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In today's CMU Daily:
- Syd Barrett dies
- Tiscali tell BPI it needs more evidence to act on filesharers
- Jackson /Schaffel case latest
- Stolen Beatles tapes case in court
- Mercury Prize nominations out next week
- The Automatic want fans
- Live Review: Divine Comedy And Bell X1 At Somerset House
- Rhyme4respect looking for respectful rhymes
- Local Heroes final
- T In The Park tickets for next year snapped up
- Uxfest moves to Islington
- BSP host mini festival
- Gallagher plays for charity
- Sufjan Stevens tour
- Big Boi to tour as OutKast
- Keane announce European tour
- Presets live dates
- Hot Chip T Mobile one-off
- New Yo La Tengo album
- Single Review: Tapes 'N Tapes - Insistor
- Manumission compilation
- Earache compilation
- BPI boss criticises TOTP axe
- Organ TV returns
- Xfm rejig music programmers
- Prince's award winning web community on hold
- BMG publishing confirm deal with Endemol
- Single Review: Tom Mansi And The Icebreakers - Can't Take It Where You Go
- Tweedy denies Girls Aloud split
- Panic! At The Disco are too, too adorable


To what extent the internet service providers, and in particular Tiscali, respond to the BPI's demands for assistance in fighting illegal file sharing should be interesting.

As reported yesterday, the BPI have called on the ISP to deal directly with 17 of its customers which the trade organisation claim are guilty of sharing music online illegally. They want Tiscali to cut off those customers' internet access until they sign a document that says they will not, from this point onwards, share music online. As you'll see in today's Daily, an initial response by Tiscali seemed a bit confrontational, claiming that the evidence provided by the BPI against the 17 accused file sharers is insufficient and, perhaps more importantly, stating that even if the trade organisation is able to convince them the 17 are guilty that they will not force their customers to sign anything. The document seemed to say that if the BPI want the 17 filesharers to sign any documents they will have to deal with the accused directly, which is easier said than done, because Tiscali say they won't hand over the identities of the filesharers unless forced to do so in court.

The major labels have become increasingly frustrated with the internet service providers in recent years because the ISPs have not been very helpful in the fight against illegal file sharing. It is probably easier for the ISPs than anyone else to spot online piracy, but they have made little effort to do so. Moreover, when third parties spot illegal file sharing, they can only connect that sharing to an IP address - the actual identity of the individual is only known by the ISP that manages that IP address. ISPs the world over have resisted revealing the names of suspected filesharers unless forced to do so by the courts (citing their own or statutory customer privacy rules that stop them from doing so). This means that when the BPI or another trade body sues a suspected file sharer they must go to court twice - once to secure the identity of the file sharer, once to actually sue them for copyright violation (though in reality the vast majority of file sharers settle out of court before the second court case goes ahead).

Tiscali et al are right to be strict in their demands for evidence proving that their customers are guilty of file sharing - because accusations have been made against individuals before which proved to be unfounded (not so much in the UK, but it has happened elsewhere). And obviously they have to be careful in handing over the identities of their customers - for ethical as well as legal reasons.

And we here at CMU maintain our position that putting any energy into suing individual file sharers is a waste of time and money. The kids are already adopting untraceable methods of file sharing, the actual impact of file sharing on record sales (physical or digital) remains, to my mind, unproven, and that time and money would be better spent on developing new digital revenue streams rather than worrying about the fact that, as has always been the case, some people will get some of their music without paying for it.

However, if we are going to target individual file sharers, then actually the method currently being proposed by the BPI is quite a good one - avoiding expensive legal fees, and with less chance of the music industry finding itself taking some innocent looking teenage music fan to court. At the end of the day, most accused file sharers are likely to respond by saying "fair cop mate, I'm guilty". Surely it is better for them to be approached by their ISP and asked to sign a statement committing to stop file sharing (which would presumably be serious enough to actually stop them sharing music) rather than having them named and shamed in court, and then having to hire solicitors to deal with the BPI. Of course the ISPs should be strict in the evidence they require from the record industry before taking action, and there needs to be a system in place for what happens when the accused denies the charges, but if the record labels and ISPs can find a way to make this work then it's the best system I've come across to date.

Comments by Tiscali's Richard Ayres on Channel 4 News last night were much less confrontational, and the BPI have just welcomed commitments made in that interview, so fingers crossed some kind of workable system may well be found.



Warner Music - Graduate Finance Trainees
Competitive salary + bonus + study package - West London based

As the world's largest privately held independent music company we are constantly striving for competitive advantage. Not just in finding and developing new artists but also building the careers of bright, ambitious graduates. Although it's a tough, often demanding environment where you will be expected to tackle several jobs at once, you'll find it one of the most exciting and rewarding businesses to be in. Join us on our 9 month training programme starting October 2006 as a Graduate Finance Trainee

The Role: You'll receive development in one of three key areas within the finance function -
Financial Planning, Royalties and Financial Control. Working for the business as a whole, including our record labels, you will work alongside experienced, qualified Finance Managers gaining valuable knowledge of the music industry. And we'll offer you a generous study package to encourage you to obtain CIMA/ACCA qualifications.

Interested? Then please email your CV and covering letter to: [email protected] Your covering letter should address the following questions: Why do you want to work for Warner Music? What have been your main achievements to date? What skills/attributes can you bring to Warner Music? And What vocational activities, related to music, have you been involved with during your education? Closing date Wednesday 19th July 6:00pm.



Can't be arsed to research festivals this summer? The Aloud Festival Guide has got the info on over 60 events taking place, written by music-lovers for music-lovers. As well as news and updates, we've got on-site blogging from the festivals, features, photos and advice from the illustrious Professor Portaloo - don't shag Anne Widdecombe scores quite highly. You can also win tickets to Lovebox, Belladrum and Bestival by sending in your photos, and feature in our summer podcast - brilliant!



MySpace Of The Day: Common Redstarts
I was planning to nominate The Common Redstarts for MySpace Of The Day last week. This was because I had, in recent memory, played their single, 'Save It for Your Friends', out 31 Jul, on the radio show, and I really rather liked it. Ah, but now you're all wondering why I decided not to make it MySpace Of The Day last week, perhaps? No mystery, there, I'm just easily distracted, and somewhere between writing the headline and the name of the band I suspect I suddenly remembered another MySpace page that I had meant to nominate the previous week. Anyway, why are you still reading this? You should be away with The Common Redstarts by now, listening to the four tracks available to preview, perusing their tour dates, and reading about what they 'sound like'. They've written quite a lot in that section, which is, quite frankly, unusual.

This and more at


David Bowie has paid tribute to Pink Floyd co-founder Syd Barrett, who has died, aged 60, from complications arising from diabetes. Barrett was Pink Floyd's first 'creative force' and an influential songwriter, but his time with the band was actually short lived - he left in 1968 as his bandmates became increasingly frustrated with his drug addiction and unpredictable behaviour. After a short lived solo career, Barrett spent much of the rest of his life as a recluse, reportedly working on art more than music.

Nevertheless, Barrett's influence on both music fans and other artists was significant. Calling Barrett a "major inspiration", David Bowie yesterday told reporters: "I can't tell you how sad I feel. The few times I saw him perform in London at UFO and the Marquee clubs during the 60s will forever be etched in my mind. He was so charismatic and such a startlingly original songwriter. Also, along with Anthony Newley, he was the first guy I'd heard to sing pop or rock with a British accent. His impact on my thinking was enormous. A major regret is that I never got to know him. A diamond indeed."

A spokesman for Pink Floyd confirmed that Barrett had died a couple of days ago, adding: "The band are naturally very upset and sad to learn of Syd Barrett's death. Syd was the guiding light of the early band line-up and leaves a legacy which continues to inspire."



Internet service provider Tiscali has told the BPI that it will need to provide more information before they can take action against 17 of their customers who, the trade association claim, are guilty of illegally sharing large amounts of copyrighted music.

As reported yesterday, the BPI announced on Monday that they had written to both Tiscali and Cable & Wireless asking them to take action against a total of 59 individuals suspected of illegally sharing music online. While C&W said that it would "take whatever steps are necessary to put the matter right", online reports suggest Tiscali have accused the trade association of a "media ambush", and of sending "their letter to the media before we even had a chance to read it" and that "the information they went to press with was not strictly correct".

In a letter back to the BPI from Tiscali, which was circulating online yesterday, the ISP says that while it has never condoned copyright piracy, it does not consider the evidence supplied by the BPI against their customers as being "unequivocal", as BPI boss Peter Jamieson claimed. They say that evidence was only supplied for one of the seventeen accused of violations, and that the evidence supplied - screen shots of file sharing in operation - could not be conclusively linked to the IP address the BPI claim it comes from.

The letter says: "You have sent us a spreadsheet setting out a list of 17 IP addresses you allege belong to Tiscali customers, whom you allege have infringed the copyright of your members. You have also sent us extracts of screenshots of the shared drive of one of those customers. You state that such evidence is 'overwhelming'. However, you have provided no actual evidence in respect of 16 of the accounts. Further, you have provided no evidence... that the shared drive was connected by the relevant IP address at the relevant time. Similar requests we have dealt with in the past, have included such information and, indeed, the bodies conducting those investigations have felt that a court would consider it necessary to see such evidence, supported by sworn statements, before being able to grant any order."

The letter also says that Tiscali will not, as the BPI requests, get their customers to sign a statement that says they will not share any more copyright material, because, they argue, it is not their role to advise their customers on whether or not they should enter into contractual arrangements with a third party. The BPI, they say, would have to liaise with the suspected downloaders directly regarding any such contracts, which isn't as easy as it sounds, because only Tiscali knows the identities of suspected downloaders and they have reaffirmed their policy of not revealing any customers' identities unless forced to do so by court.

All of that said, Tiscali's Richard Ayres was interviewed by Channel 4 News last night and was less confrontational, confirming that the company had spoken directly with the one customer for whom the BPI had provided evidence, giving that customer seven days to respond to the allegations made against them. He said a similar approach will be made to the other 16 when the BPI provide the relevant evidence.

Therefore, despite certain frictions between the trade organisation and the ISPs, the BPI has welcomed the initial responses from both C&W and Tiscali - hopeful that it can find a way of successfully working with the ISPs in this area. In a statement just issued, Peter Jamieson said: "Just about every ISP makes it a condition in its terms of service that using an internet connection for copyright infringement is grounds for termination. We welcome indications that Tiscali and Cable & Wireless will enforce those terms and conditions. This should send out a message to people who use illegal filesharing networks that their internet connection is at risk if they break the law."


A former lawyer for Michael Jackson has testified in court that, during his time working for the singer, he made moves to stop a Japanese company from negotiating directly with Marc Schaffel regarding a Jacko project. Schaffel is, of course, suing Jacko over monies he claims he is owed, while the singer's lawyers are claiming that Schaffel mis-represented their client while working as his associate, profiting in the process.

Speaking for Jacko's side in the case, Zia Modabber explained that when he heard that the Japanese company, Music Fighters, were in contact with Schaffel regarding the ill-fated charity single that Jacko and Schaffel worked on - 'What More Can I Give' - his immediate concern was to "find out who they were and whether they were legitimate people to negotiate with. I never got to the bottom of it."

Modabber said that the Japanese company had attempted to acquire rights to the recording, despite his attempts to persuade them not to negotiate with Schaffel, adding: "I believe I let them know that without Mr Jackson, what they were buying was worthless". He added that Schaffel had $900,000 from Music Fighters, but the company had basically received nothing in return.

Previously, Modabber testified that it was he who had revealed to Jackson that Schaffel had been a gay porn producer, a revelation which led to Jackson's termination of his relationship with his then associate.


Stolen tapes of The Beatles last recording sessions were put up for sale for £250,000, Southwark Crown Court has heard. One Nigel Oliver is accused of trying to sell the recordings, about eighty hours worth of material on 504 tapes, on behalf of two unknown men, though he has been found 'unfit to plead'.

The recordings were recovered in 2003 during an undercover operation set up by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. Oliver is said to have organised the transaction between two men in Amsterdam and two undercover officers in the UK. The tapes were seized from a house in Lisse, Holland. Dutch investigator Rachid Bourammani said: "The tapes were stacked up in boxes on the floor of the house. There were lots and lots of them."

Neil Aspinall of Beatels company Apple Corps said: "These tapes have a huge commercial value. There's lots of very unknown stuff and music they wouldn't have recorded in a normal session. For example, they covered over 200 songs on these tapes. Songs of the day, such as Bob Dylan."

The case continues today.


The Mercury Music Prize nominees will be revealed next week, with Jools Holland announcing the twelve albums to make the shortlist on Thursday (20 Jul) at 11am in a 'central London location'. Long players eligible for the prize are those released between July 2005 and July 2006 by a UK based act. The winner will be announced at a ceremony on 5 Sep.

Jools Holland says: "It has been a really strong year for UK music. With so many great albums out there at the moment, I'm really looking forward to the announcement. It has the potential to be a classic Nationwide Mercury Prize list."


As so many bands do. But The Automatic want their fans to be in their next video. A shoot is taking place this week in another one of those 'central London locations'. So if you're a fan, or know any fans of The Automatic (I doubt they want people who are haters), here's the gen: anyone free for the day on Friday and able to be in the capital should send an email with their name and mobile number, attaching an all important photo (that's no doubt how they work out that you're a genuine fan) to [email protected]


LIVE REVIEW: Divine Comedy and Bell X1 at Somerset House on 6 Jul
As soon as I heard that Divine Comedy and Bell X1 were appearing at the same gig I put the date in my diary because it seemed like the dream ticket. My love of Divine Comedy goes back to the mid-nineties when I was captured by albums such as 'Promenade', 'Liberation' and 'Casanova'. Bell X1 are a more recent discovery for me. Having missed their first two albums, I recently become addicted to their latest long player, 'Flock'. As you can imagine, then, it was with no small degree of excitement that I headed to Somerset House. I mentioned in the Live Tip last week just how much I liked Somerset House as a venue, and the weather was perfect to be in the open air.

Bell X1 had started by the time I arrived; luckily for me, I think, they were only one track in, and proceeded to play some of my favourites from 'Flock': 'Bigger Than Me', 'Rocky Took A Lover' and 'Bad Skin Day', as well as their featured-on-The-OC favourite from an earlier album, 'Eve, The Apple Of My Eye'. I love 'Rocky Took A Lover', and I've now seen the band play it live twice, and I can safely say that it's a track that's only improved by a live rendition. There's something incredibly touching about vocalist Paul Noonan's vocals; a touchingness (sorry, that really isn't a word) also present in the group's achingly good performance of 'Bad Skin Day'. It was still daylight when the set ended, with an energetic rendition of the rather upbeat 'Flame', which, whilst having a slightly unnecessary focus on toasting marshmallows, is an enormously catchy way to end proceedings. I wanted them to stay.

Although I wanted Divine Comedy to appear too. It's a good place to be in, that, I recommend it. In fact, I recommend that my favourite music acts appear on the same bill together far more often. Anyway, on to Divine Comedy. I'm pretty bad at remembering the order of songs in a set list (I tried to make notes, but very incompetently) but I'm almost sure that they began with a nod to past glories and a stirring performance of 'National Express'. Whatever, I was transfixed.

As I've said, my love affair with Divine Comedy (for that is what it is) goes back to the mid-nineties, though I must confess to a brief period of disillusionment with new additions to the Neil Hannon oeuvre earlier this century. But I was probably far too hasty (friends refer to that phase of my life as my 'intolerant period', no, you're right, they don't) because the latest Divine Comedy album, 'Victory For The Comic Muse', 'had me at hello'. I can't believe I just wrote that - let's get back to the gig...

The show in many ways resembled a career retrospective, Hannon singing tracks from right across the back catalogue, as well as playing songs from the aforementioned new album. An early performance of the terminally sad 'Queen Of The South' segued into a brief, comical burst of Nelly Furtado's 'Maneater' (at least, I think that's what it was), and was followed by the likes of 'Alfie', 'Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World' 'Light Of Day' and 'Lady Of A Certain Age'.

I've always been attracted by the theatricality of Divine Comedy songs, and Hannon's ability not just to write extraordinary music, but his ability to write incredibly inventive lyrics about an amazing range of subjects; there is never anything ordinary about the words of a Divine Comedy track. In any case, that new album and this gig rekindled the love affair, although, to be fair, I didn't need reminding of what it was that inspired such devotion. And if I did need reminding, the encore alone would have done it, including, as it did, a performance of the sublime 'Tonight We Fly'. It's really good to be home. CM


Another new competition for aspiring songwriters - though this one has more of an urban feel to it, so rappers can count themselves in too. Supported by MTV Base and Galaxy FM, the Rhyme4Respect competition is inviting songwriters to write an original song that, and I quote, "encourages self respect and respect for others on the theme of relationships and sex".

Entries will be posted on a special website where the public will be able to vote for their favourites during the last week in August. That will create a shortlist from which a judging panel will pick the overall winners - of which there will be five.

Four of the winners will get to see their track recorded by either Estelle, Kano, Terri Walker or Rhymefest, while the winning singer/songwriter will go into the studio with a leading producer to record their track themselves. The music created will be promoted by the two media partners and, most likely, via a limited edition CD.

For more info on all this visit: - the closing date for entries is 20 Aug. Press info from [email protected]


Talking of competitions for new musical talent, the final of the Local Heroes unsigned band competition is tomorrow night, 13 Jul, at the Carling Islington Academy. This is the competition organised by the Virtual Festivals people, the prize of which is the opportunity to perform at six festivals this summer - the Bulldog Bash, Summer Sundae, Secret Garden, Beautiful Days, Get Loaded In The Park and Foundation.

Some 25,000 votes were cast in the online bit of this competition, and the nine bands who will compete in the final (one from each of nine UK regions) are: Intervurt, IST, Merla, Flaming Hot Chinchillas, Rob McCulloch, Broadwalk, Brabazon, Kalinsky and Estrella. A panel of judges will pick out the best two from that line up for the festivals tour.

Tickets for the final are a fiver from With so many bands appearing, it all kicks off at 6.30pm. Press info from [email protected]


As previously reported, advance tickets for next year's T In The Park went on sale yesterday at this year's prices and they have been, not surprisingly, snapped up within hours. 35,000 passes were released, available only over the internet and the phone, and were gone in just seventy minutes.

Geoff Ellis, of festival organisers Big Day Out, said: "Once again, music fans have shown that T in the Park tickets are the most hotly sought after in the UK. Last weekend, the legendary Balado crowd enjoyed 170 artists across 11 stages as the sun shone."

T in the Park 2007 will be held on 7 & 8 Jul.


Back to this year's festival season, and get this one in your diaries, Uxfest 2006. As the name might suggest, to those of you who live on the Metropolitan Line anyway, this used to take place in Uxbridge and was a benefit event organised by volunteer music fans. This year the whole thing has moved into Zone 1 and will take place at the Carling Islington Academy - though the charity and volunteer bit remains unchanged, as does the full on heavy rock music policy.

Uxfest organisers tell CMU: "By the kids, for the kids has always been our motto, but we've just grown up a bit. The rowdy teenager Uxfest has fled the nest and moved out to go it alone in the big city. Still powered by penniless volunteers with a love of the big music, Uxfest 2006 is bigger, harder, faster than before, but still cheap, fun and for a cause. Yes, Uxfest isn't in Uxbridge anymore, but would an Uxfest by any other name still rock as hard? Uxfest represents heavy music new and old from the UK (and sometimes further a field!) from comedy ska to death metal and everything in between".

The line up currently includes Skindred, Murder One, Exit Ten, Biomechanical, B*Movie Heroes, Head On, Architects, Outcryfire, PDHM, Engel, Profane, Forever Never, Sylosis, No Warning Shot, Shellshock, Mumrah, Eths, Kingsize Blues, Inner Rage and Fireapple Red, with one more tba.

Tickets in advance are a tenner and are on sale at More info at Press info from [email protected]


More festivals, and British Sea Power are to headline and host at the new Fort Rox Festival, which takes place at Newhaven Fort, East Sussex on 12 August, from midday until 6pm. It's the first year for the event, which will include appearances from the likes of The Duke Spirit, The Research, and My Latest Novel, all selected by British Sea Power.


Noel Gallagher is set to play a one-off live set for charity, appearing at London's Koko on 2 Nov. It's apparently a drugs benefit gig featuring both music and comedy.

Elsewhere in Gallagher news, The Sun says that Noel has been getting cosy with the World Cup winning Italian football team, having apparently become friendly with striker Alessandro Del Piero during the competition. He was invited back to the team's hotel after their win, and, the tabloid says, performed 'Don't Look Back In Anger' for them.

One of the Sun's 'sources' said: "Noel has been in touch with Alessandro all through the tournament. He has been a lucky charm for the Italian team and seemed to do the trick again in the final. Del Piero invited him back to the team hotel to enjoy the party and Noel jumped at the chance."


One of my personal recently appointed favourites Sufjan Stevens has announced a European tour, two dates of which are in the UK. So perhaps I'll go when he's in London. Or wait until he's in Europe and use it as an excuse to visit Gent. Why I need an excuse to visit Gent, I don't know. In fact, I'm not actually that sure I want to visit Gent. Perhaps Reykjavik would be better. Enough, here are the tour dates:

1 Nov: Dublin Olympia
2 Nov: Manchester Academy
3 Nov: London Barbican
5 Nov: Gent Voorhuit
7 Nov: Barcelona Casino L'Allanca
9 Nov: Paris Barraclan
10 Nov: Cologne Gloria
11 Nov: Amsterdam Paradiso
12 Nov: Copenhagen Vega
14 Nov: Oslo Sentrum Scene
15 Nov: Stockholm Berns
16 Nov: Reykjavik Frikirkjan Church
17 Nov: Reykjavik Frikirkjan Church


OutKast have announced a tour, but Big Boi's doing it without Andre 3000. The hip-hopper says: "I will be going out down the road. My brother (Andre), he's not doing this side of the fence, just chilling. But who knows what the future holds. We're gonna see what happens, 'cause we got the ball and it's first down." It's not hugely surprising - the band's previous release, 2003's 'Speakerboxx'/'The Love Below', was, after all, two solo albums packaged together.

As a duo, they are, as previously reported, set to release their film and accompanying soundtrack 'Idlewild' in Aug. Andre 3000 says of the film: "It's about this entertainer who at the top of his career just totally, completely stops doing it. He moves back to his hometown and teaches these five or six musically talented kids. Every show, we have a new song produced and performed by me and the kids, so stay tuned. The movie takes place in the 1930s, but it's hip. It's a new musical...whatever you have liked about OutKast in the past, when you go to the movie'll be pleased. Believe me."


It's not just Sufjan Stevens giving me excuses to travel to Europe, Keane are too. Well, they would be, if I were a Keane fan. Still, it is a good excuse to visit Offenbach.

The band's Tom Chaplin says: "On the last European tour we wanted to test out our new material and decided we'd give our hardcore fans a treat by distributing tickets through our website and making sure they were the ones that got in. It made for a series of very intimate, very hot and sweaty rock and roll shows and we loved every minute of it. Now we want to go back, up the ante, and give them a bigger better show than they've ever seen from Keane, and a night they'll never forget."

And here are the dates:

6 Nov: Paris, Zeinth
7 Nov: Rotterdam, Ahoy
10 Nov: Copenhagen, KB Hallen
12 Nov: Stockholm, The Annex
13 Nov: Oslo, Spektrum
15 Nov: Berlin, Tempodrom
16 Nov: Offenbach, Stadthalle
17 Nov: Grenoble, Summum


The Presets have announced a whole lot of UK live appearances, including club dates and festival sets. I haven't heard their debut album, which is depressing, because I'd really like to. Anyway, here's their summer schedule, including their European outings, because there has been something of a European theme going on today:

28 Jul: UK Global Gathering Festival
29 Jul: London 'Sonic Youth' at Turnmills
4 Aug: Copenhagen Rust
5 Aug: Ireland Hi-Fi Festival
11 Aug: London 'Out of Order' at Rhythm Factory
12 Aug: Nottingham 'Liars Club' at Stealth
13 Aug: Glasgow 'Optimo' at Sub Club
17 Aug: Liverpool Korova
18 Aug: Leeds V Festival
19 Aug: Chelmsford V Festival
24 Aug: London Bardens Boudoir
25 Aug: London Neighbourhood
26 Aug: UK Creamfields Festival
27 Aug: Manchester 'Tramp" at Bierkeller
30 Aug: Zurich, Switzerland 'Plan B' party
31 Aug: London 'Electro Go Go' at Madame JoJos
1 Sep: Barcelona Razzmatazz


Hot Chip are the latest band to do one of those T Mobile Street Gig thingies, playing a one-off show at Bristol Grammar School on 20 Jul. Tickets are, as usual, by invite only. Fans can enter the competition to win tickets by going to and registering before 17 Jul.


Yo La Tengo are set to release a new album. The beautifully titled 'I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass' is out on the 11 Sep. The band will be making a number of live appearances to coincide with the release, playing the Electric Picnic Festival in Dublin on 2 Sep, Indian Summer on 3 Sep, and London's Bush Hall on 5 Sep. A later date is also planned, at London's Forum on 11 Nov. And here's a tracklisting for that new album, you lucky kids.

Pass The Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind
Beanbag Chair
I Feel Like Going Home
Mr Tough
Black Flowers
The Race Is On Again
The Room Got Heavy
Sometimes I Don't Get You
I Should Have Known Better
Watch Out For Me Ronnie
The Weakest Part
Song For Mahila
Point And Shoot
The Story Of Yo La Tango


SINGLE REVIEW: Tapes 'n Tapes - Insistor (Beggars/XL Recordings)
Tapes 'n Tapes are the latest indie band to have built up a big following online, in part due to a gushing album review on Pitchfork. The Minneapolis four piece released their LP 'The Loon' in February stateside but its not out in the UK until 24 Jul. They've been much compared to Pavement although on the evidence of this single their blend of indie lo-fi is more akin to the Pixies, Velvet Underground or Violent Femmes. 'Insistor' is one of those songs which sounds immediately familiar, perhaps because it's so catchy. Josh Grier's vocals have the lushness of Jeff Buckley, while the clever, oblique lyrics are delivered with breathless speed: "Mickey the ol' lithper / Said hey there hey mithter." Marvelous stuff. JW
Release date: 10 Jul
Press contact: Beggars IH [all]


Warner Music will next week (17 Jul) release a three CD compilation compiled by the Manumission boys called 'Manumission Ibiza Classics Collection' and, looking through the tracklisting, it's looking rather good. In fact, this is one of those releases where there is a reason to publish the tracklisting, so here it is. Press info from Hudson PR.

Disk 1
T-Empo - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
Modjo - Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
X-Press 2 - Lazy
New Order - Blue Monday
Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night (Timo Mass Remix)
Spektrum - Kind Of New (Tweifschwarz Dub)
Energy 52 - Café Del Mar (Original 3 N 1 Remix)
Olive - You're Not Alone
Underworld - Born Slippy
CJ Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand Van Helden's D N B Remix)
Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar (Armand Van Helden's Dark Garage Mix)
Groove Armada - I See You Baby
Stretch & Vern - I'm Alive
Layo & Bushwacker - Love Story Vs. Finally
Inner City - Good Life

Disc 2
Orbital - Chime
Moloko - Sing It Back (Boris D-Lugosh Remix)
D'Lacy - Hideaway (Deep Dish Remix)
Black Legend - You See The Trouble In Me
Hard Fi - Hard To Beat (Axwell Remix)
Bucketheads - The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)
Tiga Feat. Jake Shears - Hot In Herre
Les Rhythmes Digitales - (Hey You) Whats That Sound?
Wamdue Project - King Of My Castle (Roy Malone's King Mix)
Mad'House - Like A Prayer (Main Mix)
The Original - I Love You Baby (Dacing Divaz Vlub Mix)
Max Linen -The Soul Shaker
Rui Da Silva Feat. Cassandra - Touch Me
Three Drives - Greece 2000
William Orbit - Barber's Adagio For Strings (Ferry Corsten Remix)
Laurent Garnier - Man With The Red Face

Disk 3
Primal Scream - Loaded
Happy Monday's - Wrote For Luck
Armand Van Helden - The Funk Phenomena
Mylo - Drop The Pressure
Afro Medusa - Pasilda
Pete Heller's Big Love - Big Love
Dave Morales Pres. The Face - Needin' U (I Need You)
Tori Amos - Professional Widow (Armand Van Helden's Star Trunk Mix)
Basement Jaxx - Rendez-Vous
Fatboy Slim - Song For Manumission (Love Island)
Hysteric Ego - Want Love
David Guetta - Just A Little More Love (Wally Lopez Mix)
Everything But The Girl - Missing (Tod Terry Club Mix)
Grace - Not Over Yet (Perfecto Mix)
Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke (Hard Floor Mix)
Funkstar Deluxe Vs. Bob Marley - Sun Is Shining


And another compilation, but from the other end of the musical spectrum. Rock label Earache have just released a CD/DVD set thing which not only includes a stack of very loud but very good music, but will cost you just a fiver. The gloriously titled 'Chop Your Own Head Off' was released on Monday and includes all the following. Press info from Earache.

Deicide - Homage For Satan (666 Mix)
Decapitated - Day 69
Akercocke - Verdelet
Cult Of Luna - Back To Chapel Town
Ephel Duath - Crystalline Whirl
Mortiis - Way To Wicked (Absinthium Mix)
The Berzerker - Committed To Nothin
Anata - Better Grieved Than Fooled
Urkraft - The Inhuman Aberration
Linea 77 - Charon
Biomechanical - Existenz
Municipal Waste - Set To Destruct
Severe Torture - Sawn Off
Blood Red Throne - Mephitication
Neuraxis - Shatter The Wisdom
Mistress - At Arms Length
Crowpath - Chased, Caught And Charged

The Haunted - DOA
Hate Eternal - Powers That Be
Deicide - Scars Of The Crucifix
Linea 77 - Fantasma
Cult Of Luna - Leave Me Here
Mortiis - Decadent And Desperate (Absentia)
Shortie - Truth
Municipal Waste - Unleash The Bastards
Biomechanical - The Empires Of The Worlds
Beecher - Function! Function!
Ewigkeit - It's Not Reality
The Berzerker - All About You
Adema - Tornado'
Addiction Crew - What About
Morbid Angel - Enshrined By Grace
Akercocke - Leviathan
Society 1 - Hate
With Passion - Train Wreck Orchestra
Usurper - Kill For Metal


More letter writing from the BPI. This time the trade association's boss, Peter Jamieson, has reportedly written to BBC top man Mark Thompson to object to the Corporation's decision to axe its flagship pop show, Top Of The Pops, which, of course, falls off the Beeb's schedules at the end of the month.

In the letter Jamieson writes: "A strong body of opinion exists within this organisation that there is still potential in the "TOTP" brand. This is despite the damage done over the past few years - and, in particular, by some of the statements made about the brand over the past month."

Jamieson reportedly goes on to suggest that the BPI could takeover the TOTP brand once the BBC axe it, which is an interesting idea. Personally I think they should give it to us - we'd make a great job of running it. Or, perhaps, they should hand it over to Channel 4 which is, after all, now well and truly the home of music programming as far as UK terrestrial TV is concerned. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if C4 bosses aren't already thinking of ways to acquire the only two BBC TV music assets of any value - TOTP and Mr Jools Holland.


From the depressing demise of one music TV format, to the exciting launch of another. Organ TV, the TV extension of underground music magazine/website The Organ, relaunches tonight on Sky Channel 173. Kicking off what is set to be a year long run, tonight's Organ TV will feature videos from Cardiacs, Stasi, The Assdroids, The Duel, Chris Liebing & Speedy J, Little Trophy, Bleeding Through, Viking Moses and The Priscillas.

Explaining the ethos of the show, The Organ's Sean O told CMU: "We just want to see those videos that the others don't show, we want a few left field bands on our TV screens, we want a few alternatives. Music videos on the whole are boring, safe, risks are never taken - video makers tell me it's because the music shows and channels won't show anything that's a little left field, video makers don't feel they dare to take risks. We want an alternative - think of it as MTV with a John Peel attitude".

Anyone with Sky can tune in on open access channel 173. The show should repeat several times during the week, but new editions will go live every Wednesday at 10.30pm.


Over in radio land, and GCap Media has announced a bit of a rejig within the Xfm music management team, apparently in a bid to "get closer to the artists it champions", whatever that means. All round top bloke Mike Walsh, who has been overseeing music policy at Xfm in Manchester and Edinburgh, will become Network Head Of Music, coordinating music on all three of the Xfm outlets. He will work closely with Xfm PD Andy Ashton and GCap North PD Ande Macpherson who both plan to take on a greater role in Xfm's music policy, in a bid to ensure the stations work closer with the record labels. Walsh will also continue to coordinate music policy for Gap's Century FM network. The changes at Xfm follow the recently reported departure of the station's London Head Of Music Nigel Harding.

Elsewhere in planet GCap, the radio company has announced that BSkyB exec Will Harding will join them in August to be Group Strategy & Development Director, and will have a particular role in increasing the company's non-advertising based income, with projects that might include CDs, events and podcasts.


Prince's award winning online fan community, the NPG Music Club, which was one of the first online music ventures to seemingly score both creative and commercial successes, and which allowed Prince to communicate with and sell music to his fans without a recording contract, is on hold. A notice on the Club's website says its operations are on "hiatus" while it reviews its future.

Their statement reads: "In its current form, there is a feeling that the NPGMC has gone as far as it can go. Has the time come to once again make a leap of faith and begin anew? These are questions we in the NPG need to answer. In doing so, we have decided to put the club on hiatus until further notice."

There's no official word from Prince's people as to what, if anything, is planned for the service - nor what will happen to those who bought 'life membership'.


Well, being up for sale hasn't stopped BMG Music Publishing scoring a pretty damn significant deal. The publishing group yesterday announced it has entered into a deal with TV giant Endemol, which means it will sub-publish the media firm's music catalogue, which mainly consists of the music assets associated with its TV products. The deal may also see BMG's A&R teams or artists getting involved in Endemol's TV productions.

Confirming the deal, BMG Music Publishing's VP Biz Dvp, Simon Mortimer, told CMU: "BMG Music Publishing is very proud to represent Endemol's music catalogue. Endemol has created some of the biggest global hits on TV right now - Big Brother continues to be one of the UK's top rated programmes several years into its run, and Deal or No Deal, is one of the biggest hits of the season in the US. TV continues to be one of the key growth areas for Music Publishers and our alliance with Endemol fits perfectly into BMG Music Publishing's long-term strategy."

Endemol's Mike Morley added: "Endemol generates thousands of hours of original programming every year and while we already collect music revenues in relation to these productions, we're sure BMG's expert assistance with this highly specialized task will enrich our revenues. BMG Music Publishing is blessed with a wealth of experience in this field and we're delighted to have secured their services. We greatly look forward to benefiting from their talents and substantially growing this area of our business."


SINGLE REVIEW: Tom Mansi And The Icebreakers - Can't Take It Where You Go (Kartel)
I've never actually seen this 4 piece live but, judging by the picture on their site, Mansi is a fairly young chap. I mention this because on first hearing his voice I got an impression he was a (only slightly less) weathered and world-weary Tom Waits. It's a wonderfully battered, beaten old voice that goes from sounding really quite sweet and vulnerable on the title track, to plain raucous on the B-side 'Fire In My Eyes'. The single is quite a gentle song, with a nice laidback bluesy feel to it. The vocals have a kind of yearning quality to them that Mansi's voice conveys really well. The B-side is the song that sticks in my memory more, being much bolder and boisterous. This time Mansi's gruff vocals rasp over the music like a cheese grater over an unshaven face, whilst the chorus has a great whooping 'whoo-haa' refrain. Both songs are really distinct from one another and both have bags of character. A really interesting band then - what direction their next single goes in should be really interesting as well. TH
Release Date: 10 Jul
Press Contact: Trailer Media [all]


Cheryl Tweedy has denied those previously reported rumours that Girls Aloud are splitting up on account of her allegedly being a complete cow. The singer says the girls are set to record a fourth album, instead of releasing a greatest hits compilation next, as was initially planned.

Tweedy told the Daily Star: "After our tour finished we went into the studio to record three new songs for the Greatest Hits. We've come up with six tracks we love and are now thinking we should do a new studio album instead."

Referring to her upcoming wedding to footballer Ashley Cole, she added, "When Ashley and I get back from honeymoon we'll have a meeting with our record label and see about putting back the Greatest Hits. Pop is on a roll right now with Lily Allen and Nelly Furtado - and we want to continue being a part of it."


Panic! At The Disco have complained to MTV that some of their fans only like them because they're beautiful. Explaining that there are two types of fans, those who like the music and those who fancy the frontman, guitarist Ryan Ross said: "It's kind of disappointing and disgusting in a way, how some people are focusing on how we look. I think a lot of those things we think are special - the way we dress, the things we put into our stage show - some fans don't even realise that because they're just drooling over Brendan [Urie, singer]. I feel like it taints the music."

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