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In today's CMU Daily:
- Anti-DRM groups promote their campaign to commuters in key cities
- DMAs celebrate best in UK online music
- BMI awards round up
- Album review: Various Artists - Plague Songs
- Coldplay deny they're taking five years off
- Former Kiss man loses royalties appeal
- Promoter accuses Busta Rhymes of unreasonable demands
- Save The Children album out soon
- Tories want to use Norm's music too
- Public Enemy recording up for auction
- New Brakes album
- U2 best of to include Green Day collaboration
- Doherty does poetry on telly
- Noisettes man retracts Doherty rant
- Tiefschwarz launch new label
- Single review: Love Is All - Make Out, Fall Out, Make Up
- Cooper Temple Clause tour
- Pipettes Christmas party
- Lorraine single, tour
- Pete Tong to broadcast live from ADE
- Womad to leave Reading
- EMAP talks to C4 re music things
- What future at Future for former Highbury titles?
- EMI appointments
- Oldest Hanson gets married
- Single review: Pull Tiger Tail - Animator
- SonyBMG reconsidering relationship with unpredictable George?
- Mars Volta man doesn't like Catholics
- Jamelia's war of words with WAG


Fatboy Slim has revealed that the Tories have asked for permission to use his 1995 track 'Happiness', I think as part of this week's Conservative Party Conference. He has refused them permission, but has thanked them for having the decency to ask. The Labour Party, as you may well remember, used his track 'Right Here Right Now' at an event back in 2004 without Mr Cook's approval, something which led to Norm releasing a rant against Blair et al because, he claimed, use of his track implied he was somehow endorsing the New Labour machine, something that couldn't be further from the truth.

But, of course, neither the Labour Party nor the Conservatives - should they choose to use 'Happiness' regardless - are breaking any licensing rules. Political events like these are covered by blanket PPL/PRS event licences, and as such can legally play any music they so wish, without getting any specific permission from the artist or their label or publisher.

Of course such blanket licensing exists to save both event organisers and music owners of the hassle and cost of having to licence every single track every time they want to use it. And situations such as the ones faced by Fatboy Slim don't come up that often. But, given that many artists have strong political viewpoints, and as a result they, or their music, can become associated with those political opinions, should the licensing bodies make a slight alteration to the rules to ensure political bodies can't imply musical endorsement by simply slipping songs onto the PA at opportune events?

The Conservatives might argue such rules aren't required - given that they have proven they are polite enough to ask for permission anyway - but surely such an alteration would be easy to implement and police, and might protect more politically sensitive artists in the future. Because if a song I'd lovingly crafted ended up providing a soundtrack to some politician gurning at the camera - whether it be Blair, Brown or Cameron - well, "gutted" would be something of an understatement.



A rare opportunity to join our label management team. The successful applicant will be a highly motivated & organised individual with relative retail / record label experience. Responsibilities will include day to day co-ordination of retail marketing, stock control, scheduling and basic production duties. Applicants must have the ability to work under pressure and to deadlines. Good understanding of current market essential, knowledge of Punk / Rock / Emo scene an advantage. If you're the person we're looking for contact: [email protected]


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ADVERTISE YOUR SERVICES & PRODUCTS here for just £50 a week, or £150 for two weeks in the Daily and four weeks on the web. Email [email protected] for details.


There was a time when I seemed to know a whole load of people who knew DJ Yoda personally, so much so I kind of had it in my head I knew him too. Actually, I've never even met him, but I have been a big fan of his mixing skills for years - especially the 'How To Cut & Paste' albums. He's getting himself tipped this week because his debut original material album, 'The Amazing Adventures of DJ Yoda', is out on Antidote Records this week and you should all be checking it out for yourselves. The MySpace provides an intro for the uninitiated, even if the previews of tracks from the long player are just sixty second snippets. But you can listen in full, and indeed download, the track 'Food' plus Yoda's glorious Minimix from the Annie Mac radio show (a listener favourite no less). And if you want more, you can check out one of the many live dates listed, or click one of the 'buy' links to order your copy of the album. Go check.


Those pesky anti-DRM types were out in force yesterday in a bid to raise awareness of what they consider to be overly restrictive technologies by the content industries. A combination of consumer rights and so called 'free software' organisations took part in the publicity campaign, mainly distributing leaflets explaining their DRM concerns to commuters in US and European cities, including Boston, Zurich, Paris and London.

Some leaflets mimicked the Apple iTunes silhouette adverts, showing a music fan with her hands tied behind her back by the iPod earpiece cables. While the campaign was not specifically aimed against the computer firms' download platform, organisers say Apple are among the companies restricting consumer choice through the use of DRM.

Peter Brown of the Free Software Foundation, one of the organisations behind the campaign, said: "This is not aimed against Apple. We're focusing on iPod because it popularises that DRM is acceptable". And he added that: "Apple's DRM is [actually] relatively benign. But Amazon Unbox's user licence is very restrictive and Windows Media Player 11 user agreement is incredibly intrusive and restrictive. The restrictions demanded by the media companies can get tougher, because the technology companies are now competing to get access to the media".

You'll find more info on the campaign at


On the day CMU controversially shunned its MySpace Of The Day feature, opting instead to recommend a YouTube page, Rupert Murdoch's surely now has-been social networking website, MySpace, was named Best Innovation at the BT Digital Music Awards. So behind the times. Why then, you ask, is CMU's MySpace Of The Day back today? Well, we're so ahead of the game, we are in the process of 'rediscovering' MySpace in a slightly ironic retro sense, that's why.

OK, so MySpace was probably the deserving winner of the Innovation prize at BT's now annual event celebrating the best use of the internet as a promotional, media and sales tool in the music domain, given the networking site's incredible growth in the last 12 months as the medium most bands use to connect with their fans. Quite why Lorraine won in the Best Electronic Artist/DJ category I have no idea. I'm not dissing them or their website, but Electronic Artist? Is there a whole side to this band I'm not aware of? I mean, I realise they don't have a drummer when in the studio, but Electronic Artist?

Anyway, let's not get sidetracked. It was the BT Digital Music Awards in London last night, with stack of artists and companies being commended for their online activities. Among the winning artists were Muse and Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, who both won two awards each, although one of the former's gongs was for Best Unofficial Site, the credit for which presumably goes to the people behind the site, and not the band themselves (unless this is a Well Done For Having Clever Fans award). Muse also won Best Rock Artist, while Yorke took prizes for Best Artist Campaign and Best Use Of Mobile.

A Brighton based band called The Wonderfuls won the new Best Unsigned Artist award, while Lily Allen came top in the pop category, Lemar in Urban and, as we said, Lorraine, yes Lorraine, topped the Electronic Artist/DJ category. McFly won the People's Choice Award For Best Official Website which is, let's face it, an award for the band best able to motivate their fanbase to go and vote, though arguably that's harder than designing a nifty website, so well done McFly. Finally that Peter Gabriel bloke, one of the original founders of early download company OD2 of course, was given a Pioneer Award.

Companies winning awards included British music magazine NME who won Best Music Magazine, who won Best Music Community, Bleep who won Best Music Store and MTV Overdrive which won the Best Use Of Broadband prize.

Anyway, enough of that, here's the full list of winners. I'm off to listen to those electro-pop legends Lorraine.

Best Pop Artist: Lily Allen
Best Rock Artist: Muse
Best Urban Artist: Lemar
Best Electronic Artist or DJ: Lorraine
Best Unsigned Artist: The Wonderfuls
Best Podcast: London Elektricity
Best Radio Station: Gaydar Radio
Best Music Store: Bleep
Best Music Magazine:
Best Event or Performance site: Download Festival
Best Music Community: Last.FM
Best Artist Promotion: White Stripes - Denial Twist project
Best Use of Broadband: MTV Overdrive
Best Use of Mobile: Thom Yorke Moblip
Best Artist Campaign: Thom Yorke - The Eraser
Best Innovation: MySpace
People's Choice Award for Best Music Blog: Mike & Ted Mayhem's blogs
People's Choice Award for Best Unofficial Music Site:
People's Choice Award for Best Official Music Site: McFly
The Pioneer Award: Peter Gabriel


More awards for you, and US collecting society BMI staged its annual European awards in London yesterday, paying tribute to songwriters whose music has performed well in the American market in the last year.

Roxette's 'Listen To Your Heart' was named 'Song Of The Year', which you might find surprising given that it was released in 1989, but Belgian pop group DHT released a cover version of it last year, which had considerable success in the States. Roxette's Per Gessle and his fellow songwriter Mats Persson were presented with both the 'Song Of The Year' gong, and the BMI's 'Robert S Musel Award' which is pretty prestigious, apparently. More importantly, this all reminded me just how great Roxette were - and I'm working my way through their back catalogue right now courtesy of YouTube and their wonderful, if slightly illegal, video jukebox (Roxette weren't signed to Warner, I don't think).

Back to the BMI Awards, and Damon Albarn, Jamie Hewlett and De La Soul's David Jolicoeur won the title of College Song Of The Year for Gorillaz track 'Feel Good Inc', the most played European song on US college radio last year. Meanwhile the Dance Award went to the writers of the Cascada hit 'Everytime We Touch' - Stuart MacKillop, Maggie Reilly and Peter Risavy.

On a lifetime achievement theme, BMI's 'Icon' award went to Kinks man Ray Davies in recognition of his string of hits including, of course, 'Waterloo Sunset', 'You Really Got Me' and 'Lola'. Which reminds me, I haven't played my Kinks greatest hits album in a while. I wonder if there's any Kinks stuff on YouTube...?


ALBUM REVIEW: Various Artists - Plague Songs (Beggars/4AD)
With the world as it is in the 21st century: greedy, materialistic and self-obsessed, many could joke that we are due for a good ol' fashioned Old Testament spanking. Thankfully, the only thing raining from the sky is water, so far, so this CD will have to do. A collection of songs based around the ten biblical plagues, 'Plague Songs' features a strong list of contributors, all of whom tackle the project imaginatively and skillfully, but fail to make any considerable impact as a whole. Almost entirely a compilation of surreal pop, the only deviation comes from the opening rap clatter of Klashnekoff's 'Blood' which re-contextualises plague to an ASBO-ridden council estate. Other participants are not so successful at bringing plague home, especially as King Creosote's gorgeous psalm 'Relates The Tale' of hopping the Nile and travelling the Pharaoh's lands in a broad Anstruther accent. Elsewhere, Imogen Heap constructs a straight-up pop song over locust samples, but fails to grasp the sonic potentials afforded by this idea. With a subject matter as grim as this, it is little surprise to see twisted cartoon carnival decadents the Tiger Lillies here, but even their madness-addled tale of hailstones fails to excite. But an absolute highlight is the howling gospel of Scott Walker's 'Darkness', in which an anguished call-and-response echoes out into a world deprived of light. An interesting and enjoyable collection, but not as powerful as it should have been. AM
Release date: 2 Oct
Press Contact: Beggars IH [all]


Damn. Coldplay have denied reports that they are taking five years off. To be fair, when we reported on this yesterday, Chris Martin wasn't quoted as saying that they were planning a five year hiatus, but that the band would take things slowly and record something as and when it happened naturally. Look, here's the quote: "It's going to be a long, long time before you hear a new album from us. We've done a few things, but we're all enjoying having families at the moment. If it takes five years for us to feel ready to record something new, then so be it. We need plenty of time to let it come together organically."

Anyway, the band's US label has said that Martin never said anything about a five year break. Capitol spokesperson Ambrosia Healy said: "The band are enjoying a much deserved break, which I think everybody knows. No, there isn't a self-imposed 'five-year hiatus'. There isn't a timetable for them recording the follow up to 'X&Y'. They're enjoying not having a plan at the moment. Isn't that what a break is all about?"

Thus basically repeating what Chris Martin said. I mean, didn't say.


A former guitarist with Kiss has lost a Supreme Court appeal regarding a royalties dispute with the rock band. Vinnie Vincent, who was in Kiss between 1982 and 1984, and briefly in 1992, claimed he was owed royalties for his contributions to 1983 album 'Lick It Up', but a lower court ruled that he was a salaried member of the band at the time that long player was recorded, and that he wasn't due any royalties from his work on it. He appealed that ruling but the US Supreme Court this week refused to consider his case, basically bringing to an end his legal attempts to win a royalty pay off from the rest of the Kiss enterprise.


Promoters of a Busta Rhymes gig due to take place in Sydney have said the rapper pulled out at the last minute after they refused to meet what they describe as "outrageous demands on the eve of departure by Busta Rhymes' management". Some reports suggest that demands made of PDA Touring at the last minute included an increase in Rhymes' fee, business class flights for his whole entourage and five-star accommodation.

However, other reports suggest Rhymes never intended to make the Sydney gig because it clashed with other commitments in the US. Whether that was the real reason for him cancelling, or whether that was the reason his people made the big demands at the last minute (ie to give them an excuse to pull), or whether none of this is true, we just don't know. Sorry.


That previously reported children's charity album, 'Colours Are Brighter', which features contributions from the likes of The Flaming Lips, Divine Comedy, Snow Patrol and Franz Ferdinand, will be out later this month. The thirteen track LP, produced by Belle & Sebastian bassist Mick Cooke, features new tracks from a range of artists, proceeds from which will go Save The Children's Rewrite The Future Campaign, which aims to provide education for children living in war zones.

Alex Kapranos, whose band Franz Ferdinand have contributed a track called 'Jackie Jackson', inspired by a typically gruesome Roald Dahl story, said: "We were very happy to record for this album. I had a safe and happy childhood, but not everyone is that lucky. And like most people in bands, we tend to think like children anyway. When I was a kid I hated songs that were too nice. I didn't care about whether the wheels on the bus went round."

The album, which comes CMU-recommended, frankly (it's gone down rather well in the office), is out on 16 Oct, and will go on sale at a cost of £9.99. See for info.


What is it with politicians and Norman Cook's music? You'll remember how those Labour types used his track 'Right Here Right Now' at some campaigning event back in 2004, leading to an angry response from Mr Cook, who was concerned it implied he somehow endorsed Blair et al.

Well, now comes the news that the Conservatives wanted to use one of his tracks at their conference - 1995's 'Happiness' (actually credited to Pizzaman, of course) - but Norm has refused permission, not wanting to be associated with that lot either. Though, of course, the Tories could ignore Cook's wishes and use it anyway, because you only need a PPL/PRS licence to legally play music at such events. Though one would assume that the Conservatives are clever enough not to risk the PR problems of having Cook ranting against them should they choose to do so.

Commenting on the Tories' request to use the track, Cook said this week: "At least the Conservatives had the decency to ask first, unlike Labour. The Tories, however, remain my least favourite political party - so an emphatic 'No' is the answer."


If you fancy owning a Public Enemy album, then you should get along to this auction in New York on 26 Oct. When I say 'own' a Public Enemy album I don't just mean add one of their CDs to your record collection (for which a trip to New York might seem a bit excessive), I mean own the full rights to a recording of their music - a recording with which you can do whatever you wish.

The recording in question is of a live show by the hip hop legends recorded in Helsinki in 1999. It ended up belonging to a company called PPX Enterprises as part of a 1999 court settlement between them and Chuck D and Public Enemy producer Hank Shocklee. quote a spokeswoman for IP asset firm Ocean Tomo, who are managing the auction, and who explains: "It's not actually Chuck D that's selling the album. PPX owns the rights, title and interest, and ownership in this album. Chuck D does not own this album. The person who wins the bid, or who buys the album will receive the digital master recording, the original artwork, and all associated rights".

The recording features live performances of many classic Public Enemy tracks including 'Fight the Power' and 'Bring the Noise'. It will be sold at an auction which will also include the sale of a load of Jimi Hendrix assets - PPX having somewhat controversial ownership of various Hendrix recordings which stemmed from a sometimes disputed early career agreement between the legendary guitarist and PPX's Ed Chalpin.


Brakes are to release their second album, entitled 'The Beatific Visions', next month. The follow up to 2005's 'Give Blood' will be out on 6 Nov. The band's bassist Marc Beatty says of the album in a news item on the group's official website: "I like to think of this album as the soundtrack to a great battle between good and evil where the world almost cracks in half, sucking everyone into a life of eternal darkness and misery. There's so much fucked-up shit going on in this world that it's hard not to pass comment on it in our music. But as much as it's important to us to write about that kind of stuff, there's a lot of love and romance in there too."

So there you go. Here's your tracklisting, tracklistinglovers:

Hold Me In The River
If I Should Die Tonight
Mobile Communication
Spring Chicken
Beatific Vision
Porcupine Or Pineapple
Cease And Desist
On Your Side
No Return


U2 have announced that they are to release a new best of compilation and it will feature their previously reported collaboration with Green Day, their joint cover of The Skids' 'The Saints Are Coming'. The track was, of course, recorded at Abbey Road, and debuted live at the New Orleans Superdome last week. It's to be released in the US on 30 Oct as a download, with a physical release to follow on 6 Nov, with proceeds going to the Music Rising charity.

Anyway, back to the best of compilation. Actually, I don't know much about it. Apart from that there will be songs on it. Sixteen of them, apparently.


Pete Doherty will be on TV this week appearing in a show celebrating National Poetry Day tomorrow. The singer will read a Siegfried Sassoon poem when he takes part in the programme, which is called 'Poetry: From Pete Doherty To Andrew Motion'.

Doherty, who, you'll probably remember, or not, won a British Council poetry competition thingy when he was sixteen, says that the likes of Wilfred Owen and Emily Dickinson have influenced his writing. He added that poetry got him through a recent stint in the klink (don't ask me which stint).

He says: "I had to go into something. I didn't really know who I was and I certainly didn't know what I was doing there. For fuck all, I ended up in Wandsworth and really, really, I was a bit green, y'know what I mean? I've got a shelf full of books with HMP Pentonville, HMP Wandsworth on them, smuggled 'em out, yeah. 'Crime And Punishment' I read! Except my cellmate at the time kept pulling his shorts down and getting his knob out, and going, 'Is this normal, Pete?' And I'm trying to read."

The show is broadcast on Artsworld at 9pm on Thursday.


More Doherty, and a follow up to the story yesterday reporting that Dan Smith from The Noisettes had been ranting about the Babyshambles frontman and his "fuckhead" fans after a difficult gig in Birmingham where The Noisettes' frontwoman Shingai dislocated her shoulder.

Smith has subsequently published another message on his MySpace making amends with the Babyshambles boys and the fuckheads. He writes: "I'm sorry- I don't mean any ill will to Pete and the rest of the Babyshambles - I don't really know Pete and I'm sure he didn't really mean any harm. Drew [from Babyshambles] actually was back there trying to reset Shingai's shoulder and those guys have been really nice to us for the whole tour. Nigel got all our gear off the stage and bailed us out in Dublin when our van died. I just got really upset seeing my friend Shing in such pain and I'm more angry with myself for just being useless in the face of all this - I kind of froze - didn't know what to do. I also don't mean any bad feelings to Babyshambles fans - ahh fuck, it's over - tomorrow is another day".


German production and DJ duo Tiefschwarz are launching their own record label - Souvenir Music - so called because "we like the idea of seeing music as a souvenir, an impression you take from somewhere. Something intimate to remember". The new venture will release the Tiefschwarz boys' own new project - under their 'Ichundu' pseudonym - a track called 'Hey', which will be out next Monday. Press info from [email protected]


SINGLE REVIEW: Love Is All - Make Out, Fall Out, Make Up (EMI/What's Your Rupture)
'Make Out, Fall Out, Make Up' is a giddy clarion call from the hottest band to come out of Sweden of late (and from the mother country of Jens Lekman and The Knife, this is saying something). The Gothenberg outfit have an eclectic and energetic music style not unlike The Go! Team. Josephine Olausson's vocal style has been compared to Karen O, but I suspect that her inspiration is more likely to be riot grrrl bands. Love Is All take in some unlikely influences to make a sound that is not only their own but a glorious one at that. This single is taken from their terrific album 'Nine Times That Same Song' which consists of variations on their favourite theme - that of love.
Release date: 2 Oct
Press contact: Darling [all]


The Cooper Temple Clause start a tour next week in support of their new single 'Homo Sapiens', out at the end of the month. Here are't dates:

11 Oct: Shrewsbury Buttermarket
12 Oct: Exeter Lemon Grove
13 Oct: Cardiff Uni
14 Oct: Bristol Thekla
15 Oct: Southampton Uni
17 Oct: Nottingham Rescue Rooms
18 Oct: London Koko
19 Oct: Colchester Essex Uni
20 Oct: Birmingham Barfly
21 Oct: Lincoln Uni
24 Oct: Carlisle Brickyard
25 Oct: Liverpool Barfly
26 Oct: Hull Welly
27 Oct: Leeds Cockpit
29 Oct: Glasgow King Tuts
30 Oct: Edinburgh Liquid Rooms
31 Oct: Manchester Academy 2
1 Nov: Cambridge Junction


The lovely Pipettes have announced that they'll be holding a special one-off Christmas gig at Camden's Roundhouse on 23 Dec. In the meantime they're off on a European tour. Press info from Triad.


The release of electro-pop legends Lorraine's upcoming double A side single 'Heaven' / 'Saved', has been delayed a bit and will now be released a week later than originally intended, on 23 Oct. They're starting a tour, right now, dates follow. Oh, and if you fancy winning a trip to Norway, go here:

4 Oct: Devon Dartington College of Arts Uni
5 Oct: Bristol UWE
6 Oct: Plymouth Uni (NUS only)
7 Oct: Manchester Warehouse Party
8 Oct: Sheffield Hallam Uni
12 Oct: North East Wales Uni
14 Oct: Surrey Guildford Uni
15 Oct: Birmingham Uni
16 Oct: Nottingham Uni
17 Oct: Liverpool Uni
19 Oct: Scotland Heriot-Watt Uni (NUS only)
20 Oct: Strathclyde Uni
22 Oct: Newport Independent
25 Oct: Huddersfield Bar 1 Twenty
26 Oct: Paisley Uni (NUS only)
27 Oct: Edinburgh Uni
28 Oct: Sunderland Independent
2 Nov: Loughborough Uni
8 Nov: London Metro
9 Nov: Leicester Sumo
11 Nov: Warwick Uni (NUS only)
16 Nov: London SE1 (Who The Fuck night)
17 Nov: Winchester Railway
23 Nov: Hull Lamp
27 Nov: Newcastle Digital (Club NME)


I have been meaning to report on the upcoming Amsterdam Dance Event for weeks, possibly months, and just haven't got round to it. Well, now seems as good a time as any, given that Radio 1 have just confirmed that Pete Tong will be broadcasting live from there.

ADE takes place from 19-21 Oct (with some fringe events kicking off on 18 Oct) and features a daytime programme of seminars aimed at everyone in the dance music industry, and an evening programme packed full of the best in dance and DJ talent. Tong, who will both DJ and speak at the event, is just one of a plethora of UK dance music names who will be in attendance - DJ Touche, Dave Clarke, Bugz In The Attic, Ashley Beedle (Xpress 2), John Digweed, Krafty Kuts, Plump DJs, Carl Cox and many more will also feature. The Radio 1 broadcast will be an exclusive affair for guests and competition winners ahead of Tong's big club night where he'll DJ alongside Danny Howells and Nick Warren.

Commenting on his involvement, Tong told CMU: "I really like what the ADE is doing... all the different club sounds, DJs and nights buzzing around the corner from each other. Holland has given rise to some of the best known DJs and producers in the world and has made a big contribution to electronic music and club culture. We're just finalising the details now and I can't wait to broadcast my Radio 1 show from there".

For more info on all this get on over to - you'll get press info from [email protected]


Directors of the Womad festival have announced it will be moving to a new location next year, after seventeen years at the Rivermead site in Reading. Organisers say the festival has outgrown that site, but are yet to confirm where they plan to move the internationally focused music fest next year.

Commenting on the news, David Sutton, leader of Reading Council, told reporters: "My first feelings once the decision was finalised, were of great sadness, something like the sadness parents feel when their children leave home perhaps. But we have to accept that there are commercial pressures on Womad and also, simply, things move on."

Meanwhile, Womad director Thomas Broonan thanked the town for being its host for the last 17 years: "We are intensely proud of our achievement together in Reading and all that Womad has achieved in this context has been with the support and endorsement of both the council and the people of Reading since 1990."


EMAP is reportedly negotiating a strategic partnership with Channel 4 regarding the joint running of their jukebox TV channels like Kiss, The Box and Kerrang! Quite what the deal between the two companies will be isn't clear - though they are known to be discussing collaborations on broadband services and Channel 4's bid to acquire the second national digital radio multiplex. Some reckon the deal will also see Channel 4 take an interest in the TV channels, cross promoting their services through their other online and on air music interests, which are growing all the time, of course.


Future Publishing is looking to close or sell ten of its magazines, and one of the titles up for sale might include DJ Magazine, according to reports. DJ appears on the list because it is one of the titles Future acquired from now defunct publishing house Highbury last year - and all of the former Highbury titles are known to be "under consultation". According to Media Week, Future is expected to keep just 13 of the 38 titles it acquired from Highbury - though 14 of the 38 were puzzle magazines, all of which have either been sold already, or will be now discontinued. All decisions regarding the titles should be made before 28 Nov - 50 jobs are expected to be affected, though insiders say most should be redeployed within the group.


Jacky Schroer, formerly an A&R Exec Producer for Decca, has joined EMI's Angel Music Group as an A&R Executive. Mark Collen, SVP EMI Music UK, confirmed the appointment yesterday, telling CMU: "This new appointment now completes the Angel Music Group A&R team, consisting of Jacky Schroer, Elias Christidis, Phil Christie (Innocent label) and Ali Norris. With the range of skills and depth of experience brought together by the team, I am excited we can build upon and develop our roster of artists". EMI created the Angel Music Group last year, of course, bringing together some of the majors pop, MOR and crossover classical interests (don't get it confused with the other Angel Music Group, will you - the other one being the independently owned promoters of Gods Kitchen and Global Gathering).

Elsewhere in EMI appointments news, EMI Classics UK announced that they have appointed Alexa Pentecost to their press and promotions team.


Isaac Hanson, the oldest one, married long term girlfriend Nicole Dufresne on Saturday. She's 22 and he's 26, but I'm not sure why that's relevant. Isaac gooed: "Nikki was more beautiful than words can say and I know how lucky we are to have each other", before jamming with his brothers Taylor and Zac by way of celebration.

The band are currently working on their fourth studio album. Hurrah.


SINGLE REVIEW: Pull Tiger Tail - Animator (Young And Lost Club)
If I started telling you about an indie band made up of young men, that isn't very good, but that has irresistibly infectious choruses that mean I can't actually hate them, you'd probably think I was talking about The Automatic. You'd be close, but wrong. I'd actually be talking about New Cross band Pull Tiger Tail (I still hate The Automatic). Pull Tiger Tail are much cooler. 'Animator' features unpolished choppy guitars and yelpy lyrics, and a one-word chorus that gets stuck in your head for days. Simple but highly likeable. As long as they don't make me want to slap them when I see them live (that's why I hate The Automatic), I'll be able to forgive them for the absolutely criminal b-side: A pretentious, badly pronounced French version of the A-side. Yuck. TEL
Release Date: 25 Sep
Press Contact: Darling Department [All]


Rumours abound regarding George Michael and his label SonyBMG. Word has it that the major is considering dropping the singer because of his recent contributions to the world of tabloid scandals - mainly his cautions for cannabis possession, and that incident on Hampstead Heath. Michael denies having a drug problem, and says that whilst he has been caught by police with cannabis in his car on two occasions in the last year, he has not been under the drug's influence while actually driving.

Nevertheless, quote an unnamed SonyBMG exec who says Michael is becoming too unpredictable. The source says: "That is twice now he has been found slumped unconscious behind the wheel. He has also been photographed coming out of the woods with a grey-haired stranger in the middle of the night after some dodgy sexual encounter. It is now at a point where we are going to have to warn him that he must start carrying on more responsibly or else we will have to seriously consider his future with us."


Cedric Bixler-Zavala of The Mars Volta has told Gigwise that he doesn't like the Catholic religion much, due to having it forced on him when he was a kiddie. He says: "I grew up being forced to embrace it. I was the kid in school who argued with my religion teacher. I was doing so bad in public school they thought it would be great to put me in catholic school. It gave me some distance between me and all the kids who were really into God."

On a more general Catholic-bashing note, he added: "I just think in general that Catholicism reminds me of people who think the earth is flat. There's so much more to what is really out there. And with Catholicism, there's so much unnecessary ritual - sit down, eat this bread, give us money - and if you're not careful you might end up with one of the priests."


Ooh, that was nice and alliterative. I really enjoyed typing that. Anyway, this is the news that Jamelia has got into a bitching match with footballer Steven Gerrard's girlfriend. Jamelia, who is, of course, herself engaged to a footballer, recently had a go at soccer stars' Wives And Girlfriends generally, but reserved special digs for Gerrard's WAG, who is apparently called Alex Curran. The singer said in a recent interview: "Footballers' wives are people who are like leeches, feeding off their partner's success. I didn't seek out Darren because he's a footballer. I have my own career, my own life, and without Darren I'd still be Jamelia. God forbid if Alex Curran split up with Steve Gerrard. Who would she be then?"

So, Curran, who I had never heard of before writing this news item, has struck back. Here's what she says in OK! Magazine: "I couldn't believe it. I have never met her but she accused me of getting by on three grapes a day, suggesting I'm anorexic or something. She said she was disgusted she even knew my name. It's because I'm engaged to one of the most famous footballers in the country. I can't help that. She'll be glad to know I don't know her boyfriend's name but Steven thinks he's lower than a non-league football player. I heard she was on some lads' football programme last week taking the mickey out of her boyfriend. If she is prepared to do that then I suppose anyone's an easy target."

Actually, I now feel a bit disgusted that I even know her name. Dirty, even. It's like I've been reading Heat magazine or something.

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