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In today's CMU Daily:
- Microsoft hope to combat iPod with Wi-Fi
- Drinks brands defend music sponsorship
- Branson plans even more V festival spin offs
- Former BMG chief to interview new SonyBMG chief at ITC
- Judge dismisses part of Love's lawsuit against Jardine
- Robbie track removed over litigation fears
- The Game and Ras Kass feud gets physical
- Marianne Faithfull diagnosed with breast cancer
- Hammond says solo tracks were Strokes rejects
- Flaming Lips release expanded Mystics
- Clapton and Cale collaborate on album
- U2 and Green Day collaboration set for Superdome
- Martin to appear on Jay-Z's album
- Panic! play free show, kinda
- Dirty Pretty Things gig with Paul Weller
- White Rose Movement postpone tour
- INXS cancel European dates
- Bestival on the telly
- Fischerspooner headline cabaret filled night
- Album review: Various - The A-Z Of Annie Mac
- Kiss breakfast may yet revamp - but not until 07
- Harrison album not to be released via iTunes
- Paul McCartney planning permission latest
- Madonna's Russia gig a bit over-policed
- Doherty loses ninth Jag


The news that Universal Music is considering what action it might, could or possibly should take against websites like YouTube regarding the amount of copyrighted content that is currently being hosted by the video upload site actually throws up an interesting point other than the old debates of whether technology companies operating in good faith can be held liable for copyright violation they enable, or to what extent content owners should forgo royalty payments because of the 'promotional benefits' a media platform offers.

The interesting point I'm thinking of is this - while it's great that so many technology, media and internet companies are creating these platforms that enable the punter on the street, and unsigned, unmanaged grass roots talent, to get creative, and to share their creative exploits with potentially mass global audiences, and possibly launch lucrative future careers - don't most people use these platforms to share and access existing copyright content nabbed off TV stations, DVDs or CDs? There are exceptions of course - bands who have genuinely built a fan base through MySpace, quirky home videos that cause a storm around the world via YouTube - but how many people genuinely use these new platforms to access that new unknown content, and how many just use them as a way to get copyrighted content available elsewhere, but on demand?

If you strip away the copyrighted content from YouTube and MySpace (and if Universal start to get hardline, they might have to) and you are left with a site genuinely consisting of home grown bedroom produced content then those websites will be left with the same problem that public access TV and community radio has always suffered from - while they are often home to some genius output that just wouldn't get aired by the mainstream media, they are also home to a load of badly thought out or badly implemented crap, that would never air on mainstream media for good reason.

Which poses two challenges that the technology firms, as good as their platforms may be, are yet to fully grasp. Firstly, how do you, as a time-lite punter, navigate your way around such a huge amount of unsigned content to locate the wheat that is hidden among the chaff? And secondly, how can we assist the talent that exists in the grass roots, who have great ideas and unquestionable skills, but who need help in bringing those ideas alive and putting those skills into action in order to create something that will grab attention, entertain and properly showcase their work?

I don't have the solutions to either of those challenges (though I'm sure there are examples of websites already tackling them in one way or another), but if YouTube et al are to truly succeed as grass roots creative forums, they are surely challenges that need to be met.

PS: Re yesterday's MySpace Of The Day, yeah, we know, The Bees are currently working on their third album (and not their second, as some idiot that may or may not have been me may have suggested).



Successful and growing independent rock label seek Press Officer and media all rounder to deal with established acts and growing newcomers plus events the label is involved with. A knowledge of rock and metal would be a bonus. Duties would range from developing and maintaining strong relations with national, regional and specialist press, radio and TV contacts, generating features and coverage, press trips, writing press releases to helping to run events. The successful candidate will be highly efficient with strong writing skills, flawless spelling and grammar, and a passion for music. Computer literacy, including confidence with Microsoft Office, is essential.

Please email a covering letter and cv to [email protected] or post to: PR Vacancy, Visible Noise, 231 Portobello Rd, London W11 1LT


ADVERTISE YOUR JOBS, SERVICES AND PRODUCTS here for just £50 a week, or £150 for two weeks in the Daily and four weeks on the web. Email [email protected] for details.



As we mentioned back in July, we will be publishing a special edition of a CMU newspaper which will be distributed around campuses all over the UK as the student population returns for the new academic year later this month - offering a guide to all the great new music coming out this Autumn. This is a brilliant way to engage and excite 100,000s of students and young record buyers at the most important time in the college and music year. A full page costs £1000, a half page £600, a sixth page £260, a 12th page £160. Book your ad spots now - email [email protected]



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Informal presents Wotz Your Style? at the Rhythm Factory.
I can't understand why I haven't tipped this place before - maybe I need to get East Side more often. Well, this rather relaxed venue next to the Royal London Hospital used to have a good few sessions, and now with a late licence, they seem to be putting on some good nights too. Tonight is drum & bass pressure from the Informal Crew, with a bit of jungle, old skool and some nu skool breaks thrown in for good measure. The main room has some big old names: Hazard, Loxy, Storm, Roll Deep, Karnage and Ruffstuff with MC Skiba, Fun and ID among others, while room two has some back to back
sessions from Lase, Trex, Silx, 24K, Prestige and Styler plus MCs. Should be a good night - the second room could be particularly interesting.

Fri 15 Sep, Rhythm Factory, 16-18 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1EW, 10pm - 6am, £8 b4 11:30 / £10 after, info from 020 7375 3774 or [email protected] or [email protected]

CHRIS' CLUB TIP: Remix Night at Cargo
You know the score, after a special month providing the breaks and remixes at the Secret Garden Festival, Remix Night returns to East London tonight with another storming line up. Whitey is coming out of the studio for one night only to headline, while support will come from the increasingly buzzy and very good Union Of Knives. Plus Sub Focus and Slim Jim will join host Eddy TM on the decks ensuring things are damn good right the way through to three.

Fri 15 Sep, Cargo, Rivington Street, London, 9pm - 3am, £10, press info from Leyline.

VIGSY'S CLUB TIP (2): MN2S at The End
If you're in Ibiza this weekend then you should get over to these guys end of season party at El Divino, but if you're stuck in London, then this should to the job nicely too. The big attraction is big name Todd Terry, but perhaps more excitingly, he's joined by the one and only house vocalist legend, Robert Owens, who'll be spinning some tracks too. Also on the decks will be Z Records head honcho Joey Negro aka Dave Lee (nice bloke and solid, solid DJ), as will London based DJ duo The Jinks and Mr CJ Mac. Expect house - old school, classics, and I'm sure a bit of Chicago stylee.

Fri 15 Sep, The End, 16A West Central Street, London WC1A, 10pm-5am, £12 (£8 NUS), info at , press info from Phuture Trax or [email protected]


Microsoft are hoping that the many wonders of Wi-Fi can help them take on Apple in battle to dominate the digital music space.

Speaking less than two days after Apple boss Steve Jobs revealed details of his company's latest plans in the digital content arena, Microsoft VP Of Fun Things, J Allard (that's his full name by the way, we're not being formal, he really is called 'J' - for reasons I never really understood he changed his name from James a while back), said yesterday that the previously reported Microsoft Zune player would launch with in-built Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing users to share playlists, pictures, their own music and even copyrighted tracks with other Zune owners. When users share copyrighted music, their friends will be able to listen to a shared track up to three times over a three day period.

Revealing more information about Microsoft's previously announced move into the iPod / iTunes territory, an area the IT giant hasn't previously got directly involved in, Allard said yesterday: "We believe in connection. We're launching a product with a very simple idea. We're putting Wi-Fi in everything we do".

Allard also revealed that Microsoft's iTunes rival, to be called Zune Marketplace, will offer both an iTunes' style a la carte option, but also a Napster style subscription service.

Faced with questions as to whether Microsoft can catch up rival Apple in the digital music space, Allard said that the whole sector was still in its infancy, and that everything was still to be played for. Comparing current digital music players to Henry Ford's Model T automobile or early video game Pong, he said: "There are billions of people on planet earth who listen to music and [Apple's] sold 50 million gadgets. So we're in this early phase of digital music and portable entertainment".

Timelines and price points for Zune are still unclear, though indications are of a pre-Christmas launch in the US. Word also has it that Zune players will come pre-loaded with music from various EMI labels, which might fuel rumours that Microsoft are planning some kind of launch promotion with the Beatles - whose EMI owned catalogue is as yet not available from legitimate download platforms.


UK drinks companies were yesterday on the defensive after a public body charged with monitoring drug usage called on the government to introduce controls over the sponsorship of music events by alcohol brands. The Advisory Council On The Misuse Of Drugs claimed that alcohol branding and adverts at music venues was a contributing factor in an increase in drinking amongst young people.

However, drinks companies yesterday disputed those claims, while pointing out that several major music events could not happen without their sponsorship. A spokesman for InBev, whose Tennents brand is synonymous with Scottish music festival T In The Park, said any ban on alcohol advertising or sponsorship would make little difference in the campaign against binge drinking, while adding that many British cultural events could not happen "if drinks companies didn't provide funding". They also said that, despite the ACMD's calls for controls, they were confident "more forward-thinking" government advisors recognised that sponsorship could "be used to try and educate people about the responsible use of alcohol".

Meanwhile, Mean Fiddler boss Melvin Benn, whose Reading and Leeds festivals are sponsored by lager brand Carling of course, also criticised the ACMD's claims. He told reporters: "'It would appear that the government have not got enough to do. Carling have been sponsors of Leeds and Reading for nine years with no downside on the state of the nation as I see it."

We did head out to various music events around the country last night to find out what gig goers thought about all this, but they were all too pissed on Tennents and Carling to form any coherent opinions.


Of course one music event that wouldn't be affected by a ban of drinks sponsorship is the V Festival. No, when you're charging everyone a tenner for programmes, just so people can know what time each band is playing, you don't need a drinks brand on board. Which means the Virgin owned music event can expand around the world without having one beer or another in tow.

And expanding around the world the V Festival certainly is. As organisers prepare for the first ever V Festival in the US later this month, Virgin Group boss Richard Branson has confirmed he intends to continue the global expansion of the V Fest, with Australia, South America and additional European countries all on his priority list.

As previously reported, Branson announced earlier this year his plans to launch versions of the UK festival in other territories around the world. The first spin off event took place in Toronto, Canada earlier this month, with the debut US event due to take place in Baltimore on 23 Sep headlined by The Who and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Branson yesterday announced further new events, with ambitions to put together a network of V festivals that bands could tour around.

He told Reuters: "We are also looking at Italy, Spain and South America. We will roll it out. The great thing about doing it in more than one country is we can coordinate it and get the bands moving between countries. Tours will play a much greater part in the coming years. From a band's point of view, they make more out of playing live than out of music sales."


Organisers of music industry convention thingy In The City yesterday revealed details of this year's big interview. As I'm pretty sure we've previously reported, this year's ITC will take place a wee bit later than before, at the end of October. That means the big interview event will take place on 29 Oct.

This year it will see the former Chairman of BMG Music, Richard Griffiths, interviewing the current (and rather new) Chairman of SonyBMG, Ged Doherty. Both Griffiths and Doherty have had long careers in the major label sector, and both held senior positions at both Sony and BMG prior to their merger. During that time they both worked with a stack of great artists, the former playing an integral role in the development of Westlife, the latter Kula Shaker, but you know, nobody's perfect (ah, that's not fair - I quite liked Kula Shaker, and Westlife aren't that bad. Oh, no, actually. They are). With Doherty freshly in the top job at the merged major, and with Griffiths now working in artist management, it should be an interesting session.

Elsewhere in ITC proceedings Billy Bragg will tear himself away from reading the small print of music websites to interview music management legend Peter Jenner, who is Bragg's manager but has also overseen the careers of other artists of some note, including Pink Floyd, The Clash, Ian Dury and Mark Bolan. Other keynote speakers for this year include Rough Trade founder Geoff Travis and Elecktra Record Founder Jac Holzman.

For more information on all this may I suggest a visit to - unless it's press information you require, in which case give the Velocity chaps a call.


A judge has dismissed part of a $2 million lawsuit being pursued by Beach Boy Mike Love against ex-bandmate Al Jardine over the use of the Beach Boys name.

This lawsuit, which began in 2003, follows on from that much previously reported (and ultimately unsuccessful) 2001 litigation Jardine pursued against Love in which the plaintiff claimed the defendant was deliberately stopping him from performing with the latest Beach Boys incarnation.

In his lawsuit, Love claims Jardine has been illegally using the Beach Boys brand (normally in shows called things like 'Beach Boys Family & Friends'), but Superior Court Judge James R Dunn this week said aspects of that litigation, including claims of breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty, were not substantiated enough to be heard by the court. That said, Love's lawyers have until the case goes to court on 6 Nov to amend those claims.

With Love also suing ex-bandmate Brian Wilson in an unrelated case, you do have to wonder what the former bandmates talked about when they posed for that photo shoot on top of the Capitol building in Hollywood back in June.


Talking of litigation, word has it that the contentious track from Robbie Williams new album 'Rudebox' has been pulled. As previously reported, reports suggested that the original Take That manager, Nigel Martin-Smith, was planning to sue Williams over allegations the singer makes against him in the new song 'Nineties' (Martin-Smith and Williams have been pretty much enemies since Robbie's acrimonious split from the boy band back in 1995). New reports now suggest that, following Martin-Smith's legal threats, the track in question, which appeared on promo copies of 'Rudebox', will not now appear on the final album.

A source told the Sun: "Nigel is getting really heavy with his lawyers over these allegations. He is taking it very seriously. He was furious when he found out about some of the lyrics in the song and wants it deleted from Robbie's album. Robbie's lawyers are now dealing with it and have agreed that no copies of the song will be distributed until the legal issues have been resolved. They have also agreed not to release the lyrics anywhere until it is all cleared up".

EMI, meanwhile, has said that a "final decision" is yet to be made as to whether the track will feature on the album, which is due out on 23 Oct, although they add that for the time being that "the track has been removed from the album 'Rudebox' and should not be reviewed".


Rappers The Game and Ras Kass got into a physical confrontation in a club in Los Angeles yesterday, an incident that appears to be the culmination of a feud sparked by the lyrics of a track recorded by Ras Kass over a year ago in which he dissed his fellow hip-hop artist.

Kass says The Game confronted him over the lyrics, and told "The nigga tried to jump me 30 to 2, yet I'm alive and chillin', my sweater is still white and all my jewelry intact. Game is a 'Change Of Heart,' stripping, fake-ass blood who sold some records riding Dr Dre's shirt tails. I guess he thought this would help him sell some more records. I was so unfazed by it all that I went up to his car afterwards and challenged him right there. Game is no match for me physically or lyrically."

The Game, of course, tells a slightly different story: "Aint nobody hit that dude but me, he's crazy talking about 30 people. I never had beef and never met Ras Kass, unless it was a quick exchange saying hello. He talked about my son by name. You can say what you want about me, but what does my son got to do with it? I seen the nigga in the club. I walked up to him in the club and it was my man's birthday, so I didn't want to mess up his party. When the lights came on at the end I asked him about the freestyle. He said it wasn't nothing, but he started in on that 'it's whatever I'm Ras Kass' and I punched him in the face before he could finish."

Moving forward, Kass's representatives say that he has no interest in continuing the feud - saying "he [The Game] can sell records on his own dime", referring to the upcoming release of The Game's new album 'The Doctor's Advocate', out 14 Nov.

The Game doesn't have any plans to continue bitching either: "It don't benefit me to mess with these kinds of small cats," he said. "Ras Kass' career is over. I ended it with that one punch last night."

Yeah, that's a feud finished if ever I saw one.


Marianne Faithfull has been diagnosed with breast cancer, though the singer has released a statement in which she says she is hopeful of making a full recovery in due course, saying: "The disease has been quickly discovered by doctors in France. The prognosis for a return to full health is excellent. I have absolute faith and confidence in my fantastic medical team and of course I will be well again, if not better than ever. Next year's tour, I want to assure fans, will be one big celebration."

Faithfull's publicist, Rob Partridge, told Five Live that the cancer is at an early stage, and was diagnosed on Tuesday this week. He added: "Obviously she was very upset, but now she's in big fighting mood and determined to beat the cancer."

Christine Fogg, chief executive of the Breast Cancer Care charity, says: "Kylie Minogue's experience of the disease has helped get the breast awareness message out to more people. We hope Marianne's experience helps reach even more",


Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr has said that the tracks that appear on his upcoming debut solo album were originally offered to his band, and rejected. He told NME: "I did suggest my songs [to The Strokes] once or twice and I got turned down. It wasn't actually Julian [Casablancas] who turned it down, it was the other members who didn't like it. Julian writes the songs and we play them and do our thing with them."

It seems to have turned out for the best from his perspective, however. He continues: "I don't think I feel trapped in the band but I'm definitely glad I made this record. It wasn't, 'I wanna get out', just sometimes after all the press and touring with each other sometimes you want something different."

The album, 'Yours To Keep', is out on 9 Oct.


The Flaming Lips latest album 'At War With The Mystics' is to get an expanded re-release. The new package, out in the US on 24 Oct with a UK release date to be confirmed, features bonus live tracks and mash-ups as well as a series of outtakes, plus a cover of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Which sounds interesting.


Eric Clapton and JJ Cale are set to release a joint album on 7 Nov. 'The Road To Escondido' features 14 songs, 11 of which were written by Cale, one of which was written by Clapton, and one of which was written by John Mayer. A cover of 'Sporting Life Blues' will also appear on the album.

Clapton has always been a fan of his colleague Cale, having covered four of his songs in the last thirty years, but it's the first time the pair have actually worked together. Cale says: "Eric and I have known each other for a long time and it was a great experience to finally make a record together - he's a great musician and it was a pleasure to work so closely on this project with him."

Clapton says: "This was the realisation of what may have been my last ambition, to work with the man whose music has inspired me for as long as I can remember, there are not enough words for me to describe what he represents to me, musically and personally, and anyway I wouldn't want to embarrass him by going overboard, for he is a truly humble man... I think it's enough to say that we had fun, made a great record, and I for one already want to make another."


Talking of collaborations, and indeed covers, U2 and Green Day are to debut their previously reported cover of The Skids' 1978 release 'The Saints Are Coming' live at the New Orleans Superdome on 25 Sep, before the game between The Saints and Atlanta Falcons (whoever they are). The performance marks the venue's official reopening after it was forced to close because of Hurricane Katrina. As previously reported, the song is to be released as a charity single in aid of Music Rising, a fund co-created by The Edge to help musicians affected by the disaster in New Orleans.


Chris Martin has provided vocals for a track on 'retired' rap star Jay-Z's forthcoming album, according to reports. As previously reported, 'Kingdom Come', is expected to be released in November and is said to feature contributions from a variety of other guests, including the likes of Kanye West, Dr Dre, The Neptunes, Timbaland and The Runners.


Panic! At The Disco are to play a free show at the Radio City Music Hall in New York on 23 Sep. Except that it's not quite completely free, in the sense that fans must sign up for four hours of community service to get their tickets. The event is sponsored by Boost Mobile Rock Corps, part of a youth volunteer movement - see for more info.


Paul Weller joined Dirty Pretty Things onstage at a gig in London this week for a rendition of 'In The City' at that previously reported charity concert to raise awareness about road safety. The concert, of course, was organised by the Make Roads Safe campaign, the band becoming involved after three girls were killed in a road accident on their way home from a Dirty Pretty Things concert back in July.


White Rose Movement have postponed their UK tour because frontman Finn Vine has lost his voice. The singer was apparently struggling for some time with a throat infection, but has now taken doctors' advice, forcing him to cancel his appearances at the ten September gigs. Rescheduled dates will be announced shortly. Meanwhile, the band release 'Love Is A Number' on 23 Oct.


Speaking of cancellations, as we were, INXS have been forced to cancel some of the European dates on their 'Switched On' world tour because guitarist Tim Farriss has to have surgery on his knee. Gigs in The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway, France, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland and Spain are all affected. The band's agent, Keith Naisbitt, says he hopes to reschedule the concerts asap.

Promoters Dkbmotor say that Farriss tore ligaments in his knee whilst in Australia last week, and quote the guitarist as saying: "The fans out there know how much we were all looking forward to playing across Europe again and I honestly am gutted. The doc has said enough's enough though, and has ordered me to undergo surgery in October."


Highlights from last weekend's Bestival will be screened on Channel 4 this weekend, though you'll have to be near your telly quite late to see it. There will be two shows - 'The JD Set Presents Bestival' will air at quarter past midnight on Saturday night / Sunday morning, while 'Bestival Featuring Scissor Sisters' will be shown at 12.25am on Sunday night / Monday morning.

Meanwhile, Bestival organisers have confirmed early bird weekend tickets are already on sale for next year's event, which will take place from 7-9 Sep, once again in the Robin Hill Country Park on the Isle Of Wight. Tickets are just £85 and are available from


Those Fischerspooner boys will take to the stage at Koko in Camden on 12 Oct for a new really rather quirky sounding Smirnoff branded event called Electric Cabaret.

Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner will be doing a full show, while Radio 1's Annie Mac will compere and, we assume, play a few records. Also on the bill for the cabaret filled evening are The Adora Girls ("a captivating burlesque-inspired dance group redefining femininity for the 21st Century" apparently), juggler extraordinaire Timo Wopp, beat boxer Foz and one Bruce Airhead, whose party trick involves disappearing into a six foot balloon and then reappearing, as the balloon bursts, as Elvis Presley. We told you it was quirky.

You'll find more info at - press info from [email protected]


ALBUM REVIEW: Various - The A-Z Of Annie Mac (Sunday Best)
Hey, talking of Sunday Best related things, and of Annie Mac, it really is time I got round to reviewing the A-Z Of Annie Mac, the second installment in Sunday Best's new compilation series. As you all probably know, or at least could reasonably be expected to guess, this is the compo series where DJs or artists select 26 of their favourite tracks, one for each letter of the alphabet. The Cuban Brothers provided the first excellent installment back in March, and while Ms Mac's edition doesn't include any of the comedy banter of the Cuban's version, you do get a recurring alphabet roll call song, plus Annie hasn't cheated by crediting songs to Very Cuban Brothers and Xtra Cuban Brothers in order to fill the trickier letters. More importantly, you get another brilliant collection of tunes featuring all sorts of artists old and new that appear on these compilation things far too infrequently. I remember thinking when I first got my copy back in July (when it was really rather hot, if you remember) what a perfect soundtrack this was for those hot summer days. From A for Ayer's 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine' to T for 'Teardrops' by Womack and Womack to Mark Ronson's brilliant version of 'Just' from the E for 'Exit' album (OK, that's kind of cheating), this is a wonderfully sunny album. At the time I questioned whether this would work come its September release, but obviously Sunday Best knew we were due an Indian Summer, because this proves just as perfect a soundtrack to now as then (more so probably, after all what Roy Ayers really meant was 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine, But More So When It's Not Mind Numbingly Hot Like Back In July'). And aside from all of that, Ms Mac has included the best song of the year - Simian and Justice's 'We Are Your Friends' (and a brilliant mix of it too) which is worth the entry price alone. So - a brilliant interpretation of a brilliant concept - what more could you want? CC
Release date: 11 Sep
Press contact: Get Involved [all]


The boss of EMAP's Kiss FM has indicated that there may be further changes to the station's flagship breakfast show. As previously reported, the dance station relaunched earlier this month, but not a great deal was made of the breakfast slot during the relaunch, with Robin Banks, who took over after the hasty departure of former host Bam Bam earlier this year, continuing on as the station's prime time presenter.

But the Guardian quote Kiss MD Bill Griffin as saying that he "reserves the right" to revamp his breakfast slot next year, after having some time to review the wider Kiss relaunch. He says: "We feel Robin is doing a good job, but that's not to say the show can't improve. [Kiss Programming Director] Andy Roberts is adding innovations to that show and I feel we can make it considerably better. The show is on air until January and I reserve the right to have a new show on air, with or without Robin."


According to reports, George Harrison's solo album 'Living In The Material World' will not be available via iTunes when it is released digitally via EMI later this month - presumably, or at least possibly, because Apple Corps, the Beatles company of which the Harrison estate is a shareholder, is still pretty bitter about the whole Apple name dispute thing. According to 6Music, the album, originally released back in 1973, will be available via 'a variety of digital services', but it's not yet been confirmed which ones.


Exciting stuff, this. Paul McCartney's latest bid to keep the log cabin he's built in the grounds of his East Sussex estate doesn't appear to be going too well. As previously reported, the former Beatle was attempting to gain retrospective planning permission for the structure, which, he claims, provides essential "privacy, seclusion and security".

At the latest meeting at Bexhill Town Hall, however, the planning councillors decided that they needed to visit the actual site. This, they claim, is because the photos, drawings and plans provided by McCartney were not enough to inform their decision, and not, as all you cynics are no doubt thinking, because the planning councillors wanted an excuse to visit Paul McCartney's house.

More on this thrilling topic if and when we get it.


We told you security at the Madonna Moscow gig was pretty severe. According to the Mirror, Madonna was apparently protected by ten thousand soldiers and riot police when she performed her gig at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium earlier this week, due to fears of gatecrashing and Chechen terrorist attacks. Fans were subjected to bag checks and metal detectors, and were chased by sniffer dogs on their way in. Not really. But there were sniffer dogs around, apparently, and helicopters overhead.

A fan told the tabloid: "There was very little atmosphere or dancing and Madonna was really struggling to get the crowd going. Most events have a security presence but this did seem to be extraordinary. I was at the G8 summit and the security was comparable. Everywhere you looked there was a ring of security guards. It did make it hard to dance when you're standing beside a guy in uniform."


Pete Doherty has lost yet another Jaguar. This, his ninth, was taken from his East London home by bailiffs after he failed to pay £170 road tax on it.

Someone described by the Daily Star as an 'onlooker', and therefore clearly an authority on all things Doherty, is quoted as saying: "Pete's not exactly clever about this. For the sake of a couple of hundred quid he's now lost another Jag. It didn't take them very long to get the car out of there. They winched the Jaguar up onto their trailer and away they went. The pound must be like a second-hand Jag showroom now. They seem to take one a month off him at the moment."

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