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In today's CMU Daily:
- Court finds in favour of accused file sharer
- Jacko / Schaffel case concludes - but who won?
- Beatles tapes man under supervision order
- C-Murder released from house arrest
- Police to question Eminem over strip club altercation
- Sinatra's pianist dies
- Single Review: The Organ - Memorize The City
- Berlin's Love Parade returns
- Really comprehensive singles collection for sale
- Jazz award winners
- New Clinic album
- Iron Maiden record new album
- Pixies release acoustic DVD
- Juliette And The Licks tour
- Morricone concerts postponed
- Will EU ruling impact on BMG publishing sale?
- BPI call on UK government to raise Allofmp3 at G8
- MTV recruit Interscope digital man
- iTrips most likely to become legal
- Blackwell and de Duretel team up on publishing venture
- Single Review: Bugz In The Attic - Move Aside
- Chart update
- Total Rock World Album chart
- CMU radio show
- Tweedy and Cole get married
- Lavigne and Whibley get married
- New York Dolls man on Johnny / Pete parallels
- Timberlake on drugs and things


Hurrah! After an impromptu week off, the CMU radio show returns today, with another two hours of great music (as listed below) plus plenty of chatter on everything that has been happening in the music world in the last seven days, including Jacko, Doherty, Notorious BIG, Weezer, The Killers, Outkast, Somerset House, T In The Park, Glasto trademarks and all that EU court shenanigans. You can tune in at any time from later on today simply by going on over to and pressing the big listen now button. It's that simple. The whole thing will stream via your Windows Media Player courtesy of Go see. This is the penultimate edition of the CMU radio show before its summer break. But don't forget the ThreeWeeks radio show, which will broadcast live from Edinburgh everyday of the Edinburgh Festival from 7 to 28 Aug at 11am. If all goes to plan you'll be able to listen online - so watch this space for more information. In the meantime, if you want your music to be considered for play on the show, send it over to Chris+Caro, CMU Radio, UnLimited Media, Fl 3 Grampian House, Meridian Gate, London, E14 9YT. And if your bands are playing at the Festival and would be up for a live midday interview on the day of their gig, then drop an email to [email protected]. Sorted.



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TotalRock auctions on eBay really do make dreams come true. Don't take our word for it, ask Frodo. He's the first winner of our weekly 'Be A DJ On TotalRock' auction. And he's coming in at 11am today, to join Catbird and programme an hour's worth of music. So, click on the eBay link at, and see if you can successfully bid to be the next in line. And check out all the other fantastic items available there as well.



MySpace Of The Day: Good Shoes
Great name for a band, Good Shoes, and that may have been what originally attracted me to them - though it's not the reason I'm nominating them for MSOTD. Well, not entirely. The MySpace page has previews four of their tracks, which owe a debt of some kind to the likes of The Clash and reflect current trends popularised by the likes of The Futureheads and Maximo Park. You know, jerky and and guitary. Interestingly, however, they appear to be citing influences that include Regina Spektor and Queen. Anyway, we played single release 'All In My Head' on the radio the other day, and we liked it because its perky as well as jerky, and if there's anything I like at this time of year, it's something a bit perky, instead of all that indie droning which is much better suited to the winter months (in my humble opinion, anyway). Most importantly, they're called 'Good Shoes'. Go on, give 'em a try. They've even blogged a bit, for your perusal.

This and more at


An interesting court ruling in a US federal court in Oklahoma has led some to speculate about the future of the Recording Industry Association Of America's litigation campaign against individuals accused of illegally sharing music online.

The case in question was one being pursued by the RIAA against Debbie Foster and her daughter Amanda who, the trade association claimed, had been illegally sharing music online. RIAA lawyers said that file sharing had been traced back to the IP address of the Fosters' computer but when the family asked for details of the alleged infringement the plaintiff failed to do so.

Based on the RIAA's failure to provide detailed evidence of the allegations, Debbie Foster's lawyer called for a 'summary judgment' without trial, which led to the RIAA, in turn, withdrawing its case. The court allowed the withdrawal but went further, finding in Foster's favour and awarding her legal costs. Judge Lee R West said in a statement: "this Court finds that the plaintiffs' voluntary dismissal with prejudice services as a complete adjudication of the issues set forth ... Ms Foster is therefore the prevailing party for purposes of the Copyright Act".

With the RIAA's previously reported high profile case against teenager Brittany Chan dismissed by the Michigan courts earlier this year, some are now speculating that more of those people accused of illegally sharing music online might now challenge the RIAA's accusations - especially if there is a chance the court will award them legal costs if and when the RIAA fails to provide sufficient evidence to back up their claims.

Entertainment lawyer Steve Gordon told reporters this weekend: "If the RIAA cannot back up their claims of infringement with legally required evidence, this could affect all their cases and encourage more defendants to fight back, especially if, as in this case, the court awards attorney fees for the defendant".


Victory of sorts for former Michael Jackson associate Marc Schaffel who, as previously reported, was suing Jacko over allegations the singer owed him substantial sums of money related to unpaid royalties and fees.

After asking a number of questions and hearing some repeat testimony, the jury decided that Jackson did owe his former associate money relating to two documentary projects and a somewhat shady trip to South America on the singer's behalf. However, they also ruled that Schaffel had taken some money from Jackson's accounts while working on their ultimately unproductive post-9/11 charity record project. Therefore they awarded Schaffel $900,000, but also awarded Jackson $200,000.

Both sides were upbeat about the result. Schaffel told reporters: "Obviously, I'm very happy. We got less than I asked for, but considering all the factors on what we were able to present, I'm pleased".

But in speaking for Jackson, attorney L Londell McMillan spoke as if his side had scored the victory, telling the media: "This is just the beginning of Michael fighting back. It's a new day for Michael Jackson. It should be something for people to think about in the future".

Of course, as seems to be the case with Jackson court cases, neither side came out of the proceedings completely untarnished. Commentators and, it would seem, jury members, had their doubts about both parties.

One juror, Irma Beard, was quoted in the press as saying: "The plaintiff [Schaffel] was not the most upstanding character and neither was the defendant [Jackson]", while another, Cathleen Yancy, said "From the very beginning we were saying, 'He's a sleazeball'". When asked who she was referring to, she said, seemingly unconcerned by the potentially slanderous nature of her remarks (given the conclusion of the criminal case against Jacko last year): "Both. I have issues with adult entertainment, but I also have issues with child molestation".

In terms of impact on reputation, Jacko probably came out worse. Schaffel was portrayed as a bit of a shady character, and his porn producing past was repeatedly touched upon, although that had been no secret from the outset. Attempts by Jackson's lawyers to distance the singer from any controversies relating to his business affairs on the basis that he wasn't really all that involved in such things seemed to be dismissed by recordings of telephone conversations in which Jacko talked about his business projects in some detail.

And then there's this mysterious trip to South America that Schaffel made on Jacko's behalf. Schaffel told the court last week that he had been sent to Brazil to "adopt some boys for Jackson", a remark that was criticised even by his own lawyer, but a remark that re-sparked various rumours on the gossip blogs, with some suggesting that Schaffel might have been delivering a financial settlement to the family of another boy about to make child-abuse allegations against the singer.

The judge hearing the case will now hold a separate accounting phase to finalise the exact figures each side will have to pay, during which Schaffel's payout may be even further reduced, though probably not, as some on Jacko's team were suggesting this weekend, to such an extent that he'll end up paying Jackson money.


Nigel Oliver, the man who, as previously reported, was charged with trying to sell those stolen Beatles recordings, has been placed under a two year supervision order. Oliver was, as previously reported, found unfit to plead.

The judge in the case, Jeremy McMullen, said he would have considered a sentence of four years, had Oliver been fit to stand trial, but that, under the circumstances, he was handing out the supervision order instead, which involves medical supervision in mental care - Oliver has suffered from mental illness for some years. McCullen said: "It is necessary for the protection of the public that you take advantage of medication and treatment and counselling that you are getting."

Oliver was caught trying to sell the tapes, the last recordings that The Beatles ever made together, for about £250,000 back in 2003.


US rapper C-Murder, aka Corey Miller, has been released from house arrest despite accusations that he had broken the conditions of his home confinement on several occasions. As previously reported, Miller was recently released from prison after new evidence came to light in the case that saw the hip-hopper found guilty of killing sixteen year old Steven Thomas outside a Louisiana nightclub back in 2002.

In court last week Judge Martha Sassone denied prosecution requests that Miller be jailed, and said she felt confident that he had not violated the conditions of his release. Sassone went on to relax those conditions, although Miller will still be closely monitored. He must be at home between the hours of 10pm and 6am, he is barred from drinking and going to bars, and visitors to his home have been restricted.

Whether C-Murder will be brought to court again over the 2002 killing remains to be seen. In March the Louisiana Supreme Court overturned the rapper's conviction and ordered a new trial, but it's now up to prosecutors to decide if they want to return to court.


Reports suggest that police want to question Eminem over an alleged assault in the toilets at a Detroit strip club.

A man, identified in the Detroit media as Miad J, says he had a run in with the rapper and his entourage after he tried to make conversation with the star. According to Detroit's Channel 7 Action News, Miad was confronted by one of Slim Shady's bodyguards after trying to talk to the rapper. He says things kicked off after he told the bodyguard to "ease up", and in the altercation that followed Eminem himself started throwing punches. Miad: "Eminem got done and boom! He started swinging. I wasn't even expecting it. I was just minding my own business and taking a leak". The Slim Shady entourage then reportedly sped away from the club, with some witnesses saying they noticed rapper Trick Trick, one of Eminem's posse, pull a gun as they drove away.

Police say they want to hear Eminem's account of the incident before deciding whether to recommend prosecution.


Bill Miller, Frank Sinatra's pianist for 46 years, has died following complications from a heart attack in Montreal, at the age of 91. A self taught pianist, Miller was born in Brooklyn and began playing professionally at the age of 16. Over the years he played with the likes of Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman and Charlie Barnet. He met Sinatra at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas in 1951.

Frank Sinatra Jr said: "Bill Miller was the greatest accompanist that any popular singer ever had. There was no one who had his touch, no one who had his taste."

Sinatra's longtime guitarist Al Viola said: "There are lots of great piano players but to be an accompanist to a singer is really an art form. It's a conversation, but you really have to listen and pay respect to the singer."


SINGLE REVIEW: The Organ - Memorize The City (Beggars/Too Pure)
Vancouver quintet The Organ have a post-punk sound and have consequently been compared to the usual suspects; The Smiths, Joy Divison and the Cure. It should be noted that The Organ are no Johnny Come Latelies; their album 'Grab That Gun' was released two years ago in the US, its more recent release here earning them a rave review in Uncut. The all girl band are clearly Smiths fans (one album track is titled 'Steven Smith') but musically their influences are early Blondie or obscurer acts such as fellow Canadians Martha And The Muffins or dreamily sad one hit wonders ('I'm In Love With A German Film Star') The Passions. Katie Sketch's melancholic vocals contrast beautifully with the uplifting jangly guitar. Rather lovely too is B side 'No One Has Ever Looked So Dead', which has mournful Hammond organ and sweet lyrics: "And in the back seat of your car, you show me every single star". Music for teenagers to wear black to and everyone else to enjoy feeling miserable to. JW
Release date: 17 Jul
Press contact: Beggars IH [all]


One of the dance industry's biggest and most legendary events, Berlin's Love Parade, returned this weekend after a two year break.

Despite spin off events in other cities around the world, the Berlin Love Parade, which grew from a small rave to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall into a major global event attracting over 1.5 million people, had not been staged since 2003 after city chiefs ruled that, as the event no longer had a political dimension (as it had in the early days) that the event's promoters would have to meet security and clean up costs - a decision which made the event unviable to stage.

But after a German fitness company agreed to sponsor the event, organisers were able to resurrect the Parade. They reckon that some 1.2 million people were in attendance this weekend, up 450,000 on 2003 figures (it's a free unticketed event, so figures are always only estimated). Fans of the event now hope that the Parade will return next year too, and an announcer at this year's event reportedly told the crowds: "We'll see you all again right here, next year, at Love Parade 2007".

The BBC quoted one Berliner at the event as saying: "This is great! I've been waiting three years for this. Hopefully it will be here every year from now on."


A collection of every single to top the UK charts since the pop chart began is to go on sale later this month. Owned by Stephen Hitchcock, who inherited the set from his father 23 years ago, and who has been adding to it ever since, the collection includes 2,139 items, on every format: 78s, 7", 12", cassettes, CD, DVD singles, and digital downloads (an iPod Nano is included in the sale so the buyer can listen to the downloads). The lot, expected to bring in the region of £25,000, is part of a sale set to take place at the Abbey Road organised by auctioneers Cooper Owen.

Owner Stephen Hitchcock says: "I started buying first edition number ones every week and then, over the next ten years, updated the collection. I would love whoever buys it to continue the collection, or even better I would love it to go into a museum."

John Collins of Cooper Owen said: "This is probably the biggest collection of British popular music ever discovered. I've never seen anything as extensive... with so many rare pieces."


It was the Radio 2 / Radio 3 Jazz Awards in London last week with all the following winning gongs:

Services to Jazz: Ian Carr
Lifetime Achievement: Quincy Jones
Radio 2 Jazz Artist of the Year: Jools Holland
Radio 2 Best of Jazz Award: Anita Wardell
Radio 3 Jazz Line-Up Best Band: Dennis Rollins Bad Bone & Co
Radio 3 Jazz On 3 Innovation: Tim Garland
Rising Star: Andrew McCormack
Best Instrumentalist: Alan Barnes
Best Vocalist: Clare Teal
Album Of The Year: Jim Tomlinson featuring Stacey Kent


Clinic are to release a new album this autumn. The new long player, 'Visitations', is expected to be out on 9 Oct, and was recorded at the band's own new studio in Liverpool. Speaking to Billboard about the new record, frontman Ade Blackburn said: "Compared to [previous album] 'Winchester Cathedral', its a lot more direct and more upbeat. We think of it as more of a proggy sounding album. A lot of it was more designed to play live, rather than relying on the studio more. On previous albums, it's been exploring darker sides of behaviour. This one goes beyond that and focuses on seeing simplicity, accepting other people for what they are, rather than over analysing people."


Iron Maiden, who you may have heard of, are in the process of recording a new record in a London studio. The new long player, their fourteenth studio album, is entitled 'A Matter Of Life And Death', and is to be released on 29 Aug.

Producer Kevin Shirley said in a statement: "I feel from the outset we all clicked on this one. We spent two months in the studio, from Go to Whoa - from Nicko's 'tubs up' to final mixes and sequenced master! Producing Iron Maiden is like sitting in the head and driving one of those mammoth automatons from Star Wars or Saturday morning cartoons! And there's nothing that can stop it!"


Pixies have announced that they will release a live DVD. 'Pixies: Acoustic - Live in Newport DVD' carries 22 songs and features a short film of the band during preparations for their live appearance. Here you go, tracklisting lovers of the world:

Bone Machine
Ed Is Dead
All Around the World
Monkey Gone to Heaven
Is She Weird
Here Comes Your Man
River Euphrates
Wave of Mutilation
I Bleed
Crackity Jones
Gouge Away
The Holiday Song
Nimrod's Song
Mr. Grieves
Where Is My Mind?


Juliette And The Licks have announced a UK tour. Actually, they announced it last week, but now they've added more dates and upgraded venues due to demand. We expected this to happen, of course, which is why we waited until this week to report on it (God we're good). The band's second album 'Four To The Floor' will be out on 2 Oct, which is probably why they're touring. Here are the updated dates:

26 Sep: Brighton Concorde 2
27 Sep: London Astoria ** UPGRADED
28 Sep: Manchester Academy 2 ** UPGRADED
29 Sep: Sheffield Leadmill
30 Sep: Edinburgh Rock Festival
2 Oct: Nottingham Rescue Rooms
3 Oct: Dublin The Village
4 Oct: Glasgow ABC
5 Oct: Leeds Metropolitan University ** UPGRADED
14 Nov: Cardiff Solus Bar
15 Nov: Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
16 Nov: Newcastle University


Ennio Morricone's two shows that were due to take place at the Hammersmith Apollo this week have been postponed until 1 and 2 Dec for "unforeseen technical difficulties". So don't go saying we didn't tell you.


Given that anyone attempting to read Friday's rather long CMU report on the EU's retrospective decision over the SonyBMG merger is probably still working their way through it, just one very quick mention of it this morning.

There was some speculation this weekend as to whether the ruling of the EU Court Of First Instance that the European Commission should not have allowed Sony and Bertelsmann to merge their record companies will have any impact on the latter's current sale of its publishing company. As previously reported, Bertelsmann is selling its music publishing company, never part of the deal with Sony Corp, in order to finance a share buy back elsewhere in the group. In among the 15 companies who bid for BMG Music Publishing were all of the other major record companies - Universal, EMI, Warner and Sony. If they sold the company to one of them, EU approval would be required and, given last week's ruling, some now wonder if such approval would be given.

As BMG could do with a speedy sale of their publishing group, the wonderers are wondering if that means Bertelsmann will favour one of the non music companies who have bid - most likely a financial institution or venture capitalist consortium. Time will tell, obviously.


If only they'd thought about this a bit earlier, they could have staged Live8.2, a series of politically charged concerts designed to pressure G8 leaders to Make Piracy History. As it is, all they managed was a polite letter to the slightly scary Margaret Beckett who is, in case you'd forgotten (I know I had), our current Foreign Secretary.

Yep, the BPI has confirmed that it wrote to Maggie Beckett ahead of this weekend's G8 Summit in St Petersburg asking her to bring up the issue of with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

As previously reported, the BPI intends to sue Moscow based through the UK courts because it sells digital music to British consumers at cut price rates without the appropriate licences to do so. The Russian download service claims it is operating legitimately in its home country. While the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry say they are not even convinced of that, it is the fact that is proving a popular source of downloads around the world that is causing Western record companies the most concern.

In the letter to Beckett, who was due to be in session with Russian officials at the G8 proceedings this weekend, BPI chief Peter Jamieson wrote: "This website is doubly damaging because it encourages consumers to believe that royalties are paid to artists and record companies. In fact, no such arrangements are in place with British rightsholders (nor with those of any other nations as far as we can tell). We therefore ask the government to raise the issue of directly with President Putin, and to urge the Russian Government to take action against the operators of the site by insisting that it is removed from the internet".

Noting that, responding to global pressure on the issue, Putin has recently made a number of calls to tighten Russian rules protecting intellectual property, Jamieson continued: "President Putin has clearly stated his commitment to protecting intellectual property rights. We would like the UK government to call on President Putin to honour this 'duty' to Russia's foreign partners, by taking action against a Russian website that is violating international intellectual property law. I hope that the UK government will be able to raise this issue at the G8 Summit, and help reinforce the importance of international collaboration in tackling the issue of piracy which threatens not just the music industry, but all of the UK 's creative sector."

Pro-P2P website covered this story, though I can't quite figure out what their viewpoint on the whole thing is. It's possible that, overall, they don't think it was such a good idea. See what you think. "In an act of absolutely astounding arrogance, the BPI, the so-called 'trade' unit owned by Warner Music, Vivendi Universal, EMI and SonyBMG, is demanding that UK foreign secretary Margaret Beckett raises its attempt to crush p2p site with Russian president Vladimir Putin at the G8 summit. The members of the Big Four Organized Music cartel have awarded themselves nationhood status and routinely lecture and hector governments and heads of state for failing to toe the corporate bottom line, also using international enforcement agencies, funded by local taxpayers, as copyright cops. But this is extreme even for the Big Four".

Having read that back I think we here at CMU must take issue. isn't, technically speaking, a P2P site.


Following the previously reported departure of senior digital guy Jason Hirschhorn, MTV in the US this weekend announced that Interscope digital guy Courtney Holt will be joining them as Executive Vice President Of Digital Music And Media. Although Holt will oversee MTV's recently launched download venture Urge, which Hirschhorn spearheaded, the network stress that the new recruit is not a direct replacement and that his role at the company will essentially be a new one. In addition to Urge, Holt will oversee a number of digital initiatives across MTV's channels, including broadband destination Overdrive, VH1's VSpot, mtvU's Uber and CMT's soon-to-be-launched Loaded venture.


OfCom is expected to legalise those low power transmitter devices which enable iPod owners to play their digital music collection via a radio tuner.

As previously reported, the iTrip is a popular little device which you plug into your iPod and which then transmits its output via a lower powered signal to any nearby radio. They are especially popular for iPod users wanting to listen to their MP3 collections in their cars. But technically speaking they are illegal in the UK because the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1949 forbids anyone transmitting radio signals without a licence, however low powered the signals might be. Therefore they cannot be bought from legitimate retailers in this country, though they are sold on some non-UK based websites and many a market stall across the country. But, following pressure from some technology and political types, OfCom is holding a public consultation on the devices and is expected to propose a change in the law to allow their legitimate use, maybe as soon as next year.

The recently quite vocal Liberal Democrat Culture Spokesman, Don Foster, who, if I remember rightly, was one of the first people to call for a review of the law regarding the devices, told reporters this weekend: "I am delighted Ofcom have ended this ludicrous ban, based on 1940s legislation... which threatened two years imprisonment to music lovers using iTrips. This decision... will not only regulate a booming black market and provide the country with valuable tax revenue, but also enable the iPod generation to enjoy their music using the latest gadgets."


Island Records founder Chris Blackwell has announced a new partnership with former Virgin Records exec Emmanuel de Buretel which will see the two men launch a combined publishing venture. The deal will be structured around Blackwell's publishing company Blue Mountain and de Buretel's Because Publishing outfit. The first signings under the new venture will be The Sunshine Underground, The Blood Arm, Kano, and The Marshals.

Confirming the deal, Blackwell told CMU: "I am very excited about our new publishing venture with Emanuel - he has great taste and is, in my opinion, one of the very best people in the business today."


SINGLE REVIEW: Bugz in the Attic - Move Aside (V2/Nurture Music)
'Move Aside' is the first single from Bugz In The Attic's debut album 'Back In The Dog House'. CMU have been chatting about Bugz for a while, so here's hoping the long player does well, considering this is their debut after 10 years of working the London clubs. As for 'Move Aside', it's a beat heavy b-boy dance track accompanied by soulful vocals. And what b-boy track would be complete without at least half a bar of the Amen break, which has even been soloed in the mix so we don't miss it. The regional rhymes give a nod to their home turf, which will please any American accent critics, as well as opeing ears to UK vocalists at their live dates this summer. AW
Release Date: 17 Jul
Press Contact: Outpost [all]


Very little to report at the top of the singles chart this week, except that the women are very much in control. Lily Allen is still number one with 'Smile', Shakira is still number two with 'Hips Don't Lie', the Natalie Bassingthwaighte fronted Rogue Traders go up to number three thanks to the physical release of 'Voodoo Child', Nelly Furtado is still number four with 'Maneater' and Sandi Thom goes back up to number five with 'I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker'.

Full on new entry wise you have to go down to number 14 where Shayne Ward goes in with 'Stand By Me'. Then it goes: Rhianna with 'Unfaithful' at 16, James Dean Bradfield with 'That's No Way To Tell A Lie' at 18, Dirty Pretty Things with 'Deadwood' at 20, Gnarls Barkley with 'Smiley Faces' at 23, James Morrison with 'You Give Me Something' at 27, Nylon with 'Losing A Friend' at 29, Milburn with 'Cheshire Cat Smile' at 32, Rooster with 'Home' at 33 and Richard Ashcroft with 'Words Just Get In The Way' at 40.

Albums wise, also no change at the top with Muse's 'Black Holes & Revelations' still number one and Kooks' 'Inside In/Inside Out' still number two. Thom Yorke has the highest new entry with 'The Eraser' at 3. Two other new entries: a Billy Joel best of at 16 and Guillemots' 'Through The Windowpane' at 17.


As counted down on Total Rock over the weekend - New and re-entries marked with a *.

1. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium (Warner Bros)
2. Tool - 10,000 Days (Volcano)
3. Nickelback - All The Right Reasons (Roadrunner)
4. Guns n Roses - Greatest Hits (Universal/Geffen)
5. Underoath - Define The Great Line (Tooth & Nail)*
6. Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam (SonyBMG/J Records)
7. AFI - Decemberunderground (Universal/Polydor)
8. Godsmack - IV (Republic)
9. Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day (Universal/Mercury)
10. Lostprophets - Liberation Transmission (Visible Noise)*
11. Angels & Airwaves - We Don't Need To Whisper (Universal/Geffen)
12. Billy Talent - Billy Talent II (Warner/Atlantic)*
13. Rolling Stones - Forty Licks (EMI/Virgin)
14. Feeder - The Singles (Echo)
15. The Eagles - The Complete Greatest Hits (Warner Bros.)
16. Def Leppard - Yeah! (Universal/Mercury)
17. Various - WWE: Wreckless Intent (SonyBMG)
18. Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now (Warner Bros)
19. System Of A Down - Hypnotize (SonyBMG/Columbia)
20. Lordi - The Arockalypse (SonyBMG)*


The songs played on this week's radio show, which you can access later today online via this here URL:

The Loose Cannons - La-La-La (I'm Not Listening) (Fat Fox)
Max Sedgley - Devil Inside (Sunday Best)
Infadels - Love Like Semtex (Team 9 Remix) (Wall Of Sound)
Hyper - We Control (Kilowatt)
Delays - Valentine (Losers Remix) (Rough Trade)
Alpha 9 - Dead Man (Blow Up)
The Every Others - Like A Drug (Kill Rock Stars)
Good Shoes - All In My Head (Brille)
One Two - Oh Yeah, Alright (Fine Records)
Bell X1 - Rocky Took A Lover (Universal/Island)
Damian Marley ft Stephen Marley - All Night (Universal)
Lazyboy - Police Dog Bonfire (Reverso 68 Mix) (Sunday Best)
Lazy B - Underpants Goes Inside The Pants (Universal)
Justice v Simian - We Are Your Friends (Ten)


Girls Aloud's Cheryl Tweedy, footballer Ashley Cole and the lovely people from OK magazine seemingly successfully fooled the paparazzi over the couple's much reported wedding at the weekend. Despite speculation that the couple would wed at Highclere Castle in Berkshire, the site of last year's Jordan/Peter Andre wedding, in the end they reportedly tied the knot at a church in Barnet, Hertfordshire, away from the tabloid media spotlight. Which is great news for everyone. Though mainly OK, who reportedly paid a million pounds for the exclusive rights to the wedding photos.


Following reports last month that they were engaged, the Canadian press have reported that Avril Lavigne and Sum 41 man Deryck Whibley got married this weekend. The papers say the couple got hitched on Saturday at a ceremony in Montecito, a California coastal town north of LA.


New York Dolls frontman David Johansen has been talking to the Guardian about Pete Doherty, and in particular about the parallels between him and Johansen's former bandmate Johnny Thunders who, of course, died in 1991 after years battling heroin addition.

Johansen: "Heroin destroyed everything for the Dolls. Heroin and needles killed my band. Johnny got married to heroin and it's a fucking shame because he was the best songwriter I ever met. I see a lot of Johnny in that kid Pete Doherty. He's a great talent. When I first heard one of his songs, 'Fuck Forever', I thought, 'Man, that is the most romantic thing I've ever heard a man say to a woman'. But heroin will take him away from the songs just like Johnny, because she is a bitch, and that's what she does."


More drugs, and Justin Timberlake has told the Observer Music Monthly all about his drug taking. Well, he rambled on a bit about how he has taken drugs, but that he won't say which ones, but that he gets "completely plastered" from time to time, but that he avoids the cameras when he does. Or something like that.

He said this: "I'm just like everyone else - I get completely plastered, I've done my fair share of drugs and been caught places with my pants down. It's just that I make sure there are no cameras around. The drugs that I do have been done in my own private time. I've never been arrested - though that's not to say that I won't. I've done way too many drugs already. I've already inhaled and I've already - who knows?"

Quite. On the wider issues of drugs he continued: "Some drugs haven't been legalised because it will ruin the other drugs, like nicotine and tobacco. Nicotine is more addictive than heroin. I'll leave the preaching to the preachers - my grandfather is a preacher - but I believe that you don't do anything to excess. They always say too much of a good thing could be a bad thing. I try to live my life in a well-rounded manner. We all make mistakes."

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