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In today's CMU Daily:
- Digital and artist album sales booming
- More details of Proof killing emerge
- Youngest Pointer Sister dies
- Metal Hammer Golden Gods nominations
- Single review: Jody Wisternoff - Cold Drink, Hot Girl
- Beatles catalogue will be available for download... soon
- Doherty fails to show at court
- Village People cop in court
- Kanye to release live album
- Paul Weller live album upcoming
- Prince to host festival in Windsor Great Park
- Corinne and Jose added to T
- More bands added to ATP
- Gomez album, single, tour
- We Are Scientists talk about tour
- Trabant release dates
- Freelance Hellraiser release dates
- New Dot Allison
- CMU editor's worst nightmare comes true
- Jarvis Cocker in swearing shocker
- Single review: Bat For Lashes - The Wizard
- Canadian indies quit CRIA over radio quotas
- MTV poach Radio 1 music guy
- Lawley leaving Desert Island Discs
- WH Smith - sales down but profits up
- Arab Strapped for cash
- Bobby Gillespie isn't a Nazi, okay?
- Guy's dad says Madonna marriage has been bumpy
- Wayne Coyne disgusted by Bush
- Spears visited by child protection
- Preston to marry Chantelle
- Metal Hammer Golden Gods nominations in full


Hurrah, it's here - the longest of the year's long weekends, the Christian festival of chocolate eating, the new series of Doctor Who, my long awaited trip to the seaside but, most importantly, the Insomniacs Ball. Now, we've been plugging this endlessly for months now, but just in case you've been carelessly ignoring all previous reference to it, this is the new all night in door music festival co-promoted by our friends at Leyline / Kill All Hippies. On the mighty mighty bill you will find British Sea Power, Mando Diao, Battle, New Rhodes, The Pipettes, Art Brut, Dogs, White Rose Movement, The Rifles, Komakino, Vincent Vincent And The Villains, Black Wire, Good Shoes, Cazals, Dustins Bar Mitvah, The Holloways, Captain Black and, DJing in the Xfm Remix room, Eddy Temple Morris, Mary Anne Hobbs and the boys from The Rakes and Cooper Temple Clause. If you want to know just how good this is going to be, check out the latest CMU Radio Show at any point today over there at and listen to thirty minutes of music from Insomniacs Ball bands, or check out and listen to tracks from all of them on demand. Or hell, just take my word for it and get yourselves down to the seOne club underneath London Bridge from 8pm. Tickets are £19.50 in advance from Ticketweb or, or £25 on the door. Needless to say, we'll see you there.

PS: The domain is still down for reasons too depressing to explain, though let's just say I won't be buying any Easter eggs for Nominet or Freedom2Surf this weekend. Aptly for the time of year, we expect it to rise again (with)in three days. Meantime if you need to email us, switch with and it'll work - hurrah!

PPS: No CMU Daily tomorrow or on Monday, because of the aforementioned Insomniacs Ball partying / chocolate eating / seaside visiting. Have a great Easter, see you on Tuesday.



Karol chats to young Los Angeles band Bleed The Dream ('Metal Lunchbox', noon to 3pm). Talita is, once again, standing in for Chris Dale from the Pop Troupe Sack Trick - in a busy show she'll be talking to Turisas and No Use For A Name ('Helldrive', 3-6pm). Meanwhile Samantha Bee welcomes cult heroes Leaf Hound to the 'Rock Royalty' show (midnight to 3am). Listen live at



MySpace Of The Day: Rooster
I thought long and hard about which band to feature in today's MySpace Of The Day, because I felt that, on the Thursday before the long, four day weekend ahead of you, that you might want to indulge that extra-Friday feeling by messing around on the internet, and that you might want to view a MySpace site with an extra fun element to it. Not just songs, pictures and tour dates, but that something extra. Well, I found it. In fairness to Rooster, they're a great band, and an infectiously rocky, dirty live act and so all three of the tracks available to stream here are good, pulsating with rocky energy, and make me feel less tired, even though I'm very bloody tired. Not sure I like the layout - it's one of those MySpace's that's got too big for the size of your monitor screen - but what they do have - and here's your Thursday afternoon skiving fun - they have games! Games I tell you! Fun ones. And you can play them to the sound of Rooster's rawk joy. You don't have to be a child of the eighties to revisit the joys of Pacman and Pong. You just have to be in your office, bored, and wishing it was five o'clock, or whenever it is you go home. As well as Pacman (it's actually not called 'pacman', but it's exactly like pacman) and Pong (again it's not called Pong, but it's the same) there's a jigsaw, which I really like (but may not have time to complete today). Anyway, we like Rooster here at CMU (not sure that it's terribly fashionable to do so) and we love silly eighties-style games (not sure that's so fashionable any more either - a bit passé, perhaps, like that 'children's TV programmes' conversation that used to be so popular between groups of drunkards at 2am in the morning) so this MySpace is today's reason for living. Well, that and the insomniacs ball.

More on our MySpace Of The Day, plus acts appearing at tonight's Insomniac's Ball answer the same six questions - all online at



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Chew The Fat! at The End
A solid night in one of London's best venues - Fat label boss Paul Arnold and his crew will be mashing up The End's fantastic sound system tomorrow night making for one of the big Easter Weekend parties. Anne Savage, aka Dumb Blonde, defects from hardhouse for breaks for the night (a genre shift which, some say, is now a permanent fixture). Joining her will be Missill, a graff artist b-girl from France, who will be taking things from funky breaks to hip-hop to ragga stylee. Hard hitter Lee Coombs will smash the house breaks line and rock the place, as will Leeds man Kid Blue, who oft goes back to back with Meat Katie at the Technique night. The Nice Up lads, who have been climbing the rungs well, will be doing some alt moves in the other room - along with Shepdog and me old china Watkins, who will be strutting their stuff in any direction. All in all, a mental beatz and breakz nite - something for all party people. And oh what a bargain for NUS.

Friday 14 Apr, Chew The Fat! at The End, 18 West Central Street, London, WC1A, 10pm-6am, £10, £6 (NUS), more at, press info from [email protected], [email protected]


Hey, didn't we do well? OK, didn't you do well? New figures released by the BPI yesterday showed that both digital sales and physical CD albums sales performed well in the UK in the first quarter of 2006.

Digital sales continued to grow, up 152% year on year, with legitimate download purchases aiding the revival of the once flagging singles market, and accounting for an increasingly large portion of that market. In fact downloads now account for 78% of all single sales, up from 44% a year ago, and 4% in 2004 - a trend which, of course, allowed that recent single from Gnarls Barkley to top the UK singles chart on download sales alone.

Commenting on the growth of digital, BPI Chairman Peter Jamieson told CMU: "With the announcement of the first download-only number one single last week and the inclusion of downloads in the albums chart this week, the UK record industry can declare that the first part of its mission is now complete. We thought it would take three years, but in just 30 months the UK record industry has transformed itself from one that was 100% focused on physical product to the most advanced digital music market in Europe."

Despite the growth in digital, physical CD sales were also up - with artist albums on something of a high - 27.9 million units sold in the first quarter, a record for the UK music industry. The hype surrounding certain artists, most notably Arctic Monkeys of course, coupled with sales peaks after the Brit Awards and just before Mothers Day all helped with that boom.

Music DVD sales were also up, by 33%. Some 1.5 million units were sold and in terms of trade value DVDs now generate more revenues than single sales. The big seller this quarter was James Blunt's DVD 'Chasing Time', though the 'Now That's What I Call A Music Quiz' DVD, a top seller in 2005, also continued to sell well. It's all classy stuff in the music DVD market.

However, overall album sales dropped by 3% because of the continued decline in compilation sales. If you think about it, it's kind of common sense that compilation CDs would be the first thing to crash and burn in the digital age - given that it is now so easy and relatively cheap to put together your own compilations via the legit download platforms. For the price of the average compilation album you can probably have yourself a 20 track digital collection that has none of the crap you always ended up with when buying traditional compilations. All of which means that, with the exception of those compos put together by respected DJs or producers, it's easy to see why the mainstream compilation may become a thing of the past. It would still be unfair to say compilation sales have completely collapsed - a significant number are still shifted - but I suspect it is the beginning of the end of the compilation sector.


More details have emerged about the death of D12's Proof, aka DeShaun Holton, who, as previously reported, died from a gunshot to the head early on Tuesday morning.

Reports are now suggesting that two guns were involved in the incident, the result of a heated argument that broke out inside the club between Holton and the second injured man, also the victim of a gunshot wound to the head, who is still in a critical condition in hospital. Initially rumoured to be fellow D12-er Bizarre, the second man has now been identified as nightclub bouncer Keith Bender.

It's thought that the two men pulled the guns on each other during the course of the fracas, though there is speculation that it may have been a third man, possibly another bouncer, who actually shot Proof in the altercation that followed. A man has been questioned in connection with the incident, whilst police are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

An anonymous source told "Proof knocked Dude [Bender] down and stood over him with gun in hand. Proof shot first. The bouncer on the ground didn't shoot Proof, another bouncer did. Proof was shot four times. Twice in the head and twice in the chest/stomach area. [Bender] is on life support and not expected to live at all."

The source continued: "All this shit is senseless and real fucked up. Proof was a longtime friend who wouldn't stay the fuck out the hood. To many jealous people in the hood mad cause you made it. 8 Mile near Hayes on Detroit's Eastside at 4 am in the morning? That Triple C spot always has drama up there. Why was he there?"

Interscope Records, on behalf of Holton's family, have released a statement which reads: "Memorial service arrangements are still being made, and his friends and family would appreciate privacy during this difficult time."


June Pointer, the youngest of the Pointer Sisters, has died of cancer at the age of 52. She died at a hospital in LA, with two of her sisters, Ruth and Anita, and her two brothers by her side. Third sister Bonnie wasn't present, but the family said that she was there "in spirit".

June and Bonnie founded the Pointer Sisters group, initially performing as a duo, but later joined by Ruth and Anita. They were most prominent in the seventies and eighties with songs like 'I'm So Excited' and 'Jump (For My Love)' - and they won three Grammy Awards during that time. Bonnie was the first sister to leave the group, in 1977, though June also later left. Remaining sisters Anita and Ruth continue to perform using the Pointer Sisters name, with Ruth's daughter Issa making up the numbers.

In a statement, the Pointer family said June had been hospitalised since late February as she fought the disease. It wasn't revealed what kind of cancer she was suffered from.


The nominations for the fourth annual Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards are out - filled to the brim with those hugely popular metal bands that half of you will have never have heard of (we're completely on top of our metal here at CMU, we'd not only heard of all of them, but we knew how to spell most of them too).

The full list of nominations is at the bottom of today's Daily, but well done to Roadrunner Records who have 14 nominations in total, and also to hard rocking Warner Music who have artists up for 11 awards. Who'd have thought it - from the people that brought you James Blunt? The awards take place on 12 Jun at KoKo in Camden.

The press release says something about there being a Viking longboat involved in these awards somehow. Whether that means there'll be any raping and pillaging going on at the awards themselves, I can't quite make out.


SINGLE REVIEW: Jody Wisternoff - Cold Drink, Hot Girl (Distinctive)
'Cold Drink, Hot Girl' is the first in a new batch of solo productions from Jody Wisternoff - former whiz kid and one half of the UK's much-loved dance act, Way Out West. Destined to be a standout summer track, 'Cold Drink...' is classic, sexy Miami-style house with production so tight you can see its naughty bits. It's sublime, 80's inspired arpeggio-ed melody, sharing distinct similarities with the work of such retro-dance trailblazers as Mylo and Stuart 'omnipresent' Price. However, perhaps stemming from his progressive house education, Wisternoff creates a more hypnotic and captivating track than his peers. Carefully layering those balmy melodies and subtly building the energy to an understated yet delightful breakdown, there's an unforced, effortless quality to the track, which clearly sets it apart from other bleepy, electro-styled dance music. Accompanying the original mix is a much tougher and intense electro reworking (ingeniously entitled 'The Other Mix'), where Wisternoff offers dancefloors a breakdown so colossal it'll make your teeth rattle. Utilising only a few of its stronger elements, 'The Other Mix' doesn't share the depth or glossiness of the original production, instead it piles on the energy by the bucket load, and with raw, techy bass and a thumping drum pattern, builds the momentum up to a jet-engine of a breakdown. It's an incredible, peak-time showstopper that could fill a stadium - it actually gives me goosebumps! OG
Release date: 15 May
Press contact: Trailer [all]


Digital Music News reports that preparations are under way to release the Beatles catalogue via legitimate digital music platforms, which may include iTunes, despite the much previously reported ongoing legal dispute between the company that manages the Beatles recording catalogue, Apple Corp, and Apple Computers.

With a handful of exceptions, Beatles recordings are still unavailable via legitimate download sellers, an obvious omission in the digital catalogue. Digital Music News bases its claims that that omission may soon be rectified on comments made by Apple Corps boss Neil Aspinall at the recent London court case dealing with that Apple v Apple lawsuit.

Aspinall apparently revealed that the Beatles' back catalogue is current being digitally re-mastered, and that once that is complete Apple Corps intend to release the enhanced recordings through both physical and download routes. He is quoted as saying: "I think it would be wrong to offer downloads of the old masters when I am making new masters. It would be better to wait and try to do them both simultaneously so that you then get the publicity of the new masters and the downloading, rather than just doing it ad hoc".

An Apple Corps spokesman wouldn't commit on any timescales when asked by DMN about Aspinall's comments, describing the remastering work and digital plans as "one of many initiatives we are planning".


Pete Doherty has blotted his extremely blotted copybook again, after a brief period of almost-not-being-in-trouble. The Babyshambles man failed to turn up for his latest court appearance for a review of his drug rehabilitation progress. In fairness, however, reports suggest that there may have been valid reasons for his becoming delayed whilst on tour in Paris. The case was adjourned until 12 May, although he is, of course, due in court on 20 Apr in relation to further drugs charges.


For those following our 'ongoing trouble with the police' stories, former Village People man Victor Willis was in court this week. As you'll remember Willis, who, somewhat ironically, was the Village People member who dressed as a cop, has had a number of drug-related run ins with the Californian police in the last year, at one time essentially on the run after breaking bail and failing to attend court hearings.

Police caught up with him last month, and on Monday at San Mateo County Court he pleaded no-contest to two of the three sets of charges against him (including drugs, weapons and probation violation charges) - no plea was entered for the third. He is now due back in court next week, when all three charges will be merged into one case.


Kanye West is to release a live album of his show at London's Abbey Road studios last year. The collection, set to be released on CD and DVD on 24 Apr and entitled 'Late Orchestration', will feature tracks from the hip hop star's two solo albums. The gig, which saw West backed by an orchestra of seventeen women and joined on stage by John Legend, was attended by an invite only audience of just 300 people that included celebrity guests such as Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles.

The tracklisting is as follows:

Diamonds From Sierra Leone
Touch The Sky
Crack Music
Drive Slow
Through The Wire
Workout Plan
Heard 'Em Say
All Falls Down
Bring Me Down
Jesus Walks
Gold Digger


Paul Weller is to release a double live album, recorded at London's Ally Pally last December and featuring songs from across the singer's career, some solo tracks and some Style Council and Jam songs. 'Catch - Flame!' is out on 12 Jun, tracklisting as follows:

The Weaver
Out Of The Sinking
Blink & You'll Miss It
Paper Smile
Peacock Suit
From The Floorboards Up
The Changingman
Going Places
Up In Suzie's Room
Porcelain Gods
I Walk On Gilded Splinters

The In Crowd
Come On/Lets Go
Foot Of The Mountain
You Do Something To Me
Wishing On A Star
Wild Wood
The Pebble And The Boy
Thats Entertainment
Broken Stones
Long Hot Summer
Shout To The Top
Town Called Malice


No, not that Prince. Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, is apparently to host a music festival in the grounds of Windsor Great Park to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Duke Of Edinburgh's Award scheme.

The Millets Live Life Loud Festival in aid of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award has been in the planning for two years. As well as featuring acts such as Sugababes, Craig David and Lemar, the 50,000 capacity event will feature an 'adventure village' dedicated to sports such as rock climbing. All proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Award scheme's charity for young people. Meanwhile, non-name acts are being offered the chance to apply for a performance slot, with artists being asked to send in a demo to a judging panel.

Prince Edward says: "It is very exciting for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award's 50th Anniversary to be hosting what will be an incredible event in Windsor Great Park. With the unique combination of great music and the Adventure Village, I am sure the event will be a memorable experience. I look forward to being there."

Sugababes say: "It's quite an honour to be invited by HRH Prince Edward to perform in front of Windsor Castle. We can't wait to meet him and thank him ourselves as we've heard he's quite cheeky."

The festival is set to take place on 22 and 23 Jul. Day tickets are £35 and weekend tickets are £60, and can be purchased from


Super-buzzers Jose Gonzales and Corinne Bailey Rae are amongst the latest additions to this year's T In The Park line-up. Also added to the bill are Death Cab For Cutie, The Subways and The Futureheads. The event takes place as planned, in spite of dead swans, from 8 - 9 Jul.


Teenage Fanclub and Hundred Eyes have joined the line-up for this year's All Tomorrows Parties United Sounds Of ATP weekends. As implied by the previous sentence, the events take place over two weekends and are curated by six guests, all taking on a day each; this year Mudhoney, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Devendra Banhart Dinosaur Jr, Sleater-Kinney and The Shins have all been busy lining up the acts. It all takes place at the Camber Sands Holiday park from 12-14 May and from 19-21 May. Here's the full line up for your information; if you want more go to

12-14 May
Friday 12: Mudhoney, Black Mountain, The Scientists, The Drones, Country Teasers, Comets on Fire, David Dondero, Jon Wahl & The Amadans, Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee, The Flesh Eaters, Mark Pickerel, Holly Golightly

Saturday 13: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on The Radio, Ex-Models, Celebration, Blood Brothers, The Liars, Imaginary Folk, Tall Boys, Oneida, Magik Markers, Services, Zusammenn, Hundred Eyes

Sunday 14: Devendra Banhart, Espers, Vetiver, Bat For Lashes, The Metallic Falcons, Jana Hunter, Vashti Bunyan, Danielle Stech-Homsy, Bert Jansch, The Watts Prophets, Tarantula AD, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Jandek

19-21 May

Friday 19: Dinosaur Jr, Dead Meadow, Bevis Frond, Broken Social Scene, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Lilys, Magik Markers, Eater, Herman Dune,Mt Eerie/The Microphones, Mission Of Burma, Teenage Fanclub

Saturday 20: Sleater Kinney, The Gossip, David Cross (MC), Spoon, The Boredoms, Lightning Bolt, Joanna Newsom, Radar Bros, The 1990's, Edith Frost, The Fiery Furnaces, The Black Heart Procession

Sunday 21: The Shins, New Pornographers, The Decemberists, Clinic, Big Business, Triangle, Destroyer, The Black Keys, Dungen, Elf Power, Electrelane


Gomez, who, as we reported a couple of days back, are to appear at this year's Summer Sundae (mmmm, sundaes) have announced details of a tour in support of their new material. A new album, 'How To Operate' is out on 29 May, preceded by a single 'Girlhshapedlovedrug' on 22 May. The tour dates are as follows:

5 Jun: Bristol, Academy
6 Jun: Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
7 Jun: Liverpool, Academy
8 Jun: Manchester, Ritz Ballroom
9 Jun: Leeds, Metro Uni
11 Jun: Glasgow, QMU/ABC
12 Jun: Newcastle, Academy
13 Jun: Sheffield,k Leadmill
14 Jun: London, Shepherd's Bush Empire


American CMU favourites We Are Scientists, who're just at the end of a UK tour, have spoken to about their time on the road, and said that their recent dates have felt like a 'homecoming' - vocalist Keith Murray saying: "It feels like a homecoming except it's not our home and they [the fans] won't have us. Other than that it's been the warmest possible homecoming."

On their performance at Birmingham Academy he added: "The show in Birmingham was a riot. The crowd were out of control. I think the riot police were gonna come in and club them all," he joked, "[but] luckily with a few kind words I got them to stop tearing each other's innards out. It always feels good for people to feel endangered because of us but it's better to become heroes by stopping them. We sort of get to play both cards."


A couple of release dates for your diary. Trabant have confirmed their new album 'Emotional' will be released via Southern Fried on 26 Jun. A single, 'The One', will be released on 19 Jun, including remixes from The Filthy Dukes and Para One, with live dates also expected to be announced. Press info from Darling.


Talking of things being released on 26 Jun, that long awaited (well, I've been longly awaiting it, even if you haven't) debut long player from the Freelance Hellraiser will be released that day too. Hurrah. 'Waiting For Clearance' will be released via SonyBMG imprint Ugly Truth and includes collaborations with Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody, Iain Archer, Jacknife Lee and Jan Hammer. Going by the recent single and album sampler we've got here, it'll be pretty damn good. Get on the phone to Darling now to make sure you're on the list for a promo copy - then review it to high heaven or play it to death, depending on your remit.


Dot Allison's been busy working on new material and from what we hear it is (a) a bit different from her past stuff and (b) rather good. You can check some of it out via her website at, or you can get down to The Barfly in Camden on Easter Monday where she'll be playing it all live. Press info from Smash Press.


Jordan and Peter Andre are planning to release an album of duets, according to The Sun. The alleged long player is set to feature their own new material as well as some covers. A 'source' said: "Peter and Katie are deadly serious about making a proper chart assault as a pop duo. Peter has been writing a lot recently and came up with material he wanted to perform with Katie. They want to release the album this year and go on tour before Christmas. Who knows, they might even have a go at landing the Christmas No1."


It's not really shocking, I just liked the timbre of that headline. According to Planet Sound, Jarvis Cocker has revealed that there's a whole lot of swearing in his soon to be released solo album, and Cocker says it's important to the sense of the material.

The singer said: "There's a lot of swearing in the lyrics. One songs is called 'Cunts Are Still Running The World.' I hate it when people say swearing is the sign of a limited vocabulary. If you use a swear word well, it is big and clever." He's not wrong, you know.

On the sound of his new material he added: "It sounds different to Pulp but it's bound to be similar because my horrible voice is all over it."


SINGLE REVIEW: Bat For Lashes - The Wizard (Drowned In Sound Recordings)
Bat For Lashes is a young lady from Brighton named Natasha Khan. She's currently recording her debut album with David Kosten from Faultline, and this track will most likely appear on it. 'The Wizard' is pretty hard to concentrate on. It starts quietly, rambles Bjorkily (is that a word?) along for a bit, then ends as quietly as it begins. That's pretty much it - pleasant and inoffensive. It'll please anyone who's a big fan of the aforementioned Bjork, or Kate Bush in her least mad mode, but does this really need a single release? Why not just spend that bit more promoting the album instead? DG
Release Date: 8 May
Press Contact: Dog Day Press [all]


Six leading Canadian independent record companies have left the Canadian Recording Industry Association over disagreements about radio content rules and grant programmes for emerging artists, with some claiming the trade organisation favours the interests of its major label members over those of the independents.

Representatives for Nettwerk Records, Aquarius Records, the Children's Group, Linus Entertainment, Anthem Records and True North Records say that the CRIA should be aiming higher as they negotiate with government and the radio sector over what quota of music played by Canadian radio stations comes from Canadian artists. The quota currently stands at 35%. The CRIA says it is happy to stay with that figure, but that it is looking for a review of how the quota system works to benefit new artists. But the independents say that the industry association should actually be looking to push up the quota to 45%.

In a group letter to CRIA president Graham Henderson, the six record companies write: "It has become increasingly clear over the past few months that CRIA's position on several important music industry issues are not aligned with our best interests as independent recording companies".

Ric Arboit of Nettwerk Records added: "[CRIA is] looking out for their best interest, and their best interest is multinationals that are not Canadian".

The six independents will now look to the Canadian Independent Record Production Association to represent their interests on the radio quota issue. Henderson, meanwhile, avoided hitting back at the deserting record companies, instead admitting: "Life in Canada for the music industry used to be a lot simpler, and it was possible for CRIA to have both major and indie members".


MTV have announced that they have nicked Radio 1's music strategy bloke Chris Price to take on the role of Head Of Music Programming for all nine of the network's UK channels, including MTV, VH1 and TMF. In his new role Price will be "responsible for maintaining and strengthening distinct music policy across the various MTV Networks distribution platforms, developing long-term music strategies, and leading the seven-strong Music Programming team in determining playlists and scheduling the networks' music programming".

Confirming the new appointment, which will kick off early next month, MTV UK's VP Talent & Artist Relations told reporters: "We are delighted that Chris will be joining the team and believe his unrivalled industry reputation and immense expertise will be an asset to our network. Like all broadcasters, we are facing a changing media landscape, and Chris, myself and the team will be working hard to deliver a music strategy that leads and innovates in the multi-platform TV environment"

Insisting there were no hard feelings, Radio 1 boss Andy Parfitt added: "We're all sorry to see Chris go, he is a talented member of our music team, but this is a great opportunity for him and a testament to the talented people within Radio 1"

Price himself said: "For the past five years I've had the great privilege of helping shape the music policy of the most respected name in music radio. The opportunity of transferring what I've learned to the biggest name in music television is one that I relish, and I looking forward to getting my hands on MTV's fine portfolio of channels"


Sue Lawley has announced that she is leaving Radio 4 institution 'Desert Island Discs', after eighteen years in the interviewers chair. As a Radio 4 listener, I would assume that you all know what this programme is, then again, you young people might not, so I'll tell you: it's that show where guests choose the top eight songs they'd take with them if they had to be marooned on a desert island, as well as undergoing a sometimes rigorous interview.

Names being gossiped about as a possible replacement include Jeremy Paxman, Andrew Marr, Jonathan Dimbleby and Fi Glover. Lawley said: "It is one of the best jobs in broadcasting. But it has dominated my professional life and I feel the time has come to concentrate on other aspects of broadcasting and maybe a bit of business too. I've had more than 18 very happy years and have talked to some extraordinary people."


More from the ever growing file marked 'music retailers - declining sales reports'. WH Smith yesterday reported that sales had fallen by 3% in the last six months, though on the upside, pre-tax profits were actually up 4%. Management at the books-news-stationery-and-music retailer said that those figures reflected "the continued tough trading environment and our strategy not to chase unprofitable sales".

WH Smith boss Kate Swan, who also announced that the company plan to split their retail and newspaper/magazine distribution operations into separate businesses, said: "Overall, we continue to be cautious about consumer spending, however, we remain confident in the outcome for the full year".

As has become the tradition in the retail sector, the publication of the latest figures led to speculation WH Smith was looking to be taken over or, at least, to sell either its retail or distribution arm. However Swan said there were no specific sale or takeover plans on the table, though, of course, never say never - Swan: "If somebody wants to put a large amount of money on the table, we will take that seriously".


I feel mean making a pun out of that headline when something nasty has happened to them, but I couldn't help it because I'm a bad, bad person. Arab Strap have had $6000 dollars cash stolen from them whilst on their US tour. The band and crew were apparently in a restaurant at the weekend when the cash was stolen from a bag.

Tour manager Teresa Murray said: "The band and I were at Nick's Roast Beef Restaurant and I forgot my purse at the table and when I returned to the restaurant, all the money was gone." Transdreamer Records' Sally Pye added: "It's a sad day when these things happen. It's so difficult for bands to tour these days and it's literally all of the money for the tour. Hopefully, we will find the thief."


Primal Scream man Bobby Gillespie has denied apparent suggestions in this week's NME that he is a Nazi, after he was accused of giving a Nazi salute during his band's live performance at Glastonbury last year.

Gillespie says: "Did I give a Nazi salute? I don't know, you tell me! If you look at the things we've done in the past like benefits for Satpal Ram [jailed for life after defending himself against racist attackers in Birmingham], the Liverpool dockers, the Palestine refugee children, you'll know what my politics are. I'm no fuckin' Nazi."


According to gossip rag Closer, those recent Madonna-marriage-in-trouble rumours are true. They quote Guy Ritchie's Dad, John Ritchie, who is said to have explained that a recent decision to move back to the US has helped them over the worst of it.

Ritchie senior apparently said: "They have put everything behind them and have gone to LA to enjoy themselves. They're able to go home at night and be together. They both want to see the children. They are going to have a good time out there and be a family. I hope that they still love each other. But to be honest, I just don't know that they do."

Elsewhere he's quoted as saying: "It's the children that will keep them together. The children are everything to them. LA seems to have helped them. It's easier out there because there is less pressure. They seem to have left the bumps they were having over here behind them."


Ahem. Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne has said that he quite likes Gwen Stefani, who gets a mention in the band's current album release 'At War With The Mystics', but is a bit repulsed by her husband - Gavin Rossdale - or at least by his (former?) band, Bush.

Coyne said: "Gwen sort of has a perkiness and a smartness that's pleasant. We've always said the worst thing about her is that she's married to the guy from Bush. I'm sure he's a nice guy, but his band is so repulsive."


A spokesman for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline has said that the couple are not under investigation following a visit by child protection officers to their home.

The reason for the visit seems to relate to an incident in which Spears' son, Sean Preston, fell from his high chair whilst in the care of a nanny, at the star's Malibu home. The singer apparently became concerned that the child had sustained a head injury when she noticed that he seemed ill and sleepy, and took him to hospital. It's thought that he had indeed suffered a trauma to the head, but is now back at home with his parents.

The subsequent visit by authorities is a normal procedure when a child is admitted to hospital. Spokesman Marty Singer explained that "they determined that the parents were not involved in any injury and nothing improper was done in the home," adding that the Department of Children and Family Services have concluded that there was "no problem".

Debra Glafkides of the sheriff's department confirmed: "It's a very standard, routine patrol request. We just roll out with them. We stood by, we took no action, no report or anything."


Well, we were doing such a good job showing how disinterested we were in yesterday's 'Chantelle and Preston to marry' exclusive on the front page of the Sun, that we forgot to mention it in the Daily. But we don't like to rush into things too hastily here at CMU - sometimes it's better to sit back and think about things before throwing together that 'and finally' story.

Employing such reserve is clearly not something that's occurred to the Ordinary Boy and Celeb Big Brother winner though, given that the couple have apparently become engaged mere months after meeting on the reality show.

Houghton apparently announced the news to reporters at an award ceremony in London on Tuesday, telling Sky News: "I'm feeling like the happiest girl in the world. Preston asked me last night to marry him and I accepted. I didn't have to think about it for a minute."

That said, according to The Sun, Preston proposed to his ex, Camille Aznar, following his release from the Big Brother house, what seemed like mere minutes before he ended their relationship, which would indicate that he doesn't take such proposals terribly seriously. Not that CMU would ever pass that kind of judgement on anyone, obviously. Well, not without thinking about it properly first.



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