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In today's CMU Daily:
- Doherty in court today
- J-Lo book law case update
- Council to reconsider McCartney's log cabin
- Satisfaction is UK's favourite Stones track shocker
- Single review: Joan As Policewoman - Eternal Flame
- Freddie Mercury hits album
- Morrissey to release live download within minutes
- Road to V competition winners announced
- Beth Orton cancels tour
- Album review: Electrelane - Singles, B-sides and Live
- Dispute over anti-piracy action in South Africa
- Google developing music tracking software
- EMI to provide videos for Zune
- Tiscali confirm Homechoice merger
- Kerrang! score well in new ABCs
- Live review: Junior Boys at the Luminaire
- Sway hits back at Cameron
- Britney: pregnancy two not planned


Pete Doherty was back in court again today to answer three sets of drugs charges relating to three arrests, two those previously reported arrests from last April, the third a brand new set of charges relating to an incident on 7 Aug when he was stopped in Whitechapel and apparently found to be in possession of cocaine.

The Babyshambler was officially charged yesterday when he "answered bail" at an East London police station, and he spent the night in custody awaiting today's court hearing. At that hearing the judge agreed to bail Doherty again, on the condition he stay at rehab clinic The Priory for the immediate future. However, he is still to be properly sentenced for the latest drugs charges - that will happen on 4 Sep - and the judge has apparently refused to rule out the possibility of passing a custodial sentence on that date.


That previously reported dispute over a proposed book by Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband Ojani Noa will not now go to trial, according to lawyers for both parties, who have told the Los Angeles Superior Court that the issue can be solved out of court through arbitration. The singer herself was not present in court on Wednesday, but will be forced to attend if the judge orders a mandatory settlement discussion.

As previously reported, Lopez obtained a restraining order back in April which barred Noa from publishing intimate details about their life together, and that was subsequently extended to become a preliminary injunction at the end of June, with the agreement of both parties.

To be honest, I'm not sure I really understand any of this. But then I'm not the legal brains of this outfit. The next pre-trial hearing will take place on 17 Oct.


Rother District Council has agreed to consider a newly submitted planning application for a log cabin on Paul McCartney's East Sussex estate. As previously reported, the former Beatle was refused retrospective planning permission for the structure, which, he claimed, was essential to maintain his privacy.

The council's planning committee met yesterday to consider issuing an enforcement notice to knock down the building, on the grounds that it spoils the view of an 'area of outstanding natural beauty'. This order would have given Macca three months to demolish the building, otherwise he would have faced prosecution. Just before the meeting, however, McCartney submitted the revised planning application, and now the council has agreed to consider it.


They needed an opinion poll to tell them this? According to a new survey 'I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)' is the UK's favourite Rolling Stones track. 'Brown Sugar' was second, whilst fans named 'Sticky Fingers' as their best album.

Here is the top five. Well, it's actually a top six. But it was either that, or a top four. Here you go:

1. I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)
2. Brown Sugar
3. Jumpin' Jack Flash
4. Paint It Black
=5. Wild Horses
=5. Sympathy For The Devil


SINGLE REVIEW: Joan As Policewoman - Eternal Flame (Reveal Records)
Joan Wasser's intriguing moniker is derived from the Angie Dickinson TV series. The classically trained violinist has played with the likes of Antony and the Johnsons, is part of Rufus and Martha Wainwright's touring band, and was also dating Jeff Buckley just prior to his untimely death. As a singer songwriter she's more Cat Power than Katie Melua. Her voice has variously been compared to Dusty Springfield, Nina Simone and perhaps most accurately to Joni Mitchell. Her throaty soulful voice is alternately husky and honeyed; evoking images of dark, smoky jazz clubs. 'Eternal Flame', from her debut album' Real Life', is an original composition, and nothing to do with the Bangles. It's a laid back mixed genre track, with elements of rock, soul, folk and jazz. Wasser's stunning voice looks certain to ensure she will be performing under her own name rather than as a backing singer in the foreseeable future. JW
Release date: 7 Aug
Press contact: Triad [all]


Personally I find it hard to get my head around the fact that Freddie Mercury, had he lived, would have been sixty this year. But anyway, to celebrate that fact EMI are releasing a new hits collection bringing together a stack of Mercury's solo tracks, including a healthy amount of remixes. The full track listing of the collection runs thus:

1. In My Defence (2000 Remix)
2. The Great Pretender (Original Version from 1987)
3. Living On My Own (1993 No More Brothers Radio Mix)
4. Made In Heaven (Mr Bad Guy Album Version from 1985)
5. Love Kills (Original Version from 1984)
6. There Must Be More To Life Than This (Mr Bad Guy Album Version from 1985)
7. Guide Me Home (Barcelona Album Version from 1988)
8. How Can I Go On (Barcelona Album Version from 1988)
9. Foolin' Around (Steve Brown Version)
10. Time (Original Version from 1986)
11. Barcelona (Barcelona Album Version from 1988)
12. Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow (Mr Bad Guy Album Version from 1985)
13. I Was Born To Love You (Mr Bad Guy Album Version from 1985)
14. The Golden Boy (Barcelona Album Version from 1988)
15. Mr Bad Guy (Mr Bad Guy Album Version from 1985)
16. The Great Pretender (Malouf Mix)
17 .Love Kills (Star Rider Remix)
18. I Can Hear Music (Original Version from 1973)
19. Goin' Back (Original Version from 1973)
20. Guide Me Home (Thierry Lang)

CD 2:
1. Love Kills (Sunshine People Radio mix)
2. Made In Heaven (Extended Version)
3. Living On My Own (Egg vocal Mix)
4. Love Kills (Rank 1 Remix)
5. Mr Bad Guy (Bad Circulation mix)
6. I Was Born To Love You (George Demure remix)
7. My Love Is Dangerous
8. Love Making Love (Demo)
9. Love KIlls (Pixel82 remix)
10. I Was Born To Love You (Extended Version)
11. Foolin' Around (Early Version)
12. Living On My Own (No More Brothers Extended Mix)
13. Love Kills (Glimmers re-edit)
14. Your Kind Of Lover (V & P version)
15. Let's Turn It On (Acapella)


This weekend Morrissey fans will be able to download a live performance of the singer's up coming single 'In The Future When All's Well' within minutes of it being performed.

The special download promotion is being run at the V Festival. Fans will be encouraged to pre-order the live track via text message while at the festival. If registered they will automatically receive a digital recording of Morrissey's performance of the new single shortly after he performs it this weekend.

Morrissey is one of the headliners of the two site festival - headlining the main stage at Stafford Weston Park on Saturday, and Chelmsford Hylands Park on Sunday.


Talking of the V Festival, Keith and Bombay Bicycle Club have won the previously reported Road To V competition. Winning the competition, which was entered by about 4000 bands, means the two bands get a slot at the V Fest, with Keith appearing in Staffordshire on Saturday and Chelmsford on Sunday, and vice versa for Bombay Bicycle Club. The runners up were Sunny Days Set Fire and The Holloways.


Beth Orton has cancelled her upcoming UK tour - but no "exhaustion" excuses here - rather the singer and her people have decided that her current pregnancy will be in too late a stage by the time of the tour to make the gigs viable. The six affected gigs, all due to take place in early September, would have taken place in Edinburgh, Manchester, Cardiff, London, Portsmouth and Birmingham.


ALBUM REVIEW: Electrelane - Singles, B-sides and Live (Beggars/Too Pure)
Electrelane are an arty all girl band from Brighton who might perhaps be described as a bit po-faced (they quote Nietzche on 'Oh Sombre', one of the songs here). They have made three studio albums and are probably best known for their terrific song 'I Want To Be The President', which is the superior track on this compilation. Their sound is predominantly keyboards based but it's drone-rock/post-rock rather than electro pop. The highlights here are the jolly organ sounds and sweet harmonies on 'Le Song', the chilled, gentle piano based 'I Only Always Think' and the Steve Albini produced 'Long Dark', which is like a more visceral take on Salt 'n' Pepa's 'Push It'. There are also some rather strange covers - Springsteen's 'I'm On Fire' is barely recognisable not least because of Verity Susman's stylised vocals, while Roxy Music's 'More Than This' performed live is just about discernable. I'm not sure that this collection will appeal beyond Electrelane's niche market, as they have a propensity for repetition, but fans of bands like Stereolab will doubtless love it anyway. JW
Release date: 21 Aug
Press: Beggars IH [all]


A dispute is growing in the South African music industry over the way music piracy is being tackled there. As part of that dispute a group of four musicians and producers have caused a fuss at a meeting of the country's main record label trade body, RiSA, where they demanded that the association's chairman, SonyBMG Africa's CEO Keith Lister, resign from the role. They are now threatening to stage a very public protest at the main South African music awards next year.

The protestors are angry that Lister is refusing to support an artist led anti-piracy group called Operation Dudula. One of the artists involved in the protest, Mzwakhe Mbuli, told reporters: "Our presence here clearly demonstrates our dissatisfaction and vote of no confidence in Lister. He is a dictator, naïve and must resign or face public humiliation".

However, Lister told Billboard that Operation Dudula used non-legitimate and at times violent methods to tackle the piracy problem, and that is why he will not let RiSA support its activity.

Lister: "Operation Dudula is a vigilante group, albeit one which reflects the real frustration of artists at the high and rampant level of piracy in our country. They operate illegally. They have forced their way into various premises. They carry out raids, which have led to the assault of individuals, the seizure of goods without any form of judicial process and the vandalisation of hawkers' stalls, and the destruction of allegedly pirated product without any sort of due process. Beating people up is not an option. Pirates are criminals. If they come to associate anti-piracy work with violence, they will fight back. We cannot expose our employees to that increased danger".

All that said, Operaton Dudula does have some support in the major label arena. Billboard quote EMI South Africa's MD, Irving Schlosberg, as saying: "Mzwakhe gave his assurance that [his] organisation was not linked to violence. EMI will always support any legitimate organisation that takes a position on anti-piracy. Mzwakhe had advised that Operation Dudula has the support of the government and, on this basis, I said that EMI would support this". Of course EMI might have a slightly different opinion on all this because Mbuli is signed to a label they own.


Google are developing a new bit of software which will track the music you play, so that you can network with people who share your music tastes. The 'music trends' tool will work alongside the Google instant messenger system, and will track music being played on a variety of music players, including iTunes, WinAmp, Windows Media Player and Yahoo Music Engine.

As well as using the tracking system to share information about music tastes with others, users will also be able to go into a list of the music they have been playing and will be able to click on track names for more information about their favourite artists, or something like that anyway.

The specifics of how the system will work, or will be funded, are as yet unclear - though presumably once your music tastes have been tracked Google will use that information to flog you stuff - I mean, make you aware of new products you may be interested in purchasing based on your personal music consumption trends.

The information acquired through the 'music trends' device could also give Google a huge competitive advantage should they ever launch their own download platform (which, as previously reported, they currently say they have no immediate plans to do).


Talking of new download platforms, EMI Group has licensed a collection of its videos for Microsoft's previously reported new digital media service. Reuters reports that the deal will see Microsoft's new iPod style music players - the Zune player - come with a number of EMI music videos already installed. Similar deals are reportedly being negotiated with the other majors.


Tiscali has confirmed it is merging with Video Networks, the company behind the Homechoice telly-on-demand service. As previously reported, the two companies have been in talks for a while now. The deal will allow Tiscali to compete with its rival ISPs who also offer TV services (NTL/Virgin, BSkyB etc), while helping Homechoice expand its currently London-centric services.

Tiscali top bloke Tommaso Pompei told reporters: "This agreement represents a very important step for the Tiscali Group not only in the UK market, where Tiscali's position would be further strengthened, but also in the other markets, allowing Tiscali to position itself as a true Triple Play operator. The Triple Play offer in the UK will be launched by the end of the year and will be immediately followed by the launch of the service in Italy and then in the other markets."


I'm always nervous reporting on the new ABC figures, because the editorial teams of all the magazines we report on read the CMU Daily, and they'll all tell me that our interpretation of the latest magazine sales figures are wrong. But I'm a risk taker, so here we go.

As far as top line figures go, EMAP's rock weekly Kerrang! is on the up again, selling an average of 80,000 odd copies in the last six months, 5.3% more than the last ABC period, and 24.2% more than the same period last year. Perhaps more importantly for those that like petty squabbles between rival titles, Kerrang! is selling approximately 6000 more copies a week that IPC's NME.

Kerrang! publisher Stuart Williams reckons that Kerrang!'s success in the TV and radio space have helped the magazine. He told reporters: "Kerrang! readers are also some of the highest users of things like MySpace, but this hasn't stopped them reading the magazine, because the magazine can do things the internet can't".

Over at IPC, NME publishing director Paul Cheal stresses that the two magazines are not actually rivals - for readers or advertisers - and therefore to compare the two titles' ABCs is a pointless exercise. He's right of course, though I can't help thinking that when NME are next 6000 ahead of Kerrang! (these things go round in cycles, after all) they will have a certain smugness for beating their non-rival.

Cheal was more honest about the somewhat disappointing performance of IPC's movies and music title Uncut, which has lost 20% of its readership (although it still sells more than both NME and Kerrang!). The Guardian quote Cheal on the issue of Uncut as saying this: "We recognise Uncut has not been performing as well as it might and that's why we have refreshed the content and design". The 'refreshment' took place in May, so Cheal is hoping for a return to form for the title in the next ABCs.

Presumably the Uncut team will take heart in the fact that EMAP's glossy music title, Q, also saw its readership decline, by 6.1%, though it is still by far the biggest music mag - selling an average of 158,000 copies a month. Q's sister title, Mojo, meanwhile, saw its circulation rise 6% year on year, up to 121,746.

There, think we managed to get through that without offending anyone. Though we'll see, I guess.


LIVE REVIEW: Junior Boys at The Luminaire on 10 Aug
At the start of this Canadian band's first UK date, they're beset by technical problems. Frontman Jeremy Greenspan is having difficulties with his amp, which hinders his electric and bass guitars from being heard fully. Whilst others might throw tantrums and become too frustrated to perform
well, Greenspan decides "to hell with it" and perseveres as best he can. Not that you'd notice anything was ever wrong. For a band whose recordings sound so meticulously constructed, you'd question whether they could perform outside of the studio yet, despite being inexperienced in the live arena, they excel. The set list is divided up evenly between tracks taken from the debut album 'Last Exit' and the impending second album 'So This Is Goodbye'. Greenspan makes reference to the band's reputation amongst bloggers and the filesharing community. Upon introducing one of the new tracks, he wryly states "but you've not heard this before", generating much laughter. It's impossible to pick highlights, but I'll have a go: 'Teach Me How To Fight', 'Birthday', 'The Equalizer' and recent single 'In The Morning' perfectly sum up what the band musically achieve - electronic music with a pulse, influenced by the lesser lights of the electronic age and also hip-hop producers such as Timbaland, and brimming with ideas and energy. Junior Boys return to London in October to support Hot Chip at The Astoria at what should be the most exciting date of the year. KW.


Rather good rapper Sway has hit out at those remarks made a couple of months back by Tory leader David Cameron regarding the bad influence of hip hop. You'll remember that the Cam accused hip hop shows on Radio 1 and 1Xtra of encouraging violence among the youth audience. Speaking to Metro, Sway has responded by saying that while the Tory leader is right that popular entertainment figures might need to be more responsible given the influence they have on their young fans, Cameron is unfair to target hip hop in particular.

Sway: "A lot of people are talking some crazy talk on records. It's pretty obvious that kids are influenced by their role models, so if I'm going to start talking about shooting someone in the head, a kid might think that's all right. But that's not just limited to hip-hop. Any type of media, TV or film that exposes young children to that is to blame for what's going on in society. Cameron definitely used hip-hop as a scapegoat, though. That was a bad decision, because if he was going to do that he should have singled out actors who star in PG action movies in which they shoot people in the head. He should have done his research."


Britney Spears says that she and the K-Fed didn't plan her second pregnancy. On the fact that she is expecting a second child less than a year after the birth of first son Sean Preston, she told People magazine: "It just kind of happened. I'm going to wait a while for the next one. I feel like I've been pregnant for 10 years!"

On those pregnancy cravings, she continued: "I'll get up in the middle of the night and I'll get a Hershey's bar, the real big ones, and I'll put it in the microwave and melt it and eat it. It sounds disgusting, but it's so satisfying."

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