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In today's CMU Daily:
- IFPI call on Canadian government to act on copyright
- Phone firms announce partnership with Christina Aguilera
- Rioting at Californian British punk event
- Cohen wins in court, but not confident he'll recover lost millions
- Rocksound revamp
- Backlash party
- Jacksons drummer stabbed to death
- V sells out in record time
- Don't Look Back comes back
- Radiohead chaps to appear at Friends gig
- Sampson wins Euro vote
- Early Day Motion support for anti-racist track
- Beck covers Nick Drake tracks
- Brian May on GnR track
- Coldplay want fans to tape gig
- Courtney Love influenced by Dylan
- Vines man on his syndrome
- Warner/Chappell promote London based VP
- Sister Ray to relaunch website
- Sharon Osbourne signs up to host ITV chat show
- Reeves and Watson win BBC duets thingy
- Chart update
- This week's Student Radio Chart
- Subshot playlist
- CMU radio show playlist
- Bono and band salute mothers
- Billy Childish slams White
- Ozzy on Doherty
- Ewan McGregor's music career latest


It's Monday - which can only mean one thing. Well, it probably means lots of things. Back to school, mainly, I guess. But that's not what I'm referring to here. Oh no, the back to school thing, that's the bad side of Mondays, I'm talking about the good thing - yes, the new edition of the CMU Radio show. Edition number four will go live later today at All you need to listen to it is a PC, internet connection and Bill Gates' lovely Windows player thingy. So what are you waiting for? Oh, you're waiting for the new edition to go live. Good point - but it will be live later on today. So don't go saying we didn't tell you. Playlist gubbins is included here in today's CMU Daily.


The International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry has called on Canadian politicians to overhaul its copyright laws after the country's trade body revealed net music sales in the country fell again in 2005, by 4%, while Canadian record labels are enjoying much smaller digital music revenues than their counterparts in the US or most of Western Europe.

The Canadian courts have been much less willing to back attempts by the music industry to sue, for copyright violation, individuals who share music for free via P2P networks. Judges there have said existing Canadian copyright laws do not actually make P2P file sharing illegal, and therefore only a change in the law would enable the record labels to use the courts to challenge P2P users. While there is support for such changes among a number of key political groups in the country, moves to actually change legislation have been slow, and that is being blamed by the native and global music industry for the poor performance of the Canadian music business.

IFPI chairman John Kennedy said last week: "It's astonishing that a sophisticated nation like Canada has dragged its feet for so long while the rest of the world has adapted its copyright laws to the digital age. The digital music world is moving on - Canada must move with it, or its whole music culture will suffer. I hope that Canada will now embrace the digital music sector, follow the example of its international trading partners and move to implement the long overdue copyright reforms on which its artists, music producers and the whole creative economy depend."

Graham Henderson of the Canadian Recording Industry Association, who have been pushing for new copyright legislation in Canada for a long time now, added: "As legal downloading surges ahead in other parts of the world, Canada is marooned on the sidelines. The goal of a vibrant digital marketplace in Canada will remain beyond reach until our legal environment encourages people to buy music instead of passively accepting theft on the web. Aided and abetted by a vocal fringe group that embraces a Wild West internet culture, the minority of Canadian consumers who steal large amounts of music are unlikely to stop until our country's copyright laws are modernised. Until that happens, young Canadian artists struggling to build their careers face the bleak prospect of further declines in the legal market."


Mobile firm Orange and phone maker Sony Ericsson have announced a new mobile music partnership which will see Orange's proprietary music player software installed on Sony Ericsson phones, in particular the W810i and W300i. The partnership will launch with a nine month long Christina Aguilera promotion, designed to coincide with her upcoming album and tour. Through their relationship with Aguilera, Orange and Sony Ericsson will make available a range of downloads, ringtones and other mobile type gubbins related to the album and tour to their customers.

Confirming the new partnership on Friday, Sony Ericsson Sales & Marketing boss Jan Wareby told reporters: "We have established Sony Ericsson Walkman phones as credible digital music players and helped create a new genre of mobile phones. The partnership we are announcing with Orange incorporates all areas of the marketing mix, bringing great value to both partners whilst at the same time providing an unparalleled music offering for consumers".


Police fired tear gas to break up a riot that began at a concert showcasing British punk bands in California this weekend. The event, British Invasion 2K6, was taking place at the National Orange Show Events Center in San Bernardino - among the bands due to appear in the 22 act line up were Goldblade, Antidote, GBH and the Adicts.

Unrest seems to have begun when police arrived to investigate reports of a stabbing at the event. In their efforts to locate the stabbing victim police had run ins with various music fans in the crowd, so much so they felt they needed to retreat from the venue and call for reinforcements. Police then reentered the building to rescue both the stabbing victim and another gig-goer injured in a fight, and that is when rioting began, with some of the 1500 crowd pelting police with rocks and bottles.

After a second retreat, police eventually brought the crowd under control, but not before rioting had occurred in surrounding streets, leading to the vandalism of two police cars and various local businesses. Police say the two wounded people were recovered and taken to a local hospital in a serious condition.

Organisers of the event are yet to comment on the incident, although some of those in attendance have accused the police of causing the trouble by using heavy handed tactics. Though my favourite comment on the LA Times message board on the incident is this one: "The riot was absolutely insane - I know some people were upset about missing the Adicts, GBH and Vice Squad - but this was such an amazing experience". And they say the punk attitude is dead.


Leonard Cohen is "unlikely" to recover $9.5 million that a court has ruled was stolen from him by his ex-manager, because she's very hard to track down. Kelly Lynch, who worked for Cohen for seventeen years, is accused of plundering the singer's retirement fund while he was living in a Buddhist monastery in the 1990s. Although a court last week found in Cohen's favour in the dispute, Lynch has proved to be elusive, with police aided attempts to recover photographs and memorabilia held by the former manager which a previous court hearing ruled belonged to the singer proving unsuccessful.

Cohen's lawyer Scott Edelman said of Ms Lynch last week: "She's hard to get in touch with. I don't know where she lives and I don't have a phone number for her. We don't know what she did with the money. But she knows what's going on because she leaves me with phone messages at all hours".

Meanwhile Edelman confirmed that Cohen had reached an out of court settlement with tax expert and lawyer Richard Westin, who was also in legal dispute with the singer over the missing monies. Details of that settlement have not been released, although Edelman confirmed an agreement had been reached, adding that Cohen was "glad" that part of the legal proceedings have been completed, adding that his client would "prefer to spend his time on creative endeavours" than on continued legal wranglings.


Rock Sound magazine will arrive on newsstands this week with something of a new look. Following extensive reader research, the independently owned alternative music mag has gone through a redesign, plus new regular features have been added and the mag's sections revamped. The first edition of the new look mag will have Panic! At The Disco on the cover, plus stories on Tool, Placebo, The Flaming Lips and Hundred Reasons among others.

Confirming the revamp, publisher Patrick Napier told CMU: "With our third successive ABC increase we're going well at the moment, but you can't rest on your laurels and it's important to keep building on success."

Editor Darren Taylor added: "Rock Sound has always been the champion of the best new music and with the redesign we've managed to squeeze in even more bands, which means the readers get even more music for their money."


Talking of independent magazines, grass roots music mag Backlash is throwing a party at North London's The Luminaire to mark the move of its operations from Norwich to the capital. The night, on 23 Mar, will be headlined by 2006 Diesel-U-Music Award winners The Pistolas (Best Rock Act and Best Live Act) headline with support from London based alt-country outfit Stagecoach. It all kicks off at 8pm, tickets are a fiver or cheaper in advance from More info on the mag at


A former Jackson Five drummer has been found stabbed to death at his home in Gary, Indiana. The body of Johnny Jackson, 54, was found late on Wednesday, according to the local coroner's office. It's not clear whether Jackson is actually related to the famous Jackson siblings; police believe he was a cousin but other sources report that there was no blood connection.

It appears that officers were called to Jackson's home by a neighbour who heard a disagreement between the ex-drummer and an unknown woman on the first floor of his apartment building, before discovering Jackson unresponsive with a stab wound to the chest. The police are now looking for a woman living at the same address.

Jackson replaced original Jackson Five drummer, Milford Hite around 1967. He grew up in the same area as the famous Jackson family, and became known as something of a drumming prodigy at an early age. Gordon Keith, The Jackson Five's first manager and owner of the now defunct Steeltown Records, recalls: "He was a show drummer. There were times that he would outshine Michael at their shows."


Everything seems to be selling out in record time these days. I blame the internet. This time it's the V Festival which sold out in under three hours when 130,000 tickets went on sale on Friday at 9am. The event, which as previously reported, is to be headlined by Radiohead and Morrissey, takes place at Hylands Park, Chelmsford and Weston Park, Staffordshire from 19 - 20 Aug. Festival Director Bob Angus said: "As delighted as we are that the festival has sold out, we are not shocked that it has happened so quickly, it really is testament to the line up we've managed to secure this year. V has grown massively in the last few year's and we're very very proud of it."


The 'Don't Look Back' season is set to return this summer after the success of last year's series of gigs. You may remember that the concept of the concerts is to get bands to play one of their albums in its entirety in a live setting, with previous participants including Belle & Sebastian, who played the whole of 'If You're Feeling Sinister', and The Stooges with 'Funhouse'.

Initial confirmations for the second season's line-up are as follows, with more acts to be announced soon; tickets went on sale at 9am this morning.

18 Jul: Koko, Green On Red perform 'Gas Food Lodging'
19 Jul: Hammersmith Apollo, Ennio Morricone
25 Jul: Koko, Tortoise perform 'Millions Now Living Will Never Die'


Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood are to appear at a Friends Of The Earth gig on 1 May. The pair join Super Furry Animals' Gruff Rhys and Kate Rusby on the bill of 'The Big Ask Live', part of a previously reported campaign to raise awareness, and lobby the government, on the issue of climate change. Tickets, priced at £55, go on sale at midday next Saturday, 11 Mar, and are expected to be limited to 1000. for more info.


Someone called Daz Sampson has been chosen as the UK entry for this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Of course, I should know who he his, given the fact that he has already had a couple of dance hits, and is one half of 'Uniting Nations' who had a top ten hit with 'Out Of Touch' back in 2004.

Anyway, Sampson beat the five other competitors taking part in the public-voted 'Making Your Mind Up' contest which was screened on Saturday night on BBC1. As previously reported, he was up against pop names such as former Hear'Say chick Kym Marsh and ex-Blue boy Antony Costa, as well as man-band Four Story, singer Goran Kay, and female twosome City Chix. Sampson says: "I knew the British public wouldn't let me down. It's time for a change, it's time to go out there and do something a little bit different and I hope that on 20 May you will all be behind me."

Sampson's entry 'Teenage Life', combines rap with a school choir type backing, and was written with his long-term collaborator John Matthews. Eurovision itself takes place in Athens on 20 May, of course, but don't hold out too much hope for a win. Last year's political machinations from those pesky Eastern European states seemed more responsible for Javine's position at 22 out of 24, rather than any tunelessness on her part.


Efforts will begin today to get a chart placing for a new anti-racism song by the band Neck, which is being released via Militant Entertainment, a new record label set up by the guys behind Glastonbury's Left Field stage.

The release of the song, called 'Everybody's Welcome To The Hooley', is timed to coincide with St Patrick's Day (which is next week, of course), and recalls how as recently as the sixties it was common place to see signs saying things like "No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs" in establishments around London. However, the political mission behind the song and the label releasing it is to tackle more contemporary racism, and as such the venture as won the support of trade union and anti-racism bodies, many of the artists who support the Love Music Hate Racism campaign, and even the House Of Commons.

The band's frontman Leeson O'Keeffe told CMU: "The song's visuals draw on the photo of a sign in a guest house window from London in the 60's saying No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs. It's a reminder to Irish people both here and back home that they've been the victims of racism down the years and that we should be in the front line of the campaign against racism and intolerance today."

Support from the House Of Commons came via Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn, who last week put forward an Early Day Motion supporting the venture, asking his colleagues to agree that: "this House warmly welcomes the initiative taken by the Battersea and Wandsworth TUC, Amicus and the Left Field at Glastonbury Festival to bring an anti-racist theme to this year's St Patrick's Day celebrations through the release of a single `Everybody's Welcome to the Hooley!' by north London band Neck" noting "that the song draws on an image from a London guest house in the 1950s with a sign in the window saying `No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs' and so is a rallying call for the continuing campaign against all forms of racial discrimination and intolerance", and that "profits from the record will be donated to the Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) campaign and will assist LMHR in their important work in taking the anti-racist message out to young people through music".

The track is released today, and will be available online via a partnership with Napster. The band will be performing the track next week when they perform at SXSW in the US.

Press info from Geoff Martin at Militant Entertainment on 07831 465 103.


Beck has recorded two new Nick Drake covers, and they're being streamed on the Beck official website. The tracks are 'Parasite' and 'Which Will', both of which appear on the late singer's 1972 album 'Pink Moon'.


Curly Queen guitarist Brian May could feature on long long long awaited Guns N' Roses album 'Chinese Democracy'. May has posted a statement on his official website in response to reports that he had, some years ago, contributed to a track called 'Catcher In The Rye', which was recently leaked online.

He confirms that he does appear on the track in question, but it's not clear if the song will actually appear on 'Chinese Democracy'. May: "Ah yes...'Catcher In The Rye' is a great track. I was pretty surprised to find a mix of it in my inbox this week...after all these years. I wonder who leaked this stuff. Yes, my guitar is there, nice and crisply recorded. It was a blast doing the sessions. I had flown out to LA specially to play on the record for Axl. I've sat on whatever I have or know about these songs ever since that moment... out of respect for Axl... confidentiality is part of respect for me."

He concludes: "So I will watch with interest. I like the track a lot and always did...and it still sounds very fresh...the thing that hits you first is that incredible, incredible voice...we've been missing it for far too long. Axl is magic."


Coldplay want to get fans to record their show in Toronto on 22 Mar after seeing how that previously reported Beastie Boys concert film turned out. As previously reported 'Awesome: I Fuckin' Shot That' was filmed by a number of Beastie fans in the audience of their Madison Square Garden concert in 2004.

To that end, Coldplay are launching a contest to find five fans to film their upcoming Canadian shows via a competition on Entertainment Tonight Canada. Winners will be given a digital video camera to record the event, footage from which will then be included on a Coldplay DVD.


Courtney Love says that her second solo album shows the influence of one Bob Dylan. The singer, who is working with Linda Perry on the new long player, told Billboard: "I'm listening exclusively to Bob Dylan's 'Blood On The Tracks,' so that's where I'm kind of going." She adds that Dylan collaborator Daniel Lanois has listened to some of the demos with the hope that they might work together, and says that although no definite plans were made she "got some really good feedback from him."

The aforementioned Perry says: "It's really time that girl makes her 'fuck you' record. But, you know, she gets distracted."


Vines frontman Craig Nicholls has spoken about living with Asperger's Syndrome ahead of the release of his band's third album. As previously reported, the band had to alter their plans and cut back on their live commitments after Nicholls was diagnosed with the Syndrome , which makes sufferers uncomfortable and at times difficult in 'social environments'.

Nicholls told the Observer this weekend: "I think it's a mild case that I have. I remember when I was 15, I spoke to a couple of psychologists. But I don't think they diagnosed me with anything. So. Maybe it grew. Maybe it became more intense when I started in the band. But I'm not really sure."

On his decision to carry on with his band, albeit more on studio work, he continued: "I feel comfortable writing songs. It's a good outlet for me. Seeing as though I'm not that social, it's a way to communicate."

The band's new album 'Vision Valley' is out on 3 Apr - single 'Gross Out' is out on 21 Mar.


Publishing firm Warner/Chappell has announced that London based Jane Dyball has been promoted to the role of Senior Vice President International Legal And Business Affairs, which will certainly fill her business card. The promotion basically extends her role from a European one, to one with a global focus.

Confirming the appointment, Warner/Chappell top man Richard Blackstone told reporters: "Having an executive of Jane's caliber and experience in this new position will help Warner/Chappell achieve our ongoing mission to take advantage of digital opportunities, develop our industry leading catalog, make thoughtful A&R investments and expand opportunities for songwriters around the world."


Independent record shop Sister Ray has announced that it will be relaunching its website next month, expanding its already pretty damn extensive mail-order operation and adding a digital download service. That said, that's not to say the store, which recently expanded to bigger premises on London's Berwick Street, isn't still committed to providing music fans with the physical product - especially vinyl. Co-owner Phil Barton told reporters last week: "You can't download the feel of a vinyl record. If you could I'd shut tomorrow. People still care about artwork. They want the whole package, the whole shopping experience. An angler doesn't go to the fishmongers for kicks does he? "


Sharon Osbourne has signed a £2 million deal to host a chat show on ITV1. Osbourne is expected to take over the 5pm slot left vacant after Paul O'Grady jumped ship to Channel 4. Her new show is likely to go head to head with O'Grady's new Channel 4 offering later this year. An ITV insider told the Sunday Mirror: "The signing is an amazing coup for ITV. The public love Sharon. She's bold, bubbly, honest and genuine. She'll be perfect."


Actress Sian Reeves and singer Russell Watson have won the BBC's celeb duets show Just The Two Of Us, despite Watson's seeming inability to drop the operatic nature of his voice even when singing rock 'n' roll (What is it with opera singers? It's as if they think that their particular art is so superior that it should be utilised in every song ever written. That Ms Church really should be commended for her abilities to turn off the opera mode when the song requires it, you know).

Anyway, Watson and actress Reeves beat fellow finalists actor Mark Moraghan and former Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton in the final of the celeb music show, each winning ten grand for their chosen charities. Despite generally disappointing view figures (probably down to the fact we never got round to reporting on it here in the Daily), millions called in to vote, raising some £130,000 for the Sport Relief charity.

Personally I wanted Justin-off-Hollyoaks and Jo-S-Club to win. Now, surely that's a marketable pop duo - and that Jo deserves some post-S Club success (she always struck me as the nicest S Clubber) while Justin definitely deserves some good fortune, having put up with teenage drug problems, a suicidal step brother, wrongful imprisonment, the date rape of his sister and all those terrible Hollyoaks scripts.


OK, so as expected, 'It's Chico Time' has topped the UK singles chart this week. Make of that what you will.

Loads of other new entries this week, running thus: Pussycat Dolls ft Will.I.Am's 'Beep' at 2, the buzzy buzzy Orson's 'No Tomorrow' at 5, The Feeling's 'Sewn' at 7, Shakira's 'Don't Bother' at 9, Charlotte Church's 'Moodswings (To Come At Me Like That)' at 14, Michael Jackson's 'Rock With You' re-release at 15, Keisha White's 'The Weakness In Me' at 17, Freemasons ft Amanda Wilson's 'Watchin' at 19, Graham Coxon's 'Standing On My Own Again' at 20, Rakes 'All Too Human' at 22, Mystery Jets' 'The Boy Who Ran Away' at 23, Jack Johnson's 'Better Together' at 28, Hot Chip's 'Over And Over' at 32, Young Knives' 'Here Comes The Rumour Mill' at 36 and Upper Room's 'All Over This Town' at 38. Phew.

Albums wise, and the rise and rise of Corinne Bailey Rae continues with her eponymous album going straight in up there at the top. Brit winners Jack Johnson, Arctic Monkeys, KT Tunstall and Kaiser Chiefs make up the rest of the top 5, in that order. The UK's ever growing love for Jack Johnson is demonstrated not just by the presence of 'In Between Dreams' at number 2, but also by the re-entry of 2003's 'On And On' at number 39. Get another stack pressed up Island Records - Jack Johnson's day is finally upon us.

Mr Johnson's not got the only re-entry on the album chart. The Johnny Cash 'Walking The Line' collection goes back in at 25, while Franz Ferdinand's 'You Could Have It So Much Better' goes back in at 36 for reasons I can't quite figure out.

Two new entries this week on the album chart - Ne*Yo's 'In My Own Words' at 14, and Bruce Springsteen's Hammersmith Odeon 1975 live package at 33. Lovely.


1. [2] The Strokes - Heart in a Cage (Rough Trade)
2. [19] Kanye West - Touch the Sky (Universal/Roc-A-Fella)
3. [10] Hot Chip - Over and Over (EMI)
4. [1] We Are Scientists - It's a Hit (EMI/Virgin)
5. [15] Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen (Domino)
6. [4] Madonna - Sorry (Warner/Maverick)
7. [7] Orson - No Tomorrow (Universal/Mercury)
8. [9] Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On (EMI)
9. [6] The Rakes - All Too Human (V2)
10. [21] Gorillaz - Kids With Guns (EMI/Parlophone)
11. [28] Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - In This Home On Ice (Wichita)
12. [14] Graham Coxon - Standing On My Own Again (EMI/Parlophone)
13. [RE] The Feeling - Sewn (Universal/Island)
14. [RE] Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies (Warner/Atlantic)
15. [8] Fallout Boy - Sugar We're Going Down (Universal/Mercury)
16. [18] Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion (Universal/Polydor)
17. [20] Delays - Valentine (Rough Trade)
18. [11] Arctic Monkeys - When the Sun Goes Down (Domino)
19. [3] Maximo Park - I Want You to Stay (Warp)
20. [13] Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats (Peacefrog)
21. [24] Massive Attack - Live With Me (EMI/Virgin)
22. [16] Mystery Jets - The Boy Who Ran Away (679)
23. [NE] The Automatic - Raoul (B-unique)
24. [NE] The Kooks - Naïve (EMI/Virgin)
25. [17] Goldfrapp - Ride a White Horse (EMI/Mute)
26. [NE] The Pipettes - Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me (Memphis Industries)
27. [5] The Go! Team - Ladyflash (Memphis Industries)
28. [NE] Jason Mraz - Geek In The Pink (Warner/Atlantic)
29. [30] The Fratellis - Creepin Up the Backstairs (Universal/Island)
30. [RE] Editors - Munich (Kitchenware)


The vids being played on the SUBtv network in students' union bars around the UK. New additions marked with your **.

All American Rejects - Move Along (Universal/Polydor)
**Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On (EMI)
Coldcut - True Skool (Ninja Tune)
**Goldfrapp - Ride A White Horse (EMI/Mute)
Joey Negro - Make A Move On Me (MoS)
**KT Tunstall - Another Place To Fall (EMI/Relentless)
Madonna - Sorry (Warner)
**Massive Attack - Live With Me (EMI/Virgin)
The Delays - Valentine (Rough Trade)
The Rakes - All Too Human (V2)

**CagedBaby - Hello There (Southern Fried)
David Gray - Alibi (Warner/Atlantic)
Engerica - The Smell (Sanctuary)
Freemasons Ft. Amanda Wilson - Watchin' (Loaded)
Fund*Mental - Jump (Daworks)
Jason Mraz - Geek In The Pink (Warner/Atlantic)
Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins - Rise Up With Fists (Rough Trade)
**Louie - The Curves & The Bends (Fallout)
**Morrissey - You Have Killed Me (Sanctuary)
Ray J - One Wish (Sanctuary)
**Shapeshifters - Incredible (Positiva)
The Mystery Jets - Boy Who Ran Away (679)
The Upper Room - All Over This Town (SonyBMG/Columbia)
The Young Knives - Here Comes The Rumour Mill (Transgressive)
White Rose Movement - Girls In The Back (Independiente)


Tracks played on this week's rather fab edition of the CMU Radio Show, which you can enjoy at your leisure later today at

Placebo - Because I Want You (EMI/Elevator)
The Spinto Band - Direct To Helmet (Radiate)
UXL - Beautiful Today (Unsigned)
Secret Machines - Lightening Blue Eyes (679)
Bearsuit - Stephen F***king Spielberg (Fantastic Plastic)
Sugababes - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Universal/Island)
Mark Ronson ft Alex Greenwald - Just (K7/Rapster)
Barefoot - White Lines (OneTwo Records)
The Doors - Hello I Love You (Adam Freeland Remix) (Marine Parade)
Freelance Hellraiser - Pound For Pound (SonyBMG)
Coldcut - True Skool (Ninja Tune)
Roots Manuva - Nobody's Dancing (Ninja Tune / Big Dada)
Damian Marley ft Bobby Brown - Beautiful (Universal)
Team 9 - Confused Imagination (Bootleg)
Dean Grey Presents American Edit - Whatsername (Bootleg)
Big Strides - Let's Get Nice (Tall Order Records)
McFly - I Don't Know Why (Universal/Island)


More Bono in South America news. He and U2 saluted the human rights campaigners Mothers Of The Plaza de Mayo at their final Buenos Aires concert. Five of the aging mothers, whose sons and daughters went missing during the Argentine military junta of the 1970s were at the gig, where the U2 frontman proclaimed: "Let's work together, left and right, rich and poor, young and old."

The mothers have gathered for a half hour march every Thursday in the Plaza de Mayo for the past twenty years, still seeking information on the 13,000 plus individuals still missing from the seven year crack down on dissent.


Billy Childish has responded to Jack White's recent claims that Childish is a plagiarist. White recently posted a message on the White Stripes official website which read: "As for Billy Childish, Meg and I really feel sorry for you. It must be lonely sitting in all of that garage rock bitterness Billy. You know children, when you take someone else's music and put your own lytics on top of it, it's still called plagiarism. Something Mister Childish hasn't learned yet....By the way Billy, we didn't have to have you play with us, and we didn't have to mention you in interviews, we were just being polite in a foreign land. But you're welcome anyways. The bitter garage rocker..."

Childish has now written an open letter to White, saying: "Though I have undoubtedly angered Jack White, I think it's a bit nasty of him to accuse me of plagiarism merely because his former admiration of my work was not reciprocated. It all smacks of jealousy to me. I have a bigger collection of hats, a better moustache, a more blistering guitar sound and a fully developed sense of humour. The only thing I can't understand is why I'm not rich. Yours sincerely, Billy Childish."

He then adds: "P.S. I always stay well within the music industries recommended guidelines of never plagiarising more than 50% of my material. But no matter who my influences may be, I would never stoop so low as to rip off Led Zeppelin. P.P.S I hope I've gone and offended Led Zeppelin now."

The spat was apparently sparked by Childish's criticism of the White Stripes' sound in an interview with American GQ: "I can't listen to that stuff. They don't have a good sound...Jack's half into the sound and music, but then he wants to be a pop star as well, so you've got a big problem."


Ozzy Osborne has said that he'd be happy to help Pete Doherty get over his addictions, according to The Star, despite having once called him "A little fucking junkie."

Osbourne says: "I've been to the pits of hell with addiction and although it's fucking me off to see him fucking up his life, I'd help him in a minute if he asked. Sharon was a rock to me and if he came to stay with us she'd sort him."

He continues: "Why the fuck isn't anyone helping the boy? It's not entertaining to watch."

We quite concur.


Not content with inflicting his forced vocals on Moulin Rouge aficionados and West End theatre goers (in Guys and Dolls), cinematic Nytol Ewan McGregor says he's really into this whole singing lark, and would like it to continue: "I love music and I'd love to record something," he says. "Me and Sharleen Spiteri are good friends. Me and Sharleen should duet."

We think Sharleen should stick to Peter Kay collaborations.

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