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In today's CMU Daily:
- Carling confirm third 24 hour music marathon
- BPI plan British Music Week in Berlin
- Busta breaks his silence
- Men plead guilty over secret Jacko recording
- Woman charged over Jackson Five drummer's death
- Brown arrested over 14 year old driving charges
- Victory sue Koch
- Goldie Lookin Chain dropped by Atlantic
- Ali Farka Toure dies
- Poet Ivor Cutler dies
- Aussie independent launch new label
- CEC launch producer management division
- Zest acquire Greensleeves
- Single review: Big Strides - Let's Get Nice
- Coldplay / Foo Fighters headline IOW
- Babyshambles announce more dates
- We Are Scientists play Xfm show
- Iron Maiden announce tour
- More Ones To Watch from Levi's
- Lucky Soul single launch
- Fizzgig gig
- Fatboy to play at summer beach bash
- Video clues to upcoming tour announcement
- Mobile firm stages launch events for Glastonbury film
- 7 in 10 households now have digital telly
- Radio 4's fourth album
- Rapture to make best album of century
- Sonic Youth man on new album
- Snow Patrol reveal tracklisting
- Futureheads on new album
- Mariah worries about losing her ass


Well, I'm in a very good mood today, despite the miserable weather that has fallen on the Isle Of Dogs. Why the good mood? Well, possibly because I saw the wonderful Delays last night, and so I'm in that happy place only seeing one of your favourite bands can take you. But there's lots of other reasons to be cheerful too. Firstly, the line up for the Insomniacs Ball just got bigger. This is the previously reported all-night indoor festival taking place at London's seOne Club on 13 Apr, of which CMU is a media partner. First up White Rose Movement and Good Shoes have been added to the live band line up, while we've just had confirmation that Cooper Temple Clause and The Rakes will be DJing. This really is shaping up to be one hell of a night. There's more at, and full media info is in the CMU Press Room (follow the link from And if you're a student you can get in for a special rate of £15 by checking out the Insomniacs Ball page at The second bit of good news (well, mainly for those of you in London), is that the current Student Music Awards tour reaches the capital tomorrow with two dates - one at the LSE in the centre of town, and one at Thames Valley University in Ealing. Aside from some great student talent, Max Sedgley and Dogs headline respectively, so these should be really good nights. More details at - guest list info from [email protected] We've been busy interviewing every single band competing in the awards, and we'll start publishing their answers at later this week. Finally in the damn good news department, details have been announced this morning about this year's Carling 24 - the seven gig marathon due to take place across London on 28 Apr. There are full details on that in the CMU Press Room below, and look out for more coverage of it on the CMU Beats site next week. Right, I'm off to dig out my Max Sedgley CD - 'Happy' being the appropriate soundtrack for this damp miserable morning.



CARLING LIVE 24... give 24 hours of your life to live music! ... Carling Live 24 is back with another incredible line-up, which we can reveal includes Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight, Ordinary Boys, Ian Brown, Dirty Pretty Things and Goldie Lookin Chain, plus many more artists still to be announced... Carling Live 24 marks the start of the summer for music lovers, bringing the festival vibe to the heart of the city, with great music and cold beer. Carling Live 24 will kick off at 7pm on Friday 28th April and fans with enough stamina can rock continuously through to 7pm the following day. Tickets will go on sale at 10am on Tuesday 14th March exclusively at

Press info:


As those of you who can read have possibly just read, Carling have announced that they will stage their third annual 24 hour music marathon in London next month. The Carling Live 24 event will see seven gigs take place in venues across the capital over a 24 hour period, including one at North London's Barfly at seven o'clock in the morning.

Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight, Ian Brown, Goldie Lookin Chain, The Cuban Brothers, The Ordinary Boys and Dirty Pretty Things are among the bands who will appear during the event, which will this year be filmed for broadcast by Channel 4 (with T4's Steve Jones booked as host).

Confirming the third year of the music event, Martin Coyle of Carling owners Coors Brewers told CMU: "Carling are thrilled to be bringing Carling Live 24 to London for the third year running. This year we have designed the whole event to ensure that gig-goers can travel from venue to venue throughout the 24 hours and catch every single headline band. Carling Live 24 is going to be one legendary day and we are sure there will be a few stories to tell afterwards!"


Well, this is sehr erregend (though I'm using that in the sense of 'exciting', rather than 'arousing'). The BPI has announced it will stage a week-long promotion of British music in Berlin. British Music Week will take place from 19-26 May and will feature a number of showcase events featuring UK talent, all staged by Berlin promoters Karrera Klub, and co-promoted by various German media.

Confirming the venture, BPI boss Peter Jamieson got straight on the phone to CMU yesterday, and told us the following: "British Music Week is designed to focus the attention of both the media and the public on the whole range of exciting music coming from the UK. By focusing activity in one week we believe artists and record labels will benefit from a critical mass which captures the attention of music fans."

The trade association's Development Director Steve Redmond then popped by to say: "Germany has long been one of the most important markets for UK music. British Music Week in Berlin will provide an opportunity for the industry, the media and the public to celebrate some of the exciting new music coming from the UK."

Berlin's leading public service radio station Radio Eins will broadcast the showcases, as well as adding a UK slant to its overall playlist during the week. Berlin music retailer Dussman and the city's biggest listings magazine Tip will also get involved.

The BPI will also stage a networking event for members of the UK and German music industries at the British Embassy in Berlin.


Busta Rhymes has broken the silence he has maintained ever since that recent shooting of his bodyguard Israel Ramirez at a video shoot in Brooklyn last month, defending himself against what he perceives as some kind of character assassination by the media.

Although, if such an assassination is based around the fact that he won't speak to the New York Police Department despite repeated requests by the said Police Department that he contact them, then perhaps it's fair enough.

Anyway, headlining a show for New York radio station Power 105.1, Rhymes told his audience: "The media is trying to make me look like a real shitbag! They got a nigga looking real crazy. We went to work that day. We were having a productive day when unfortunate situations transpired and killed my friend. But we're going to have fun honoring Izzy's name... Fuck the media."


Two men have pleaded guilty to secretly taping Michael Jackson on board a private jet as he flew to face those child abuse charges back in November 2003. As previously reported, Jackson and then lawyer Mark Geragos were taped on board the plane that flew the singer back to Santa Barbara just after the allegations against him had been announced. Employees of the company who provided the private jet then attempted to sell the videos to the media.

Two specific individuals - Jeffrey Borer and Arvel Jett Reeve - were indicted on federal charges relating to the secret taping last September, and both men have now pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy each relating to the incident. Borer was the owner of XtraJet, which flew the plane Jackson chartered, while Reeves owned a company called Executive Aviation which provided a maintenance service to XtraJet. According to their plea agreement, Borer told Reeves to buy and install the video recording devices ahead of the Jackson flight - with the intention of then selling the tapes to the media for a stack of cash. However the venture was unsuccessful because a technical problem meant the recordings were made without sound.

The two men, who avoided additional charges of endeavouring to intercept oral communication and witness tampering, will be sentenced in July, and could face up to five years in prison.


Talking of Jackson related legal news, a woman has been charged with murder over the previously reported death of former Jackson Five drummer Johnny Jackson. Police have confirmed that they are holding one Yolanda Davis in relation to the killing. She could face between 45 and 65 years in jail if found guilty of the crime.

As previously reported Johnny Jackson was found dead at his home in Gary, Indiana last Wednesday with a stab wound in his chest. Police say that Davis claims she stabbed Jackson in self-defence after he choked and struck her.

Johnny Jackson became drummer for the Jackson Five in the late sixties. It is still unclear if he was a cousin of the famous Jacksons, or whether the name was a coincidence and he was unrelated.


And I was just saying just the other day that it's nice to see Bobby Brown performing again rather than getting into trouble with the law (he guests on Damian Marley's new single 'Beautiful') , and then he goes and gets in trouble with the law again. Though to be fair, this relates to rather an old misdemeanour.

Brown has been arrested for two minor motor-vehicle violations, both of which date back 14 years. The arrest came about after police pulled Brown over for a routine warrant check. The check revealed two old misdemeanour charges - one of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and one of having an uninsured motor-vehicle trailer - neither of which Brown had ever answered to. Hence the arrest.

A police spokesman said the warrant check was "a common thing to do", and that Brown was "very co-operative" once the outstanding charges were identified. The spokesman added: "He was very forthright in wanting to clear this up. He probably didn't know he had this."


More legal nonsense, and US independent Victory Records has asked for a 'summary judgement' (that's a judgement without a full trial, legal fact fans) to be made against distribution firm Koch Entertainment over allegations of breach of contract.

Victory are seeking payment of an outstanding balance of $50K, legal fees of $25.5 and Canadian $258K relating to 'unaccounted inventory'. All this seems to relate to a distribution deal Victory had with Koch in Canada from 1998 to 2005. That relationship ended last year when Victory struck a deal with Universal North of the border.

Koch are yet to respond to the legal claim.


Shocking news, this; Goldie Lookin Chain have been dropped from their label Atlantic Records following disappointing record sales. Apparently their second album has only sold around 90,000 copies, compared to the success of debut 'Greatest Hits', which sold 210,000 back in 2004. Which is mental, because the second album is just as good, if not better, than the first.

Anyway, manager Conal Dodds called the label's decision "short-sighted" and revealed that the collective have plans to set up their own label, and hope to buy the rights to the second album from Atlantic then re-release it. "From our point of view, it doesn't make any odds," he said. "If anything, we have more freedom to do what we want to do now".

Dodds implied existing frustrations with the major label, referring to what had happened while GLC member Maggot was in the Celebrity Big Brother house: "We were frustrated when Maggot was in the Big Brother house because we wanted to put out the single Maggot at Midnight but because the MD of the label was on holidays nobody could make a decision."

He continued: "The second album hasn't sold as well as the first and that is the reason they don't want to continue with us, but we are probably in a stronger position than ever. We've just done our most successful UK tour and the boys are earning more money than they've ever earned. The label just lost their bottle with the band. The Goldie Lookin' Chain are going to be around for a long time. I fully expect in two years' time, they will try to re-sign us. Unfortunately the label we are on would prefer to spend money on James Blunt - work that one out."

He added that the group are planning a comedy feature film, saying: "It's not going to be another Spiceworld. It's a comedy the band have written and a major distributor has picked up on it and we are hoping to go into production in August and put it on cinema release next March or April."

So don't panic, Chain-fans. They'll survive - you knows it.


Ali Farka Toure, one of Africa's most famous musicians, has died following a long illness at his home in Mali. The musician, a pioneer of Mali Blues, won two grammys, one this year for 'In The Heart Of The Moon', a collaboration with fellow Malian Toumani Diabate, and one for 'Talking Timbuktu', his 1994 collaboration with Ry Cooder. During the course of his career he worked with a number of American blues artists but always maintained that his style came from the traditional music from the north of his own home country, rather than from a US influence.

Toure, who was in his late 60s, died in the Malian capital, Bamako, but will be buried today in his northern home town of Niafunke.


Poet and musician Ivor Cutler, whose fans included The Beatles, Franz Frontman Alex Kapranos and the legendary John Peel, has died at the age of 83. He appeared regularly on Peel's radio shows, and was given a role in Beatles flick Magical Mystery Tour. His album 'Ludo', produced by George Martin, and originally released in 1967, was re-released in 1997 by Creation.

Cutler, who was born in Glasgow, and only began composing music at the fairly mature age of 34, also wrote books and made radio programmes. A member of the Noise Abatement Society and the Voluntary Euthanasia Society, he attributed his creative bent to the displacement he felt in childhood following the birth of his younger sibling, saying: "Without that I would not have been so screwed up as I am, and therefore not as creative. Without a kid brother I would have been quite dull."


I told you (yesterday I think) that everyone was setting up new record labels at the moment. Michael Gudinski, the guy who founded the original Mushroom Records in Australia, is setting up a new label via his Liberation Music company involving two key players from Shock Records, another big Aussie independent.

The new venture will be called Liberator and it aims to sign and develop new and established 'international music artists'. Operating as part of the Mushroom Group (the history of Mushroom Records is very complicated, but Gudinski still owns the 'Mushroom Group'), it will be run by Nick Dunshea and Vince Donato, formerly A&R Director and Finance Director at Shock.

Confirming the new venture, Gudinski told reporters: "Nick Dunshea and Vince Donato will make an incredible team at Liberator and will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience not only to Liberation but also to the entire Mushroom Group. Nick's pedigree and ability to secure successful deals is first rate and I'm absolutely certain we will see an immediate product flow and positive impact on our business. Vince worked with me at Mushroom Records many years ago and has forged an outstanding career in finance and business development at both Network TEN and then Shock."

The new company will be run out of Melbourne. More info on the new venture from [email protected]


More new ventures - though, OK, this isn't a new record label. CEC Management have announced they are launching a new division managing music production talent. Headed by Claire Southwick (previously of Sanctuary Producer Management UK) and Jess Gerry (former Studio Manager at Miloco Studios), the new business is currently getting together a roster of producers, mixers, writers and engineers. Initial signings include Simon Raymonde, Brendan Lynch, Phill Brown, Calum & Neil MacColl and Jimmy Robertson. Enquiries about the new business to [email protected] or [email protected]


And if people aren't setting up record labels, they're buying them. Zest (no, not the beauty magazine, nor the night club in Ipswich, but the music investment company) have announced their intention to buy top UK reggae label Greensleeves. The company says it has conditionally agreed to acquire the entire share capital in Greensleeves for £3.25m in cash and shares - the deal will give Zest both the company's label and publishing interests.


SINGLE REVIEW: Big Strides - Let's Get Nice (Tall Order Records)
I've played this track on the CMU radio show at least twice already, which possibly gives an indication as to how much I like it. The band have been around for a bit and their next album release will be their second; though I only discovered them fairly recently, however. They produce what I refer to as 'growers', songs which you like a lot on first listen, but which then become compulsive listening to the point at which you wondered how you ever lived without them. 'Let's Get Nice' definitely falls into that category, and, like their other songs I've become aware of (via their MySpace site -; haven't managed to lay hands to their debut album yet ... what? ... I'm very busy) it blends quirky, occasionally shouty vocals with a lo-fi mix of funk and jazz infused beats and a contemporary indie rock feel. The band are currently on tour, playing at London's 100 Club tomorrow night, and they're a great live act so you should probably go see them. See for info and all that. CM
Release date: 27 Mar
Press info: Work Hard [all]


And you thought they'd pledged to go away. On the contrary, Coldplay have been confirmed as headliners for the last night of the Isle Of Wight Festival, whilst Foo Fighters, as was rumoured, will top the bill on the Friday night. They join previously announced acts such as Maximo Park, Lou Reed, Placebo, The Rakes, Richard Ashcroft and Goldfrapp in the line-up for the event, which, as you must all clearly know by now, takes place from 9 - 11 Jun at Seaclose Park, Newport.


Well, if you're going to cancel gigs at the last minute you need to announce them first. With that in mind, Babyshambles have gamely announced a clutch of Irish tour dates for next month, with one stop-off in France. You can attempt to catch The Pete Doherty Sideshow at the following locations:

11 Apr: Paris Le Bataclan
12 Apr: Carlow Music Factory
13 Apr: Dublin Temple Bar Music Centre
14 Apr: Belfast Spring And Airbrake
15 Apr: Derry Nerve Centre
16 Apr: Cork Savoy

Unless, of course, things don't go Doherty's way at Thames Magistrates Court tomorrow, where he'll be facing seven counts of drug possession. I'm losing track of which court hearings relate to which incidents, though I'm pretty sure this one relates to arrests in December and January. That recent 12 month community service order relating to other drugs charges is also up for review this week - so personally I'd hold off booking those Babyshambles tickets for the time being.


Gigs that will probably go ahead now. CMU favourites We Are Scientists are to play at Xfm's Big Night Out at Brixton Academy next month. The band will appear alongside Towers Of London and The Feeling, as well as Xfm DJs. The event takes place on 13 Apr, tickets go on sale this Friday. See for info.


Iron Maiden are to tour the UK and Ireland at the end of this year, following the release of a new album. On the yet-to-be titled long player guitarist Steve Harris says: "We've finished most of the writing of the album and have just started recording with Kevin Shirley so we're all very charged up at the moment to make a great record. Reaction to the tour so far has been brilliant and we're looking forward to putting a great show together for the fans and getting back out on the road towards the end of the year and playing new material live."

The band will be joined on the tour by US metallers Trivium. Tickets are to go on sale to fan club members ahead of everyone else, see for info.

The dates are as follows:

11 Dec: Cardiff NIA
12 Dec: Birmingham NEC
14 Dec: Manchester Arena
15 Dec: Glasgow SECC
17 Dec: Newcastle Arena
18 Dec: Sheffield Arena
20 Dec: Dublin The Point
22 Dec: London Earls Court


Staying with live stuff, and there's something weird going on tomorrow night, because we've been invited to about 8 million different gigs, showcases and press events (it's possible I exaggerate slightly there, but there have been a lot of invites). We're not going to make them all, but perhaps you could make some on our behalf.

As well as the aforementioned Student Music Awards events at the LSE and Thames Valley University, where at least one CMU person will be; and that Big Strides gig, which another CMU reviewer hopes to attend; there's the latest Levi's Ones To Watch bash, where there'll most probably be another.

On the bill at this one are hotly tipped The Maccabees, CMU favourites The Fratellis plus The On Offs and Tiny Dancers. It all takes place at the London Barfly and kicks off at 7.30pm. Tickets in advance are six quid - more info at


I fear we might not make this one, though we'd like to, if only because they hail from just across the Thames from the CMU HQ. Greenwich band Lucky Soul - whose new single 'My Brittle Heart'/'Give Me Love' is getting rave reviews, and was track of the week in the Guardian at the weekend - will be launching the single and playing a little set at Merc Clothing on Carnaby Street tomorrow night at 6pm. The single will then be released on 20 Mar online, and on 27 Mar as a physical release. Press info from Seb & Fiona, more at


Room for one more? Up and comers Fizzgig have announced a last minute show at the Camden Underworld for tomorrow night. Press info from Workhard PR.


Fatboy Slim likes his summer beach parties. I hold up past events at Brighton and in Rio as evidence. This summer he'll do his superstar DJ thing at a beach party at Portrush Strand, County Antrim. It may not sound as glam as Rio, possibly even Brighton, but according to promoter Gary McGuigan, the event, taking place on 17 Jun, will comprise "seven hours of world-class music". So there you go.


OK, this is a bit of cryptic live news for you. One of the "biggest eighties bands" will be making a big announcement next Tuesday, most probably regarding a reunion tour. That's all anyone will tell us just now, though there's a video on Noble PR's website that might help you guess who they're talking about. You can check it out here:


Mobile company Orange and phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson will stage a series of events around the country next month to celebrate the launch of Glastonbury The Film, that previously reported new rockumentary directed by Julien Temple which traces the 35 year history of the legendary music festival.

The film has been cut together from some 900 hours of film, mixing key performances from across the years with interviews with musicians, music fans and Glastonbury locals. Artists who appear include The Velvet Underground, Nick Cave, Radiohead, The Scissor Sisters, Babyshambles, Bjork and Coldplay.

Orange, who have had an association with the music festival for some time now, will stage launch events for the film in London, Bristol, Leeds and Glasgow, each featuring acoustic performances and celebrity appearances as well as a screening of the movie.

Confirming their involvement, Julian Diment, Head Of Entertainment Brand Marketing for Orange UK, told reporters: "We are delighted to be able to continue our support for Glastonbury following five successful years of festival partnership. The Glastonbury Film is an exciting initiative for us to be involved in as it combines two of our customers' biggest loves, music and film. We look forward to being part of a great tour."


Ahead of a meeting to discuss the switch off of analogue TV signals, the government yesterday announced that seven in ten households in the UK now have access to digital TV. Revealing the results of a new OfCom survey, that Tessa Jowell woman said latest stats suggest 70% of households have gone digital - either via Sky, cable or Freeview. The government will use this research to try and justify its plans to start the switch off of analogue TV signals as soon as 2008. Of course concerns remain that while many people have access to digital TV on their main set, they also have multiple portable sets around the house still accessing analogue signals, which means the country is not as ready for a big analogue switch off as top line stats might suggest.


New York quartet Radio 4 are to release a fourth album this summer, the follow up to 2004's 'Stealing The Nation'. The new long player 'Enemies Like This' is out on 15 May, and the band are expected to premiere new tracks from the album at next week's SXSW.


The Rapture are currently recording their new album in Manhattan and the band's Gabriel S Andruzzi has been holding forth about how lovely it's going to be, presumably with his tongue ever so slightly in his cheek: "I would like to say that I am damn excited about this and can pretty much promise you a fantastic record, no... actually a stupendous album. Pretty much the best album of the century."

He continued: "Oh yeah, the cover is going to totally rule as well. I'm not kidding around, I don't have a sense of humour, ask anyone. My goal is to make something very nice for you and your friends, hopefully keeping you entertained in this cruel and unfair world."


Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore has been talking about the band's yet to be titled new album, explaining to Billboard that some of the new tracks take their inspiration from the work of Blue Oyster Cult, and adding that one of the songs, 'What A Waste' isn't that far removed from the Friends theme tune.

Moore: "What was that band - the Rembrandts? We're inspired by that! Our eleven-year-old said, 'Hey! That's the theme song from 'Friends'!' And we're like, 'Oh, yeah!' So we're inspired by that - and [NBC show] Freaks and Geeks, which is totally awesome and also early, thrash-era Go-Go's."

The new album is due on 12 Jun, and the band are currently planning a US tour around that time which will include some dates alongside The Flaming Lips, of whom Moore says: "We like each other. We've played together - but it's always at some festival in Brazil or something. So we thought we should really cut across the US together."


Yippee. I know you've all been waiting on tenterhooks to find out the names of all the tracks due to appear on the new Snow Patrol album 'Eyes Open', due out on 1 May. Well, cast aside your tenters and hooks, for, lo, here it is; I present to you the 'Eyes Open' tracklisting:

You're All I Have
Hands Open
Chasing Cars
Shut Your Eyes
Beginning To Get To Me
You Could Be Happy
Make This Go On Forever
Set The Fire To The Third Bar (Feat. Martha Wainwright)
Headlights On Dark Roads
Open Your Eyes
The Finish Line


Oh, you lucky buggers. More tracklisting news. The Futureheads say their new album 'News And Tributes' will be out on 22 May, preceded by a single 'Skip To The End', on 8 May. The album, which as previously reported, was recorded in the middle of nowhere (alright, the North Yorkshire Moors), comprises the following tracks:

Skip To The End
News And Tributes
Return Of The Beserker
Back To The Sea
Worry About It Later
Favours For Favours


Mariah Carey, it seems, has come up with a good reason to go easy at the gym. According to The Mirror, the singer says that too much working out has depleted her curves. Carey says: "I've been working out like mad - you can even punch me in the stomach and feel how tight that is. But I've gotta slow it down, cos the other day someone told me I was losing my ass - and I don't want to lose that."

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