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In today's CMU Daily:
- Swedish BitTorrent search engine back online
- Parliamentary Internet Group reports back on DRM
- Rappers cleared of plagiarism
- Youngbloodz charged with weapons offences
- Album Review: Us3 - Schizophonic
- Stones confirm some tour stuff
- Primal Scream tour
- Coxon and Pallot confirmed for Unleashed
- Etta James gets Billboard honour
- Sugababes' new album plans
- Black Crowes' new album plans
- Keane say music is a healer
- Kylie back in studio
- Vince Welnick dies
- Garrity funeral takes place
- Columbia US president to go?
- Bertelsmann memo on moving forward
- V2 sign distribution deal with Universal
- Orchard do deal with legit Russian download outfit
- Warner Chappell announce pan-European licencing thing
- Album Review: Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped
- Chart update
- This week's Student Radio Chart
- Subshot playlist
- Total Rock world album chart
- CMU radio show
- Courtney Love promotes Amnesty
- Eno is working with Roxy Music, actually
- Geller's house sold to someone else
- C'leb X-Factor show defends stinginess
- Ordinary Boys too busy to write songs
- Monkeys to blame for on-pitch robotics
- Ash drummer takes commute to extremes
- James on Halliwell's parenthood


Hasn't it gone all summery all of a sudden? And do you know how I plan to celebrate the improving season? By sitting down in the comfort of my own desk area later today and tuning my internet radio into the latest edition of the CMU radio show. There I will hear Chris (alas no Caro this week - she being too busy interviewing three and a half million ThreeWeeks applicants in Edinburgh) chatting, to himself mainly, about IMPALA and all their major merger ranting, about old school Naspter lawsuits, about extra T in the Park tickets going on sale (they all sold out by the way, really rather quickly), about rappers in court, about Morrissey, about Beanie Sigel, about Gorkies, about Lordi and about Dave Grohl who isn't, as far as we're aware, as we go to press, dead. All that, plus some rather fine music (including excerpts from the upcoming mix albums from the Bassbin Twins and Steve Lawler) all of which is listed down below. Do tune in - it goes live later today at

PS: A bit of a long Daily today - sorry - and it seemed like such a quiet news day when we arrived at 6am this morning.



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Leyline and TCR once again team up to present another storming breaks all nighter this Saturday night, 10 Jun - yes, HUM is back. Take one Rennie Pilgrem. Add in the Breakfastaz and Hyper. Top it off with Vlad Sokolov and Tom Real. And put Clive X Nubile Disco and Miss Pup in Room 2 and boy, what a way to celebrate (we hope) the result of the England vs Paraguay match. And that's before we mention the special prices on Brahma beer and double JDs all night. All takes place at the seOne Club on Weston Street in London from 10pm to 6am, tickets are a tenner or £6 if you guest list in advance at Press info from Leyline.

More info:



Same Six Questions: 747s
Songwriters Oisin and Ned met in Dublin, busking on opposite sides of the same street to "evening drinkers and late night lowlife". They continued to busk all over Europe, picking up two other musicians along the way, and so 747s were born. And thank God for that, cos their debut releases have been flippin marvelous. With new single 'Night & Day' out last week, we threw the same six questions in their general direction.

MySpace Of The Day: Regina Spektor
I like Regina Spektor because she's always struck me as weirdy but good. Perhaps it was just her name that struck me as weirdy, and the music that was good. Anyway, whatever it was that struck me as weirdy, I know that I think she's good and whilst I was (for reasons I don't have the time, nor the inclination, to go in to here) researching upcoming gigs in the Cambridge area, I noticed that Ms Spektor will shortly be on tour in Europe, and will be visiting the UK during June and July. So, what better time to mention that there's a MySpace page? As someone who trusts all of my recommendations, it's not something that you would want to miss, is it? I think it's official, but don't take my word for it. It's got all the usual stuff a MySpace page has, songs and suchlike, plus all those upcoming tour dates, of course. There are also blog entries, which isn't so usual. Also, it doesn't have any flashy design on it, which is blessing, frankly, because I'm on very slow dial-up this morning. And given that there was no live tip on Friday, perhaps all those tour dates will make up for it. It wasn't my fault, by the way, it was because I was all up in the air. Literally all up in the air. I was flying from London to Edinburgh at a time when I would normally be writing my live tip. So there. I have a very good excuse.

All this and more at


Well, we told you these guys didn't seem to be all that keen to go offline just yet. Yep, the Swedish search engine closed down by the authorities last week over allegations its primary purpose was to direct consumers to illegal sources of films, music and software has reopened within days.

The people behind The Pirate Bay say they have relocated much of their online operation to servers in the Netherlands, so are confident they can continue to operate without the risk of another forced shutdown by Swedish police.

The Pirate Bay's Fredrik Neij told reporters: "We just got the servers up and running. They're not totally stable yet. But we expect the site to be working as normal within the hour".

As previously reported, Neij and his colleagues have hit out at the police raid of their Swedish operations - raids that were welcomed by key content industry bodies including the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry.

The Pirate Bay argue that, because they do not host any copyright content themselves but simply point people to other sources of content, they are not actually violating any copyright laws. They also claim that police said they were seizing their servers as evidence in the copyright violation case against them, but The Pirate Bay ask why such evidence was needed when their sites are in the public domain, and the people who run the operation frequently appear in the media to defend their company.

There has been no word as yet from either Swedish or Dutch authorities as to whether further action will be taken to take The Pirate Bay offline.


Consumers should know what rights they do and don't have when content they buy comes with digital rights management, or at least that's the conclusion of the All Party Parliamentary Internet Group who have, as previously reported, been giving the whole DRM thing quite a lot of consideration of late.

At the heart of the recommendations made by the Group, reporting back on their previously reported consultation with organisations in favour and against DRM, was the need for better communication in the digital rights management space. The Group's report calls on the Office Of Fair Trading to put in place 'labelling regulations' as soon as possible, forcing content owners to clearly state the limitations any DRM technology they use will have over the products they are selling - you know, "warning, may completely fuck up your computer", that kind of thing.

That labelling, the Group says, should also set out what will happen to DRM protected content should the specific technology used, or the players required to consume the protected content, go out of circulation - ie, to stop consumers being lumbered with a load of protected content that can no longer be played on any commercially available players.

The Group said the aim of any labelling scheme would be to make it "crystal clear" to consumers what rights they had over the content they were buying, which is an ambitious aim, given that nothing is ever particularly "crystal clear" when it comes to DRM (or, indeed, any software).

The report also called for the makers of DRM systems to be made aware of the consequences of using "aggressive copy protection systems" - a reference, of course, to the fallout that followed the use of so called 'rootkit' software by SonyBMG in the US, which was shown to open up user's computers to risk of virus attack. The MPs behind the report said that DRM makers and users should be aware that they face both civil and criminal action if their software systems damage consumers' computers in anyway.

Finally, the Group also called on the Department Of Trade & Industry to look into the prices being charged for legit downloads - pointing out that download prices in the UK are considerably higher than mainland Europe and the US. The report notes that: "This is somewhat at odds with the notion of the 'single market'".

Responses from those anti and pro DRM are sure to be forthcoming this week (all in all, as expected, the report is generally more favourable to the DRM lobby), and we'll report on those responses as we get them.


US rappers Kanye West and Ludacris have been cleared of stealing beats and lyrics from fellow hip hop artists IOF. As previously reported, the New Jersey hip hop group had accused the two high profile rappers of stealing aspects of one of their songs for the 2003 Ludacris hit 'Stand Up', which Kanye West co-wrote and produced. However, lawyers for Ludacris and West argued the beats and lyrics in question were too generic to claim anyone stole them, while the two rappers denied having heard the IOF track before creating 'Stand Up'.

After a two week hearing a US jury took just one day to find in West and Ludacris' favour at the end of last week. Responding to the decision, Ludacris told reporters outside the court: "I hope the plaintiffs enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame. This whole experience is proof to me of why I will always fight for what I believe in."

IOF's manager Jeff Billingsley immediately confirmed that the group intended to appeal, telling reporters: "Probably Ludacris feels good that he got over this, but he has not gotten away".

IOF's lawyer, Mel Sachs, added that he felt his clients had lost their case because of the judge's decision to exclude the evidence of a music expert who they had planned to call to the witness stand. A move which, it is claimed, was part of sanctions against another lawyer who previously represented IOF. He told reporters: "The verdict was disappointing but understandable in the wake of this order to preclude the plaintiffs' expert in the case". The refusal of the judge to allow this expert witness to testify will be at the heart of IOF's appeal.


Youngbloodz J-Bo and Sean Paul have been arrested and charged with drugs and weapons offenses after their tour bus was stopped en route to a concert at the end of last week. The duo, real names Jeffrey Ray Grigsby and Sean Paul Joseph, are accused, along with their entourage of twelve people, of possession of Marijuana with the intent to distribute, plus possession of firearms.

Coweta County sheriff's deputy Clinton Reynolds explained to reporters that he pulled the pair's tour bus over because it had an expired Florida tag but then noticed the smell of burning dope. Reynolds confirmed that a subsequent search of the vehicle revealed around 225 grammes of the drug, divided into 11 separate bags, as well as two weapons.

Tice Merriweather for Youngbloodz' record label, Jive, said he believes that the duo will be cleared of the charges, releasing a statement in which he states: "The guys have never had any trouble with the law."


ALBUM REVIEW: Us3 - Schizophonic (Us3)
This album sees the continuation of Us3's newer policy of employing live musicians more, rather than using samples, a policy started on their last album 'Questions'. And that's a good thing, because I've always thought Us3 are a lot more interesting to listen to when they give their horn players a chance to let rip and don't just rely on programmed beats. They would sound a lot more exciting if they employed a live drummer as well (though that wouldn't leave founder/producer Geoff Wilkinson with much to do at gigs). The idea of mixing jazz and hip-hop isn't really that original anymore, with both genres becoming more and more ambitious and increasingly taking on elements of each other. I actually don't think they've gone far enough with the jazz elements here; it sounds at times more like Smooth FM jazz really (which, let's face it, is hideous stuff). Akil and Gaston, the vocalists on this, are both very competent, but there's nothing that really grabbed me about them. They come from the US underground scene, but to my mind there's nothing that really distinguishes them from anyone else, which is maybe an indication of the US scene at the moment. They don't have the distinctive style of say, Akala or Dizzee Rascal. I saw Us3 last year and they have a genuinely talented bunch of musicians, who should perhaps be brought even more to the fore. 'Get Busy' is perhaps the best track here, as it really tries to inject something new into the formula, with it's insistent bass line and a colourful piano part, but ambition like that is all too rare here. At the moment, something like Herbie Hancock's' 'Future 2 Future', from a few years back, comes to mind as being a better example of a jazz/ hip hop/ beats hybrid. It's altogether bolder, exciting and more forward- thinking than this effort. TH
Release date: 5 Jun
Press Contact: The Outpost [all]


The Rolling Stones have confirmed that they will begin their tour of Europe in July, following delays and postponements caused by Keith Richards' much reported coconut tree incident in Fiji and subsequent head surgery in New Zealand. Ten dates are still postponed, and two concerts in Germany have been cancelled, but several gigs have been rescheduled.

The first performance is set for 11 Jul at Milan's San Siro stadium (a show originally set to take place on 22 Jun), before the band move on to Austria, Germany, France, Holland, Switzerland and Portugal. Their UK dates in late August remain unchanged, but new dates for gigs in Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels, Gothenburg, St Petersburg, Brno, Warsaw, Athens, Zagreb and Frankfurt are yet to be announced.

Promoter Michael Cohl said: "We are delighted to announce the Stones tour is back on track and thank all the fans and ticket holders for their patience.We have put in as many shows in as many countries as was feasible. This is still going to be the most incredible rock show ever."


Primal Scream have announced 11 UK tour dates, as listed below. The band's new album "Riot City Blues", is out today.

14 Nov: Newcastle Academy
15 Nov: Aberdeen Music Hall
17 Nov: Glasgow SECC
18 Nov: Manchester Apollo
19 Nov: Birmingham Academy
21 Nov: Liverpool University
22 Nov: Nottingham Rock City
24 Nov: London Hammersmith Apollo
27 Nov: Cambridge Corn Exchange
28 Nov: Bristol Academy
29 Nov: Southampton Guildhall


Graham Coxon and Nerina Pallot have both been confirmed to play at Newquay's Ripcurl Unleashed festival - the two day music event that takes place as part of the Ripcurl Boardmasters, Europe's biggest action sports festival. They join previously announced acts such as Starsailor, Feeder, The Automatic, Captain and Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly on the bill for the event, which runs from 4-5 August. See


Etta James is to receive Billboard's 2006 R&B Founders Award when the publication's seventh annual R&B/Hip-Hop Conference And Awards convenes in September. Previous recipients of the honour include the Isley Brothers, Betty Wright, Isaac Hayes and Chaka Khan. The recipient of this year's equivalent hip-hop award is expected to be announced shortly.


Sugababes are apparently already at work on a new album, a follow up to 2005's 'Taller In More Ways', this time, of course, featuring new member Amelle Berrabah from the outset. Ahead of the new LP, a singles compilation is to be released later in the year. The band's Heidi Range told "We're writing the new album now. But we're gonna be supporting Take That on their stadium tour, and we're doing the V Festival, and a few festivals round Europe, and we'll get back to it after that. We've got a greatest hits coming out at Xmas and there's the new album next year."


More new album news. The Black Crowes are planning to release a new double album later in the year. The long player, entitled 'The Lost Crowes', and out on 29 Aug, is a compilation created using tracks left over from previous recording sessions. The first CD features material recorded in 1997 and includes an early version of single release 'By Your Side' called 'If It Ever Stops Raining'. Disc 2, meanwhile, features older stuff from 1993 - tracks recorded ahead of the release of the band's 1994 album 'Amorica'. A DVD of 1992 video compilation 'Who Killed That Bird Out On Your Window Sill' is also out on 29 Aug.


The boys from Keane have been talking about their internal band tensions again. They have told that their very near split during the making of their new album 'Under The Iron Sea' was averted by the power of the music. The band's Tom Chaplin said: "One of the great things about music is that it's what brought us together in the first place. It was our geeky way of expressing ourselves. We were never very good at talking about stuff, we'd just turn it into music. Having that album to make and making it has definitely helped to reconcile a lot of the troubles we had. It's good to be back in that place again."

Chaplin went on to say that the atmosphere was a spur to create better music, saying: "It's big step up in every way. We're not the sort of band that's scared of change. All the bands we grew up loving are like that - Depeche Mode, Radiohead, The Smiths. Bands that didn't fear changing and always broke new ground. It's definitely very different and rightly so. Whether it's Tim (Rice-Oxley)'s new piano sounds or the funkiness of the drums - all the performances are much more raw and intense. We're kind of darker. It's very much a raw, visceral spontaneous record. All three of us felt we had much more to contribute this time. We all had much more to bring to the party."

Keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley added: "We're actually playing 11 out of the 12 songs live, which we never did with 'Hopes And Fears'. It's good to do that and not have the crowd going to the bar. They do seem to be getting into the new songs straight away."


According to the Sydney Sun-Herald, Kylie Minogue has returned to the studio for the first time since her cancer diagnosis in May last year. She apparently told the paper: "I'm still taking things slowly, but I've had a great week in the studio and things couldn't be any better. It's been a long, hard road to now but I'm feeling good and I want to get back into the swing of things."

She is also said to have revealed that her illness had made her consider retiring altogether. "I have thought of retiring to a little house and giving it all up", she said. "But I always look forward. I'm not a great believer in looking back. I've always lived in the moment I because I know more than most how things can suddenly drop from the sky and shake everything up."

Asked if she wants kids, she answered: "Yes, I feel broody. It's only natural. It hasn't happened yet, but I hope it will someday. Ollie is lovely. Our relationship has gone well from the beginning. I suppose it helps that he understands my career."


Grateful Dead keyboardist Vince Welnick has died aged 55, according to a statement on his website, which reads: "Vince passed from this earth on 2 June 2006... after a decade of battling tragedy while creating beauty and light around him". There's been no official word on cause of death, though reports suggest that Welnick committed suicide.

Welnick joined the band in 1990 when original keyboardist Brent Mydland died from a drug overdose. When Greatful Dead disbanded following the death of Jerry Garcia in 1995, Welnick formed his own group, Missing Man Formation and did not take part in any reunions of surviving Grateful Dead members. He is the fourth Grateful Dead keyboard player to meet an untimely demise, preceded by the aforementioned Mydland as well as Keith Godchaux, who died in a car accident in 1980, and founder member Ron McKernan who died from a haemorrhage in 1973.

The band have said in a statement: "His service to and love for the Grateful Dead were heartfelt and essential. He had a loving soul and a joy in music that we were lucky to share."


The funeral of singer Freddie Garrity, who, as previously reported, died last month at the age of 69 whilst on holiday in Wales, has taken place near his Staffordshire home. A host of fellow sixties pop stars were amongst the hundreds of mourners lining the streets in Stoke-on-Trent to pay their respects, including Brian Poole from The Tremeloes, Tony Crane from the Merseybeats, and members of Herman's Hermits.

Freddie and The Dreamers singer Nick St John-Foti said of his former bandmate: "I was in his last band, so it's an upsetting day for me, but Freddie was full of fun and he wouldn't want us to be upset because he was the Prince of Mirth." A jester's hat was placed atop Garrity's coffin for its journey to the city's Carmountside Crematorium.

Garrity, who was taken ill in Bangor and died on 19 May, had been suffering from emphysema for several years and had been unable to work since 2001.


Following those changes at the top of SonyBMG's Sony Label Group US at the end of last week, we hear that Steve Greenberg, the President of one of the Group's big divisions, Columbia Records US, is also to stand down. No official word on this as far as we see, though insiders say Greenberg's departure has been expected for a while now.


Following all those shenanigans in the world of Bertelsmann last week, including the deal to buy out minority shareholder GBL and to sell BMG Music Publishing to fund that deal, the HitsDailyDouble website has published the following internal memo which confirms the German conglom's position following all the wheeling and dealing.

The Memo, from Bertelsmann Chairman Gunter Thielen and the increasingly vocal Liz Mohn, of the Bertelsmann majority shareholding Mohn family, reads: "During the past years Bertelsmann experienced significant growth. A number of investments further enhanced the strong competitive position of all the divisions; we are improving our margins to reach our target of 10% return on sales by 2007. Your contribution to this performance is of essence. As part of 90,000 employees globally you have every reason to be proud of this... Our Shareholders, management and employees have a common strategy which we will implement on the basis of a proven corporate culture."


UK independent record company V2, recently sold out by the Virgin Group to Morgan Stanley of course, has confirmed it has entered into a new distribution deal with Universal Music. The deal will see the major record company provide distribution services for V2 and its partner labels, including Wichita, Moshi Moshi, City Slang and Arts & Crafts. V2's output was previously distributed by independent player Pinnacle.

Confirming the new deal, V2 MD David Steele told reporters: "This is a very attractive deal for us, we gain the benefit of the expertise and experience of being with the largest record distributor in the country along with the flexibility of creating our own bespoke sales operation within it".

Universal Distribution Director Russell Richards added: "I am delighted to welcome such a prestigious, independent label to Universal's distribution operation and look forward to working with the V2 team on the distribution of their first releases under the new deal this Summer."


Digital music distribution people The Orchard have announced a new deal with a Russian download company called Yanga which will make music from numerous Western independent record labels legitimately available for download in the Russian Federation. The Orchard say that through the deal Yanga are the first digital music company operating in Russia to have legitimately licenced a catalogue of music from Western labels.

Confirming the deal, The Orchard top man Greg Scholl told CMU: "Our partnership with Yanga expands our business in a region where we've made strong inroads over the past year, first by opening an office in Moscow, and then by making important licensing deals with many of the leading Russian labels. On another level, this alliance is a major step toward establishing a framework for legitimate digital commerce in Russia. We are committed to the Russian music market, and we look forward to helping Yanga launch its digital music store and play a pioneering role in the Russian industry."

Alexander Kouznetsov, General Manager of Yanga, added: "As we prepare to launch Yanga, we are thrilled to have access to one of the world's richest catalogues of independent music. Our customers will appreciate the depth and diversity that The Orchard offers, and this will help establish Yanga as a destination for the widest possible variety of users. It is a first step in our collective efforts to shape the future of the digital music industry in Russia."

The Russian download space has, of course, not been without controversy in recent times with the likes of offering major label music at incredibly cheap prices to both a domestic and international consumer base despite the opposition of the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry. claim they are operating within Russian copyright laws and that they make payments to local royalty bodies - but Western music industry companies are not so convinced while US politicians, in particular, have been putting pressure on Russian authorities to tighten up copyright controls. Presumably legit Russian download ventures like Yanga will offer some hope to the record companies regarding the future of the Russia's digital music market - though presumably Yanga will rely on the authorities to act against the 'so cheap it's almost free' operators like AllofMP3 in order to succeed.


Warner Chappell Music has launched a new digital licensing initiative called PEDL - that's Pan-European Digital Licensing - the result of which will be that download firms operating across the continent will be able to sort out the publishing licence on Warner Chappell's catalogue through one collecting society (of their choice, I think) rather than having to liaise with some 25 different collecting societies. The move falls in line with recommendations made by the EC which has been calling on rights owners to make it easier to licence music for digital platforms on a pan-European basis.

Explaining how the new initiative will work (kind of), Warner/Chappell top bloke Richard Blackstone told CMU: "Warner/Chappell is focused on entering into expanded relationships with those collection societies who will work closely with us to administer our online and mobile rights in a manner which is consistent with agreed guidelines and which allows us to conduct business in the new competitive digital landscape. Today, we have invited all of Europe's collection societies to apply to administer our digital rights in Anglo-American repertoire on a pan-European basis. We are confident this initiative will lead to a new and evolved relationship with collection societies-one in which our songwriters, and partners, along with digital music services, can flourish and that ultimately provides consumers with access to a wider array of digital content. Going forward, I am hopeful that this is the first of a number of initiatives that help move music publishers to the forefront of new business models in these exciting times."


ALBUM REVIEW: Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped (Universal/Geffen)
As you might or might not know, Amanda De Cadenet currently spends her days hanging with the beautiful Nick Strokes whilst taking pictures of her alt.rock friends, including Sonic Youth, here, on the inside cover. And what a nice picture it is, but that is probably because the Youth are such nice people. Whatever, what an awesome album this is. Never afraid to put the catchy-biatch of a summer hit as track 1 (think '100%'), this album starts out with not one, but two belters. 'Reena' has a light, bass-driven flow, with tangly guitars reminiscent of good Libertines, and Kim's voice sounds captivating. "Incinerate" follows a similar formula, and although the tune is more restrained, it is also more persistent, and Thurston's voice sounds like J Mascis. I have repeated this song to death, and still crave it - it's magnificent. There are some less hypnotic moments here, but there are no 'skip-to-next' numbers, except perhaps the two bonus tracks. It is frequently stunningly good, nor are the days of good old-fashioned NOISE abandoned wholly, as on the mesmerising and urban 'Rats' sung by Lee Ranaldo. A number such as 'Jams Run Free' has all the dark, sexy disharmony you could ever desire from Sonic Youth (which, as any fan will confess, is actually quite a lot). This album proves that in spite of age, Sonic Youth are simply one of the best things on the current rock scene. Whether the same thing can be said of Ms De Cadenet is a different question. SIA
Release Date: 5 Jun
Press Contact: Stone Immaculate [all]


So, Gnarls Barkley are no longer number one in the UK singles chart (though they are number two), and with the single now deleted they're not likely to return to the top spot either. In their place is that other much-hyped artist of the moment, Sandi Thom with 'I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker' - well done her.

New entries on the singles chart this week run thus: Ronan Keating and Kate Rusby with 'All Over Again' at 6, Nelly Furtado with 'Maneater' at 8, Tony Christie with his World Cup song at 11, Stan Boardman with his World Cup song at 19, Leann Rimes with 'And It Feels Like' at 22, The Automatic's 'Monster' at 23, Michael Jackson's 'You Are Not Alone' at 30, Paul Simon's 'Father & Daughter' at 31, Loleatta Holloway's 'Love Sensation 06' at 37, Embrace's World Cup song at 38 and Corinne Bailey Rae's 'Trouble Sleeping' at 40.

By the way, if you're thinking that Tony Christie and Stan Boardman have trounced official World Cup band Embrace in the World Cup song battle (Christie and Boardman entering at 11 and 19 respectively, Embrace at 38) - you should note that Embrace's entry is based on download sales alone, where as the other ones are out there in the Asdas and Tescos of the country. So Embrace's real chart entry position will come next week - though whether they beat the Crazy Frog, whose World Cup song is also released this week, remains to be seen. God the charts are complicated these days with the staggered releases and all that nonsense.

Anyway, albums chart, and Orson go straight in at number one with their long player 'Bright Idea' (told you they were more popular than you realised). The other the new entries are few in number - The Futureheads' 'News And Tributes' goes in at 12 and Afi's 'Decemberunderground' goes in at 16.

And that's it really, except for Stones and Dave Gilmour reentries at 23 and 27 respectively.


1. [5] Primal Scream - Country Girl (SonyBMG/Columbia)
2. [1] The Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Way (EMI/Virgin)
3. [2] The Automatics - Monster (B-unique)
4. [12] The Futureheads - Skip to the End (679)
5. [13] The Zutons - Valerie (SonyBMG/Deltasonic)
6. [9] The Feeling - Fill My Little World (Universal/Island)
7. [21] Muse - Super Massive Black Hole (Warner/Atlantic)
8. [NE] Breaks Co-Op - The Otherside (EMI/Parlophone)
9. [4] Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Dani California (Warner)
10. [7] Nelly Furtado - Maneater (Universal/Polydor)
11. [3] Boy Kill Boy - Suzie (Universal/Vertigo)
12. [NE] Fatboy Slim - Old Pair Jeans (Skint)
13. [8] Paul Oakenfold Feat. Brittany Murphy - Faster Kill Pussycat (Warner Maverick)
14. [19] Dirty Pretty Things - Bang Bang You're Dead (Universal/Vertigo)
15. [25] Orson - Bright Idea (Universal/Mercury)
16. [26] Razorlight - In the Morning (Universal/Vertigo)
17. [28] Keane - Is It Any Wonder (Universal/Island)
18. [RE] Fall Out Boy - Dance Dance (Universal/Mercury)
19. [24] Captain - Broke (EMI)
20. [NE] Sandi Thom - I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (SonyBMG/RCA)
21. [16] The Ordinary Boys - Nine2Five (B-unique)
22. [22] Delays - Hideaway (Rough Trade)
23. [11] The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes (Beggars/XL)
24. [23] Nerina Pallot - Everybody's Gone to War (Warner/14th Floor)
25. [NE] Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Universal/Polydor)
26. [NE] The Pipettes - Pull Shapes (Memphis Industries)
27. [10] Snow Patrol - You're All I Have (Universal/Fiction)
28. [NE] The Long Blondes - Weekend Without Makeup (Rough Trade)
29. [NE] Hope Of The States - Sing It Out (SonyBMG/Columbia)
30. [NE] The Darkness - Girlfriend (Warner/Atlantic)


The videos being played on the SUBtv network of screens in students' unions around the UK. New additions marked with a *.

Gomez - Girlshapedlovedrug (Independiente)
Keane - Is It Any Wonder? (Universal/Island)
Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Way (EMI/Virgin)
Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation '06 (Gusto)
Muse - Supermassive Black Hole (Warner)
Mystery Jets - You Can't Fool Me Dennis (679)
*Olympus Mons - Circles (3 Student Music Awards Winners)
*Paul Oakenfold feat. Brittany Murphy - Faster Kill Pussycat (Perfecto)
Ordinary Boys v Lady Sovereign - Nine2Five (B-unique)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California (Warner)

*Billy Talent - Devil In A Midnight Mass (Warner/Atlantic)
Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken (Elefant)
Corinne Bailey Rae - Trouble Sleeping (EMI)
*DJ Fresh - Nervous (Breakbeat Kaos)
Embrace - World At Your Feet (Independiente)
Futureheads - Skip To The End (679)
*John Parr vs Tommyknockers - New Horizon
*Morrissey - The Youngest Was The Most Loved (Sanctuary/Attack)
*The Needles - Dianne (Dangerous)
Nelly Furtado - Maneater (Universal/Polydor)
On-Offs - Wrong Upstairs (EMI)
*The Rifles - She's Got Standards (Red Ink)
Solu Music feat. Kimbelee - Fade (HedKandy)
*Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Turn Into (Universal/Polydor)
The Zutons - Valerie (SonyBMG/Columbia)


As counted down on Total Rock over the weekend - New entries marked with a *

1. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium (Warner Bros)
2. Tool - 10,000 Days (Volcano)
3. Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam (SonyBMG/J Records)
4. Nickelback - All The Right Reasons (Roadrunner)
5. Godsmack - IV (Republic)
6. Guns n Roses - Greatest Hits (Universal/Geffen)
7. Fall-Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree (Universal/Island)
8. Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now (Warner Bros)
9. Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day (Universal/Mercury)
10. Queen - Greatest Hits 1, 2 & 3 (EMI/Parlophone)
11. Green Day - American Idiot (Warner Bros)
12. Thursday - A City By The Light Divided (Universal/Island)
13. Rob Zombie - Educated Horses (Universal/Geffen)
14. David Gilmour - On An Island (EMI)
15. Korn - See You On The Other Side (EMI/Virgin)
16. Goo Goo Dolls - Let Love In (Warner Bros)
17. System Of A Down - Hypnotize (SonyBMG/Columbia)
18. Feeder - The Singles (Echo)*
19. Placebo - Meds (EMI/Virgin)
20. Poison - The Best Of Poison - 20 Years Of Rock (EMI)


The songs played on this week's radio show, which you will be able to listen to later today online on demand at

Fatboy Slim - Weapon Of Choice (SonyBMG/Skint)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Scissors In The Sand (Cooking Vinyl)
Morrissey - The Youngest Was The Most Loved (Sanctuary/Attack)
Gledhill - Good Times Ahead (MX3 Records)
Jeniferever - The Sound Of Beating Wings (Drowned In Sound)
Adam Green - Hollywood Bowl (Rough Trade)
Four Day Hombre - Don't Go Gently (Alamo)
Primal Scream - Country Girl (SonyBMG/Columbia)
Space Cowboy - I Know What Girls Like (Tiger Trax)
Stone Lions - Snow Over Arizona (Bassbin Twins Edit) (Marine Parade)
Evil Nine - Lovers Not Fighters (Marine Parade)
Evil Nine - Crooked (Bassbins Edit) (Marine Parade)
Fuckpony - Cellphone Hit (Get Physical)
Vigo Monroe - Theme 2045 (Off Steve Lawler - Viva)
The Professionist - 0007 Mistery Theme (Off Steve Lawler - Viva)
Max Sedgley - Celebrity (Off Steve Lawler - Viva)
Plastic Operator - Folder (Sunday Best)
Matt Willis - Up All Night (Universal/Mercury)


Courtney Love is one of hundreds of people who appear in a new Amnesty International exhibition in Covent Garden. The celebrities taking part in the project, who include the likes of Patrick Stewart and Christian Slater, are pictured with placards bearing slogans such as "Torture Is Terror", "Stop Violence Against Women" and "Control The Arms Trade". The exhibition runs until Tuesday.


That Brian Eno, who was widely reported to be rejoining Roxy Music, before apparently denying that he was rejoining Roxy Music, has now apparently confirmed that has is in fact going to work with the band again. And he's told The Guardian, who I regard as a fairly reputable source. It's not like it's Heat magazine, or whatever. Anyway, he has said that he is going to contribute to the new Roxy Music album, which is out later this year, although he won't be joining the band for any upcoming live dates.

He told the paper: "The band hadn't changed one bit in terms of its internal dynamics. Just the same chemistry. It made me wonder if people can ever change the chemistry between them. After all that time, the relationships seemed exactly the same."


Uri Geller has discovered to his dismay that the house he bought via eBay, formerly owned, as previously reported, by Elvis Presley, has actually now been sold to someone else. Well, something else; a music foundation set up by music producer Mike Curb. It's not known how much it was sold for.

Geller, who was planning to turn the house into a museum, made the winning bid of $905,100 (£481,000) on eBay back in May. He says: "We are absolutely, mind-blown angry. Of course we're going to sue". Of course, he may not be able to sue because the rules of eBay aren't necessarily on his side. eBay spokeswoman Catherine England said: "The platform we provide in real estate really serves to generate interest. It isn't a legally binding contract."


The producers of X Factor: Battle of the Stars have defended themselves over the amount of the money made on phone votes that is going to charity - each call costs 50p, and 10p of that goes to good causes. A spokesperson for ITV apparently told The Mirror, "These shows run for a shorter, more concentrated period of time and involve higher production costs. The revenues from each vote, once the charitable donation has been deducted, go towards covering these costs for ITV, the production company and the relevant telephone operator."

Barbara White, from participant Nikki Sanderson's chosen charity When You Wish Upon a Star, commented, "It's rather strange that charities are getting less than usual."


The Ordinary Boys are apparently too busy playing to crowds of Big Brother fans to actually get on and write some new songs. Frontman Preston has told NME: "I have a massive scrapbook of little ideas and thoughts, but it's hard to do anything really constructive. I'm usually thinking about the gig we've got to do. You get so into touring that you forget that in order to tour you have to have a record out."


According to, oh, I don't know, a variety of sources, it's the Arctic Monkeys who are completely, entirely and wholly responsible for the fact that that the very tall footballer Peter Crouch has been celebrating goals and stuff with that robot dance. It's already been suggested that he did it at the vastly over-reported (not by us) Beckham World Cup Party thingy and it went down a treat, but the latest revelation is that it was the line "Dancing to electro-pop like a robot, from 1984" from Arctic Monkeys' 'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor' that inspired him.

I don't know why everyone's so obsessed with the robot thing. I still can't get over the fact that there's a *giant* playing for the England team.


Ash drummer Rick McMurray is refusing to move to New York to work on the band's new album and is commuting from his home in Scotland whenever his presence is required. Band-mates Tim Wheeler and Mark Hamilton are presently resident in the city whilst the work continues. Wheeler says: "We relocated here last summer, I'm loving it, but Rick is still in Scotland, he flies back and forth whenever we need him."


Former Blue man and father-of-one Duncan James has told The Sun that he's been chatting to Geri Halliwell about her new role as a mother, which must have been really fascinating for him. "Geri's cool," he said. "She looked great and I'm really pleased for her. She said she loves being a mum. Geri told me she can't wait for my daughter Tianie-Finn and Bluebell to play together, which was sweet. I'm sure Geri will do a great job bringing up Bluebell - I wish her all the best."

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