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In today's CMU Daily:
- UK independents on mission to US
- KarmaDownload closes down
- Columbia US boss set to exit
- Two arrested in connection with West gig shooting
- Loretta Lynn has back surgery
- Stones and Beatles pay tribute to Preston
- Steinberg signs to Kobalt
- Album Review: Isoul8 - Balance
- PlayLouder integrate operations
- US Congress pass post-Nipplegate TV fine increases
- Get Loaded additions
- Big Chill additions
- The Lost Weekend is off
- T On The Fringe line up
- Football or no football at your festivals
- Album Review: Fuckpony - Children Of Love
- Doherty back in rehab


So, Guns n Roses played their Hammersmith Apollo gig the other night, showing up two hours late. Nothing new there then (and that Pete Doherty thinks he was first to master the erratic gig attendance thing). What was new was the way most people received their tickets for the gig. This event was one of the biggest trials so far for mobile ticketing - with many gig goers showing a bar code on their mobile phone to the man on the door, rather than handing over a bit of paper. No word yet on how it went - on how many people couldn't find the bar code on their phone, how many people's batteries failed at the crucial moment, how quickly the codes can be scanned, or whether anyone has figured out a way of bootlegging codes onto other phones yet - though the people behind similar smaller trials seem to suggest the system runs pretty smoothly on the whole. Certainly both mobile firms and some key gig promoters are keen to see the system expanded. It's all very hi-tech, of course, and on one level it is a genuinely clever use of the mobile phone. But something occurred to me the other day. Actually, it occurred to a journalist on and I stole it off him. But the point he rose was this - if mobile ticketing really does take off then that means the end to the last bit of free gig merchandise - the bit of the ticket the doorman gives you back. Because I'm pretty sure I am not alone in keeping the tickets to the really good gigs I attend as a kind of souvenir- in fact I know quite a few people who obsessively keep every single gig ticket they've ever had. Why do we do it? To remind us of who we saw when? To prove 'we were there'? Either way, keeping that ticket is, for many, part of the gig going experience. People could collect the gig flyers instead, I suppose, but somehow that's not the same. None of this is any reason to stop the clever and commercially attractive use of mobile phones for ticketing, of course, but assuming these trials are a success - perhaps a couple of minutes silence are in order for the passing of another member of the rock n roll fraternity - the gig ticket collector.



Leyline and TCR once again team up to present another storming breaks all nighter this Saturday night, 10 Jun - yes, HUM is back. Take one Rennie Pilgrem. Add in the Breakfastaz and Hyper. Top it off with Vlad Sokolov and Tom Real. And put Clive X Nubile Disco and Miss Pup in Room 2 and boy, what a way to celebrate (we hope) the result of the England vs Paraguay match. And that's before we mention the special prices on Brahma beer and double JDs all night. All takes place at the SEOne Club on Weston Street in London from 10pm to 6am, tickets are a tenner or £6 if you guest list in advance at Press info from Leyline.

More info:



It's Download Weekend! Expect lots of interviews and reports live from Donington. Also today, Malcolm Dome talks to US band Living Things ('Helldrive', 3-6pm). On Saturday, June 10, Fish joins Malcolm Dome for 'Doom & Co.' (6-9pm). And there will be time devoted to Ozzy era Black Sabbath, in the company of Paul Wilkinson, author of new book 'Rat Salad. Black Sabbath: The Classic Years, 1969-1975'. On Sunday, June 11, Anne-Maria talks to death metal icons Obituary ('Hardcore Street Sounds', 3-7pm). Listen live at



MySpace Of The Day: Nouvelle Vague
As I have said many times before, I'm a sucker for a good cover version, and these are good cover versions. Nouvelle Vague was initiated by French musicians Marc Collin and Oliver Libaux, and they specialize in rather chilled out bossa nova-style covers of classic tracks, especially from the New Wave genre (their name, being French for New Wave, of course). Eddy TM has been playing a different track from their upcoming album 'Bande a Part' each week on the Xfm Remix Show for the last few weeks, which prompted me to track down their MySpace, where four of thoeir covers are available for previewing, including great versions of Yazoo's 'Don't Go' and Echo & The Bunnymen's 'Killing Moon', both off the new album, and a fantastic version of Modern English's 'I Melt With You' from a previous album. Aside from these being great covers, they are also the perfect laid back listening for a hot sticky Friday like this one. Go preview. Go chill. And look out for the full album, out on Peacefrog on 26 Jun.

More on today's MySpace Of The Day at



VIGSY'S LIVE TIP: The Bays at Jazz Cafe
I am quite intrigued by this live electronic act - loved, of course, by number of my CMU colleagues. As has been mentioned a few times before round here, The Bays are a band who only ever play live. And one that made the late John Peel remark "there's a revolution in the air" - he invited them in for a session after seeing them just once. The Bays comprise of Andy Gangadeen on drums (my man of the hour), Jamie Odell (Freerange Records boss) on keyboards and synths, Simon Richmond (Palmskin Productions) providing effects and samples, and Chris Taylor on bass. Apparently they never sound the same twice - each gig different to the last - taken in whatever direction seems to be inspiring the crowd on the night. In their words: "We constantly move on like musical nomads taking bits from here and there and working them into creating a sound that is totally our own, and there maybe is our ultimate goal : to be just The Bays". With no 'songs' as such to perform, and no album to promote, they never rehearse and they don't have a set list, which is why this has the potential to be a special night for those on the floor of the Cafe.

Sunday 11, Monday 12 Jun, Jazz Cafe, 5 The Parkway, Camden, NW5, doors 7pm, £15 in advance, more info at and

CHRIS' CLUB TIP: HUM at seOne Club
The latest night from our friends at Leyline, this one their co-promotion with top breaks label TCR. HUM is always a big night out - and is surely more or less essential for anyone of a breaks leaning in the capital (or further a field from that matter). Coming straight after the England V Paraguay match the HUM guys promise to provide the ideal night to celebrate or drown sorrows, depending which way it goes. For starters there's some great drinks promotions - Brahma Beer £2.50 bottle and a double JD and mixer for a fiver - plus a free Brahma for people who guest list themselves in advance. And then, of course, there's the breaks with TCR boss and HUM resident Rennie Pilgrem joined by the Breakfastaz, Hyper, Vlad Sokolov and Tom Real, while in Room 2 you'll find Clive X Nubile Disco and Miss Pup. Storming.

Saturday 10 Jun, seOne Club, Weston Street, London, 10pm-6am, £10 (£6 if you guest list in advance at, press info from Leyline.


Representatives from 21 UK music companies will next week be joined by Britain's new Trade & Industry Secretary, Alistair Darling, on a 'trade mission' to the US. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not - I used to live in Alistair Darling's constituency and he always struck me as a very sinister looking guy, a bit like a Bond villain, though perhaps less so now without the beard. Still, the Americans seem to love evil Brits, so perhaps sending a Bond villain over to promote the UK independent music sector is a clever move.

Anyway, this is the latest mission thingy from the UK's Association Of Independent Music and UK Trade & Investments. Among the companies taking part in the mission are IE Music, Mnemonics Music and Heavyweight Management. As well as support from Dr Evil, the mission is also backed by the American Association Of Independent Music.

Commenting on the mission, Darling told CMU: "The British music scene is flourishing with artists like Coldplay, James Blunt, KT Tunstall and Franz Ferdinand helping to spearhead a reemergence of British musical talent Stateside. This mission will further help British music be exported abroad. I want smart British ideas to be picked up early and nurtured so that they benefit the UK as a whole. In a fast changing global economy and even faster changing music scene we have to support UK companies that have a competitive edge. I am delighted to see so many companies on this mission that are trying something new. The creative economy is now worth over £11 billion to UK plc supporting 2 million jobs. It produces a higher proportion of the UK's total wealth - 8% of GDP - than anywhere else in the world."


KarmaDownload is no more, or so it seems. Yep, the independent download platform has seemingly closed its doors after failing to secure new investment. The Karma site has been down since Tuesday, with its homepage carrying this message: "It is regretted that trading has been temporarily suspended until Karma Group reviews its financial standing after an aborted capital raising exercise".

Reports suggest that the service will not now reappear, with owners Karma Music Group apparently telling their partners that the abrupt closure was due to "the current volume of sales, competition in the marketplace and the fact that the proposed investors wished for a quick return on their investment".

According to Music Week, Karma had been in talks with rival independent download platform TuneTribe regarding some kind of collaboration. While no agreement was reached, Karma are expected to direct their customers to TubeTribe where they will find similar services.

Music Week quote TuneTribe COO Ronnie Traynor as saying: "Obviously we are over the moon to be taking on their customers. We can offer them the same catalogue but more extensive, with three of the four majors on board. I think one of their flaws was their inflexibility with regards to pricing and selling one at a certain bit rate and a certain type of file. At TuneTribe we are far more flexible."


Following those previously reported rumours that he would leave his post this week, Billboard now reports that a high level source has confirmed that Columbia Records US President Steve Greenberg will leave the major label today.

His departure follows the sudden exit of Sony Music Label Group boss Don Ienner last week. Whether Greenberg's departure is linked is unclear. Rumour had it that Greenberg, appointed to the top job at Columbia in January 2005 by then SonyBMG CEO Andy Lack, had more recently clashed with Ienner, and that the Sony Music Label Group man had let it be know he thought Greenberg should step down. Therefore Ienner's leaving would arguably have strengthened rather than weakened Greenberg's position - especially as new SonyBMG CEO Rolf Schmidt-Holtz is known to have supported Greenberg in his Columbia role.

It is still not entirely clear if Greenberg will leave SonyBMG completely. Some reports suggest he will launch his own imprint on the BMG side of the business. That would suit Greenberg's entrepreneurial leanings - prior to joining the major he founded and ran S-Curve Records.


Two people have been arrested in connection with that shooting that took place at a Kanye West gig in Birmingham earlier this year. As reported at the time, two stewards were shot as they tried to remove an audience member from the gig - with one suffering serious injuries. Two people were arrested at the time but released almost immediately without charge. No official word as yet on who has been arrested this time, or what the case is against them.


Country singer and recent Jack White collaborator Loretta Lynn has undergone surgery after she fell at her home and broke her shoulder last weekend. The 71 year old Grammy winner was due to have joint replacement surgery at a Nashville hospital last night. The accident means Lynn will have to cancel nine concerts due to take place in June and July - those dates are expected to be rescheduled shortly.


Both The Rolling Stones and The Beatles have paid tribute to US singer songwriter Billy Preston who, as previously reported, died earlier this week. Preston worked with both bands during his five decade career, and was one of only two people to be given a label credit alongside the rest of the Beatles.

Ringo Starr has issued a statement paying tribute to Preston, describing him as "an incredible musician, and an incredible man who will be missed", adding "As Billy said, that's the way God planned it, God bless and goodbye Billy, peace and love, Ringo."

Mick Jagger, meanwhile, told reporters: "Billy was a fantastic and gifted musician and also a superb singer at both recording sessions and live. He was great fun to be with onstage when touring with us...I will miss him a lot".


Pop songwriter Billy Steinberg - the man who wrote or co-wrote 'Like A Virgin', 'Eternal Flame' and 'I Drove All Night' among others - has signed a worldwide admin type deal with publishers Kobalt. They will administrate Steinberg's copyrights through a partnership with his own music publishing company Jerk Awake.

Confirming that deal, Kobalt boss Willard Ahdritz told reporters: "We are thrilled that Billy has chosen Kobalt's unique tools and services as his publishing administration service of choice. Billy is such a prolific and versatile songwriter whose songs have sold millions of singles throughout the world. He continues to be in demand by pop stars and upcoming bands."


ALBUM REVIEW: Isoul8 - Balance (Sonar Kollectiv)
Verano's Enrico Crivellaro is Isoul8, among many other monikers, and he has drawn in some big names of the genre to collaborate with. Involved with the Co-op club and the 'future jazz' movement, here he has crafted an LP in that vein, but very much more relaxed than his usual dancefloor smashers. The archetypal track is 'Speak Your Word' with those trademark funky notes - Rasiayah is on vocal duties and it's more spoken word. 'How I Feel' is a an average deep bleepy tech workout while 'Way I Like It' is more upbeat with the sparkling Diamondancer on vocals. 'No Longer Fear' has Marcus Begg vocalising on the Detroitesque track which is a definite highlight. 'On My Heart' is a dead ringer for a Nathan Haines track, but I like it nonetheless, with its special little tweaks. 'The Vow' is overly sugarly, and 'A Silent Force' is chilled, and has Agent K on keys but to be honest, I expected a little more magic here. A good work out from one of the leaders in Future Soul, however. PV
Release date: 10 Jul
Press contact: RocketScience [all]


Playlouder MSP - the music based ISP package that has been in development for quite a while now - has announced it is integrating its services in with the website of its sister company, The move will expand the digital music services available to users of - services available for free to those who use Playlouder MSP as their internet service provider. It will also drive more traffic towards the one site - which should appeal to advertisers.

Confirming the move, Playlouder MSP boss Paul Hitchman told reporters: "The relationship between an ISP and its subscribers is much deeper than that of a website with its users. By bringing and Playlouder MSP onto the same integrated platform we can now offer advertisers access to a highly targeted audience and this will enable to benefit from the huge growth in internet advertising".


If you're going to have a prime time show on American TV, and you're planning on having Janet Jackson getting her breasts out as part of the show, you better have deep pockets.

As previously reported, CBS were fined $550,000 for airing the so called Nipplegate incident during the 2004 Super Bowl. That was based on the maximum fine media regulator the FCC was allowed to charge ($27,500) multiplied by the number of CBS stations around the US that aired the infamous half time show (20). CBS have tried to appeal that fine twice now - both times unsuccessfully.

Despite CBS's attempts to get out of paying a fine that big, many in US political circles think it should have been much higher. To that end the US Senate and House Of Representatives have been debating what the fines should be increased to ever since, and this week they agreed on $325,000 per violation, which means CBS would be fined $6.5 million should Nipplegate happen again.

Both the Senate and House Of Representatives have now passed the so called Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act, meaning the Act will now go to George Bush to be signed into US law. He has said of the new laws: "This legislation will make television and radio more family-friendly by allowing the FCC to impose stiffer fines on broadcasters who air obscene or indecent programming". Jackson's Superbowl performance - obscene and indecent? Makes you glad we sent them all packing in the Mayflower, doesn't it?

The new legislation does not cover cable or satellite broadcasters - so if you've got Janet booked, I'd suggest putting the show out there.


Festival season is well and truly upon us, of course, with both the Isle Of Wight and Download Festivals taking place this weekend. Loads of other festival news for you. First Get Loaded In The Park, which takes place on Clapham Common on the August Bank Holiday weekend, have added a load more people to their line up - in particular Badly Drawn Boy, Scratch Perverts, Goldie and Vitalic.

They've also confirmed that the Bboy Allstarz, featuring Cico, will be attempting to break the world record for the longest '1990' which, I am told, is a continuous spin on one hand. The Cuban Brothers will be overseeing those proceedings, so it could prove to be quite a show.

Meanwhile our Get Loaded In The Park man tells us to look out for some exciting Babyshambles news sometime soon. So we're looking. Press info on all this from [email protected]


Additions also to the line up for The Big Chill Festival, which takes place at the Eastnor Castle Deer Park 2006 from 5-7 Aug. Added to the bill are The Heritage Orchestra (a 45 piece band with an album upcoming on Gilles Peterson's new Brownswood label), Scritti Politti, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Martha Wainwright, master guitarist Adrian Legg and Infant Joy - Paul Morley's latest group! Plus on the decks you'll find all sorts of CMU favourites, including DJ Format, Kid Carpet and The Freelance Hellraiser. Oh, and talking of CMU favourites, Bent will be there as part of their farewell tour. More info here


Some bad news on the festivals front next - Glastonbury spin off event The Lost Weekend, due to be staged by the people behind Glastonbury's Lost Vagueness field, has had to be cancelled. The event, due to take place from 23-25 Jun, would have featured The Zutons, the New York Dolls and Julian Cope. A statement on the festival's website reads: "It is with great regret that we are forced to announce that this event has been cancelled - details of tickets refunds will appear here soon. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who bought tickets."


The Edinburgh Festival Fringe launched the programme for its sixtieth festival yesterday, and at the same time the people behind the T On The Fringe strand announced their rather massive rather good line up, which will take place throughout August in four different venues in the Scottish Capital. Dates and line ups as follows:

Meadowbank Stadium
24 Aug: Muse & My Chemical Romance
25 Aug: Snow Patrol & Elbow

Princes St Gardens
27 Aug: Belle & Sebastian
28 Aug: Simple Minds
30 Aug: Keane

Corn Exchange
12 Aug: The Beautiful South
14 Aug: Kasabian
16 Aug: Michael Franti & Xavier Rudd
17 Aug: Starsailor

Liquid Room
4 Aug: Cerys Matthews
6 Aug: Mark Ronson
9 Aug: The Bees
11 Aug: Nizlopi
13 Aug: Richard Hawley
14 Aug: Bell x 1
17 Aug: The Fratellis
18 Aug: Dandy Warhols
19 Aug: Best Of T Break
21 Aug: Regina Spektor
22 Aug: Matisyahu
25 Aug: Money Mark
26 Aug: Paolo Nutini
27 Aug: Subways
28 Aug: Plan B
30 Aug: Sandi Thom

Press info from Material MC - [email protected]


Of course it's not only festival season, it's also World Cup season, the whole thing kicking off in Munich in six hours time. If you believe the media the entire nation is gripped by the whole thing (of course I say the whole nation - the bit of the nation I'm going to be in this weekend probably won't be so gripped) - though I can't help thinking more of the nation is gripped by the fact the FIFA World Cup seems to be a perfectly acceptable excuse to skive off work these days.

Whether the kind of music fan who is heading to the Isle Of Wight Festival this weekend is gripped I don't know, though they won't get to watch England's first match tomorrow because festival organisers have said they have no plans to screen it. Though, for those who find their love of music and football competing for their attention, we hear that Newport Football Club, which is near by the IOW Festival site, will be screening the game, and they've invited festival goers to come and watch it in return for a charitable donation of a pound.

The metal headz who are heading to Download this weekend don't need any nice local football grounds to help them out though because organisers of that festival have said they will be showing the match on screens at the Donington festival site.

Though be warned, if England should reach the final on 9 Jul, and you're heading to T In The Park, don't go expecting to see the game. It too, like me this coming weekend, is in that bit of the nation who couldn't care less about England's chances of taking the World Cup. (Actually that's not true at all - I'm sure the average Scot cares a great deal about England's chances of taking of the World Cup - or more to the point - their chances of not taking the World Cup).


ALBUM REVIEW: Fuckpony - Children of Love (Physical)
This act is comprised of US-born German-living Jay Haze and the Iranian and now Swiss resident, Samim. Together they have composed an album that is meant to take us back in the day to the roots of house, and they do so in a minor way - from minimal techno in 'Silence' to the highlight, 'Freaky Stories', which rolls along well. 'It's Only Music' has some old Detroit flavour, '93' has a few good grooves, while 'Get Pony' takes us a bit darker and 'Draft' harks back to Kenny Larkin's early work. But alas there are many weak bits here: 'Ride the Pony' and 'Cell Phone Hit' go nowhere, 'Make Money' and 'Bongo Porn' hits over the bar and 'Mafadala' is ruined by its vocals. A few good 'uns in with the rough, but probably only worth a check if you are already familiar with this Berlin-based label. PV
Release date: 21 Jul
Press contact: Tailored Media [all]


So, Doherty news to end your week. Word is that the Babyshamble has checked himself into rehab - again - this time in Portugal. The NME reports that he plans to stay at the Portuguese detox clinic for several weeks in his latest attempt to kick his crack and heroin addictions. We wish him luck of course - though surely Doherty will soon be able to write a Rough Guide To Rehab Centres the world over, he having been to quite a lot of them, normally for very short stays.

Elsewhere in Doherty news, America's Spin magazine has written an editorial begging the singer to overcome his ongoing drug woes. The editorial says: "After all your recent troubles, Spin magazine wants to reach out to you. We have a great deal of respect for your work; you are one of the most talented musicians of this generation. That is why, outside of your immediate circle, there are legions of people in America and beyond who care deeply about you". Ah, a caring editorial, that'll do the trick. He'll be off the drugs in days. Or should that be for days?

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