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In today's CMU Daily:
- Canadian courts approve SonyBMG rootkit settlement
- Rock Star supergroup change name
- Etheridge found guilty on weapons charges
- Great White fire club owners reach plea bargain
- Cat Power was suicidal
- Kurtis Blow's holy new partnership
- Love documentary premieres in UK next month
- Nirvana DVD to be released in November
- Duran Duran and Timberlake collaborate
- PJ Harvey announces Peel sessions album
- Rakes remix out next month
- Jamie Cullum Ibiza download package
- Jeremy Warmsley short story competition
- Sugarcube on the reunion
- Music world helps Big Issue celebrate 15th anniversary
- Freshlyground tonight
- Cord tour
- Gnarls Barkley dates
- Avenged Sevenfold cancel tour
- Eskimo collaborate with Pingu
- Trans World boycott the Sisters
- Rock's Backpages uploads article 10,000
- Is Morris YouTube talk a deal trick?
- Classical festival brings ringtones into the mix
- 5ive coming back?
- Janet on wardrobe malfunction
- Madonna on the cross thing
- Allen says kids should listen to her album


Woah, so much news this week, and not enough space to report on it all. No time to tell you about the partnership between U-Myx (that company that has software that allows music fans to remix tracks from their favourite artists without really having any remix skills) and the upcoming schools based National Music Week programme. No time to tell you that independent content aggregator The Orchard has done a deal with, one of China's first and, I think, biggest legal download services, which will see their catalogue made available via the Chinese platform. No time to tell you that the Saga group is thinking of selling its radio company, even though one of its stations isn't on air yet. A new Saga service in the North East which will use the new FM licence the company recently won isn't due to go on air until next year - and their rivals are saying it is unfair of the company to sell on that licence at a profit when they haven't (as yet) fulfilled any of the things they promised in their bid for it. No time to tell you that OfCom are reportedly considering axing the AM licences currently used by TalkSport and Virgin Radio when they come up for renewal in 2012, and using the spectrum to set up a new kind of digital radio spectrum called DRM (which is different than the current DAB digital radio system). Also no room to tell you that commercial radio company UKRD is giving back one of its FM licences to OfCom, even though it could sell it on at quite a profit, as a protest at the rules that govern the smaller commercial stations which, UKRD say, are far too restrictive. The decision means their Star Radio station in Stroud will go off air at the end of the month. Hey, that's a lot of radio news isn't it? One more missing story from the Daily this week comes from the print domain - the National Union Of Journalists have commended the Mirror for printing a story about Robbie Williams with a white box at the top of it. The stunt was a protest at the fact that photographers at Robbie's gigs were reportedly told they would have to sign a contract that gives the copyright of any photos taken to the singer, who would have a veto over which ones were used. The Mirror wouldn't sign and ran a blank box instead. The NUJ, who oppose artists making such restrictions on photo journalists, said it was a good stunt to illustrate what they say is unacceptable behaviour by big celebrities. And finally from the print media domain, Q, who published their 20th anniversary edition this month (happy birthday Q types) have said they are stopping cover mounting CDs on their mag, preferring instead to improve the quality of what comes inside. So, those are the stories you won't be hearing about in CMU this week - just no room I'm afraid - we can only apologise. Have a great weekend - see you Monday.



As we mentioned back in July, we will be publishing a special edition of a CMU newspaper which will be distributed around campuses all over the UK as the student population returns for the new academic year later this month - offering a guide to all the great new music coming out this Autumn. This is a brilliant way to engage and excite 100,000s of students and young record buyers at the most important time in the college and music year. A full page costs £1000, a half page £600, a sixth page £260, a 12th page £160. Book your ad spots now - email [email protected].



VIGSY'S LIVE TIP: Alice Russell and Domu at Jazz Cafe
Boy, the Mean Fiddler/Jazz Café guest list people have become a bit mean of late, but I suppose they do keep on programming really good artists, so I'll rise above it all. Dominic Stanton is Domu and is probably one of the most exciting electronic musicians in England and, in my estimation, possibly the world. Signed to Reinforced Records, he has been relentlessly producing music from his teens as Sonar Circle. Following the brilliant 'Return Of The Rogue' LP last year, he has been remixing as ever - and last month took Westbeech's 'So Good' to astral plains with his infective broken beat monster. He records as Rima and Umod too, and is very much part of the West London Future Soul gang, despite still living in the Bedford area. He'll only be DJing at the Cafe tonight, but he is superb at that too (I know this for certain having witnessed some of his sets at the broken beat Co-op night, of which is one of the residents). Also the lovely honey dripped golden soul/jazz/funk voice of Alice Russell will be on earlier in the evening. Finally getting top billing with her own band, Ms Russell really is worth checking, and was brilliant when I saw her last at the Cafe with Bah Samba - she really did shine. Her solo career is on the up and you should check her releases on Brighton's Tru Thoughts label. And if you see her tonight I think you can stick around for Domu without buying a new ticket - which will make this a really brilliant night.

Sat 23 Sep, Jazz Cafe, 5 The Parkway, Camden, London NW1 7PG, doors 7pm for Alice, then 11pm for Domu . £17.50 Alice Russell, £8 Domu in advance, more info at

CHRIS' CLUB TIP: Remix Night at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
Ah, you see, I'm tipping the same night as last week, but doing so in a less London-centric manner, us music industry types always in danger of being just too London-centric (though, arguably, there are times of the year when CMU becomes rather Edinburgh-centric, so I ought to tell you this same night will be staged at Glasgow University Union tomorrow night too). Yep, Eddy TM is going on tour with his storming Remix Night, bringing his fresh mix of breaks, mash-ups and indie remixes to cities all over the country, kicking off, as you can see, in Scotland. The line ups vary as the tour roams around the country, though tonight and tomorrow you'll get Mr Roots Manuva and MC Ricky Ranking both joining Eddy himself on the decks. Tonight it's all taking place in the depths of Edinburgh's Old Town in the old vaults that form Cabaret Voltaire - so don't expect to do much talking, I suspect its going to be a load one. But you won't want to talk, such will be the quality of the music.

Fri 22 Sep, Cabaret Voltaire, Blair Street, Edinburgh, doors 11pm, £10, tickets from


SonyBMG are a few steps closer to getting closure on the whole 'rootkit fuck up' (to give it its legal name). A Canadian court yesterday approved a formal settlement to bring to an end various bits of litigation being pursued against the major. The deal agreed is rather similar to that agreed in the US courts earlier this year.

The court in Ontario approved a settlement deal which will see the major offering $8.40, a replacement CD and free downloads to the hundreds of thousands of customers who bought affected discs. User data acquired by the record company via the technology will also be destroyed. Details of the settlement and how to apply for compensation have been posted on SonyBMG's Canadian website.

As previously reported at rather considerable and possibly tedious length, the so called rootkit software was developed to stop users from ripping music off CDs and sharing them with friends or via P2P networks. However, it was soon discovered that the software also made users' PCs more susceptible to a virus attack and, because the rootkit software was similar in form to a virus itself, it was almost impossible to remove once it had automatically installed itself.

As soon as the scale of the problem was realised, SonyBMG quickly withdrew the affected CDs, provided a new bit of software to enable users to remove the rootkit software off their machines, and offered a compensation package similar to that subsequently agreed in the courts. Nevertheless, various lawsuits were pursued against them relating to the debacle.

Welcoming the court approved compensation package, lawyer Harvey Strosberg, who represented customers in the Ontario class action, said: "This was a case that was always about behavioural modification and I think that this was a good result for the Canadian public". Jason Young, who represented the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic in the case, added: "What we're hoping is, that ... Sony BMG will have learned its lesson". SonyBMG said it was "delighted" with the latest court decision.

The Ontario settlement will apply in all of Canada, except Quebec and British Columbia. There separate court hearings will assess the compensation package in Montreal and Victoria later this month.


The rock supergroup created by the second series of US TV show Rock Star have had to change their name to avoid that trademark dispute.

As previously reported, the plan had been to call the new group - which features Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, former Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke and former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, as well as the winner of the reality show, one Lukas Rossi - Supernova. So much so the second series of the TV show, which recruited a new frontman for INXS in season one, was called Rock Star: Supernova.

However, there is already a Californian band called Supernova who have released four albums using that moniker, and they took legal action to stop the new band stealing their name. They won an albeit temporary injunction last week that stopped the makers of the TV show and the band they had created from using the name on any recordings or for any live activity.

While that injunction was a temporary ruling pending a full court hearing over the dispute, the people behind the new Supernova need to get their debut album released as soon as possible in order to cash in on the success of the TV show (SonyBMG label Epic has already scheduled in a 21 Nov release date), so had no interest in getting sucked into a drawn out trademark dispute. To that end they announced yesterday that a settlement had been reached with the new band's Californian namesakes, and that the supergroup would now be known as Rock Star Supernova.

It is unclear if the out of court agreement with the original Supernova includes any financial settlement. Though the publicity the legal dispute has garnered the original Supernova (previously best known for the track they contributed to the 'Clerks' soundtrack) may well justify their legal fees.


Mario Etheridge, the security guard who fatally shot D12's Proof earlier this year, has been convicted on two weapons charges by a Detroit jury. As previously reported, Etheridge faced charges of carrying a concealed weapon and discharging a firearm inside a building, but was not charged with the killing of Proof, aka Deshaun Holton, as authorities ruled that he was acting in the defence of his cousin who was shot by Holton that night, Keith Bender.

The court, as reported, were told that Etheridge fired warning shots into the ceiling, and, the prosecution said, that escalated the intensity of the situation and prompted Proof to fire at Bender. Prosecutor Elizabeth Walker, commenting on the jury's decision said "No one can calm a violent situation down by introducing a weapon. Today's verdict proves this."

Walker added that although in theory Etheridge now faces up to nine years in prison, he may in fact only receive probation as he has no prior record. Sentencing is scheduled to take place on 17 Oct.


The owners of the Rhode Island club where a fire during a Great White concert in 2003 killed 100 people have confirmed they will plead no contest to the involuntary manslaughter charges that have been brought against them, though it has been confirmed only one of them will serve jail time for the incident.

The brothers, Jeffrey and Michael Derderian, who owned the Station nightclub in West Warwick, have previously denied responsibility for the fire, claiming that they had told the Great White's management that they were not allowed to use the pyrotechnics that it. However, their representatives confirmed yesterday that a plea deal had now been reached that would see the brothers change their position regarding responsibility. As part of the bargain Michael will serve a four year jail sentence, with eligibility for a work release programme, while Jeffrey will receive a suspended ten year sentence.

Confirmation of the plea bargain followed reports in the local media that the Rhode Island Attorney General, Patrick Lynch, had written to the families of those killed in the fire to inform them of the deal that had been reached between the Derderians' legal people and Superior Court Judge Francis Darigan. Many of those families have reacted angrily to the deal, which they feel is too lenient. Much of their anger seems to be directed at Lynch, even though he himself has said he disagrees with the leniency of Darigan's ruling.

The bargain comes as jury selection was under way for the planned criminal trials of the two brothers. It also follows the previously reported conclusion of separate action against Great White tour manager Daniel Biechele, who was jailed for four years back in May after pleading guilty to 100 counts of involuntary manslaughter for his role in setting off the pyrotechnics at the Station club that night.


Cat Power has revealed that she cancelled her July tour because she was suicidal. As previously reported, "health reasons" were cited as being responsible for the cancellation of the US and UK dates in support of recent album release 'The Greatest', but now the singer, real name Chan Marshall, has revealed what those "health reasons" were.

She told the New York Times: "I was looking at death. I wanted to die... I asked God, I said, 'I'm tired, I can't do this'. I was asking him to just take me."

Adding that she has now received psychiatric treatment for her condition, Power explained that it was her non-stop touring throughout 1998 that sparked her descent into alcoholism. She continued: "Even playing all my shows I was always intoxicated, always kind of not there, which led to the depression... It was more about the uncomfortableness with just being in my own skin, and that's why the alcohol was always with me."

Power has finished a new album, working title 'Sun'. She is due to play at London's Roundhouse on 1 Nov.


Veteran hip hopper Kurtis Blow, who recently announced the launch of a new church-based television series, has gone into partnership with Holy Hip Hop Music to form Music Ministry Recordings. It's part of an exclusive agreement with EMI Gospel which will see Blow producing, distributing and marketing a series of Christian rap releases. Details of a first release have not yet been revealed, but a record is expected in 2007.

Kurtis Blow says: "Don't get it twisted, God has always existed. In terms of these young people out here who love God but do not like to go to church, only Hip-Hop can bring them back to the church."

Panchetta Harris, Holy Hip Hop Music's general manager says: "Pastor Kurtis Blow is always on the forefront as a pioneer and person who not only can see clearly what is to come, but has no trepidation in acting on vision to fulfill destiny and to accelerate movement. These qualities are why Holy Hip-Hop Music and EMI Gospel are proud to be in close covenant and partnership with Pastor Kurtis Blow fulfilling the mission to advance Hip-Hop Ministry, advancing the Gospel, worldwide without delay."

"Amen to that", I might say. If I were a Christian. But I'm an atheist (despite today's exclusive interview, coming up in the Madonna story below). So in this context, I won't.


A Documentary about Love, and the band's frontman, the late Arthur Lee, who died last month from leukaemia at the age of 61, is to be premiered at the National Film Theatre on 27 Oct. 'Love Story', directed by Mike Kerry and Chris Hall, will also be shown at the Ritzy in Brixton on 29 Oct. The documentary focuses primarily on Lee and the band's first three albums, but there are also interviews with other band members Johnny Echols, Alban 'Snoopy' Pfisterer, the late Bryan MacLean, and Elektra Records founder Jac Holzman.


The first ever Nirvana DVD is to be released on 13 Nov. 'Live! Tonight! Sold Out' was previously only available on video, and was first released back in 1994, the year frontman Kurt Cobain committed suicide. The audio and video have both been remastered for the DVD release, which will feature lots of extras, and possibly new footage. The film follows the band at the peak of their fame, from 1991 to 1994.

An unofficial Nirvana website reports: "'Live! Tonight! Sold Out' was originally conceived by Kurt Cobain in 1993 but it was delayed due to other commitments with touring, etc. By the time Kurt died in 1994, it had not yet been completed, but [bandmates] Krist and Dave continued the project and tried to maintain Kurt's original vision."


According to reports, Duran Duran have collaborated with that young upstart Justin Timberlake on a new track, which is expected to be released sometime soon, but is as yet thought to have no title. Timbaland, who, as I'm sure you all know, produced Timberlake's new album 'FutureSex / LoveSounds', has apparently also produced this track, which Duran Duran say will appear on their upcoming new album. A spokesperson for the band commented: "They are currently trying to schedule more time to get together again and finish the project".


Er, PJ Harvey has announced that she'll release a Peel sessions album. Okay, I know more than that. It's out on 23 Oct. It's all stuff recorded on Peel's show between 1991 and 2004, and it features twelve songs. And yes, I have a tracklisting (complete with the dates of the sessions the tracks come from). Here it is:

- 29.10.91
Oh My Lover

- 02.03.93
Naked Cousin
Wang Dang Doodle

- 05.09.96
Losing Ground
That Was My Veil

- 10.11.00
This Wicked Tongue
Beautiful Feeling

- John Peel Tribute 16.12.04
You Come Through


The Rakes are to release a remix package on 9 Oct. The tracks, four remixes from the band's debut 'Capture/Release' will be released on two separate 12"s, and are as follows:

Open Book (Uncle Buck Remix)
Binary Love (Tim Goldsworthy Remix)
We Are All Animals (Statik Remix)
22 Grand Job (Filthy Dukes Society Remix)


I know many of you will be anxious to hear what Jamie Cullum has been up to recently, as his absence from every talk show and Saturday night programme on ITV might have given some of you cause for concern, given the former regularity of his appearances on them.

Well, fear not. He is alive and well, and has apparently been busy being a jazz goblin elsewhere in the world. But to satisfy the needs of his UK fans to hear more of his music, he is staging a special online promotion which will give fans the chance to download tracks he performed on Pete Tong's 'Live From Cafe Mambo' Radio 1 show during the station's residency in Ibiza last year. The tracks getting released are 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine' and 'Where Love Lives', and they'll be available for download from 21 Sep.

Press info from Mercenary Publicity.


CMU favourite Jeremy Warmsley is holding a short story competition. Which may go some way towards demonstrating why he's a CMU favourite already, despite the fact his debut album is only just getting released. Fans have been invited to write a story, which potentially could end up being put in a song, which will appear on the b-side of the 7" version of his next single, 'Dirty Blue Jeans', out in November. Not sure where you're supposed to send your short story, but you could probably send it via his MySpace,, or his website, or whatever.

The lovely Jeremy says: "When I write my songs, I sometimes work by thinking up a story from start to finish and then writing a song that tells that story, with as much detail as possible, from start to finish ('Jonathan and Oak Tree' and '5 Verses' are examples). I would like people to send in their ideas for stories, expressed as shortly and simply as possible (there is a 600 word limit). I don't expect, or even want people to put in any work turning them into lyrics or making them rhyme or anything; short, simple prose expressing a simple plot will be the easiest material to work with... I'm especially interested in hearing old family stories that have been passed down the generations, or children's stories... not so interested in things like romance or war stories, but I'll openly consider everything sent in! I look forward to reading your work..."

Whilst we're on the subject of Mr Warmsley, he's doing an instore on Monday at Pure Groove on Holloway Road at 6pm to celebrate the release that day of his new single, 'I Believe In The Way You Move'. His new album 'The Art Of Fiction' (which I have just received a copy of, hurrah!), is out on 9 Oct.


Sugarcube Einar Orn has been speaking about that previously reported reunion gig, taking place in Reykjavik in November, almost fifteen years after the band split.

Explaining that the group had remained friends over the years, he said that the anniversary of the release of their first single seemed like a good time to get back together: "We said, 'Okay, let's celebrate that,' and everybody was game and we decided to go for it. We were going to do it in a small bar. Everybody said we would not get away with it because it only holds sixty people. So we're going with a small sports stadium. It holds about five thousand people."

He continued: "We have asked a few people to support, and they want to think about it, which I think is brilliant. It's like, okay, that's what you call respect. Sugarcubes ask you to warm up and you say, 'I'll think about it.' It puts us in a bit of a jittery position because if they don't want to play, we need to find someone else. It took us fourteen years to get together, and now these people can't answer us."


There's a special gig to celebrate The Big Issue's fifteenth anniversary tomorrow night at the Shepherd's Bush Empire, all sponsored by Virgin Mobile, the mobile network of choice for homeless people, apparently (actually, it's possible I made that up).

The show will be hosted by singer songwriter Winter Roberts, and will include performances by all manner of lovely sorts, including The Magic Numbers, Natalie Imbruglia, Alison Limerick, Nuala, Sohodolls, Maxfield, Jackson Scott, Dusty Sound System, Vibration White Finger, Piney Gir, Lefthand and Tim Arnold. Virgin Mobile will be offering gig goers free beer at the event - punters just need to text Beer to a special number and will get a code to use at the bar.

The gig is one of a number of events being staged by the magazine to celebrate its anniversary. The mag's publisher, Lisa Woodman, told CMU: "We are delighted to have the support of so many music artists. As soon as we put the word out offers started pouring in from singer/song writers and bands keen to offer their services and play at the gig. The Big Issue has always had a close relationship with the music industry and the gig is an extension of that relationship. We've got a great line-up and we're looking forward to what will undoubtedly be a gig to remember".


Talking of gigs at the Shepherds Bush Empire, here's another one, this one tonight. (Actually, the press release suggests this is where all the cool people will be, rather than watching Mogwai at the Royal Albert Hall or McFly at Wembley - can't help thinking they aimed that one at us - hey, we're seeing McFly at Wembley tonight, hurrah!). The band are called Freshlyground and are a household name in their native South Africa, as well has enjoying a big following in certain European countries. Apparently they're rather good, though if you don't want to take my word for it you can check them out at (though I couldn't get that link to work myself, but I think that was Real 'I'm going to take over your computer even though you don't want me to' Player's fault). The gig kicks off at 7pm, tickets are £14. Press info from [email protected].


Cord have announced a UK tour to coincide with the release of their debut album 'Other Peoples Lives (Are Not As Perfect As They Seem)', out on 2 Oct. They're from Norwich, by the way, which is proof that good things do actually come out of Norfolk. Actually, I've visited Norfolk since I last made a Norfolk joke, and it was lovely. So perhaps I ought to stop making Norfolk jokes.

Anyway, here are those dates:

1 Oct: Cardiff Barfly
2 Oct: Birmingham Uni
3 Oct: York Fibbers
4 Oct: Leeds Joseph Wells
7 Oct: Nottingham Social
8 Oct: Manchester Roundhouse
9 Oct: Norwich Waterfront
11 Oct: Leicester Charlotte
12 Oct: Gillingham Beacon Tavern
14 Oct: Surrey Guildford Uni
15 Oct: Wolves Little Civic
16 Oct: Cambridge Portland Arms
17 Oct: Oxford Zodiac
19 Oct: Northampton Soundhaus
22 Oct: Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire
23 Oct: Aberdeen Café Drummond
24 Oct: Inverness Raigmore
25 Oct: Glasgow Barfly
26 Oct: Dundee Westport Bar
27 Oct: Oldham Castle
29 Oct: Brighton Pressure Point
30 Oct: Bournemouth Opera House
31 Oct: Sheffield Leadmill
1 Nov: London 100 club
2 Nov: Newport Uni
3 Nov: Bristol Academy 2


Gnarls Barkley, who you know, possibly, have announced a couple of live dates. They'll appear at the Manchester Apollo on 3 Nov and Brixton Academy on 5 Nov. Tickets on sale now.


Avenged Sevenfold have cancelled their scheduled UK dates for the autumn because they'd rather get back in the studio, having recently been writing songs for their fourth album. Singer M. Shadows says: "We love our loyal fans and want to continue giving them the freshest, most awesome show and material possible. We've been playing songs from City of Evil around the world for 15 months and now feel its time to bring them something new. We're honoured by the growing audiences wanting to see our show, but feel an obligation to our fans to always give them the best we have to offer. We've started writing and can't wait for our fans to hear what we're working on"

The cancelled dates are as follows:

20 Oct: Manchester Apollo
22 Oct: Newcastle Carling Academy
23 Oct: Glasgow Barrowlands
25 Oct: Wolverhampton Civic Hall
26 Oct: London Brixton Academy
27 Oct: Cardiff University
29 Oct: Norwich UEA
30 Oct: Southampton Guildhall
2 Nov: Leeds Metropolitan University


Now this is fun. Protest Recordings' artist Eskimo Disco have recruited Pingu (yes, that Pingu, you know, the penguin) to appear in the video to their new track '7-11'. The video follows the band's involvement in a viral advertising campaign to launch a Pingu DVD earlier in the year. The video will be unveiled at the very rock n roll Brand Licensing conference at Olympia in London on 4 Oct. Press info from [email protected].


Trans World Entertainment, who own numerous music retail chains in the US, have said they will not be stocking the new Scissor Sisters' album 'Ta-Dah' when it gets its American release next week. This decision seemingly relates to comments made by the band's Jake Shears at this year's National Association of Record Merchandisers conference, where he dissed Trans World for charging $19.98 for the new Raconteurs album, which he had seen on sale for that price at one of the retailer's FYE stores earlier that day. Trans World were apparently pissed off by the high profile dissing of their pricing policies (even though they claimed that the CD Shears had seen was, in fact, mis-priced), so much so, insiders say, they have decided to boycott Shears' music.


The online library of rock journalism, Rock's Backpages, has just uploaded its 10,000th article, which is really quite a lot. Rock's Backpages is a rather fine service co-founded by author and former Mojo US editor Barney Hoskyns five years ago, with the aim of creating a digital resource containing music reviews and interviews from all the legendary music magazines that have come and gone (or stayed) over the years, including Rolling Stone, NME, Creem, Billboard, Sounds, Melody Maker, Circus, Smash Hits and the wonderful Record Mirror. Some audio interviews have now also been added.

Music journalists whose work now appears includes Lester Bangs, Lenny Kaye, Nick Tosches, Carol Cooper, Dave Marsh, Ben Fong-Torres, Charlie Gillett, Penny Valentine, Robert Greenfield, Jon Savage, Richard Williams, Charles Shaar Murray and Simon Reynolds. Subscribers to the service can search all the content by artist, genre, writer, album or song title, or any keyword.

Commenting on the service, having just uploaded the landmark 10,000th feature, Hoskyns told CMU: "Before we set up this site, journalists, researchers and music fans had to trawl through hundreds of different sites to find the information they needed. Now they can find them all on Rock's Backpages with just a few keystrokes. It's also made it easier for publishers and website owners that want to find and use great music content to do so."

For info on the service, email [email protected]


Oh, gossip, gossip, gossip. Rumour has it the reason why Universal Music boss Doug Morris has been going around suggesting his company might be about the sue video sharing site YouTube, over the copyright content currently available via the service, is to give him a stronger hand in ongoing negotiations regarding providing the website with a licence to legitimately distribute Universal's video content.

All the majors are in talks with YouTube and, as previously reported, Warner have already entered into a partnership to help them launch the ultimate online video jukebox. Morris, reportedly, reckons his content is worth more to YouTube that it is currently offering in its bid to achieve those ambitions, and so is going all out to force up the price they pay.

Universal execs possibly reckon YouTube might enter into such a deal simply to end the threat of getting a lawsuit from the biggest music company in the world - if only because they themselves are planning their flotation, and they won't want to go to the stock market with high profile litigation pending. Go Doug, go.


US jazz composer David Baker is encouraging people to use their mobile phones during an upcoming concert. Well, I say use their phones, I mean set them ringing. This is all part of a plan called 'Concertino For Cellular Phones And Orchestra', where an audience will be asked to participate in a concert by setting their phones off when a green light in the venue tells them to.

Commenting on the project, which will open the 20th anniversary season of the Chicago Sinfonietta classical music festival next month, Baker told Reuters: "I think some people would think it is insane to even think about trying to combine the cacophony of cell phones with the pristine purity, sometimes, of an orchestra", but he added that it was an exciting project because, even though he had written the bit that the orchestra will play during the event, he has no idea how the thing will sound once the mobiles kick in, ensuring a truly unique show: "There's just no way to replicate 1,000 cell phones going off at once".

The project was actually the idea of Chicago Sinfonietta Maestro Paul Freeman who says he came up with the project while sitting in an airport in Prague: "Sitting among these cell phones and people talking and laughing and arguing I thought: 'Ah, there must be a way of refining this and making it into some kind of musical composition'".


Some kind of announcement regarding former boy band 5ive is expected next week, because a press conference has been called at the Scala in London for Wednesday morning at 11am, and former fans of the group are being invited, as are the press. All five band members will reportedly be in attendance. Given that every former teen band these days seems to be of the opinion "well, if Take That can do it", we can only assume some kind of reunion is on the cards. 5ive, of course, were notable in the world of late nineties teen bands for not being entirely awful (though I should be careful what I say about 5ive's contemporaries, given that I'll be interviewing members of MTV's new boy band supergroup Upper Street later today). If you are desperate to know what the boys have to say, I'd speak to Quite Great, who are managing the press for the event.


Janet Jackson has spoken out for the first time about that much reported 'wardrobe malfunction' at the halftime show of America's 2004 Super Bowl. As you'll remember, the performance saw Justin Timberlake ripping open Jackson's top to reveal a nearly-bare breast (which kind of makes it seem like it was intentional, doesn't it?). Anyway, you remember the ludicrous bloody great fuss that ensued, with the network being fined stupid amounts of money over a bit of naked flesh, and Janet herself broadcasting an apology over the incident.

Anyway, she's said on the Oprah show that she regrets apologising because it made her look guilty about something that was an accident. If I were her, I'd regret apologising because I was forced give in to the ringleaders of a hysterical witch hunt by doing so. But perhaps that's just me.


Madonna has said some things (actually, quite a lot of things, there's a high chance you'll fall asleep while reading this story, though we've got a bit of an exclusive at the end of it, so stick with us) about her rather contentious crucifix scene that pissed off all those Christians during her World Tour, which finished in Japan yesterday.

In a statement Madonna said: "I am very grateful that my show was so well received all over the world. But there seems to be many misinterpretations about my appearance on the cross and I wanted to explain it myself once and for all".

"There is a segment in my show where three of my dancers 'confess' or share harrowing experiences from their childhood that they ultimately overcame. My 'confession' follows and takes place on a crucifix that I ultimately come down from. This is not a mocking of the church. It is no different than a person wearing a cross or 'taking up the cross' as it says in the Bible. My performance is neither anti-Christian, sacrilegious or blasphemous. Rather, it is my plea to the audience to encourage mankind to help one another and to see the world as a unified whole. I believe in my heart that if Jesus were alive today he would be doing the same thing".

"My specific intent is to bring attention to the millions of children in Africa who are dying every day, and are living without care, without medicine and without hope. I am asking people to open their hearts and minds to get involved in whatever way they can. The song ends with a quote from the Bible's Book Of Matthew: 'For I was hungry and you gave me food. I was naked and you gave me clothing. I was sick and you took care of me and God replied, 'Whatever you did for the least of my brothers... you did it to me''. Please do not pass judgment without seeing my show."

In an exclusive interview with CMU, God says he now accepts Madonna's explanation and won't be striking her down anytime soon, though he added that he's increasingly bored with the singer's pretentious ramblings, and is a much bigger Goldfrapp fan these days anyway.


Lily Allen says that children should listen to her album, despite the parental advisory sticker that appears on it, because they need to know about the grittier side of life. Asked by MTV as to whether she thinks kids should listen to her expletive filled debut long player, Allen said: "Yeah, definitely. I think the more you shelter your children from that kind of stuff the more they're curious about it. It's the same with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, the more you say, 'No', the more they think, 'Maybe I should try some'. I think, just be honest with them from the start."

Whether or not you let your kids listen to 'Alright, Still' I don't really care, though I do suggest you check out this rather good Sway / Lily Allen mash up...

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