop music stations than the BBC, who attract large audiences in older demographics through its speech, sport and news programming.

The Guardian says that according to RAJAR stats, 74.7% of 15-24 year olds listen to commercial radio, while only 59.5% tune into BBC stations. Commercial radio is also ahead in other younger age ranges - 69.1% to 63.7% in the 25-34 group, 70.1% to 63.6% in the 35-44 group. After that things become more or less evenly split, until the 65+ age group, where only 42% listen to commercial radio, while 73.1% listen to BBC radio. This skew means the Beeb fare well in terms of listener hours, because older listeners tend to listen to the radio for longer periods of time.

Recognising those trends, a spokesman for the BBC said that their radio output had always served older audiences more - because only Radio 1 really provided a youth focused pop service. She said that the Beeb satisfied the needs of older listeners better, especially through its local stations - adding that while the commercial sector was winning over more younger listeners, those listeners would probably move over to the BBC as they get older. She said: "BBC local radio is for older audiences, who commercial advertisers don't want. Although commercial radio has said it is growing, the commercial radio generation through younger listeners, when they grow up they continue to come to the BBC. Commercial radio doesn't serve the older audience, we superserve them".

The Commercial Radio Companies Association also recognised these trends, stressing that it showed that commercial radio was more successful than overall listening figures sometimes suggested (top level figures always showing the BBC being ahead). Their spokesman said: "Traditionally, the core commercial radio audience is 15 to 44-year-olds and within all of these individual age breaks we exceed the BBC both nationally and in London. These are the demographics that our advertisers want to reach and therefore, for the most part, the people that our stations aim their programming at, so it's gratifying to see that we are still very effective at delivering these audiences".


SINGLE REVIEW: Gliss - Rugby Road (Tough Cookie)
Gliss caught my attention with their alluring debut single 'Blue Skies' and this follow-up is just as good. The shimmery guitars and Martin Klingman's vocals, which sound like they're drawled through a narcotic haze, are reminiscent of the sleazier end of Brit-pop. The trio sound like they should be from somewhere in sleepy suburbia like Haywards Heath, but in fact they hail from LA. Billy Corgan is apparently a fan, as is Zane Lowe. They should be worth checking out when they play London's Luminaire tomorrow. JW
Release date: 27 Feb
Press contact: Anglo [all]


Listen up, journalists, because Jack White has something to say to you. Writing on the White Stripes official website the musician has sounded off a bit about the reaction to his band's most recent album 'Get Behind Me Satan'.

White writes: "What a funny album, coming from divided critics to supposed disappointing sales, to going platinum in several countries, to making most critics top ten lists, to winning a Grammy. That's funny right? They all play a coward's game. Only one side to their playground. Such an easy fight that way. The faceless opinion of print and the internet. What is it teaching all of us? Back when there was a time when we had great writers, and respected journalists who had earned their position as tastemakers, and won people's respect with their knowledge and insight, it was much easier to understand a written opinion because at least you knew who it was coming from."

He continued: "Now those printed opinions are probably coming from the person sitting next to you in the mall. Why should you care about their opinion? Why shouldn't you? Critics are the only public expression that isn't 'allowed' to be critiqued. Be careful children, you don't have to listen to all those opinions out there, and not even this one you are reading. Remember the person's opinion you are reading probably knows less about less about the topic you are interested in than you do."

So, think on.


Marty Leopard of New York oddities Gay For Johnny Depp has broken his foot at a gig at the Galapagos venue in Brooklyn by foolishly leaping from a table, clad only in his underwear. It's not the first time he has been injured in the course of entertainment duty, of course. You may remember that he ended up in hospital during the group's UK tour last year when he became involved in a spat with a 'fan' at a gig in Exeter.

On the latest incident, guitarist Sid Jagger commented: "We were pretty drunk for most of the show so have no memory of what happened. Sorry. I do remember that there was a cross dresser as master of ceremonies though."

But a statement from the band said: "After last night's stunning display of violence and sex in our lovely hometown of Brooklyn, the boys are all nursing grown men's hangovers while the ever adorable Marty Leppard recovers from his newly broken foot. Apparently his full frontal jump off of bar onto audience and concrete was slightly miscalculated in the dismount portion of the event. But would it really have been a proper show without such a display? Really, now?"

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