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In today's CMU Daily:
- UK court formally close down rogue ticket agency
- back online after three days of downtime
- Universal Music still looking healthy
- Album review: Cosmic Rough Riders - The Stars Look Different From Down Here
- Panic! bass player quits
- REM man, Adams for Big Star tribute
- Gnarls Barkley announce London date
- Gronland man to open British Music Week
- INXS add dates to tour
- Hard Fi have a nice time in Brixton
- Stradlin reunited with GNR
- Major Australian retail firm pull out of music charts
- CEA back XM over capture device dispute
- Single review: The Vines - Anysound
- Myspace get Fatboy exclusive
- It's a knockout
- Magic plan national revamp
- Marr set for Desert Island
- Radio 1 interferes with coastguard's emergency channel
- Pink asks Queen a favour
- Arctic Monkeys harder than Oasis, official


The Great Escape continues down there in Brighton today, with another helping of talks, panels and Q&A type things throughout the day, and then a stack of fantastic showcase events all evening long in venues all across town. The CMU team will be around later on today, so if you see us, do come and say hello. If you're not going to make it down and would like to hear a little from some of the artists playing, may we suggest you tune in to Brighton's Juice 107.2FM who have coverage from across the Brighton Festival, including the Great Escape, from 5-7pm tonight. You can tune in at anytime via their webstream by clicking on the 'listen live' button at And if you are going to make it, don't forget there's an entire arts festival going on down there just now, so why not make a weekend of it. You'll find a guide to what's happening over on our sister website - or when you get there pick up a copy of Latest 7 from pretty much anywhere around Brighton and you'll find a free copy of the ThreeWeeks magazine inside. Sorted.



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The Mighty Twang is a busy man. Today, he talks to hot young Irish chaps The Answer and guitar guru Joe Satriani. Oh, and is also giving away copies of the 'WWE: Wreckless Intent' CD ('Helldrive', 3-6pm). On Saturday, May 20, Talita airs her major interview with Madball ('Breakfast At Talita's', 9am to noon) and Malcolm Dome is joined by Neal Kay for the Rock 'N' Roll Round Table Circus ('Doom & Co., 6-9pm). While on Sunday, May 21, Talita is joined in the studio by Weapons, the band formerly known as Weapons Of Mass Belief ('Breakfast At Talita's', 9am to noon). Listen live at



Beats in Brighton
The Brighton Festival is under way, and you can check out CMU's preview of the Great Escape, plus reviews of other music events taking place at the Festival this year courtesy of our sister title ThreeWeeks in Brighton, all online later on today at

MySpace Of The Day: Adam Green
Adam Green is one of those people with a number of MySpace pages - though only one, presumably, is actually his, the others probably run by fans. Actually, the 'adamgreen111' MySpace is pretty good and is streaming three of my very favourite Green tracks, but I'm pretty sure that 'adamgreen1' is the real thing. Former Moldy Peaches man Green is one of my very favourite singer songwriters and, while many regard his work with the short lived 'anti-folk' group more highly, I'm a bigger fan of his many solo recordings. Green is pretty damn prolific at turning out those solo tracks, even if the average song does tend to run at a mere two minutes. So much so that it seemed like no time at all had passed since last album 'Gemstones' had landed on my desk, when new along player 'Jacket Full Of Danger' was released last month. Which is possibly why I kind of missed its release date and forgot to rave about it and him here in the Daily. So consider this MySpace Of The Day to have rectified that oversight. Green's quirky lyrics and tunes probably aren't everyone's cup of tea, so if you're visiting this MySpace uninitiated in his music I'd suggest you start by listening to 'Jessica', possibly his most user friendly release to date. But once you're hooked, do check out new tracks 'Nat King Cole' and 'Novotel', both of which are great. Oh yes, and the video to 'Baby's Gonna Die Tonight' off his 2002 eponymous album is here also - check out that too.

Read more about our MySpace of the Day right now at



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Mr Scruff at the Forum, London
All round nice guy Andy Carthy returns to town as Mr Scruff. I last saw him at New Year's, in this rather capacious Mean Fiddler joint as it happens, but this time Stockport's finest trip-hopster returns for a late night sesh as part of his Keep It Unreal tour. I got quite a lot more than I bargained for at that Scruff New Years party, being treated to a wide range of tunes from ska to dub to jungle to a healthy helping of his famed trip hop. And he rocked the place. All night. Check out the visuals, all done by old Scruffikins himself, and look out for the tea stall, which has raised fifteen grand for charity on his tours so far. Go on, grab a cuppa on your way out to sober up from this monster bash.

Friday 19 May, The Forum, 9-11 Highgate Road, Kentish Town, London, NW5, 9pm-3am, £17 (£14 in advance), info at and

CARO'S LIVE TIP: Live! Pet Sounds Vs Sgt Pepper - The Brighton Beach Boys
Yes, it's more stuff relating to something happening in Brighton. This time the band even has the word Brighton in its name. So, these are the Brighton Beach Boys, a tribute band, yes. I believe that last year at the Brighton Festival the band played the whole of Pet Sounds live; this year a friend challenged them to play it again, but this time accompanied by the whole of Sgt Pepper - "to see which album was better". See, that's the kind of crazy idea I like. Also, and I didn't have a clue about this until I was proofing a feature in our sister publication ThreeWeeks, the frontman of the Brighton Beach band is an actor I've always had a lot of time for - Ralph Brown, star of 'Withnail and I', 'Waynes World 2' and 'Star Wars Episode 1'. Yay.

Friday 19 May, St George's Church, St George's Rd, Brighton, 8:00 PM, £15.00 (£12.00) see for details, press from [email protected]

CHRIS' CLUB TIP: Remix Night at Cargo, London
Yay, it's the third Friday of the month, which means another storming Remix Night down there at Cargo. Tonight Chikinki celebrate the release of new single 'You Said' via their own record label by playing what is sure to be a great live set. The legendary The Glimmers will demonstrate why both their compilations and DJ sets are quite so well received (they tore the roof off Cargo on their last visit so expect more of the same), while General Midi will take us all on a 'dub flavoured and bass fuelled musical ride'. Plus of course your host Eddy TM will be rinsing out some quality tunes. You've just got to be there.

Friday 19 May, Cargo, Rivington Street, London, EC2, 7pm-3am, £8 before 9pm, £10 after, info from Leyline.

CHRIS' BBQ TIP: Brighton Label BBQ at the Great Escape
We were invited to this by the top people at Catskills, but I think it's being organized by all the independents based in Brighton, which includes Skint, Stompaphunk, Tru Thoughts, Fat Cat, Lummenessence and Supercharged. Celebrating the arrival of the Great Escape in their city, the local music industry is hosting a BBQ above the Audio Bar from 4pm till 7pm tomorrow which, if the sun shines (which it might, stranger things have happened) should be lovely (it'll be my first BBQ of the summer - and I can't wait). Each of the participating labels will be showcasing their acts, and will be on hand to discuss their current projects and releases. All delegates at the Great Escape are invited, so if that's you, get on down and we'll see you there.

Saturday 20 May, Audio Bar, 10 Marine Parade, Brighton, 4pm-7pm, entry free for Great Escape delegates, info from Catskills [email protected]


The High Court in London has formally closed down that controversial online ticket agency that went by the name but which should probably have been called Getmeoverpricedtickets-ifyou'

As previously reported, Getmetickets was criticised by punters, promoters and the media alike after it was accused of charging over the odds premiums on tickets for music, theatre and sports events, and for taking customers' money even before it had confirmed access to the tickets it was selling. In total, some 360 complaints were made to trading standards officials about the service, which were on top of the many complaints received by TV show Watchdog, which ran an investigation into the service. Responding to those complaints, the Department Of Trade & Industry forced the company into liquidation back in February, a move which led to this week's court hearing.

Deputy judge Robert Englehart, hearing the case, criticised the company for letting customers down by selling tickets it did not have access to, and for breaking rules regarding informing customers of the face value of the tickets they were buying. However, he did acknowledge that the company also had many happy customers.

He told the court: "Customer dissatisfaction was obviously widespread, although I certainly accept that the company did also have a number of customers who were perfectly happy with the service provided". He added that the company's MD Michael Rangos had said he was not worried by the bad publicity, explaining: "He maintained that, even where the company had been shown in a most unfavourable light by the press or in broadcasting media, the immediate consequence was an increase in the company's sales."

Consumer Minister Ian McCartney was more resolute in his contempt for, welcoming the ruling against the company as a clear sign that ticket agencies who mistreat customers can't expect to get away with it. He said the ruling sent "a message to anyone low enough to prey on fans' passion for music and sport events. I am determined to stamp out these rogues and protect consumers from losing their hard-earned cash".


It seems concerns earlier this week that rogue Russian download site had been closed down were unfounded, though there are reports that aspects of the digital music company's services are still not active.

As previously reported, Moscow based has proved popular with many online music fans but unpopular with the record industry, and for the same reasons - it sells major artist music at incredibly cheap prices (less than ten cents a track) in a non-DRM protected format. With global reach, the Russian service has been gaining popularity all around the world, with recent estimates saying it was the most used download service in the UK after iTunes.

The company behind the service says it is a legitimate operation working within Russian copyright laws and paying royalties to Russian collecting societies, but the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry questions the service's legal status, especially on a global level.

Initial attempts by the IFPI to close the service down were called off after the industry association's Moscow based legal counsel told them they were unlikely to succeed in the Russian courts due to the country's weak copyright laws. However the industry continued to lobby politicians in their home countries, and certain political players in the US have been putting pressure on the Russian government, which is keen to join the World Trade Organisation, to sort out it intellectual property laws. To that end, Russian President Putin recently gave a speech advocating stricter IP regulations.

All of which meant that when AllofMP3 went offline earlier this week, citing 'server problems' on a holding page, there was fear among its consumer base that Russian authorities had acted and closed the service down - fears added to by rumours that Moscow authorities had seized the company's servers. However, an IFPI spokesman told reporters that they were not aware of any official action being taken against the download platform, adding that it seemed to be a genuine server problem that had caused the suspension of the service. A spokesman told file sharing news site "As far as we know the site is genuinely down for repair. Russian authorities had ordered the seizure of some of the site's servers a couple of weeks ago, but it switched to new servers and the service carried on."

That assumption seems to have been true, with AllofMP3 now back online. However, with the Russian authorities seemingly keen to seem strict on copyright issues, it may only be a matter of time before AllofMP3, in its current form, goes offline for good.


The Universal Music Group's first quarter earnings were up 136% to 90 million euros. The good financial performance was aided by strong digital sales, a growth in the group's publishing operations and higher physical sales volumes, plus the recovery of a 50 million cash deposit in relation to the major's ongoing US lawsuit with independent TVT Records. The latest figures were revealed in the first quarter financial report from parent company Vivendi which were released this week - though they pretty much match the top line figures released in previously reported preliminary results which were published last month.


ALBUM REVIEW: Cosmic Rough Riders - The Stars Look Different From Down Here (Warner/Korova)
Melody driven songs are what this band are all about, and this album, their sixth to date, certainly isn't a departure from anything they've done before. It's possibly their most chart-friendly as well, and could also satisfy those who are champing at the bit waiting for the next Travis album (there must be some of you out there...). 'Love Won't Free Me' in particular sounds like something that Fran would come up with while humming to himself in the bath (because that's how he comes up with all his songs you know). In fact the track after that, 'Fight', also sounds uncannily like Travis- are they opportunistically trying to fill a 'Scottish-born, melody-based band' hole in the market while they can? In fairness the other tracks on the album are very much their own stuff, and they certainly have an ear for a chorus. The single 'In Time' (released a few weeks ago) has a dreamy feel to it and a great little string hook in the chorus. There is a slightly rockier element to a couple of the songs as well, but nothing that would worry your mum too much if she had the album on in the background. All in all there are some very nice melodies here, and there's always a very agreeable chorus round the corner. What more could you ask for - Travis themselves? TH
Release date: 22 May
Press contact: Joanna Burns PR [all]


Panic! At The Disco's bassist Brent Wilson has left the band. No particular reason has been cited for the split, but a statement on the group's official website implies that Wilson's departure is an entirely amicable one.

The band say: "There really isn't a good way to say this, and it was a decision that was very tough to make, but feels like it will be the right decision for everyone. We regret to inform you that Brent is no longer a part of Panic! At The Disco, and although this choice does feel very healthy, he is a great friend of ours and he will definitely be missed. We all wish him well and the best of luck in everything he wants to do in the future. The last few years will be something we will never forget, all the places we've been that we never thought we'd go and things we've seen that we thought we'd never see when we started this band."

On the band's future, the statement added: "Right now our friend Jon is going to be filling in, and I'm sure it would ease his nerves a bit to get a warm reception. We're at home preparing for the summer tour, and we've never worked so hard on putting something together. I can't tell you how excited we are for these shows and for you all to see what we've been planning, we've got a few tricks up our sleeves...just you wait."


Ryan Adams and REM's Mike Mills are among the artists lined up to feature on a tribute album to seventies rock band Big Star, featuring new recordings of some of the group's tracks. Mills appears with Matthew Sweet on a cover of 'The Ballad Of El Goodo', whilst Adams' band Whiskeytown provide a version of 'Give Me Another Chance'. Other artists contributing to the album, originally conceived back in 1998, include Teenage Fanclub, Wilco and Idlewild. The tracklisting for the long player, out 23 May, is as follows:

Afghan Whigs - Nighttime
Matthew Sweet ft Mike Mills - The Ballad of El Goodo
Gin Blossoms - Back Of A Car
Teenage Fanclub - Jesus Christ
Big Star - Hot Thing
Wilco - Thirteen
The Posies - Whats Going Ahn
Juliana Hatfield - Dont Lie to Me
Whiskeytown - Give Me Another Chance
Kelly Willis - When My Babys Beside Me
Idlewild - You Get What You Deserve


Gnarls Barkley have announced a headline show at the Hammersmith Apollo on 5 Jul. That's all the news, really, but I have to spin this out a bit. The press release gives you all this background on the duo, explaining the achievements of producer and mash-up king Danger Mouse and southern rapper Cee-Lo, and explains that GB are heading for their eighth week in the chart with 'Crazy'. But unless you've been asleep for the last six months, you'll know all that already, so there's really no point going into it. Oh, I could remind you that they'll be playing at Wireless shortly - on the Xfm stage on 23 Jun in London's Hyde Park, and on the main stage in Leeds on 24 Jun.

Tickets for the London gig went on sale yesterday at a cost of twenty of your earth pounds. Given that they've been at the top of the chart all that time you might have expected them to sell out pretty quickly; but they still seemed to have tickets left at early this morning.


German rock superstar Herbert Gronemeyer (who, by the way, was behind the best selling German language album ever) will today address an international delegation of music industry types at the launch of the much previously reported BPI-organised British Music Week in Berlin.

Gronemeyer is a good choice to open the eight day event designed to further boost links between the German and British music industry given that his independent label Gronland Records has bases in both London and Berlin.

Confirming Gronemeyer's involvement, BPI director Steve Redmond told CMU: "It's a real coup to have a legendary best selling artist from one country speaking up for the music of another."

As we've mentioned before, info on all things British Music Week are at


INXS have added two UK dates to their 2006 European 'Switched On' tour. The first one is at Glasgow's Barrowlands on 4 Nov, the second is a new date at the Shepherd's Bush Empire on 6 Nov. Incidentally, they begin the tour at the Shepherd's Bush Empire on 12 Oct, so that'll be a nice full circly thing for them, unless of course they tack on some extra dates on the end again.

They will of course be fronted by new vocalist JD Fortune, recruited via US reality show, 'Rock Star: INXS'. Tickets for the new dates go on general sale on Monday. That first Shepherd's Bush date on 12 Oct is now completely sold out. Press info from Noble.


Hard-Fi have been having a lovely five night residency at Brixton Academy this last week, and ended it with a guest appearance by Clash man Mick Jones, who joined the band for a cover of a song by another of Jones's bands, Big Audio Dynamite, 'E=MC2'. Frontman Richard Archer introduced Jones with the words: "We've been covering Big Audio Dynamite's 'E=MC2' a lot recently, but tonight is a special one, go wild, it's Mick Jones!"

Only Bob Dylan, The Clash and Pixies have sold out five nights at the venue before. At the end of the set, Archer said: "this is the fifth night of five at Brixton, Academy it means a lot to us and it's all because of you. We're making history here tonight. Sorry. You're making history. This is wicked!"


Former Guns n Roses man Izzy Stradlin was reunited with his old band for the first time in fifteen years at one of those previously reported gigs at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom last week. On the last night of the rock group's four date residency at the venue, he was introduced to the stage by Axl Rose, and played on three songs, 'Think About You', 'Patience' and 'Night Train'. The crowd, as they say, went wild.


The Australian Recording Industry Association has announced that retail chain Brazin will no longer contribute sales data to its weekly sales chart.

Brazin, who own hundreds of record stores in Australia, including the Sanity, HMV and Virgin Megastore chains, had previously announced they would not be contributing digital sales data to ARIA's recently launched download chart, but the latest move means they won't be contributing physical sales stats either. Instead they will publish their own retail chart based on sales across their network of stores.

ARIA confirmed Brazin's decision yesterday, but insisted (not entirely convincingly) it won't affect the accuracy of their charts in representing the music buying trends of Australian consumers. The association's chief, Stephen Peach, told Australian trade magazine The Music Network: "Whilst the departure is disappointing, we're happy to assure everyone that it won't actually affect the accuracy of the chart. We still collect data from over 850 music retailers nationally, ranging from department stores to chains and independents and the sample size is well over the amount needed to produce an accurate chart. We have been doing so since 1983, well before Sanity came into the picture. However, we will continue to talk to Brazin and try to persuade then to return to the fold. The chart will become even more accurate when digital sales are merged, which we're hoping will be in the third quarter of this year."

Brazin's CEO, Greg Milne, confirmed that his company had asked research firm GfK to compile a separate chart, but did not comment on why they had decided to withdraw from the ARIA chart, except to deny rumours that the fall out began when the trade body refused demands from Brazin to pay a fee for its sales data. He told TMN: "Brazin have not asked ARIA to pay anything, however a new arrangement has been made with GfK in regards to the charts".

The Australian chart will be published without Brazin data as of next week.


A quick follow up to the story yesterday that the Recording Industry Association Of America is suing US satellite radio company XM over a device which allows listeners to capture tracks and listen back to them on demand, but which doesn't allow music fans to transfer those tracks to any other devices. XM argue that it can offer that kind of service under its existing music licences, but the RIAA disagrees.

Well, American's pretty damn influential Consumer Electronics Association has come out in support of XM, saying that a 1992 US law allows the satellite broadcaster to offer its track capture service - the laws in question appear in the Audio Home Recording Act.

The CEA's VP of Government Affairs, Michael Petricone, has told reporters: "Through this lawsuit, the record industry is trying to block private, noncommercial recording off the radio - an activity which Americans have enjoyed for decades...and in this case has been expressly recognized by Congress, in the Audio Home Recording Act. The recording industry seems to have developed amnesia about the AHRA into which we and they had substantial input. Under this law, there is no doubt that the satellite recorders at issue in this lawsuit are legal."


SINGLE REVIEW: The Vines - Anysound (EMI/Heavenly)
When the Vines troubled singer Craig Nicholls was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (a type of autism) in 2004 it looked as if the future of the band was in doubt, especially as their bassist had recently walked out. Fortunately, however, they were able to regroup as a three piece and came back with an excellent third album 'Vision Valley'. 'Anysound' is the album's lead in track and is an example of the Vines at their most raucous. "I am a Vine all twisted and frayed," Nicholls shrieks accompanied by garage rock guitars riffing fiercely. The Vines are one of the most exciting bands of the noughties and it's good to see them still on great form. JW
Release date: May 22
Press contact EMI IH [all]


The ever more powerful MySpace scored a video exclusive this week when a Fatboy Slim video, a promo for the single 'That Old Pair Of Jeans', debuted on the site 48 hours ahead of its general release. A link to the video, which has been viewed close to seventy thousand times, appears on the top page of the networking site.

Fatboy Slim is now exhorting fans to make their own version of the video, which features comedian and entertainer Chris Bliss interpreting the track through the medium of juggling. Did I just write that? I surely did. Fatboy will judge entries and the winner will feature on an enhanced greatest hits release when it comes out.


No, it's Eurovision really, but 13 countries have indeed been knocked out following last night's semi-final to decide who goes through to the main event tomorrow.

Ireland's Brian Kennedy has made it through, as has Finnish band Lordi, who, as previously reported, have been garnering negative public reaction in their homeland.

A number of performers expected to make it through didn't, the biggest shock being the elimination of Belgian entry Kate Ryan, who was one of this year's favourites.

Of those clearly not expected to get through, but who did, Lithuania was one of the most surprising - their act consists of six men in suits singing "we are the winners of Eurovision". God, I hope they win. They sound great.

So do you want to know who is odds on favourite? Well, it's not the UK. Because we won't win. We'll probably come second from the bottom. Nothing against Daz Sampson, but it's got bugger all to do with the music. Of course, I'm only saying all of this so that I can eat my words on Monday. Over to Ladbrokes:

3/1 - Sweden, Carola
7/2 - Greece, Anna Vissi
4/1 - Romania, Mihai Traistariu
6/1 - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hari Mata Hari
6/1 - Russia, Dima Bilan


Following last week's RAJAR successes with its London service, EMAP's Magic radio network has said it will now revamp its Northern radio stations to bring them in line with the capital's version of the cheesy listening station.

Recent revamps at Magic London, which included increasing the number of 'personalities' on the air, helped the EMAP station beat arch rivals Capital Radio and Heart to become the biggest station in London in terms of reach and audience share. Following that success, and a review of its other regional stations, the whole Magic network will now be revamped in a bid to boost audience figures elsewhere.

Industry insiders reckon that will be achieved by cutting back local programming to the absolute minimum demanded by its OfCom licences (just four hours a day) and replacing regional output with London based services. Of course that would lead to job losses in the regions, though some 16 hours a day on the Magic local stations is already networked, so the revamp might not be as drastic as it first seems.

Confirming the revamp, an EMAP spokeswoman told reporters: "Magic in London has just had its most successful period ever following changes and the refreshment of the brand, so if we can revitalise the AM stations as well we'll have a much bigger national brand to play with".


Andrew Marr has emerged as the probable candidate to take over from Sue Lawley as the host of Radio 4's Desert Island Discs. Other candidates thought to be in the running included, as previously reported, Martha Kearney, Jeremy Paxman, David Dimbleby, Jonathan Dimbleby and Fi Glover, but now Marr is the favourite.

Lawley, who announced her decision to step down last month, has said she would like her successor to be a woman, telling the Sunday Times: "It's a sexist point, but I think a woman would be better at it than a man. They're better able to ask the questions you need to ask. But then I made it my own and I'm not sure what the next person can do."


Radio 1 DJs Colin Murray and Edith Bowman yesterday had to put out a call for sailors in the English Channel to check if they were accidentally re-broadcasting the BBC station over the coastguard's emergency radio channel.

It turned out that a boat owner in the Channel Islands had accidentally left the emergency channel on his boat's outgoing radio system turned on, and it was picking up the music radio playing in the background, making it hard for the local coastguard to hear genuine calls for help.

Said coastguard put in a call to BBC Radio Jersey, who passed on the message to Murray and Bowman whose programme seemed to be going out on the emergency channel. Murray told any sailors listening: "You are causing maritime chaos. So boat people of the world, stop it. We're a good show, but people don't need to die".

The offending boat owner heard the message and quickly turned off his connection to the emergency channel. Apparently he was quite embarrassed about the whole thing though, in his defence, I get the urge to send out an SOS message every time Bowman comes on the radio, so it was a pretty understandable mistake to make.


Pink (the pop star) has asked the Queen (our monarch, not the band) to stop the guards at Buckingham Palace from wearing bearskin hats. The singer, who is supporting PETA's campaign on the issue, apparently wrote a letter which read: "Sorry to be a royal pain, but my feelings reflect the sentiment of a new generation that respects animals. From what I hear, you're a modern monarch. I've even checked out your website. So if you haven't already, please visit, where you can see for yourself the distressing footage of what happens to these bears in Canada."

She continued: "Britain's reputation as a nation of animal lovers is being tarnished by these money-grabbing hunters. I know that your Army Drummers' cool leopard-skin aprons are synthetic and that the Royal Horse Artillery has fabulous faux-beaver caps. Isn't it about time that your five Regiments of Foot Guards joined your other ranks by replacing real fur?"

PETA reckons it takes the skin of an entire Canadian black bear just to make one bearskin. No, sorry, can't stop myself... That doesn't bear thinking about, does it?


Arctic Monkeys have proved that they are way harder than Noel Gallagher by being able to drink more than him. The Oasis man told someone or other: "I ended up in their aftershow and the bass player goes to the bar and comes back with this tray of tequilas. I thought 'I can't be drinking that, it's nearly two in the morning'. I couldn't say no though because I didn't want to let the side down. He was banging them down. I was about to urinate. I was speaking to my missus through semaphore to get her off the dancefloor and rescue me. She came over saying 'we've got to go home' and I was acting all surprised, saying 'What, already?' I can't remember getting home."

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