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In today's CMU Daily:
- Final TOTP in the can
- Nickelback singer charged with drunk driving
- Wu Tang man angry over radio revelations
- Warner in talks with Radiohead?
- Beasties back in the studio
- Velvet Revolver in talks with Rubin
- REM's Buck working with Robyn Hitchcock
- The Knife game
- My Chemical Romance man does comics
- Doherty says his book is amazing nonsense
- Scissor Sister Shears was suicidal
- Embrace single, tour
- Little Barrie single, live dates
- Placebo announce tour dates
- Young Knives tour
- The Holloways, single, live show
- Xpress 2 seek 100 remixes
- Cream rockumentary to launch new DVD series
- EMI's Warner ambitions on hold?
- RIAA launch more lawsuits
- Are Microsoft planning a Beatles tie in to launch Zune?
- SnoCap launch tool to allow bands to sell their own downloads
- Garageband launch recommend service
- New Touch editor
- Woolies figures down
- NTL launch free TV package
- N Sync's Bass comes out
- George Michael denies wedding postponement plans
- MPs reveal musical tastes
- Brandon Flowers promises to keep it zipped


OK, let's get this sorted once and for all, right here in the Top Bit, before we get sidetracked slagging off BBC bosses and going over very old ground re TOTP. Mike Skinner is recording a 25 minute music video to celebrate MTV's 25th anniversary. That video will, repeat, will, break the record for longest music video. This is despite the fact that, as reported yesterday, Michael Jackson recorded a 38 minute video for 'Ghosts' which was listed as a record breaker by the Guinness people (and still is on their website). But, and here's the important bit, that video has since been reclassified and therefore is no longer considered a music video at all (rather, it is seen as a short film). So, Skinner's 25 minute video will be the longest music video ever made. And if you don't believe me, read this here quote from the Guinness people themselves (no, not the late Norris McWhirter, but the closest living thing - well, the Guinness Book Of Records people who sit across the room from one CMU Daily reader): "We've rejected Michael Jackson's video as it doesn't comply with our current guidelines as it is "part music video, part feature film" (it includes talking). Instead we are aware of 18 minute videos from Michael Jackson ('Thriller') and Snoop Doggy Dogg ('Murder Was The Case') and these are the current record holders. Therefore The Streets 25min long video will beat this and become the new Guinness World Record holder". So, MTV and The Streets will be record breakers. Unless any rival TV networks are planning on getting together a 26 minute music video to release the day after the Skinner vid airs - which would be fun, if a little petty. But, assuming that's not going to happen, we can consider this matter closed. Which comes as a huge relief. Now I will be able to sleep again at night. Not that sleeping is something I do much during August.



'The Batcave' goes out from 6-9pm today, with Natasha talking to Canadians The Birthday Massacre. Listen live at



MySpace Of The Day: The Egg
The Egg have been around a long time. In fact they were once on the cover of CMU. Yes, that's how long they've been around for - it's been a long time since CMU had a cover to be on. We loved their debut album 'Albumen' back in 1999, but then kinda forgot all about them. But then we stumbled across some new tracks from them last year and, while the sound has changed a little over the years, we were similarly impressed by the new material. They play the Big Chill festival the weekend after next - and they have always gone down well at festivals - so now seemed like as good an opportunity as any to tip their MySpace. For those of you unfamiliar with The Egg or who, like us, kinda lost touch with them after that 1999 release, then you can check out three of their newer tracks, including the rather good 'Forwards', here on the MySpace, and while you do that you can play with their cool little photo slider thing. New track 'Nothing' isn't on here, but you can listen to that on this week's CMU Radio show at

This and more at


The final UK edition of Top Of The Pops has been recorded and will be aired this weekend. The BBC, of course, announced its intention to axe the weekly pop show earlier this year, citing the growth of 24/7 music channels and online music services as the reason for the 42 year old programme's demise (inept producing from Andi Peters, the worst presenter in years and a terrible time slot presumably had nothing to do with it) .

The last edition will be mainly nostalgic, featuring several former presenters, including Janice Long, Tony Blackburn, Mike Read and the show's original host Jimmy Savile, who will introduce archive footage of TOTP performances from the likes of Spice Girls, Wham, Madonna, Beyonce Knowles, Robbie Williams and the Rolling Stones - the latter the first band to ever appear on the show.

As is traditional, the show will conclude with that chart countdown and a performance of the UK's number one single. That bit has caused some problems for the show's producers because, obviously, the chart isn't formally released until the day the show airs and, unlike most weeks, there isn't any one clear contender for the number one position in the UK charts this week.

Rhianna, Lily Allen, Shakira and McFly are all in the running, and HMV spokesman Genarro Castaldo confirmed yesterday that sales figures this week were too close to call: "At the moment Shakira looks like she's nudged back up to number one but there could be a swing at the weekend". To that end presenters have recorded six endings to the show, to fit in with whichever artist gets the number one.

The last edition of TOTP featuring live performances of current chart music aired last weekend. Though neither that nor this weekend's nostalgia fest will really be the end of TOTP. The show's magazine and website will continue (for the time being at least), as will the international versions of the show screened abroad, plus the BBC are promising some occasional TOTP specials for us here in the UK. And, of course, it'll probably be revived and returned to our schedules in a few years time - because put up your hand if you remember when Doctor Who was a has-been show "not relevant to the viewers of today"?


Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger has been charged with drunk driving following an incident which took place in Surrey, British Columbia, back on 22 Jun. The singer, real name Chad Robert Turton, is to appear in court on 25 Aug to face allegations of impaired driving and driving with a blood alcohol level over .08.


Wu Tang Clan rapper Method Man has spoken out angrily against US radio personality Wendy Williams, who has revealed on air that the hip-hop star's wife has cancer, a fact that the couple were keeping highly secret.

Method Man told "Wendy gets on the air and said 'his wife is sick and she not doing too well,' and I'm like this fucking bitch man. This is the big "C", big "C" [for cancer]. I was ready. I was so mad, I was crying right there and I'm like I'm gonna kill some fucking body and these [Wu Tang friends] kept me in there, kept me in LA."

The rapper said that his wife, currently undergoing chemotherapy, has not even told family members of her illness. He added that Williams insinuated that Method Man is having an affair with the doctor who is treating his wife, saying "she said me and [the doctor] was fucking. What kind of shit is that, man? You don't do that to nobody. You say the fuck you want to say about me, say nothing about my family, man."


There are rumours on the grapevine that Lyor Cohen of the Warner Music Group (in the US) has said he is some way on in his negotiations to sign up Radiohead for both a recording and publishing deal. As previously reported, Radiohead are not currently contracted to either a record label or publishing house, having fulfilled their deals with Parlophone and Warner Chappell respectively. Warner's publishing house was obviously disappointed (if not surprised) when Thom York chose to go with Chrysalis Music Publishing for his solo work, so renewing their relationship with Radiohead as a band would come as quite a boost. In fact, getting the double deal with Radiohead would be a considerable coup for both Warner and Cohen. Of course Yorke has previously implied his band would look for single album deals in the future - but still, a recording and publishing deal for just one Radiohead album would be good news for Warner all the same.


The Beastie Boys have told Canadian website JAM! that they have started work on a follow up to 2004's 'To The 5 Boroughs'. The band say they will most likely self-produce again on the new long player, with Beastie Boy Adam Horowitz pretty optimistic regarding the new material. Calling their new stuff the "best ever", he told JAM!: "Wait 'til you hear the new shit that we're working on. The shit is hot".


Velvet Revolver may work with pretty legendary producer Rick Rubin on their new album. Drummer Matt Sorum has told ABC Radio: "We've been talking to Rick Rubin. So hopefully he's gonna come on board, because I think he's just a great song guy. He's listened to a lot of our riffs and different parts that we have. He's a very honest guy, and even if he doesn't produce us, he's given us a good sense of what we need to go for, and that's just great songs."

The band are currently writing songs for the album, provisionally entitled 'Libertad'.


REM's Peter Buck's next recording will be on folk singer Robyn Hitchcock's new album 'Ole Tarantula'. Also forming the core band on the LP are REM touring member Scott McCaughey and Bill Riefin of Minus 5. Hitchcock says of the line-up: "We sound like a smart garage band, to my ears, when we play live. The record is a little more tidy, but they still rock, and rock me along with them. This is the rockingest record I've made in years."

Guests appearing on the album include Ian McLagen from The Faces and Chris Ballew from Presidents of the USA. The album is out on 3 Oct.


The wonderful The Knife release their new single 'We Share Our Mother's Health' next week (actually, it's out on digital already), and to mark the occasion have they put one of those webby games online. Not only can you kill some time playing it, you could win prints from the band's Motomichi Nakamura directed video if you do well. Well, I say all that, I couldn't actually get it to work when I tried, but it's possible I'm being very stupid, so you should try and have a go anyway. You'll find the game here:


My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way is releasing a series of comic books. The six issue set, entitled 'The Umbrella Academy' and published by Dark Horse Comics, will centre around the character of Sir Reginald Hargreeves - a "world-renowned scientist and inventor, intrepid adventurer, successful entrepreneur, champion cricketer and closet space alien."

In a statement, a spokesman for Dark Horse said: "'Umbrella Academy' is the story of seven extraordinary, maladjusted individuals, their triumphs, tragedies, failures and disappointments."


Well, no surprises there, really. Pete Doherty has been speaking about his forthcoming diaries, 'The Books Of Albion'. As previously reported, the singer scored a £150,000 publishing deal earlier in the year for the material, and has now told NME what readers can expect from the book.

The Babyshambles man said: "It's amazing nonsense. The book's very personal and very open. There'll be stuff that people haven't seen before. Very private thoughts, very private thoughts indeed. You'll have to wait and see. Raise a toast to it."


Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears has told Attitude magazine that he became suicidal during the band's rise to fame in 2005. He said: "Getting off the road was the most miserable thing I've ever experienced in my life. I've never felt so low. I was ready to go walk over to the Hudson and float away. It was more than a comedown. It was like shooting a torpedo into the ground."

He continued: "I got back to New York and didn't want a life. Thank God for my boyfriend, who is such a grounding influence on me. He was just very supportive. He totally never got impatient with me."

The band's new album, 'Ta-Dah', is out on 18 Sep.


Embrace are to release a new single 'Target' on 4 Sep. It's the second single from the latest album 'This New Day', and it will be available on CD (backed by 'Run Away'), on maxi-CD backed (with 'One Luck' and 'Thank God You Were Mean To Me'), and on 7" (with 'Just Admit It' on the B-side).

The band have also just announced a UK tour, as follows, press info from Sainted:

21 Sep: Hull City Hall
22 Sep: Norwich Wea
23 Sep: Cambridge Corn Exchange
24 Sep: Cardiff University Great Hall
26 Sep: Exeter Great Hall
27 Sep: Bristol Colston Hall
29 Sep: London Hammersmith Apollo
2 Oct: Folkestone Leas Cliff
3 Oct: Brighton Dome
4 Oct: Portsmouth Guildhall
8 Oct: Derby Assembly Rooms
9 Oct: Carlisle Sands Centre
10 Oct: Glasgow Academy
13 Oct: Manchester Apollo
14 Oct: Manchester Apollo
16 Oct: Leicester De Montford Hall
18 Oct: Birmingham Academy
19 Oct: Newcastle Academy
20 Oct: Middlesborough Town Hall
22 Oct: Liverpool University
23 Oct: Doncaster Dome.


CMU favourites Little Barrie are to release a limited edition 7" single on 24 Jul via Genuine. The record will comprise two new songs, 'Pretty Pictures' and 'Girls And Shoes'. Both of these tracks are also to feature on a 4 track EP to be released in Japan. The band are, of course, due to release their new album in October.

They'll be previewing tracks from the new album at a number of live dates over the summer, as follows:

30 Jul: Harbourside Festival Bristol
2 Aug: St Moritz London
5 Aug: Kesgrave Music Festival in memory of Kate Moyes.
7 Aug: Club NME Sheffield
23 Aug: St Moritz London


Placebo have announced a handful of tour dates for December. Tickets go on sale from 9am tomorrow morning, dates as follows:

6 Dec: Glasgow SECC
7 Dec: Nottingham Arena
9 Dec: London Wembley Arena
10 Dec: Manchester MEN Arena


The Young Knives have announced a series of headlining UK tour dates to follow the release of their debut album 'Voices Of Animals & Men' on 21 Aug. Tickets on sale now, dates as follows:

8 Oct: Southampton University
9 Oct: Bournemouth Opera House
10 Oct: Northampton Soundhaus
12 Oct: Oxford Zodiac
13 Oct: Bristol Thelka
14 Oct: Woking Quake
16 Oct: Colchester Essex
17 Oct: Brighton Concorde 2
18 Oct: York Fibbers
19 Oct: Stoke Sugarmill
21 Oct: Cardiff Barfly
24 Oct: Manchester Academy 3
25 Oct: Leeds Cockpit
26 Oct: Birmingham Academy 2
27 Oct: Liverpool Academy 2
28 Oct: Nottingham Rescue Rooms
30 Oct: London Mean Fiddler
31 Oct: Oxford Zodiac


The Holloways release their new single, 'Two Left Feet', on 31 Jul via TVT Records, and will play an in-store on the same day at Rough Trade Records in Covent Garden, at 5pm. They've also announced their biggest headline show to date - they play London's Scala on 18 Sep.


This is one for all of you bedroom remixers out there.

As you may or may not know, UK chart rules are not currently very remix friendly, in that there is a limit as to how many tracks an artist can put on a CD release in order for sales of that release to be 'chart eligible'. So, if an artist includes five remixes on a single release - sales of that single won't count towards chart position. However, the good thing is, that does not apply to digital sales. Every sale of every remix of a track still counts towards the chart position of the main track, which means an artist can release as many remixes as they like online.

And Xpress 2 are planning on making the most of that slight loophole. They are inviting bedroom remixers to download the separates of their new track 'Kill 100', to remix away, and to then upload the results. They plan to make 100 of the uploaded remixes available for punters to buy, digitally, from their website. Whichever remix has the most pre-orders by mid August will win not only a full CD release, but a cash prize. And, of course, because of the loophole, every single remix sale will count towards Xpress 2's chart position - hurrah!

For more details or to enter check


Independent distributor DVD UK has announced a new deal which will see the company release a total of fifteen documentary DVDs, each one dedicated to a different classic artist, and including music from and interviews with the featured artist, plus a variety of exclusive and rare live footage. The 'Classic Artist Series' is being put together by Jon Brewer, and will be scripted by author and former Melody Maker journalist Chris Welch.

The series will launch in September with a two disc DVD devoted to Cream, featuring interviews with Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker plus live footage recorded in the sixties at the Revolution Club in London and the Beat Club in the German city of Bremen, as well as five previously unreleased tracks which were recorded in 1967 for Swedish Radio. Subsequent releases in the series will focus on The Moody Blues, Yes, Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath.

Launching the new series, DVD UK MD Sean Read told CMU: "The concept for The Classic Artists Series is brilliant and never before has anyone tried to put together such a detailed and personalised story about what drives a band to achieve such massive worldwide recognition and success. The music DVD market hasn't seen anything quite like this before".

Brewer added: "We intend to establish The Classic Artists Series as the most comprehensive and collectable series of rock music DVDs that has ever been released. We are confident making this statement because of the extensive research we have undertaken in the marketplace and the fact that the archive footage and music will have been rarely seen before while the specially filmed interview material with be exclusive to The Classic Artists Series".

Press info on all of this from Media Communications - I'd try [email protected]


Well we said to expect more movements on the EMI Warner front, though we weren't necessarily expecting these kinds of moves. Reports now suggest that London based EMI will today announce that it is putting its ambitions to acquire the Warner Music Group on hold, for the time being at least.

Of course, EMI have been interested in taking over the New York based Warner Music for a while now, and have made two bids for the record company in recent months. But, while insiders reckoned Warner Music's owners would eventually sell, if EMI could be persuaded to offer the right price, the current Warner board countered the EMI bids by making their own bid to acquire the London record company - with some reports suggesting that many in the investment community thought Warners' bid for EMI was a more sound proposal.

If EMI have decided to put off their Warner takeover plans it might be because they genuinely believe that the price Warners' owners are demanding is simply too high to make the deal viable. Though, of course, the decision might be more to do with the recent ruling in the EU courts that said the European Commission should not have allowed Sony and BMG to merge two years ago.

Although EMI chief Eric Nicoli initially said he didn't think that that ruling would affect the chances of an EMI Warner deal being approved by European competition officials, many disagree with him - with some saying it would be very unwise for EMI and Warner to attempt a merger before the European Commission completes its review of the Sony BMG merger proposition.


The Recording Industry Association Of America has just sued another 108 music fans in Rhode Island over allegations of illegal file sharing. Now I've lost count of how many of these lawsuits the RIAA has now initiated. 3.7 million? Oh, I don't know, but a lot. A spokesman for the RIAA said, well, something, I'm sure. Will be interesting to see if any of this lot contest the lawsuit - the RIAA having lost two high profile download lawsuit cases already this year.


Following that previously reported announcement by Microsoft that it is planning to launch an iPod style music player and download platform, rumours are starting to circulate about the possibility of a tie up with the Beatles to launch the new service.

Microsoft were reportedly in talks once before with the surviving Beatles, and the estates of Lennon and Harrison, about some kind of digital music promotion tied to the MSN Music service, but insiders at the time said the financial package being demanded by the fab four was just too costly. But Microsoft is expected to put a huge marketing spend behind its Zune service, leading some to speculate that they may now go ahead with the previously discussed deal.

Those rumours also follow recent comments by Neil Aspinal of Beatles company Apple Corps who said that a massive "re-mastering and digitization" process was underway with the Beatles catalogue with a view to some kind of digital launch, although he was vague on where and when that music would be made available. Obviously there is no love lost between Apple Corps and Apple Computers, of course, following their most recent trademark fallout, so some kind of deal with Microsoft would be an obvious choice for the Beatles company.

That said, despite reports on these rumours by the likes of the New York Post, all talk of a Microsoft Beatles tie up does seem to be highly speculative at this time.


SnoCap (you remember, the company set up by original Napster man Shawn Fanning developing the technology which allows legit P2Ps to track what music is being shared) is launching a new technology called Linx which will allow bands to sell music directly from their sites, and which will allow independent retailers to sell music from the SnoCap catalogue, which includes music from all four majors and various indies. Apparently the new technology can be integrated with the MySpace template, meaning bands can sell music via their MySpace pages, using PayPal to take their money.


New bands website is launching a new 'music discovery' system called iLike which, I'm pretty sure, is essentially the same as the service where people can share playlists and music tips with other registered users - taking music recommendations from other users with similar music tastes.


Urban music magazine Touch has a new editor - Paul McKenzie - previously editor of Time Out's Carnival Guide and a contributor to The Times T2 Section. McKenzie replaces Simon Das, who is standing down after three and half years but who will continue to contribute to the mag as a writer and consultant.


Retail news anyone? Woolies have reported a 7.7% sales slump, but they say they hope that the always-busier second half of the year will overcome that fall, meaning that they will achieve year end figures on par with last year.

Woolies boss Trevor Bish-Jones told Reuters: "Do we expect to go positive in the second half? Yes we do - the extent to which we go positive is very difficult to predict. If we end up with the full year somewhere around flat then we will be comfortable."

Despite the overall slide, Woolies did build a bigger market share in music in the last six months, probably due to its recent discounted CD promotions.


Cable company NTL has announced it will bundle a free 36 channel TV package in with its £16.50 a month phone package. The move means NTL won't be following Carphone Warehouse, Sky and Orange in offering free broadband - although with most of these deals you seem to end up paying a similar amount, they just change the thing you're paying for and the thing that's free. Though some see the new 'free TV with your phone' package as an attempt by NTL to take on Freeview.

NTL also revealed details of its much talked about 'quad play' package, that gives you phone, telly, internet and a mobile line for £40 a month - a package made possible by NTL's merger-come-takeover with/of Virgin Mobile.


Lance Bass, him out of N Sync, has admitted that he is gay, and says that he is in a long term relationship with a "reality show star". Bass says he previously kept his sexuality a secret because he didn't want to affect the careers of his bandmates - Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick.

The singer told People magazine: "I knew that I was in this popular band and I had four other guys' careers in my hand, and I knew that if I ever acted on it or even said that I was gay, it would overpower everything." Worried that it would mean "the end of N Sync", he just kept it to himself: "I had that weight on me of like, 'Wow, if I ever let anyone know, it's bad.' So I just never did."

He and bandmate Joey Fatone are currently developing a sitcom pilot, in which his character will be gay. Bass adds: "The thing is, I'm not ashamed. I don't think it's wrong, I'm not devastated going through this. I'm more liberated and happy than I've been my whole life. I'm just happy."


George Michael has denied suggestions that his planned civil partnership with Kenny Goss will not go ahead because of those recent tabloid reports that the singer engaged in some "improper activity" with an unemployed van driver in London. He explained to Richard & Judy that the ceremony had merely been postponed to try and avoid press intrusion. "With all the rubbish I've had to put up with in the last six months, we wouldn't get a small private wedding, which is what we want," he said. "I wanted something small and quiet, but I don't even think we'd get away with that at the moment."


The British Library have asked British politicians to name their number one album, and it seems that The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple are big in Westminster. Presumably we can conclude from this that the likes of Coldplay, Gorillaz, Editors and Kaiser Chiefs will be very big there in 2030.

Anyway, Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell chose 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', Education Secretary Alan Johnson went for 'Revolver', whilst Michael Howard decided on 'The White Album' (all The Beatles, clearly). George Galloway chose 'Blood On The Tracks' by Bob Dylan and weather girl Sian Lloyd's fiancé, MP Lembit Opik, cited 'Led Zeppelin II', saying: "Zeppelin made a new kind of music. They created a genre many have copied but no-one has equalled. And 'Whole Lotta Love' is the greatest rock song ever."

Labour MP Rosemary McKenna went for the 'Saturday Night Fever' soundtrack, saying" "It's a fantastic dance album and never fails to make me smile. It's the most played on my iPod and in my car." Disgraced Lib Dem Mark Oaten likes 'Dare' by Human League, and says: "this album reminds me of my last year at school and brings up a lot of happy memories." He went on to add: "Every track is a killer, not a filler," proving once and for all that MPs shouldn't talk about music if they want to get down with the kids.


The Killers' Brandon Flowers has said that he regrets his recent comments about emo bands and how they should all just die (alright, he didn't go that far). On his recent comments labelling the likes of Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco 'dangerous' he said: "I'd like to take it all back. These people are just doing what they want to do, just like I am. I'm actually a nice person and I love people. I just am opinionated, and sometimes jealous. It's not something I'm proud of."

He added that he was especially regretful about slagging off Panic! because he doesn't even know what they sound like: "I don't even know what their music's like, or if I would even like it. That made me feel even worse, to think they could have been fans of ours and I hurt their feelings. That's just stupid."

Which seems like a shame. Not the fact that he feels stupid. The fact that he's taking it back. Well, you know how we love a good feud here at CMU.

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