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In today's CMU Daily:
- Government promote code of conduct for ticket agencies
- Canadian artists form coalition against the CRIA
- Jackson label says 50 Cent press release a fake
- 50 Cent supporting healthy eating campaign
- Shyne allowed seized monies for legal representation
- Keane came close to splitting
- We Are Scientists tour
- RHCP confirm tour support
- Love Music Hate Racism gig launched
- Man escapes serious injury after 20 ft fall at Charlatans gig
- AIM Digital man steps down
- Shadders fanzine launches website
- Depp being considered to play Hutchence
- Tarantino reportedly directing Hendrix biopic
- Williams dance album apparently in the pipeline
- Gary wants Church for Lulu bit
- Britney pregnant again?


This year's Encompass festival is getting closer, and having reported a while back on some of the musical highlights you can expect from this year's bash, we're pleased to announce what will be going down at the 'talks' bit of the proceedings. These events, which take place at Shoreditch Town Hall on Saturday 13 May, are not only aimed at people interesting in making or working in music, but at anyone interested in hearing from and meeting some of the key figures behind London's music heritage. Sessions include an interview with Fabric founder Keith Reilly and Fabric resident Craig Richards, who will be discussing the origins, history and successes of the iconic London club with Time Out's Dave Swindells. Next up Wall Of Sound man Mark Jones will be looking into his label's long history as one of London's finest dance orientated indies, with his first signing, Mekon, and the production genius that is Jagz Kooner joining him on the panel. Finally, and talking about geniuses, Mr Don Letts will be in the house to present his latest music documentary Punk:Attitude, and to take part in a Q&A session which, given that Mr Letts is without doubt one of the most interesting men to have ever worked in London's music scene, is definitely a must-go event. I am telling you all this here in the good old Top Bit because we will be giving away tickets to all of the workshop events on the CMU Beats website next week - so keep any eye on your Daily for more information. Meantime, you'll find the full lowdown on all things Encompass at, with press info coming from ePM.



SOUND STATION FESTIVAL... A brand new music festival is launching in Birmingham in May. The Sound Station Festival will be the first UK festival to offer equal weighting to the live dance music genres. The format of Sound Station is a ground breaking collection of styles, with a clear focus on new, exciting indie/rock talent and credible, leftfield dance DJs and acts.

More info:



Talita, standing in for Chris Dale From The Pop Troupe Sack Trick, talks to Progam The Dead, a Los Angeles band currently touring the UK ('Helldrive', 3-6pm). Listen live at



MySpace Of The Day: Max Sedgley
So why, exactly, is Mr Max Sedgley at the forefront of my mind. Well, I was reliably informed yesterday that the long awaited (well I've been waiting a long time) debut album from the man himself will finally reach us in late June, which is very exciting. I heard an early cut of it a few months back, and I have to say on the back of that I'm hotly anticipating the final product. Max, of course, is still probably best known for his track 'Happy' which has been around forever but still sounds feckin marvelous when listened to afresh - in fact as the opening bars started to play as my computer loaded his MySpace page I started to feel not sure Spring like, but positively summery. But 'Happy' isn't the only track here, so if that is the only one you've heard so far I suggest you scoot on over to check out the other ones included in the jukebox thingy. And presumably if you add this page to your favourites, as soon as that late June release date is confirmed details will be posted there. Of course details will be included here in the Daily too, but the MySpace includes live dates as well, and I can confirm a live Max Sedgley show is well worth a visit.

Read more about our MySpace of the Day, plus check out CMU's preview of Carling Live 24 right now at


The government is encouraging music, theatre and sport ticket agents to adopt a new code of conduct in a bid to stamp out ticket touts. The launch of the code follows those previously reported concerns among event promoters about the growing number of tickets touts, and the increasingly large commissions they charge. Those concerns follow in particular the growth of online ticket touts and fears that agencies like the now defunct, who charged incredibly large commissions, are giving the whole live industry a bad reputation.

Speaking at a meeting of the live entertainments sector, Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell launched the code, warning that the rise of the ticket tout meant that live entertainment events were becoming "the preserve of people with bulging wallets". She added: "I want to see ticket agencies squeezing ticket touts out of business to protect genuine fans from being frozen out of the market".

The code is voluntary and doesn't aim to stop the reselling of tickets completely, for example it is felt genuine fans who buy tickets for an event but can then not attend should be able to sell their tickets on. However, it is hoped measures such as limiting the number of tickets individuals can buy, blacklisting known touts and ensuring legitimate agencies have effective returns policies will make it difficult for professional ticket touts to prosper.

Concert promoter Harvey Goldsmith, who has been particularly vocal in airing his concerns about ticket touts of late, agrees that some kind of industry code needs to be adopted, and says that the sector is close to reaching agreement on what that code should be. He told reporters: "We are edging towards coming up with a code of practice that everyone in the industry can subscribe to in order to control ticket touting".


More fun over there in Canada where the Canadian Recording Industry Association is having a very hard time of it - and all it wants to do is follow the lead set by the Recording Industry Association Of America, the BPI and other trade bodies in suing the pants of kids sharing music online.

Numerous leading Canadian artists yesterday leant their support to a new trade body called the Canadian Music Creators Coalition, which says it will lobby against the CRIA when it feels the music industry association isn't representing the artist community's collective interests. In a launch statement the new organisation told reporters: "Record companies and music publishers are not our enemies but let's be clear: lobbyists for major labels are looking out for their shareholders, and seldom speak for Canadian artists".

Among the artists signed up for the new coalition are Barenaked Ladies, Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan, Sum 41, Raine Maida (Our Lady Peace), Dave Bidini (Rheostatics), Billy Talent, Broken Social Scene, Sloan, Andrew Cash and Bob Wiseman (co-founder of Blue Rodeo).

The key area in which the new association takes issue with the CRIA is those previously reported proposals to alter Canadian copyright law to enable tougher action to be taken against people who share music online. Existing Canadian law has proved to be pretty weak in prohibiting file sharing, leading to calls by the CRIA, backed by the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry, for an overhaul of legislation. Those calls got some political support and a new bill was working its way through parliament, but was halted ahead of the country's election earlier this year - with its main advocate, Liberal MP Sarmite Bulte, losing her seat in that election.

The new Coalition, in opposition to the CRIA, is calling for future copyright reform proposals to be radically different from those previously considered. In particular they oppose proposals to make it easier for record labels to sue individuals for file sharing online or attempting to crack digital rights management technology.

The Coalition's statement continued: "We are the people who actually create Canadian music. Without us, there would be no music for copyright laws to protect. [The major record companies have] been suing our fans against our will, and laws enabling these suits cannot be justified in our names. The government should repeal provisions of the Copyright Act that allow labels to unfairly punish fans who share music for non-commercial purposes."

The new Coalition follows the decision of six Canadian independent record companies to quit the CRIA claiming that the interests of the major and independent record companies were no longer in tandem, and therefore couldn't be represented by one body. Although the specific issue that led to that split was new rules governing radio airplay regulations in Canada, the independent sector there, like the independent sector here, is known to generally oppose the suing of individual music fans of file sharing and the use of digital rights technology. In fact one of the six - Nettwerk Records - has been co-funding one American music fan's defence against an RIAA anti-file sharing law suit.

The CRIA are yet to respond, as far as we know, to the creation of the new Coalition. It remains to be seen if the new organisation proves to be a powerful body when lobbying for its kind of copyright reform. Also, whether similar artist-led organisations who oppose the major label's P2P and DRM strategies appear elsewhere.


Well, we said "who knows" about those new reports of a Michael Jackson/50 Cent collaboration yesterday, and what we now knows is that it aint happening. Not yet anyway.

According to MTV, the latest reports on the collaboration came about because of a press release that seemed to come from Two Seas Records, Jacko's new record company. That press release said that G-unit DJ Whoo Kid was working on a project that would see 50 Cent rapping on new tracks recorded by Michael Jackson. The release talked about a collaborative single release that also involved up and coming singer Lucy Diamonds, and further tracks that would appear on a mix tape being produced by Whoo Kid.

But it seems that press release was, in fact, a fake. Although the G-unit DJ has spoken to Jackson about the possibility of a collaboration with 50 Cent, it seems the projects described in that press release are not real. Responding to the release and subsequent media reports, Whoo Kid said yesterday: "I don't know who made that up. I don't know who Lucy Diamonds is."

A spokesman for Two Seas Records told reporters yesterday: "I do not know who put this story out, but it was certainly not us. As far as we are concerned, details regarding the recording of Michael Jackson's albums are being kept under wraps. We will not be making any comments as to who may or may not be working with Michael Jackson in the studio. We will not be making any announcements, nor will we be reacting to any speculation or reports in the media".

So now you know.


Anyway, 50 Cent is far too busy judging cookery competitions to be collaborating with Jacko. No really. The rapper is taking part in a new campaign to try to encourage American's youth (many of whom are rather large) to eat more healthily.

The campaign is being sponsored by Glaceau, a company partly owned by Fiddy that sells his grape-flavoured vitamin water drink, Formula 50. Students in cities across the US will be encouraged to compete to create the most "nutrient-rich" cafeteria lunch recipe, with a $100,000 college scholarship up for grabs for the winner.

Speaking about the campaign, Fiddy admitted he didn't use to be as healthy as he is now. "I had all of the unhealthy habits. Soda ... a lot of fast food, all those things". But today, he says, he exercises regularly and eats lots of nutritious meals - though he admitted the latter came courtesy of his personal chef. "I have someone that I can actually have prepare the food for me, so it's a huge difference than just getting McDonald's or Burger King". Ever the business man, he also stressed that he has switched from fizzy drinks to drinking Glaceau beverages which, he says, "is a better reflection of my lifestyle. I don't drink alcohol and I don't need an energy drink."


Elsewhere in the world of hip hop, jailed rapper Shyne has been granted a motion to release $100K in funds currently frozen under New York State's so called Son Of Sam law so that he can get himself legal representation for an upcoming civil lawsuit.

As I understand it, the Son Of Sam laws mean monies earned by celebrities through 'notoriety' relating to criminal offences are controlled by the state, and often passed on to victims of the crime. Therefore the $100K Shyne was this week given access to are monies raised by his commercial exploits while in prison, which are in the state's control.

The money will be used to hire lawyer Oscar Michelen to represent him in the upcoming civil lawsuit that relates to that shooting incident back in 1999 over which Shyne was indicted on attempted murder charges. The courts also ordered Shyne's former lawyers to hand over all relevant paperwork to Michelen so he can properly pursue the case on the rapper's behalf.


Turns out Keane came very close to splitting up while they worked on their up coming second album - but alas they pulled through - ah, so close. Hang on, I can't remember if we're championing or dissing Keane at the moment. Better get some balance. Good news folks, Keane came close to splitting while in the studio, but managed to pull through. Hurrah.

Anyway, all this relates to comments made by keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley who told MTV: "We had been through some big highs and big lows over the past two years, from playing Live 8 and Radio City Music Hall to being on a bus together, wanting to kill each other or escape from each other. If we had any sense, we would've taken a break, but we had this great idea to take all those emotions and head directly into the studio, and, well, it got really, really intense for a while. It got to the point where I was afraid that I would have to wake up the following morning and think about what I was going to do next. To suddenly realize that everything was disappearing was incredibly frightening. We all loved the music we were making so much, but when you're dealing with things that were really personal to all of us, when you immerse yourself in the emotions we were writing about, it can't help but bring up bad things."

But the band decided the best way to overcome the tensions was to just get on with it. Rice-Oxley: "We certainly did lots of talking, but basically we just put our heads down and plowed through. And slowly we all realized that none of us wanted this band to end."

And praise/curse the Lord for that (take your pick).


We Are Scientists are going on a UK tour in the Autumn, to all these lovely places.

20 Oct: Norwich UEA
21 Oct: Sheffield Octagon
22 Oct: Manchester Apollo
23 Oct: Leeds University
24 Oct: Newcastle Academy
25 Oct: Aberdeen Music Hall
26 Oct: Glasgow Academy
1 Nov: Cardiff University
2 Nov: Reading Hexagon
3 Nov: Birmingham Academy
4 Nov: Nottingham Rock City
5 Nov: Bristol Academy
6 Nov: Exeter University
7 Nov: Southampton Guildhall
9 Nov: London Brixton Academy


Red Hot Chili Peppers have confirmed that !!!, Dirty Pretty Things, Ben Harper and Goldfrapp will be supporting them on their up coming tour. Dates as follows - most already sold out though (all those marked with an * in fact).

30 Jun: Ipswich Portman Road* - Support !!! Plus Dirty Pretty Things
2 Jul: Coventry Ricoh Arena- Support !!! Plus Dirty Pretty Things
3 Jul: Reading Madejski Stadium* - Support !!! Plus Ben Harper
5 Jul: Derby Pride Park Stadium - Support !!! Plus Goldfrapp
6 Jul: Sheffield Don Valley Stadium - Support !!! Plus Ben Harper
11 Jul: Manchester Men Arena*- Support !!!
12 Jul: Manchester Men Arena*- Support !!!
14 Jul: London Earls Court*- Support !!!
15 Jul: London Earls Court*- Support !!!
17 Jul: London Earls Court*- Support !!!
18 Jul: London Earls Court*- Support !!!


A number of artists were in Trafalgar Square, London yesterday to officially launch the next Love Music Hate Racism benefit gig, which takes place there this Saturday, 29 Apr. Lethal Bizzle, The Specials' Jerry Dammers, the Roll Deep crew and The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster were all on hand to throw their support behind the gig, which will also include Belle & Sebastian, Boy Kill Boy and a number of high profile speakers on the bill when it takes place this weekend. The gig is timed to coincide with next week's local council elections, in a bid to encourage young voters to turn out and oppose any BNP candidates who may be standing in their area. More info on all this is at


A man fell 20 feet from a balcony at a Charlatans gig in Wolverhampton on Tuesday night but reports suggest that, despite the fact the gig goer fell on his head, he has actually avoided serious injury. Many fellow fans witnessed the incident, though it wasn't seen from the stage, where the band continued with their set without interruption.

According to the NME, the man, from Walsall, toppled over the safety barrier at around 10.15pm, and was immediately taken to a local hospital, however he did not sustain any permanent damage. The Charlatans issued a statement regarding the incident yesterday, saying: "The band are really upset that an accident like this would happen at one of their gigs and they wish him all the best in his recovery."

It was the second medical related incident to happen at a gig this week. A pregnant woman went into early labour during the finale of Take That's comeback gig at the Newcastle Arena on Sunday, and sadly lost the baby. A spokeswoman for the Royal Victoria Infirmary, where the woman was taken, confirmed that the baby had died and that the mother remained "poorly".

A spokesman for Take That told reporters: "The band have been informed and they are extremely sorry. They will be passing on their condolences to the lady concerned."


James Kyllo has stepped down as General Manager of AIM Digital, a role he has filled since November 2004. He is leaving to set up a UK office for digital distribution firm Zebralution,

Confirming his departure, Kyllo told CMU: "I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at AIM and will continue to support it, as I have since its inception. I am now looking forward to the challenge and opportunity of working with a world class distributor".

AIM boss Alison Wenham added: "James has been a very able and valued member of the team. We are sorry to see him go and wish him the very best. We will announce our plans for the further development of AIM Digital in the near future."


Top Yorkshire/East Midlands based fanzine Shadders? On Me Lungs? Has gone all digital, launching their website at Online already are interviews with the likes of Battle, Athlete and Kaiser Chiefs plus loads of reviews and other stuff too. We suggest you go see.


Johnny Depp is apparently being considered to play Michael Hutchence in a biopic about the late INXS frontman. The film is being spearheaded by Hutchence's brother, Rhett, despite some opposition from other family members. British filmmaker and former INXS promo video director Nick Egan is also reportedly involved. Reports suggest Depp is among the names being considered for the lead, with Siena Miller, Naomi Watts and Rachel Griffiths on the short list to play Paula Yates.


Talking about musical biopics, reports say that Quentin Tarantino will direct a forthcoming film about Jimi Hendrix. Reports suggest this one is already several months into production, and again a sibling of the film's subject is involved - in this case Jimi's brother Leon. Shooting is expected to being later this year.


There were reports ages ago that Robbie Williams was recording dance tracks under a pseudonym, and to be honest with you I can't remember what came of them, if anything. But anyway, there are now new reports that Mr Williams has been working with various high-profile producers on a dance album, to be released under another name. Rumour has it the singer wants to leak the album in the early summer before an official release in August.

One of those 'sources' told The Sun: "Rob's last album 'Intensive Care' was much more rocky with heavy guitar riffs. Some people around him felt it might not have appealed so much to his camp pop audience. So he decided to do a dance album. Rob went into the studio with William Orbit to work on some tracks then also with Pet Shop Boys Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. He wanted the album to have really upbeat songs like the ones Kylie had on 'Fever', such as 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head'."


In almost related news - that is to say Take That news - word has it Gary Barlow wants Charlotte Church to appear at the groups' upcoming Cardiff concert, to sing Lulu's bit on 'Relight My Fire'. Apparently he told reporters: "How great would it be to get her to sing Lulu's bit when we play Cardiff? She's got a fantastic voice and it would be the perfect venue for her."


According to Us Weekly, Britney Spears is pregnant with her second child. Apparently more of those 'sources' confirmed the pregnancy after onlookers observed "a serious bump" after seeing the singer poolside in Las Vegas. No official word either way, as yet.

Elsewhere in Britney news, word has it Ms Spears has got rid of her son's nanny and intends to spend more time with him, in a bid to overcome recent press criticism of her mothering skills. A friend of Britney's apparently told US magazine In Touch: "She wanted to be a mother and thought she could snap her fingers and be the perfect mom. But Britney is learning the hard way that being a good mother is something you always have to work at".

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