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In today's CMU Daily:
- Proof gun man acted in self defence
- West takes to the stand in plagarism case
- French rapper in court to face MP's legal action
- Glitter's appeal date set
- Morrissey blasts animal research lab
- Beyonce reveals solo news
- Lazy B release put back
- Album review: Ammoncontact - With Voices
- New Monkey playing with broken hand
- GnR announce UK tour
- Bowie makes surprise appearance at Gilmour gig
- Foo Fighters exclusive acoustic
- Keane, New Order, Massive Attack confirmed for Summercase
- Pavorotti postpones more farewell tour dates
- Single review: Little Man Tate - What? What You Got
- HMV launch new mobile mail order service
- Major label nonsense
- Live Nation formalise CPI partnership
- CBS confirm Stern settlement
- Album review: Shiloh - Bleed
- Goodrem's mum says dump that chump
- Mcfly on mcfling


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MySpace Of The Day: Diefenbach
Diefenbach drift in and out of my consciousness like a, er, drifty thing. Which is interesting, really, when you consider that their 2005 album was called 'Set & Drift'. So, what do I mean by this whole drifting thing? Well, I mean that there are days when I forget that Diefenbach actually exist. But then there are times, like yesterday, when I'm possessed with a near murderous rage to listen to their music. You should know who they are by now; they are, after all, CMU favourites. If you don't, now's your chance. Go and listen to the four tracks on there, and then think to yourself: "Wow, I must get a copy of that album. And their debut, 'Run Trip Fall', which I also missed". You owe it to yourself, and to Denmark, which is where they're from, proving once and for all that it's certainly not all about the bacon.

More on today's MySpace Of The Day at


The man who police say shot and killed D12 rapper Proof in a night club last month acted "lawfully in defence of another man", or at least that's the conclusion of the county prosecutor investigating the case.

Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy told a news conference yesterday that Mario Etheridge, the man who shot Proof, only did so in a bid to save his cousin Keith Bender, who was shot and killed by the rapper during the incident. She said that Etheridge shot twice at the ceiling in a bid to stop Proof from attacking Bender, before turning the gun on the rapper. Worthy: "The evidence clearly shows that Mario Etheridge acted in lawful self-defence of another when he shot Deshaun Holton [aka Proof]. Once the gunshots started, everything happened fairly quickly."

Although he made no comment yesterday, Etheridge's lawyer Randall Upshaw has previously thrown some light on what happened at the after hours Detroit club on the night of 11 Apr, albeit from his client's point of view. He claims that Proof became "belligerent" during a game of pool and argued with another customer. That customer stopped to speak to him again on his way out of the bar, leading to another argument involving Bender. Proof left the club shortly after the incident, but later returned with a gun and "pistol-whipped" Bender before shooting him in the face. Etheridge, a bouncer at the club, then took a gun off another customer and fired at Proof in defence of Bender.

It is not clear to what extent the prosecution agree with that view of events, though Worthy says that witnesses say that, rather than grabbing another customer's gun, Etheridge had two guns on him when the incident began. To that end, he still faces a number of weapons charges which may lead to up to nine years in prison. His pre-trial court date is this Friday.


Elsewhere in the hip hop courts, though not quite so sinister this time, Ludacris and Kanye West were back in court last week in the ongoing court case hearing claims that the two hip hop stars stole beats and lyrics from New Jersey Group IOF for Ludacris' 2003 hit 'Stand Up'.

West took to the stand at the end of last week and was asked to rap the first verse of 'Stand Up', which he co-wrote and produced. West reluctantly did so, keeping in all the "expletives", much to the amusement of the court room, with the judge remarking: "I think I'm going to withdraw my question".

Like Ludacris, West told the court that the beats and lyrics in both the IOF and Ludacris song were too generic to be able to say one stole from the other. He told the court that it was common for hip hop tracks to have similar lyrics: "There's a lot of rap songs that say 'Like that, yo, what's up?' or 'Throw your hands high'. Whatever people say in the 'hood, it ends up on records. That's what hip-hop does."

As far as I know there's no verdict on this case as yet - though one should be forthcoming in the next few days I'd say.


Talking of expletives in court, this case might require witnesses to swear a bit before the judiciary. One of the rappers who was blamed by certain politicians for inciting those riots that took place in France at the end of last year is in court this week in another dispute with a French MP. Monsieur R, real name Richard Makela, is facing three years in prison or a 75,000 euro fine if UMP MP Daniel Mach is successful in his legal action against the rapper.

Of particular contention is Makela's 2004 album 'Politikment Incorrekt', and more specifically the lyrics and video for the track 'FranSSe'. In that track Makela raps: "France is a bitch, don't forget to fuck her till she's exhausted/You have to treat her like a slut, man" and "I piss on Napoleon and on General de Gaulle", while in the video he is dressed as a gendarme with two naked women rubbing against the French flag.

On hearing the album Mach proposed a law making it a criminal offence to "insult the dignity" of France and the French state. When the rioting began in certain French cities last November other politicians also expressed their opposition to Makela, and six other French hip hop acts, who they said had helped incite the violence through their lyrics. By that time, however, Mach had already begun the legal action that has reached court this week. The MP accuses Makela of "making and disseminating violent and pornographic messages to which minors could get access".

Makela continues to deny that he has behaved in an improper way through his music. At the time of last year's riots he told reporters: "Hip hop is a crude art, so we use crude words. It is not a call to violence".


A date has been set for Gary Glitter's previously delayed court appearance in Vietnam with regard to his ongoing appeal against his three year sentence for child molestation. Bui Ngoc Hoa, head of the People's Supreme Court of Appeals in Ho Chi Minh City has told reporters: "His appeals trial is set for June 15". The official added that the trial would last only one day, as you might expect, given that the singer's original trial on allegations of child abuse also lasted for just a day.


Morrissey has added his voice to the much reported (although not here in the Daily, to be honest) heated controversy over the new Oxford animal research laboratory. Appearing at the city's New Theatre on Thursday night, the singer used the opportunity to speak out about the £20m biomedical research laboratory site currently being constructed in Oxford's South Parks Road. Calling Oxford "the shame of England" for allowing the site to be built there, he told fans: "If you agree with vivisection, go and be vivisected upon yourself."

It's not the first time, of course, that Morrissey has spoken out on this issue, so it should hardly be surprising. He did, after all, write the lyrics to a song called 'Meat Is Murder'. Earlier this year he told fanzine True To You that he supported the actions of the 'Animal Rights Militia', and said he understood why activists felt the need to use force, saying that the reason "fur-farmers and so-called laboratory scientists are repaid with violence... is because they deal in violence themselves and it's the only language they understand". He added that such activists are "usually very intelligent people who are forced to act because the law is shameful or amoral".

Incidentally, Tory leader David Cameron made a Smiths track one of his eight top picks during his previously reported appearance on Desert Island Discs this week. He chose 'This Charming Man', and called Morrissey's appearance on Top of the Pops "an iconic moment for people of my age and generation". I bet Morrissey's really pleased about that.


Beyonce Knowles has revealed details of her next solo album, which is to glory in the title of "B'Day" and be released - yep - on Knowles 25th birthday, 4 Sep. The first single release will be 'Deja Vu', a collaboration with the singer's boyfriend Jay Z.

The former Child Of Destiny is said to have written, arranged and co-produced her second solo work, which is also believed to feature contributions from Rodney Jerkins, Rich Harrison, The Neptunes and Swizz Beatz. Presumably Beyonce herself also came up with the title, as she did everything else. It seems a bit unwise. It might not happen in the US, but there's always going to be someone over here who's going to think it sounds like 'bidet'.


So, within about 34 seconds of us emailing out yesterday's CMU Daily, telling you about that great Lazy B track that's out this week, we're told its release has now been pushed back to 3 Jul. So now you know. Still, no excuse to not go and check it out - Oh, except that that's an unofficial MySpace and therefore technically illegal. That would be a reason for not going there, I guess.


ALBUM REVIEW: Ammoncontact - With Voices (Ninja Tune)
Fabian Ammon and Carlos Nino are Ammoncontact, and are well known for their West Coast abstract trip hop. 'With Voices' sees their normally sans-vocal product encroached on by some high fliers from their native LA and beyond, and to be honest, I didn't really expect to like this album. But actually, I do. I'm not the biggest fan of hip hop but the Ammoncontact duo have won me over with their particular brand of the genre. Highlights range from the trippy dippy 'Children Of The Sun' to 'Zillion Tambourines', which features the storm-cloud vocals of Kamau Daaood, and a backdrop which is sublime. African rhythms feature in 'Ropepe', whilst 'Worth It' is funky and reminiscent of De La Soul. The two instrumental tracks are awesome: the bluesy 'Elevation', and the off-kilter 'Earth's Children'. The only lowlights are ' Love Needs No Destination To Have Made It' and 'Beautiful Powers', which doesn't cut it that finely. The other high point is the collaboration with Daedalus in 'Sleep Stasis' which only lasts 68 seconds but is sub zero. They could and should have taken this much, much further. It may be dosed with a large wad of Haight-Ashbury but this LP's cool with me. PV
Release date: 29 May
Press contact: Ninja Tune IH [all]


That Nick O'Malley, who is, as previously reported, stepping in for bassist Andy Nicholson on Arctic Monkeys upcoming US tour, is apparently playing with a broken hand. He apparently injured himself whilst on a night out a couple of weeks ago with members of his former band, The Dodgems.

Former bandmate Phil Goodwin said: "Two weeks ago we went out to the local pub with one of the lads who roadies for us. As we were walking home the other lad grabbed him and pulled him over our neighbour's wall. It's quite high and he landed on his right hand. It is his plectrum hand and he has a pot on it but he says he can hold a plectrum."


Guns n Roses have announced a UK tour set to take place in July, to follow that previously reported date at Hammersmith Apollo on 7 Jun and their appearance at this year's Download Festival on 11 Jun. Tickets go on sale Friday at 9am, here are the dates:

18 Jul: Sheffield Hallam FM Arena
19 Jul: Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
21 Jul: Glasgow SECC
23 Jul: Manchester MEN Arena
25 Jul: Birmingham NEC
27 Jul: Nottingham Arena
30 Jul: London Wembley Arena


David Bowie made a surprise appearance at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday, arriving onstage for the encore at a gig by former Pink Floyd man David Gilmour - marking Bowie's first appearance on a UK stage for nearly two years. The singer received a standing ovation after performing 'Arnold Layne' and 'Comfortably Numb'.

David Crosby and Graham Nash also guested on Monday, performing on, amongst others, the title track from Gilmour's recent album release 'On An Island'. Gilmour plays the last of his sold-out three night residency at the venue tonight.


It's emerged that Foo Fighters are to play an acoustic show at the Apollo Victoria Theatre on 14 Jun. The date precedes those massive concerts planned for Hyde Park on the 17 Jun and Old Trafford on the 18 Jun, plus that previously reported acoustic tour of North America.


Keane, New Order and Massive Attack are amongst the bands confirmed to take part in Spanish fest Summercase this summer. The event takes place on the 14 and 15 Jul, with two bills alternating between the cities of Madrid and Barcelona. Actually, it's a great line-up, there are loads of CMU favourites on it, I just picked Keane, New Order and Massive Attack because they appear to be headliners. But then so do Daft Punk. And Belle & Sebastian.

Okey Dokey, here are many good reasons for a trip to Spain this summer:

Madrid 14 Jul, Barcelona 15 Jul
New Order, Keane, Primal Scream, The Chemical Brothers (DJ Set), The Dandy Warhols, The Divine Comedy, Happy Mondays, Rufus Wainwright, Starsailor, Bell Orchestre, Brakes, The Concretes, Cut Copy, The Feeling, Hope Of The States, The Long Blondes, Mendetz, The Paddingtons, Razorlight, Two Gallants, Gato.

Barcelona 14 Jul, Madrid 15 Jul
Massive Attack, Daft Punk, Belle & Sebastian, Sigur Ros, Fatboy Slim, Adam Green, Astrud, The, Cardigans, Maximo Park, Sparks, Super Furry Animals, Alex Torio, Clovis, David Kitt, Dirty Pretty Things, Midlake, My Latest Novel, Mystery Jets, Shout Out Louds, The Spinto Band, The Twilight Singers, Trabant, Amable.

See here for info:


Tenor Luciano Pavarotti has been forced to postpone five more dates on his worldwide farewell tour due to complications from back surgery. The seventy year old singer, who recently postponed dates in order that the surgery could take place, has now revealed, via London based Manager Terri Robson, that five June dates in North America will also now not take place until October. Robson explained that after the operation "he went on to develop an infection during his stay in the hospital. This condition has unfortunately delayed his recovery time."

Robson continued: "Luciano apologizes to his many disappointed fans for having to reschedule these concerts. Happily, he is now well on his way to recovery and very much looks forward to continue celebrating his career with the Pavarotti Worldwide Farewell Tour."


SINGLE REVIEW: Little Man Tate - What? What You Got (Yellow Van Records)
Little Man Tate are a 4-piece from Sheffield, and write indie-rock songs about girls, dancefloors, and sex. I'll not patronise you by pointing out the comparisons to a similar group of local apes. Not that I'm accusing Little Man Tate of being apes, that's a little harsh. They're not bad. 'What? What You Got' follows a girl's night out, at a local indie club, picking up phone numbers from men she likes, and eventually concludes that "it doesn't matter, no not at all, if she pulls gets laid at all". The girl has a boyfriend, however, and the chorus laments that "he doesn't seem to care at all, into whose bed she falls". Little Man Tate's 'real-life' subject matter, guitars and sing-along choruses all point towards the suggestion that, in the current musical climate, Little Man Tate should do fairly well for themselves. DG
Release Date: 22 May
Press Contact: Nile On [all]


With the real enemy for the high street record stores at the moment still the supermarkets and mail order etailers (ie not the download platforms - that competitor is yet to really have an impact), HMV are launching a new scheme which they hope will compete with Tesco, Amazon et al by not requiring the music fan to visit a shop or even start up their PC.

The new service will be done via your mobile phone. Ads in the national and lifestyle press will give you a special SMS code for different music, film and game releases. You text that code, and get back a text message with a mobile internet link for that product. From that point onwards the experience is basically a mobile version of buying music via a mail order website - you supply your credit card details and the CD gets sent out in the post.

In essence the main aim of this scheme is to simplify the mobile internet experience, which is currently hard to navigate, even if you manage to get past your mobile operator's 'we like to control what you see' portal. By texting customers a mobile web link users can buy their albums in just a handful of clicks.

HMV's internet head Gideon Lask explains: "Given the increasingly dynamic buying patterns of consumers and the mass market penetration of mobile phones in the UK, offering customers the opportunity to buy music albums, movies and games over their mobiles, whenever and wherever they are, is an incredibly attractive proposition".

Given the rapid growth in web enabled phones, and the resulting increase in the number of people who own these things but who don't really know how to use them, it's possibly a cool idea, and one which could be used to garner customer data and loyalty with which to launch an over-the-air mobile download platform in the future. Whether it will be enough to help HMV take on the threat from its many new competitors though, remains to be seen.


Did I tell you that Bertelsman had reached an agreement with their minority shareholder Groupe Bruxelles Lambert to buy them out for 4.5 billion euros so that GBL wouldn't, as they had threatened, float their 25.1% share on the stock market? I can't remember. Well they did, and they have now selected Barclays Capital, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank AG and Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc to manage the loans they are going to have to take out to cover the costs of the venture.

Also contributing towards the costs of buying out GBL, of course, is the previously reported sale of Bertelsmann's BMG Music Publishing company. Sony, Universal and a number of venture capitalist types are all said to be interested in buying the publishing firm, as is Edgar Bronfman Jnr over there at Warner Music.

According to The Business, Warner's top team have been looking into a takeover of BMG Music Publishing for some time. BMG's publishing assets would make Bronfman's Warner Chappell into a publishing powerhouse. What's more, if EMI were to succeed in a takeover of Warner Music they would most likely be forced to sell Warner Chappell to satisfy competition officials (given the size of EMI's existing music publishing company) and some commentators reckon Bronfman has designs on maintaining ownership of the publishing company in any EMI/Warner deal, hence his interest in expanding its size.

Not that the EMI takeover of Warner Music is a foregone conclusion of course. The FT reports that while Bronfman awaits the next takeover offer from EMI, he is also busy courting those well-off investment types about the possibility of Warner attempting a takeover of EMI. Bronfman, rumour says, isn't overly keen on bowing out of the music industry, but doesn't see himself having a long future at any mega-major created by an EMI takeover - but if Warner was to take over EMI, well, then he'd be in charge. That said, cynics say Bronfman is unlikely to raise anywhere near the capital that would be required for such a move, so he'll probably have to make do with the aforementioned Warner Chappell plan. Or, of course, he could make do with his current lot and knock back any further EMI takeover offer.

EMI, it seems, are actually prepared for the Warner deal to not come off. While they plan to make one more bid for the company, they don't want to be forced into paying too high a price for Warner. Should their next bid be unsuccessful (and the consensus is that one of Bronfman's current investors will have to break ranks for EMI to have any chance of getting their takeover plans through) then EMI reckon they have other options for takeover-style expansion other than Warner Music. Some say Vivendi may still sell off some of its Universal music assets (though given how much Universal's successes have helped Vivendi overcome those past financial problems, they would be mad to do so) and then there's still Bertelmann's stake in SonyBMG.

Now, of course, Bertelsmann seem to have opted to sell their publishing firm rather than their 50% stake in SonyBMG in their bid to raise that GBL-buy out money. However, The Times reports that Bertelsmann is still trying to renegotiate its current five year JV deal with Sony Corp which stops either side from selling out without the others express agreement until 2009. Negotiations which might suggest Bertelsmann still see a SonyBMG sale as an option - just a medium term rather than short term one (ie to pay off some of those hefty loans they're about to take out in a year or so).

So, perhaps EMI will still, as yet, have the option to buy half of SonyBMG. Or perhaps they should just go with our advice, end their obsession with the traditional recording business, and merge with Live Nation - integrated operations, that's the future.


Talking of Live Nation, they have entered into a deal with Toronto-based Concert Promotions International which will see them taking a controlling interest in CPI's touring division and a 50% stake in CPI's Grand Entertainment division.

The deal formalises an existing relationship between Live Nation and Grand Entertainment chief Michael Cohl, who previously collaborated on major tours, including the Stones world tours. Cohl will join Live Nation's Board Of Directors as part of the deal.

It will also reunite Cohl with his former colleague Arthur Fogel, who is Live Nation's Head Of Global Touring and Music Chairman. Confirming the new deal, Fogel told Billboard: "For me it's great, it's like things have come full circle. Obviously, we've been working together before this deal went down, but it's good to have Michael officially part of the family. I always enjoy his view of things and his counsel."

Look, I got through a whole story on Live Nation without saying they used to be Clear Channel's live entertainments division. The re-brand is complete.


CBS Radio have confirmed those reports last week that they have reached a settlement with Howard Stern. CBS were suing Stern, of course, because he received a bonus from new employer Sirius for helping them sell loads of subscriptions - he did this by using CBS Radio air time to plug Sirius - something which, CBS claimed, was irritating to start with but in breach of contract once they realised Stern was gaining financially from the plugs.

The details of the settlement between Stern and CBS are confidential, though it is known Sirius will pay CBS $2 million, while CBS will hand over the rights to Stern's old shows. Some reckon this is a particularly good deal for Stern, who was known to have wanted the rights to his old shows when he left CBS, something he was denied. Therefore in the $2 million settlement not only has Stern settled CBS's legal action, but he has regained valuable content rights he had wanted all along, and possibly would have paid $2 million for anyway.


ALBUM REVIEW: Shiloh - Bleed (Baroque)
The debut, two-disc album from Canadian duo Shiloh (brothers Colin and Justin Moreh), leaves me with feelings of distinct ambivalence. On one hand this is, as expected, an impeccably produced album - ably showcasing Shiloh's tight and distinctive style, and is by and large, a comfortable stroll through some spacious, melodic progressive breaks and house. On the other hand, however, it is mind-bogglingly dated and so dry and ordinary, that it barely secured itself a second listen. With an impressive discog of hits and a thumbs-up from anyone who counts in club land, Shiloh quickly became trailblazers of the genre. Therefore, it goes without saying that the album's rather uninspired, passé musicality, comes as a bona fide kick to the nuts. Admittedly, it has its moments, and with two discs to its name (White and Red Cell), that should be a given. Ironically, near the end, 'Dream On' is disc one's highlight and epitomises a classic Shiloh triumph. An out-and-out club hit as a single, 'Dream On' delivers some much-needed quality to the proceedings. With tight, dynamic beats, genre-defining trickling melodies and Colin Moreh's own druggy, atmospheric REM/Underworld-style vocal; this rather frustratingly flaunts what the duo are capable of. 'Mana' meanwhile, whilst illustrative of the LP's retrograde breaks sound, reveals layers of heavenly, silky melodies - definitely prog breaks that I melted to a year or three ago. Disc two, White Cell, features remixes and collaborations with artists such as Luke Chable and David West and overall plays better than its partner. Chable, ever on form, delivers an outstanding peaktime remix of 'Dream On' with typical ease, whilst Furry Nipples' remix of 'Face', is well-executed, contemporary, techy house - succeeding with the trippy, dark vocal where the original failed. So this leaves me with my quandary - whilst not an appalling album by any means, 'Bleed' just seems to fall short of the brilliance and originality I come to expect from the brothers Moreh. Whilst their consistent output of singles will undoubtedly keep Shiloh in the ranks, I imagine this sub par album will come as a disappointment to many. OG
Release date: 29 May
Press contact: Strike 3 [all]


According to Australian media sources, Delta Goodrem's mother has told her to dump boyfriend Brian McFadden, because he is "holding her back" and spoiling her career. The pair have, of course been dating for around two years.

The former Westlife singer is said to have written to Mrs G, saying: "You don't know anything about my career or future. Delta is an intelligent, talented woman who is making decisions by herself. Be choice with your words in the future."


McFly are apparently to release a new song all about band member Harry Judd's alleged fling with Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan. The drummer reportedly became 'close' to Lohan during the filming of 'Just My Luck', in which McFly make an appearance. Which is all really interesting. Or, on the other hand, possibly not at all.

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