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In today's CMU Daily:
- Ludacris and West sued over song stealing claims
- RHCP face plagiarism charges from radio host
- The Game arrested over knuckle duster
- Stones confirm 15 European dates are off
- Subways cancel tour dates
- More Jackson moving to UK rumours
- Charlatans write song for Barat
- Peel collection released
- Fat mix
- Krafty launch
- Album review: Paul Simon - Surprise
- Elton's musical to close
- Radiohead drummer thanks fans for support
- 7 digital launch download service for unsigned bands
- Five sign up to Ricall's music sourcing system
- EMI's successes spark debate over future of industry
- Ian Copeland dies
- Zutons, Cope, Dolls for Lost Vagueness
- Ibiza Rocks returns
- GCap upbeat about Capital despite revenue decline
- Single review: The Pipettes - Pull Shapes
- Madonna defends use of crucifix
- Kidda Beastie remix


After a short break in the sun, CMU's Same Six Questions returns today - hurrah! This is where we ask bands and DJs large and small (that's large and small in terms of profile, rather than weight) to answer the same six questions.

Their answers are published on the CMU Beats website - - with a different artist featured each day (more or less). In particular we'll be throwing the questions to DJs and bands playing at our favourite club nights - including long term CMU favourite Kill All Hippies and recently launched Eddy TM / Barry Ashworth night PayDay.

The next edition of PayDay is tomorrow night at Neighbourhood in West London and, with that in mind, you can check out SSQ answers from Mr Linus Loves, one of the stars of the show, on the CMU Beats site right now ( We'll have KAH related SSQs for you next week.

But the whole SSQ thing is actually open to anyone. So if you or one of your artists has a relevant release or gig to plug, then just email in your/their answers to the following and we might just feature them on the website. Email answers plus plugs to [email protected]

For bands/producers
Q1> How did you start out making music?
Q2> What inspired your latest album?
Q3> What process do you go through in creating an album?
Q4> Which artists influence your work?
Q5> What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Q6> What are your ambitions for your latest album/single, and for the future?

For DJs
Q1> How did you start out DJing?
Q2> How would you describe your average DJ set - genres covered etc?
Q3> How do you pick what music to play?
Q4> Which artists / DJs most inspire you?
Q5> What would you say to someone experiencing your DJ sets for the first time?
Q6> What projects have you got coming up, and what are your long term ambitions?

PS. We said reports about the Scottish Babyshambles gig that had to be evacuated after a fire alarm went off were confused, but it seems we added to the confusion somewhat with are our own report. The gig in question happened in Aberdeen and yes, we know, Aberdeen is not in Glasgow, as our headline might have suggested. We're blaming Doherty for the error. Might as well, eh?



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Another chance to hear Talita chatting hot new band Weapons (9am to noon). Listen live at



Same Six Questions: Linus Loves
Mylo's mate Linus Loves, whose debut long player is out this week, answers the Same Six Questions ahead of his appearance at PayDay at Neighbourhood this Friday.

MySpace Of The Day: Hal
Hal released one of my favourite albums of 2005, and now, apparently, have a MySpace page. They didn't have one before, it seems, although I thought they did. I investigated the reasons why I thought they did, and it turns out that I am 'friends' with a fan site, not an official site. I wasn't a big fan of the fan site, incidentally, it was one of those that had been designed uncompromisingly large, and so is hard to view unless you have a seventy inch monitor. Anyway, now, I discover, there is an official MySpace, but it's only just started, so there's not much there, to be honest, and they've not got that many friends. I urge you to go and make friends with them now. Also listen to the tracks, of course - 'Worry About The Wind' is particularly representative, I think, of what's present on the band's eponymous debut. And it's really very good.

All this and more at


Rappers Ludacris, real name Chris Bridges, and Kanye West, real name Kanye West, have been accused of stealing another act's music at a court case in the New York District Court in Manhattan. New Jersey group IOF accuse the two rappers of lifting beats and lyrics from one of their 2001 tracks for use on Ludacris' 2003 hit 'Stand Up', which West produced and co-wrote.

Lawyers for IOF yesterday began their case by playing the two records. A key issue is the line "like that", that appears more than 80 times in both songs - although in the IOS track the full line is "straight like that" while Ludacris and West use the line "just like that".

Lawyers for the two rappers have criticised the case, claiming the words and beats their clients are accused of "stealing" are too generic to be owned by IOF. Lawyer Christine Lepera told the court: "There are scores of songs out there with the words 'like that' with that type of rhythm. None of you can monopolise certain expressions". She then clapped her hands to demonstrate the beat in the two tracks and said: "Do you think your three-year-old can do that?", trying to prove that neither recording had a particularly original rhythm.

But lawyers for IOF said that while their clients' track had not been hugely successful, Ludacris had "had access to the song on numerous occasions", adding "IOF put a lot of time and effort into doing this song and then it was taken away from them".

The trial is expected to last for about a week, with both Ludacris and West quite likely to testify.


Also facing plagiarism charges this week are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, though these charges are being made on the radio rather than through the courts. Dan Gaffney of Delaware radio station WGMD has accused the RHCP of ripping off a Tom Petty track on their new single 'Dani California'. He says the music in the song is in parts almost identical to Petty's song 'Mary Jane's Last Dance' - and the lyrics explore similar themes too.

The radio show's producer Jared Morris, who has posted an MP3 clip on his website that, he says, proves the similarities, told reporters: "The chord progression, the melody, the tempo, the key, the lyrical theme...they're identical".

Neither RHCP or Petty have commented on the accusations as yet - though if you want to judge for yourself you'll find Morris' MP3 evidence at


The Game was arrested in Burbank, Los Angeles, over the weekend when he was found in possession of a deadly weapon after being pulled over by police for a traffic violation. On searching the rap star's vehicle, police discovered a set of brass knuckles, and took The Game, real name Jayceon Taylor, into custody. No further details of the incident have been released, but police have confirmed that Taylor was the only person to be arrested. He was released on $20,000 bail and will appear in court next month.


The Rolling Stones have confirmed they are postponing the first 15 dates of their European tour following Keith Richards' recent and much reported accident whilst on holiday in the Pacific.

As previously reported, Richards required surgery after falling out of a coconut tree in Fiji, and is now recuperating from that treatment. It had been previously announced that Richards' fall would affect the early dates on the Stones' upcoming European Tour, which was originally due to kick off in Barcelona on Saturday.

Yesterday the Stones' publicist, LD Communications, announced that the tour would not now begin until July, with the actual start date still to be confirmed. That announcement affects gigs scheduled to take place in Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels, Paris, Bergen, Horsens, Gothenburg, St Petersburg, Brno, Warsaw, Vienna, Milan, Athens and Zagreb. As reported yesterday, promoters of the Paris dates had already announced the postponement ahead of the official release from the band.

The band hope to announce rescheduled dates for the affected cities soon.


More cancellations, and The Subways have announced that they will be forced to cancel more tour dates. Singer Billy Lunn, diagnosed with nodules on his vocal chords back in April, has been told by doctors that he must continue to rest his voice, so upcoming gigs scheduled to take place at Bournemouth University, Swansea University and Loughborough University on 10, 16 and 17 Jun respectively will now not go ahead. The band have also cancelled their appearance at Germany's Rock Am Park Festival, which takes place from 2-3 Jun.

The band have released a statement which reads: "The band are hugely frustrated by this continued break in touring which has become their whole life over the past four years. Billy is doing everything the doctor has advised and more in an effort to cure his condition as quickly as possible. They have spent much of the time rehearsing new material (without vocals) and recording demos. It is expected that Billy will make a full recovery but it is impossible to tell exactly when he will be given the full go ahead to tour again. We will keep everyone informed of his progress as far as possible."

Another announcement is expected after Lunn sees doctors again next month.


The last time tabloid rumour suggested that Michael Jackson was planning to move to the UK, his spokeswoman rushed to deny it, so this is either more tabloid rumour, or a complete turn around. In any case, according to the Daily Mirror, Jackson has said that he would in fact like to live here.

Jackson apparently told the tabloid: "I'm here in London on business for a couple of days. I love it here. I'm looking for a place to live. I've always liked the UK and I just love the fans here."

The tabloid added that Jackson would be looking for luxury properties in and around London, as well as looking for potential Neverland style locations in Scotland and Ireland. Asked about his health, Jackson said "I'm fine - very well thanks. I'm feeling good."


The Charlatans have written a song for Dirty Pretty Thing Carl Barat. The track, entitled 'Hard To Be You (Song For Carl)' will feature as a B-side on the band's next single 'NYC (There's No Need To Stop)'. The second track to be released from latest album 'Simpatico', the single will be out on 26 Jun, available as two CDs and on 7".


German label Trikont have released a new CD that features a collection of 78rpm recordings chosen by the late great John Peel and his wife Sheila Ravenscroft. The album, which was in the planning stage before Peel's death back in October 2004, is entitled 'John Peel and Sheila: The Pig's Big 78s', named for the slot on Peel's late night Radio 1 show in which Sheila, affectionately known as 'The Pig', would introduce 78rpm oddities from Peel's collection. The 23 tracks on this compilation cover everything from brass bands and yodeling to early rock and roll and traditional Chinese music. The long player, which was released on Monday apparently, also includes an interview with Sheila explaining why each of the tracks were chosen for the album.


One of CMU's favourite breaks labels Fat! have confirmed that the 'Chew The Fat! at The End' mix CD, complied by the label's boss Paul 'Trouble' Arnold and featuring remixes from the likes of Friendly, Santos, Merka and Soho Jo, will be out on 3 Jul. But you can download it now from DJ Download at


And talking of the breaks, Against The Grain have announced that they will be holding an album launch party at Fabric on 23 Jun to celebrate the release of his Krafty Kut's debut solo album 'Freakshow'. Krafty himself will be on the decks, with guests Dynamite MC, Ed Funk, B Real and Yolanda. On that line up, Krafty told CMU: "I picked people like Dynamite MC, Yolanda and Bespoke to be on the album, not only because they're some of the brightest talents in the UK, but also because I knew we could tour together and create an amazing vibe live." On the same night Goldie and Pendulum will be doing their drum & bass stuff in Room 2, while Krafty Kuts' old mate A Skillz will be in Room 3 with The Herbaliser and Joe Ransom. Press info on all this from [email protected]


ALBUM REVIEW: Paul Simon - Surprise (Warner Bros)
It's been a long time since the era of Simon and Garfunkel but the complex writing style of songs like 'Scarborough Fair' still persists on this new album. Working with the production power of Brian Eno, Paul Simon has made a record that touches on much deeper themes than just heartbreak and partying too hard. Over sombre electronica beats, he breaks out into an unusual lyrical form that is more adventurous and daring in style than that demonstrated by some of his successors in the pop world. 'Outrageous' is a quirky two-step rhythm tune, while 'Sure Don't Feel' branches out into funky bass - and the listener will discover how "chicken and corn muffin feels more like love." Apparently. Anyway, Simon is straightforward in his themes; 'Wartime Prayer' for example, is apt and poetic if not a little corny (check the gospel choir for chorus crescendo). He is not afraid to be philosophical in his subject matter as he ponders everything from the universe, children and family to the state of the world. It is a quiet affair that jogs along lightly in mood and this nicely balances the heavy topics at the heart of discussion. The release is, of course, rather well timed - Father's Day is coming soon, and this is sure to please. RM
Release Date: 5 Jun
Press Contact: Warner Bros IH [all]


Elton John's vampire musical 'Lestat' is set to close on Sunday after just 39 performances on Broadway. The show garnered savage reviews when it opened in New York in April following a brief run in San Francisco, and audience levels were down to little more than fifty percent capacity. The show did, however gain two nominations for Broadway's Tony Awards, set to take place next month, - Best Costume Design In A Musical and Best Actress In A Musical for Carolee Carmello.

Elsewhere in Elton John news, the singer has accepted £100,000 libel damages from the Daily Mail over those previously reported claims about his behaviour at his annual charity ball. The tabloid said that he demanded that guests not approach him at the event, but solicitor-advocate Nigel Tait said in court on Wednesday that this was not the case, saying: "He is well-known for chatting to as many people as possible who attend the ball, not least to thank them for helping him with his fund-raising efforts." The paper later published an apology, of course, and, said Mr Tait, "has at no stage in these proceedings sought to justify the allegations."

A spokesman for the singer said he was "happy with the settlement", which will be donated to the Elton John Aids Foundation charity.


Radiohead drummer Phil Selway has posted a message on the band's official forum, Dead Air Space, thanking fans for their support and condolences following the death of his mother. The group were recently forced to cancel the Amsterdam date of their European tour due to Selway's bereavement, the drummer returning to the UK to be with his family.

Selway's post read: "Thanks to everyone for their messages of condolence and support over the past few weeks - they really have been a great help. I have also really appreciated the respectful silence on DAS...well, it's either that or nobody's had anything to say for a week and a half which, in my experience, is unlikely. See you in America."


Digital music people 7Digital have launched a new service to help unsigned bands sell their music. The new service enables bands to upload, promote and sell their music - with all sales counting towards the download chart. A band can sell up to four tracks through the service free of charge.

Announcing the new service, 7Digital boss Ben Drury told CMU: "The digital download market in the UK has grown at an unprecedented pace, with over a million tracks downloaded per week. indiestore is a great way for unsigned artists to get in on the action - today's technology is democratising the music industry and you no longer need a record deal to get your song widely distributed. Bands are already embracing sites such as MySpace to market themselves, and now indiestore provides the added bonus of actually being able to make money online. We are looking forward to the first number one being sold through an indiestore!"


Five, you know, them that used to be known as Channel 5, have announced a new deal with music search facility Ricall which will see the bit of the Five that puts together all the station's promotional slots sourcing and licensing music via the Ricall system.

Confirming the deal, Five's music manager Martin Price told CMU: "Working with Ricall gives us immediate access to one of the world's largest music catalogues. We trialed the system and our producers were delighted with the way it works - it makes the whole process of researching and sourcing music extremely simple which saves time and money."

Ricall founder and boss guy Richard Corbett added: "We are thrilled to be working with Five. I think this deal represents a paradigm shift in the way in which the media industry accesses and uses music. What Ricall offers is a tremendous advantage to the television business, particularly given the small amount of time producers often have to find particular tracks. It's a great chance for us to demonstrate this with a significant network such as Five."


Following EMI's positive financials for the year up to 31 Mar 2006, there has been considerable commentary in the music business and financial press as to whether the major's results are a sign that the wider recording industry is now in a period of recovery and growth. Of particular note is that EMI, like its rivals, reported a considerable growth in digital music revenues which are essential to compensate for the inevitable (and in most territories real) decline in CD sales.

US industry website HitsDailyDouble cite two analysts who have different opinions on the future of download sales, and whether the record industry can rely on them to replace lost CD sales. Larry Haverty of Gabelli Asset Management is quoted as saying: "Downloads have higher margins than physical CDs, they're easier to sell and distribute-the industry is going to become more and more profitable". But Richard Greenfield of Pali Capital says: "Sales of iPods and MP3 players are growing, but downloads are slowing. It's proof there's going to be a lot of volatility getting to a point where 100% of sales are downloads".

Within the music industry, Universal Music Group chief Doug Morris said that improving financials from all the major record companies were a good sign. He told the LA Times: "In the long term, this is going to be a very strong industry. The short term will have mixed results, and there have been some tough years, but as long as there are hits, people will want to buy music." SonyBMG Chairman Andy Lack was more cautious, telling reporters: "We won't know if we've turned a corner until this year's fourth quarter. That's when the bulk of sales occur. This is a pivotal year in determining if downloads will offset physical declines".

Talking of Andy Lack and SonyBMG, EMI boss Eric Nicoli, who's been talking quite a bit since his upbeat financials were released, has ruled out a SonyBMG style 'merger' with Warner Music. The Sony and BMG merger led to the combined company being 50/50 owned by the two parent companies, of course, an arrangement leading to some high profile problems in the board room where former Sony and BMG execs clashed, mainly over then CEO Andy Lack's leadership. Talking about his continued interest in acquiring Warner Music, Nicoli is quoted by the Financial Times as saying: "I don't think you'll find many people who believe that a merger of equals is a good way to proceed. I think clear management control is important in executing a combination of this scale."


Ian Copeland, pioneering booking agent and brother of musician Stewart Copeland and IRS label founder Miles Copeland, has died aged 57 from melanoma. Copeland was the founder of Frontier Booking International (FBI), one of the top agencies of the eighties, whose acts included REM, Sting, the Bangles, the Go-Gos, the Smiths, the Thompson Twins, the Fixx, UB40, Joan Jett and the Black Hearts, Oingo Boingo, the Dead Kennedys and the Cure.

Long time colleague Buck Williams said of Copeland: "His contribution was to the development of modern music. He was the driving force behind the 'new wave' movement. He was the 'go to' man for young, first release, new wave bands in Europe, developing a circuit in which most young European acts could come over, work and go home not in debt."

Brother Miles said: "He was not only our brother, but a maverick partner to Stewart and I, and so
many others in this crazy world of entertainment. It will not be the same without him"

Copeland is survived by his mother, two brothers, a sister and two daughters, Chandra and Barbara.


The Zutons, Julian Cope and the New York Dolls are amongst the acts set to appear at that previously reported new festival organised by the people who do the Lost Vagueness field at Glastonbury. The event takes place at Powderham Castle in Exeter 23-25 Jun, and features a variety of entertainments and amenities, ie, not just the music, including the Lost Vagueness Ballroom in a 3,000 capacity big top, with live music, cocktails and cabaret, a 50's style American Diner, and a VIP piano bar.


Following on from news earlier in the week of the Ibiza Rocks UK tour (which, if I remember rightly, kicked off last night) some news now about Ibiza Rocks proper - you know, in Ibiza. Once again our good friends Eddy TM and Zane Lowe will be leading the proceedings at the White Isle's regular rock based night, and bands like Dirty Pretty Things, Editors, We Are Scientists and Boy Kill Boy are all set to play. What's more, this time Channel 4 will be there to film the proceedings, with five Ibiza Rocks shows due to be aired in the T4 strand during the summer.

Confirming their Ibiza Rocks plans, Manumission Promoter Andy McKay (Manumission are behind Ibiza Rocks, don't forget) told CMU: "A lot of people were sceptical when we launched Ibiza Rocks last year, but now it couldn't be more different! We recognised the sheer thirst for live music in Ibiza and we were the first to introduce band culture into club culture. The success has proven that we can forget club culture rules and let rock lead the way in its own right in Ibiza. This year the emphasis will be more on stand alone Ibiza Rocks gigs in our bar, Bar M at 9 or 10pm in the evening, making the best new live music even more accessible!"

On the Channel 4 partnership, T4 Music Editor Cath Lovesey added: "After the huge success of last year's event, we're delighted to be on board bringing Ibiza Rocks to Channel 4 viewers in an exciting and innovative way that befits what will no doubt be one of the hottest events of the year."

Press info on all this is available from [email protected] or [email protected]


GCap say they are optimistic about the future of Capital Radio, despite predicting a 26% fall in revenues, a fall in part caused by the new policy introduced earlier this year that no more than two ads will ever be played next to each other - a move designed to boost the billable value of air time.

Commenting on the fall in revenues at Capital, GCap boss Ralph Bernard told reporters: "Capital suffered significant audience decline over the last five years and it was very considerable last year before we introduced this policy. Had we not introduced it revenues would have been significantly down anyway because of the market's downward pressure and the fact that Capital had lost audience. What we have done is keep the price premium. We have also reduced costs at Capital by more than the loss of revenues."

The station also confirmed it was planning a major marketing push later in the year to try and regain ground on competitors Heart 106.2 and Magic, both of which have taken away Capitals 'biggest in London' crown in recent sets of listening figures. Commenting on those plans, GCap Operations Director Steve Orchard told the Guardian: "Our objective is to get clear market leadership. I dispute that it's a three-horse race. When you look at what advertisers want to buy, it's the 15- to 44-year-old market and we're very strongly in the lead for that at breakfast and right across the day."


SINGLE REVIEW: The Pipettes - Pull Shapes (Memphis Industries)
Songs about dancing and discos tend to be a good thing - see Sons and Daughters' 'Dance Me In', and Radio 4's 'New Disco', and of course Arctic Monkeys 'I Bet You Look Good On the Dance Floor'. But not many make you feel like you're at a school disco wanting to invent a dance routine and decide which member of the band you're going to be (or was that just me?). Filling that gap are The Pipettes with 'Pull Shapes', from forthcoming album 'We Are the Pipettes', which comes complete with sugar-sweet S Club 7-style vocals encouraging you to go strut yourself on the dancefloor, hand claps and a string section which no credible indie pop band can get away with. Except The Pipettes. This is joyously cheesy pop which it's OK to like because they play their own instruments. TL
Release Date: 3 Jul
Press Contact: Triad Publicity [CP, RP, NP] Memphis Industries IH [CR, RR, NR]


Madonna has defended the use in her live show of that previously reported crucifix, and says it's all part of an appeal to get the audience to donate to AIDS charities, as opposed to being for the purposes of entertainment and/or stirring up reactions from the church/tabloids. As Madonna sings 'Live To Tell' whilst suspended from the cross, images of poverty in the developing world are shown on video screens, whilst a counter ticks, representing the millions of children orphaned by the disease.

Madonna told the New York Daily News: "I don't think Jesus would be mad at me and the message I'm trying to send. Jesus taught that we should love thy neighbour.


Following on from yesterday's My Space Of The Day, we're told that Kidda's unofficial Beastie Boys remix album is really rather good. It's online here:

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