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In today's CMU Daily:
- Gene Pitney dies
- George Martin reportedly heading for UK Hall Of Fame
- Knight on the bankruptcy
- Is Bertelsmann music sale upcoming?
- Taste in music gets Hartlepool man arrested
- Album review: Psapp - The Only Thing I Ever Wanted
- Apple case adjourned
- Apple make new Macs Windows compatible
- BPI appoint new lobbying man
- Streaming media association launches
- Quite Great launch student PR service
- NTL confirm Virgin Mobile takeover, and Virgin brand deal
- Yorke not pleased with NME, one senses
- New Peaches album with charming name
- Delaughter on Polyphonic album
- Take That Back For Good?
- Test Icicles EP release
- Matisyahu announces UK dates
- Futureheads album and tour
- The Longcut announce UK and Irish tour plus free stuff
- Album review: The Flaming Lips - At War With The Mystics
- Brits go live, maybe
- Doherty forgets to pay
- Eminem reportedly files for divorce, again


Thanks to all the people who have been in touch regarding the CMU annual music and media internships guide - we're still taking submissions, so do get in touch. Basically, if you are a music or media company willing to offer internships to students or recent graduates this summer, whether they be for one week or several months, let us know and we'll put your details in our internships guide, which we'll publish at the end of the month on both the CMU and College Media Network websites. Simple. To be included email your company name, a sentence about what you do, a sentence about what interns will do, details of location and a contact name to [email protected]

If you're on the other side of this equation, and looking for a media or music industry internship opportunity, then keep an eye on the CMU websites in late April for more details. Meantime, for other great opportunities to hone your media skills, including the chance to review at the Brighton and Edinburgh Festivals, get on over to Sorted.



KILL ALL HIPPIES APRIL... The next edition of London's best rock night is this Friday, 7 Apr at the 333 Club in London and, as always, features a proper good mix of live bands and DJs. Live wise we've got The Maccabees and Jackson Analogue, taking to the basement stage, while Jeff Automatic and guest DJ Frankie D will be keeping things going on the decks down there. The Fully Comprehensive guys will be keeping the ground floor going with resident DJ Gavin Nugent, plus guests Mark Beaumont (NME), Syrinx and Simon Jones (Hope Of The States). Tickets are £5 before 10.30pm, £10 after (or £5 all night if you guest list in advance at

Press info:

THE INSOMNIACS BALL... Kill All Hippies and Stylish Riots present London's first ever all-night indoor festival, kicking off the Easter Weekend on Thursday April 13th, with three live stages and dozens of live bands and DJs underneath the arches at London Bridge in the seOne club. Line up so far includes no less than British Sea Power, White Rose Movement, Mando Diao, Battle, New Rhodes, The Pipettes, Art Brut, Dogs, The Rifles, Komakino, Good Shoes, Cooper Temple Clause (DJ set) and The Rakes (DJ set). How good is this? Doors will open at 8pm, when the live music begins, and the entertainment will continue until 6am the following morning - Good Friday. Full details at - for details of a special student discount check

Press info:



MySpace Of The Day: Bell X1
We've been waxing a little bit lyrical about Bell X1 ever since we received their new album 'Flock' a couple of months back. The addictive single release 'Flame' isn't streaming on the MySpace page, but you can see a bit of the video for it - even a short burst will give you an indication as to just how catchy that tune is, and then there are two tracks from the current album to listen to in full, one of them a particular favourite, 'Bad Skin Day'. They seem to be a lot more successful at the moment in their native Ireland than they are here, which is starting to seem more and more like a travesty all the time, particularly as you are all, no doubt, more than familiar with the oeuvre of the group's former bandmate, from back when they were called 'Juniper', one Damien Rice. They're better than him. Check them out.

More on our MySpace Of The Day, plus acts appearing at next week's Insomniac's Ball answer the same six questions - today it's The Pipettes - all online at


Gene Pitney has died aged 65. The singer was found dead in his bed at the Hilton Hotel in Cardiff yesterday. The cause of death is not known, as Pitney had showed no signs of illness whilst on his UK tour. Mark Howes of management company In Touch Music told reporters yesterday: "He did a good show last night at St David's Hall and it was wonderful. I've seen him quite a few times on this tour and he was fit and well. He said it was the best tour he had done for quite a few years."

Pitney rose to fame in the sixties, of course, experiencing something of a revival back in 1989 when he duetted with Marc Almond on chart topping single 'Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart.' His songs were covered by artists such as Rick Nelson and Blue Angel, and he is credited with helping the Rolling Stones break America due to his endorsement of the group.

Pitney, who has continually toured over the course of his forty year career, received a standing ovation at his final concert, and a glowing review from a local paper. He had nine dates remaining of a 23 date tour.

He is survived by his wife Lynne, and three sons.


According to Billboard, legendary music producer George Martin will be inducted into the UK Music Hall Of Fame later this year. He will be awarded this year's honorary member trophy which goes to people who work backstage in the music business, or who work in the music media - past winners were Island Records founder Chris Blackwell and the late Radio 1 DJ John Peel.

This will be the third year of the UK's version of the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame. Artists to be added will be selected by a steering group of 80 odd artists, journalists, broadcasters and record label executives. Artist inducted at the past two events include The Beatles, Madonna, Bob Marley, Queen, Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd, Eurythmics and The Kinks.

Channel 4 will again screen the Hall Of Fame event in the UK, with VH1 screening it in the US. Talks are reportedly ongoing regarding staging the event at the Millennium Dome, and also to house a permanent exhibition there paying tribute to those artists already inducted.


Suge Knight has released a brief statement about his decision to declare himself and Death Row Records bankrupt. As previously reported, Knight faced losing his company as the LA courts threatened to seize his assets in order to pay compensation awarded last year to one of the hip hop mogul's former business partners at the end of a long running legal dispute. By filing for bankruptcy through the federal courts, the LA courts will now not be able to seize Knight's assets.

In a statement communicated via his publicist Jonathan Wolfson, Knight told reporters: "For the last few years, there's been a stigma attached to Death Row. People like the Harris' have been coming out of the woodwork and it's been like a dark cloud hanging over me. I've decided that I'm serving Death Row its last meal. I'm setting a new table."


Rumour has it that Bertelsmann have hired JP Morgan and CitiGroup to prepare for a sale. No word on what they are selling but, as previously reported, the consensus is that their music publishing business and their stake in SonyBMG are most likely to go. As also previously reported, Bertelsmann are considering the sale to raise enough money to buy out shareholder Groupe Bruxelles Lambert who are pushing for the media conglomerate to float.


Did this happen on 1 Apr? A man apparently caused a terror alert at Durham's Tees Valley airport, recently, all because of his taste in music. Harraj Mann was arrested aboard a BMI plane, scheduled to fly to Heathrow, under the Terrorism Act, after a cabbie alerted police to his passenger's love of The Clash.

Mann, a mobile phone salesman, was traveling to the airport in a taxi and asked his driver to play his music, one song of which was 'London Calling', a track containing the lyric "war is declared and battle come down". This, along with the fact, no doubt, that Mann is of asian origin, gave the driver reason to believe that his passenger was acting suspiciously.

Mann told The Sun: "I played Procol Harum's 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' first, which the taxi man liked. I figured he liked the classics, so I put on Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song'. Then, since I was going to London, I played The Clash and finished up with 'Nowhere Man' by The Beatles. He didn't like Led Zeppelin or The Clash, but I don't think there was any need to tell the police. I was laughing about it, but all my mates are absolutely furious. It's just left me bemused. I can agree that there's a culture of fear. They acted on the information they had. I'm just frustrated that it happened to me. It's a mystery."

To Radio Five Live he said: "I said to staff you've taken me off my flight due to my taste in music, in a more colourful way. I mean where does it stop? What if I was wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt, what if I was wearing odd socks, you know. I mean obviously the political climate these days is like walking on egg shells, but I mean there's caution and then there's taking it to the point where it's absurd and ludicrous."

A spokeswoman explained that it was not just the music, but an "overall impression" that aroused the driver's suspicions. She continued: "By the time it was established the man did not pose a security risk, the plane had taken off. Safety is paramount and we respond to concerns from members of the public in the way they would expect us to. In this case the report was made with the best of intentions and we would not want to discourage people from contacting us with genuine concerns regarding security."


ALBUM REVIEW: Psapp - The Only Thing I Ever Wanted (Domino)
One of my earliest memories as a kid is going to my grandma's house, arranging all her pots and pans on the floor of her kitchen, and hitting them with wooden spoons. Psapp, the London-based duo of Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant, appear to still be doing this on their second album 'The Only Thing I Ever Wanted'. Odd percussive noises form the basis to their sound, from the sploshing water in the aptly titled opener 'Hi' to the gravel and sand being thrown about in 'This Way' and the 'tick-tock' rhythm of forthcoming single 'Tricycle'. The album shares sonic qualities with releases from The Boy Least Likely To and the Fiery Furnaces, but where it fails to reproduce the Boy Least Likely To's undeniable cuteness, or the energy and urgency of the Fiery Furnaces at their most manic, it makes up for it by bringing a bit of soul to the whole thing, and in that way they faintly recall Frou Frou. The album's not going to sell millions, as it lacks really standout singles, but that won't stop a select few from adoring it, especially the widescreen feel of 'Eating Spiders' and the sound of a cupboard of toys coming to life on 'The Words'. Psapp (pronounced, according to their MySpace site, like Sap) have certainly turned out a good album, but a real spark of greatness is sadly absent. DG
Release Date: 22 May
Press contact: Domino IH [all]


Both Apples have now stated their case in London's High Court regarding the use by Apple Computers of the Apple brand on their iTunes music store.

As previously reported, Apple Corp, the company owned by former Beatles Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and the estates of John Lennon and George Harrison, claim that the computer company are in breach of a previous 1991 agreement in which Apple Computers promised to not use their Apple brand in the music space. The Beatles' company claims that the iTunes Music Store is a music company, and therefore the Apple brand should not be used alongside it.

But the IT firm disagree. Speaking for Apple Computers, attorney Anthony Grabiner told the court this week that the logo was promoting the iTunes store and its download service, not the music itself. He said: "Apple Computer has the exclusive right to use the apple mark [in iTunes advertisements] if used to indicate the source or origin of the hardware and downloading services mentioned in the advert", adding that the "distribution of digital entertainment content" under the Apple name was allowed by the 1991 agreement.

But in summing up his case, Apple Corps' lawyer Geoffrey Vos said that the iTunes business model "was flatly contradictory to the provisions of the agreement". He continued: "We say that Apple Computer has been using the Apple mark in connection with musical content. It uses those marks on its music store site at the point of sale of the music content. It signs artists on its site in just the way a record company would."

The case has now been adjourned, with the judge hearing the case expected to rule shortly after Easter.


More Apple news, and the computer firm is releasing a new bit of software which will enable new Macs equipped with Intel microprocessors (which Apple only recently started using) to run Windows, should a user wish to. The new technology, being called Boot Camp, will mean consumers can run the Microsoft operating system on their Mac, rather than Macs' own OSX system. However, Apple won't provide technical support Windows being used on a Mac.

Apple marketing exec Phillip Schiller told reporters: "Apple has no desire or plan to sell or support Windows, but many customers have expressed their interest to run Windows on Apple's superior hardware now that we use Intel processors. We think Boot Camp makes the Mac even more appealing to Windows users considering making the switch."


UK record companies trade body the BPI has confirmed the appointment of former political consultant Richard Mollet to the role of Director Of Public Affairs where he will coordinate the organisation's government relations. Working alongside BPI comms chief Steve Redmond and General Counsel Roz Groome, Mollet's initial priorities will include the Gowers Review of Intellectual Property, the CMS Select Committee inquiry into New Media and the Creative Industries, and the DCMS's Creative Economy programme.

Confirming the appointment, BPI boss Peter Jamieson told reporters: "The recorded music industry has its most crowded public affairs agenda in two decades. On the plus side the Government has made a welcome commitment to the creative industries, but there are still important arguments to be made about the value of copyright in the digital age. We are delighted to have Richard on board to help us in this task."


Talking of industry associations, a new association is being launched to represent the interests of the streaming media industries in the UK - ie those companies whose broadcast operations are completely online, rather than the traditional broadcasters who simulcast their output on the net. The association will go by the name of ASMeC - the Association Of Streaming Media Companies.

Explaining their motives for setting up the new group, the association's founders told CMU: "With the advent of internet and mobile technologies there has been an explosion of companies creating and distributing exciting content digitally through the use of streaming media technology. To meet the demand and represent the interests of this relatively new sector we are establishing the Association Of Streaming Media Companies which will represent [non-traditional] companies that distribute digital content (audio and visual) that are not licensed by OFCOM."

The association, which includes Last FM, Totally Radio, Samurai FM and Radio Magnetic as founder members, has been formed because the mainly independent players operating in this space have frequently struggled to get the attention of royalty bodies, the music industry and the internet sector, and it is hoped a united approach should prove more successful.

For more about the new association check or email [email protected]


Publicity company Quite Great has announced it is moving into student media promotions. Like some of the other players in the college PR space, the company plans to service all college media, including student radio stations, local and national college publications and websites, campus TV stations, and student club nights.

Confirming the new service, Quite Great's student promotions specialist Phil Pethybridge told CMU: "The power of the student media should not be missed; it is a key element of any major campaign and of great benefit not just to the media sector itself but for the clients we are working with; these are the future consumers."

For more info check or call 01223 830111.


As you may have read elsewhere, NTL have confirmed details of its previously reported takeover bid for Virgin Mobile. As also previously reported, NTL is interested in acquiring the mobile network so it can offer customers four services in one - landline phones, mobile phones, TV and internet.

The deal is worth a reported £962.4 million, with Richard Branson's Virgin Group accepting a mixture of shares and cash, so that it will be a 10.7% shareholder in the new combined company. Perhaps more interesting is that the deal will see NTL rebrand its consumer operations using the Virgin name - the agreement allows the new company to exclusively use the Virgin brand in this space for three decades.

NTL top man James Mooney told reporters: "We are delighted to announce the recommended offer and the brand licensing with Virgin today, which not only delivers mobile capability to our product bundle but also gives us access to a leading consumer brand. It truly is a step-change transaction not only for NTL but for the media sector as an whole in the UK."


Thom Yorke has posted a slightly mad sounding message in the diary section of his band's official website, which seems to be attacking NME over their publication of those previously reported comments in which Yorke is said to have labelled industry types "fucking retards".

In a post entitled 'Like Anyone Gives A Rat's Arse', he writes: "Is it a quiet week for the NME by any chance? SHOCK HORROR not much to say UMM SHOCK horror. I remember now, tape recorders record what yu[sic] say ... which may be taken down and used as evidence against you at a later date. Who is this jerk shooting his mouth off? Misdirected. Missquoted [sic]... distorted... out of context... oh it's me. I think. but im not sure. HA ha ha ha oh :)"

So that clears the matter up nicely, then.


Peaches is set to release a new album on 10 Jul, entitled 'Impeach My Bush'. The long player features guest turns from the likes of Joan Jett, Josh Homme and Feist, and some typically rude sounding song titles, amongst them 'Tent In Your Pants', 'Fuck Or Kill', and 'Two Guys (For Every Girl)', which is kind of about what the title implies it's about. Nice.


Polyphonic Spree man Tim Delaughter has been talking about the political content of his collective's new long player 'The Fragile Army'. He told Rolling Stone: "It's our most urgent record to date. It's a bit resonant of the times. There's a song called 'The Fragile Army', the title track, and it's basically an ode-to-Bush song. It's disgruntled with how things have been going and how split up it seems we are as Americans. There is a sense, for me, of trying to create some sort of unity with people."


I reckon everyone will be using that headline but I couldn't resist the temptation. The Mirror says Take That are signed up to record a new album. A source apparently told the tabloid: "When the tour sold out so quickly it was a shock but it proved they could cut it without Robbie Williams. Suddenly they were being offered megabucks to make a new album - they've been getting on so well during rehearsals it seemed silly to not give it one more shot."


They're certainly putting a lot of work in before they lower the curtain on their all too brief career. Having just done a US tour, they will be releasing a special EP entitled 'Dig Your Own Grave' on 24 April. The CD/DVD dual disc will include remixes, demos, unreleased tracks, videos and live footage from a gig at LSE. The tracklisting goes as follows:

Pull The Lever (Raary's Ripmix)
Your Biggest Mistake (Unreleased Single Edit)
All You Need Is Blood (Dev's Mix)
Stuck In The Bend (Unreleased Track)
The Plague + Pestilence (Raary Deci-Hells' Demo)
Circle Square Triangle (Chromehoof Remix)
Pull The Lever (Jitset Remix)
What's Michelle Like? (4-Track Demo)
Who Ate All The Offal? (4-Track Demo)

Circle Square Triangle
What's Your Damage?
Circle Square Triangle
Dancing On Pegs (Live At LSE, Oct 2005)
Boa Vs Python (Live At LSE, Oct 2005)
Your Biggest Mistake (Live At LSE, Oct 2005)
Catch It! (Live At LSE, Oct 2005)

There will also, of course, be that previously reported farewell tour, at which the EP will be available ahead of its official release date. The dates are as follows:

18 Apr: Glasgow Garage
19 Apr: Sunderland Manor Quay
20 Apr: Manchester Academy
21 Apr: Coventry Colosseum
22 Apr: London Astoria


Matisyahu, that Hasidic Jewish Reggae Hip Hop artist that's all of a buzz at the moment, has announced two UK tour dates. His album 'Youth' is out on 8 May, live dates as follows:

21 May: Manchester University
22 May: London Hammersmith Palais


The Futureheads will be touring the UK to support the release of their new album 'News And Tributes'. The tour will kick off on the 29 May in Glasgow, which, due to an enormous coincidence (or perhaps not), is also the album's release date. Details as follows:

29 May: Glasgow Academy
30 May: Liverpool Academy
31 May: Leeds University
2 June: Manchester Academy
3 June: Nottingham Rock Academy
4 June: Keele University
6 June: Norwich UEA
7 June: Bristol Academy
8 June: Southampton Guildhall
9 June: Birmingham Academy
11 June: Cardiff Great Hall
12 June: London Forum


From a short 12 date excursion to an epic journey round the UK and Ireland. The Longcut are to embark on a rather large tour in anticipation of the release of their debut album 'A Call And Response' on 12 Jun. As well as having lots of stamina, they're also a generous bunch, as they're giving everyone going to the show a free, limited edition 7" single featuring live recordings of 'Dead Man' and 'DVT', as well as making 'Gravity in Crisis' available as a free, early download on 10 Apr. What nice chaps. Full details of the tour as follows:

17 Apr: Dublin Temple Bar
18 Apr: Galway Roisin Dubh
19 Apr: Belfast Auntie Annies
21 Apr: Hanley Underground
22 Apr: London Mean Fiddler
2 May: Lincoln Drill Hall
3 May: Glasgow Barfly
4 May: Preston 53 Degrees
5 May: Liverpool EVOL
6 May: Middlesbrough Empire
8 May: London Garage
9 May: Birmingham Bar Academy
10 May: Southampton Joiners
12 May: Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach
13 May: Bournemouth Old Firestation
15 May: Bristol Louisiana
16 May: Shrewsbury Buttermarket
17 May: Leeds Cockpit
18 May: Newcastle Uni Global 3
20 May: Brighton The Great Escape
21 May: Nottingham Social
22 May: Oxford Zodiac
23 May: Northampton Soundhas
24 May: Sheffield Leadmill
25 May: Manchester Academy


ALBUM REVIEW: The Flaming Lips - At War With the Mystics (Warner Brothers)
The Flaming Lips have been making albums since 1985 but it wasn't until 1999 they had their real breakthrough with the critically acclaimed 'The Soft Bulletin'. Their next album 'Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots' was their best selling record to date. The follow up to that, their twelfth album - 'At War With the Mystics' - looks set to repeat the success of both their previous releases. The Lips unique combination of quirky experimentalism and sweet poppy sounds is a winning formula and oft copied. Their predilection for using fluffy animals in their live spectaculars or the often joyful nature of their music doesn't disguise the fact that the band have some very serious things to say about life and death, and specifically here the war on terror. The opening track and future single 'The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song' begins, "If you could blow up the world with the flick of a switch, would you do it?", while 'Free Radicals' is about a conversation with a suicide bomber. Although the lyrics are far from subtle and rather simplistic at times ("You think you're radical, but you're just fanatical"), they are clearly inspired by heartfelt sentiments and are deeply thought out. The serious message of the 'Yeah Yeah Yeah Song' is contrasted with the jolly tune, and jubilant music and lots of bizarre sounds including an electric razor. In fact, the songs are jam packed with peculiar synths, special effects and distortion, particularly 'The Wizard Turns On', while 'Mr Ambulance Driver' melds siren shrieks with gentle keyboard tones, to oddly soothing effect. Several songs continue the band's grand tradition of spaced out psychedelia and are beautifully blissed out. One of the album's key tracks, 'It Overtakes Me', starts off fast paced and buzzy but then adopts a languid, dreamy pace. It's unusual for a band to exist as long as the Flaming Lips and still have something to say in many new and interesting ways, but with this album Wayne Coyne and chums have done it again. JW
Release date: 3 Apr
Press contact: Pomona [RP] Warner IH [CP, CR, RR, NP, NR]


According to The Sun, Brits organisers are hoping to pull in a bigger audience next time around by staging a live broadcast, and inviting acts more likely to cause trouble on the night. Well, that's what'd happen if they did manage to get The Sex Pistols along, which is reportedly something they're considering. Whether they'd be as entertaining as Jarvis Cocker waving his arse around is open to question.

A source told the tabloid: "We don't have the outrageous behaviour we used to. That is because we don't have acts on such as Oasis. We tend to focus on the biggest bands of the year. It's not our fault those were James Blunt and Coldplay. We're looking at injecting the show with more drama. If we were giving the Lifetime Achievement Award to the Sex Pistols then it might give us that edge. It's been discussed. Going back to screening the show on the night might encourage some bad behaviour. Viewers say they want it live."


According to The Mirror's 3am Girls, Pete Doherty forgot to pay for some scarves in a shop in Vienna last weekend, but not only that, they say that he's becoming what is known, I believe, in current parlance, as a 'chav'.

Doherty, who, say the girls, has taken to dressing head-to-toe in Burberry, did some shopping in Vienna airport following two Austrian gigs, spending more than £450 in the Burberry shop on a coat and a watch. He then, however, picked up a couple of scarves and walked out with them.

A shop assistant is quoted as saying: "It was bizarre. He paid for the coat and watch but then walked out with two scarves. He took a pink one and one for himself that should have cost £175. I called the police when he left the shop. They chased him to his gate and found the scarves on him, he told them he 'forgot' to pay and handed over the 250 euros in crumpled 5 euro notes."

Meanwhile, there's a suggestion that's all not well between Doherty and his Babyshambles bandmates - who, as previously reported, have been getting into trouble by themselves, unassisted by their frontman. An 'insider' says: "It's all starting to fall apart and people are cracking under the pressure."


Do they still say 'to death us do part' at weddings these days? Or do they go for 'until legal proceedings begin'? Either way, Eminem has reportedly filed for divorce less than three months after remarrying his then ex-wife Kim. As previously reported, the couple re-married on 14 Jan, just over four years after their original separation. But having rediscovered why they liked being together, it seems Slim Shady has now rediscovered why, actually, he doesn't like being married to Kim at all. Ah well, where's the creative inspiration in a peaceful life?

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