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In today's CMU Daily:
- Warner knocked back EMI offer
- Glitter denies abuse again
- Dead man's family to sue Proof's estate
- Houston rapper Big Hawk shot dead
- Rock is UK's favourite, official
- Last Johnny Cash song to get release
- Album review: Crosbi - All In
- Ford enter ad and tour partnership with Clarkson
- RIAA target students again in anti-P2P battle
- Time Out launch New York guide Fischerspooner style
- Snow Patrol announce very big show
- Psapp announce UK tour
- Henry Rollins, GFJD added to Download
- Protest Out this Saturday
- Nolan back on stage after cancer scare
- Domino cancels signing session
- Englebert flies home for his birthday
- Jack White on Raconteurs
- Bowie fed up with music, apparently
- Diddy says 'it's me they want'


Woah, a bit late today aren't we? There's a very good reason for that. We won't bore you with the specifics or the details, we're all far too busy for that. Just rest assured, it was a very good reason. And, despite rumours to the contrary, it had nothing to do with one of the CMU editors trying to find an incredibly tenuous way to link into Delays. Like I'd need an excuse for bringing them up. But as it happens, I've got one. Delays are headlining the grand final of the 3/SUBtv Student Music Awards at ULU next Thursday, 11th May, which makes a night CMU would already be supporting even more damn exciting. You'll remember we ran same six question interviews with all the SMA finalists a few weeks back when they were playing at heats around the country. Well, all the clever online voting has now been done and we can confirm the five finalists to make it through to the final final are Hips Like Cinderella, Olympus Mons, Lotus Lullaby, Whisky Cats and The Wailing Jacks. They will all play at ULU next Thursday in the competition for the overall Student Band Of The Year title, and a load of prizes that seem to have escaped me for the time being. Though frankly the opportunity to watch Delays do their stuff after the competition bit is done is a good enough prize for me. Tickets are a fiver from, unless you know someone at SUBtv, 3 or NSMA who can blag you in. I know someone at all three, so I'll see you there thrice. Tomorrow we'll be plugging The Earlies in the Top Bit, promise.

PS: Big up Twentysixfeet - running too late to explain their rather cool exploits of last weekend just now, but will do tomorrow, promise.



KILL ALL HIPPIES MAY... Following the storming success of last month's Insomniacs Ball, the Kill All Hippies team are back at Shoreditch's 333 Club this Friday for London's best rock night. This month we have the wonderful The Pipettes headlining in the basement, with support from The Glass, plus DJ support from resident Jeff Automatic and guest DJ Julian (Whitey). On the ground floor is the Fully Comprehensive team, with resident Gavin Nugent plus Mark Beaumont (NME), Syrinx and Owen Hopkin (The Crimea). All takes place this Friday (5 May) from 10pm to 5am at the 333 Club in Shoreditch - tickets are a tenner on the door, or a fiver if you guest list in advance at

More info:



Diamond Dave will be talking to his old pals Therapy? (6-9pm). Listen live at



THE GREAT ESCAPE: You know the deal by now - three great days in Brighton offering an unrivalled programme of one to one interviews with leading industry figures, including Michael Eavis, ie Music's Tim Clark and David Enthoven and, just added, EMI CEO Tony Wadsworth, plus more great gigs and showcases than you can possibly imagine including The Futureheads, British Sea Power, The Kooks, The Bees, The Feeling, The Cribs and Martha Wainwright. It all takes place 18-20 May - full details at - plus if you work for an independent or grass roots media or music company, or in the college space, email [email protected] and we'll tell you how you can get a full delegates pass for the very special rate of £175.



Win tickets to Encompass
CMU Beats has tickets to give away that will get you into all three of the great workshop events being staged as part of Encompass on 13 May. As previously reported, these include sessions with Fabric founder Keith Reilly, Wall Of Sound founder Mark Jones and the legend that is Don Letts. More info at - and check later today to enter.

MySpace Of The Day: Joseph Arthur
You know, to be honest, I'm not sure I believe that there can be many CMU readers who aren't yet aware of the skill of Joseph Arthur, given the fact that you're such a mightily discerning bunch. But, in the unlikely event that Joseph Arthur has slipped by your radar without causing so much as a blip, here's where to get acquainted with this rather talented songwriter. The track that turned me on to Joseph Arthur is here - 'The Honey And The Moon' - it's a winner, I promise you; you possibly need to listen to it a couple of times to be drawn into it fully, but once you're there, there's no going back. That's not all of course; it's accompanied by a couple of tracks from Arthur's brilliant 2005 release 'Our Shadows Will Remain.'

Read more about our MySpace of the Day right now at


According to Reuters, EMI has said it has had a takeover proposal knocked back by Warner Music. As previously reported again and again and again, rumours remain in both the music business and investment circles about the possibility of a merger between the two smaller major record companies - a merger required, some say, to enable either company to compete with Universal Music and SonyBMG.

Those rumours became more prevalent a couple of weeks back, most possibly as news that EMI was about to make an offer to Warner Music leaked out of the boardroom. EMI reports that in the end it offered $28.50 per Warner Music share, but Edgar Bronfman Jnr and the other senior equity players at the US based major declined on the London record company's offer.

However EMI says that it still thinks a Warner EMI merger or, rather, an EMI takeover of Warner Music, is still a possibility - mainly based on the continuing support for such a move in the City. Bronfman Jnr himself is said to have been considering some kind of merger with EMI of late, and it is much more likely that he disapproved of the specifics of the latest EMI proposal, rather than the actual concept of merging with, or even selling out to, EMI.


Following the news that Gary Glitter's appeal against his conviction for child molestation is to come to court later this month, the singer, real name Paul Gadd, has reiterated his claims of innocence in a new interview with the BBC, his first since he was found guilty of sex abuse back in March.

Glitter, asked if he had ever had sex with an underage girl, said: "Not to my knowledge that she's been underage. No, I have not. I know the line to cross. It was only recently that I found out that underage is 18 in this country, OK, but I don't believe that I slept with anyone under 18."

He did not, however, deny having slept in a bed with minors. Asked if he thought it was okay to sleep with an eleven year old girl, he said: "I'm a father, so from time to time these things happen. Your daughter will come into your bed in the night because she's scared or something like that. This happened in this case over here. She was scared of ghosts, so under pressure I said OK."

Glitter also revisited his claims that his conviction is the result of a conspiracy by the British media, saying that they persisted in tracking him all over the world following his UK conviction for downloading child pornography from the internet back in 1999, and stating that his recent trouble began because a journalist managed to find him in his new home of Vung Tau. "I felt after I left prison in England that maybe there was a slim chance I could put my life back on track and have a career," he said. "I'm not a paedophile - I came to Cambodia because I read a book about the Mekong. I wanted to see if there was somewhere I could live, I love the sunshine, that's the very reason."

On future plans he added: "The only thing I think about is trying to win the appeal and trying to put some honour and dignity back to my family, my friends and the fans who've supported me all this time."

Commenting on the content of the interview, Christine Beddoe, director of End Child Prostitution, Pornography and Trafficking (Ecpat), said: "His comments must be placed within the context of a much longer history of child abuse. He is trying to minimise what he has done, but the girls gave a clear account of their experiences. We need to make sure we do not minimise the evidence given by the victims in this case. We must allow children to tell their story and not just have the words of Gadd."

The BBC have since been forced to defend the interview, after receiving 232 complaints about the decision to air it on the 1 O'clock News and on subsequent reports.


The family of Keith Bender - the man said by police to have been shot by D12 rapper Proof in the incident that claimed both of their lives - are to sue the estate of the Detroit hip-hop artist, real name Deshaun Holton, for wrongful death. All indications are that Holton was the primary aggressor in the incident, and now Bender's wife Jacqueline and mother Leona have brought the legal action claiming that Proof "violently assaulted and battered" their late family member, and ultimately shot him dead.

Holton was, of course, best friends with Eminem, and received a number of tributes from a variety of his hip hop peers, Eminem included, following his death. Michael Cafferty, a lawyer for Mr Bender's family says: "It is shameful that Mr Holton is being lauded as a hero and martyr. In fact, it was his own criminalistic conduct that not only led to his death, but took the life of an honourable, innocent man."


And sadly, on to more deaths in the hip hop community. Houston rapper Big Hawk, real name John Edward Hawkins, was killed in a shooting incident on Monday evening. Police say that Hawkins was shot several times and died at the scene, also confirming that their only lead on the incident is that provided by a witness who claims to have seen a white car nearby, shortly after the killing took place.

Hawk, who was 36 years old, was a member of the late DJ Screw's rap collective the Screwed Up Click, and was also sibling to Fat Pat, so called 'Biggie of the South', who was similarly gunned down back in 1998, just ahead of the release of his debut album.


According to new figures released by the BPI, rock is the UK's favourite genre. So, now you know.

A statement released by the organisation this morning revealed that a record 31,291 new albums were released across over 16 official genres in the UK last year (that, by the way, is more than double the amount of new long players released in 1996), and of those releases, it was rock that came out top, enjoying a 36.2% share of the albums market and also gaining a best-ever 23.5% market share in singles.

The figures also reveal a growth in the success of British bands, with seven out of the top ten rock albums and nine of the top ten rock singles, in 2005, coming from homegrown talent. Over all, British artists accounted for 49.4% of 2005's album sales, its highest share since 1998. Pop, of course, remains dominant in the singles market, but recent releases from the likes of Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs and Oasis helped contemporary rock increase its share of the singles and albums market last year.

BPI chairman Peter Jamieson said: "Few businesses offer so much choice to the consumer as the record industry does to the music fan. Record companies support a hugely diverse range of genres. But ultimately it's the music fan who decides what's successful. Last year they decided by some margin that 2005 was predominantly a year of home-grown British rock bands."

But all you rock fans out there, don't get too excited. MOR is on the up too, boosted by acts such as Il Divo and evil tulip-woman Katie Melua.


'Like The 309', the final song written by the legendary Johnny Cash, is set to be released on the latest posthumous album 'American V: A Hundred Highways'. The contents of the album were recorded with producer Rick Rubin in the months prior to Cash's death back in September of 2003. A further track written by the singer, 'I Came To Believe', which was written earlier in his career and deals with the subjects of addiction and salvation will also be included on the long player.

Rubin has said in a statement: "These songs are Johnny's final statement. They are the truest reflection of the music that was central to his life at the time. This is the music that Johnny wanted us to hear. I think that 'American V' may be my favourite of all of the albums in the American series. It's different from the others, it has a much different character. I think that this is as strong an album as Johnny ever made."


ALBUM REVIEW: Crosbi - All In (Split Records)
You would think you were listening to an old Oasis record circa 1994 when this album begins playing. It carries a Brit pop heart with its swirling, slow strings and yearning lyrics. So another very English, very indie band indeed. Say hello to the quintet who hope to put the town of Wrexham permanently on the music map. They are brothers Andy on vocals and Steve on guitar, other brothers Ben on drums and Simon on keyboard, not forgetting bezzie mate Jamie on bass. The songs are catchy enough, moving from strangely Cranberries like vocals on 'Helayou', which is quintessentially English with its offbeat song writing, to the deeper, majestic 'She Got Soul'. The mood of foot stomping bass and uplifting strings continues into 'Hope You Remember'. Overall there is enough here to be okay - another shout-along, head swinging bedroom soundtrack for the indie kids. But is it me or is the lead singer's voice just a little bit grating? It works okay on a few tracks but mostly detracts from a record that, otherwise, has all it needs to be an all right English anthem-making product. RM
Release Date: 17 Jul
Press Contact: Split Records [all]


The Ford Motor Company has entered into a marketing partnership with former American Idol, and double Grammy winner, Kelly Clarkson, which will see a new track from the singer used for a TV ad campaign for the car firm in the US, as well as brand sponsorship on Clarkson's upcoming summer tour. The ad featuring Clarkson's song debuted earlier this week, aptly during American Idol.

The tour sponsorship will see Ford named the 'exclusive automotive sponsor' of Clarkson's up coming Live Nation promoted Addicted tour, which will visit 24 US cities over the summer. Among a number of Ford related promotions associated with the tour, ticket holders will be encouraged to enter a competition to win a Ford vehicle.

Clarkson's label, SonyBMG's RCA, says there are currently no plans to release the track used in the ad, 'Go', nor to service it to radio.


The Recording Industry Association Of America is again targeting students in its ongoing campaign against illegal file sharing. The RIAA, and movie industry trade body the MPAA, are calling on colleges to filter traffic on their networks to combat what the two associations call the "ever evolving problem" of illegal file sharing on campus.

In the latest stage of their anti-P2P campaign the RIAA has written to 40 universities in 25 states highlighting continuing "piracy problems" on their computer networks. While acknowledging that many colleges had already made efforts to curb copyright violation among their respective student populations, the trade body says more needs to be done.

RIAA President Cary Sherman told reporters: "Campus Lan piracy is not new, yet the problem has taken on new urgency. As we prioritise our focus on campus Lan piracy in the coming year, we hope administrators will take this opportunity to fully evaluate their systems and take action to stop theft by all means."


Time Out this week launch a rather cool new CD/DVD set thing which provides an alternative guide to New York through the eyes and ears of FischerSpooner - that is to say that in the 'Time Out Presents The Other Side New York' dual disc release you will get a video guide to the 'other side' of NYC courtesy of Casey Spooner on the DVD side, and an alternative soundtrack to the city courtesy of FischerSpooner on the CD side.

It's the first of a series of similar releases where cool music types will provide a musical and alternative tourist insight into a leading city - London and Paris are next. Meantime, if you fancy watching a bit of Mr Spooner guiding you around the establishments of New York City, try one of these preview links. Press info on all of this comes from Nile On.

Graffiti NYC Stylee

Record Store Clip

Sneakerstore Clip


Snow Patrol have announced that they are to make a T On The Fringe appearance at the Edinburgh Festival this year, and it's going to be their biggest ever headlining performance - they'll appear at the city's 16,000 capacity Meadowbank Stadium on 25 Aug. I'll be in Edinburgh then of course. Bet you I'll be too busy to go, however.

Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday.


Psapp (it's pronounced Psapp) have announced four UK tour dates for later this month. The gigs will coincide with the release of their second album 'The Only Thing I Ever Wanted' on 22 May.

26 May: Gateshead, Sage
27 May: Glasgow, Tron Theatre
30 May: London, The Spitz
31 May: Manchester, Roadhouse


The latest additions to the Download festival have been announced and they include Henry Rollins and Gay For Johnny Depp. Other newly confirmed acts include Sintuition, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and Evergrey.

The festival, of course, takes place at Donington Park on 9, 10 and 11 Jun, but organisers last week announced a series of pre-festival club nights, at which festival tickets will be up for grabs, as well as other prizes such as T-shirts, CD's, posters, stickers and badges. Dates as follows:

5 May: Wolverhampton, Generation @ The Wulfrun (From 7pm)
6 May: Birmingham, Teen Culture @ The Academy (From 5pm)
7 May: London, Subverse @ The Underworld (From 2pm)


Following on from our Top Bit, another ULU gig for your diaries, though this one comes sooner - this Saturday night in fact. It's the launch of a new night which aims to tour colleges around the UK introducing the college massive to great new bands. It's called Protest OUT and kicks off this Saturday, 6 May, at ULU with a night featuring Ladyfuzz, the very buzzy very good Cazals, CMU favourite Akira The Don and Mr Hudson & The Library, plus our good friend Eddy TM on the decks. Doors 7pm, runs till 2am. Tickets are £8 (£5 concessions). More info from


Nolan sister Linda Nolan has returned to the stage and her role in musical Blood Brothers following her recent breast cancer diagnosis. As previously reported, the singer's condition was revealed back in February, as she was approaching her 47th birthday. She has since undergone surgery to remove eleven cancerous lymph nodes and a four inch tumour, and will now be fitting her chemotherapy around her touring commitments.

Speaking whilst at Bournemouth's Pavilion Theatre on the current leg of the musical's UK tour, she said: "The opening night was fabulous. I was nervous but it was great. I was welcomed back with open arms. Ten weeks ago I had my operation. I haven't had the all clear yet, but the signs are all great. It's devastating for any person diagnosed with this illness but you just have to be positive and get on with it. I had great support from family, friends, my husband and support from people I don't even know because of the business I am in."


Fats Domino has been forced to cancel an appearance at an autograph signing session in New Orleans aimed at raising money for victims of Hurricane Katrina due to ill health. The 78 year old musician decided to rest after feeling unwell prior to the charity event, but is expected to appear as scheduled at the previously reported New Orleans Jazz Festival this weekend. A spokesperson said: "It's not any major ailment, but he wanted to rest up for Sunday. He's not feeling well, and his first priority is getting ready for Jazz Fest."


Englebert Humperdinck flew to the UK this week to celebrate his 70th Birthday with friends and family in his home town of Leicester. He arrived directly from Las Vegas, where he was performing at the weekend, and says he has no intention to retire from his 120 date a year touring schedule at any time soon.

The singer says: "I have no concept of time. I'm really excited about what lies ahead. I'm sure there's going to be a sequel to my autobiography, I look at people who have turned 70 and I think I don't feel that way. I mean, I still dance around on stage and my voice is still strong and everyone in the audience is still screaming. Some artists might say it's exhausting. I say it's nothing, a spit in the ocean. I love my job."


Coca Cola sell-out Jack White has spoken to NME about the proposed longevity of his Raconteurs project. White says: "This is very much a long-term project for me. I always do what's comfortable to me. I always do what feels right. This record happened because I was passionate about doing it, and it's very much long-term for me. Besides, I could never shoot the bass player in The White Stripes - this band gives me the opportunity."


According to the New York Metro, David Bowie is to take a year off from music as he's bored of it all. The singer said: "I'm fed up with the industry and I've been fed up for quite sometime. I'm taking a year off, no touring, no albums. I go for a walk every morning, and I watch a ton of movies. One day, I watched three Woody Allen movies in a row."

Bowie added that he has no interest in writing for musicals, quashing rumours that he is involved with a new Broadway production about Bruce Lee, saying: "I might do opera. But I don't have a musical in me, much less a vampire musical."


Diddy (hope you're all still remembering to drop the P) has had a go at people who try to be like him. Talking exclusively to MTV, Diddy said: "There's a lot of guys walking around looking like me. They got my shades on, my suits on; you know the fans want the original. You know they don't want the imitation of Diddy, so when you see those guys out there, and they're looking like Diddy, you say 'get your own style baby, stop looking like Diddy. We want Diddy! We want Diddy!'"

Yeah, yeah, we all want Diddy. Well, at least, that's what I've been told.

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