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In today's CMU Daily:
- Studio owner sues White Stripes for royalty share
- 12 arrests after mini-riot at Download
- Korn cancel Europe dates
- Gyorgy Ligeti dies
- Coldplay et al support safety charity
- Kylie makes first live appearance
- Mars Volta, Reznor get into hip hop
- Dylan announces new album details
- Strokes cover Marvin Gaye with Homme and Vedder
- Kasabian plan simul-release
- Integral hope to give The Pipettes a push
- Album review: Paul Weller - Catch-Flame!
- EMI appoint new indie urban man
- Independiente get Ingenious support
- Harvey Goldsmith to receive Music Industry Trust's award
- Superthriller at the ICA
- New Union Of Knives single
- Radio 1 make swearing pledge
- OfCom criticise MTV and Channel 4
- Album review: The Pipettes - We Are The Pipettes
- Chart update
- This week's Student Radio Chart
- Subshot playlist
- Total Rock World album chart
- New McFly single
- Pink Floyd possibly reforming blah blah yadda yadda


I was chatting to some student radio types over the weekend who tell me that new webcasting licences from both PPL and PRS, one or the other available exclusively for college radio, have helped make web radio a much more viable alternative for student radio stations, which is great news and, given that we are often dissing PPL and PRS round here, we really should commend them on that. So, given that were not dissing the collection societies today, let's diss OfCom instead. Whenever I start talking student radio again I always come back to this point: why exactly hasn't OfCom made a free year round FM frequency available for college radio in every major city in the UK? I've been asking this for years and have never heard a real explanation - except for the one that comes from cynics who allege (rightly or wrongly) that the big commercial radio companies encourage the regulators to be strict on college radio in fear that if student stations were to become as big in the UK as they are in the US then they might seriously start to compete for young listeners. But it has always struck me as insane that you have a radio industry who says college radio is a great training ground, a music industry who says college radio is a great place to seed new music and a government encouraging young people to be more proactive in society, to volunteer and to gain transferable skills, and yet between them the radio industry, music industry and government have done everything they can to stop student radio in this country from prospering - primarily by lobbying for or charging over the odds licence fees (recent web licences aside) or not even making licences available in the first place. Because the student radio community has a three year turnover of staff it isn't in a position to participate in the long drawn out lobbying that is required to get anyone in OfCom to even return your phone calls (some moves have been made by the Student Radio Association over the years, but it just doesn't have the resources to lobby day in day out) - which means what could be one of the country's most vibrant mediums is confined to the licences no one else wants. What the student stations achieve in that environment is often remarkable, which makes the fact that they can't achieve more just because a government body doesn't want them to all the more depressing.



14th Floor PR is seeking a Press Assistant to support the PR team across national, regional and online press. No previous press experience is necessary, but some prior involvement with music would be an advantage. The successful candidate will be highly efficient with strong writing skills, flawless spelling and grammar, and a passion for music. Computer literacy, including confidence with Microsoft Office, is essential.

Please send a covering letter and CV to Peter Hall: e-mail [email protected] or post to 14th Floor PR, 46 Kensington Court, London W8 5DP.



Ladies and gentlemen, this is very exciting. The next edition of Xfm Remix Night at Cargo in London will be celebrating and previewing the upcoming launch of Eddy TM's brand new album, 'YrocK', a very special edition of Distinctive Record's Y4K series due for release in August. Just look at this line up. Live on the stage will be buzz band of the moment Humanzi. On the decks, meanwhile, will be the Freestylers, Breakfastaz, Dogtown Clash, Ils, MC Sir Real and Slim Jim - and all hosted by Eddy TM. It all takes place at Cargo on Rivington Street in London on 16 Jun. Tickets in advance from Special concession guest list tickets at

More info:



Natasha talks to Theatre Of Tragedy ('The Batcave', 9pm to midnight). And Sleazy H is to get to grips - ooh, errr! - with David Coverdale ('Midnight Dynamite', midnight to 3am). Listen live at



MySpace Of The Day: JD / Twenty 10
At last, there's a MySpace page relating to one of my favourite hip-hoppy acts/producers, JD aka Dready. I've been intermittently searching MySpace for him, and to no avail. Now there is one, though I suspect, as the site is called 'Twenty 10', it's basically been set up just to release his new dancehall album which goes by the name of, er, 'Twenty 10' - meaning there's not a great deal of stuff about JD himself, so follow the links to his websites for more info if you're interested. JD really ought to be everyone's favourite former member of the So Solid family, especially as his 2004 album release 'Aaarrgghhh' is an absolute cracker and seems to have been very much underexposed, which bothers me a lot; I seriously, seriously recommend you all try and lay hands to a copy/start a campaign for a re-release. Anyway, you can hear four tracks from the new album on the MySpace page, and they say that they're going to add four new ones each week.

This and more at


A court case began in the US District Court in Detroit yesterday, where studio owner Jim Diamond will claim that he is due a share of the royalties on the White Stripes' first two albums because he played a "pivotal role" in creating the duo's signature sound.

Diamond is credited as producer on the band's eponymous debut album, and as sound mixer on 2000's 'De Stijl'. However, the band deny that Diamond helped create their 'style', claiming in court papers that they paid him $35 an hour for the use of his services and Ghetto Recorders studio and that there was never any kind of royalty split proposed.

The trial began yesterday with jury selection, with both sides expected to now present their arguments by the end of the week.


Since Mean Fiddler stepped up security at the Leeds bit of their Carling Weekend, the festival season has lacked a good riot, so presumably it was with that in mind that a handful of Download festival-goers went on a mini-rampage on Sunday night as the rock weekender reached a close. About 12 people were detained by police after trouble broke out. Police were called to the site following reports of fires being started, and when they arrived they were set upon by a barrage of "missiles" (bottles and things, I'm guessing - I'm assuming no cruise missiles were involved here). Police say that some of those detained might face charges of assault or criminal damage, and to that end they appealed for anyone who caught the incident on their mobile phones to hand over pictures or video footage.

It's not entirely clear what kicked off the violence, though it's possible the rioting minority were annoyed at just how well behaved most of the rest of the 75,000 people at the event had been. In fact, prior to the mini-riot, police had commended Download-goers for their good behaviour - with only four arrests having been made at that point. And even headliners Guns n Roses seemed to participate in the good mood of the proceedings with Axl Rose et al being joined on stage by former and somewhat estranged bandmate Izzy Stradlin - who, for the second time in a month, joined the new Guns n Roses line up to play guitar on three songs. Of course, I say Rose was entering into the general good mood of the festival - that didn't stop him storming off stage on several occasions - but who'd want to watch a Guns n Roses gig without some drama queen antics from the frontman? (Unless, of course, yesterday's gossip about Axl was true and he was going off stage for an oxygen top up - in which case presumably he was more wheezing off stage than storming).

Anyway, back to the mini-riot. Commenting on the incident, Festival Director Stuart Galbraith told reporters yesterday: "There were 75,000 people per day at the event, and up until last night, there had been no major incidents over the weekend. The trouble involved a small number of otherwise fantastic customers who attended this massively successful event. This type of trouble is very rare and is completely out of character for Download fans."


In sort of related news (related to Download, rather than rioting), Korn have been forced to cancel their European tour because of the illness that prevented lead singer Jonathan Davis from joining his bandmates on stage at Download this weekend. Reports suggest Davis has a rare blood ailment and that doctors have told him he must take a few weeks off. That means up coming Europe dates will have to be cancelled. It is hoped Davis will be well enough to make the US Family Values tour which kicks off on 27 Jul and will see the band touring with Deftones, Stone Sour and Fly Leaf. Cancelled European dates will be rescheduled as soon as is possible.


Composer Gyorgy Ligeti has died at the age of 83. Ligeti, probably most famous for creating music that was used in the film '2001: A Space Odyssey', was known for his avante garde compositions, which included 'Poeme Symphonique', which is played on 100 metronomes.

Ligeti was born in Romania, but to Hungarian parents, and later took Austrian citizenship. During the early years of World War II he studied music in Romania and in Budapest, but was arrested in 1943 because he was Jewish and was sentenced to forced labour for the rest of the conflict. At the end of the war, he returned to Hungary and taught music at the Liszt Academy. Unrest in that country led the composer to flee to Vienna, where he subsequently settled, and came into contact with avant garde music exponents such as Stockhausen and Koenig. In 2004 he was awarded Sweden's Polar Music Prize. He is survived by his wife, and one son.


Coldplay are amongst the music acts who have lent their support to The Lucie Blackman Trust, a safety charity set up in memory of the 21 year old British woman who was killed back in 2001 whilst working as a hostess in a nightclub in Japan. A Japanese businessman, Joji Obara, is currently standing trial for her murder.

At the Isle Of Wight Festival last weekend, Coldplay's Chris Martin dedicated a performance of his band's track 'Talk' to the trust. The singer has been a supporter of the charity since meeting Lucie Blackman's father on a plane to Japan. Festival goers also saw a video featuring Doherty's ex, Kate Moss, delivering a short message: "Hi, I'm Kate Moss. Please stay safe and visit The Lucie Blackman Trust website." A variety of music stars have recorded similar messages for that website, including The Kooks, Goldfrapp and Suzanne Vega.

The trust was set up by Lucie's father Tim, to provide an internet service which young people can use to arrange delayed text messages to be sent as an emergency alert - the message raises an alarm if the person who set it up does not cancel it in time. On the celebrities' involvement, Blackman says: "The aim of the video messages are to persuade young people to consider their personal safety when travelling. By asking people they respect to deliver that message it will hopefully have a stronger effect. With half a million youngsters heading off on a gap year shortly, it's important we use any method we can."


Kylie Minogue has made her first live appearance since her breast cancer diagnosis at a concert Dannii Minogue was giving at GAY in London at the weekend. The singer apparently took to the stage on Saturday night, albeit briefly, to sing a few lines of her sister's track 'Jump To The Beat'. Kylie afterwards presented Dannii with a bouquet of flowers.

Club promoter Jeremy Joseph told Reuters: "The crowd went absolutely mad when she got on the stage. It was the most incredible and emotional moment - a dream come true".


The Mars Volta and Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor are to contribute to hip-hopper El-P's new album, the former appearing on a yet-to-be-titled track, the latter featuring on an already-titled track 'Flyentology'. No release date has been announced for the album, 'I'll Sleep When You're Dead', the follow up to El-P's 2002 long player 'Fantastic Damage', and 2004 experimental jazz collaboration 'High Water'.


Bob Dylan has revealed that his first album in five years is to be called 'Modern Times' and will be released on 28 Aug. Dylan recently toured the US, but did not apparently road-test any of the material from the new long-player. Remains to be seen if he does so when he plays two UK dates this month, at Cardiff International Arena on 27 Jun and Bournemouth International Centre on 28 Jun.


The Strokes have recorded a cover of Marvin Gaye's 'Mercy Mercy Me', to appear as a B-side on their forthcoming single, 'You Only Live Once', and, according to reports, Josh Homme and Eddie Vedder have contributed to the track. Vedder apparently shares vocal duties on the recording, whilst Homme plays drums alongside Fabrizio Moretti.


Kasabian are planning on releasing their new single in both physical and download formats as soon as it gets radio play. Well, I say "Kasabian are planning". It is possible the band came up with the devious plan while on a break in the studio - it's also possible the marketing team at Columbia Records actually came up with the idea. Either way, as soon as the title track off new album 'Empire' gets a played on the Zane Lowe show, it will immediately go on sale both as a download and a physical CD. If I was Zane I'd play the track a day earlier than planned - that would keep everyone on their toes. The single will be released in this way next month, with the new long player due for release in September.


Vital's Integral division has entered into a partnership with Memphis Industries to help them promote the wonderful The Pipettes. As we almost definitely reported a couple of months back, Integral aims to give smaller independents stepped up marketing and distribution support for certain priority acts - so that those indies do not, as has become the trend of late, have to look for a major label licensing deal in order to achieve mainstream success. The Pipettes partnership follows Integral's involvement in promoting the top ten album from Jose Gonzalez back in April - that time in partnership with indie Peacefrog.

Confirming the latest deal, Vital MD Pete Thompson told CMU: "We got involved with Memphis Industries on The Pipettes album because, besides having an enormous amount of respect for what Memphis Industries have achieved with their acts so far, we listened to the album and immediately fell in love with it. In a year which seems to be generating a lot of dull mainstream guitar bands this album is fun and natural and the sound of three girls having a great time and doing it in such a way that is totally irresistible. It deserves a huge audience and it needs to be the sound of summer 2006 and way beyond!"

Memphis Industries' Ollie Jacob added: "We're delighted that everything's moved up a gear for The Pipettes, with Vital/Integral throwing their not-inconsiderable weight behind them. It should be a lot of fun from here in, for the band and for us. Giddyup."

Press info on the partnership deal from Sam Shemtob or Steve Braund at Name on 020 8357 7305.

While we're talking about The Pipettes, let's run through their upcoming tour dates which we might have published before - I can't really remember - but if we have, I'm sure they deserve to run twice.

3 Jul: London, Kings College - NB Change Of Venue
4 Jul: Southampton, Joiners
5 Jul: Bournemouth, Opera House
6 Jul: Leicester, The Charlotte
7 Jul: Stoke On Trent, The Underground
8 Jul: Cotswolds, Stanway House - Vice 24 Hour Festival
10 Jul: Manchester, Late Rooms
12 Jul: Glasgow, Kings Tuts Wah Wah Hut
13 Jul: Aberdeen, Tunnels
14-16 Jul: Latitude Festival, Southwold, Suffolk
29 Jul: London, Ben & Jerry's Festival, Clapham Common
5 Aug: Manchester, Depercussion Festival With Field Music
6 Aug: Cornwall, Boardmasters Festival
26 Aug: Cardiff, Get Loaded In The Park
27 Aug: London, Get Loaded In The Park


ALBUM REVIEW: Paul Weller - Catch-Flame! (V2)
The daddy of mod presents a special double album, which is basically a live recording of his greatest hits. Songs from Jam days and the days that came after are all here, and like most performers Mr Weller leaves the audience hanging till later for the favourite tunes 'You Do Something To Me' and 'That's Entertainment'. This is a standard and solid reflection of Weller's sound, a reminder of classic and simple song making. 'Come On/Let's Go' is the latest work that thumps along jollily and Weller keeps his verve and laidback style on acoustic 'Going Places' and 'Up In Suze's Room'; he knows what the crowd pleasers are and gives it his all in 'The Changing Man'. There is nothing really new here, obviously, and the extended guitar solos are maybe slightly too self indulgent to make anyone listen that attentively; it is, however, a good showcase to remind everyone just what he's achieved and the standards he has set. Like Clapton and McCartney, it seems, this guy will keep going for a long time before he runs out of song writing inspiration or bore everyone with too many trips down memory lane. Fans may already own all the tracks here but how could they say no to that live sound? As close as it gets to being there for real I guess. RM
Release Date: 12 Jun
Press Contact: V2 IH [all]


The US bit of EMI Music has announced the appointment of veteran independent hip hop entrepreneur Neil Levine to establish a new unit within the major record company that will provide a range of promotion, marketing and digital services in the urban music market. These services will be offered to developing urban artists on EMI's US labels, and to independent labels distributed by EMI's Caroline Distribution company.

Levine was until recently Worldwide General Manager of Rykodisc, the independent label group recently acquired by Warner Music. He will bring his own label, Penalty Recordings, until recently part of the Rykodisc group, to EMI with him.

Levine will report to Senior VP and General Manager of Caroline Distribution William Hein in his new role, though he will also work closely with and advise EMI Music North America's Chairman David Munns and COO Ivan Gavin.

Confirming the appointment, Hein told reporters: "A thriving music industry needs a thriving independent music community in all genres. Neil's experience in the urban independent world will be key as we begin expanding Caroline Distribution into a more full-service operation. Neil has a knack for spotting and nurturing great talent, particularly at the grassroots level. Caroline's urban-oriented label customers will really benefit from his extensive expertise."


UK independent Independiente have clinched a multi-million dollar funding package from Ingenious Music, which is nice for them. Perhaps I'll go out and get one of them later today too. Although it's a bit hot and sticky round here to be schmoozing venture capital types. Even venture capital types with a specific interest in investing in artists.

Anyway, the first Independiente artist to benefit from the cash injection will be Martina Topley Bird who, if I remember rightly, is a CMU favourite. She will work with producer-de-jour DJ Dangermouse on a new long player for the label.

As previously reported, I'm sure, Ingenious has a fund in excess of £26 million to invest in artist led music ventures, with each venture receiving up to £2 million. Which would buy CMU a rather good air conditioning unit, I'm sure.


Mr Harvey Goldsmith, one of the UK's best known concert promoters of course, and a key player in the staging of both Live Aid and Live 8, will be presented with this year's Music Industry Trust Award. Organisers of the charity award event say they have decided to present it to Goldsmith this year in recognition of his forty year service to the music industry.

EMI North America Chairman David Munns, who is also Chairman of the Music Industry Trust's award committee, told reporters yesterday: "Harvey Goldsmith has been part of the fabric of the British entertainment industry for over 40 years. His passion, enthusiasm and energy for producing great music events is as strong as ever, so is his voice! Harvey has consistently set the bar high for other music event producers to follow. His contribution to the music industry and the good causes it supports makes him a distinguished fifteenth recipient of the Music Industry Trusts' Award".

Goldsmith himself commented: "I am deeply honoured to be the recipient of this important award from our industry. Although this is the fortieth year of my being in the business I still feel young enough to be inspired by the great talent that constantly emerges, and every day offers a new great challenge. It is particularly fitting that proceeds of the evening will be donated to such great charities".

Previous winners of the eclectic annual award include George Martin, John Barry, Peter Gabriel, Ahmet Ertegun, Elton John and Bernie Taupin.


CMU favourites Superthriller are to play the ICA at the end of this month, which is rather good news. The band are apparently working on a follow up to debut album 'Superthriller1' at the moment, which is also very exciting - hurrah. Anyway, they're taking time out from that to play a set at ICA on 30 Jun, with support from Coco Electrik and DJs Jonny Trunk and Felix Hines, press info from Darling.


Union Of Knives have released details of their new single. 'Taste For Harmony' will be out on 24 Jul, backed by the band's own remix of the track, an instrumental version, and another new track 'Operated On', also from forthcoming debut album 'Violence & Birdsong'. The band also play a clutch of live gigs this month, with a full UK tour expected to be announced shortly. Upcoming dates as follows:

21 Jun: London Mme Jo Jo's
22 Jun: Glasgow Sub Club Clash night
23 Jun: London Luminaire


Radio 1 will introduce new internal regulations which could see presenters being fined or even axed if they use bad language on air. The new moves are an attempt to placate media regulator OfCom, who criticised Chris Moyles for two incidents on his breakfast show - one for using a derogatory term for women and the other for swearing while speaking to a caller on the show. OfCom also criticised a spoof phone call thingy on the Scott Mills show which it said was "overtly aggressive" and "clearly unsuitable for broadcast".

In a statement Radio 1 said that it took "Ofcom's findings very seriously", adding: "Live and edgy broadcasting carries risks but Radio 1's Controller, Andy Parfitt, has made it clear to both staff and presenters that inappropriate language is fucking unacceptable". Well, they said something like that.

Under the new rules a presenter will be reprimanded for any use of swear words, and will receive a financial penalty if they breach rules more than twice in any 12 month period. The station says it will not take any action against Chris Moyles retrospectively, but added that Parfitt had spoken to Moyles about the incidents and that the DJ "had given an assurance that his use of language would be more carefully managed". So that's that settled then.


Elsewhere in OfCom criticising broadcasters news, MTV was criticised over "repeated breaches" of the broadcasting code, and particularly for showing the slightly raunchy version of the Justin Timberlake/Nelly video for 'Work It' at 10.30am on its TMF channel. There are two versions of that video of course (it's the one set in the Playboy Mansion), and MTV explained that the video normally played late at night had been aired in daytime by mistake. Channel 4, meanwhile, was criticised for airing a Hard-Fi gig where Mr Archer said "fuck" quite a lot at 9.25am. That too was a mistake - apparently a temporary member of staff had failed to pass on the correct information about editing the concert. Still no ruling from OfCom on the offence caused by presenter June Sarpong on Channel 4's T4 strand. Then again she didn't swear, I just find it offensive that someone so useless at presenting still has a job.


ALBUM REVIEW: The Pipettes - We Are The Pipettes (Memphis Industries)
Polka dot power! Unashamedly bubble gum pink pop, this album is a consummate demonstration of just what the latest girl bands ought to be doing. Like Power Puff Girls meets the Go-Go Girls, or something, woes of love are laid bare, with stories of school discos and kick ass put downs of loser guys. This is not trying to be anything but what it is - a girl's life story of heartbreak for other girls. This reinvents that old 'girl power' thing with better attitude and much better voices. Somehow this is far from uncool, yet simultaneously unpretentious - which is rare in today's indie marketplace. The record boasts several hits for the future and the fifties slash sixties influences will get all the rock chicks to swing and doo-wop on the dance floor this summer. The trio have hit perfectly on a gap in the pop market, as well as a new direction female participation in the indie scene can take. It remains firmly feminine without being weak; 'Pull Shapes' is addictive and infectious, 'Judy' will bring back teenage memories of being young and naive, whilst 'Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me' contrasts shouty choruses with lollipop sweet vocals. The latter half of the album has the strongest songs with the seductive 'Tell Me What You Want' and mocking tones of 'One Night Stand'. Whether it's the nu-feminist music for the future or not, its stirring, simple pop that should unite all music girl fans. RM
Release Date: 17 Jul
Press Contact: Triad Publicity [all]


Now you might be wondering why we're doing the chart update and playlists thing on a Tuesday, when we always do it on a Monday. There is a very good explanation, but I'm hoping none of you notice we're running this on a different day anyway, so there's no need to give it.

As you probably all know by now, Nelly Furtado topped the singles chart this week with the clever trick of not recording a World Cup song. Her track 'Maneater' is number one, pushing Sandi Thom back into second place. On the World Cup song front, the official one from Embrace has sold the most, with the physical release of 'World At Your Feet' taking them to number 3.

Several other World Cup songs are also among the new entries this week, which run like this: Lightning Seeds/Baddiel/Skinner '3 Lions' rerelease at 10, Crazy Frog 'We Are The Champions' at 11, Tonedef Allstars 'Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Jurgen Klinsman' at 13, Morrissey 'The Youngest Was The Most Loved' at 14, Depeche Mode 'John The Revelator' at 18, The Streets 'Never Went To Church' at 20, Lordi 'Hard Rock Hallelujah' at 25, Mariah Carey and Snoop Dogg 'Say Somethin' at 27, Trinidad & Tabago Tartan Army 'Scotland Scotland Jason Scotland' at 30, Sugababes 'Follow Me Home' at 32, Michael Jackson 'Earth Song' rerelease at 34, Duncan James 'Sooner Or Later' at 35, Talksport Allstars 'We're England' at 37 and Hope Of The States 'Sing It Out' at 39.

Albums wise, the hype surrounding Sandi Thom, whoever is behind it, has helped her go straight to number one with her debut long player. The Feeling go in at 2 with 'Twelve Stops And Home' while Ronan Keating warbles his way to number three with 'Bring You Home'. Then it goes Paul Simon in at 4 with 'Surprise' and Primal Scream in at 5 with 'Riot City Blues', which is a lot of new entries all at the top. Other new entries in the album chart: LeAnn Rimes with 'Whatever We Wanna' at 15, a Manfred Mann best of at 24, and an Eagles best of at 28.


1. [1] Primal Scream - Country Girl (SonyBMG/Columbia)
2. [3] The Automatics - Monster (B-unique)
3. [9] Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Dani California (Warner)
4. [2] The Kooks - She Moves in Her Own Way (EMI/Virgin)
5. [6] The Feeling - Fill My Little World (Universal/Island)
6. [16] Razorlight - In the Morning (Universal/Vertigo)
7. [17] Keane - Is It Any Wonder (Universal/Island)
8. [13] Paul Oakenfold feat. Brittany Murphy - Faster Kill Pussycat (Warner/Maverick)
9. [11] Boy Kill Boy - Suzie (Universal/Vertigo)
10. [4] The Futureheads - Skip to the End (679)
11. [7] Muse - Super Massive Black Hole (Warner/Atlantic)
12. [10] Nelly Furtado - Maneater (Universal/Polydor)
13. [NE] All American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret (Universal/Polydor)
14. [5] The Zutons - Valerie (SonyBMG/Deltasonic)
15. [12] Fatboy Slim - Old Pair of Jeans (Skint)
16. [22] Delays - Hideaway (Rough Trade)
17. [24] Nerina Pallot - Everybody's Gone to War (Warner/14th Floor)
18. [RE] Matt Willis - Up All Night (Universal/Mercury)
19. [NE] Editors - Blood (SonyBMG/Kitchenware)
20. [15] Orson - Bright Idea (Universal/Mercury)
21. [RE] We Are Scientists - Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt (EMI/Virgin)
22. [19] Captain - Broke (EMI)
23. [RE] Jack Johnson - Upside Down (Brushfire)
24. [RE] The Upper Room - Black & White (SonyBMG/Columbia)
25. [NE] The Fratellis - Henrietta (Universal/Island)
26. [21] The Ordinary Boys - Nine2Five (B-unique)
27. [25] Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Flaming Lips (Universal/Polydor)
28. [27] Snow Patrol - You're All I Have (Universal/Fiction)
29. [8] Breaks Co-Op - The Otherside (EMI/Parlophone)
30. [RE] Christina Milian - Say I (Universal/Mercury)


The videos being played on the SUBtv network this week. Adds with a *.

*AFI - Miss Murder (Universal/Polydor)
Embrace - World At Your Feet (Independiente)
*Jamie T - Sheila (EMI/Virgin)
The Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Way (EMI/Virgin)
Muse - Supermassive Black Hole (Warners)
Olympus Mons - Circles (3 Student Music Awards Winners)
Paul Oakenfold feat. Brittany Murphy - Faster Kill Pussycat (Warner/Maverick)
*Pussycat Dolls - Buttonz (Universal/A&M)
Ordinary Boys v Lady Sovereign - Nine2Five (B Unique)
Shack - Cup Of Tea (Sour Mash) (taken from 'The Blackburn Sessions')

*The All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret (Universal/Polydor)
*Akala - Shakespeare (Illastate)
Billy Talent - Devil In A Midnight Mass (Warner/Atlantic)
DJ Fresh - Nervous (Breakbeat Kaos)
*Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - Call Me Ishmael (Warner/Atlantic)
*Lily Allen - Smile (EMI/Parlophone)
John Parr vs Tommyknockers - New Horizon (Gusto)
Morrissey - The Youngest Was The Most Loved (SanctuaryAttack)
The Needles - Dianne (Dangerous)
Nelly Furtado - Maneater (Universal/Polydor)
*The Pipettes - Pull Shapes (Memphis Industries)
The Rifles - She's Got Standards (Red Ink)
*Scissors For Lefty - Ghetto Ways (Rough Trade)
*Sergio Mendez feat. Black Eyed Peas - Mas Que Nada (Universal Classics and Jazz)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Turn Into (Universal/Polydor)
The Zutons - Valerie (SonyBMG/Columbia)


As counted down on Total Rock over the weekend - New entries marked with a *.

1. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium (Warner Bros)
2. Tool - 10,000 Days (Volcano)
3. Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam (SonyBMG/J Records)
4. Nickelback - All The Right Reasons (Roadrunner)
5. Angels & Airwaves - We Don't Need To Whisper (Universal/Geffen)*
6. Various - WWE: Wreckless Intent (SongBMG)*
7. Guns n Roses - Greatest Hits (Universal/Geffen)
8. Godsmack - IV (Republic)
9. Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree (Universal/Island)
10. Feeder - The Singles (Echo)
11. Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now (Warner Bros.)
12. David Gilmour - On An Island (EMI)
13. Def Leppard - Yeah (Mercury)*
14. Green Day - American Idiot (Warner Bros)
15. Queen - Greatest Hits 1, 2 & 3 (EMI)
16. Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day (Mercury)
17. Rob Zombie - Educated Horses (Universal/Geffen)
18. System Of A Down - Hypnotize (SonyBMG/Columbia)
19. Korn - See You On The Other Side (EMI/Virgin)
20. Goo Goo Dolls - Let Love In (Warner Bros)


Whoop, whoop, that new McFly single is on its way. 'Please, Please' is out on 17 Jul. It had better be good. It follows the release, on 30 Jun, of the movie 'Just My Luck', in which the band appear as themselves, alongside Lindsay Lohan.

Frontman Tom Fletcher, apparently confirming those previously reported rumours about bandmate Harry Judd, says of the single: "we wrote the song after meeting a girl called Lindsay in the US last year who rocked Harry's world! We've spent the last few months writing and we're off to the Irish countryside soon to start recording our third studio album. In between recordings we'll be taking advantage of the quad bikes and horse riding that the studio has on offer - hopefully we'll make it back in one piece!"

Less quad-ing, more studio-ing, please.


God, I'm more bored than I ever thought possible by Pink Floyd. I realise some of you might consider this faintly heretical, but I find Pink Floyd a bit dull at the best of times, and all this media speculation about possible reunions is making me want to eat my own head. Various people are reporting that such a reunion "may go ahead" if, and only if, drummer Nick Mason can persuade Roger Waters and David Gilmour to do it.

The reports all seem to be based on comments Mason made to the Daily Express recently. He's apparently convinced he can get the pair back together for one last tour, and is quoted as saying. "I've just finished playing with David at his recent solo concerts and I'm about to play a show with Roger. I call myself the Henry Kissinger of Pink Floyd! I'd love for it to happen again and I really do think Pink Floyd will play together again - but it would have to be for love, not money."

As you will all know, because we've reported on it, oh, quite a few times, Gilmour has repeatedly said he's not interested in reforming the band, despite playing a few of Pink Floyd's classic tracks as part of the set for his recent UK tour. Waters is also performing Floyd stuff - notably 'Dark Side Of The Moon' in full, assisted by Nick Mason, at Hyde Park on 1 Jul.

Either way, I'm bored. And if there's one thing that would be more boring than all this pointless speculation, it would probably be reporting on the fact that Pink Floyd are, in fact, to reunite. Yawn.

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