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In today's CMU Daily:
- French parliament votes in interoperability law
- Apple iPhone likely within the year
- MCPS-PRS chief pessimistic about out of court settlement on digital royalties
- Bad Boy to appeal Biggie ruling
- EMI Europe appoint new president for German division
- Single review: Clearlake - Neon
- Anka swings onto DVD
- New Keane album coming soon
- Delays, Belle & Sebastian for Summer Sundae
- Delays added to V line up
- Boy Kill Boy added to 24
- Pet Shop Boys join forest line up
- Xfm announces free gig line up
- Radiohead tour
- Fear Factory tour
- Dresden Dolls tour
- Basement Jaxx tour dates
- Ghost Flight Revue tour
- Kula Shaker tour
- Morrissey gets support from Boyfriends
- Gallagher says Arctic Monkeys are okay
- Single review: Lupen Crook - Love 80
- Sirius reach agreement with SonyBMG too
- British Press Awards round up
- Stipe et al line up for protest
- Santana speaks out against Bush
- Thom Yorke speaks out over eBay touts
- Canadian anti-piracy site taken over by dodgy download firm
- Bowie set for TV On The Radio guest slot
- Eno Roxy reunion is rubbish, says fan site
- Kid Rock and Scott Stapp get extension
- Doherty sings for Tyson
- Shayne and Cowell visit Playboy mansion


Can anyone really compete with MySpace in the whole band blog/profile thing? Personally I'm not convinced, but that's not stopping more or less every player in the web space from trying. MSN are the latest to target bands with their 'social networking' services, hitting the streets of Austin last week in a bid to persuade bands and labels at SXSW to set up and promote their own page within the MSN 'spaces' website. MSN, of course, commands a huge existing membership and massive daily web traffic, so promises of helping bands to reach that audience are key to their attempts to woo bands into their community set up. But surely there is only really room on any one band's publicity material to publish the address of one blog site. And which band wants to have to update multiple blog pages just so they can have a presence in the community sections of numerous competing community web sites? Of course, perhaps every band will end up with a page in every community, but with most of them simply pointing fans to their blog of choice (eg every page bar one says 'click here and check out my blog x page') and if that's the case different bands may choose different communities for their flagship page - meaning the different companies playing in this sector might all win a sufficient piece of the action to survive. But for the time being every band I know seems to be opting for MySpace and unless MSN et al can come up with something really special (MSN are promising something special in the near future, but will it be really special?) I'm not sure there's going to be room for too many other players in this space. Now, you all go and become friends on our MySpace - - while I go and set something up in MSN - you know, just in case.



THE INSOMNIACS BALL... Kill All Hippies and Stylish Riots present London's first ever all-night indoor festival, kicking off the Easter Weekend on Thursday April 13th, with three live stages and dozens of live bands and DJs underneath the arches at London Bridge in the seOne club. Line up so far includes no less than British Sea Power, White Rose Movement, Mando Diao, Battle, New Rhodes, The Pipettes, Art Brut, Dogs, The Rifles, Komakino, Good Shoes, Cooper Temple Clause (DJ set) and The Rakes (DJ set). How good is this? Doors will open at 8pm, when the live music begins, and the entertainment will continue until 6am the following morning - Good Friday. Full details at - for details of a special student discount check

Press info:



MySpace Of The Day: Glideascope
Now, these guys' chilled-out trip-hoppy classical-laden sound might not be to everyone's taste - but it is suitably eclectic to get more than a little interest here at CMU, which is why we recommend you check out their MySpace. Four tracks are available to preview (though a couple are really snippets) plus you can download one and find out about their free podcast on their blog page. And if you like what you hear and you're in London town tonight, why not check them out at Cargo, where they'll be playing as part of Overground event, which kicks off at 7pm.


So, those wacky French political types yesterday backed those previously reported plans to force technology firms to share their proprietary DRM-protected digital file formats, meaning that digital content bought from download platforms will have to work on any digital music player, and not just those manufactured or approved by the platform's owners.

The move, part of the country's wider reworking of legislation responding to the growth of the digital content industries, is in response to calls by consumer rights groups for better interoperability between competing technologies. While the new law has implications for all digital technology companies, including Sony and Microsoft, it is perhaps most significant for Apple whose entire business plan to date in the digital music space has been based on restricting use of its proprietary digital file format to its own download platform and players.

The new legislation was passed by the French parliament yesterday and will now have to go through France's upper house, the Senate, to actually become law, though that should happen in the next few weeks. Assuming the new laws aren't blocked there, the industry will then look with interest as to how Apple responds.

They may choose to withdraw from the French digital music market completely rather than adapt their business model, although long term that might not be a real solution if French politicians then start to lobby for interoperability rules to be adopted by the European Union.

Alternatively the computer firm may try to take advantage of the somewhat vague wording of the new legislation in a bid to prove their existing business model does not, in fact, violate the new rules. They could say that all DRM is ultimately hackable and any that DRM-ed file can be played on any music player once hacked. Of course that would potentially mean Apple would lose legal protection against hackers - which isn't desirable - but it is possible some clever lawyer somewhere (and some are clever you know) might find a way to get round the new legislation without drastically affecting the computer firm's IP rights.

However, Apple are yet to comment on this whole thing, so for the time being it all remains to be seen.


Staying with Apple related things, and an analyst for Morgan Stanley has said that she expects the computer firm to enter the mobile phone space in the next twelve months with the launch of an Apple-branded handset with direct access to the iTunes Music Store.

In a research note in a new report, Morgan Stanley's Rebecca Runkle writes: "Apple hasn't confirmed its phone strategy (or even acknowledged that one exists), but at our recent meeting management did suggest a) handset makers will eventually get an MP3 offering right and b) Apple's strategy is to be an innovation leader".

Apple, of course, partnered with Motorola to launch an iTunes compatible phone last year, though the industry was generally critical of the resulting ROKR phone which seemed to lack both the user-friendliness and 'cool factor' associated with Apple's own products. Apple, in fact, seemed to play down the importance of the Motorola device, which in many ways was overshadowed by the concurrent launch of the iPod nano.

Insiders say that any future Apple phone would not come from a partnership with an existing mobile manufacturer, rather the computer firm would enter the mobile phone space in its own right. Another Morgan Stanley analyst, Johnny Chan, has told investment website Barron's Online that he thinks Apple will work with Taiwanese electronics company Hon Hai Precision, who manufacture components for the Nano, on the Apple phone, rather than with a major mobile player like Motorola or Nokia.

Other insiders also reckon Apple would look to launch its own airtime package rather than selling the phones via other mobile networks. By bulk leasing airtime and launching its own consumer offer Apple would have more control over the mobile iTunes customer experience, which has always been an important area for the computer firm.


Well, this is good news, because I love a good copyright tribunal. The chief executive of MCPS-PRS, the body that collects royalties on behalf of UK based publishers and songwriters, says that it is unlikely Britain's recording and publishing sectors will reach an agreement on digital revenues without going to court.

As previously reported, the UK publishing sector has been in dispute with the record labels and key download platforms for a while regarding what cut of digital music sales should go to the publisher and songwriter. With neither side seemingly willing to budge in the debate, the BPI, as representative of the record labels, last year announced it would take MCPS-PRS to a copyright tribunal in order to force an agreement.

With the start date for that tribunal hearing now set for 25 Sep, MCPS-PRS boss Adam Singer has told reporters he had hoped an agreement could be reached out of court, but that it was now looking unlikely.

The Times quotes Singer as saying: "I think most people assumed that a deal would be thrashed out before a formal tribunal proceeding began. As far as we can see, that is now unlikely. But talks are still ongoing, as both sides would like to avoid going to court. We are determined to see that the creatives get their fair share of the cake in a digital age."

MCPS-PRS are looking to secure their members a higher cut on digital music sales than they currently get from physical CD sales because, they say, the record label incurs less costs in the digital space. However the record labels and digital music companies say that the publishing sector is ignoring the investment the recording industry has made in establishing the legitimate download space, and that their current royalty demands are just not feasible.

Despite Singer's pessimism regarding the chances of reaching an agreement before the tribunal hearing later this year, a BPI spokesman told the Times this week: "The talks remain open as far as we are concerned".

Of course if a tribunal does go ahead, you essentially end up with representatives of publishing houses like those owned by Universal, EMI, Warner and SonyBMG sitting across the room from representatives of record companies owned by Universal, EMI, Warner and SonyBMG, all arguing over how to cut up the pie. Which is great news for lawyers. And anyone who likes a good tribunal. See you there, I'll bring the Jaffa Cakes.


Sean 'Diddy' Combs and his Bad Boy Entertainment company have confirmed they will appeal that previously reported court ruling regarding the Notorious BIG's album 'Ready To Die'. As previously reported, a judge last week ordered the album to be withdrawn from sale after the owners of music by a funk band called the Ohio Players said that the album's title track had sampled one of their songs without permission. The court also awarded the sampled song's owners, Bridgeport Music and Westbound Records, $4.2 million in damages. But a legal representative for Diddy's company told this week: "The verdict was erroneous and against the great weight of the evidence. We are very confident that it will be reversed".


One for fans of German major label appointments news now. The boss of EMI Music Continental Europe, Francois Cecillon, yesterday announced that Birgit Adels will take over as President of EMI Music Germany next month. Adels comes to EMI after a stint as CEO, Northern Europe for fashion firm Prada, though before that she was Director Of European Special Marketing and then General Manager Italy at BMG.

Confirming the appointment, Cecillon told reporters: "I am very pleased to welcome an executive of Birgit's calibre to lead EMI Music Germany in the next stage of its creative and business mission. Her track record as a successful CEO coupled with her experience in the music, media and fashion industries will prove invaluable to providing new leadership and direction to one of our key operations in Europe. I wish her every success."


SINGLE REVIEW: Clearlake - Neon (Domino)
So. You like indie music. OK. Then why haven't you got 'Amber', the new Clearlake album yet? I've already told you how good it is, yet what do you do instead? You go and slurp up abhorrent toss like the Arctic Monkeys album, thinking you're being a bit clever with it. Well, frankly, I think you need to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. Go on. GO ON. If you think I sound angry here, I'm actually using a cunningly-honed, albeit slightly tenuous, journalistic technique (and not merely an attempt to reach my word quota for this review as quickly as possible. Of course not. Ooh, over 100 already.) How? Because 'Neon' sounds angry too. Full of grungy guitars, righteous indignation and fury (you get the drift as soon as a disenfranchised Jason Pegg starts spitting out lyrics like "All the high streets look the same"). And a, er, harmonica. The b-sides have, essentially, got the blues, whilst the disappointing accompanying remixes phone in some dance beats and, well, not much else at all really. So, you don't really 'need' this single, but must, to reiterate, purloin 'Amber'. And clean up that mess too. It's like a pigsty in here. MS
Release date: 27 Mar
Press contact: Stone Immaculate [CP, RP, NP] Station To Station [CR, RR, NR]


If you can't make it to the upcoming Paul Anka gig at London's Royal Albert Hall, then perhaps you should track down a copy of his new DVD, which features one of his Rock Swings concerts recorded at the Montreal Jazz Festival. This features all sorts of swing cover versions of rock classics, many of which featured on his Rock Swings album last year. The DVD is out on the same day as the Albert Hall gig - 1 May - press info from Noble PR.


Keane are to release their new album later this year, and are set to release a preview via download next month. The yet-to-be-titled second long player is due on 12 Jun, with a single 'Is It Any Wonder' set to precede it on 29 May, while a video download of album track 'Atlantic' will be unleashed in mid April.

On the decision to release a video download, Island Records' Nick Gatfield says: "We really thought long and hard about how we would want the record to be perceived. The visual side is hugely important to the band."


Delays and Belle & Sebastian are amongst the acts set to appear at this year's Summer Sundae Festival. The event, which will also feature performances from The Buzzcocks, Elbow, Jose Gonzalez, The Long Blondes, Forward, Russia! and The Young Knives, takes place at Leicester De Monfort Hall and Gardens from 11 - 13 Aug. Tickets are available at the early bird price of £65 until 31 Mar, then the price goes up to £75. See for info.


Talking of Delays and festivals, the band have been added to the V line up. Daniel Powter and New Zealand star Bic Runga have also been confirmed for the event, which, as previously reported, takes place at Hylands Park, Chelmsford and Weston Park, Staffordshire from 19 - 20 Aug. The full line up, as previously reported, includes Radiohead, Morrissey, Beck, Editors, Faithless, Groove Armada, The Charlatans, The Go! Team, Sugababes, Hard-Fi, Kubb, Orson and The Feeling.


Boy Kill Boy have been added to the Carling Live 24 line-up - but their gig will be a free show, staged aboard a boat on the Thames. Tickets for the 350 capacity concert will be given away via the Carling and Boy Kill Boy websites. Which is exciting. But it does mean that one can no longer take in absolutely every gig, firstly because you'd have to win a ticket for the boat party, added to which, it clashes with Dirty Pretty Things at Islington Academy.

As previously reported, Carling Live 24 takes place in London over the space of 24 hours, starting at 7pm on 28 April with Kaiser Chiefs, and concluding with a 4pm Razorlight set the following day. The line-up is as follows:

28 Apr:
7pm, Brixton Academy: Kaiser Chiefs, Captain, The Pipettes
10pm, Islington Academy: Ian Brown, Scratch Perverts
11pm, Canvas: Goldie Lookin Chain, The Cuban Brothers, Clint Boon, James Priestley

29 Apr:
7am, Barfly: Larrikin Love, The Holloways
11am, Islington Academy: Dirty Pretty Things, Metro Riots
11am, Boat: Boy Kill Boy
2pm, Hammersmith Palais: The Ordinary Boys, The On/Offs
4pm, Shepherd's Bush Empire: Razorlight,


The Pet Shop Boys are the latest act to join the Forestry Commission's Music In The Forest series of gigs. The duo have confirmed they will appear at Thetford Forest in Suffolk on 21 Jul. As previously reported, previously announced acts taking part in the series include Massive Attack, Embrace and UB40.

Tickets go on sale on 31 Mar, at 9am. More info from


Xfm Manchester is to host a series of free gigs this month featuring the likes of Elbow, Goldfrapp, Killa Kella and The Go! Team. Tickets for the concerts, which take place at a variety of venues across the city throughout April, will be distributed to music fans via a competition. The line up is as follows:

7 Apr, Academy 3: Embrace, White Rose Movement
12 Apr, The Roadhouse: The Go! Team, Killa Kela
13 Apr, Night & Day: The Zutons, The Upper Room
18 Apr, The Ritz: Goldfrapp, The Shortwave Set, Vibgyor
23 Apr, Night & Day: The Charlatans
24 Apr, Academy 2: Feeder
25 Apr, Jabez Clegg: Starsailor, The Weight
30 Apr, Night & Day: Elbow, Stephen Fretwell


Radiohead have announced a series of smallish live dates in May. The band, who are still working on tracks for their new album, are expected to preview material from the long player. The band told NME: "We're excited to be touring again, especially to play new songs to an audience. For the first time, we have no contract or release deadline to fulfil - it's both liberating and terrifying. To keep things more fun and spontaneous, we will be playing new songs that are work in progress. We will also be releasing music to download when we are excited about it, rather than wait twelve months for a full blown album release. Music's not just about all-time greats - it's also a document of its time, and we want to be able to put out a song when it feels right."

Tickets go on general sale on 25 Mar, dates are as follows:

6 May: Copenhagen KB Hall
7 May: Copenhagen KB Hall
9 May: Amsterdam Heineken Hall
10 May: Amsterdam Heineken Hall
12 May: Blackpool Empress Ballroom
13 May: Blackpool Empress Ballroom
15 May: Wolverhampton Civic
16 May: Wolverhampton Civic
18 May: London Hammersmith Apollo
19 May: London Hammersmith Apollo


Fear Factory are going on the road next month, sort of to support their sixth studio album 'Transgression', though that was released back in August 2005, so probably not really. Anyhow, here are the details:

8 Apr: Bristol Anson Rooms
9 Apr: Manchester Academy
10 Apr: Nottingham Rock City
11 Apr: Newcastle upon Tyne University
12 Apr: Glasgow Barrowlands
13 Apr: Leeds Met University
15 Apr: Birmingham Academy
16 Apr: Portsmouth Pyramids
18 Apr: London Astoria
19 Apr: Norwich UEA


Fear Factory's Roadrunner label mates The Dresden Dolls have also announced a UK tour, this one to follow on from the release of their second album 'Yes, Virginia...' on 17 Apr. Dates are as follows:

2 May: Dublin Temple Bar Music Centre
4 May: Edinburgh Exchange
4 May: Glasgow Cathouse
6 May: Manchester Academy 2
7 May: Sheffield Leadmill
9 May: Birmingham Academy 2
10 May Cambridge Junction
11 May: Brighton Concorde 2
12 May: London Astoria


More live nonsense, and Basement Jaxx will be taking their wonderful live show round the UK later this year (much later - though tickets go on sale today, and you might have to get in quick). When and where you can catch them as follows:

28 Nov: Plymouth Pavilions
29 Nov: Brighton Centre
30 Nov: Bournemouth BIC
2 Dec: London Wembley Arena
5 Dec: Birmingham NIA
6 Dec: Newcastle Arena
7 Dec: Manchester MEN
9 Dec: Glasgow SECC


Less up front this one. Ghost Flight Revue, who count Robert Love, (aka Larry Love from CMU favourites Alabama 3) among their line up, are touring round the UK from the end of the month. Dates as follows:

26 Mar: York Fibbers
27 Mar: Liverpool Barfly
28 Mar: Southampton Brook
29 Mar: London Lock 17
30 Mar: Cardiff The Point
31 Mar: Brighton Concorde
2 Apr: Nottingham Rescue Rooms
3 Apr: Manchester Roadhouse
4 Apr: Aberdeen Moshulu
5 Apr: Glasgow King Tuts
6 Apr: Bristol Fleece & Firkin


Kula Shaker are back, as previously reported, and have announced a series of tour dates for next month. No news as yet regarding upcoming release, but we'll let you know if we hear anything. Dates are as follows:

2 Apr: Coventry Coliseum
3 Apr: Northampton Soundhaus
6 Apr: Sunderland Manor Quay
7 Apr: Glasgow ABC2
10 Apr: Manchester Academy 3
11 Apr: Nottingham Rescue Rooms
12 Apr: London Kings College


Not that kind of boyfriend, silly. The Boyfriends, the band, are to support Morrissey on the European leg of his forthcoming tour. Morrissey is apparently a big fan of the band, possibly because they sound quite a lot like him. Well, the singer certainly does, when he's singing. That very singer Martin Wallace says: "Being asked to do these shows is a bit like someone stepping out of a poster on your bedroom wall and shaking your hand."

The band will follow their support duties with second single 'Adult Acne' on 8 May, on which subject Wallace adds: "The song was written at a time when I found it impossible to get a first glance from anyone, let alone a second. I'm aware that it's a fairly embarrassing thing to admit to but I think a lot of people go through times when they feel doomed to a life of microwave dinners for one." So, like Morrissey in more ways than one, then.

Here are the support dates, FYI press info from Emms.

1 Apr: Gothenburg Scandinavium
2 Apr: Stockholm Hovet
4 Apr: Helsinki Cable Hall
6 Apr: Oslo Sentrum Scene
7 Apr: Malmo Blatiska Hallen
10 Apr: Amsterdam Heineken Music Hall
11 Apr: Paris Olympia
13 Apr: Killarney INEC
15 Apr: Dublin Olympia
16 Apr: Dublin Olympia


Speaking of Morrissey, Noel Gallagher has leapt to the defence of Arctic Monkeys, following the singer's comments about the band earlier in the week. The former Smiths frontman said: "It's happening all too quickly for them. They haven't proved a thing and they haven't had to work very hard - that must make them insecure. It's all a bit unnatural. OK they've sold about 700,000 albums, but it can't be gratifying. They haven't been driving up and down the M1 for fifteen years."

Responding to that, Gallagher told The Toronto Sun: "It happens when it happens, man, and I would say thank God that it does happen. You'd be a bit of an idiot if you said, 'No, I'm too young for a record deal.'"

Harking back to the early days of his own career, he added: "We used to sit and read things about us and think, 'Are they talking about the same band?' Cause we've sold a few records but we've not sold that many records, and we're not that popular. But I would embrace success when it happens. Any level of it. Just fucking get on with it. If the music didn't stand up... but you've only got to listen to the tunes. They're unique to themselves. And they've got their own thing and I think it's great. It doesn't sound like anybody else and I like the way that they don't wear shirts and ties and blazers... These kids seem to be pretty much like us. They kind of look like we do."

And continued: "I think with the Arctic Monkeys, a lot of it is about the word play. Cause they are quite stunning lyrics, to be honest. The thing about the words, it's alright if you understand them. But I'm sure that the Arctic Monkeys couldn't really give a monkey's - whether it translates to people in China or not. They're just doing their thing. And when this kind of thing happens in the first two years, people will dislike the Arctic Monkeys purely for all the hype that surrounds them but that's got nothing' to do with them. They're probably as embarrassed by it as people who don't like them, 'They don't fucking deserve it.' They're probably as upset about it as Morrissey is, but there's nothing they can do about it. You've just got to fucking get out there man and ride it out."

Actually, as we wrote this story Morrissey himself has issued a statement clarifying his Arctic Monkey related views. It reads thus: "I'm sorry that the comments I made at SouthBySouthWest about the Arctic Monkeys were printed so harshly in The Times and the NME. I actually quite like the Arctic Monkeys and whatever I said was said with tender, avuncular concern. I hope to God I didn't upset their grannies. In any case, I was wrong about their success being too sudden and without any dues paid, because that's exactly how it happened for The Smiths. So, I really should shut it."


SINGLE REVIEW: Lupen Crook - Love 80 (Tap n Tin Records)
Mysterious singer songwriter Lupen Crook forges a unique kind of dark folk, sounding like he might be the spiritual brother of Patrick Wolf. His third single 'Love 80' doesn't quite have the magical quality of previous single 'Halloween', but it is both interesting and unusual, and backed with some strong acoustic tracks; the gypsy styled 'Junk 'n' Jubilee' is particularly striking. JW
Release date: 20 Mar
Press contact: Stone Immaculate [CP, RP, NP] Rocket [CR, RR, NR]


Sirius Satellite Radio has reportedly reached a deal with Warner Music and SonyBMG regarding its S50 device, which enables listeners to capture and store tracks that are playing on one of the US satellite radio network's stations. This follows that previously reported deal with Universal Music.

As previously reported, the record labels initially expressed concern regarding the new satellite radio devices that include the track capture function. The new deals with the major record companies will see Sirius compensating rights holders for tracks that their subscribers acquire through the capture system. However the arrangements only cover the specific S50 device, Sirius' first receiver to include capture functionality - it remains to be seen if and how the licensing agreements are extended to any future similar devices.

Sirius announced its latest major label agreements as it confirmed it has crossed the 4 million subscriber mark. People who have the brain power to calculate these things reckon that means Sirius is now signing up in the region of 9000 subscribers a day, which is an impressive rate and means the network is now properly in the race with its bigger competitor XM, which had 6 million subscribers at the last count.

Much of that success at Sirius is, of course, being put down to their newest recruit Howard Stern. Meanwhile Sirius' terrestrial competitors and Stern's former employers CBS Radio are proceeding with their lawsuit against the shock jock relating to his use of their airtime to unofficially advertise the satellite network while he worked out his contract on the CBS owned Infinity network. Stern seems to be enjoying the lawsuit - it giving him a good excuse to knock the US media establishment - though he is said to be genuinely pissed off that CBS have decided to publish full details about his salary while he was working for them in their court papers.


It was the British Press Awards on Monday night (or the Bitish Press Awards, if the title bar of their website is anything to go by), the annual back slapping affair for the whole newspaper industry - well, the whole newspaper industry bar Associated Newspapers (Daily Mail et al), Northern & Shell (Express and Star) and the Telegraph Group, all of whom were boycotting it because last year's event was such a shambles (though that was possibly more because of the shambolic behaviour of the journalists in attendance than because of anything done by the event's organisers).

Despite the fact so many major players weren't coming out to play, a good time seemed to be had by all, and especially these award winners...

Scoop of the Year: Stephen Moyes for Cocaine Kate Daily Mirror
Business and Finance Journalist of the Year: Hamish McRae The Independent
Show Business Writer of the Year: Victoria Newton The Sun
Columnist of the Year: Lucy Kellaway Financial Times
Supplement of the Year: Observer Food Monthly The Observer
Photographer of the Year: Edmond Terakopian Freelance
Interviewer of the Year: Rachel Cooke The Observer
Cartoonist of the Year: Gerald Scarfe The Sunday Times
Specialist Writer of the Year: Michael Smith The Sunday Times
Young Journalist of the Year: Lucy Bannerman The Herald
The Cudlipp Award: News of the World for 'What about the Victims'
Foreign Reporter of the Year: Hala Jaber The Sunday Times
Sports Photographer of the Year: Tom Jenkins The Guardian
Sports Journalist of the Year: Oliver Holt Daily Mirror
Critic of the Year: Jay Rayner The Observer
Team of the Year: Daily Mirror 7/7 team
Political Journalist of the Year: Francis Elliott Independent on Sunday
Feature Writer of the Year: Bryan Appleyard The Sunday Times
Reporter of the Year: Oliver Harvey The Sun
Front Page of the Year: Harry the Nazi The Sun
National Newspaper of the Year 2006: The Guardian


Michael Stipe and Rufus Wainwright were amongst the artists taking part in that previously reported anti-war 'Bring Em Home' gig in New York on Tuesday. The event, which also featured appearances from Bright Eyes, Peaches and Fischerspooner, was timed to mark the three year anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq.

Stars such as Chuck D, Moby and actress Susan Sarandon were also in attendance at the benefit, as was high profile war protester Cindy Sheehan, whose son Casey was killed in Iraq in 2004.

Performing a cover of Joseph Arthur's 'In The Sun', Stipe told the audience about his own, very slight brush with the draft, saying: "I never served myself. I did have the distinction of registering for the draft under Carter. And I will never forget sitting in the post office, signing my name at the bottom and hoping to God I wouldn't have to go."


Stipe's not the only one who's been speaking out about American foreign policy. Carlos Santana has said a few harsh words about President Bush whilst in Peru for a concert this week. The guitarist told reporters: "I have wisdom, I feel love, I love in the present and I try to present a dimension that brings harmony and healing. My concept is the opposite of George W Bush. There is more value in placing a flower in a rifle barrel than making war. As Jimi Hendrix used to say, musical notes have more importance than bullets."


Back to Radiohead related news, and Thom Yorke has had a (justified) pop at those people touting tickets for the Friends Of The Earth Big Ask concert. As previously reported, tickets for the event, which originally retailed at £55, are being sold on eBay for as much as £200 each.

Yorke, who will appear at the gig alongside bandmate Jonny Greenwood as well as Kate Rusby and Super Furry Animal Gruff Rhys, wrote on the official Radiohead website: "Might I suggest that those selling their Koko tickets on eBay for stupid money give a contribution... say 30 percent of their proceeds, back to Friends Of The Earth, for whose benefit we are all doing this show. Seems only fair, unless you're a shallow____, don't you think?"

The blank is presumably a four letter word of some kind. I don't know which, so I'll let you decide for yourself.


Now this is fun, a URL formerly used by the Canadian Recording Industry Association to educate consumers about legal alternatives to illegitimate sources of music online has apparently been taken over by a rather dodgy looking Russian based download company which is offering major artist downloads for 9 cents each. It seems the CRIA didn't renew the web address after it ended its educational campaign - though the URL will still appear on the packaging of numerous CDs originally released while the campaign was running.

The Moscow based service which has since nabbed the web address is a bit like the previously reported, a download company that has some license agreements in its home country so presents itself as a legitimate concern, but which nevertheless pisses off the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry which questions the legitimacy of its so called licenses, and which doesn't approve of the services' radical cost cutting approach. Quite what the IFPI, CRIA et al can do about such services remains unclear, but presumably promoting their web address on a stack of official releases isn't part of any strategy to tackle the problem.


David Bowie has collaborated with New Yorkers TV On The Radio on a track for the band's second album. Bowie, a fan of the band, appears on a track called 'Province', on forthcoming long player, 'Return To Cookie Mountain' out 12 Jun.


A statement on Enoweb, an unofficial Brian Eno website, says that previously reported claims that the star is back recording with Roxy Music are untrue. The original reports suggested that Eno had agreed to collaborate with his old band on their new album, despite the fact that he left the group back in 1973.

A statement in the news section of the website says that: "This is untrue and just in-good-faith wishful thinking from the journalists - Brian has no involvement with the band's current recording or tour plans. All that happened was that Brian popped in to visit the members of the group when they were in the studio. Hearing of this, some journalist somewhere decided that it is a truth universally acknowledged that a solo artist in possession of a fine career must be in want of tinsel jackets, peacock feathers, ego clashes, laundry ruminations and everything else that goes with rejoining a band he left 33 years ago. Great oak false rumours from tiny fact acorns grow..."


I'm a bit confused now, over this whole issue, but the latest news on that Kid Rock/Scott Stapp sex tape case is that the pair have managed to extend the order banning the footage from being aired. It appears that an agreement was reached out of court, but exactly who the lawyers were busy making that agreement with is unclear. Either way, it seems that porn company World Wide Red Light District will continue to be barred from releasing the video. Paperwork seeking a permanent ban is expected to be filed next week. So, consider yourself informed. Kind of.


Pete Doherty apparently serenaded Mike Tyson, former world heavyweight boxing champion, in a hotel bar in Manchester this week. A report in The Sun suggests that the two became friendly when they met at the hotel and Tyson asked the Babyshambles man to play him a tune. A source is quoted as saying: "They were getting on really well so Tyson asked Pete to play some songs for him. Pete always has an acoustic guitar with him so he played two or three Babyshambles numbers. He got a great response. Tyson loved every minute of it and gave Pete a round of applause."

Elsewhere in Doherty related news, Babyshambles are set to make an appearance at Club The Enemey at Koko tomorrow night. They join Dustins Bar Mitzvah, Selfish Cunt and Vanlustbader on a bill that also includes DJ sets from The Whoremoans, The Darlingests, Tom Frog, Chase The Dragon and Pandora's Record Box.


Shayne Ward and Simon Cowell visited the Playboy Mansion together whilst Ward was in LA to film a video for his new single recently, according to The Sun. A source said: "Shayne and Simon had a great time. I don't think Shayne had ever seen anything like it. Simon invited him to go over there one night after they had been working on filming a video for the next single. Shayne was thrilled - what 21-year-old lad wouldn't be? It was a bit of an eye opener for him."

They also apparently celebrated their manliness by taking pictures and sending them to Louis Walsh: "He and Simon took a few pictures of themselves with Playboy bunny girls and sent them to Louis from their phones. Louis was amused to find all these weird messages and pictures waiting for him when he woke."

In related news the release of Ward's debut album has been put back to 17 Apr, which may or may not have anything at all to do with not wanting to clash with releases from fellow X-Factor finalists Andy Abraham and Journey South, currently battling it out in the album chart. Hang on, what was the point of Ward winning when they all get to release long players?

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